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hearable alameen wa Salatu was Salam. ala l mursaleen. Sayidina Muhammad Ali, he was so happy he married. My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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All Praise to Allah subhana wa Tada, the Lord the Creator, the notitia the sustain of the universe, La ilaha illAllah eyewitness Nan has the right to be worshipped except the last panel data. To Him we come into human return. We send out greetings and salutations I would love to rnav Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the greatest of the creations of Allah Subhana Allah, may Allah bless him and his family and his companions, and all those who follow he soon until the end of time, Allah subhanaw taala blessed us to be amongst them, Well, except from us as of tomorrow, may our evader be a means that forgives all the sins we have done in the past week, and maybe a light a noon for the

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week to come. I mean, when hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah we continue our series, which we've done for so many weeks now, the politics of faith, and we're discussing the relationship between a government and the parliament. And we said it wasn't very long in the history of Islam, when the leadership and the model guides the Ummah and the government. They were they were different people that the political leaders were not the scholars, and the orlimar. Those who will look for for spiritual guidance, were not those who were leading us politically. And we asked how do we interact with a government which is not 100%? Correct. We spoke about Abu hanifa last week, and we mentioned that he lived through some of the most turbulent times

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in the history of Islam, when one government was actually massacred, and a new one replaced. And we see from his interaction with the government, that of all the four imams. He was the most vocal men of the for to be opposed to the corrupt government. And he was imprisoned and in fact, he died in prison for opposing the government for opposing the halifa and not bending and breaking his models. Enoch did not accept any gifts from the ruler. He believed this money was earned Haram. And he was very cold his interaction. Although he never rose up, he never drew the sword. He never incite people to violence. But he was very aloof for the government. And he refused all positions, and was

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this tension. But whenever he was summoned, as the Quran advises, if your leader requests something of you, which is harder, you must obey. And he did this, he obeyed the halifa in his requests, but never look to be close to the halifa. This was Abu hanifa am Allah and about his story, we say he came from Iraq, and he lived in Iraq. And we see in particular, he was a man of that era. He those opinions, those who look to understand things and draw laws and draw conclusions based on that. And we see that deferred to the 100 Hadeeth, a group known as the Hadees. Those were literal, those who looked at things on the face value, Abu hanifa looked at the deeper meaning behind the Hadith. Why?

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What's the reason this thing is how long can we draw lows based on this thing? It can be so subtle, for example, in the hadith of Riba, he says Reba is in depth and in wheat and barley, and in gold and silver, does he only mean these six items? Or are the are these principles in all things that are similar to them? Obviously, the four arms and Abu hanifa himolla say this, it's not just the six, but these are behind this rule behind that. And this is called the hidden, right? We have the literal Hadith, and there was this tension between these two camps.

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Today, insha, Allah will talk about the Imam who really is if we say Abu hanifa is the leader of that era. He is his passion, perhaps the lead of the Hadith, and he's the man that most astounded this view, and preferred to avoid logic and assumption and opinion as much as possible. He tried to answer things purely based on Hadith, and Quran clear cut. We're talking of course, none other than the Imam of Medina, Imam Malik, Rama, Maliki bns rahimullah Imam of the leader of Medina, a little bit before we begin with him and Malik, I said, I want you to have a relationship with these imams. And when you think of Imam Abu hanifa, you must think of this genius and this man that was so smart,

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like an Einstein and beyond. Yet he was so soft and kind and loving and welcoming that you felt his warmth. This was Abu hanifa Imam Malik a bit different. This is the specialist, the professional, that perfectionist, he was a man that commanded all when you saw him, you automatically felt you know, this man is on a different level. He was serious. Very seldom did he smile. You felt in his company that this man looked at you You felt that presence, even the halifa when he spoke to Mr. Malik, they felt humble before him. He carried himself he had this strong confidence and he spoke his mind and his opinion and no one challenged him. When Mr. Malik spoke, you kept

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Quiet. You did not go in the street like we do and say hi, I have a question. This is not like, like we have professionals, a professor or a doctor, the Isley surgeon, you make an appointment with him. This is Mr. Malik, the perfectionist, the specialist, you did not come to his class without invitation. This is the kind of man that he was Mr. Malik Rahim Allah and I said, when you looked at his face, he sees his body. He was a tall, handsome looking man. He had European kind of features. He was famous. He was elegant you always well dressed. When you were Malik wore perfume he puts on the best perfume that they would say he's perfume would stay in the masjid from fudger until Isha

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the master number we would smell of his perfume. They would notice Mr. Malik that we saw some in fact he never rejected perfume. One of the things he loved the most is to a perfume. So it should not wait perfume Mr. Malik, he did not mind dressing well, dressing expensively, putting on the best perfume because he believed that this is how knowledge should be presented in the best possible manner.

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In my mind, Nick was born 93 years after the hegira which means he's 13 years younger than Abu hanifa and he died 179 about 60 years after bouhanni frazetta long life 90 years or so your family club and he lived his entire life in Medina. He never lived Medina it's mentioned he only lived Medina once in his life to perform hajj and he went back to Medina that was it. Because now vehcile salaam says that this is a special blessing to die in Medina those who die in Medina and are buried in Medina, it's a gift from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And therefore Mr. Malik never even wanted to leave, leave Medina. And as for his life, his family, unlike Abu hanifa, who did not come from a

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family of scholars, even money came from a family of Allah. His father was a scholar of Hadith, his brother had sought to learn Hadith and became quite well known as an aspiring scholar. But in his youth, Mr. Malik was not interested in learning as a young boy, 10 years old, he didn't want to learn knowledge. And his father, who would have the family sit around the table, and he would say, this is a must must. This is the question, what is your opinion? The eldest son would answer the daughter would answer. My family couldn't really give an answer. When he gave an answer. It was a poor answer. And the father

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of Mr. Malik would criticize him and say, you know, if you took some, it took some pride in your studies, and you learn a little bit more, you would be enclosed to be a scholar, but he would put you would put him down and he would, he would attack him. And so even Malik, he never had an interest to learn. Then we became 10 years old. His mother was his great influence, like Imam Shafi like him, I'm like Imam, Malik, ei Kima, mahadi, the mothers were the ones who inspired them. So his mother comes to my Malik, and he's 10 years old. And he says, My boy, I bought you a very nice outfit. And it was a symbol of status, but a symbol of pride that you would wait clothing for

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scholars, if you are a scholar, you want a specific kind of clothing, a turban, even if you're a young boy, and the show that you are learning Islamic knowledge. So she bought him the outfit of the students of knowledge, and she dressed him up, it'd be like the doctors with a white coat something similar. And she said today, my boy, you're going to start learning knowledge. And he said, I don't want to learn knowledge. I'm not interested in learning Hadith and Quran. So she asked, What do you want to do? And swana law, you would not guess what Mr. Malik wanted to do. He had a beautiful voice and he said, I want to be a singer. I want to be a rock star. I wanna I am, I'm handsome, I want to

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sing, I want to be an entertainer. And his mother said, okay, learn some knowledge for a year or two. And if you don't like it, then you can do what you want to do. So I said, Okay, fine. I'm going to go into that. So he goes to, now he goes to the masjid and starts, starts learning. And by his nature, as a young man, even as a young boy, very strong personality. He was not the guy you pushed around. If you challenge them, he pushed back. And if he if you were competition with him, he always wanted to win. And initially he began learning to outwork his students, his fellow peers. He wanted to be the best he wanted to learn the most. And his mother chose. She chose Well, she served but my

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boy needs a teacher to inspire him. So she chose one of the Imams of the harem. His name was arrabiata Ray, and I talked about him a little bit robbia Torah. This is Emma Malik's like mentor, great teacher. And she said to Mr. Malik, when you go to robbia, I want you to first learn of his character and his add up before his knowledge, look at him as a person first, learn from him like that, then take his knowledge. So this Imam, Imam Arabia and he was only about 30 years old, young man, when he was already teaching in the Harlem Mr. Malik was his student. Perhaps Robbie, I was not the greatest scholar in terms of knowledge, but everyone knew he was the man with the best of luck.

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How did again I want to talk about Robbie because he's also a hero. It's also amazing to be a teacher of your family.

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His father lift for Jihad before he was born. In fact, his father left not knowing his wife was pregnant. And he lived for jihad. Allah, Allah knows what happened to him. Maybe he was imprisoned, because he only came back to his wife came back to Medina 27 years later, she didn't know if he was alive or dead. And she gave birth to this boy, labia, the husband lives of a large amount of money with a fortune of money. And he comes back to Medina 27 years later, he goes to his house, he opens the door, and he sees a 27 year old young man in his house. So you text him and he says, What are you doing in my house? I am the master of this house. Why are you here? My wife is here. And the boy

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there'll be obviously doesn't know who this old man is. And he says, This is my house. I live here. How can you kick me out of my own house. And the two of you starts fighting in my mind. It's like, you know, to see your own ship being beaten up, there's not a nice thing. And they and they sing, but if you old man, this there are flats or some hotels you can go to you can't just walk into someone's house. So he says I am. And this is my house. So the mother is the name and she comes out to this photo. Is this you 27 years I haven't seen you. And now you've come back. And there'll be this is your father. They never met one another. So they hug and it's emotional father and son

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meeting for the first time, we're going to be sec needs to go Of course he needs to teach now go to the home. So he leaves and the husband and wife reconnect and they speak and spinal this guy have to be gone for 27 years. He says, oh, by the way, where is that money I left you 27 years ago? What do you still have it. So just, you know, if you really want to know where it is, go to the masjid nabawi go sit in the biggest class you find you'll find the. So he goes to the masjid. And he finds this big class and he sits in the class, he can't see the Imam because he's got a turban underneath, you know, officially. So you ask whose class is this? So a guy says, you know how current You know,

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this is the claustrophobia to re serialize his son is the great amount of the big amounts of harm. And his wife tells him this is what I spent your money on. On your son, I gave him the basic education. So this will be raised by a single mother. Basically, he's the teacher of Mr. Malik, and Mr. Malik, he inspired in Mr. Malik, the love for learning. And Mr. Malik, once this is in, you can imagine his personality, once he has something in his head and his mind, he is committed to that he doesn't let go. And he becomes obsessed with learning and he loves the learning of Hades in particular, and

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swana today, we beg people to learn knowledge, that time it was different if you wanted to learn. The teachers didn't give you knowledge for free because they acquired it with great effort. So if you wanted knowledge, they're only give you a little bit, you would sit and you'll give you 100 is and that's it, learned how to master it said back to me. And I'll give you another one maybe next week. You know, Molly could persist with his teachers and he would knock on the door and he would stand outside their homes just to get one Howdy. His teachers would say when he would visit them on an aide he would say give me a Heidi, just give me another Heidi to the point where he acquired so

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much authentic hadith. And he loved Of course in Medina. And amongst these teachers we said was Robbie, another teacher of us what she had with Dina Zoe, she helped denas already we spoke about when the halifa Omar bin Abdulaziz when he realized the Hadees was getting scattered. And I said this last week in Abu hanifa that Abu hanifa time in Baghdad. The Hadith was we didn't have a body. Hadith was a science, which was not authenticated yet. People were writing all kinds of stories saying that besides Who said that? So when the halifa said, we want to bring these together officially, he appointed Shia budino sorry. Apologies. This was one of the teachings of Mr. Malik.

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Jaffer Sadiq was also a teacher of Mr. Malik, and one of his other teachers

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is a man by the name of nevsehir. Now fair molar even in Omar Abdullah bin Ahmed NAF here, the slave or the freed slave of Abdullah, the son of Satan armor. So Mr. Malik learns from the man who learned from the Sahaba of the live normal life and Ahmed narrated the most Hadith of the Bible for the man who narrated the second most Hadith of the Sahaba his immediate student, which was his slave, was the mathematics teacher. So the link between him and the Sahabi was just one men between him and the abyssal Salah just two men and that's why Bahati Rahim Allah says, if you find the Hadith chain that says and Malik Malik heard nephew who heard Abdullah even Omar who heard Mohammed Salim, no, this

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hadith is like the golden chain. This is the best and strongest Hadith in the world. These Hadith by these three main golden solid chain you have three superstars that I think from the recent Salah

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the scholars say about my Malik

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Mr. Malik Rahim Allah, please a hadith whenever someone sees a time will come when the people have

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The world will look for scholars and they'll find the best amongst them and they would beat the animals rush to an imam of Medina. And Imam Shafi I'm telling me the meaning of the scholars of Hadith. Say this refers to Mr. Malik that he was in his, in his, in his, at his his highest level, he was the greatest scholar or the most recognized scholar on earth. He was officially the most knowledgeable man on earth, and he taught from the same spot with Nabeel Salama teach from the reserve that place when I taught people in the in the magic number we that place which they normally set is halifa and gave commands the only the top amount of harm, said v. And even Mr. Malik said v.

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and of his Eva of his love for Hadith, he will take Wu before reciting Hades. You don't need to do to recite Hadith, but he would do this. And they would say when it comes to the masjid, again, very composed this class was in absolute silence. You didn't ask him questions. You didn't just sit down without permission. If you came late, you didn't sit in his class, he would come he would compose himself. He would be in the seat of Who do you would have that beautiful perfume, and he would sit and he would start reciting the Hadith. And the Sahaba heard Nabisco said this, this and you recite Hadith and his students would listen, and people struggled to get his cross. We'll talk inshallah,

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in a week or two about the Shafi he could not get into his class he needed in a heated governance to write permission please Mr. Malik, let this boy Shafi sit in your class is a good student, family. If he didn't want you in his class. He didn't put you in his class. And as his character, you can imagine a very strict, very, very strong minded person. Unlike Abu hanifa, he did not tolerate silly questions. People would come and ask him a question and he would say, is this relevant to you? does this apply to you? That's it. No, I'm just asking out of curiosity to go away. If you don't know if it's not valid to you don't ask any silly questions. So a man comes to a medic and he says, oh, man,

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how is it that Allah subhana wa tada is Stovall. Allah says in the Quran when Allah created the heavens and the earth through Musto Amash, when he rose above the arch, what does this mean? Because all of a sudden a che. So in my family got very upset. There's this like, does this concern you? how Allah created the heavens? And we are Allah rose above the throne? Is it something that you need to know? Are you going to ask Allah that? So you ask the mathematics is an str the word str is well known in Arabic, we all know what it means. And to the man to believe it in the Quran is compulsory. how it happens is unknown. We don't know how this happens, and to ask if it is a beta. And you I

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personally beta throw this man at the masjid. This was the kind of person Imam Malik was. So unlike Abu hanifa, he did not like speculation. He didn't In fact, he would say we don't listen to those scholars for what it was. They would keep asking what if this happens and what if that happens? You'll say when that happens, they asked me I was Don't ask me. He had this all about him and people recognize that he Medina was still regarded as the center of Islamic learning. He was still regarded as the home if you want to learn knowledge base places, Medina and he's the Imam of Medina. So Mr. Malik seen as the world's number one scholar, people would come from Spain,

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to the Ola of Spain, if they couldn't answer the questions, they would tell the judge you're going on Hajj, here's a list of questions for tours, we can't answer. Ask him when you get to Medina, and they would come to you to receive official letters and they would ask him, Mm hmm. These are the questions from spraying from Morocco. And he would say, Okay, give me some time. He performed two records for each question. And then he would give an answer. And if he doesn't know, and once a man traveled for half a year, with all the questions of Morocco to ask him Yeah, ma'am. He has 40 questions that the people of Morocco can answer. And he thought about them. He said, I can only

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answer two of these 40 it's vital that you Mr. Malik, who are the most learned men in the world? You are this big chef, but you can only answer to so he said I can only tell them the scholars of Morocco. Malik says he doesn't know no shame in that tell him I said I don't know. So no shame in saying he does not know.

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Even Malik Ramallah and one can imagine him. In his class, as I said in you will see about this inshallah, in weeks to come him I'm sure he was his top student was in his class. Amongst those who said nice cloth and these are names if you don't know and I'm sorry, Mohammed shibani. We didn't mention him last week. Rama shibani was Imam Abu hanifa stop student is number one students. When he heard this an Imam in Medina Mr. Malik, he went to Medina to learn as well. And that's when he would say if you are Mmm, my smile teacher Abu hanifa doesn't agree on this matter. And without evidence, and Mr. Malik will say, Well, this is my evidence and he would say

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Brother come here. How do you take what do you take? We do like that. And he taught you that she's my father, and it was your father was the Sahabi. And that man, how do you take with you Who taught you, my father was so happy that I'm Mohammed Shiva. And he would say, Well, I if my teacher Abu hanifa was here, he would follow your method as well in this in this opinion, this shows you the understanding and the love between the scholars, and there was no hatred and fighting, but each one was entitled to his own opinion, based on knowledge.

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In America, Angola, as I said, and you can imagine his personality, not tolerate much

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did not tolerate any kind of, you know, he didn't because he was so strict on Hadith, and his whole his job. He's known today as the amount of a matter of America matter, but he's really a scholar of Hadith. His whole life's work was to take Hadith verify it is confirmed nobody will see this oma you can trust I've checked it. My stamp of approval is on the abyssal Salaam. He said this words we can apply that. So when you hurt people, and this is the love Fridays, when you hurt people like Abu hanifa giving opinions without Hades.

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It upset him. And initially he said we only heard about the Imam Abu hanifa you know, making Salah in space. What kind of man is this? He must support initially, this man did it coming up with his own thoughts. So Abu hanifa Rahim Allah cave Raj. Now you this is like a battle of the Titans, right? No one ever pushes him Amalek around when the halifa sends a letter? Yeah, mmm, we have a problem. We need you you're in Baghdad. He says, you know, my view, I don't leave Medina. And by the way, knowledge comes to know when you come to knowledge. So the hollyford to come to him. So Abu hanifa is coming now to Medina. And I want to speak to this Abu hanifa who comes up with his own

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madhhab and his own opinions. So the students who are Malik said that they Imam Ali got ready to meet Abu hanifa. These two great learners the genius on the one side and the specialists, the professional on the other side. And they said the two of them sat in a meeting for hours and hours. And we saw our Imam Imam Ali came back and voila, you we never saw our Imam looking like that. He was sort of the shovel this turban wasn't right, you look tired, you're sweaty. In my mind. It didn't look like he looked off balance. And he said well, ah he I've never argued with a man like Abu hanifa. If he were to tell me this piece of iron is made of gold. His mind works in a way he can

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convince me he can convince me. Right? So when he said ally Abu hanifa is a man of knowledge and he's a great scholar and I've never seen a man like equal to him. He's a great scholar. And similarly, Imam Abu hanifa said after that meeting, I have never seen a man like Mr. Malik, more knowledgeable in the matters of thick quicker to understand things and more precise in when he gives an answer. These two imams now respected one another immensely. But as I said Mr. Malik he had in his lifetime, the acceptance basically of the government that they saw Mr. Malik as the official, most learned scholar in the world. And

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Eva Malik Rahim Allah, he was asked by the halifa the same Hadith Abu Jafar almanzora that put up a mama boo hanifa in prison, the same hardihood Imam Abu hanifa. In the prison, he respected Imam Malik and he heard that one of the governors of Medina

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molest Mr. Malik was Mr. Malik gave a fatwa against the government. So the governor last year, the halifa didn't ask the government to do that. And he was very upset. So he he went to Makkah to meet Abu hanifa to to meet Mr. Malik, and to tell him And personally, I want to apologize, my governor, I did not inform him of that. And I took him away from the governorship and I'm going to punish him myself more than He punished you. So don't do that. I've already forgiven him. So then Abuja for this is the point of the story, the halifa says, oh, Imam, make for us a book, I want you to write a book, so that the people can follow that book, and that no one is more knowledgeable than you. And

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we can tell the people this is the book of Islam to follow a book of Hadith. So Mr. Malik, okay. And he wrote his book called alma mater, it literally means the approve the certified, right. And he compiled this book of Hades. This is probably the oldest book of Hadith that still is with us, and includes fatawa and the views of Sahaba. And he said, when I keep when I updated my book, I would ask all the scholars of Medina, what do you think, and they all approved over 70 of the scholars of Medina, prove that this book is, is is is you know, we accept it, we endorse it, and that's why Imam Shafi says there is no book more correct after the Quran, the mathematics malapa been Meinhardt, his

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book has not yet come. So this was the most authentic book of Hadith, up until a month before his alma mater was and it's the official book of the Maliki madhhab which gives you

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opinions of Mr. Malik, and this idea of libido Salah. And in fact, some scholars even say that the first foundation of Hadith Is Buhari, and the second is more. And if we look at the six books of Hadith, the six books of Hadith, now, you should know this. They are six books of Hadith as taken as the most authoritative if you look at that six mawatha isn't the so why is one of the this the six major books of Hadith. Why? Because basically, the entire motto is inbody.

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Emma Malik's book is more authentic, when are most of the six books of Hadith, but because all of it you find in body, there's no reason for it to be included as well. So in mathematics and Morocco, the official book, and I conclude with this will talk about his relationship with the government. Mr. Malik, when Haruna Rashi became the halifa. And he saw the MacBook. And also, he was the one that said, Hey, Ma'am, please come to Baghdad, I have questions for you. So we told him, No, you come here. So he came to Medina. And he brought his sons with him. And imagine the hollyford sitting in the class with his sons. They asked him give my son's a private lecture, so I don't give private

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lectures. You want lectures you said like everyone else who smokes the halifa like that? So, you know, so I'm, I'm Rashida halifa. He read the motto? And he said, Yes, ma'am. Give me permission to ban all the other methods and to instruct all the scholars in the world to burn the Hadees they should only use the MacBook, and I want to hang them on the cover that everyone was following it. So don't do that. Don't do that. Because I did not meet all the Sahaba they are scholars that lift Medina, I didn't get it from them. This knowledge out the I don't know. I just know a little bit of knowledge. And this is what I put in my book. The other opinions are also acceptable. He could have

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had we could have all been Maliki if he said yes, we will be Maliki there'll be one mega and Hamas, but he said No, don't do that. So this is Mr. Malik. And inshallah next week we'll talk about how he passed away his students. And as a proponent of his lectures, his relationship we can see is a lot closer to the government, Abu hanifa where they consulted same people, how do we reconcile it inshallah we'll talk about that next week, even Illa. And just a few announcements.

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Firstly, we like to announce that at hamdulillah next week, in st is back to school, the nightclub industry not just the Old Street is back next week in sha Allah Saturday Night of the Asia outside in the under the stars inshallah with a permitted we are going to have once again our big screen and we're going to have a lecture so last year we did gene and magic and this year something a lot lighter and milder. We're going to talk about a journey through the summer What if you were to start from here, and you took the journey and took on the Mirage what you see in space, what is beyond what we know of the second third, fourth summer, what's in those summer what is at the highest on

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top of the seven somehow what is the ways the arch with Allah subhanaw taala so these this journey through the summer what we'll be doing this lecture of the Asia Saturday night this coming Saturday evening, it will be at the Ronald center the blue center, with a big screen in sha Allah everybody's welcome. Sitting will be made for the ladies for young and old inshallah everyone welcome no charge in sha Allah. When Sunday from 10 to one we have the annual Mahara much will invite the madrasa children from from the blue cup and surrounding areas or the madrasa kids. There'll be this nicely in the the student clothing, and they will take a walk around the blue cup, you know, just around

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the march around around the blue cup. And also free entry. Register this registration that needs to be made open. But anyone who'd like to donate, I know that there's a problem in you want to give all the kids food, and this thing over 1000 Kids well over 1000 kids and parents like to give food if anybody would like to donate some money is quite a big shortfall. When I give the kids something and give gifts, please you know feel free to donate you can speak to both Italian as well. So to God at the beginning of the year in sha Allah Allah put Baraka and blessing in our year to come. So this annual event we'd like for it to continue. Please be to Italy but then of course on Tuesday evenings

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our clauses are seated clauses of democracy. All welcome in Charlotte xocolatl, Ursula Sina Mohammad Ali wasabi ceremoniously. hamler Bellamy Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh