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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the "will of God" and "will of the people" movement, which have been popular in recent years. They also touch on the "will of the people" movement, which has been a popular movement in recent years. The history of the Industrial Industrial Industrial Industrial Industrial Industrial Industrial Industrial Industrial Industrial Industrial Industrial Industrial Industrial Industrial Industrial Industrial Industrial Industrial Industrial Industrial Industrial, and the importance of leadership structures and avoiding political chaos. They emphasize the need for change and rethinking leadership structures, and advise against using Facebook for criticism. They stress the importance of addressing one's concerns and avoiding negative consequences, and urge people to use various channels to address one's concerns and bring change to the world.
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Initiate honor regimes we learn men are human hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali, he was a big man. Our beloved brothers in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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All Praise to Allah subhana wa Tada, Lord in light of the heavens of the earth, the Most Merciful there was kind, La ilaha illAllah none has the right to be worshipped except Allah subhana wa Tada. We turn to Allah and we plead to him and we begged him to accept from us this walk of Juma, we thank you for bringing us here to the masjid let this Juma be a expiation a forgiveness for all our sins from last week until next week, and it'd be a light for us on the day of the AMA. And we send our love our greetings and salutations to our Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, I will lead the true leader of this oma and to his family, his companions and all of those who follow his soon until the

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end of time will be amongst them. I mean, will hamdulillah we've been discussing over the past month and a half now, the politics of faith, Islam and politics. And we've looked at a number of principles within the Sharia. How do we join? How do we as Muslims respond to politics because it's one of the areas which we find being so controversial, and so confusing and gray, that we step out of politics altogether. And either we make decisions for our own personal reasons, or we completely as Muslims, we feel we shouldn't participate. And we discussed many of those principles with regards to politics. When we spoke about good leadership, the halifa of the Hera font of Siena Bukhara de

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Alon. And last week, we completed the discussion on Omar Ibn Abdul Aziz, the man who is regarded as the fifth rightly Caliph. And one thing to add to this, that when people speak about Sharia law, people find this a very controversial topic. You want to bring Sharia law into a secular world or to a diverse world. It says if you impose Islam, on non Muslims, and you force Islamic law on those who don't practice Islam, and what we see in Syria, or in Afghanistan, this is what's gonna happen. If Sharia law was implemented, we say no, if you want to see Sharia law implemented, look at the life of

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the man who defended the rights of non Muslims, he actually allowed them to practice the religion freely, who gave them back the churches and synagogues who gave them the status and the honor will reduce the taxes, who was sticked on his advisors and administrators, but lenient and soft with his people, and he was strict on himself. This is the Sharia implementation. This is true shadia Sharia is about giving justice and Huck to ever is belong to whether you be a male or female, young or old, Arab, non Arab, Muslim, non Muslim, everyone enter under the Sharia, you are equal, and you all have your fish. This is Sharia law, in practice anything besides that Islam and oppression. So when you

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want to see Sharia law, look at home a lot, same number on the lawn, but it's great ganson Omar bin Abdulaziz salatu salam Look at his leadership.

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But then we said he was murdered, by whom, by his own family members. Why? Because he took away from the from the extravagance, he broke up the family power. We said the immediate family, his own family, control the government which control the biggest Empire on earth. And he was against this. So he started taking away the palaces, the allowances, he said, all this money that you acquired was from the wealth of the Muslims. So he started to take away the allowances and the palaces and they and remove them from the positions of authority, and they could no longer stand with us. So they poisoned him. They had him poison. And so he died.

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We talked to the insha Allah about a very sensitive, but a very pertinent topic. How do we interact with evil leaders? a, a rule, a ruler that is evil and unjust and goes against Islam. We unfortunately are not blessed in our time. With the beast of leaders. We know this. The political landscape is dominated by Nagisa Salaam, as he described, people will come and will not rule according to my sooner they will beat your backs and they'll take your wealth, they'll be unjust, how do we interact with them? And we will talk about what the oma did when they had when they were confronted with an extremely unjust and tyrannical leadership. How did they respond? So after the

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death of Osama bin Abdulaziz, this was like the chance a lot given this family of roommates a chance to come back to the truth and they turned away they killed the old family member. So they dictatorship and the oppression even though they expanded the oma Eastern which they opened and conquered Spain, and they reached China, and they ruled with complete authority that they went beyond the limits and they became tyrants and oppressors and they ruled for almost 100 years. But after they had completely gone back on the old ways, they didn't

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Move the leading lady move the policies of disease. We said he, he, he lowered the taxes and saved the non Muslims from being being forcefully removed from the lands when he was killed. They put all the old policies back. And this was the beginning of the infomedia dynasty, the oma now was ready to rise up against them. And this is one of the pivotal moments in our history. This is history, whether we like it or not, whether you have an immediate fan or not doing a Basset fan or not. This is history that we had a popular Revolution, the people stood up and they overthrew the halifa and replaced him with a new halifa. So how did the Omega dynasty who ruled the world and they literally

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ruled the world 400 years almost, how did they collapse? And why did they collapse and it's a lesson for those dictators in power, you will not stay there forever, that even in the dunya, Allah subhanho wa Taala removes you and the same people which you subjugated will bring you to your knees, or you will meet Allah subhanho wa Taala and have to answer for you for your sins as the visa system or even just wanna listen this hadith when Yemen became an Islamic country, in the time of an abyssal Salaam, Yemen became a Muslim country in the recent time he sent who might be eligible, the Sahaba, or the Alon to Yemen. And he gave me the basis of his look at the smiles on his donkey Oh,

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camel, and I was walking with Him leading him outside of Medina, the two of them alone, and his Jamar, I want to give you advice. And he says, Call the people to La ilaha illAllah start with La Ilaha Illa. If they follow you accept them in that they tell them to make solder. He didn't say and if they don't follow you then take the sword out and chop the head. So he said no. If they follow you then tell them Allah has commanded them to make solder. And if they do that, then tell them that they need to play soccer. And for those whom you take the taxes, remember to be just because there is no hijab, there is no barrier between the two of the oppressed person, and Allah subhanaw taala.

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Even if that person is a non Muslim, if you cheat a non Muslim out of his taxes, and he makes against you, Alexis, that do against you. But this is telling why the bingeable the way of the death of the police person, you are going to be a governor, and you might replace people be wary of that. So this leadership of police, it's people that went with the power when they think they could not stop them save themselves from the rising tide of the people. So what did they do?

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little miniature domains always we said had this issue of legitimacy. There was a fight between them and a debate. And they won and they rose to power. But they will always these groups, speaking out against the domains, saying that the domains are not the two legitimate leadership, we need to bring the family of the prophets of Allah into power. So this groups were always around, sometimes they were strong. Sometimes they were weak. They also now lost because they're not ruling on moral character. as Muslims and maybe non Muslims, we don't understand this so well. But as Muslims, if we see a man on his Deen, we automatically feel he's the most entitled to have leadership. We want to

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see someone as our leader, someone who practices Islam, even if he's the most brilliant intellectually, if he's not practicing on his Deen, we don't feel we can really follow such a person is not true. Right. So the when they started to see the halifa, being extravagant in money, having women drinking alcohol, or placing the people, even though he's the halifa, and maybe the administrator, they felt that such a authority you need to halifa is not just a political authority, it has a religious responsibility attached to it. You are not just the ruler of lands, but you are the ameerul momineen you are the leader of the believers, that this is a man from Allah subhana wa

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Tada. So when they may, or may it began to be immortal. This further, the EU must not look up against them. Also, we said the Romanians had ruled such an empire, that the majority of its people was not at all. Now we knew of a policy where you are favoring the Arabs over the non Arabs, you're obviously beginning to cause tremendous resentment with its people. And Allah teaches you this, once you are unjust, that will come back against you.

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Those contenders for the philosophic who were the groups that were against the limits that were contenders to be the halifa. We said the Shia from the beginning, from the days of the start of the mega dynasty, there was the group of the Shia which claimed that alibis are the descendants of Satan it they should be the leaders and they were still around, and they were still very prominent in the areas of Iran and Iraq. In that area. We said the hawala he was anti establishment completely, they were always against leadership. So today, we have the mindset of the hostage, basically, the terrorists terrorists of today. They don't work in any kind of cohesive unit. they criticize

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everything, but they don't offer any leadership themselves. That's what the holidays are good at destroying things, but never good at building things. They will say how bad this leader and that leader is, and we should

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This leader, but we asked him what's the alternative? No leader is that what you want? How are you ever able to delete must muster a force except to bring destruction. Then a third group appeared known as the above seeds, and they found themselves in an ideal situation. The above seeds. They take the title from the uncle of NaVi salsa, lemon, we know a great famous sorry even us all heard of cannabis, the uncle of knobbies awesome abis nobody says uncle, we embraced Islam. They claim to be from his lineage. So they say we are family of the prophets of Salaam. We are also in line for succession. And they developed a an organized cohesive unit against the Obama years. And this is how

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they rose up to dominance. And we'll see how this group overthrew the roommates in power. So this family of the assets, they lived close to the Omega dynasty, they lived in Jordan, close to Damascus, where they got to be very close to political power. They became well aligned with the influential power power players of the oma the army and those ministers in charge. And when they saw the Romanians losing power and the Romanians transgressing and they saw that the people, the sentiment of the oma was brimming against the omegas they took this opportunity to strike. So they began

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for 20 years they worked undercover against the Soviets, raising up support in all those areas that domains and neglected all the newly conquered lands North Africa, India, north east towards China, Iran and Iraq, the non Arab, the old Persian Empire or the non Arabs, they set up ministers they set up networks where they continuously spoke out against the Omega dynasty. And they also claimed we want to bring the oma back to the leadership of the family of the prophets of Salaam. We are of acid we are Hashimi We are family of who Salah so we have more legitimate title to the leadership of Nobita Salaam. Secondly, they said and this is what we call Islamism. We use Islam.

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We use Islam as a tool to win power. And we want to bring Islamic rule back. We want to stop corruption. We want to stop cheating and oppression, we are going to bring back the Islamic rule. And we are going to bring a perfect state, this oppression and this corrupt leadership, we're going to bring the true Sharia and bring it back into place. And obviously when people are being taxed when people are being oppressed. When you hear these messages, it's easy for you to be attached when you find yourself as a second class citizen. But as an Arab, this, the Arabs get the jobs, the Arabs get the power. And they take from our land automatically. Whatever message you you're with you you

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will you will follow that message. They also did something quite unique. And they rose the black flags from corizon. And we see that if you know what this refers to that in a time close to kiama Emma, Maddie and his army will appear and they will have black flags raised in hora sun. So they added this mystical site to the tower. They said look, we are the black flags rising sun coming to bring justice to the world. And for people that were on the fence. This also helped to attract them further to the core of the above seeds. We used to sit on a side note you don't think and every group that you'd find calling to a change or to evolution. They always have black flags. Why?

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Because they want to say we are that Army Navy SEAL spoke about the army of justice that everyone must follow. ISIS has black flags, Al Qaeda has black flags, the abundance of black flags, and I said even Orlando pirates have black flags. So don't think that the minute someone raises black flags, that this is the army of truth and and it's come from Horus. And don't just look at that there are many, many other is and Hades to look at. But they use this as a further means to get the tower sorted. So you had the Hawaiians were not able to organize themselves. You had the Shia, who was you know, forcefully being oppressed. And here you an alternative a Sunni group, but also

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claimed lineage to the prophets of Salaam. And this was one of the key tipping points to which the Abbasid family got power. So they began in the East in Iran and Iraq, the areas which they may have never, ever fully controlled. This was the area which was always a problem. The only way the army is controlled Iran was by placing very strict, very brutal leaders, the law judge who spoke about how to judge the man who killed the man of blindness. Remember that story we said last week, we told the guy you're not making the art properly unhygenic I'm going to execute you unless you make the art properly. And when I come back, you better be cured of your blindness. And you may do so sincerely

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his blindness was cured. So they needed the main like this to do it on all the old Persian Empire, the Persians because they will always empty of acid and to make it so this was the area that they got the support and the power base. And they began revolt in about 750 they started

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And salted working against about the roommates for 20 years. And then finally when they were of a certain power and energy, they raise the army from Iran, and they moved in as they moved. The people started to join them. It became a popular uprising. It wasn't an organized army, but rather it was the people of the oma rising up against this hot diva. And they marched from Iran all the way to to Damascus, to the Capitol, they make the American army and they defeated the Soviet Army. And what happened was, and Subhanallah This is against the shows you politics, nothing to do with Islamia, even though maybe it's the US according to an Islamic rule, and we'll bring the Sharia and justice.

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What they did was for power, because they took the entire omega dynasty, the family, the men, the women, the children, and they massacred every single omega family, so no one can have the Omega can ever come back. They basically massacred the entire maid family. The whole family was massacred except one young prince, one young prince survived. And he escaped and he ran into the most furtherest country in the Muslim Ummah, which was Spain. He ran all the way from Damascus to Spain, and he was established as the ruler of Spain. And Amir Abbas is lifting Lee. So the strange thing that we had in Oman, we had an Omega Khalifa in Spain, and a Basset halifa, in Damascus, as we had

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to hollyford for a very long time, and in fact, it will become three and we'll talk about that hopefully, as this course continues. We'll talk about the third hollyford. So now we have two hollyford. One surviving halifa living in Spain. And now the Abbas's were taken power of the oma, they basically established a new, a new state, they established a new state in Baghdad, and they move the capital of the Muslim world from Damascus, in Syria, to Baghdad, in Iraq. And this is this is the support base, the non Arabs with a support base. Imagine this is an army of the people are fighting for Islam. But this was a non Arab Army fighting an Arab Army in the name of Islam. And we

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had a popular uprising, and this completely removed the Omega family and they dynasty and come to a brutal end. And now a new system was in place, the above acid dynasty and the above seeds. And they have quite long many, many caliphs. They root much longer than the omegas. The acids will be the official halifa for about 300 plus years. And as we said, the caliphate would be slightly different, they would move away from a family ruling. So the way the maids did things, they placed family members as governors, they keep the power in the hands of the family, the above seats, appointed ministers based on merit, they appointed not just from their own family salon, but the family was

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officially the ruling family, if you will, from the Abbasid family, then you were in line to be the halifa. And they did this not on the basis of kingship.

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Officially, unofficially, obviously the kingship, but officially they said what we are elaborate family of the prophets of Salaam v4, we have the rights to leadership. And but they allowed others to control power when they gave autonomy to certain regions to manage their own affairs. And this allowed them to expand, also something that the US did. And if we have opportunity to speak about this, they were patrons of knowledge and learning of the good things that they did. They were not so concerned like the omegas of having warfare and expanding the oma and spreading further and further, they said that almost big enough, we give our but now we try to manage the face. And what we want to

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do is we don't want to be the leaders of mankind in terms of power. But we want to be the leaders in terms of civilization, we want to be the most advanced and technology technologically developed nation on Earth. And that's what they did. They brought all the scientists from around the world to about that. And but that became the capital as we if you want of human civilization. This is way back that became the most basically is the capital of the world. And it became as Arabic became what we call the lingua franca. It was the language like we have English today, the official language of science and technology is English. Arabic was that if you are a scientist, and new add some new

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invention, you had to learn Arabic and write your thesis down similar to that this is where all the technology and advancements were. So the above acids, this is what they brought to Islam and hamdullah good for that.

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But the question that we asked ourselves now, so we spoke about and why go back in this history is we see the people revolting against the halifa and they basically killed the halifa and they established a new leader. And we said from the beginning that we so solemn stresses obey your leader, obey your leader, even if it's unjust, even it's unfair, how do we respond to evil leaders?

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And this is very topical, because a few years ago, basically all the strong men in the Muslim Ummah when I say this, the dictators Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi Mubarak

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XYZ, they were all removed by the people. And we see what's happening in Syria, is the people are rising up against leadership, and this is a constant fight. Is this permissible? Is this allowed? That's the question, can we rise up against our leaders? When the Quran says obey your leaders than our resources? Even if it's your back, and he takes your wealth you obey Him? Can we rise up against our leaders? And let's look at some Hadith nevison says, Whosoever wishes to advise the ruler,

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if you want to advise the ruler, let him not do so openly. Why? Because you're challenging him now openly. This offends him. Rather, you should take him by his hand and take him into a secluded area. So and advise him then quietly, not in front of everyone. Yeah, I mean, oh, Chairman, oh, Imam, in front of, you know, take him by the hand and speak to him privately. And if he accepts that, that's from him, when he does a favor, then it is in his favor, and he does not accept so you gave that advice. If he doesn't accept it, then you withhold your duty. Remember, you don't do this to belittle anybody, or to or to make yourself look good in front of others, you do it for the sake of

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Allah subhanho data, you give the data, you give the advice if he accepts or not, that's between him and Allah. So now the system advises us how to give how to rectify our leadership. And he sees the results of them. The most superior form of jihad of the greatest forms of jihad is to say a truthful word in the face of an abrasive Titan. So yes, how do we respond to evil leaders? How do we respond to evil? When we speak about the leaders, I said, We don't only look at the halifa. We look at ministers, we look at committee members, we look at the Imam, we look at our father, if our father is unjust, and is oppressive, how do we do? How do we change that? How do we change those in

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authority above us who we obey and respect, even if they are not the base? We do our best. But if they go beyond the limit, so how do we change this?

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And there are rules, according to this. So the rules in which we go about changing unjust rules is that number one, we as we said, we obey them, we give them the hack, and our duty of obedience, even if they don't give us our hack. So it's a two way agreement, I obey you, and you fulfill your duty as a leader. If he doesn't come to the party, you still have to obey Him, so long as he doesn't tell you to do wrong. Number two.

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And we look at maybe this is prevalent because we don't live in a time when there's a halifa. If we look at our leadership structures, who are leaders may be our massage committees, our imams are all ama committees. These are our Islamic leadership structures. And we know when we look at those structures, there are many things we might all disagree about. We may say that the AMA are not the base of the clan be the Imam is not the base, the committee is not the base, we can criticize these things. And there are many things which are valid criticism. We can look at all our massages, there's always room for improvement. We can say, Why doesn't this Imam and that Imam work together,

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all of us can be critical about our leadership, and you have the right to be critical. But this is not the way of the sooner. The way of the sooner is if you see a problem, then you assist in fixing it as cinnabar Crusader on the line. When he took leadership. He said if you see anything wrong, help me in fixing it. What I'm doing is the best I can and if I'm not the best in doing it, then you have a better suggestion. Come and join the committee come and join the AMA help and fix it. We are not an armchair critics. We're not an oma where we sit back and we point the finger and say look how bad the AMA or look how bad the amine is. Look how bad the chairman is. Go and fix it. Go and give

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advice. Because if you're simply criticizing and spreading fitna and ascension, and that's not for Allah sake, when you are doing the work of shaitaan in this uniting the Ummah, you are breaking the unity of the Ummah, as an important message, especially as I say, to and I personally went through an experience with young scholars, young scholars that are graduating coming out a lot of energy, a lot of, you know very sincere, they want to change the world, but they criticize the established leadership. Yes, this is a place for criticism. But if you want to criticize, join it first. Join that leadership structure and try to fix it. You can't You can't be critical and not do anything

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about it. Then simply you're just you're just making you know, you're just spitting a fake now. So as Muslim, if you want to fake as Muslims, if you want to fix our leadership, then you join that leadership structure. You take the responsibility on your shoulders and you bring something better and then advise those empower those in authority in the best way without offending them without tarnishing the honor. But today we want to criticize the Imam we how do we do it? We put a Facebook post for everyone to see

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We never once spoke to the mom and said, share, why do you do this? You know, to the boss, why did why do you do this? instead? You do it on Facebook, what do you expect is going to be the response, except coming back with anger and resentment. So this is not this is our resources, take it in seclusion, privately, don't let anyone see him, see the two cases that you have something to criticize him about advising secretly. That's how you should do it. One of the one of the one of the ways in which you are not obeying the leadership is by criticizing them publicly.

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We should think about this, because we find it very easy to criticize even our non Muslim leadership is they are in authority. Even the non Muslim president, the non Muslim governor, you have to obey Him, and to criticize him and to speak. It's a type of fitna, it's a type of thing that we should watch how we speak. Because the question might be asked, you're so critical about your, your word, Counselor, have you ever spoken to him? What benefit? Is it to tell me all these bad things? Have you ever sent him a letter? No, we responsible for that. What did you do to fix the situation?

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Then number four,

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we advise in the best way, number four, we need to use whatever means we can to change the situation that will lead to the least amount of friction.

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We have Alhamdulillah we live in a society where you have alternatives where you can vote where you can have meetings to suggest things where you have an opportunity to voice your concern. But we find, and I can tell you from my experience, you'll find that the leadership will have meetings where they say come and voice your concerns. In an open platform, no one comes. But one week later, you'd find a meeting being at, you know, being organized to curse who criticized the leadership. So you have not taken the avenue which is available to you. And SubhanAllah. This is bad. This is the work of shaytaan you're not need to bring muscle Haha, good. But you're simply trying to cause

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sickness and dissension, when the leadership gives you the opportunity to voice your concerns, to write letters to use the formal channels. If you don't take those formal channels, then you have no like to take the other non, the non radical forms of change. With I think maybe more applicable, if you are anonymous, if you're a Muslim, living in a non Muslim society, where the hijab has become illegal.

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If you did not sign up the petitions, or meet with the counselors, or write the letters, or when they open up the forums for discussion, none of the Muslims attended, and then they passed a law because no Muslims are they to to voice the concern. Now after the fact you want to be violent and destroy things. This is not the way Islam advises.

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If you see something wrong, you correct it in a manner which is available to you that causes the least amount of fitna. So you use the channels available to you to fix those things. And then you have to avoid any action. If you say, I have spoken to the halifa amigo, the leadership of the Imam. Personally, I have joined the committee and still no change. I have made my suggestions I have followed all the I've written the letters came to the forums, still nothing has changed.

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Can I now rise up against the leader? Can I now get a group of people together and we out? You know, the Imam or the chairman or the boss or the need? Can we rise up as a revolution and overthrow the government? What does the law say about this? The old man was alive Abu hanifa Mullah Imam Malik was alive. When the US overthrew the Romanians. What did they say about? Did they tell the people go back to your homes and don't do anything? Did they tell them? Yes, you must go and fight the Americans, they are transgressors. The message is this. What ever leads to a bigger fitna, and the thing is how long if you rising up, will it result in the government becoming more corrupt and more

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oppressive than you should organize. But if you have the power to change it, you have the strength to remove the leader, then you should follow that then you should do and fulfill those things. So this is the the guidelines. So maybe we can say rising up against the leader in one country is permissible, but in other countries not. And we see maybe if we could look five years in the past, we maybe would have told the people of Syria don't rise up against your leader. Yes, he's corrupt, and he does everything. It's legitimate to remove him. But what has resulted from that revolution is worse than before. We know Cydia is in a worse place than it was before the revolution. So maybe for

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them, it would have been better to have sober. But one other country where they remove the leader and hamdulillah something better has replaced it while hamdulillah and that is better when you remove that evil. And this is the principle and take this in life. If you want to remove something bad in your family, in your business, in your shared spaces, if your actions results in a worse fit not in the fact that you find yourself in then you

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Are the cause of the feet now, then you are responsible, as they would even say, if your dow results in a worse situation than before that dow, then we need to stop you from giving our that's what the LMR would say. So this is the principles that we need to look at Alhamdulillah we say once again, we have Allah, Allah has put us in the society, we have, we have the many, many means with which to change bad leadership. Sometimes we get stuck with him for four more years than we'd like. But Allah has given us the ability to voice our concerns. And I end up by saying Muslims, unfortunately, have a very bad track record of showing civil engagement, which seems Don't be checked for meetings.

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Muslims don't join the structures that we have. But we find that very vocal and political, and this is not the way to go. If we want change, your Lama, your Masjid, your counseling, your government, you need to engage those structures. And we those opportunities are available to us. Other countries don't have I grew up in Saudi Arabia, we didn't have the opportunity to voice your concerns about the king. You had to accept whatever was the year you have the opportunity, yet we don't pick up we find non Muslims lead us in those things. And then we become upset afterwards, when they put when some a law has been passed, and a casino is being opened up or a liquor store is being opened up.

00:31:19 --> 00:31:58

And it's a way where the Muslims when we asked you for your voice, the blue cup goes through a lot of these things, and only one or two sisters or brothers stand up. They make objections they say but the rest of your community is happy with this new development. This is the lesson for us. It's easy to be radical and revolutionary and it sounds nice to stand up and revolt. But that's not the way of the sooner. So in sha Allah, Allah, Allah guide us and block grant us the best of leadership. May Allah return his instincts to the oma and return the truth to this world. I mean, just one announcement with regard to the Quran that as we said, I will either be Sunday the 11th of September

00:31:58 --> 00:32:25

or 12th, the 12th of September Islam as insha Allah would be having a good band program if you'd like to participate in the the sheep will be bought you can be in attendance slaughtering, cleaning and distribution of the meat and if you'd like to participate you're also welcome to join the price on the any any further questions speak to the Talib inshallah secular hate or sola say no Mohammed Ali your Savio Solomon Selena handler Vladimir Solomonic melodica

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