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AI: Summary © The Church of the beforehand-confirmed Islam began as a church in the Gulf of Mexico and the United States, where the Prophet had given him the title of the God of the Book. The Church is now a church in the United Kingdom where the Prophet had given him the title of the God of the Book. The church's history of image depicting Jesus and airbrush creation is seen as a way to promote Islam's image management practices, and students are offered opportunities to study online courses.
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Salam aleikum. Welcome back from the break, prior to the break, we were looking at how did schilke begin? And hamdulillah? Allah and His Messenger have given us a clear picture of the beginning of schilke.

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When did it first occur? How did it appear?

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And that can be found in Surah. Noor

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Serrano, in which Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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states in verse 23,

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they said to each other,

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do not give up your Gods do not give up what

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and suar nor Yahoo's Yeah, oh, and Nasir, this reference,

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Prophet Mohammed says Allah clarified. What was it, in fact, we're referring to this is verse 23, surah No. Omnibus, consider considered one of the leading scholars among the Sahaba or companions of the Prophet, known as the leading common writer of the Quran. He said, these were idols of Prophet noise nation, which in time ended up among the Arabs, what became the tribal god of callin tribe, the tribe, and in the region of DOMA to gender swap was adopted by who then tribe, yeah Huth by the tribe of otif, a jorf, near Saba, yo by the Hamden tribe, and Nasir became the God of the kala,

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kala clan of the Hemi our tribe,

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and Nasir became the God of the Zodiac Killer clan of the himirror tribe. These idols were named after some righteous people, from among the people of Prophet nor are Prophet Noah.

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When these righteous people died,

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Satan inspired the people to make statues of them, and make pictures of them and place them in the places where these righteous people used to advise their followers to people, the society as a means of remembering them. Now,

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the people accepted that idea.

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And they made the statues, statues in the different settings, you know, where they gathered, places of worship, etc, the statues were placed, so that whenever the people would come to these different locations, they would see the statues, and it will remind them of these righteous people, and they would try to do more righteousness, and to worship God. However, when this generation died out, Satan came back to the generation following them and told them that it was because of their ancestors worship of these statues, carvings, paintings, etc, that the crops were good to harvest was

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profitable. And they had the success that they had. As a result, the descendants were fooled, and they began to worship them as idols. And of course, the following generations after them continue that worship.

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was the

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Route, image making was the route by which worship of other than God entered in.

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Satan gave that early generation an idea, which sounded good, gave him the idea to make these images in order to remind the people to be righteous. And then when people forgot the purpose of those images, generations later, Satan came back and told them that this worship, therefore parents who are actually worshipping these images, and it is through their worship of the images, that they had good harvest, they had, you know, wealth, they were successful, their nation grew, and people fell for it, and began to worship these idols. And it's because of that, that in the early scriptures, and repeated in the Islamic teachings, that image making making images by hand, human hand creating

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images of living beings, forbidden. So we can find, for example, in the Old Testament, where it states there very clearly, in Exodus, verse four, Chapter 20, you shall not make for yourself, any graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in the heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.

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So, as a result of this, early Christianity,

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carefully avoided the use of images and their worship, however, as it spread, and of course, we said Christianity was the invention of Paul, as it spread into Greece and into Rome, where people already had a strong tradition of worshipping idols,

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the God of Greeks and the Romans. Then making of religious statues, for religious purposes, depicting Jesus depicting his mother Mary depicting the disciples etc. This began, it was introduced, and people accepted it because the original followers of Jesus had been dispersed. They were no longer around anyone to oppose this development. So Satan was successful in directing people into idol worship. So, this was the

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situation which occurred amongst Christians. And to some degree, it has occurred amongst Muslims Prophet Muhammad wa sallam, he had clearly said that those who receive the greatest punishment on the Day of Judgment are the image makers, those who make images of human beings, animals, birds, fishes, etc. Because this is the channel, this is the door to which idolatry enters. So as Muslims were not allowed to make these images, of course, photography is not included, as long as it remains as recording what is there and not

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using airbrush and different techniques to create new images. So it's no longer a picture of somebody as they were, but a new painting or image has been created of that person, which is false. That is, in fact, islamically prohibited.

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We also have

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a statement from Ayesha wife of the Prophet sallallahu sallam,

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in which she said, once the Prophet came to see me, and I had my closet covered with a wooden curtain, which had pictures of winged horses on it. When he saw the curtain, the color of his face changed. And he said, or Ayesha, those receiving the most severe punishment on the Day of Resurrection are those who compete with the last act of creation. They will be punished and asked to bring to life what they have created. The Prophet went on to say, certainly angels do not enter houses in which pictures and statues are present. I should then say

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So we cut up the curtain into pieces and made out of it to pillows.

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So, the practice in Islam is opposed to image making, as it was originally, in Christian tradition, what came to be known as Christianity found in Judaism, which is why if you go to any synagogue, Jewish house of worship, you will not see any images in it. And that is why also in the mosques of Muslims, you do not see any images. But Christians were degeneration to place, they introduced images, which was the same

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trick which Satan played on the descendants in the time of Prophet nor, which led to idolatry then, and Christians are also drawn into idolatry through making of statues and images, which were initially claimed to be religious, but in the end, became objects of worship. With that, we are going to end our episode from the best of our heat. We hope to see you in our upcoming episodes in which we'll be looking at the different ways by which Islam sought to prevent the degeneration of the faith into other forms of idol worship. So we'll see you in the future in our upcoming episodes. And we now bid you farewell Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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semi semi peace

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will be

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from you

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