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AI: Summary © The transcript is a jumbled mix of words and phrases, but the main point is that everyone is dependent on the rain and that they can live in the desert. They discuss the importance of learning and knowing, and the importance of letting people know that they can use the rain to make everything work. They also mention the importance of learning and knowing, and the need for treatments for COVID-19. The conversation is difficult to summarize as it appears to be a random conversation about personal experiences and the importance of letting people know that they can use the rain to make everything work.
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hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali he was happy he married my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam and salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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All praise and thanks to Allah subhana wa tada master creator sustainer I should have Allah Allah Allah Allah I bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped except a lot alone. And we send our greetings and our love and our celebration so beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious and pure family and his companions and all those who follow his student until the end of time. We ask Allah subhana wa tada to keep us steadfast and the sooner of Nabil Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah subhanaw taala forgive our shortcomings, Allah granted, this Juma removes all the sins that we have done in the past week. May Allah grant that next week be a

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week of of Ramadan Baraka, mela returned the rain to return the rain to us. Mallory turn that into us whatever we are doing, if the our sins that we have done that Allah subhana wa tada is withholding that drain. Because of that we ask Allah for forgiveness, we ask Allah to have mercy on us. We are dependent on Allah and Allah does not need us, or law. Please bless us. I mean, Alhamdulillah

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we are in our series, the power of knowledge, and we're talking about knowledge. I know, we'll talk also in sha Allah about the rain situation because it is relevant, we have to talk about that. But I would like to conclude with our story that we spoke about last week. So this series, we're speaking about the importance of knowledge, with the idea and with the objective, that it is the beginning place for change, how we fix the world, even even the rain, even the rain, it goes back to our connection with knowledge and if we want to see change in this dunya if we want to see Palestine being liberated if we want to see the conflicts in the Muslim Ummah, ending if we want to see the

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hardships and difficulties and we begin where Allah began, and we begin with knowledge of knowledge, and this change begins with learning. We spoke about the importance of knowledge, and we began last week about the story of nebby musala salat wa salam in Surah gaff which we recite weekly. To show you an example of someone learning, we said knowledge is always going to be a difficult acquisition, knowledge will never ever come cheap, even for a newbie of the MBR of Allah. And therefore Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us an example in Abu Musa who sought out Nebuchadnezzar to Salaam in search of knowledge. When immediately when a bee Musa heard that there was a man who had knowledge that he

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does not have, he dropped everything and he gave himself he even put his his basically his job as an IV, when he saw you as a leader. He put that on pause, and he left because this is more important. I need to learn and acquire knowledge. And he now accompanied his Elisa to a salon. We spoke about how tedious and how difficult this journey was, and he was searching for a long time. And we take that lesson that this is going to be the journey of knowledge is always difficult, and there's always hardship in it. But you only get to your destination. You only reach the header, the wealth of knowledge of the searching and continuing that search. And we spoke about the story as they went

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along. Maybe Mousavi hydrolysate was Salam. They were on a boat which belonged to a group of four people that were given free passage that people allowed them to come freely, but he did damage the boat and to be moussaka, Chuck Sedaris in your role is you can be my student, but you can't ask me any questions. So they continued on. And as they walked along the coast, the beach created Elisa to Salaam found a young child, and he killed him, he murdered him. And musala Sato, salaam, of course naturally got upset. So how could you do this? This evil, you've killed somebody? He just said, You're not supposed to ask me any questions. And this is your last chance, basically, if you ask me

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again, and that's it. And then the two of them into the city. And its people of that city were extremely, extremely rude to them, did not give them a bit of something to eat or a sip of water. These are the two perhaps the two holiest people on earth, they don't have even a drop of water to drink panel and they are coming door to door asking for a sticky broth if you would. And no one gave them anything. And then they were about to leave the city. And on the way there was a wall that they pass through is about to collapse and Philadelphia, sort of Salaam he spent hours basically rebuilding and re stacking up this wall. So it'll be Musa said yeah, basically you could have asked

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for some, you could have asked for some some remuneration, we could have got got some money, and then we could have bought ourselves some food and therefore he loves it. This is the parking place between me and you. Now we go our separate ways, but I will tell you exactly about the things that you did not have to explain to you why I did these things. So we continue with the ayat are the Balenciaga regime. Peter This is called iraq Albania. bienick It's the slide with the arrows. The slide with the arrows are the heart of Iraq Labine that this is the separation between me and you. Now we're going to produce so whenever

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acaba de Madame de la sobre. This I'm going to now tell you I'm going to teach you a Moosa about the things which you did not have patience with. And I just want you to pause for a second, look at the word. That's that there. That's the deer. Right? This word, see the remains, is it a few times four or five times?

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He's gonna mention it differently towards the end. That's that Yeah, just look at the word there on the screen. So he said, I'm gonna explain to you why I missed Safina as for the boat, why did I damage the boat, if I can actually Masaki in that this boat belong to a group of poor fishermen, poor people, they own this boat. And they were working in the, in the in the sea fishing, and I wanted to damage this boat. Why? Because that because there is a, there is a king around the corner, who is seizing is taking all the boats of the people for his homes for his Navy for himself. If he finds a boat that is functionable, he will take it, you will rip your position you will take it by

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force might even kill the people for himself. So we want to damage the boat. I wanted to damage the boat make it useless. So the king when he sees it, you wouldn't worry about it's not usable. And therefore I'm saving the life basically of these people.

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important notes here, a couple of points your side notes here. Number one, there's a ruling India there's a ruling affic amazing other automatic, Allah says in the, in the Quran, that zakka is for the fukasawa miskeen Misaki, but for the poor and the needy, the four keys and the miskeen. So they can get soccer now who's poor, the for kirigami scheme and the LMR use this ayah they say the faqeer is even poorer than the miskeen. Why? Because Allah says that this boat belong to a group of miskeen people, meaning the miskeen he still owns about his poor, he's a fisherman, but he still owns about 13 is even poorer than that he doesn't even have anything less than this just a side beautiful note

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to take from this ayah. More importantly than that, and relevant to us look at this from a perspective of color, alas, predestination, this group of poor fishermen

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they need, but they may charity, what they both they took the prophets of Allah and gave him free journey on the boat. And in compensation for that. If they didn't do that, they would have been okay that on the boat, he wouldn't have damaged the boat, the king would have come and taken the boat that have lost the boat completely, even the lives but they made some sort of charity. Through the boats, they both make the charity. So Allah save the boat and Allah save their lives because of the charity. We cannot think that five ran I put in the towel, or that too Then I gave someone to buy a braid whatever it might be, how Allah subhanho wa Taala will return it to us in the form of a

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blessing. Also from the perspective of these fishermen, they might have thought yeah, Allah, we struggling so much and now also we got a leak in the boat. Why Allah, sometimes masiva calamities before us, but we don't realize it's a blessing from Allah in the long run. If you do the good, Allah will sin you better in ways that we cannot even imagine. And Allah subhana wa Tada, always repays what you give, in a way you cannot think a lot he pays what you give, you might put something in the Juma towel now, and you find where you have the dilemma predict you in an accident. But that accident would have been much more serious if you didn't put that five grand in the towel.

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This is the link between other this is the link between a loss pre distant pre distillation allows great understanding of everything that happens and we just learned from you we do what is good and allow will pave the way for us. So that was with regards to the boat. He says I damaged the boat to save it from the king was about to come around the corner. Well, as for the boy that I killed, the boy was Nick I snapped basically, for can about wha hoo mini that his two parents of believers. They are pious people, they're good people. But we feared we feared that he would grow up and you'd become a tyrant and you'd replace his his parents and even perhaps leave them to Cooper. Some alma

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mater said that you find parents as good as pious as they are as good as they are. When it comes to the children. Then they lose the strength a little bit even though we know Halley salatu salam, when he saw his son about to drown, he said, come on board. He's my son, yeah, Allah. And I like to tell him that we know it's not your son anymore. It's just natural for the parent, that when it comes to the love of the children, they might make the wrong decisions. So this boy, a law in his infinite knowledge knew was a way that he would grow up and he would become not only evil, he would force his parents into Kufa, he would make his parents become kuffaar. So Allah decreed that he should die at

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the hands of fiddle, and Allah would replace him along with replace it for Aradhana anuva de la humara buma that we hoped he did is saying that we hope that Allah will replace the

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Boy, hydro means someone better than him, or aka Rama, Rama, Rama, Rama, that someone who is pure and closer in love and affection a better son, Allah subhanho wa Taala will replace him with someone better again the message, calamities will come from heinola what person what parent can withstand be the loss of a child?

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This child had died. Allah is going to send the obviously he goes to Jenna, he was sinless. He goes to Jenna and then Allah subhana wa Taala. replace that child with someone even better, someone even more pious and both children obviously inshallah end up in general. But the parents had to go through that difficulty. And we're not saying that every masiva every calamity you just accept it without, you know, if someone knocks your car or someone harms you don't say this is the this is the decree of Allah. I accept it. No, we look for the cure. If we're sick, we look for the solution. But we never question and judge Allah. We never ever show ungratefulness so we look at our current

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situation here. We are living in a drought. Why Allah? Why you're not sending that. Even in this difficulty that is a blessing and we'll talk about that in sha Allah, what blessings do we take from a situation with Allah's mercy is being withheld what blessing can we take we'll take in Shall we discuss that further? So that is with regards to the boy that that had killed? Well MLG Dar Es for the wolf who did the same for Canada hula mania three, mainly Phil Medina. Well can attack the who can do la Houma Cana Abu Houma, sorry Han, for

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a Yamaha I should double my Western Kansa homearama to Arabic, that in the city, that they are two orphaned children, two children whose parents had passed away, and they live in the city. Now what were the kind of people very bad people, no generosity. So orphans living in a society like that you can imagine how the society treated them. So these were two orphan children living in that city. And the father of these two children was a pious man, someone mentioned his great grandfather, or someone were in their lineage, they had a pious ancestor. And under the wall below, there was a treasure that the penis had left them. So the parents didn't feel comfortable to leave the money

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with any person in the city. Why? Because they couldn't be trusted. So instead, they buried under a wall. And that wall was about to collapse, of course, the treasure would be exposed, they buried the treasure under the wall, and allow one to these children to grow up one day. And when they reached maturity, they would find the treasure the parents had left them. Why, because they had an ancestor who was pious, Allah showing again Also, if you do good in your life, you might not see the benefit. But your children's children and grandchildren might get the blessing of your good deeds, and allow might even keep you might do something good and unlock keeps your children safe in that 20 3050

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years later, because you did something good many years back. This is the blessing in the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala that Allah subhana wa tada no matter what you do have good. You don't even have to worry what do I get in return, understand and know and believe fully, Allah will give you so much more than what you gave in return. When I fell to an Emory, that I did not do this on my own, because there are lots of services I didn't do any of this, by my own desire my own world. This was commanded by Allah delicate that we demand them to study Lady savara that this is the interpretation or explanation of those matters or Moosa, which you did not have patience to have to stay with your

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neck patience with us. I said, look at that word. So throughout the surah, see, there was saying that there was a TA next to the four year he starts there, right? Why? Because in the Arabic language, when you make a word shortened, it implies immediacy. It's as if though he that is saying, even he that basically lost his patience with moose and saying that you the whole time he was saying, you cannot be patient with me, you cannot be patient with me and you can't be patient with me. I've had enough with you. So we learned that Allah mentioned that this this story with this parable. And it's actually not a parable because it really happened. It is the lesson of the fitna

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of knowledge or the trial and the taste of knowledge. And each and every one of us all the time we're being tested with knowledge now the moose is being tested with knowledge, lots of obstacles are put in his way. And in fact in the results Allah mentions when he gives stuff see of the surah ISIS have Allah have mercy on Musa if only had more patience, we could have learned more from further meaning that even a NaVi of the MB of Allah is the limit to which the student you know, can't be any more with a teacher. And for us, the more patience you put in, the more you're going to learn. The more you struggle through it, the more you will learn and the more you The more you give

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to Allah, Allah is going to give back to you in knowledge, but it will never ever come easily and freely and insha Allah, knowledge we are being every generation is tested with regards to knowledge in a different way. The challenges we

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Today is not like the challenges Mr. mcquarry had. The challenges we have today is you know, we have some great blessings, you can log on to a website and have all the books Islamic knowledge of 1000s of books that you will never be able to read in your life available to you with a click of a button, visit Muslim Central, you can log on to this website, and you will have hundreds 1000s of lectures, hours and hours of lectures of the greatest Islamic scholars on earth giving you by you have to travel to America to India or Pakistan, you have it at the click of a button. So Allah has made it easy, yet, the challenges are different. Yet times are different, it's still going to be difficult

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in a in a different way. For example, the prophets of Salaam seasons, Panama, look at this, we understand this. Now Sahaba couldn't understand this. In the time of the Prophet peace be upon him.

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Reading and writing was a suitcase skill, very few people could read and write, if you could read and write it's like you have your PhD or something you are like highly qualified, very few Sahaba, who read and write, the prophet peace be upon him says a time will come when literacy is widespread, everyone will be able to read and write everyone Yeah, I assume reads and writes can read and write, but knowledge will be scarce. How we are, how can people be lifted? They can read and write, but they won't have knowledge? How is this possible? We understand that today? We understand that today? How is it that you have you know, at the click of a button in your brain, you can listen to and read

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the most, you know, advanced books in any field that you want. Yet we don't do it. Why? Because different challenges. So much information is out there. Now we don't have a scarcity of information. We have an overload of information, too much information. We don't know what is right or wrong. Where do I begin what is if I take from the wrong information I can even be I could possibly be even worse off, then I could be misguided and mislead, that also is available. So in sha Allah in the next weeks to come, we need to discuss this issue of knowledge even further. What are the challenges that we face today? And how do we begin? You say I'd like to learn Islamic knowledge? Or any

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knowledge? Where do I start to wait? What are the sources? What are the most important areas of knowledge? What are the things that are priorities for me and my family? If we have the discussion with our kids? How do I know if my basic Islamic knowledge is intact? If we have a discussion with our kids? How do I know they prepared? There was an article that came out and they basically were saying that if you let Islamic schools that when people graduate from an Islamic school, like if you go to Islam and Islam, Allah bless all the schools that not only should you have the secular, you know, pass you matric exam and be able to become a doctor or engineer, whatever it might be, what we

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expect and hope that a child that comes through the learning process of an Islamic school, they will be able to take on the difficult challenges that they will be confronted when they get to university. For the first time you'll find people that are that will challenge the man that will challenge the thinking things that they took for granted now. What how a person should love what you know, islamically is Islam correct? Is there an Allah atheism these kind of questions, gender equality? is Islam? racist? is Islam violent? is Islam backward? is Islam abusive to women? How are you going to answer those questions? This is the reality that we live in. And we need to ask serious

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questions. Are our kids, my children, your children? equipped to answer that? Do they have the knowledge to meet the challenges of today? islamically then there are of course other challenges the secular challenges, can we find solutions to you know, the diseases out there? Can we find cures to diseases? Can we find a solution to the drought? Do we have the knowledge, the technical expertise to uplift the poor, these are things that our kids need to be ready for. And therefore this process of learning and knowledge is something that we should you know, as we said is the beginning and found foundational point to our our Deen some Allah bless us in the knowledge that we have an Allah

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make us an oma and return us to learning. As I said, there's a very clear link between societies that learn and read and success in the dunya Alfredo as Allah said, as the I began with Allah mentions that he will raise up the people of learning both in this dunya and in the alpha knowledge is power, the more knowledge you have, the more success you will have in this dunya. And we asked him, as I said, we'll have to talk very seriously about a very important matter. And once again, as I said, we've got our, our, our friends and our brothers and sisters from all across the world and Muslim Central, the streaming live, and perhaps they're not away, but we are in Cape Town. Allah

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have mercy on us are going through a drought. We're going through a drought, and it's perhaps the worst drought that the city has experienced in living memory. More than 70 years now. We've never experienced a crisis like this with regards to drought, that the rain has not fully come as it should. For the past couple of years, our population has increased and therefore the usage has increased and we run a serious risk. There's a big big chance more likely than not that our water might actually dry up or end coming by by the month of April. We might run out of water and Allah protect us. There's a day called Day Zero the 12th

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April I believe that's the latest predictions and the 12th of April, you open the tap and nothing is going to come out for the whole city for every single person. And so behind Allah What do we what guidance Can we give in this? What can we what do we take from this? And what guidance is the from the Quran

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I went through the ayah to Allah mentions the word water over 60 times in the Quran, Allah mentions the word water, and although the first in many places in the Quran to reign Subhana Allah, maybe now we understand this is a little bit we've read this if so many times, it didn't really hit home. Why? Because we took for granted we just opened the tap and it's going to be water. If you ask our kids, where does water come from? mostly from the tap. Where does milk come from? It comes from the shop weirdest meat come from it comes from McDonald's. We don't realize it comes from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So Allah says in the Quran, Allah, Allah and Allah and Allah minutes Mr. Eman Do you not see

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and realize and consider, oh inside understand that it is a law that sends down the rain from the sky. Allah alone, that if he was holds the rain, your money, your power, your technology can do nothing. Nothing you can do, can force the hand of Allah. We live detached sometimes from the reality of Allah. But Allah wants to show us when we look at the rain Allah is teaching us now obviously to the Sahaba who lived in the desert, they understood the difference between rain and not the rain is life and death. But if no rain comes for one year, our kettle is gonna die and we're gonna die. There's no solutions to it. And they constantly live as we should always live in this

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understanding of complete dependency and Allah we depend on a lot completely.

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And now we realize that now we realize how powerless we are and all that is and the greatness belong to Allah Spano, tala, that things we took for granted we assumed tomorrow The sun will just rise that my heart will beat my lungs will be able to inhale a that I open the tap, they'll be water this food if I open the fridge, because we live in a life that is sort of artificial. We forgot how dependent we are on Allah subhana wa Tada. So Allah reminds us that it is He that since the rains, but it's he that gives, in some places he seems more than can be used as a punishment was a test other places he sins little or nothing, as a as a punishment and as taste. And Allah says that he

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sins water from the sky, and he makes it flow as springs and rivers in the earth. And from that water he produces, they buy crops of different colors. Another iOS is another look at the greatest of Allah, that same water that flows, you have apples that grow from it, you have dates and grapes, all different kinds of fruits come from that very same water. Look at how Allah subhanaw taala gives life maybe we read those if we said what's didn't affect us but now we understand. Now we realize when it's not the how the greatest of Allah subhana wa Tada. Then Allah says, when they dry the crops and your vegetation, it will dry up and you will see turns yellow, and then he makes it into

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the beets he dies. Another reminder Allah also when he speaks about the rain in the Quran, one of the very common themes of rain is about life and death. In this life will go through a period where you will have life you will be strong. And when the rain stops, of course, the plants die, we will die in the rain will come again and it'll be resurrected again, new Allah will take a dead land, and he brings it into it and all of a sudden, it grows once again. It's almost showing once again, Allah likens this life, like rain. In fact, in a place in the Quran, Allah says that this life is like life. It's like the rain that falls. So be way and be knowledgeable that some days you're going to

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get some days, you're not going to get that today you are strong. Today you're living in that Alhamdulillah, that lush green time, but you are going to become old, and you're going to die and you'll be resurrected, every single one of us, every single one of us is going to go through the cycle.

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So we are reminded with these Ayah about our relationship between the master and the servant, the one who is independent and the one who we depend on the one who is free of needs and we are the ones who are in need. We forgot but hamdulillah if the drought brings us back to the consciousness of Allah, then hamdulillah these that that is a blessing as well. Another is something to think about. Allah says in Surah Jin

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Oh Allah we staccato Allah tariqa de la Steena Ma. Rajan, Allah says and if they had remained straight on the way, we had given them abundant provisions of one's issued agenda gene say of genomic explaining to the prophets of Salaam that even they were informed that if they remained on the straight path, if they remain doing their part, Allah will give them more and harder car.

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Translation is abundant provisions, but actually the way

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Mine is water, that Allah will give you water. If you remain on the straight path. If you do your part, a lot of promises a promise in the Quran, I was promising all of us. If you do what you're supposed to do, you will get your share of water alone deprive of that, I will never break his promise, do what you need to do. And you will get your share of water, your provisions,

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the neptina Wi Fi then the next is overseas so that we might teach them in that but even when the rain does come, don't think it's only as a mercy and as a gift. There's also a taste in that. When I'll take st withholds that ain't there's a taste when Allah gives you this a taste, when Allah gives you how many of us are behind Allah and perhaps as a mercy from Allah, you withheld it for a little bit. So when he does give it back to us and Allah give it back soon, we will be more grateful, will be more thankful will be list will be less wasteful. We realize now when we have rationing 50 litres a day you need to use to drink to shower to flush to do everything, you realize

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how little water you really need to survive. You don't need so much water it we've wasted so many times taps and I mean, we didn't care. So rather Yeah, Allah you remind us in the dunya that in the accurate because Allah He, there are people that live daily through the zero. There are places on this earth where they don't get rain at all. They don't have rivers, every day is a struggle. Every day, they're not sure. Where am I going to get my water from?

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And then how can I waste water? If you see someone now maybe in Johannesburg or any part of the world wasting water, you say how can you waste that? We realize that now so May Allah grant that when the water does come, we don't waste one drop of water. We don't waste one drop of water. We also have to consider and be honest with ourselves that this could be why you have to be laughing. I love most units and up because rain is a mercy. In fact, the prophet SAW Salem once it was raining and he deliberately opened these garments in the woods who could touch him. And they said why why would you do this here Rasulullah sallallahu said it has come like fresh from it. Rob, it's straight

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from the mercy of allies come down I want to experience the mercy of Allah. And in fact one of the times to make dua is when it rains. One of the one of the places that is Mubarak, as I mentioned during vessel in Jihad when you fasting or break your fast these are Mubarak times to make dua rain when it's raining. It's Mubarak time. So if anyone is listening, and it's raining where you are, raise your hands and make dua for the people of Cape Town that a lady turns the rain and it's a blizzard time that Allah is singing of His mercy upon you. So when Allah gives rain, it's synonymous with his mercy, and therefore when he withholds it, it's also something to think about. So if we

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know from the Hadith we mentioned this a few times, the prophets of Salaam says in a long Hadeeth when a nation listens weights and measures, meaning when they cheat in the business transactions. When the guy who sells he undercuts and he buys he undercuts when everyone is trying to cheat one another. They don't care. They cut corners, they don't care so long as they make a profit. It doesn't matter how they do it by hook or by crook, they invest in things which are gray and not completely hollow compliant. Look for a fact what is this thing permissible, I just need to get into all about making a few few rants, then the profit sciences as the result of that as a result of

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haraam business, they will be afflicted with famine, allegedly to take away the food Alaskan to take away the sustenance. And

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when they refuse to pay these occur, they will be deprived of rain. When you don't give zakah you will not get rain. And therefore anyone who owes any random Zakah It is your duty not just for your hero, but for your dounia to pay that sucker. why you've deprived someone that Zakah should have gone to a poor person to feed them. You have deprived that person of a meal, so Allah is depriving you and all of us are very

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panela. Any one of us that's involved in any kinds of haram transactions. What benefit is it if you have millions in your account, but you have to queue for a bucket of water? What benefit is that? And there is no answer panelo we can't draw parallels. But last year, we know the big news. It was local corruption, government and even big businesses. Billions wasted and stolen from him. hamdullah we still love easily but it's from poor people, kids who will not get schools. Kids will not get a get proper food or medical old people won't get the medication they need hospitals falling apart. Why? Because a few people are corrupt and stealing billions. Is there any reason why the next we

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look when we turn the page and the rain has stopped coming? Because we see corruption we might say What's that got to do with me ally didn't steal Why am I suffering? Because we see it happening? What have we done? The poor and the weak can't help themselves. But those of us who can speak out when we see something wrong and we

00:30:00 --> 00:30:37

If we didn't help it, but we just stood back, then this is the consequences. This is the consequences of it. So we need to think about it. We think about why is this this link between next panel and Allah help us, no matter how bad things are, even if we've committed the worst of sins and hamdulillah we are not better than the people have not been. The people have not been used were the people that invented cheat, they brought chick, they are the first people to associate a partner with Allah. But look what Nabina Nabina says to them to his people, he says to his people for cool too, he said they'll be lucid is still through Robert kameena who can have a far asked forgiveness

00:30:37 --> 00:31:16

of Allah come back to Allah making stuff ourselves. So Allah forgive me. Indeed Allah is perpetually ever forgiving forever and ever Allah will forgive without limit without any annoyance without any delay. You raise your hands and ask Allah forgive me whatever it might be, even if you murdered someone, even if you committed Zina, even if whatever sin it might be no exceptions, Allah will forgive you if you ask for forgiveness. Now nobody notices to the people who committed who invented shear the first people to even check the first people to be destroyed of the worst of people. He says to them, make ecfr and when you do that, not only will Allah accept your forgiveness, look at

00:31:16 --> 00:32:01

the next if you're a silly, Somali Madara then Allah will send the sky upon you in showers meaning a level of rain upon you not just a little bit showers you will get all the rain you can need and more. Allah will send it all the rain you need and where you need to come be unwell. And Allah will give you an increase in money women and children were jellico Janet and He will give you gardens and vegetation and farms where Jackman Hara and Allah will send that image to you as well. You made this differ you get all these things man accumulator. junella Cora, what's wrong with you in a minute was saying that you're not returned to Allah and recognizes explained and is Granger. What's wrong with

00:32:01 --> 00:32:24

you that you don't acknowledge Allah subhanho wa Taala. You want all these things in the dunya? Come back to Allah. This is a very very explicit link, make Toba make it stiffer, and the skies will open up. Allies telling you I promise you make it stiffer and Toba and I will send you the rain tomorrow, all of us. So what can we do?

00:32:26 --> 00:33:10

Once again, as I said the most most important thing is realize our relationship with Allah. realize what Allah is. Give him the due grant that he deserves. That we can't be deficient against Allah all the time. And yet expect this no consequences, allows the master he's not in need of us. Yet day in day out Allah gives us without fail. We can remember if we count the days in our life where we open the tap and there wasn't a water how many days once or twice the pipe burst. Allah gave that water you myself I speak for myself, I don't think once in my life that I opened it up and say sugar to Allah. But once in my life, I just took it for granted all of us we took it for granted. But I look

00:33:10 --> 00:33:32

at you and I still committed sin even Allah gave I didn't make sugar. I wasted it. I didn't I didn't recognize Allah grant but I continue to commit sin with the blessings he gave me. It Allah didn't stop. Now when we see it's coming. Now we need to return back to Allah. Now we need to be sincere with Allah. Another ayah Allah says that Allah tissue, Allah sins hardship,

00:33:33 --> 00:34:09

so that you can come back to him so that you can return to him but he can improve your relationship with him. So increasing ecfr libido is telling you and teaching you from the beginning of time that if you make you stay far extra is still far will bring extra rain. So every one of us spend five minutes off to every Sala and stockfeed a lot of stuff in a lot of stuff that a lot. Think of your sons what you did in that day, we always come in as part of the insan it's part of being human. But we continue to say I'll make this extra effort obviously far. So that you see in the rain, I will repeat to you Allah sin back the rain.

00:34:10 --> 00:34:27

We learn not to waste time, you know, the supplies running up and stole more people in the city are wasting than the than this then then I think 60% they said are using more than 50 liters you have 50 litres of water provinces 50 litres of water, nothing more.

00:34:29 --> 00:35:00

for drinking, for washing for the heart of Western Jeff, whatever it might be. That's it don't exceed the limit because that's the heart of someone else. Just because you open the tap and you can get it now. It's the heart of someone else you're taking by wasting any drop of water, taking it from someone every drop. Remember every drop is accountable with Allah every single drop some things for example, you'll be surprised how much water your washing machine uses panela You shouldn't be flushing the toilet

00:35:00 --> 00:35:34

Except for the water that you've been, it's already used in other parts these are things that already by now if you're not using it's bad, but if you shower very little bit of water and use that water to flush your toilet, you're swana law some washing machines I know use like 100 liters to wash and 100 liters students. Be very careful maybe it's it might be a few random expensive to take you to the laundry, but Subhan Allah it will save liters and liters of water. You know, we take like, you know, spam I got a strange email but haven't realized the brothers sincerity. He says, you know, it's like recently married, but he's too scared to engage in what is halal between a husband

00:35:34 --> 00:35:50

and a wife and his blessing in that because I don't want to whistle and Michelle What can you advise me, the prophets of Salaam would share a little bucket of water and whistle with himself and Ayesha they would say you need very little water Swan Allah to whistle very little water a few liters that's all you need to do a proper Pharaoh whistle

00:35:52 --> 00:36:26

you know Subhana Allah so we are using more than we need to. So don't waste even when it comes back even more so don't waste when it comes back. Because then remember, there are other people who struggle like this. We need to be prepared as well. It's not enough that we make this far until by make dua for the rain to come. Because we are also a proactive oma there are ways now there's a lot of discussion about how our government has perhaps failed us. That's not our topic, we're going to be political today. Allah guide them and Allah grant someone has since insha Allah to foresee these kind of things, but the time is going to come Subhana Allah we we need to take matters in our own

00:36:26 --> 00:37:03

hands and some of us Alhamdulillah well have you able to supply yourself you're able to make provisions Think about your neighbors you know really some handle now that had it comes into effect that if you have water your neighbor doesn't have water, something to think about serious say now for the man or the lawn get ntds placed in Jenna because he provided the people of Medina with a well of water guarantee displacing gender. One of the cases this difficult time can also get into your place in gender, that water which is essential. Think about ways how we can help get us you know, let us be proactive as a community as an oma, what can we do? How can we help they're going to

00:37:03 --> 00:37:40

be collection points stuck up by water, make provisions for yourself? And hopefully this day zero doesn't come but if it does come then prepare yourself? We don't know when the water goes back on. And then we give it an appreciation. Yeah, even in this difficult time. We are not ungrateful with you. Yeah, Allah. We're not ungrateful. will never ever feel and ask Ya Allah. Why are you doing this to us? We know it is you out even when the rain comes. It's mercy, even when it's not at the mercy. So we raise our hands into our We ask Allah by your greatness, by Your Majesty, by your mercy on all your names that you have and all your majestic attributes we beseech you for your forgiveness

00:37:40 --> 00:38:18

for your mercy and your kindness. Return the rain to us Allah, Allah opened the skies and send us beneficial rain that will benefit us and upon us. That will quench our thirst and the thirst of the animals all as your creatures are dependent on you and you are independent. Allah forgive us for our shortcomings. For our mistakes, you are perfect and we are imperfect. We need you when you don't need us. Send us the rainy Allah send us the rain to the city outline for all the people that are suffering. Make it easy for all of them alone of if now we're lonely leave us alone or listen Our Lady we leave us alone. This now will relieve us we ask that everyone in those throughout the world

00:38:18 --> 00:38:34

who are with us to make dua for the people of Capetown, all the people who are suffering. I mean, we send our love our salutations that will ever be Mohammed Salah, send them in alarm Allegretto soluna nebia you will live in Amazon w Salinas Lima Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad Muhammad wa Sallim wa salam Ala Moana

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