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The speakers discuss the return of Islam's first-ever-ever-ever-ever-ever-ever-ever-ases and the return of Islam's "echechech" concept. They also discuss the use of Platinum and its potential for women to wear it, as it is more offensive to wear as a woman. The Hadeeth method is discussed, and the importance of the Hadeeth is emphasized. The use of sharia and customs in the learning process is also discussed, along with the use of media and media management to influence others. The halifa's actions and interactions with the government are also discussed, along with the importance of avoiding silly thoughts and interactions with government officials.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam Ala Moana serene seda now Mohammed Anwar early he was so happy he married my beloved brothers in Islam as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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All Praise to Allah subhana wa tada our load our Creator, our sustainer none has the right to be worshipped except Allah La Ilaha Illa who will testify that Mohammed Salalah alayhi wa sallam is the last and final messenger of Allah subhana wa tada Peace and blessings salutations we upon to be Mohammed Salim, his family and companions and all those who follow his soon until the end of time, will we be amongst them in the dunya and in the Africa I mean, we ask Allah subhana wa tada to bless each and every one of us. In this world of Jumana Allah subhanho wa Taala. Granted this Juma via means that all our troubles and difficulties in the dunya be forget be taken away. Now sins be

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forgiven. May Allah guide that our next week to come before the Baraka and blessing of Allah subhanho wa Taala except for us, although do as we make here for all the Muslim men across the world, and for those who have returned from hedge hedge, Maqbool Hashem abroad, Allah grant all and each and every one of the Hajaj in every land in the world that they that they had just accepted, they will return to the family safely with no sins when hamdulillah I mean,

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well, hamdulillah we continue with our series, the politics of faith, and we're speaking about the relationship between the scholars and the halifa. In particular, those bad believers. Why so that we can learn how we should interact with bad leaders? What should we do? Should we obey them or disobey them? When should we fight them? When should we work with them? And the question is, when the AMA and when we talk about those who we unanimously agree our great leaders like the four times, what did they do in times of difficulty and controversy? How did they respond to the caliphate and the leadership? And this helps us to teach us how we should respond. We began last week talking about

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the great Imam Abu hanifa, Ramallah, one of the greatest of scholars in the history of Islam for more than 1000 years till now, we have not seen the likes of Imam Abu hanifa. That's why say, Imam Shafi Rahim, Allah says, compared to Abu hanifa, every scholar of fic is like a small child compared to him. He is really the master when it comes to when it comes to the science of Islamic law. He is the undisputed champion in that. And inshallah we'll take this opportunity to because we're talking about them to talk about all the formats and the methods. Why do we have format hubs? Why is this something that people say, when we go on O'Meara, you make a hanafy? We'll do another shafia we'll

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do it is this come from causes confused thinking is not correct. We try to explain some of these issues and share a lot of these misconceptions, inshallah. And so we're still discussing about his life. And we see that he was an Arab, he was a Persian, and he did not begin, like many of the scholars learning from small but there are other in his 20s. Late in his life, who would say relatively late in his life, did he actually begin becoming a student of knowledge, seeking knowledge, and by chance by without even knowing and this for me when I look at the life of Abu hanifa Rahim Allah is the most important lesson I take. None of us know what gifts Allah has given

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us. And Allah has given each and every one of us something special. There's no one on the dunya by chance, that when when they made inside the factory of people, these were the offcuts. These were the, you know, the reject copies? No, everyone was putting on the dounia, for a specific reason to do something special on the dunya. Abu hanifa didn't know that Allah made him the instrument of fic that his mind worked. And until today, as I said, great scholars came, but no one had the genius as high and as sophisticated as Abu hanifa. Imagine he stayed in his sock shop, becoming a businessman. And he never attended that day that Majidi never bumped into that scholar, let's say just go learn

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some knowledge, some goodness will come from you. We would have all been poor at that happening have occurred. And listen to all of us, someone amongst you, all of us here as something great to contribute, and only through knowledge, do you find what that is? And if as we said he stumbled into knowledge, and he spent at least 20 years, learning from his chef have met and when he had passed away, he was in Kufa. Abu hanifa Rahim Allah began he because he was the number one student It was quite clear that he was the most knowledgeable when it came to fic. And his understanding that he assumed he assumed the leadership of the class he became the teacher of the class. So we said he

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stayed 20 years, basically learning from his main shape, obviously, from other machines, but he waited 20 years before he felt I'm ready to teach myself to teach a class conductor class. And to understand the brilliance of Abu hanifa. We must understand the context that he lived in the time he lived in the time Abu hanifa lived was after the age of Sahaba, the Sahaba of the Alon whom they did not learn as we would learn books and systems they learn from them.

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Hot to the hot. They were they when they came down, they saw what they own eyes weren't coming to them. When they asked the question even answered it to them or Allah Himself responded to them the Sahaba many of them could not read or write. But they Eman and taqwa was on that level, when they were actually practicing the fitrah. They made the right choices without even knowing they were guided by lots of panel data. Now a new generation of people were coming. And we said that Kufa in particular, was an area with all these different views. Now, we had new six and groups, we never had groups before. Now we find groups in the time of Abu hanifa. We find how adage killing Muslims, we

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find she a Shia, people who have new concepts and ideology, people who are being affected by philosophy and thinking, we have political turmoil. As I said, he lived in a time when the caliphate, the Omega dynasty, and he lives through the revolution, he lives to see the halifa being taken from the palace and being executed, he sees the uprising. So he sees all these new ideas and tensions happening in his time. And particularly in his field of fic. They were two great strengths. And this is way the madhhab speaking, wait is the concept of madhhab start, it started the time of Sahaba the time of Sahaba you really had two types of companions, what we call the Elora II, those

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of logic, opinion

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and Hadith those who are not the people of Heidi, but the people literally. So you have those who literalists and those who look to opinion and deeper meaning for example, for example, we know the well known Heidi Libby system sees two things which are haram for our men and halaal for women to weigh which is what golden silk by golden silk not found in the Quran. First question I ask is not found this hadith is not from the Quran. Allah never said gold and silver men is haram and abuse associated is haram. Do we have an option to follow Yes or no? I mean, can we say it's only sooner result from the Quran? Or if you wait to be punished? Would you be punished if a man was golden? So

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yes, you'll be punished even though it's from the sooner this thing is not sooner. It's compulsory, you have to follow it. First point I want to make quite clear understand this concept. The difference between Sunnah meaning to record as off the mothership sooner you don't do it no punishment for sitting on a Monday, sooner if you don't forced no punishment, but if you force much better, but not compulsory, we agree.

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We agree. But there are things in the Sunnah in the teachings of Nabeel Salaam which are compulsory, you can't just say it's not in the Quran before it's optional. This is one of it that you can't with golden silk not an option for men you have you must forbid it's forbidden for you now visas now visas are made it Haram. If you wait, you will be punished. Getting back to the issue of 100 Hadith, the littoralis and those of logic Hillary Nabisco says so Goldman Sachs haraam for them in DC will say everything besides golden silk is permissible. Obviously, anything else is how we don't ask why is gold haram? Why is so corrupt for men and women? That's the Hadith we follow. It can be platinum.

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Cadiz doesn't say Platinum is haram. So we can we diamonds Yeshua does the Hadith say diamonds Ohara we no problem. They follow strictly by the book. They don't try to infer other reasons or other principles from the Hadith. They don't try to find other rules based on a hadith. It's in isolation. This would have eaten Sahaba were like that there was some Sahaba who like that very literal and very by the book, you had another strand and these are companions who said the Hadith is only hinting at the principle that golden silk is haram for a reason. There's a reason why it's Haram. And if we apply that reason to other things, those things also become Haram. You understand the

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thinking now you understand what I'm saying? From this Hadith, Lula like Abu hanifa will say from this hadith we can we can derive a law that for a woman to wear a face when mama a turban is Hello.

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How are you ma'am? How do you take this hadith and conclude for a woman to wear a turban is haram.

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He gives the reason why how do I know that? Because the reason why golden silk is haraam. Why do we think some may say because they are expensive, right? They are expensive. If that were the reason and it's extravagant to the golden silk main extravagance around for women as well. They shouldn't be wearing it as well. If we say it's expensive, then Platinum is more Haram. You agree with me? Platinum would be more harm if that's the reason. I didn't say we don't care why it is it is haram and that's it. Nothing else has had on besides this. We stopped the NRA says no, there must be a reason and we must be able to use

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This Hadeeth to answer 100 questions, the only thing you can answer is golden silk, I can answer Platinum I can answer titanium whatever material based on this Hadeeth how. So, they conclude the reason why gold and silk is haraam, because these are

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these are items exclusively meant for women and anything exclusively meant for a woman should not be worn by a man. Similarly, something exclusively made for a man is haram for a woman, therefore, a turban is exclusively a man's this way for a woman should not be winging it, you understand how the raw IE those of logic and philosophy and not philosophy, those have logic and opinion and an observation how they come to conclusions. So from this one Hadith, he can derive 100 lows we understand the brilliance the genius of the man, the way he thought the way he could answer the other hand if they were siloed and boxed in they could only answer what was clear cutting the head

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if they would say if you came to them and said yeah, mmm Can I we Platinum you say I don't know of any Heidi's about platinum, although i'm i don't know i don't find anything wrong with it, and he shall live with nothing. No, he says hello, then with the Allura. He said no, we can use the Quran and the Hadith to extract loads about other things. This was the genius of Abu hanifa Kamala, but he could start building a framework that didn't answer only one question but could answer hundreds of questions. And there was no scholarly in his time that had to this extent be able to contribute this topic. So when we look at Abu hanifa in his life, he now after spending 20 years learning under

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Hamad he now becomes the teacher. In Kufa. He taught one class amongst many classes in Kufa in the masjid. But his natural genius and his style of teaching and the kind of man he was attracted all the students of Kufa to the point where his class was the only class teaching. other classes had to shut down. Why, what did he do? He was number one, we said he was a wealthy and intelligent man. And he continued that his businesses operate, his businesses continued. And he would appoint managers to supervise his businesses. And he will take what money and profits he earned and pump it into his students and into his school. He will tell students, don't worry about your living expenses. Stay

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here in my class, learn with me. And insha Allah, I will look after you also the way he was a teacher. And this is amazing, because he look he is the genius. He's like the Einstein of fic. He saw things that no one else saw. But he understood it's not a one man show. So he would assemble a panel of students and he would say you are the most learned you are all hospital could earn. You all know that if I teach you as equals to me, if someone comes with a question, let's discuss it together. Each one has a chance to say his opinion and debate the answer. So he encouraged the students to debate with him to disagree with him. He would say okay, what do you say about you would

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ask even hypothetical questions. And little Heidi from ever did this. If you go to the scholars of Hadith, and we'll talk about the most strictest man of Hadith Malik next week in sha Allah He was headed by the book. If someone comes to Hades and asked him

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a man What do you say about making salah and you're flying? He will say don't ask stupid questions. If it applies to you, then come ask me if it doesn't apply to non us unnecessary questions. Abu hanifa would ask his students watch which way is keebler if I'm in space, if I'm on the moon, he would ask these kind of questions of his students. And he would say let's go through and look at the Quran and the Hadith if we can find some Hadith which gives us conclusions to these kind of questions. We understand why he was so clever, why he was so great. Abu hanifa if you understand a man who thought beyond his time, naturally people would criticize him. And as much as he's loved

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Today, many scholars criticized him in his lifetime. And they would say he's an Imam, a man who puts his own opinion ahead of the Hadith, the Quran and Sunnah. This is not true. If we look at his method, his method is based number one on Quran if we have a question, how do you answer the Imam? What is your methodology? The first thing I do I look at the Quran is an answer in the Quran. If I miss the question, does the Quran answer the question? If so, that's my answer.

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When I refer to the Hadith,

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now Abu hanifa Rahim Allah and this is the area of contention. He was very strict about accepting Hadith. Why?

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And this is something we need to understand. The science of Hadith only became perfected off to him meaning we did not have a party. Certainly, we did not have authentic hadith in one place had evil floating around without scholars going through and checking it

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And in particular, Abu hanifa, lived in a city Kufa with so many groups emerged and they started to make a party. So he was very weary about taking Hadith, which he wasn't sure about. So he says, we only accept the Hadith, which are We are 100% sure authentic Abu hanifa Rahim Allah was not a scholar of Hadith. Therefore, we had a question and there was a hadith he wasn't sure about. He would use his opinion rather, you'd say my opinion based on Quran and Sunnah. Based on what I know to be true, I will derive an answer rather than look at a weak Hadith. Understand, sometimes those IDs would prove to be correct. And Abu hanifa was wrong. But we know like he said, if you find out

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this hadith is correct, then throw away my opinion and apply this hadith. That's my, that's my method. So this was his methodology, the Hanafi madhhab. If we look at it, and till today, the criticism against the Hanafi madhhab is that it is not as based on Hadith as the other three modalities. And we say the reason why the Hadees had not reached Imam, Abu hanifa, and this is why we find differences in bathtubs, but one Hadees would not remember the scholars Sahaba not all of them went to Kufa, some stayed in Medina, some went to Makkah, some went to Yemen, some went to Egypt, and the Sahaba. They carried the Hadees with him. And the students of Abu hanifa. Later on,

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when they would hear new Hadith, they would say if our Imam, our teacher, this Hadith, this would be his method, if he was alive today. And he heard this Hadith, he will change his mouth. And this was this was the brilliance of Abu hanifa. And he was happy to have a discussion like a scholar and debate the facts and if you are wrong, he says yeah, I see if I'm wrong. I changed my view in your in your, in your view. In fact, the students very, very amazingly, we don't call Abu hanifa and his students they say Abu Abu hanifa, or sahibi, and his companions, his students were like companions to him. He treated them like equals even though he was the master, even though he was the best, even

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though he thought of ways that no one else could think that he came up with answers to questions that didn't exist even. He asked questions people didn't even think about and he was able to answer those questions. This is, this is why Abu hanifa became so loved by students. And we see that beautiful way in which he would enter he would enter into his class and he would say with a tear in his eyes, my students, you are the joy of my life, you bring me the most happiness to teach you. And he would spend his day he would spend as much of the day in his class. Really, it was like a school because it had more than 1000 students in it. And the best of the best He will teach from the

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youngest to the oldest and he will treat the oldest ones as scholars on his level as his peers. What else can we say about the Hanafi madhhab. So he said the Hanafi method, of course, is based more than the other form other hip more than the other three on logic and rational reasoning. Because he didn't have had if he filled the gap we're thinking that someone might say, and we find this, you know, it doesn't make sense to me.

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Why? You know why? Why drinking comedy's haram or pork Why should it be haram today? If we cook it correctly, it removes all the impurities so it doesn't make sense to me that these laws should apply. And they will say Abu hanifa use things that made sense to him. We said no. Abu hanifa Rahim Allah Firstly, he used what he understood of correct of the laws of the Quran and Sunnah, if the law was established, whether it makes sense to you or not, whether you like it or not, we accept that when we call Muslims we submit, whether we like it or not, we submit Abu hanifa Mullah answered questions where there was no clear cut answer. This is where you use the rational, logical thinking.

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But the minute that Hadeeth was confirmed, then he accepted the Hadith, when we throw my opinion away and your opinion away, because we take the opinion of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is no matter except the mouth of Mohammed Salim. So today people will say I only want to follow what makes sense to me rationally. If your mind is like Abu hanifa if you have the knowledge of Abu hanifa and your heart is a sound and your fitrah is as clear as Abu hanifa was then maybe you can make independent HD head otherwise, sometimes you can see something and your fitrah does not coincide with the Quran or the sooner for example, you find a sister coming in with a full niqab hijab, she will look

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strange to you than the woman who comes in half naked. She will be the odd one out nothing wrong with the system something wrong with your your eyes Your mind you're thinking of and is attached to that which is more harm than what he's had. So we can't use our own HD head and thinking as a as a compass for what is correct or not correct. We need to correct ourselves first. That is what that is what the answer is those who say we only follow what we make sense logic. We are people of knuckle before actual knuckle meaning revelation before

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logic, we put what Allah says first and the resources first, then we take from our logic. So Abu hanifa is madhhab he based his fatwa on what is in the Quran, and the authentic shouldn't. And then he used analogy to us. And he looked at what the Sahaba said evil Sahaba said something, he accepted the opinions as superior to his own, especially if they united on something. Also in his method, Mashallah he understood people, and he has.

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He said, way, the shadia is quiet. And now he's Look at this, this wasn't there before. He's actually putting principles down. His students would say yes, yeah. How do I answer question? Step one, look at the Quran for the answer, then look at the Hadith, then look at what will Sahaba said, and if still, you can't find a clear answer to this question. apply what you know to be true to the situation. And if still, you can't find the answer. Look at the customs of your people. So for example, example, we know that a woman gets married, she must be given a man or a Muscovy a dowry, how much was that be tender and 110 million Rand, look to your custom, what is a normal amount in

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your location in your locality? Your local customs traditions will apply that what is acceptable clothing, the Sharia tells you what you're not supposed to wear anything else, so long as it's acceptable to your people, then wait. So he said that your customs actually play a role in how you conduct thick on set based on customs. Another thing that he brought in martial law, he had something called here. It's like finding a legal loophole, Mashallah, he said we should try and pass fatawa that are the easiest for people to follow without breaking the Sharia. For example, a man comes Abu hanifa Imam, I made a big mistake. What did you do? He says, I swore an oath, what law he

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I will have intercourse with my wife during the day in Ramadan. So now I have two options, either I do it for for my vow. And then I had intercourse during the day, or I break my vow and not have intercourse. What should I do? Either way, I'm committing a sin. So I want as much of a good good, I have an answer for you. Go on holiday. What? Go you and your wife on holiday. That means your Mousavi false things are compulsory, and therefore have intercourse during that. And you make that there. Let's find ways of solving problems to be easy for oma, that's what was great about Abu hanifa. Allah, He understood people, he understood the situation. And it solved those things. And

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some scholars began to criticize him. And we'll talk about the mathematical formula. The Orthodox by the book said this is not the way we are used to. And they started to speak out against him and write against him. And when they meet him, and he says, you know, we live in Kufa, we come we live in a time and a place where people have all these funny, funny questions, where they are strange thinking and strange ideas. And we need to defend that. He was criticized for saying, you have to spend a lot of your day talking nonsense. You talk about making sure that when you're flying, you talk about a place where the night is with a night for more than 24 hours. We know this player

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places like this exists. The scholars of that time didn't know that this is possible. And he said you're talking about things that are not relevant. So Abu hanifa rahimullah said, we try to preempt these questions. We try to answer those questions before it comes to us so that we can answer our people. And then the scholars accepted that he's logic and he's thinking made sense. As for his interaction with the halifa, and that's really the point that we were discussing. He lived through the in Kufa, which was a plan of policed by the Romanians, and he saw the brutality of the government and in facts behind the law. Why these effectively a Sunni is one of the great scholars

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of Sunni Islam. He was openly supportive and debates, and he was a proponent that they should be in charge politically. Abu hanifa of all the four imams is the most political overfall not afraid to say how he felt. He openly said what he felt the other Imams, some of them were very close with the government. And the rule we apply depending on the government is how you interact. He lived through a very oppressive government and therefore he hated them, and he showed his dislike with him without disobeying them without breaking any laws. But he supported those groups that he felt were better at replacing the government. Amongst them was the uprising of zayde. One of the debate zayde, the son

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of Zeno, Aberdeen, one of the great grandsons and abyssal sallam, he opposed the halifa and Abu hanifa mala in spirit supported this group. And when he saw the uprising and the overthrow of the ambassador, he hoped that things would be better, but found that they were not doing the acid, the times of the acids. He hoped that things would be better but found that they were the same as the omegas nothing had changed, and therefore he took a very cold stone to the holy

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halifa offered in Abu Jafar al Mansoor of Abu hanifa. I want to make you the chief judge the most the most important the Minister of all the laws in the entire oma. He said you're the most learned man in terms of fic. I want you to take the position of Chief Justice Chief Justice, several hanifa said no, I don't want I don't want to take the job. So he said to the halifa, the hollyford, we'll get back to the story, the halifa, Abu Abu Jaffa Mansoor, who was kind of a scholar, he was an educated man, he learned a little bit, and Hadith. And he thought he could speak to Abu hanifa on that level, and he in fact, would call Abu hanifa in for questions, this beautiful story that Abu

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Jaffa, the halifa, and the Queen, the wife of the halifa had an argument. She didn't want him to take a second wife, she shouldn't take a second wife and I don't allow you take a second wife. So he said, Fine. Who do you accept that we should have called in to arbitrate? So she called Abu hanifa. In is the most learned man in the town called Abu hanifa in so called Abu hanifa him and halifa Cydia Imam, is it not true that a man can take four wives? And they said yes. And it's not true. A man can marry that four wives without the permission of his wife. And Abu hanifa said, Yes, you can. So the wife was not so happy when he added but you can only make a fool. If you do justice to the

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first you can only marry another one if you are being just to that one wife. So she was really happy. Right? So

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the halifa was not doing justice to his first wife before he could for him it is haram to marry another wife. That's the that's again, the beautiful thing of Abu hanifa didn't give one factor. He said for this man. Yes, you can marry four wives with that man, you shouldn't even marry one wife. Right? Like you're not ready to marry even one. So that's, that's the trick he understood applies differently to different people in different situations. So of course, the halifa his wife was very happy. And it's interesting to note Abu hanifa himself only married one to one wife in his life. So the sisters now martial law, nothing after this, right? He only had a one child as well and just

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just his daily life. How did this email, Imam live spent his life he would wake up before fudger and he would make the hatchet and then he would come to the masjid in Kufa, Lita Sala from fudger. And so basically after he would teach in his class, Ronnie's madrasa when he would look to his businesses, what's happening, and if you found any defects in the way he manages manage this business, you would demand that every cent of taking so that they should be given to charity. He would, one of the stick things he did wasn't how he kept money. He would ask is this material he would see the silk that they sold for the day? There is some defect in it? He said, Did you sell the

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silk? They said yes, this is not good quality. So give it away freely when people would come to him. And they would offer he would buy merchandise, they will offer him say they'll say that I'm selling this material for 100 grand should really this thing is actually worth 1000 Rand, this is what you are, you're telling me that I'm being honest with you, this thing that you're selling is worth a lot more. I'm not trying to cheat you. I'm not trying to do you in one of the reasons why perhaps he had this great level of acceptance from Allah was how strict he was on himself in terms of money. And students mentioned we never made a man more generous that he would give his students you know freely

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when he would spend, you know, for himself and his family and in the evenings off to Asia. This was his time his own thinking and contemplation and he was a man of taqwa in his private life. He was as pious as he was in his public life. And swana life someone he was so you know, he answered questions that no one even thought about, and he was so good at answering questions. So when someone came to him and asked him a question, and he couldn't answer, he felt Subhan Allah, I must have done a sin. So Allah is depriving me of that knowledge. You would make Salah until you could get that answer, contemplate. This is how he thought this is how he knew Allah put me on on this dunya for a reason

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to answer questions back to Abu Jaffa, Massoud halifa. So the halifa asked him Abu hanifa I want you to be the chief justice. This was really a poisoned cup. He wanted to control Abu hanifa to get him to pause fatawa which the government wanted? Abu hanifa was very aloof. He didn't he didn't spend time he didn't except the scene from the government, the kalibo giving gifts and he would say yeah, I mean, I live in a dangerous area. You keep it with you, I'll get it inshallah one day, and all that money never got collected stayed where the halifa so how did Abu hanifa pass away and again, he passed away because of his relationship with the government. The hollyford told him I want you to be

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the chief justice. So and if I said you know, yeah, I mean, I am not fit to be the main the major judge of the oma the amount of Hollywood to line you then the most learned man in terms of fake You're a liar. So it was it exactly. If I'm a liar, I can't be a judge. Right? I can't be a judge. So hello. If I didn't like this, this is a bit too. Too cheeky for him. So he imprisoned Abu hanifa Rahim Allah in his old age in his 70s and he spent days

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in prison until he passed away.

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jails. Finally he passed away in jail he was poisoned. And he felt that he was poisoned and he wants to die in the state of soda. So he performed a lot of solar so that he could pass away. And so Allah took him in jail, passing away in soda, this is how the great man had passed away. And his method, as I said, would become the most famous method and till today, it is the biggest and most famous metal in the world. Of course, either my dad would emerge other scholars who differed with Abu hanifa would come, they would find Hadith that would not they were not exposed to, and his students and his students of Abu hanifa would amend and adapt his method, but every single scholar after

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that, would year and they would they would get a factor they would ask, what did Abu hanifa say, his opinion when till today, when you learn a matter of heart transplants, space travel, they would ask, what would Abu hanifa say about this question, his his opinion and his photo till today is applicable and is a project so my last pilot grant, this Imam and all the IMA, the greatest and highest place in Ghana, where we understand inshallah, that knowledge leads to success in the dunya and in the era, and for those who are blessed with knowledge, Allah grant all of us to implement that for his sake, most of Allah forgive us will be for sure. Zack Allah. Hi. Just the

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announcements. Just an announcement show that the handlebar clauses and Syrah have begun.

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Off the mothership between multipin and Asia insha Allah and we hope that everyone would like to attend. Please attend the classes in Charlotte sokola height. Also last night, Mohammed Ali, salaam and mousseline will handle me