Muhammad West – How the Prophet Corrected Mistakes – Part 1

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The importance of correcting Islam mistakes is emphasized, as it is a duty and responsibility to avoid harm and harm in the future. mistakes are not just a loss, but rather a loss, and mistakes are not a loss. mistakes are not a loss, and mistakes are not a loss. mistakes are not a loss, but rather a loss, and mistakes are not a loss. mistakes are not a loss, but a loss. mistakes are not a loss, but a loss. mistakes are not a loss, but a loss. mistakes are not a loss, but a loss. mistakes are not a loss, but a loss.
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wilhemina shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Ali he was so happy he married. My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Salaam Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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All praise and thanks Gloria viendo los mahana data national Allah, Allah Allah Allah will be witness that man has the right to be worshipped except Allah. But he's one and only and all worship belongs to him exclusively. And we send out salutations or greetings and love to our beloved NaVi Mohammed solo or you send them to his pious and pure family, to his companions and all those who follow his sin until the end of time. We ask Allah subhana wa Taala in this world of Juma to make us to be steadfast and the sooner Nabil, Mohammed solo signum, to follow his example in every aspect of our life. Let's be examples of that beautiful sunovion Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, how we do our

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business, how we interact with each other. And we be of that example, May Allah forgive us for the sins that we've done in this last week, the fitna that we've seen ALLAH forgive all of us, and guide us, maybe next week be better than this week that has passed. I mean, when hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah, as we mentioned, that this was a fitna, and those of you who know, I said, unfortunately for you and those who don't know what happened in love for you. And what came out from that is how we talk to one another, in terms of correct each other's mistakes. We are all sinners, and we all make mistakes. And it is part of our etiquette as Muslims as concerned people that we should advise and correct the mistakes of others.

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In fact, there are some of us to begin with, there are some who may go overboard in the way they do it. We'll talk about that in a minute. But more dangerous than that is when we remain silent, and we don't fix the wrongs in the dounia. It is our duty and responsibility as the owner of Nebuchadnezzar solemn, as submitted to Allah to always encourage people to do good and to speak out against that which is evil. The prophet SAW Selim says, amen, help his brother, with the brother is the one doing the wrong or the victim of the wrongdoing. If he is the one who's committing the sin, then we help him by stopping him. And if he's the one being harmed, then we give him assistance. And in fact, a

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lot go so far to say or the Prophet Solomon says, in whose hand my soul is meaning I swear by Allah, I swear by Allah, either you and I will become an oma that enjoys what is good and speaks out and forbid evil, or Allah will certainly sing these punishment on all of us. And you will we will make dua and I'll do I will not be answered. When we see the problems in the war, the calamities we need to speak out something do something. And as if we remain silent when things are wrong, then in a way it says if though it does not bother us. That's why part of being a believer, part of your Eman as an abyssal solemn has attached your Eman to this mighty man when you see something wrong in your

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community, whether it's a matter of Dino dounia whether you see something wrong in your neighborhood, in your school, in your business, with your friends on the on the rugby field soccer field, you see something wrong, when you imagine if those of you who have the strongest Eman, you will stop that thing with your hand as a professional says. And if you are unable to do so at least you will speak out against it. And if you still are not able to speak out, then at the very least you should hate that thing is the wrong thing. And you should make the art sincerely for Allah Allah fix this thing. And that is the lowest form of Eman. But if we see the wrong and it doesn't affect

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our hearts, and we don't make dua, then our Eman has reached a dangerously low level. So correcting mistakes is part of our of our Islam.

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But how we do about it is very important. how we go about correcting mistakes is very important. So we saw people via Facebook, Whatsapp, criticizing others for mistakes that they've made in a very unbecoming manner. But leave that aside. in your daily life as a parent, you will correct the mistakes of your children. As a manager or a boss, you will have people working under you to correct those mistakes. If you're a wife, you're constantly correcting the mistakes of your husband and vice versa. How do we go about correcting the errors of the people around us? So the first thing is,

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we do not go out looking for mistakes. We don't go and look where the mistakes so that we can find them. But rather it's the mistakes that you see and not to go and investigate. We are not detectives. We're not mean to inspect Nafisa lamb never ever went and checked who was not here for Pfizer sada Rocco Abu Bakar. Amara with so and so. Never did that. He never asked what's happening behind closed doors. So if we don't see the mistake, what hamdulillah now you're exonerated unless I'm gonna hold you accountable. And the profit is, in fact a loss as well. It just says you don't spy on each other. And he goes and the Prophet says, beware of suspicion, and you have incorrect

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Because suspicion is the most false of all speech is the most incorruptible speech and then the prophecies and do not eat up and spy on another human. Now when we when he explains this Hadith, he says spying here and eavesdropping means searching out the faults of others,

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checking the Facebook page, looking at what they say the statements trying to catch them out. This is not correcting mistakes, this is exposing mistakes, very different thing. And this is not part of the etiquette of a believer. This is not part of the etiquette of a movement.

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The Prophet says do not backbite each other and do not look at these explicitly says your incident leader would do not seek out look for the faults in others. Because whoever seeks out the faults in others, Allah will expose your faults and he will make it he will seek out your faults. And if Allah seeks out your faults, he will expose it in the dunya Allah say the property thing, even if you did that mistake hidden in your house. The minute you expose someone I think about that, you've sent a WhatsApp message you've put you've even tagged or like to forget something that made someone else's mistakes exposed. Now you are liable that Allah might expose your mistakes. I think of all the

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dirty, filthy mistakes that you and I do that we hope no one knows. Imagine we get exposed. And as even if it's in your house, you will expose it Allah protect us. We are fortunate we are all sinners. We are all sinners, malarkey, we're all sinners, and only a few of us are lost behind for most of us allies keep that sin private.

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So don't expose it yourself. And don't go about exposing the mistakes of others and speaking about it because now you put yourself in that dangerous situation. Also, when you look at mistakes, and we have to correct mistakes, not all mistakes in the require correction. Not all mistakes are Sins of the mercy of Allah we know the beautiful ayah Allah robina

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Allah do not punish us this is sort of Baccarat do not hold us accountable in nesina.

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If we forgot to Allah, I genuinely forgot. Or I made an error of judgment. I made a mistake. I didn't intend to do it. We making the door Yeah, Allah Don't hold me account if I forgot to do something, or I made an error of judgment, a mistake. I didn't intend for it. And then Allah responds to this to our inadequacy. Allah says, I have granted that this magnificent sentences. Allah has honor this oma in that he will not punish us, for our forgetfulness for the errors, the smallest unintentional things that we do. And if you are forced in a situation, we didn't mean to do the mistake, but we found ourselves in a situation and will force against our will, in the stoves,

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there's no blame. So when you find someone made a genuine error of judgment, they slip up.

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As we say, Innocent Mistake. There's no reason to hammer this person. There's no reason to harm if Allah says I don't hold you to account. Why are you going beyond that of Allah? Why are you being judged on Julian, executioner beyond the last panel data, as Allah says in the Quran, and this is a beautiful Ayah which gives us so much hope. Allah says when they select Jonathan, Jonathan Fima to be well, I can matter I'm the glue, that there is no sin on you if you made a mistake, except with regards to those things your heart deliberately intended on 100.

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So even we commit the biggest of sins, unintentionally, unknowingly, Allah will still look at the heart and says, well, the heart was he hoped to do good, he didn't mean to do it. He still been open to Allah forgiveness 100 in this is a lot. So why are we going beyond that. And Allah says he can have a foreigner Hema is forgiving, forgiving, and merciful.

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If the person genuinely did not intend on that error, and he says, I didn't know make me laugh. When you give that person forgive him, when he child, your children, your employees, your spouse, your friend, your neighbor, your colleague, someone who made a mistake in his mouth. I didn't intend to really do that. It was not my intention, then let it go. Let it slide.

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The prophets of Salaam even speaks further because we hold our and we should hold our Ma and our leaders accountable. One of the problems is we don't hold them accountable, and then things go out of out of kilter. But even when we could make the leaders, the judge of the party, the promises and tells you that if a ruler and a judge anyone in a leadership position anyone who needs to make a decision, maybe it's your father, you the child and your father needs to make a decision. Many times decisions are not clear cuts. There are pros and cons so we make a decision and we might make a mistake. So the Prophet sees if the ruler, the island, the NGC waver, they might be the judge. He

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genuinely strives to find the correct decision. And he makes the decision and he got it correct when he gets to the woods, but if he he made the decision it was wrong, but he sincerely

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For the quick decision and you made a mistake, the no synonym, he just gets one reward, whereas the man who got it critical to rewards really rewards him in his mistake

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in his mistake, so we need to make a distinction between sins that were forgetful, mistakes that were not intentional mistakes that were of a judgmental nature. In Sinaloa, teach you some accounting, even when you make a mistake in accounting for the accountants, you know, the auditors will pick up. These guys made a mistake here, but they will say it's a judgmental error, meaning they apply the judgment, they looked at the facts, the best of their ability, but because it's gray, you sometimes make a mistake, it's not clear cut, then it's not as bad as a deliberate mistake. Even accountants understand that law and auditors have no drama. Yes, you

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have mercy. You have no mercy when it comes to these things behind the law. Think about that. So he was a judgmental as a matter of he had, and these gentlemen not just as valid today, also we take the Ctr thing about extreme everything is two opinions, right? Can I drink Harmon? Well, these two opinions some What am I say? No, no, no genuine, sincere study, and he made a mistake, when hamdullah you'll be rewarded for that you will get reward for that the outcome alone rewarding, but there's no punishment. So no reason for you to go off on a tangent and Emma, and demand answers. Also any sin now remember this, a sin against Allah and a sin against the community or against

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society is this is the one we need to speak out against. But sometimes someone made an error against you. You know, he annoyed you, he said something against you. It's a personal issue in these kinds of mistakes. If it's a personal thing, then this is where the profits are from is encouraging you that should not tell you Oh people what is better, then, sooner sooner better than better than sooner fasting better than sooner charity better than all of that is when there is conflict, you make Islam. When you are being harmed. When someone does something wrong, you forgive that person better than all of those good deeds, that the Prophet says whoever avoids arguing, even if he's

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correct, he gets a guaranteed house in general. So if any mistake is done against you in a personal capacity, he's done something to harm you. Your mother in law said something to you, you know, your personal capacity. your kids, your colleague, whoever your boss says something to you in a personal capacity. let that go for something better with Allah subhanaw taala. let that go. For something better for the sake of Allah, don't argue, don't make an issue of the mistake, you pass on the mistake, okay.

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So if we analyze the situation, this is not a personal mistake, this is not something we can overlook. This is not something that it was a mistake that was an error of judgment. This was intentional, all those things. Now, before we could make the mistake, we need to go through a process the profits or losses. So now the man made a genuine sin. You found him to handle Ah, he's committed a genuine sin. Now, what do I do? The Prophet says, overlook the mistakes committed by people of good character. So someone who is a person that makes sada that they are known for goodness, yes, they are things that they've committed sin, like all of us, and you've discovered

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this and now, not by looking for it. Now it comes the prophecies, cover that up, do not expose the person. And the Prophet says, Whoever removes a hardship from a believer in this world, Allah will remove a hardship for him on kiama it's a it's a debit in your account on kiama your hardships will be removed on piano and he goes further. Whoever makes it easy for a data Allah will remove his decision kiama and will ever conceals the fault of a Muslim in this dunya Allah will conceal his sins in the year after and Allah will cover him up. Now of course you find the man so you know your job in the business you are checking out you find somebody stealing what is a government official

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it's corrupt and this is my brother cover up my faults solar covers up your faults in the in the after you find someone harming another person. Just cover up the false don't report me a criminal. No. So understand this point here. A son that was done. He committed Zina 50 years ago his wife doesn't know he did something 10 years whatever it yesterday he did this and it's done. It's finished. No more repercussions. In that case we keep it quiet. In that case we overlook we don't mention it. We don't tell anyone. If there's no justice to be had then we keep it quiet. But with a Sunday is ongoing and it harms the sinner

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or it harms especially with harms and other person. So if the sin affects the rights of another person, like you'd be stealing or is committing harm against someone else, when the we can't keep quiet the we can't say cover up the mistake no now we have to fight the mistake. Why? Because the mistake is harming the sinner and other people.

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Understand this point. So before you correct the mistake, you need to ask yourself, What benefit would it be for me to go on this campaign this jihad against the sun? What benefit is the if it's finished, it's done. It's that's the only gonna cause pain and no justice, they leave it, we'll leave it covered up. But if the sun is ongoing as we sit in homes, the center, if it's ongoing and it harms other people, then yes, it's your duty to stand up.

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And now that you're going to correct the mistake, now you are now in the position, you've got the sun, seen it? You can't cover it up. There's no excuse. Now you need to correct it. How do you do about this? How do you go about this? So you see the chef, the mowlana, the europeo kids, your spouse, they've made the mistake, what do we do?

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Before you could make the mistake? Remember, you had to have done certain things beforehand. So for example, we have the beautiful iserlohn Hadith, a young boy comes to Medina, and he goes into someone's field. And he takes from that. So hobbies wheat. And when the hobby sees this young boy, he gets very upset with him. And he scolds him, he hits him and takes the boys jacket, you took my wheat, so I'm taking your jacket. So the boy goes to the province of Solomon complaints, and the province and calls the farmer and he says, so the farmer says, Yeah, but he stole from me, he took my wheat, the properties to the Sahabi. But you did not teach him? If it was a matter of him? Not he

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didn't know. So you didn't teach him that you shouldn't be stealing? And if it was that he took it because he's hungry, then you should I feed him his excuses hungry. So the prophecies, give him back his coat and in fact, give him some of the wheat. So sometimes you investors may be very relevant to us in business, become hard on our employees. But perhaps it was our responsibility as teaching properly. Before we should hold them accountable. We must ask did we properly teach them before they did we prevent them from making the mistake for our teaching our kids? Before we come down on them? We did not give them the therapy. So for those of us who are about to do the correction, you need to

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ask yourself first, did I give this person the tools the ability not to make the mistake and if they didn't, and the mistake lies with you to correct yourself or correct yourself as

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also when you do correction,

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the mindset, it's essential, it's an act of worship and when you do worship, it should be for the sake of Allah. Not for your superiority or your knowledge or to signal a personal score where you are the winner. In that case, when you are like that, Eileen, that we that we know we know the various freeski Hadeeth first person that will go to Jana, not

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not Herman not qarun, not your mother in law First we'll go to Jana. First person to join them is the alum Chef mowlana. Why? Because he used his position of authority so that people can say and praise Him who sometimes have to show our taqwa we want to show how pious we are. We criticize this one and make a refutation of that one and we release a statement against this one to show our our is our strength be very very careful there was beta for you when you have actually his son of genuine mistake. He Xena whatever might be less than your pride your pride might actually be bigger than understand this point. So we only collect for the sake of Allah yes we have some guests they doing a

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little documentary about Islam in South Africa they foreigners Don't worry to look at them you can look at me

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you don't you won't be in the in the video inshallah. Behave yourself, shall we ask Allah to do some goodness comes from it. I mean, so.

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So it's like the doctor or the parent, when we correct our kids, not to harm them or humiliate them. We could act out of love. We want to see the doctor or the doctor when he removes the cancer. He's not trying to harm the patient decided he loves the patient. We should love the patient and want to take out the the harmful effects of the disease. He hates the disease. That's how we quit. But if you find yourself correcting someone because you hate that person, that is bitter you don't do the correction then you're not in a position. famous story of St. Louis in the Battle of jihad Fighting, fighting, fighting and during the battle the man's foot Cincinnati's face scenario walks away. Why?

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Because now my anger was my reason for fighting before was for the sake of Allah. Now my reason is because I'm angry with you, because you insulted me now I'm going to kill you for that. Now my knee has become muddied. So you stood back. Ask yourself that when you do the correction before you send that post, why am I doing it? What is my near

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and when you do the correction, so you need so you've analyzed the sun, you've tried to cover it up you can't you try to make excuses you can't you you convince my Nia is to help the sinner not to harm him. Now I need to go and have this very difficult, awkward conversation. And that's why Subhan Allah Viola ma Veolia and the MBR they didn't find correcting people's mistakes as something nice was very difficult. very awkward.

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Don't like making people feel bad. But these something it's something difficult to do. The judge never likes passing judgment and putting things in someone to jail doesn't like it. You shouldn't do it. If you can avoid what happened. You can do it not me. Darla would always say you can speak to the hollyford not me You could do it. Why must I do it? So, now that you have no choice but to stand up, remember this verse that Allah gave NaVi Moosa to fit our own. vakula Allahu kolon. Lena, say to Pharaoh Moosa, when you speak to him, speak to him respectfully, respectfully, softly, gently, the kind of words you use with your wife, basically, speak to him so softly, because maybe he will

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remember or he will feel alone, maybe he will come right. Now Always remember, no matter how pious you are, you are not Moosa, you will never be like Musa and no matter how bad the person is you correcting that person is not as bad as Iran, and Iran deserves respect. Then you employee, your domestic worker, your children, your husband, your wife, your mother in law, the sheriff, the mowlana, the president, he deserves the president he deserves more respected around.

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So always remember that speak, when correcting gently, softly, respectfully.

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And remember, you may never feel so superior that you have all the facts, perhaps you are in the position of a judge. You might have gotten the facts wrong before you vote to condemn, you might have gotten the facts wrong. And also also bear in mind this man and he's you know, that he committed and you're now speaking out against him, this man and his mistake that he made? Yes, he made the mistake. Yes, he's accountable for it. But your sins that no one knows about might be worse than that. You might actually be worse in the sight of Allah than that man. So always keep that in your mind when you do the correction. Then when you correct it's important, the prophets of Salaam

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did not correct. The same for everyone. He looked at the center and the state of mind of the center and the circumstances and he and he reacted in a different way. So they act on the way which will bring out a positive outcome. So for example,

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the son of Abu Abu Salah side note here, Omarosa, Abu Salah, Abu Salim, his wife, Mary, the Prophet sallallaahu, Salama died, and his wife on Salah, married and Elisa Lam, she had four kids. So this is that Abby's stepson, but this lady had four children, she married an obese alum. Now her son grew up by the prophets of Salaam. So this boy over he was a young boy, small boy. He says, when I used to eat, my hands would go everywhere like children, they just grab. Now look at the Prophet critics in the property's Yahoo. Lam. Oh, my son, oh, my boy, say Bismillah before you eat and eat with your right hand and eat that which is just in front of your house. He didn't even say don't do that. You

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just rather do this. And this small boy Omar said, It lives such a profound impact the way he spoke to me that I always like that one, one little word, and he changed hearts. This is how you should do it. Finished.

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We look at the person who is ignorance of Allah. Allah always learned this makes a distinction. The beta one comes to the masjid Arabi beta one uneducated, he lives out there in the bush, he comes to the insula. He has a we, he goes in the corner and associate anything in the middle of the masjid. swala the Jamaat gets up, they're about to beat this guy, the beta when they get upset, normally, they're all about to punch him out up in the masjid. Again, think about it. One of the brothers got up and said, What did you do?

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And I don't know what we would do to him. They'll be janessa sada of the Juma Sahaba wants to beat this guy up in the prophecies leave him Don't leave him. Don't touch him. Leave him. One hikma is you grab the man and he starts peeing all over the place, leaving leaving the sun his own look at the Hickman obeso Salah the sun is only confined the problem to that. So when he's done the property leaving lifting fish when he was done urinating, the Prophet says come speak to you. This is the place of Allah year all we do is make Vicar and recite Quran and it's not made for this kind of stuff. And then the Prophet says to someone just wash some put some water problems solved. So in the

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video and saw the way that I treated him, he said our law lit Be merciful on me and Mohammed and none of these people no one else have mercy on the two of us only. So now he smiles and says you have made something very big the mercy of Allah and try to make it very small. The Bedouin didn't know any better. Now he got an education what hamdulillah let's compare that tomorrow. rhodiola noir as we said last week is the Imam of the AMA. The greatest scholar of this oma the Hadith is widely japin. What goes make sada he would make to Jamal as you make Salah with an abyssal Salaam when you would be an Imam with his community.

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Now he stands the shy salah and he wants to decide because semana taqwa and he prolongs inshallah, and people become an

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Boyd and one man broke his Sala and if he didn't even he just finished it on his own. He broke the JAMA. So let's reach the new service and this man broke his Salah. He didn't stay with Gemma, maybe something get angry at the man who lives he grabs wife why even Jabba the man who's standing in Sala, she's a fan and you want to make

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you want to make fitness, you should know better. When to stand like this, you are annoying and irritating the people, you are the one that's causing the fitness. So yes, I will lead us out Amanda shifts you in a position you want to sit on committees and you want to be appointed. It comes with a little bit of, of higher accountability. So more, Easton was making sorta too long versus the beta one repeating them as he got gentle treatment. So we do look at the position of the person, the manager, he when he makes a mistake, and he should know better. He contacted No, right. But it was the purposes of reprimand while finishing law. He knew now if you want to make that extra long

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solder at home, as for the people, but when it comes to the leaders and I want you to wake up here

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comes to the leaders, the leaders are not beyond reproach, your lemma and shifts, we hold them accountable. They make a mistake we speak we speak to them, and we fix them with respect. A very good example Holodomor leader Dylan, he's the leader of the army, he goes out they fight jihad. Now further rules of jihad if you if you were to beat you know, you overpowered someone, whatever you took from that managers. So once a hobby overpowered the general and obviously the general has a lot of money and wealth. So Harley only gave him a portion of that. So the man says per the rules of jihad, I should get all of this. Harley said no. The man said but this is the law of honey. My

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heart said No, that's too much. So I'm gonna complain, complain. So he went to the Mr. Lamb any complaint and the prophecies to Holly, give them any shade is correct. So now of the Hardy hardy gave the shade on the lawn. So what did the man do? Now? He pulled out his jacket and he said, Yeah, you see, you see, I was right. When I visited stop, take that thing away from him. Stop, take it back, Khalid and in the main he said look at the property. He has hardly made the mistake. But then he says to the followers, you are criticizing my leaders, the leaders that are put on top of you. Do you realize that you are like the goats and the sheep and they are the shepherd that they take you

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to the water and you drink first and you enjoy the blessings. And when you're done whatever is left if anything is left with dirty old when they take the shame all the reward you get and they take all the flack for the mistakes. So yes, the Molina's make mistakes and we fix them, but you can never disrespect them. You can never disrespect them. And the sin of the mistake is small in comparison to disrespect. So next time you want to put them on your manager and your manager might need reprimanding managers.

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Or your father, your father might make a mistake and he needs to be reprimanded. you, Mr. Chairman, the teacher, they will make mistakes. The minute it goes to the point of disrespect, when you have done worse than them. Understand that understand that.

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The problems are seldom when he reprimanded as we sit he never reprimanded us of a personal attack, a man comes in he grabs then a piece of Solomon shakes him. The Sahaba say he's his coat that he was weighing actually made a line you know, the man was so forceful and say give me from the charity that Allah has given you. Now this man was very disrespectful to me. So Salaam the person smiles and says give him what he wants. So never from the Sunnah. Never retaliate if it's a personal attack, the province also nominee reprimanded. He would take them back and connect them to Allah. I believe in my throat one of the great Sahaba one of the first companions, he was beating slave, and it was

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hitting his slaves wrong. And the and the Prophet says yeah, Abdullah. Yeah. Even Masuda Ivan Massoud. So he doesn't even listen until the Prophet comes really close to him and softly says, you have to live in this room. Now. He realizes it'd be so he drops the work. He's so shocked. He drops the work. And he sees this thing and think about this next time you in the pound seat. Next time you're about to dispel judgment, you will get to heat your child, the prophecy CEO of the light Massoud, remember, Allah has more control and power over you than you have over the slave. If Allah were to reprimand you, like you deserve, remember, you can pass judgment more severely than you. So

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just remember that. After that, Abdullah Massoud said, I said the man free and I never ever hit a slave again, even in his grief the prophets of Salaam we said when he's he had buried six children, six children he had buried his seventh child was dying Ibrahim, and in his grief, the sun and the moon eclipsed it just happened to eclipse coincidence and the Sahaba began saying that these two things are linked. So even in his personal grief, he would still insane curriculum and say no, no this two things have nothing in common. The sun and the moon. They are they are

00:30:00 --> 00:30:21

From they follow the command of Allah and they're not affected by that which happens in the dunya point of the slide is the Prophet PC probably probably sooner, but in his personal grief, he would even quit vim people and he wouldn't use his grief. Sometimes we become aggressive at work or at home or to our kids, because we're going through a tough time somewhere else when we take it out on them. Maybe some didn't do that.

00:30:23 --> 00:31:00

You can you can correct someone without even reprimanding them like the boy that came into the auto sutala Give me the fact what to commit Zina allow me to commit I want to commit Zina. It's nice. I'm young I want to commit Zina allow it make it harder for me. What does the professor say to him? What's wrong with you? And no, he said, Listen, yes, me again. My son, sit down. Listen, do you want someone to come and sit down with your mother, your sister, your daughter? said No, I wouldn't like that. I wouldn't like my my mom to be someone sleeps with her and then leaves her like that. So is it similarly, you're going to commit to someone else's mother sister. And then he realized, ah, now

00:31:00 --> 00:31:38

he realized the seriousness of his actions. And then he said, I never even felt for Xena after that. The problem is that he's on Hajj in Iran on alpha. He's on the camera with his young cousin and father. And a lady comes to ask a question, and unfortunately says she was so beautiful while her face was so beautiful. And he was staying at the lady right? She's asking me a question. And Father is like, staring at this girl. The Prophet doesn't say anything. He just turns off his face away. And then he looks again, and the Prophet just turns his face away. Doesn't even reprimand him to see just shows him Don't look at this lady in Iran unhedged on alpha has no problem. No need to make a

00:31:38 --> 00:31:39

big fuss. We've seen

00:31:41 --> 00:32:04

the prophets of Salaam with Subhana Allah His way of doing it brought something even better. Abdullah bin omotesando say no one one of the great great Sahaba secret most native Hadith, the prophet sees via the grapevine so he could have saw he didn't say directly. He says to his sister, the wife is gonna be you know, your brother Abdullah, what a good young man. He said. He's a good guy. If only he made a little more.

00:32:05 --> 00:32:41

So we live in Omaha heard this. He said, I never stopped making valued after that. I never sold out in a business in America. Why didn't you make that you said you're such a great guy. Only you made a little dodgy. We know the story of the man who mocked the land when they conquered Makkah. He heard without giving an answer. He made fun and to be loyal to the profit school the media and says you have a nice voice. I'm going to teach you the event and you will be the motivation because without going back to Medina, and he this young boy became the Dean of NACA, that mistake a lot. The professor had a way of making it something good. The Salah is busy, and Amanda runs into the masjid

00:32:41 --> 00:33:17

Sudoku time, but he can't get to the top so it makes it a coup in the middle of the masjid. When the prophets have heard about this, the prophet said you know May Allah bless you for your enthusiasm you want to catch the rock are very good, but don't do that. Again. your intention was good, but don't do that again fishing club. A man we took a lot of words is going around about Cooper and you know, they have made us action of Kufa. Abdullah bin Massoud again and again one of the Great's of hobbies. He says, I will do XYZ insha Allah, if Allah wills and if you will, Yasuda Allah, so the Prophet said this word is like a word of sheep. So the Prophet just said to him, are you making

00:33:17 --> 00:33:56

equal with Allah now you are you are making me and online equal of bloggers who did not realize that so then he said, just say insha Allah and finished No, no, no further look at how lady put them on a major sin. This is even when the person has committed the sin and it's proven and it's a bad sin. Still this leniency still these leniency, we know my eyes, Robbie Alon, he comes to me says, I've committed sinner practice the judgment on me. The Prophet looked away didn't listen to him. He says go away from me. Three, four times he comes again and again and again. Prophet says to His Spirit, this guy my season is mature. It's crazy, right? This guy is crazy. Take him away. He doesn't

00:33:56 --> 00:34:33

insists I want the punishment and the punishment for Xena in marriage. stoning. So insist I wanted. Okay. So the professor lamb says this is what he wants. They stoned him. And while the Prophet wasn't nice Also, while they were stoning him, he got up and he ran away. But then they grabbed him. They brought him back and they stone him completely. When the Prophet heard this, he said, Why did you leave him to go make him with Xena confessed, he's being punished. And the Prophet says just leaving he ran away, leave him off the mines. A lady comes and says I also committed Zina. I also want this a lot of things that will go away. I don't want to see you. I don't want to know this

00:34:33 --> 00:35:00

thing go away. She comes again and again and again. So she says I'm pregnant in from the center. So this is fine. give birth to the child hoping that she will have give birth and not come back. After nine months. She gives birth she comes back. I've given birth I'm ready for the punishment. So he says please feed the child two years, hoping that she will attach this child and she wouldn't want the punishment. After two years. She comes back she brings a child she gives a piece of paper

00:35:00 --> 00:35:37

To the child, the child eats to show he can eat. Now he doesn't need to be very sweet. Now she insists on the soul. This is what you want. And we don't want to avoid the matter. Look how reluctant The profitsystem is to fix a sin as big as in a look on the lactantius this is what you want. So they began stoning up and saying, harden lead, he became aggressive and he threw a stone hot and he cursed. And the Prophet told him Don't do this. You don't know the amount of damage that Allah has given this forgiveness lady has done after she died. The Prophet himself performed the Genesis Allah on her and say nobody can see you stone there, but you performing janaza Santa Ana,

00:35:37 --> 00:36:16

the professor says, If you knew the amount of mercy Allah showing on this lady 70 of us will be forgiven 70 people so much Rama, even after the punishment, we respect the sinner, we respect the sinner, a man is broken brought to the masjid has been left many times for drinking drunkard. cop in our example, right? How many times they left him. So the Sahaba broke him again drunk, lashing him again. And they started abusing him and cursing him. And the one said, misshapen You know, this guy, he whatever, obviously don't do that. Because what I know of this man, in spite of his drinking, that he is somebody that loves a lot and loves Jesus.

00:36:17 --> 00:36:45

He has one mistake. But overall, this is a good guy. Overall, he's a Muslim. Overall, he makes sure that overall, he's done so many good deeds, just fix the problem and don't harm the person. Don't harm the person. So our attitude towards the center, our attitude towards the center should never be one of demeaning them who disgracing them and you should not discount the good deeds. A great Sahabi he committed an act of treason, great Sahabi commit an act of treason and he was discovered.

00:36:46 --> 00:37:22

He was discovered that he did this and now you're supposed to be executed. So the prophets of Salaam says leave him remember he was at bother. He was of those who are at bother. So long story can't get into it. But he made a mistake. And he exposed that the army was coming to conquer Makkah he wasn't supposed to do that. But his family was the so he sent the message. So now the coating service the normal coating to literally execute this guy. So he says I didn't do it out of hatred for Islam, and with the Muslims, but my families they are made a mistake. So the Prophet said remember he was a brother. And that good deed of brother was so powerful that Allah forgave his future sins.

00:37:22 --> 00:38:04

Similarly, that same sinner who committed Zina committed this mistake, we didn't send you the record on time or made it something incorrectly, that you want to curse in abuse. Remember, he's a solid making Ramadan fasting charity giving person, good father husband, he might have spent the last 50 years looking after the community seem to them he might have spent years in jail so that you can get freedom. Don't forget the good deeds of that men might be greater than your good deeds. The sin does not take away his Isa and his his position. So the Prophet never forgot when he reprimanded kindness, gentleness, privately to bring out goodness, and you never forget the person's good

00:38:04 --> 00:38:08

qualities we including the prophets of Salaam tells you and me,

00:38:10 --> 00:38:30

every son of Adam, all of you, all of us makes mistakes. But the base of those who make mistakes, or those who repeat, those of us who repented, commit sin. Also, for those who commit mistakes also be big enough to accept it being big enough to say I've made the mistake and if you made the mistake, and you apologize to us, small lies between you and Allah.

00:38:31 --> 00:38:57

And that's vinylon We live in a community with this we need to look at the mistakes and fix those mistakes. But we do so out of love and concern and respect to bring our goodness not to harm each other. Allah has placed himself in the position of judge and to pass judgment and to deal with punishment. That is the job of Allah don't put yourself in that position. And Allah subhanho wa Taala guide us and protect us And forgive us. Gracias goodnesses Dona Ana here I mean

00:38:58 --> 00:39:36

just a few announcements number one what's Islam series will end in two weeks time inshallah the women around the messenger sallallahu Sallam and before will start in a new topic, and we ask you to do is a poll you can go out and you can tell us what is the thing that you want the most of course and understanding Shiism if you want that an in depth study of the fundamentals of Islam fundamentals of Islamic sada and shuriken these kind of things, more questions and answers on front on 21st century, also the sea rather than abyssal Salaam, if you'd like to hook back today about the way he was, if you want to learn more about that, we can study this. So piano as well. So any topic

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which you're interested in, let me know and inshallah we will will the most popular one we'll talk about that also will start our class at hamdulillah. After a long time back here, of course. Of course. It's a bit late I know. But on Wednesday evening, of course, it's the life of the whole of our She didn't say nominal, Yolanda we're gonna continue and the conquest hardened Molly. And then of course next week, Saturday, we have this risk management frequency of the door.

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Saturday afternoon next week how to increase your Baraka and your money How to Avoid haram transactions discussion of the afternoon at Islamia college auditorium. Insha Allah, Allah Hi. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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