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In hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala ashrafi mursaleen say now Mohammed Ali he or Sophia Jemaine, our beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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operate into Allah subhanho wa Taala, the creator of the Sustainer La ilaha illa Allah I bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped except the loss of Rhino data. To Him belongs the best of praises and the best of names. To Him is our beginning. In our end, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless us this walk of Juma to have mercy on us and this walked to let this Juma be an expiation a forgiveness last week since may be a new light for the week to come. And we ask Allah subhana wa tada to send our greetings and salutations our praise to our Nabhi Mohammed Salah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his family, his companions and all those who follow his Sunnah will

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be amongst them until the end of time. I mean, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. I've been away for a couple of weeks. And always good to be back. And I say always is to Jamal Xia at bronto is the work Gemma that just do when it's working time and the local Giamatti a holiday time. I think some faces I don't see during the year. It's the first time I'm seeing the actual local book of Gemma.

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On the ends, usually holiday time well, hamdulillah. And while there's a number of topics, a number of things I wanted to discuss is a few topical issues that occurred this week. It's holiday time. And you know, what can we do? What should we do during the holiday? I wanted to discuss that we see some nice, young our young brothers and sisters are here today want to speak a little bit to the youth? Also, we know that it is molded. And there's always this issue about Moeller, is it yes or no and what can we learn from that? But of course, the big issue this week, and the issue that we should be talking about is Syria. And why should we be talking about Syria? Why should we be

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conscious about Syria? Because it's said that people until today will ask me, What is Aleppo? And what's happening in Aleppo? Subhan Allah, this is a question, gentlemen. I mean, I believe we will be asked Allah subhana wa Tada, what did you do? When you saw what happened in that area? what you see happening in Syria, when you saw what happened in Bosnia, in Rwanda, you see happening again, in another country, what did you do? At the very least, you're supposed to know what's happening at the very least, we should be crying for it. At the very least we should waking bla now I know, it's a very somber topic at a time when everyone is on holiday, and is in the festive mood. But understand

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that this mood is not felt every way that some people today, they've just lost the mother, or the father, or the children or the old family or the legs or the arms, someone right now, someone right now has just lost everything. And this is the reality. And that person might be better than us in terms of his Eman in terms of his taqwa in terms of the person he was. And that's the reality. But other than just Islam, that as we know, the Hadith that we study so many times that the believers are like one body, if one part of the body is injured, the entire body feels the pain of it. And if you don't feel the pain, then you're not part of that body, then we're not part of that body of

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believers, and therefore, and I asked people tell me what's happening in Syria? How did we get there? What happened? And if we're not educated on the issue on the matter, when we have not done our duty, so while we cannot stop the war? Well, we can't. There's very little that we can do. That little that we can do, we should do. We're not doing it, we should understand the issue. We should feel for the people, which you know, it's not about taking sides. It's not about politics. It's about humanity. It's not even it goes even beyond Islam. It's not even about Islam. This is about people about children. When we see a child we don't ask what is the Sunni or Shia is a Muslim or

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Christian is Yazidi. What is it? It's a child versus in general. So that's where we should be. And the little we can do, as I said, the minimum is to make dua, and there are other avenues and we will discuss that in sha Allah, what you and I can do so at least on the day of piano, when Allah asked what you saw, a massacre happening, what did you do? Did you sit by what do you do see Allah at least ma da, that's my, my contribution and you will not be enough we hope that Alice mercy will overcome will have will have mercy on our shortcomings. One ship he has a body, who I speak about quite one of the scholars of our time.

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yasir Qadhi, he had a WhatsApp or Facebook post, he said, Well, we feel sad to see the dead people in Syria, we should be even more sad that when you see it and nothing moves in your heart that you are really the dead person that your heart has become dead.

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Now visa Salaam gives it headed towards the end of time, you'll find people committing Zina in the street, and people walk past them, and it won't affect them. And we think how can such a time occur? Well, today we are seeing the children and dead people every single second on our phones, and we just move up. Oh, these are nice cats. Like that funny video. She that funny video doesn't move us anymore. So what's happening to us? What's happening to us? That's the question. That's the scary thing. What's it what's inside my heart. But if I see children dying, it's like I've seen it so many times already. It doesn't even change me for a minute, I can go straight back to watching the rugby

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or the cricket. I can go straight back to you know, asking what's for supper? It doesn't, it doesn't take away my appetite. It doesn't make me sick for the day, which should do, which it really should do. So Subhan Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us And forgive us and help all them seems. So let me do and I did this about a year ago, or a year and a half ago. We discuss Syria, because this issue did not start this week, or the last five years. The Civil War didn't just start overnight. What gave rise to the mess that we have today is not about blaming anyone. Ultimately, blame is on the day of karma. And as I said, and I'll say again, that there are no there are no heroes in this

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battle. The only victims and those who continuously perpetuate the fighting. How did this thing start? So city, the country that we know as city,

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it was part of the Ottoman Empire

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1980 about listed 100 years ago, 100 years ago, we had a halifa, even if he was just a halifa in name, but we have the caliphate, we had an amine, we had someone who took the title of ameerul momineen, meaning I'm in charge of the believers and the Ottoman Empire for its good and it's bad, whatever you want to say about them. I just think of one instance that shows the strength, the importance of having a Khalifa within South Africa in Cape Town, we were never part of the Ottoman Empire. We were never part the colony of the Turkish Empire. But when the British colonized us, and we found this a population of Muslims in Cape Town, and they have issues and they don't, they're not

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accessing the Dhamma. They asked the Ottomans you are in charge of the Muslims. And they sent abubaker defini they sent a ship to this country, which they probably didn't even know they have no relationship. But because there's a small group of Muslims, they, the halifa felt my responsibility to them. Let me send them an alum to help them. This is a little bit of you know about even an halifa in name and one of our big problems is that for the last 100 years, and never in our history in the history of Islam, 1500 years, we never been in a situation like this, that 400 years. We have no leader and no Gemma, but it's a beautiful Haddington and I'm digressing from my slides here. It's

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a beautiful hadith of who they are, for the for the keeper of the secrets of the prophets of Salaam. We know the companion Khalifa, who said I used to Sahaba like Abu Bakr and Omar, they used to ask him about the good things. What can I do to get to Jenna, what do you advise me? I asked him about the the what what could they ask about the bad things about the jail? about pm the strange questions. So he asked them about the future. Will rasulillah we live in such a good time that Islam is strong, the Sahaba you know, things are good? Will things become bad after this and maybe some serious things will become bad, and it will become good, but not like we have it today. The Muslims

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will go through some fitna, and then we'll recover. And then the time will come when things will be so bad. And what does he mean by bad who says we will be when Muslims will be led by the worst of people. And there'll be people that look like us, we look like Muslims, but they'll call people to janome. And there'll be six and groups. And then for the Francis era pseudo law, if I live in a time like that, and we live in a time like that, what should I do? So he says, He says, stick to the Gema stick to the majority. don't join this group and that group stick to the stick to unity and the Imam of the Muslim mean and the leader of the Muslim stick to that don't join this party and that group

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and that leader when he asks a question which is relevant to us today we live through that is the art of salatu salam What if I should live through a time where there is no Gemma? There is no unity there is no majority and there is no leader is no Khalifa. We live through that time. What should I do? So nobody says then avoid each and every group. This group killing that group killing that don't you get involved in that fitna, even if you must be alone in a tree to avoid that fitna, stay like that until you die.

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Avoid the fitna, don't take this side or that side, don't join this one. And that when we look at Syria as a perfect example, there is no side that you can say, is purely truly unhappy except this poor people that are dying, they would never asked for this war, who wants to switch to internet and go to school, they can live their lives, when you take sides here, and they, that's when the problems start. Because these are monsters on every side of the scale of this of the bathroom. So let's go back and speak about how Cydia began. So after the Ottomans collapse, and they lost in World War One, they were on the losing side of World War One, the European powers, they dismantle

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the Ottoman Empire. So the Muslim lands, the North Africa, Middle East Turkey, many of these lands were under one country called the Ottoman Empire. And once they lost, the European city drew the map of the world. And someone said very interestingly, if you open the map of the world, the Middle East is very strange, because the Middle East is drawn with straight lines. Usually a map is not drawn with straight lines. Countries are separated by rivers and mountains, geographical features. That's what separate countries, the Middle East is different. Straight lines are drawn. Why? Because this whole area was thrown up in a room. There were countries that were there yesterday that disappeared.

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Could they stand the Kurds? You ask? What are the Kurds? Who are they? What's the issue? They had a country one day, and then the Europeans decided tomorrow you won't have a country, one group will go to Syria, one group will go to Turkey, one group will go to Iran, one group will go to Iraq. Overnight, they can't be disappeared, new countries were made like Lebanon and Syria and Kuwait new countries were invented. Why? For their own reasons. And until today, this agreement is one of the reasons why we are fighting till today in the Middle East, we still feel that effects till today because of that.

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City came under the control of the French. So France, they took control of Syria. And when they came into Syria, they found that the people of Syria were divided under different groups and different religions. You had the majority 75. And until today, this number is through 75 plus percent of the Muslims are the people in Syria are Sunni Muslims, of either Arab Kurdish descent, the Kurds and the general people on the ground. They are Sunni Muslims. And when I say the Kurds, they're not out of their own language, they have their own culture. And the most famous curd is one. So that was another up he was a kid. He was a kid it was a narrow, alright, but they lived so close to the atoms

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that they very closely related, but they are a distinct group to themselves. They also found in city and other friendships saying what they found in Cydia, they found a group known as the anti whites, and they're about 13 to 15%, the leader of Syria, Bashar Al Assad, he is an ally white, and they lived. And if we go to the next slide, the map of the left this purple area towards the end towards Lebanon, that little area is where the advice you should have. And that's the region that's the homeland these things. And there's a lot we had a discussion about this a year ago, if you go onto the website, our website, you'll find she has import nine, you'd find the discussion on the Analyze

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the otherwise for a long time, they will not they themselves did not call themselves Sunni, or even Shia. They said we are different to Sunni and Shia, the MA beliefs are so different otherwise, meaning that they worship say nalli this is from the books, what they do now and today, Allah item that we don't, we don't force a belief on a person, but from the books and from the scholars of the past, you have given to me and Allah has early These are two scholars which are great scholars. And they said in our interaction with the other whites, that they are further away from Islam than they are with the Minnesota This is what the scholars of older said, of the whites of the old. So the

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anti whites and even the French, when they colonized Syria, they found that the LL whites were a kind of group that they could work with. And that's why they gave them support financially. They gave us the similarly what the

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English did to the amadis. In India, they supported a group which was different to the majority, what they did in South Africa, you give the minority group the power and the strength to overpower the majority. This is this is colonialism one on one, this is how you do it, then you miss that country up 400 years, this is exactly what they did. So they found the other whites and they found and until today there's a large percentage of Christians and do roots also an offshoot, a sick that once existed. They still exist, but the ones she are but they're completely far away from the normal Shiism that we see they have their own kind of religion. After World War Two, when the world was

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moving away from colonialism, when India got independence, when many of the colonized colonies became free, France was forced to give up Syria. And obviously when they leave, they don't leave it in a good state. They leave it messed up. And that's exactly what happened from 1946 until 1970. Governments came and went is going to be an Islamic

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country as we know there are Muslim parties like the Muslim Brotherhood who wants to live according to Sharia. You had secular people who say, we don't want to have a caliphate like the like Ataturk. We don't want to have an Islamic State. We want to have a secular state. We wanted to have it and a Sunni Islamic State. And this fighting went on for about 2030 years, until the father of the current leader, Bashar Al Assad. His father, hafeez, as I said, was an ally, right. He was a military man. He was part of the Air Force. He took control of the army, and he took any code the country using the army, he captured the country undemocratically, unfairly, he took control of the country using

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the army. And it's and if you look at actually the Middle East, before the Arab Spring, the man in charge of Egypt was hustling Obama was a military man, for 3040 years, he was ruling Egypt, Saddam Hussein and military men for 30 years, who's ruling Iraq. So the Arab world once the colonial power was left, what was replaced to US military dictators, a military dictator, and by and large, this is what happened in the Middle East, they took over the country, and cities exactly the same, but different thing.

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an alibi like to go over meaning from the minority. And he had strategically placed members of his own group, the other whites in important positions in the army and the government. And so now you had a small minority, having the power economical power, the military power, they will still being supplied and supported by the waist to control and dominate the Sunni majority, they will know elections, they will know.

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There was no room for any kind of debate, there was no Parliament that was representative of the Parliament, what we saw in apartheid South Africa, this was basically like that, a small minority completely controlling the majority. And throughout his reign, people had tried to riot and try to, you know, show the dissatisfaction in 1973, the Muslim Brotherhood, they try to have riots and they will put down severely or 1986 they put down severely, also, also Syria, it must also be noticed here mentioned here, that Syria has a big role to play in Lebanon, the country right next door to Syria, Lebanon, tiny country, city has always influenced its party politics. And we'll talk about

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how this Hezbollah in itself in the picture, because Syria, like you have South Africa and Namibia. So Africa tries in the apartheid time, tried to manipulate its neighbors to support its own agenda. And Syria did the same thing. The Syrian Government assassinated people in Lebanon, that was anti Syrian, they supported groups that were that were not that were pro Syrian. And this is how Lebanon as well was developed through Syria. And a lot of the Civil War in Lebanon was because of the intervention of Syria in 1982 of 119 82. The Muslim Brotherhood when the Muslim omens are trying to have a Muslim party ruling, and they came into Syria, and they were uprisings. About 50,000 people

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were killed by half either side by shadows father, right. So he had a bad record humanitarian Lee, from the Arab League, the Arab neighbors, the rest of the world, they all agree that this man was a dictator in every sense of the word. He was as bad as they come. He was as bad as they come. And when he passed away, just to show that this is a dynasty, this is a dictatorship. This is a monarchy. It's not anything free or free. When he died. He's 34 year old son was made the president of Syria Bashar Al Assad 34, he was made the president, even though the Constitution of Syria said you have to be 40 years old to be the president. And in the Constitution, it said, and it's

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interesting, when happy that I said became the president. They were in the Constitution, it said the Syrian people, when they drew up the Constitution, they said the president must be a Muslim. He removed that close, because he didn't identify openly. He didn't identify as being a Muslim of the Muslims of the people. So he removed that close from the constitution with force. So this dynasty now continues to do 1000. He sent 34 years old, his police into a position of power. And he rules Cydia for the next 10 years or so very, with a strong hand and authoritatively, right. No elections, no free.

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No one can oppose the government. The army is really watching you. And this is was the state in many other countries. Similarly in Iraq, similarly in Egypt, Egypt, not so much. But similarly, you couldn't speak out against the government. If you see and this is the Arab world, the Middle East, Saudi Arabia the same you speak out against the government you get locked up. Syria was of the worst of the lot. Syria, Iran, of Iraq of the worst of the lot. If you go against the government, you got locked up. Then something happened towards the end of 2018.

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The Arab Spring, Arab Spring meaning the people got the courage and the energy to throw away the dictators. Each Tunisia got rid of the leader for Tunisia got rid of the the leader who was there for 3040 years. They overthrew him through through not military, not violence, through uprisings, demonstrations, people going in the streets. And the governments, they gave up when they saw that people were against them. 3040 years of living like a king of being a dictator of taking away people's rights. Eventually, people had enough. And those leaders as bad as they were, at least they had the decency to leave the text up in the list. Same with Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, he left although

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Egypt went full circle have come back. And they have replaced one dictator with another. Many countries went through this. And so the city and people felt in 2011. Our time is NOW WE the Sunni majority of this country no longer want to be led by an Assad dynasty. So they started to rise up in an in a city, close to Damascus, there are close to Damascus. And there were 15 young youths who began the uprising. They were detained and tortured, and one of them was killed under torture. And when that happened, it sparked even more riots and more

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demonstrations against the government. And for most of 2011. And into 2012, the government was trying to deal with these uprisings all over people will go into the streets and 1000s and demanding the government stepped down. Eventually, the only tool that this group Assad had in his way to keep the people in check was the army. So he deployed the army and started opening fire on demonstrators. And it became such a point it became in 2011. In May, he started to physically shoot his own people, the demonstrators, they didn't have weapons, they wouldn't be fighting. The first bullet shot was from the Assad government. This is the first the first killing that was done was from his

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government. And that's when many of the world powers they actually expelled the ambassadors of Syria from the countries, they said that you are violating human rights. So hundreds of people and protesters are being killed. And they are denying, and they are being being arrested, and they're being tortured. And the government increased its by 2012, it was quite clear that the demonstrators are not going to stop, they're going to continue demonstrating. And now the government took a full policy of suppressing Li suppressing its people.

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Now, foreigners get involved. Now, external countries get involved, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, America, these countries, we're always against Assad. And we must understand the complexity of the Middle East, in the Middle East, you have two groups vying for power, you have Iran, which is a Shia country. And we know when we shouldn't be shy about saying they are a Shia country. And the agenda is to promote other Shia governments. So they have a Shia government. Now in Iraq after Saddam Hussein was removed, a Shia government is taking place. The power in Lebanon is Hezbollah, which is also a Shia government. I said, who is a Shia, and I said he was between Israeli with the she has a

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lot to do with the Sudanese. He finds that he's closer with the Shias, and therefore he's been more friendly with Iran, in Yemen as well. Iran is right. As you know, the Government of Yemen has been overthrown by a Shia group, Saudi Arabia on the other side, they want to also control the Middle East through the agenda and the policy promoting. They promoted Sisi against the Muslim Brotherhood. They promoted the fighting in Yemen and they don't mind who they kill in Yemen, so that the government is not a Shia government. So now Cydia being in the middle of this,

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it's either going to be a Shia country, which could be Sunni country, Saudi Arabia and Turkey don't want it to be a Shia country. Iran wants it to be a Shia country. So Iran now supports Bashar Al Assad and Saudi Arabia and Turkey through the allies, America support the people the rebels, let's call them the rebels on the ground. And they stopped providing them with weapons. They said, What if the government is killing you, we give you weapons to fight back. And this is how Syria descends into a mess. So the Syrian people now form from a group of people demonstrating they become an army, they become a militarized or a militia, they actually get weapons. And I said, we do this weapons

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come from they come from America. They come from America, from Saudi Arabia from Turkey. That's where they get their weapons from. And they now form militias, and they fight back against the government, and they start shooting the government in return. And now we have a civil war, beginning between the people of Syria and the government was in control and who are the who so who is the rebels? Who are the rebels? If people ask we know who the government is, we know they're Shia, and they are being supported by Iran and Russia and Hezbollah who are the rebels and the reality is the rebels are a group of people.

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against the government, they don't unite amongst one another on agenda on on a policy.

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And I don't go into deep stuff here. But if you look at Afghanistan, Afghanistan went into a mess after the Russians left, because when Russia was the everyone joined up against them. But once the Russia left, these groups were all different. They were like a Brianna of people. Each one wanted their own agenda. So in Syria, you have normal people who just want to have free elections. They don't want a Muslim country, they want a secular country. That's, that's what they want. You have the Jihad ease, those who want an Islamic State, they want to bring Sharia law. And they are those who are extreme in the views of Sharia law. And they are those who are more liberal. And you have

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those who are just external fighters who hate the government, who want to bring down the government and cause anarchy. And without a doubt, we have the ends of Israel, Ilana medical wants to see this war continuing forever. So these are the groups of people that are uniting against Assad. And of course, Assad wants to just maintain power at all costs. So the war begins. And Aleppo, which is the capital is the engine of this quote, Aleppo, the Johannesburg of Syria. Damascus is the capital. Aleppo is the biggest city in terms of economy in terms of technology, in terms of wealth. This was the the commercial center of of Syria, half the city, basically rebels against the government, and

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they push the government out, east Aleppo. This was in 2012. And they've been resisting the government for about five years now, four and a half years, five years, east Aleppo, has been fighting against the government, and the government besieged them. So now the people of Syria being supplied by America and Saudi Arabia and Turkey, they managed to win many, many cities, they conquer and capture many cities, the captured east Aleppo, they captured hammer, they captured the palmiter, many of these cities fall to the people and Assad is on the brink of collapse. He's actually about to lose power. He couldn't you can't keep the people down forever. Just as he's about to be

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overthrown in 2013. Hezbollah from Lebanon, that same group that supposedly or fought in Israel in they intervene, and they get involved, and they support the support Assad. So Hezbollah gets involved. And that's why many, many Muslims, we find very difficult now to promote this organization Hezbollah before they used to claim and they used to say our agenda is to fight for the oma and to liberate, to liberate Palestine and fight Israel. Now they've involved themselves later on they the first group to send actual the soldiers in into Syria, to keep the people down and support I said, matter what you say whether you broke his villa or not, the end of the day, we need to be free. This

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man, I said, If tomorrow, they had free elections, this man would not be the president. He would not be the president, if his people were allowed to choose. If he gave the choice to his people, he would not be the president. In fact, you would be in jail for war crimes, if they had free elections. So Hezbollah gets involved. And for this, we cannot forgive hizballah. They involve themselves and they bombed and attack the people of Syria, of course, they call them terrorists, but to support the government and this both said that this keeps our side on for a period.

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Also, in 2013, America was on the verge of bombing Assad, and some correspondence it at the end of 2013, it looked like it would have disappeared. Because America was really getting ready to bomb Assad when it became known that he used chemical weapons use chemical weapons on these people used guests to kill this is not to kill when you put bomb a city with guests. You're not killing one terrorists, you killing everybody. And when it was clear, this is what he did. America was on the verge of bombing it But Russia stopped them. And Assad agreed to let go of all these chemical weapons, all the chemical weapons he gave up, but this is what he did. In 2014. The rebels were

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still fighting and they were still managing to succeed in in winning ground from Assad. And then out of nowhere, a group called ISIS appears in Iraq. And until today, I cannot give you an answer as to ISIS is I know the theology. I know there are groups, there are groups that believe in takfeer, who dickly every single Muslim cafe, every government cafe, and we are those groups who who recruit people with this agenda. This is against Islam. This is the average this groups they exist in the world, but who funds them who gives them weapons because they are against Saudi Arabia, they can see Iran, they against Russia, they against America, yet all the weapons come from Iran, Saudi Arabia,

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Russia and America. Where does this group get the weapons from? So this is a good question to ask the story that some, you know, groups of people from middle east came to from Europe and middle east came to Iraq and they overthrew the American army and the Iraqi army took control of a city. It sounds like a fairy tale, but although Adam they appear

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On the scene out of No way, ISIS appears on the scene in 2014. They conquer territory in Iraq, and they move into Syria. And they fight not Assad. They fight the rebels. And they push many of them. Now the rebels are being fought by aside from Hizbollah and ISIS, and ISIS now, capital conquers the eastern part of Syria. So you really have four groups fighting in Syria, four groups, you have the government, which is being supported by Iran and Hezbollah, you have the rebels and the people, or a group of just the people on the ground being supported by America, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, you have ISIS was against everyone. And I said, the Kurds in Syria, you have this group of people called the

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Kurds, whose country was taken away, they in the north of Syria, and they are they sort of won at the end of this battle, they hope that they will get a country and they fighting for their own agenda. They against that side as well. But at the same time, they against Turkey, this complicates things, turkeys against the government, but they're also against the Kurds. And this is the mess that we have in Syria. So this continues in 2014. And ISIS is beginning to win. Still, Assad is losing ground is uneven with the support from Iran and the support from from Hezbollah. Assad is not able to maintain power is about his losing ground to ISIS and losing ground to the rebels. Until

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last year, September. Last year. 2015 is when the battle changed when Russia got involved in the war. So Russia now stepped in, and Russia since now. Now, a power is everything. The rebels don't have planes. ISIS doesn't have planes, no one is the only people have planes or the government. So whatever bombings you see of buildings, all of that is from the government. All of that is from Bashar Al Assad and Iran. That's not ISIS. That's not the rebels. All the bombs coming from the air is from Russia. And the bomb. Initially they involve and they say we need to bomb ISIS. But today, all they are bombing is ISIS. ISIS capital is Raka. Raka is the capital of ISIS. No, they are not

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bombing Iraq. They're bombing Aleppo, which is the capital of the rebels. So they join the battle. And in the United Nations Security Council. They said we're getting involved to fight the terrorists, we need to fight ISIS. Everyone is against ISIS said Alright, fine, fight ISIS, but they're bombing Aleppo, bombing Iraq. And this is the reality. And so from 2015 until now, the battle has turned, the government has recaptured all the land they lost. Assad is winning. And this is what happened. Now this what happened. Now you see Aleppo, Aleppo, so for the past five years, the people of Aleppo have been against the government. And to stop them, the government couldn't

00:32:47--> 00:33:33

conquer Aleppo. So what they did was they besieged them, no water, no food, they destroyed every single Hospital in Aleppo. Every single Hospital in Aleppo was destroyed, to fight terrorists, right? to bomb paradise. That's what Russia did. And now with the Russian support these last two, three weeks, the government of Assad, Iranian militia, Hezbollah, Russian support, managed to break into Aleppo, and completely overpower the people of Aleppo, and have now conquered Aleppo. And this is now the rebels have lost all the territory, the rebels don't no longer have a base anymore, and, and they had to flee. And what was worse of everything. Winning is one thing. You might support

00:33:33--> 00:34:15

Iran, you might support the rebels, you might support whatever group you want, but your politics should not, should not influence you, when someone is being raped. No one, you can say that it's justified to rape someone justified to kill children justified I want to kill one enemy. So I bombed an entire building of people 100,000 people in a tiny area, and you bombing every single building. And this is the reality of it. And what people then said, and I don't take my news from BBC, or Al Jazeera, or whatever the case was 786 or the MDC. I look at people like mtsu, the man who's on the ground in that area, or the White Helmets, the White Helmets, a group of people, they are totally

00:34:15--> 00:34:51

not involved in the fight. When a building collapses on people, they go and dig you out. Whatever you are a soldier, a woman, a child, they do. And they seen reports of what's happening in Aleppo, and they've never seen this kind of carnage that government now the government forces are coming into buildings and shooting everyone. They've been fighting for five years frustration, and they come in and they kill every single person, simply because the enemy is a video where they take a young boy and they asked him who is your ally now? And he has to say Bashar Al Assad and said, Would you worship Bashar Al Assad? Akbar? Allahu Akbar says no, Bashar Assad is a video I can show you

00:34:51--> 00:35:00

that video. This is what they're doing. Now you could say this is one soldier not all of them. But this is what's happening. And we think about Nebojsa Salaam when

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

entered Makkah after more than 20 years of abuse of being being assassinated. He's people being killed when he entered Macau. What did he do to the crash? he lowered his head so low that his beard was touching his camel to show I'm not coming in as a conqueror. And he said all of you are free. No one today no retribution below. You can't do anything to what he and his family did to a mother, you can't do anything of what they did to your mother and your father. Everyone is free, go and do as you want. This is asylum, no group can say with the underside of Islam. Because no one is following the suit of Hamas asylum. No one is following the sunako saying no one is following the Sunnah of an

00:35:38--> 00:36:24

abyssal Salaam. So after this, after Aleppo has now fallen, is an agreement and we hope the both sides of this agreement to allow the civilians to leave the city so they can go in a safe area. And just to to give you Cydia in numbers. Right. How and this is this is the question. These are the numbers How will we respond to Allah subhanaw taala. For the past five years, we've been on our phones, we've seen this happening 23 million people in Cydia half more than half 12 million people lost their houses, half the population of Syria have lost their homes. Right? Every single thing they had is gone. Some of them and we know but of this about five, six of the million had to leave

00:36:24--> 00:37:05

Syria, they are living in Jordan, they are living in refugee camps in Turkey. Some of them have gone to Europe, and we know what's happening to them. They in Europe 50% of the refugees are children without parents, orphans. millions of children have no orphans. Simple thing to us five years kids have not been going to school. What does that do for the next 1015 years? Fat kids have children who just heard bombs falling on them? who couldn't claim the seat? Who saw the family dying thing? Every single person lost someone they know? What does that do to a child like that? What's it going to do in 1015 years? What's our world going to be like in the future? Even when this battle stops? What's

00:37:05--> 00:37:47

going to happen? And the UN have put the number 450,000 people have been killed? Allah Allah knows how many people have died. Half a million people have died. disappeared because of this war. And what did we do? When Allah asks us? What did you do when you saw this? At least say Allah, I mean to at least say that I made. And I want to show you some of the messages that people have Aleppo, because all they could do was WhatsApp and tweet and Facebook. This girl seven years old says I'm talking to the world now live from Aleppo. This is my last moment to either live or die. And where you will, what are you doing? What's happening? Oh Allah wake up from this nightmare. lipo is being

00:37:47--> 00:38:25

erased and more than 50,000 people are at the risk of being killed. Most of them are women and children, the White Helmets, the people that don't need to evacuate people, they said there is no we can't count the number of casualties in Aleppo today. The streets and the buildings are just filled with dead bodies. We've stopped counting. We can't keep this anymore. We can't keep up anymore. So also the question this question was asked you, how are you feeling now? What's happening inside? I'm gonna ask you, are you going to enjoy your holiday? This December period? Is it going to be a festive fun time and spend it in amusement? We all deserve a break. We all been tired. But we suffer

00:38:25--> 00:38:29

like that's happening in the world. We can't sit back and say, This is my time.

00:38:30--> 00:39:12

How do we answer for that? When we see these things on our phone, when we see these things on the news, and we decided we're going to have fun and enjoy this December are we ends Viola what we take as you know, just so easy, having a house having a night to sleep without a bomb falling on your head, being able to go to the hospital, etc. Going to school, Melissa luxury law, you're fortunate that you have a job and you can go to school, you can open the fridge and eat something in the these things have any of us matriculate to Allah. At the very least you're not hungry. And Hamlet don't put us through that kind of difficulty. Alhamdulillah Allah, we are not better than those people.

00:39:12--> 00:39:53

Some of them are better than us allies this Illuminati status at the very least Alhamdulillah let us not use this free time to disobey Allah doesn't use his free time to commit harm and sin. But let's do something productive in the So what can you do? You feel bad, good, feel bad, make the mix sugar, and it's something that you want to do a little bit more for many, many organizations that are relief organizations. And they these organizations are nonpartisan. They don't look at what religion what color, what group what side you're on. If you are a soldier, a child, they will help you as one of the groups that's nominated for a Nobel Prize. Peace Prize, the White Helmets, so they jump in

00:39:53--> 00:40:00

swannanoa this man arrived Salah who started it. He was a shopkeeper. He was selling electronics in a shop when the war started.

00:40:00--> 00:40:36

He said I need to get a group together when a building collapses the government bonds a building is hundreds of people in that building who gets them out. There's no machines, tractors to take these things out. We need to dig them out. So this is the job and they go into the fight. Remember the three bombs are falling, they go into those areas to take people out. So they constantly need support the White Helmets you can donate to them your Tinder and can save a life, your Tinder and can save a life, limb dad Islamic Relief hamdulillah These are people that we know there are underground. Dr. Imtiaz Suleiman gift of the givers there in the underground that evacuating people

00:40:36--> 00:41:03

medical supplies are needed. Winter is coming. And in Syria, it actually snows in certain areas. People don't have clothes, they showed a winter pack 350 then you can you can you can save people from freezing to death, then 50 grand is a first aid kit to save someone's life. You can spin to interfere and on a meal at supper, or you can save someone's life as to save to look after an orphan is 500 grand a month

00:41:04--> 00:41:43

500 a month if you're able to do that continuously, we should be done. We should be adopting these kids into our homes. We can't do that. So at least 500 Rand a month I'm going to even if it means I must cancel my DVD subscription for that. But hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. So it's just one of these things, go to these websites, go to these websites and support these organizations. You're not taking any siding. Yeah, you're taking the side of the people and be informed, be away, keep up to date with the news from different angles and make dua for the people of Syria. Make the offer ourselves that Allah subhanho wa Taala saves us we don't go into this kind of catastrophe. Our

00:41:43--> 00:42:20

country was on the verge of this, our country should have ended up like this. But Allah save us. We can never ever think and sure enough food at samalla save our kids and all the kids of the oma whatever they are and all the kids of the world wherever they are, and I'll save that week and Allah Subhanallah remove these pieces. And these Titans almost want to bring back height and Baraka. I mean, so let's say num hamadryad Islam, saline hamler banana mean, just one announcement that tomorrow is the day to come out of the blue cup. Apparently the blue cup is in the blue cup. If you check on Uber on Google Maps, you won't find the place blue cup official name is cautious with the

00:42:20--> 00:42:53

official names it is cautious group. But tomorrow it will be changed the official name will be blue cup and from 7am at the bronto Center from eight o'clock at the bronto Center. There's a number of events to commemorate or to to the official changing of the name the Minister of which minister, the Minister of arts and culture will be there to officially you know give the Duke of blue cups to me. This is obviously part of our heritage. So inshallah everyone, everybody is invited to cyclotide salaam alaikum