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Are we live in a great honor James Miller Mandela Haman hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala

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Sayidina Muhammad Ali he was so happy he married my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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All Praise to Allah subhanho wa Taala Lodestone sustained analysis of the universe. In a law none has the right to be worshipped except a law. We submit ourselves to Allah and we are muslimeen in obedience for last final data, and we send our greetings and salutations our love to our Master lnav Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his perfect and pure family, his wives, his children, his Sahaba and all of those who follow his son until the end of time, we we amongst them, I mean, what hamdulillah we continue inshallah, the series, the politics of faith, and we discussed over the last two, three weeks, some of the principles and rules pertaining to government, government, and Islam.

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We know that we live in a time when we live in a secular world where he said that religion and mistake needs to be separated Islam we don't have a concept like that, because we know everything is based on Islam. The religion guides us in how we deal with the smallest of things, how we use the bathroom, how we eat, how we sleep, how we manage our money, how we manage our children, our businesses, to how we manage our countries. Islam guides us in all those principles. And the ultimate foundation of everything in Islam is the consciousness of Allah subhana wa Tada. When you use the bathroom and you alone, you do it. Why? Because of taqwa, obedience to Allah, when you run

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the country, you do it with taqwa. So what happened to the law, we spoke about how the government has evolved within the last 1400 years, we spoke a little bit about the caliphate. And we said,

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we said that they were about 110 callups in the history of Islam, how differs. And we say that they were elected in a different different manner, but the majority of them and if we look at the base of the base, the full of our Rashid in, they were elected democratically the people chose them, the people put them in power, and Alhamdulillah. We can therefore say to choose your leaders, democratically is part of Islam. No problem is part of Islam and a dynasty kingship only appeared later on in the history of Islam after the days of the pull of Al Rashid in we spoke about abubaker la de la and last week, being the greatest of all the callups being the base of the base from the

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Quran and the Sunnah, what makes him the base man after the ambia of all the prophets, the next person, the next visit from amongst them in his abubaker, acidic or the Alon, the greatest of the greats. And within said that Allah visa Salaam gives us beautiful, beautiful Hadith. He says, follow my sadhana, meaning follow my way, live your life, according to my example. And the Sunnah, and the example of the philosopher or Rashid and madeon after me, and follow and lead your life and follow the example of the rightly guided caliphs off to me, for us today, when we say Hola, photoshooting, we understand who they are, in the time of Sahaba there was no such thing as Hola, photoshooting,

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you understand the perspective? There was no halifa there's only Rasulullah sallallahu. So who are the whole of any halifa after me, that is rightly guided, follow them. follow the example. And now we have 1400 years we can say in these 1400 years, who were the rightly guided caliphs who deserves this title that we should actually follow, the sooner the responses follow my sooner and the sooner Who is he talking about? Obviously, nobody was telling us. They will be rightly guided caliphs. He didn't give us the names. But now we can look from what hindsight and say who they were. And after over 110 Oliver's, we can say with certainty, four of them have this title. And they are one or two

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others that are deserving of this title, the full we know the forthrightly first four columns of Islam, the Sahaba and the rules according to the Quran and Sunnah and they implemented in the government's Welcome to the law. Then we sit Hassan rodya lon, only rules for a short period of time, but that short period of time save the oma so he is of the rightly guided caliphs. But then a man came

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After the Sahaba, not from the Sahaba. For Sahaba, it's easy we can understand why you should follow the Sahaba because they were taught by Mohammed Al salam, and they have a higher status. And the position is radi Allahu Allah says I'm pleased with him. So all of them are like stars, you can follow any Sahabi.

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But the normal men after them,

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who have the normal people after the Sahaba deserve to be called rightly guided caliphs. And we say that only one men of all the governors and all the hollyford including South Africa, Deena up including the great Haruna Rashid, including the great caliphs in our history, only one man stands up and he has such a level of greatness and such a level of piety only Allah knows the piety, but he achieved so much that what am I would say he is the fifth or the six rightly guided caliphs. His rule was so in line with the Quran and Sunnah, that he could actually be of the Sahaba in terms of his actions and his conduct.

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And the first mujaddid of our time, the first man who came off the Sahaba and is described as a majestic majestic revival of the deen the allameh. I'm sharing with us who is the revive and abbyson speaks about the every century a revival will come a great person will come and he will bring the world back on course, he will try he will be seen as a mercy Who is this person who is the first of them is this man from urban Abdulaziz rahima. Who law. So we spoke about this great and we began with him last week. We said he was born at the time of the height of the Omega dynasty. So his family were the ruling family of the Muslim world. And they didn't rule like we might think as a

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president. They ruled in absolute authority. The omega heads were at the height of the power he was born when they were at the apex of the power, that in a time in the time of moving abdulazeez his cousins his first cousins, they ruled an empire from Spain, until China with complete authority with complete power. The homemade Khalifa of that time. his cousin's his uncle, was the richest most powerful man on earth. He came in this family he was born to this family. We said that the roommates in his time his uncles, they had spread the borders of Islam and that they were the leading authority in the dunya, the only superpower in the world was the mermaids and the mermaid family

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control that Empire like it was their own private estate. Really, they ruled it like it was the business. They took what they want. They put who they wanted, as governor, they had no opposition to them, and they put anyone down that oppose them with severe, you know, with severe brutality. So he came from this family. We said of his lineage. He was born his father so his name is Omar, his name is Rocco moving on hip hop. His name is Omar, the owner of the second recording the second armored the first one of course, a number of your life. So he's the second dormer his father is Abdulaziz Omar, the son of Abdul Aziz. And his mother is Laila. So he has a father of the disease and his

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mother is Layla, who is Abdul Aziz Abdul Aziz even mattawan. His father Abdul Aziz is the son of Marwan the halifa of the Romanians. So, he's he is the grandson of the halifa and his father is the brother of his eldest brother, Abdul Malik. Abdul Aziz, his brother Abdul Malik is the halifa. So, Omar, Omar uncle is the halifa You with me?

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Right over. His father is Abdul Aziz Abdul Aziz was never halifa. His father was never called Halima, because he wasn't the eldest son. abdulazeez isn't the eldest son, he's older brother, he's Buta Abdul Malik. He was the halifa and Abdul Malik was a great Khalifa in terms of administration and power. Mighty halifa Abdul Malik with Marwan great, great halifa he really brought strength and power to the Omega dynasty. So he's not directly in line to be the halifa because his father was the youngest son. And on his mother's side, we said she is laner even asked him didn't ask him the daughter of Asim, even Omer Allah hubub.

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She is Layla, the granddaughter of Satan armor.

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Right. And we said that at the time of how did Amina How was Omar born and how did Abdul Aziz Ahmed boy and Layla, the daughter of the grant was a normal How did they get together? The family of Sade normally didn't like to get involved with the Romanians, because they were the government and they went beyond the limits. And they lived in luxury. And so a normal family was like the grandfather say normal. They didn't just marry out to anybody else. But armor for almost father Abdul Aziz. He lived in Medina and he said those famous lines he would like to many of the family have saved Normally he wants to disintermediate boy, but he wants to marry into the family of say normal

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You didn't just get married to say not much family like that. You had to come with character. But he was known to be a young upright person. Even though he was he was family of the ruling class. They accepted Him. And we said that Layla was the daughter of asked him as he married this girl. That's a normal I would say normal walks around we said last week, they normally would walk around at night covered this guy's and he would listen to what people would say. And he would ask them, What do you think of the halifa? Because he wanted honest criticism, not to punish them. You want to hear Am I a good man who a bad man because when you incharge people only tell you the good things. So and then

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he heard this mother and daughter talking. And the mother was saying, add water to the milk, increase the milk. So it's a half a liter of liquid water with it and we sell it as a liter. So the daughter says this is cheating. And even if a woman isn't here to see us cheating, a lot easier to see. cinnamons very impressed with this girl teaching her mother about taqwa. So he told the son awesome. Go Marry that girl. She's a lady of taqwa go either. Don't look at how she looks away. She comes from just marry her. She says she has taqwa. So as you marry this girl and they had a daughter, Laila, then Laila, this boy Abdulaziz from the immediate family. I want to marry into the

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family of Satan Omar, he had some good qualities. So they said in spite of your, your ruling family, we will accept you so that Layla and Abdulaziz got married. And they had a son Omar and this boy and he grew up in Medina. How did he look? He was born 63 after the hegira but he's also hobby. He made Sahaba 63 years after the hegira. And how did he look? He was shorter and darker complexion but very thin. And he had a mark we sit on his face. Because a neuroma in his lifetime he had a dream. And he dreamed that one of his offspring, one of his descendants would be a killer, and he will rule with justice and goodness. And the family of Satan normally would always look at the children and the

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grandchildren. Is this the man that say no one would have dreamed about and he had this mark because he got a scar in his young days. He was you know, he fell off a horse. He was kicked by a horse and he had the score as a young person. He is directly in touch with the ruling family that his first cousins, right so his first cousins are in Damascus. They are ruling the world if you have a first cousin, and they are the richest people in the world. You can imagine. You know this conflict and he lives in Medina. Medina is a lot more softer and slow and based on taqwa, where's the force and the highlight is in Damascus is first these families are they but he loved the pampered and luxurious

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life. Given a lot of gifts his uncle would come and give you gifts to them would bless them with a lot of things that the government took and gave to the family and but He is known for his good qualities. People love them as a young person, very friendly, very approachable. And he was well known in Medina as a good person. When his father became You know, when his father when his father became higher in status, they made him the governor of Egypt and his father Abdulaziz took the family to Egypt, but he said Ahmed, you stay in Medina, he told his son I want you to stay in Medina and I want you to learn from the Sahaba and the scholars in Medina and you will must attach yourself

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to say now my son so so normally his greatest son was most famous Sunday's of the law of the live in Omaha the great Sahabi the man who narrated so many Hadeeth he was still alive. So it's his grandfather's brother as his brother. So they told me you stay in Medina, you learn from Abdullah Omar and you learn from the scholars. So for me one of the guys he stayed in Medina and he learned from 33 teachers eight of their being Sahaba. He memorized the Quran as a young boy. And one of his you know, this is from history. One of these teachers was a man by the name of sada haven k son. So it has a teacher, one of the LML of Medina, very strict men. His father specifically chose Sorry, I

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want you to watch over my son.

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And I want you to be his teacher. And solly had this policy if you want to be my student. I want to see you in the masjid five times a day. And if you weren't there, then he you know he took some action against you. But this is normal. You can just you know, hit the nephew of the hollyford. This is royalty. So Omar was late to Salah one day Oh, he didn't come to the masjid one day. And he asked him sorry HostIn, where were you? So Omar said I was at home I was washing my hair and made it look nice. That's it. Okay. He wrote a letter to his father in Egypt, your son, but sada in the JAMA because he was busy with his hair. So the father said, shave is he Oh, tell him the solution. You

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don't even massala in a magazine. So this was his upbringing. This was the kind of upbringing that he had. So he's living in Medina, surrounded by the scholars and being subdued and humbled and taught by these great men, while on the other side, his family in Damascus or ruling and living the highlife. And this is where he's in the middle between these two sort of worlds. So he grows up and as a young person, his father comes in, he visits Medina and he asks his teachers, what do you say about my son?

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After teaching for a number of years, and they say, the Sahaba tell him that when we see your son making sada it makes us sad because it reminds us of the saga of Nabina Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he resembles the prophet in the way he plays. And he's of the base of the youngsters here in Medina, and he's reaching the level of being a scholar and alum and in fact, every single one of the former that he would find rulings from moving Abdulaziz because he's also a scholar. And in the books of Hadith, you'd find that if a hadith is narrated by him, the scholars of Hadith says he's reliable and he's an authentic narrator, except for him. So as a scholar, grows up as a young man as a

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scholar, and as an alum. His father dies while he's still quite young, and the halifa Abdul Malik loved him a lot is his uncle who is the holly family. And he basically sort of adopts him and he wins his daughter Fatima to him. So he marries his cousin Fatima, the daughter of the halifa and they live in Medina, and he spends time in Medina. And when he becomes older, the governments of the maids want to make him the governor of Medina. And he accepts the position as being the governor of Medina. And it must be understood the people of Medina while they obeyed the halifa. They didn't really like domains. The people of Medina were like grandkids of Sahaba. And they tried to live like

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the grandparents of Sahaba. They didn't like that the Khalifa in Damascus is living in a palace, that he's basically being served with cups of gold, that he has slaves that he has, that he kills people without any trial that he takes from the money as you want. They didn't really respect the immediate family.

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So when Ahmed bin Abdulaziz was made the governor, they were happy. They said, We know this young man. And he's basically the only automaker that we really like. So they accepted him as the governor, and why we mentioned the story of former bin Abdulaziz in the light of politics, if you want to be a leader, this is how you be a leader, a man that is ruled and this is the way he governed. And so not just if you're the halifa. But if you are, if you are a father or a manager or a boss, this is the examples of leadership that we take. So he's appointed as the holly or as the Emir of Medina. And he says, I think this position is speaking to his first cousin actually. And I

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want you to understand as well each personality, so his cousin actually now becomes the halifa of these father passes away. And he is a very strict stickman very scary individual. In fact, people really feared him, kind of like a tyrant. And he, they sit in his time he was known for expansion of the Empire. It was his time that the armies went to Spain and to China, to Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, all these stands kind of mentioned this in the series, we are with Stan it means land of like here will be ecosystem, Stan kookaburra. So all these lands were conquered in his time, and the governor's was scared of him. And he ruled by the sword, really, his governors took no nonsense. So

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already It was a man you didn't really speak out against you listen to what he said. So he's got halifa. And he appoints almost as a governor, as a very delicate situation to deal with a man like this, but he had the ear of the halifa. And he wasn't necessarily his first cousin. So he still had a relationship. And he tells his cousin alwaleed, I accept the position as governor of Medina and the three conditions number one, I want to put my leaving now already, I'm going to make Hutch, right, so I'm already putting in money. Number two, I'm going to deal through whether you like it or not. So if I find something that you don't like, I will voice it and you must give me a fee. The

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halifa said, Fine, you can speak your mind to me. And number three, what the current practice is how sauce was managed that time in the mega dynasty, they will take the wealth from all the provinces and send it to the masters, and they would use that money for what they wanted to do. So that's stopping the money of Medina staying in Medina, and I only will accept under these three conditions because of his character and he grew up and was so loved even by his cousin's visit fine. I don't allow my other governors to dictate like this to me, everybody, but you are not. That's what you want. Fine. So so so Omar, Abdullah Aziz is now the governor of Medina. And the first one of the

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first things he does as governor, look what he does, he gathers the seven best scholars of Medina and he appoints a council the Shura Council of Medina. And in fact, you know, when you look at the squat, the city of the allameh many of the scholars that followed came from this official appointment, they would say the seven judges of Medina with the highest authority in the oma when these seven judges passed a fatwa, then you know what sort of authentic because this is the seven most learned men of Medina, Amina Rosie's, he forms this council and look at these words. He says, the rulers usually appoint people to watch over the subjects. I appoint you to watch over me and my

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behavior. If you find me at fault in any word or action, guide me and stop me from doing it. I report to you You are my committee that I respond to you

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You keep me in check the seven scholars this later on as I said, this will be the basis of many of them either he would come from this but this panel would later on do so this is the first thing he does and almost says in the Quran

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and shall we whom Allah tells me a piece of Salaam when you make a decision. Do it through consultation. If you Nadine salsa Lamaze consultants Sahaba. What's your opinion? Oh, Bella, you the slaver What's your opinion? A lot tells Mohammed Salah who can say I'm a one man show my decision those. So when women Abdelaziz does this council of Shula and they, they basically advise him in a face that he can't solve on his own. And he, one of the things he also did as a governor is he hated the adornments of the masses. Part of the signs of piano is that massage will become looking like palaces, that gold and silver is used in the magazines and it's overly decorated is not part of

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Islam. So he did not like doing this extravagance but he did expand the budget and nabawi under the commandments of of his cousin unworried. Also, he believed both the relationship between the people of Medina and the Omega family. And what was most importantly, was he would constantly go to unworried, the halifa and speak to him personally. And as I said, he had no problem killing anybody that disobeyed him or criticized him, no one ever criticize anyone he even killed. And he is the best of generals, the generals that conquered Spain, and Pakistan, and Pakistan into China, all three of them because they want so you know, he was unhappy with him. He removed them and many of

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them were imprisoned or killed. This is how he dealt, you know, as a leader. So Rosie's, though, but he was known to speak to him, frankly. And he comes to unworried. And he says to him, I give you some advice of halifa, you know, that certainly off the sheet, because the worst of sense is, the shedding of blood to shed innocent blood is no greater sin than that. Yet, your officials, your governors are killers, who, when they kill people who record down that the sin of the murder, murder person was such and such. So basically, what they would do is they would execute someone in like, I mean, they would basically put a deposit, no, he, he did this, he did that that's all executed, and

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they falsify a report. And it became okay. That's the reason there was no faith trial. So so in opennebula, z, studying the halifa this is what your governors are doing, and you know, it, indeed you are responsible for this, and will be held accountable for it. Therefore, I advise you write to them commanding them not to kill a single person, but to record the sense and to give them testimony to that meaning give them a free trial, a fair trial. And what eventually is convinced and he says fine, I accept your your recommendation, and he actually issued a decree, no one should be killed, except with a free trial. Now, I think a side note to the government, the area of Iraq, was very

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anti omegan. They were extremely anti omean. The people of Iraq and this goes back to the time of St. nalli. And the fight between the Romanians Cydia Damascus, the western part. Jordan Pederson, very proud of me, this is my territory, Iraq and Iran, very anti human rights. And this was always a problem area, all the revolts would come the so how do you keep this area in line? You put a very slick governor, and the most, even today we know his name, and Hijazi been useful. He's a very well known figure in Islamic history. He's the governor of Iraq. And he was you know, the, the Iron Fist enforcer of the of the Romanians, they would say, that had judge killed a man from blindness with

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the sword. How did he do that? He listened to a man who was blind making law. So he told us a lesson. Yeah, you know why I'm had judges judge the one that kills and imprisons and does whatever you want to judge the title. And basically, I give you you're not making this up properly. I give you until mercury to make do our properties, our returns, you cycle execute you, the guy may see this door, and a lot of buddies cute his eyes will heal. He may see these two acquisitions are just giving you a time. They say there's nothing sharper than the sort of hijab and the tongue of another another scholar, so just known as being a real tyrant. And he's primary method of intimidation was

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execution. And now we get this command from the halifa normal executions, you must stop. So he just says, you know, whatever. This is now a headache. I run my business on this. This is how I enforce my policies. So he tried to get rid of him when he realized oh, my disease has too much influence over the halifa. I want to get rid of him. And there was a period when eventually, Omar Omar bin Abdulaziz could no longer stand being the governor and he abdicates as being the governor of Egypt of Medina. And he's given two reasons. And you see why he did that. Number one, and it's probably the correct view is that a judge wanted to prove a point. And her judge got together in Iraq, all

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the leaders that hated the halifa he got them together.

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And he sent him to Damascus go to the halifa. And he writes the holy faces Khalifa. You don't want me to execute these people? Why don't you speak to them and you tell me what to do. I'll put the ball in your court, I would deal with him in my way. But you said no, I mustn't do it. So now you tell me what to do. So the Gulf? So luckily for us, the hollyford what he tells his cousin, Homer, how should I deal with these people? Give them a trial. Let's hear what they have to say. So these Holly, these How are each people they said, Walid You are a cafe and your father is a coffee, and he's in jahannam. And all of you're going to join them? And you know, they started bashing and

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insulting and cursing, how do you find his family? And and what he'd never spoken to like this? So he said, I've heard enough execute them. And he was one of the Lizzie's, you know, he looked at him and he said, you know, you don't approve of my my decree. So he said, I wouldn't have executed them, I would have still tried to negotiate with them. I don't approve of what you're doing. So he says, You're too soft, man. I no longer really respect your opinion, if you don't want to execute these people, that I agree with Hajaj. So almost hidden. I don't want to be governor anymore. So this is the one reason why he abdicate. The other reason is that there was a man who babe in Medina who was

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spreading false Hadith about the Romanians, saying that the Navy SEALs from seed, the omegas will come, they will rule and they will cheat and steal and we should go up against them. So you will also revolting against the government, and you're spreading false Hadith. So the halifa said, arrest this man human trial, and then you deal with him as you should be dealt with. So movement became a trial and he was found guilty feeding false Howdy. Now, if you give false testimony, you should be less than 40 times. So he was left 40 times. And he was tied up outside, he wasn't you know, for an evening or less than he was outside. And then he contracted pneumonia and he died. So when we felt

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responsible for this, he felt I killed this man, even though he didn't kill him. But, you know, the man was punished according to his clients, and he happened to die. So he felt that, you know, I really, I, I causes men to die. So he said, I don't want to be the governor anymore.

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So he's not the governor for a number of years. And in other words, he is about to pass away. And on his deathbed, he wants to change his successor. So when he became the holofernes, back now, when his father died, he made an agreement. He said, they will lead you are the halifa after me, and then your brother, sue the man that be the halifa. Both of you promised me first one eventually, man, and you played on that. So they made this agreement. Now our lead was about to die. He wants to change his father's wish he wanted to put his son and not his brothers to the man as the new halifa. So Omar goes to him. And he says, Yeah, I mean, I mean, I go up against this item approve of this.

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Because if you nullify the pledge that you made with your father, then your own Caliphate becomes illegitimate. You understand the reason here, if that pledge that you made with your father is illegitimate, illegitimate, then your whole Caliphate is illegitimate. So and what he struggled with us, and he wanted to insist on Omid to publicly support him that I can make my son look a diva. He refused. And he was in prison for some time, a week or so. And he said, I'm not going to back down on this. And he shows you his character. No one is speaking up against anybody. And here he's always able to do this. So eventually,

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the halifa agrees. Fine. Sulaiman, my brother can be the halifa. When he dies, Sulaiman now becomes the halifa. And you can imagine his relationship with Omar is very close. Basically, he made him the halifa. And so the man is not like his brother. Sulaiman was known more as a bit of a playboy. You like women, they would say, and he liked extravagance wasn't a man that was but he was very softer man, very, you know, a man that enjoyed luxury and he said, You guys run the room. I like you want leave me to enjoy myself. So he was also somebody that could speak to directly he had the ear of the halifa. And he took on bin Abdulaziz as he is sort of like he's a chief adviser. And he would say,

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if Omar isn't Yeah, I wouldn't find anyone to give me bad advice. So Sulayman and the LMR said, the people follow the things of the leaders. If the leader is corrupt, you'd find corruption in the people in the time of lead. The Hollywood was concerned about conquest and power and building palaces. And this is the people became the nature became like that one time to beat the other one in terms of power. So a man was involved with money and luxury. So people were involved in those things. Almost in a disease was a man of taqwa and sada and piety and learning. And similarly, people started talking about that in his time. So so the man was very close to armor, and he took a

00:29:40--> 00:29:59

lot of advice from him. Some of the advice he gave was when Solomon came as the official Khalifa for Hajj and he said, Mashallah, look how big the samba is. And like, I'm the halifa of all these people. So Omar said you shouldn't really smile because these people are your subjects here on the dunya but each and every one is a testify against you in the army.

00:30:00--> 00:30:09

So he felt so bad. He said, you know, distribute a lot of wealth in South Africa. So he was a man that was easily swing. He was a man that Omar could speak to openly.

00:30:11--> 00:30:46

So the man they say, was a very beautiful man. And he was standing one day in the middle and admiring himself and he asked us Why have you seen a man more beautiful than me, as it's never seen before like this before, was a beautiful man dressed in the finery. That day he got sick. In a week later, he was in his cupboard. On his deathbed. She was only a few years, few few short periods, Holly Philemon, he was about to die. And he hadn't even thought about the successor is only beginning. And he was on the verge of his deathbed and he said I haven't even chosen successor yet. So he asked one of his advisors, a man by the name of Raja, also a scholar. What do you think I

00:30:46--> 00:31:22

should do? I have younger sons who are not yet ready. I have brothers. And he wasn't very close with these. He's next in line brother a sham? Should I select a sham? Should I select my son? I'm not sure what I should select and Oliver. So Roger, I told him listen, whatever you're about to die, you're gonna go to the pub. And one thing that protects you from the punishment in the Akira is if a halifa appoints a good successor, so why not appoint your advisor? He's not in line to be the halifa He didn't even think he's gonna be the halifa Why didn't you do that? And so the man is convinced, yes, I want to meet a lot with this one good deed that I appointed the bass man I could. So he

00:31:22--> 00:32:05

appoints his cousin Omar as his halifa. And they equal the chief of police and his Raja, the one of the ministers. They signed the document, they stamped it closes the letter, and then he passes away. So now the hollyford did. And the immediate family no one knows who's gonna be next in line they all assemble in a private chamber are moving up the list is the the sons of Sulaiman of his brothers or the Sham still thinks it's going to be me, and I'm based in line but then again, they don't like me so much. So Roger comes in. He says, This is the letter from the halifa Yola green stamp cities, and you obey your halifa the city, yes. And you accept whatever is here is the law. Yes, I have the

00:32:05--> 00:32:26

chief of police with me. If anyone goes against what the halifa has decreed. We, you know, you'll be liable for treason. They said yes, no problem. So he opened the letter and he said, the halifa has decreed that Omar bin Abdulaziz is the new halifa. The whole family remains a shock. He wasn't even in line to be the halifa. When they brought Omar I said you the halifa. He said in in LA he was

00:32:27--> 00:32:42

in LA, what was Suleiman smoking? What was he thinking? is I want to speak to say, Man, the city is really dead. Yeah, Omar is dead already. This is the pledge of the Holy, this is the command of the halifa before he died, you are the new Khalifa.

00:32:44--> 00:33:20

He brought into the member and he was shocked. He said, This is not what I wanted. I didn't ask for this. And in fact, he says in his interview with us, in his inauguration speech, he says, oh, people, I have been burdened with the responsibility of the caliphate against my own will. I didn't ask for this, and I don't want it. And without my consent, or your consent, you want to ask and I wasn't asked a man was put as your leader without your permission. And I was also asked, I thereby remove the oath of allegiance. If anybody wants to be the hollyford besides me, stand up and you can be the halifa and I will advocate. And then no one stood up and everyone accepted. You are the

00:33:20--> 00:33:32

halifa. So then he says fine. on that case, I'll be your leader. And then he gave his conditions and we'll talk about his Caliphate, the halifa of the new halifa and what made him the fifth rightly guided caliphs inshallah, next week,

00:33:34--> 00:34:12

Allah subhanaw taala blessed us to have leaders like this and we learn this that we take these these lessons for ourselves, I mean, just a few announcements Alhamdulillah with a really wonderful Hajj course last week, the journey of a lifetime It was a weekend course and those were things that are really good things to say about the course and the notes and the audio, we just editing it will be on the website inshallah. And it's free for everyone to to to have and we just say does apply to those who attended. And it was I wasn't able to attend but a lot of them in that the people that did all the hard work behind the scenes, we must say my loss already would you and if one person had and

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you told them to do or you did something that they remember they make do and you told them what happened in London, what did you What can you ask for when the prices really steep? But next, in about a month's time? They could have been would have eaten in a month's time inshallah could you live in either the Sunday the 11th or Monday the 12th of September would be evil.

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And the sheep if you'd like to put a band around Islam, Majid, we have a facility we resort to the sheep where you provide the sheep so to do the skinning and the meat you can either collect yourself or to be distributed through our soup kitchen. If you'd like to have a coupon or applica. Please you know, you can contact with the tonic. As I said it's 1850 cheap and it's the prices of all around. So inshallah if you'd like any further details to this video

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To the Taliban and lastly, you can email me as I say this my details and a few people have emailed me WhatsApp may see some of you in the cloud I haven't responded, inshallah, within time I will do so. So forgive me for that. Or someone said no Mohammed

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amin salaam aleikum wa