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Just a brief mention of invaluable honey for your love and

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honey for the love line, as you know was born in Kufa.

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Kufa is in Iraq. Even those of us who did not know where it was probably haven't really known know it by now, because of the recent events, sad events which have take place compared to Iraq. And we should pray for the Muslims in Iraq in your last final data, all the Muslims whatever nervous system and help them so

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Iraq was a place Kufa was a place where great companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came to live in resided.

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Omar Abdullah, who I know in his time he sent at the law school, who has a great

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as I just mentioned, has a great ocean of knowledge, a great Imam Abu Musab actually said that don't ask me any questions as long as this great,

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amazing amount is amongst you. He was sent by who? From the law who and who to to Kufa and he said I wanted him. I needed his services here in Medina. But to con the Abdullah he is he said to the people of Kufa that I've given you preference over me by giving you a blessing so I need him here but I've sent him because you you don't have any scholars. He was sent and then many others Hello the Allahu anhu came many many, many great, great food Sahaba who enter the infernos of Sahaba who a great polymath and in fact they started residing in there. And then to top it all up or as they say put icing on the cake.

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And he wrote the Allahu anhu kurama Maharajah also came and resided in Kufa.

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It used to be party before sharifa. He also came and started living there. And when he came there, even it Carmela Who was

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he was amazed by the, you know, the scholarship of the people of Kufa. And he said when he came there,

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one of one of the

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companies out there, he said that when I came, I saw that 4000 people will have debt in Kufa and so many 1000s already became 40 this was the standard of the people of Kufa, wherever you would go there are helicopter gurus where people are reading and reciting and teaching and studying Hadith and etc. So Abdullah hematomas, author of the Allahu anhu with him Who are you know, before it kurama, La Jolla, both of them

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and when he came along, was ridiculed. He came to Kufa and he said that Allah have mercy on him so that he has really good motherhood and career element. He has really filled this village in the city town, oceans of knowledge.

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Both of these two people resided, taught and taught the people there. And one of the tabs in my stroke here used to say that I looked at all the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and I saw the knowledge being gathered in sixth harbor. And then from those six to how that

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from those six companies, I saw the knowledge of those six being all gathered into the live episode and I'd even reply to

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both of to both of whom, who came to Kufa and stayed there and taught there and gave their and imparted with the oceans of knowledge in the same couva in the year at hijiri, who was both among other inamoto hanifa law who, when he was born, it was full, an ocean of knowledge. So he was born in Kufa

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and he took from the people there, his teacher, he had many many great the majority of the alumni say that he was a Tabby the follower

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of the Sahaba doula who was very new mama Cod, who was a sharpie, which he wrote a book and who Sahiba

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fumin Octavia hanifa he wrote a whole book in the manner

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with regard to the biography of Mr. Mani for the Allahu anhu and many other imams also wrote about him Abu hanifa, Shafi Hungary, marriage all of them.

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And he wrote in there that inaudible hanifa met, it is proven that he met the NSA dramatic and took from him the heavy celebrity for a Muslim seeking of knowledge is sort of obligatory upon every Muslim, Abu hanifa. Dubois narrated this film, and it's a dramatic and he met other Sahaba because when he was born in the 18th century, there were approximately seven to eight harbor companions were born who were present at that time and do not have no opha and many others, others are present. And it is obvious that if you

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If you're born and you live in there he was, you would not go and see, you know, it's very unlikely that you don't know you don't go and visit us a hobby, a companion of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam living in your own city. So it's proven that he was a Tabby and then he took from people at

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his main teacher was, how 100 will be soon a man who has a more headache, and who has a great focus.

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And also from his teachers. Quite a few of them here 1000s and 1000s of teachers, but from from some of his teachers

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was army to be sure.

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And it'll be Mr. Mohammed bin Rashid, who took from 500 harbor companions of the position of this was one of this was the acabado shoe heavy hanifa. His greatest teacher, who took some was a talk from Ibrahima Nye, and this was all going back to the line in the soda and there's a reason why the NFL comes directly from who I've learned over the long run. And that's why we decide that the shareholders have the right in this room because he came to Kufa.

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these were his great teachers and his students number many 1000s as you know, one of the main students will use of and Mohammed rhodiola, who is

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one of his students was a person a great Imam known as who must keep in Ibrahim.

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Students will do not keep in Ibrahim, this person is one of the major major teachers of international

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students, Abu hanifa teacher of mambukal

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mckibbon Ibrahim has been a member Hari narrates from mckibbon Ibrahim is a journal site had data Rama TV, Brahim mckibbon Ibrahim, we have heard this honey from him, and he has narrated for me, this person read and he said this person series about inaudible hanifa gudda gudda alemu memory then Mr. Abu hanifa, the low and who was the most knowledgeable person of his time? Who said this McKubre, his student of Abu hanifa, teacher of number 75 grandfather teacher food, normal Buhari ramanagara.

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You mama Shafi under the love I used to state and Nussle AR, don't be honey for

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the whole world. Everybody is in debited and are in need of who you know who hanifa with regards to knowledge.

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And also you should remember, to me, there's so many things to mention. Time is very limited very short.

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With regards to this particular topic,

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Mr. lebeau hanifa, the Allahu anhu.

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As you know, as I mentioned, these are just brief few points which you need to know, if we learn with each other.

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Then a

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lot of objections, a lot of questions will be answered from these. That's what I'm trying to cover all of this in detail. So the next question

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there are certain principles with regards to hiding

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the science of how these principles which you need, which are very important to understand them to know about

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First of all,

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to know ahead is whether it is authentic, whether it is sound.

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The basis of that is the son of this chain of transmission. It's not on the basis of whether it's in Sahih al Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, when you classify a hadith it is sound or it is authentic or not authentic? And what's your basis? What do you base it upon? Do you look at the chain of transmission? Not very sincere, Buhari or Sahih Muslim?

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This is the reason why Mr. Bahari Rahim Allah tala, Greg had this number Buhari and his status is great. He himself he says that I did not encompass and I did not even take, you know, a great share of the number of sound and authentic Hadley's present. He had a certain methodology and because of that, he took a certain portion of it and that's it. He says a Mr. attitude. I did not encompass and I did not cover the authentic and sound hobbies he says it himself. Similarly by Muslim the shows that the sound has these are not just in the eyes, rather rather.

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Some images and Greg had this have come up with certain narration mentioned in sunon even imagine who's cheating chain of narration is more better, higher rank than for Hill Buhari?

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Through scholarly understanding, certain narrations How do you which is in

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Sooner even imagine a sixth book in which there are some weak narrations also, they have come up with those and they have stated that these are more better than some of the narrations mentioned in here.

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So when we say that he'll Buhari asaka by the Kitab, in the most authentic book after the book of Allah, and he Muslim is the second most authentic book, it is true, but it is true for when we look at it collectively, that collectively say aloha is the most authentic book. But it does not mean that each individual has it is the most authentic than every other hedge funds decided? No, it does not mean that neither does it mean that anything besides this is not authentic? No, you Well, how do you determine what's authentic or not sound or not, is you look at the chain, you could find something in some other book could be and have a perfectly sound authentic, it is one principle of

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ideas which you know, which we need to really know and understand.

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Then, another principle, how do you determine a heading is authentic sound or not?

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It's hard in itself

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to determine whether this hadith is sound authentic or otherwise. This in itself is extremely hard. This in itself is something which you have to do, he has and has a scholarly understanding and form. Which means that you have to look at study or research the lives of the chain of transmission, the people the lives of the people who are included in the Senate in the chain of transmission. Sometimes one human says that this chain is perfectly okay or this particular narrator is good. Another one will say No, he's not. He's slightly lenient towards the difference of opinion whether was the edited authentic or not, and the viewer will have wished he had a difference of opinion. And

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one person saying it that is sound you can't force that opinion on another machine because they are both machines.

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emammal Buhari says For example, that this is a sound heavy amount of money for says no, this is not just an example, that not sound heavy, because his image changes in which they both understand it.

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And you can't enforce one person's opinion on another wish to hear because both mistakes have their own understanding of the chain of transmission. This is very important to understand.

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Sometimes what happens is that and this is a lot of time which has happened that a heavy chain this is you can categorize the number three, a chain of transmission

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in authentic to one era that afterwards

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somebody else is included in it in the chain of transmission, which makes it fairly weak. As you know, honey for the Allahu anhu was a Tabby a long time before for the rest of the people except for you know Mariko mnemonic was in the time of who you know honey for the Allahu Allah nomadic was in Medina munawwara. And he, he was he had his, his own study circle and the people of Medina is to study by him. And you know, honey for the Allahu Akbar used to be in Kufa in Iraq. And he's to study that when the people used to study by him.

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remember, man, if you met him algo hanifa this is on the side. He went to hedge and united, quantified hedge. So when he went in hedge when he came back his students he said, he they asked him that year in America in America, when you met him about hunting for the Allahu anhu

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data logistics hanifa How do you find

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you've heard a lot about him, when he met him, how did you find him? He said, he said that By Allah, He is such his knowledge is such that if he was to say to you that this pillar, wooden pillar is made out of gold, he will be able to prove it to you and you will not able to reject his rejected he will bring that in, in America that is students when he came back after hedge after meeting Oh, you know honey for the Allahu Allahu

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Allah under the La Jolla great statements with regards to no and if also

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so Mr. Manik was in the time of Geneva and Mr. Musharraf, he, he took he gathered between both of them. That's why they call him he together. He used to be a traveler, he traveled to Yemen and he traveled not going to for the people have not

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wanted to go to New Hampshire and celebrity but he traveled to Makkah and he traveled to

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Iraq and he took from Lima Mohammed the students of Emmanuel hanifa. He took all the knowledge of Abu hanifa through Mr. Mohammed he studied Dima Malik, uma Shafi and many other students who nama Shafi.

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So your mom Abu hanifa, teacher of Mr. Mohammed Mohammed the teacher of the mom Shafi mom shot a teacher of Mr. Lachman, whole chain all of them in the same chain. So

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The principle which I was talking about, shall don't come to the end. The principle which I was talking about was that sometimes what happens

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is that a heavy

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at a particular time, Mr. hanifa, was the third in well before who emammal mojari

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the Hadees which came to immersible, and inside of the Allahu anhu, came to him through the medium of 234 people from the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So having narrated on the Messenger of Allah, tada inherited from him and edited the animal hanifa, which is perfectly okay sound authentic, authentic, say it. But then afterwards when he's moved along, some narrator came in who was frankly weak and lightheaded when he reached some other miners afterwards, was categorized as weak.

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So it does not mean that when I had it later along, as you know, Buhari was compiled when asked him about hanifa.

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And he Muslim was compiled well after him, and all the other compilations were well after him. Therefore, if some hadn't is regarded to be weaker than if later does not mean that in his time, it was me, because he was before then he might have had a chain of transmission, which was perfectly okay. up to his time and his era, the further along somebody could have entered that chain, which has which made that chain of transmission weak.

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This is a very important principle, which also will reverse and then there are other principles

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that sometimes go into all of them, sometimes the head is the focus on the thing they agree upon is that a bias against a specialist which is, which has a weak chain of transmission if it's approved. And if it's supported by the time of the Sahaba, the action of the Sahara, the Sahara Desert, Hades, which is weak. And also you have to remember here, Yuma in the Salah, and many other humans take, and when we say that the Hadees is authentic, say, we don't mean that it's definitely authentic. And when we say that it has it is weak, it does not mean definitely it is weak, doesn't mean that it means that we've got a methodology, if it fits this criteria, it's a if it doesn't fit fit it, then

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it's nice. But it could be a hobby, it could be we say it's the if but it might be authenticity.

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We all agree upon this, you see. So sometimes, when a Hadees is ready for week,

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if all the Sahaba are practicing, according to that week, it is you see the continuous practice of the companions and they follow it, then that is supporting the view that this habit has some sort of basis. And this is the reason why sometimes the head Hanafi madhhab uses it. But if so much so that in the Hanafi madhhab, sometimes, semi moms what they do is that when there's no Heidi, they use their own opinions in and if you met her, if there's no heavy if there's real credit that we can it comes before your own.

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You know, a very famous mud runner. If somebody wants to laugh loudly in prayer, his widow breaks as well as

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his prayer breaks.

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Which means laughing loudly.

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In the highest method, you will break in some other schools of thought you deserved break the Hanafi I'ma say that this and this is weak. So the chain of transmission

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the Hanafi madhhab I'ma say that we agreed that this is a definitely a week but

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we put even a lock Hades before your own understanding and chaos and analogy and your own understanding know, if there's a heaviness which is weak that will come before before your own opinion,

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even though it's against the general principles, because no money if you look at all the other hobbies, something should exit from your body, only then you will do great.

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So, these are certain, you know, type of principles of hobbies which which are necessary is very detailed and very complicated subjects as well and don't go into too much detail of that.

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So, finally, to conclude, inshallah, as you know, when I was talking about Steven, I know that the Allahu anhu that

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his teachers and his students and people like at the moment Mubarak was a great Mr. Mr. Head. He said that for example, Noah Lola, earn your love of God honey fatawa Sophia and according to Casa enough, if Allah did not help me with Abu hanifa, but the Allahu anhu and Sophia then I would be like, normal people. And there are two main images you have inside the barn and you have in mind these two are authority in which science they are authority in the science

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classification of heavy whether you can categorize people centric or not everybody refers to them here inside and you hear when these two used to follow Imam Abu hanifa Viola one. The first one is to give was on the school of thought of normal. The students and everybody always greater demand in history we see people like mama Noah the oceans of knowledge, shuffling. We see mama Hazara Shastri. You see if the Hydra scholar he wrote a book something like fertile body which no somebody cannot even think of writing similar to that shuffling people as you're heading to California here, benign both of them hanafy number two, how is the person with the great, happy the freedom that just is,

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you know, one word he's got shadow banning us up in 234 volumes and sure which color solid 12 volumes.

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A great quarter of this

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year the shelter is turned into hanafy.

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People like Abu Bakar from remain humble, humble people Mr. Buddha was a great scholar of hygiene teach. He's a student of economics. And he was humbling, human Buhari as well as two opinions. Some say he was a sharpie, some days he was Some say that he was handling. Similarly, with regards to non Muslim, not necessarily was a sharpie. All of these Mr. Mishra is quite great ocean of knowledge. They think that it's better for us to stay and follow an image rather than, you know, do our own investigation. Remember, they will have their own, as I said, they're often the second level, that is certain issues they used to differ when they used to think of the opinion of another image is

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more correct and more authentic.

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So this was an image and these were the amount that they were, they were *ing sick means that they understood. You see in the time of the pumps that are loading for them how the revolution took place, was that first we had a period of summer, which is just just listening. And then they used to just listen to the narrations of the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And then they went into the period of Jama which is that is to start gathering the time of the Sahaba started writing and compiling it. And then the period of seconds. So we had the period of summer period of the dodo summer adulto, Gemma and those were, they started actually extracting deriving the rules

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and compiling them into and codifying them into, you know, books effect. And then from that time, it started killing 200 200 years, until, for example, in the time, 100 years, 200 years back, we had Hanafi madhhab, begin in the Damascus and kill this 1000s and 1000s of scholars when we say we follow the Hanafi method, when it following the opinion of one man, it's not one night. So remember bouhanni founding, we are following the investigation and research and scholarship of 1000s of scholars over 1000 years. This is what the meaning is of following another. And finally, I will end with this. Well, there's two really, if you read about hanifa, his piety, his level of taqwa his

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understanding his scholarship in his intellect, the books and books have been written on that. And of course, I can't cover all of that.

00:23:21--> 00:23:26

But there's two incidents, I will end with these two incidents, the Chava

00:23:27--> 00:23:38

of his two from the many 1000s of incidents, the two which have really intrigued me and I, you know, one I read another one I've heard from one of my teachers,

00:23:39--> 00:23:45

which I haven't read in the book. The first one is that there was a mom,

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a mom, Irish, Mama Mama

00:23:52--> 00:23:56

was a great amount in the time of saving a mobile, how do you got to the level

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and he met him on mobile hanifa they were sitting, somebody came and asked a question.

00:24:03--> 00:24:06

Somebody can ask the questions, you know, how do you get an answer?

00:24:07--> 00:24:08

So you might have said to him?

00:24:09--> 00:24:10

I mean, he

00:24:12--> 00:24:14

was a proof of this. How did you give him the answer?

00:24:16--> 00:24:20

Where's your proof or the head is that how can you back your statement up?

00:24:21--> 00:24:32

So Imam, Abu hanifa the Allahu anhu was sitting there. He said to my mama, he said to him, that I'm the headmaster, and every Friday and whenever hora de cada karasuma is

00:24:34--> 00:24:36

at the center, and fuller and fuller and fuller

00:24:39--> 00:24:42

and fuller and fuller and fuller and colocado life and

00:24:43--> 00:24:59

you're saying this, meaning that you're the one who narrated to me, from Abu Dhabi from Abu huraira de la I know that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said this, and you are the one who told me, You who narrated from such and such person from such such person and the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said this and you

00:25:00--> 00:25:49

The one who said to me from this person and integrated from such and such person to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu it was sent him that he said, You're saying that you are pharmacists, his hospital has been taking this okay. Enough has. He said to him after that he said mahad took a beating in your head that took a belief in me to mean, had destiny behave a certain way. What I told you what i related to what I'm related to, in over 100 days, you have told me that that you're ready to be in one one moment 182 in 100 days means to me, what I related to you in 100 days, you have just mentioned to me all in one go. And then he said to him after that, he said,

00:25:52--> 00:26:02

this is a very famous statement, the women are mushiya Mashallah fuqaha that OH group of alcohol and tumult of a bar dealer, and you are doctors.

00:26:03--> 00:26:05

You are doctors, and we are pharmacists.

00:26:07--> 00:26:24

We are pharmacists. We just need the people of Hawaii, we just collect the Hadees gather them in books and collect them. But the pharmacist does not know how to is when he's not supposed to prescribe even though nowadays sometimes the pharmacies also

00:26:25--> 00:26:47

prescribe you the medicine but you go to the doctor, he says you also are How are the doctors you know how to apply these headings and use them in which context and understand the background and derive an extra truth and we hide deceit. We are what we are just the pharmacist. But he did not suffer from that. And he said he will never that will enter your

00:26:48--> 00:26:55

house dedicated for nothing. But you Oh man, you have taken both sides. You're a doctor as well as a pharmacist who had this as well as

00:26:56--> 00:27:09

this was the mama ambush or grating on giving a very intense to me of the knowledge of Hades a second season a mobile hand for the law one. And another story this is in regards to Marco hanifa

00:27:11--> 00:27:12

piety and his Sabra and his

00:27:15--> 00:27:23

his forbearance. As you know, I told you at the beginning that he never used to sleep except for except for two hours a one and a half hour in the afternoon.

00:27:25--> 00:27:33

You ever used to sleep for 40 years he performed his Asia prayer with fudger prayer. It would one would do similar to same ablution

00:27:34--> 00:27:38

he's only sleeping one one and a half hour in this one and a half hour.

00:27:40--> 00:28:20

Mo honey for one he went home to rest. When he went to arrest. Somebody came to his door and knocks on his door. Ask a question. Remember, and think that all day long. He's sitting from Croatia researching and studying and teaching and extracting rules. If you want to ask this question, he's doing the nasty from soldier to Asia. And I know that you can ask him when he's, you know, praying into this setup. And you know that he's one and a half hour in 24 hours where he rest where he needs our breath. And this person has come to ask a question. If somebody was to ask me a question, you probably tell him off people like us. There is no server or no forbearance. This person came and

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knocked on his door.

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And he was just about to just about to go sleep. And he was just about to go to sleep and this person came to the door. He said, What's the matter? And I want to ask you a Muslim.

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Said, I remember that it's just in my mind forgot. I forgot. forgotten.

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Okay, now probably when you remember you can ask me to turn back and turn down. Just about to go to sleep. Bang Bang Bang.

00:28:51--> 00:28:54

So he went to open the door and said Yeah, what's what's the matter?

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Yeah, the muscle have remembered. So yeah, why is it asked me?

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This has come out in my mind again, once again.

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Head Okay, no problem. When you remember, come back. You want again, this is remember is one and a half hour of sleep which is indispensable. You know, it's absolutely necessary. Third time you came again, same thing is that I forgotten again, said nothing to miss. And when you remember asking the university they will never close the fourth time you can definitely remember this time. Okay.

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He said the question is which I remembered. What I want you to ask you is that you are the dung of the animal. The students in winter leaves itself. Does it taste sour? Does it taste sweet?

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Is the question.

00:29:39--> 00:29:44

Now remember, this country has before and this is the time to see people shooting or something like that.

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He said my wife or the loved one we looked at him and he said I have to do this question is that when it's fresh, then it's got slight sweetness in it, but when it dries it's totally sour.

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When it's fresh, it's got

00:30:00--> 00:30:05

A bit of sweetness, it might be in it. But when it gets dry, it's very sour.

00:30:06--> 00:30:08

So this person says, How do you know? Have you tasted it?

00:30:09--> 00:30:44

The certain he will he came with, you know, the intent, even intent. You know, and if I said he said no, he said that not everything is known through tasting. And he gave him examples. You can you know the taste of something without tasting it. And then it said that the reason for this is that when it's fresh, you see all the flies coming and sitting on the freeway drive everyone all the flies run away. They show that at the beginning when it's fresh, it's got a bit of sweetness in it really dries it becomes a bit sour. This person fell onto the feet of another hanifa below and he said I really what happened was that I and people told me bad things about you. And I thought they said

00:30:44--> 00:31:07

that, you know, he's got bad manners, a cloud, calculate cetera. And I took an oath with somebody that somebody else is better than you and this is why I can't examine you, etc. You know, the rest of it. And design from today in La Jolla have never seen anybody who is more who has more forbearance sober and help more than you and he became the student and for the full life, his life changed, became one of the good students.

00:31:09--> 00:31:24

This is one of his stories in reverse, which really intrigued me. Therefore I mentioned this and share it with you also. I think I end with this and there's just a brief mention of some of the things it's very different in the topic, of course, and very complicated as well. My last one, that is the true understanding