Abdul Nasir Jangda – Illuminated Tarawih Khatirah Night #04

Abdul Nasir Jangda
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of learning and sharing experiences in any aspect of life, regardless of background or circumstances. They also touch on Jesus' teachings and use the Bible for guidance. The segment concludes with a discussion of the importance of staying true to the Bible and finding salvation in the future.
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the understanding and the idea, that knowledge and the seeking of knowledge, and the teaching of knowledge, sacred knowledge is absolutely necessary for any worthwhile and successful endeavor

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that you cannot produce. You cannot produce guidance out of darkness, but light needs to be there. And that light that we've been talking about from the Quran, from the understanding of the Quran, from the understanding and the appreciation of the life of the prophet Sallallahu sallam. So knowledge and the importance of teaching and seeking and acquiring and learning knowledge is very central to everything that we do.

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Thirdly, we also have the fundamental principle that the unity and the collectiveness of the OMA

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right being combined together, being united, and coming together, from all backgrounds, from all walks of life, from all kinds of circumstances, is essential to the success of the ummah.

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And that any kind of exclusiveness or exclusivity

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is fundamentally contrary, it's antithetical to what we talked about previously, point number one, it goes against what the Quran teaches us. And it goes against everything, the life of the prophets, Allah, Islam demonstrates to us. And I don't want to be too specific here today to not kind of, you know, make anyone feel uncomfortable or self conscious, or whatever the, you know, whatever it is. But at the same time, when I talk about inclusiveness and not exclusive, right, that means that people from all kinds of backgrounds and all walks of life. And at some level, again, at the risk of being a little bit specific, regardless of what people look like, or sometimes maybe how people are

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even presenting themselves, right, how they are dressed, are, what they're wearing, they're not wearing it, etc. And I understand that some of these things are very delicate and sensitive, some people have a lot of sensitivities about these issues, and I respect their sensitivities. But we're also asking them to respect the founding principles of this institution.

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And again, very humbly and respectfully, what I share with everyone is, you're not going to be able to come here and make us do things different.

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That's just not gonna happen. Right. And that's why I felt it was important to clarify that we've been doing this for 15 years, we didn't start yesterday, or the week before. So you're not going to come here and change how we do things. Now what if you say that you have a good idea, we're always open to learning.

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But that'll be a conversation. Right? And so even when it comes to, and again, I'm touching on some delicate, sensitive handed things here, but bear with me, even when it comes to right, frankly, speaking, right, my own son, Mohammed, when he comes here, and then he spots start to hate son au, and they see each other. Right, then something bad is about to happen. Okay, there's just energy that is created, or electricity, it's like that thunder outside. Okay. Um,

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but we've found it this place, and this permeates in every aspect of follow up, you can come to an intensive, you can come to the seminary,

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and you will hear kids making noise that money. Yes, as many of us want those kids now. Right.

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So that's just our that is our vision, very frankly, and openly speaking. And we are excited to welcome everyone into this. But I just wanted to at the same time clarify that please. You know, be mindful that that is our operating philosophy. And in sha Allah, we hope to embrace you and welcome you into that as well. And we hope you can learn to grow and appreciate that as well. But if that's not your cup of tea, as they say,

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I wouldn't know because I drink coffee. But if that's not your cup of tea, we respect that and we understand better philosophy. So let's go ahead and get started. I apologize for the little bit of delay in starting with the dub setting. You see a little bit of ad hoc setup, but looks like the thunderstorms kind of thrown off all the you know, systems that they have going here, which sets me up for a perfect rant about technology, but I'm not going to do that today. All right,

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the students are attacking. So inshallah continuing with our series that we've been setting here from the Quran titled illuminated, where we're taking a look at the mention of new

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To light in illumination in the Quran in the book of Allah.

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Today we're looking at surah. Number five Sula to the mountain that is 15 and 16. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Yeah,

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but the jar Akuma Rasulullah. You may, you know, proceed on minmax makansutra, phenomenal kita. We are for unconcealed because I couldn't mean Allah, He knew what Kitab goMobi. Allah subhanaw taala says, oh, people have the book. I'm going to kind of explain as we go through this. So people have the book. What does that mean that people have the book? And we've talked, I alluded to this earlier, the people who had Scripture before the revelations of Quran. So this is talking more specifically to the Jewish and the Christian communities at that time. Oh, people have the book. But the jargon Rasulullah. Allah is the person speaking here. All right, our messenger came to you.

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You may, you know,

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and he is clarifying for you, because he did

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a lot of Mimar continue to phenomenal Kitab a lot of the things that you conceal from the Scripture, what does that mean? What this is talking about is that there are many incidents that document this, right, very real, very, in a very real way, practically, that there would be injunctions, there would be rulings, there wouldn't be details that were found in the Old Testament, for example. And when the Quran would say something, what they would do is they would obscure the fact that there was the corresponding, the same information was also found in their structure, they would conceal it, they would hide it, they would edit it out. And the Quran repeatedly says one of sense one of those

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things was the mention of the prophets a lot of it was

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there was a lot of prophecies there was a lot of mentioned there was a lot of description of a Zulu liking some love Allegra seven in the previous picture, but they would conceal it, and they would obscure it so that they would not have to admit that we have to follow this man that we have to listen to this man.

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Right? So they would hide these things. And so Allah is saying, Our pastor came to you, and he is clarifying to you the things that you have been erasing from your books we are for and Kathy and there's so many more things that you have erased from your books. But he hasn't called you out on it. Because if he started calling you out on every single thing that you've said,

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that you've erased, that would be a full time job. That's all he would do. Right? Because Allah says you're having fulfilling Mohammadi, once you have them as

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they remove the words from where they're supposed to be. And they sometimes outright erase and omit entire things from the Scripture.

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And then Allah says that the jaw can mean Allah.

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What is that? Indeed? Something came to you from Allah. What came to you from Allah neutron? Alight, what eatable movie and the very clear book.

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Now again, I'm going to say that again,

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a light and illumination and a very clear book came to you from Allah.

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what's meant by light here? Normally, we read previously, illegal Nura Marina, which has at sufferance, God revealed the light to you the Quran is a light.

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But here Allah saying there came to you from Allah, a light and the Clear Book.

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So the light is not the book.

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Well, one of the names of the Quran is rude. But here Allah is saying calling the Quran a clear book. And then he's saying that another light came to you that is not the book, another light.

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Who is that like talking about?

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Exactly, that like just talking about Muhammad Rasul Allah Himself.

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He is the mind. He is the illumination.

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He is that light in the darkness. He is showing you the way. One of the names of the prophets are some Excel heavy, right? He guys the hooligan metabolically oh man had him. There came someone to guide every group of people, every nation of people.

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So the scholars explain that new here is referring to the profit some of apologies. And again, right. There's some further discussion about this. But like I said, many times already, I'm not going to go into the weeds, right?

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Generally speaking, it's easier to understand it as a metaphor.

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It's calling the Prophet salami, some alight, metaphorically speaking, because you the Quran cannot contradict the Quran. What does the Quran say? All in Nama and Akasha say I am a man. I am human. So he's a human so that how can you be like angels or light. So he's a human being. So again, that's referring to him as like, figuratively speaking, because he shows you the way in my monitor him Allahu Taala very famously said that the sooner the way of the messenger, salallahu Alaihe Salam, it's like the art of no offer this month, that when the whole world is drowning,

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and it seems like everything is enrolling.

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If you attach yourself to the profits a lot if somebody if you follow his way, it's like you boarded the Ark of Noah, when the whole world was flooded, you'll be safe and you'll be okay.

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And then Allah says, Yeah, de la. Allah uses the prophets alavesa. And Allah uses the Quran to guide.

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But who is this guidance for? Who will benefit from this guidance man, the one who it's about or is the one who

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the one who is seeking the pleasure of Allah.

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Sincerity is the most important characteristic and quality. Sincerity is as they say, the secret sauce. Sincerity is what's needed.

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And the reality is, is that you might not know everything, you might not figure out everything, you might not do everything right. But if you're sincere, Allah will make a way.

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And Allah will guide you to what you need to do. And that's exactly what he says that Allah uses the prophets of Summon, Allah uses the Quran to guide the people who are seeking the pleasure of Allah. Where does he got them to go? Let's sit down

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to the path of safety, to the path of well being, to the path of salvation in the hereafter. Because he in while we live this life, we want to do the right thing. But we want to make sure that while we're doing the right thing, that obviously we don't create unnecessary hardship upon ourselves. Right, everyone wants to do the right thing. But it'd be nice if doing the right thing didn't come at the expense of just our own well being.

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So Allah is saying, if you follow the Quran, if you follow the Prophet SAW Salem, and you were sincere,

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Allah will allow you to practice the religion in a way that will not destroy your well being. And more importantly, in the life of the hereafter you will find salvation when you create your home. Minato lumati Illa No. And we're back to the theme where Allah will extract you from the layers upon layers upon layers of darkness, and hopelessness and despair. And you bring you back into the light to the hope to the Mercy of Allah. We have the evening he by his permission, we have Deacon illustrata Muscatine, and He will guide you to the strict path. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us all the ability to be able to follow the Quran and to be able to follow the example of the prophets

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a lot he says, and may Allah subhanaw taala always keep the Quran and the way of the messengers from autism as the Guiding Light within our lives. I mean, yeah, oh god, I mean, just gonna love Caden. Somebody come up and play

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