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Are the lamela shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah should have been more serene say Mohammed. Earlier he was so happy he married. My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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All Praise be to Allah subhana wa Tada, the Lord, the light of the heavens and the earth, Most Merciful, most kind La ilaha illAllah none has the right to be worshipped except Allah subhana wa tada We ask Allah subhana wa tada to forgive us for the sins we've done from last week to this week, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept this day of jumar from us to grant, a expiation between one Juma and the next all those sins that allow us to forgive us, and Allah subhanaw taala send our greetings and salutations I would love to unabie Mohammed solo or send them to his perfect wives or mothers, to Sahaba and his family and to all those who live upon the sooner until the end of time,

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it will be amongst them. I mean, while hamdulillah

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My beloved brothers, sisters

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Alhamdulillah last week, we began the series The Politics of faith,

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we began the series, the politics of faith, and we discussed I said, inshallah, this will be a, it will be a number of weeks we'll discuss this, but with the upcoming elections, I'm fast forwarding to the end. And we'll go back and take the the journey to get to the end. So I'll give in sha Allah this week, the principles the some guidance, some assistance in understanding, should you vote who should you vote for? I'm not telling I'm not going to tell you we should vote for there are principles in what you should do to decide who is the best candidate, if you should vote if you shouldn't vote. It's a decision you need to make. But I wanted to do a series that gave you how

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Islam has been managed for the last 1400 years. How did we elect scholars? How did we have one? caliphs? What happened to the caliphate? How can we don't have one is the caliphate Currently, the so called Caliphate? the caliphate, we should all be pledging to yes or no and why not? But we can't discuss all those things today. And we need guidance today for the elections coming up next week. So if you didn't know and I myself was not fully aware. It's on Wednesday, I believe the elections are on Wednesday, the municipal elections. And we need guidance on this matter. We can't avoid it, we need to discuss whether it is appropriate for us to participate. Should we vote in those elections?

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Should we have parties, Muslim parties in those elections? If we don't have an ideal candidate is not someone that's quite clear. Who should we vote for? What is the implications? Should we leave South Africa and makhija to the data of Islam? Is that what's expected of us? Let us discuss in sha Allah. So last week, I began by saying it's a very controversial topic. It was in the past, it still is a controversial topic, Islam began to split on politics.

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All the other issues, not even athletes issues, not even tawassul. And we'll go into the climates and making mo lewd and Rua, these were not the issues that caused the split in the oma, the beginning of the split was politics. The beginning of the split is politics. And it had continued until today, and the killing that we see in Syria, and in Iraq, and in Turkey, and in Libya, and in Yemen, and x, y, z, all the countries in the world, not religion, its politics. Religion is a unfortunate victim of politics. So this is the most dangerous area of discussion. And if we ask Allah for guidance, and I ask of you your understanding, and if it's anything not clear, we can

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discuss offline, or we can continue afterwards the CDs and discuss further. The second thing we discussed last week, and I made this this is rule number one. Principle number one, what system of governance does Islam What does Islam want? Everyone lives with freedom, and you do as you want, and your view is equal to my view, and there is no authority. No, Islam is quite clear that it authorizes an authority and those underneath that authority must obey the authority. And this is not only in terms of politics, we have many degrees of authority over us and we influence authority over other people. If you are a father, you have authority over your kids, they need to obey that

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authority. If you are in a business, and you are a manager, you have managers above you need to obey that manager and those beneath you should obey the managers that they report to. Similarly, in Islam, politically, Islam says there's a man or a woman we appointed as our leader in a certain area, a chieftain or on a on a more local scale. And that person has authority in his right. Also, the issue of authority has limits. If we appoint a man as halifa, just the interesting side note here, we appoint a man as halifa. So he's the authority political authority.

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ultimate authority. Does he have the right to tell you put a Muhammad, your daughter, I will be the value of your due to the marriage. Right? He's the authority said no. In terms of my daughter's marriage, I am the authority, not you. You understand the authority has limits. And we don't and we sometimes don't understand that. We set an example of authority who should be the first person to lead the Sala you know there's a category when we need to select the Imam of the of the sada the criteria. The number one person is the man who has authority in that section. So the man who the community has appointed as Imam he has the authority in the masjid and I find this quite funny

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because in Medina, you find Masjid and there was a magic close to the university. With the Imam of the harem, the amount of the harem lived close to the masjid. So in the harem, he is the Imam but he's not the amount of that Masjid so he doesn't leave the sauna. He stands behind the local Imam because he's not the authority in that Masjid. Similarly in your house, you are the authority in your house. You are the head of the house you the authority. Even if the king comes to your house, that's your house. You have final say he can't just open your fridge and open your cupboards no because you are the authority. So in Islam, Islam tells you and when this ayah should be read not

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just in terms of the halifa Yeah, you will have in a minute Oh, those of you who have Eman if you have Eman, obey Allah obey the authority of Allah unconditional obedience. Melissa something we obey, we understand that what hamdulillah and also Attila Rasool Allah, Allah uses the term obey again and obey the messenger when you find that Hadith is from the vessel Salaam. Now because this is haram, we don't say but if why how why not include cholera so Salaam, obey. If he says jump, you say how high Hollis right. So obey Allah and obey, there are so seldom the messenger and those in authority from among you, those who have authority over you. It could be your father, it could be

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your husband, it could be your boss, it could be your chief, it could be your President, your halifa obey them in the authority. Your job is to obey the commands were International. But if you quarrel and you dispute and we said they will be differences of opinion, if there are differences of opinion between you and your authority, you and your husband, you and your parents, you and your manager, you and the halifa what do you do? For who do who will allow you a little school? Then go take the metro back to Allah ask Allah for his guidance and often a basis for guidance. We can ask Allah directly so we can ask Allah directly but the answer is in the Quran, then go back. What does the

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Quran and the Sunnah say, we go to a higher authority and who's above the halifa, the deen Allah is the ultimate authority, then go back to that Allah says, And Allah says, If you believe in Allah, Allah says, believe twice here, that this is paramount for the believers to obey the authority. And if you obey a belief in the last day, and Allah says, This is better, and it is very good for you, ultimately, if we have a system where every man does what he wants this no authority will law, he the whole dunya will be in chaos.

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And it's interesting, the people that are exporting complete freedom. Look at how they obey the authority. Democrats, Republicans fighting ready to kill one another. But we may choose the president or us. That's the commander in chief. If he sees his war, tomorrow, we go to war. But they want to tell the rest of the world. You rebel, and you fight your leaders and you every man can choose his own fate. But they don't do that. panela the United States, but each one must be on his own freedom. Interesting, something to think about. And we said last week in Ibiza Salaam went very, very explicitly on this matter. Now, rule number one, obedience to authority. What if the authority

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is bad? Nobody so Salaam says, even if you will deprive the O'Shea you have a manager, a father, a husband, a leader who is unjust, they take your rights, they don't give you what is your view, you still have to obey them, when they advise command you to do something so long as it's not a sin. If it tells you to commit Zina, no, you don't obey. If your parents tell you to come and check, you don't obey, even if they are bad. And they advise you do XYZ, you obey that authority.

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Even if a service also says of the last advices, he gave, even if a slave, a person who you feel is incompetent, a person who you feel I know better than the Chairman. I know better than the president alone. Maybe all of you, you know better than the president. I have no doubt in it. But he's an authority. And so long as he doesn't advise you to do something wrong. We obey

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this so in talking about an Islamic leader, right? Obviously, a non Muslim leader becomes more complicated. So we're talking about a Muslim leader placing authority, he might be incompetent, he might be unjust, he might do things he might, in fact never use when so far. Look at this heightened Muslim. They will believe

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Who will not lead by my guidance so he's a Muslim, but he will not lead by the sooner and he will not adopt my ways. They will be among the men who have hearts of shayateen in the bodies of humans are so bad. And the Sahaba said, what should we do if we live in a time like that? Now vehcile says, You listen to the Amiga, you listen to the man above you, and you carry out his commands. Even if he hits your backs, and he steals your wealth. You listen and you obey, Hadith Muslim, Allah. And we are a religion of people say, of revolutionaries and rebels and ISIS Finally, many of you You fought against a evil regime and you overthrew them. Here Islam is saying, obedience, obedience, obedience,

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even to a bad leader. So we say at what level Yeah, and when do we get fed up? Yeah, Allah and fight back. When do we fight back? So there is a hadith in Bukhari and Muslim when the Sahaba asked this question, when do we go out and remove the leader if he's bad politically?

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And I said, Remember this, we're talking, not just politically, if you are in your own capacity of a boss who's not fair and just, you can't just decide I'm not pitching to work today, because you didn't give me my salary increases I deserved. You can't just take from what you want. No, you obey the leadership, so long as he doesn't tell you it's evil. But in terms of politics, when can you remove the halifa if he's unfit and just can we remove him if he takes the Huck is incompetent. Now, viscose is a Muslim, only when you see clear Cooper about which you have clear, complete evidence, then you can remove the halifa. So this man is complete caffeine.

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today, the law of the world, even though they will speak harshly against certain leaders, but because this is La ilaha illAllah, he gets the benefit of the doubt. Because he says I'm a Muslim, and therefore he has his defense. It's still not 100% clear, until someone does outright clear Coover. And this is the terrorists of today. They have made blanket statement, Cofer on every leader on every minister on every Army soldier, this is all of your caffeine, until you have clear proof that he's caffeine. And it's it's so clear, and there's no doubt and this nevison goes further and further had to say so long as the Salah is still being established, he still has massage, people are

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making Sala he still is being called this is not clear confer. The main still then has some attachment to Islam. So just because he lives in a palace, just because there are rumors of how much money he wastes on himself that he gambled he drank whatever, not clear, Cooper, not clear evidence, no right to go out and remove him.

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Can you obey? So this is a Muslim who is bad, you see that the level to which you must go before you can rebel against very high Allah has made it very difficult for us to remove the leadership through violence if he's a Muslim leader. But what about a person who says I am caffeine? I'm not a Muslim? There's no reason to debate with this Muslim or not. It is clearly caffeine. We were all talking about obeying a Muslim leadership. That is an authority, but it's bad. What about a person who is caffeine? Is he a legitimate leader? Should we still obey Him?

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Should we still obey Him? Now he says it is necessary upon a Muslim to listen and to obey the ruler, as long as one is not ordered to carry out the sin. And if he's ordered to commit a sin, then there is no adherence and obedience. Even if the ruler and you authority is a non Muslim, but he doesn't command you will send you obey Him.

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You obey Him and Muslims lived in Makkah. for 13 years before they lived in Medina. They were not the political authority in Mecca. Nagisa Salam was not the leader. Abu Jamal was the leader. Did they rebel? Did they overthrow? Did they burn universities? Did they bomb marketplaces? No, they did. They will Allah subhana wa bilello monster and we all know B that was his master may have been heard of Lancome law that he was torturing Bilal. But it will say I'm not going to do my work because you hit me yesterday with a man commanded him, fetch me the spring me that do this without he did it. But when he said, don't worship a license, I had I worship a law that I don't obey you.

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So he got abused. You see, he obeyed his authority, who didn't tell him Run away, run, leave your master know, obey your authority, when people lift Mecca

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to Medina, and it was a treaty of authority that they are not allowed to do this. Now because in the believers go back to Makkah, we have an agreement, the authority the law that we have agreed upon. The system in place says Muslims can't leave Mecca without permission. So go back to Mecca even though you will believe I have patience. This is what the deen is saying whether we like it or not, whether it's a bit difficult pill to swallow. We all want to be warriors and revolutionaries. This is what the dean is saying. So one cannot say this tax return.

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This robot is put by a Cooper system, I don't have to obey it. I can go as I please, I can do as I want. No, you are living within an authority. And so long as the authority is not commanding you with evil with sin, you must obey.

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Also, not all non Muslim governments are the same. Islam does not put fear around. And Abu Talib in the same level of authority was an authority in his time on Muslim cafe. In Ghana, we know this Hadith, fear around Fidel, Solomon and the loss of gender. Right? So are these two men the same? No. Do we interact with these two men the same? No, if they are presidents of two countries, are they the same? Islam categorizes a non Muslim state and non Muslim government into two ways that will help those who have war, those oppressive governments against Islam, like Burma, like Israel, they are countries who are at war with Islam, at war with the Muslims, they are oppressive towards

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Muslims, they forbid you from practicing your religion, and they are actively trying to destroy you and God. The school did not have the land of war or the land of our enemies. When you have a dialogue, a man or a woman or Darla darussalam, a land of peace, non Muslim country, but it gives you the freedom to practice your religion. The government is not against you and your religion, necessarily the government itself, its policies you might have individuals inside the but as a policy as a as a government, you have your rights and the government gives you the right to practice your religion. And an example of this is the Muslims. Think about it. The first hegira was to be the

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very first seizure was the way not Medina, as a senior

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Muslims lift a calf in the state of Mecca to another calf in the state of ever senior. Me seniors were Christian, and they believed in the Trinity. They were Christians. But that calf state was a much better calf state than the one they were in and nobody's even justified. Why are we going to have a senior by saying that he suggested hula, you can have a non Muslim who is just he gives each one his rights. You have good non Muslim rulers like Abu Talib like Nigeria, she obviously became Muslim. After that he became Muslim Allah guided him. So living in a state that is not at war with Islam. Is this permissible? Or should we all make hegira to a Muslim country? Should all of us try

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our best to get to a Muslim country? Let's say hypothetically, there was 100% Muslim country. That's another question. What is a Muslim country? Who is classified as a Muslim country? Are the Muslim states that we see today that have Muslim majorities? Are the Islamic countries Yes or no? It's a much bigger discussion than that. But let's say there was an Islamic State. And we could go there should we make hegira. We know from the Quran, that once the city of Medina was established under the vehcile, salaam, they were so Muslims in Mecca, reluctant to make ijarah. They had businesses, they had wealth, if they leave Mecca, they lose everything. So Allah says is that if they die, and

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they didn't perform hegira, when they are in big, big trouble, they are in huge trouble, they must make hegira. And they will be asked why did you not leave this evil place to a land where Islam is being with Islam is prevailing and flourishing? So what where does that leave us? We live in a non Muslim country, should we all make each other?

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Again, must be understood further. And these are the discussions that we ask why do young teenagers leave the UK or France or Belgium? And they come all the way to Cydia? for whatever reasons, because there's a law that use these Ayat of the Quran that says Why are you living in a carefree state when you should make each other? Look, it's in the Quran clear cut. You don't have any way of defending that's panela. But those who mentioned look at the context of those eyes, and we asked were they any Sahaba that lived in non Muslim states? Yes, they were. In fact, people came from other tribes to Medina. They became Muslim. They left Yemen they became Muslim. They left nudge they live different

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areas. They came to Medina and they learned Islam as an abyssal Salaam. So one example here is the Sahaba Malik even if he stayed with the he stayed with an abyssal Salaam when the prophets of Salaam notice that this group of people that came from the tribe, they were missing the families. He told him that he said Go back to your families and teach them Islam. You go and propagate Islam with your people. The people will not Muslim and we will send them out of Medina to any coffee area so they can learn and love the deen. So the amount of today we ask the question if you ask the question of the fatawa can we live in a non Muslim country they will say if he Muslim is able to practice his

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religion openly and freely, and he's safe from fitness simulation, and he can call people to Allah and he can teach others about Islam. Then he may stay

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And he does not have to migrate. But he's staying the and and because he's staying the Serbs and interested that he's on the forefront of Darwin he should be. Each and every one of us here are ambassadors of Islam. And staying in our country comes at a price. That was our responsibility and Allah protect us. Allah is going to ask us and our non Muslim neighbors, colleagues and friends will say Mohammed neighbor told me about Islam on camera. Each and every one of us they're going to blame. They never once told me about La ilaha illa Allah. That's why there's a course coming up tomorrow, Tao power. If you want to learn how to give Dawa to inshallah we'll talk more about that.

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But it's a duty on if you live in a non Muslim country, then Tao becomes part of your obligation, it becomes important on you to give Dawa in whatever capacity you can. So there are the mouth today mentioned, you can live in a non Muslim state

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with a condition that you're free to practice your religion, you're not being persecuted, you can increase your email beta for you to go to the place that's best for your email. But if you are free to live as a Muslim without fear without persecution, then you can be you can live the nasl hamdullah. We can say without a shadow of a doubt in South Africa, we have these freedoms. We can make a van five times a day, we can open a madrasa our kids can go, we can all leave work. No matter what work you're in, you can leave work and you can learn about Islam, and you can criticize your government even you can even petition them, whether they listen or not. But you can petition them I

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want to build a new Masjid and hamdulillah so we have all these boxes ticked.

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So loving these okay, but can you participate in the government? Can you be part of a government and why a non Muslim government and why should this be a problem? Why? Because there are three very strict diet in the Quran. Allah Subhana Allah says one of the other woman lamea koombana Angela Allah, for Allah echo McAfee rune whoever judges and legislators by something other than what Allah has revealed, then they prefer in the next year after that, and whoever judges and legislators

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by that which always not revealed, then they are the volley moon and in the next iron for Oklahoma alpha sycuan. They are caffeine Bali Mutasa, con, they are places, wrongdoers, criminals and they go far. If you legislate in something which Allah has not ordained, you make halaal but Allah has made her arm you make her up and Allah has made her then you are liable for Cooper. And we spoke very long and hard about we don't call anyone coffee, even if the president of some Country His name is Mohammed whatever, and he is today I have made Hammad halaal in my country, and this is we remove the ayah from the Quran. Open Kufa, we say that's open Kufa and you are liable for Kufa. But you and

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I don't call that Mecca fit Why? We leave it to the llama. We leave it to Darla, you don't even want to certify something this piece of meat is halal. But you could put someone in janam leave that and this is why this is why we have again people ask How can a Muslim Mashallah beautiful beard alum say go bomb that building full of people in the women children, we don't care who's inside the vomit? Why he brings this ayah religiously to be something besides Allah, but we need caffeine Allah says is caffeine, what is he doing? He allowed the, you know, banks to flourish and we know into Salam he allowed, you know, non Muslims to drink alcohol. So how long this man is caffeine, the man is none

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the wiser, the 18 year old doesn't know anything else. And he goes in and he bombs that place based on these kind of ideas without understanding. So this is the doctrine of how terrorism flourishes. The US This is out of context. And therefore, once you've made someone cafard, then you can take his blood XYZ. So we said very long and hard. Cofer is not our business. But what we should be concerned about. If I tick a box and that box represents a party that makes something haram which Allah has made had Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Wait, hold on, are you liable? You understand the question now. So this party says we are opposed to polygamous marriages, we know less metadata. We are okay. with

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Hamas. We are okay with gambling we are okay with abortion, all these things which Allah has made Haram, you tick that box? Are you liable for that? But without equal human capital? You understand the repercussions now, you understand the implications. So can you participate in elections? Can you participate in the system? Because if you look at that list of parties, all of them have something negative about it. All of them are not in line or not based on the Quran. They have their own constitutions Of course they could fire run by non Muslim parties. We don't expect them to be run on the Quran and Sunnah. pantalones we need to be done in the Quran and Sunnah first, right Allah

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Households first should be running running soon. So if you tick a box, and this is democracy, is it compatible with Islam? And if not, can you then participate? Who is it better for you and your Eman to say to sokola? Hey, I live here I give my power. But I don't get involved in that. I don't want to be in that gray area.

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What do you think?

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democracy? What is it? Firstly, it is the rule of the people, the people rule, and the people make the laws to things. They appoint the leadership, right, supposedly, in an ideal state, the people appoint their own leaders in democracy, and they decide what is best. So the majority wants this. These are the laws and will live by these laws. Okay, the majority rules. And we said no, in Islam a lot rules and laws, authorities first, and it is conflict between the two Allah comes first. So can we participate in something which puts the people as ultimate authority? Islam has a middle way between the very, very, very narrow view of the terrorists or extremists that says no one has any

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view except Allah. We rule by the Quran and Sunnah and Hamas, no one should have an opinion no new laws, no nothing else. And the other extreme which says there are no divine laws, we make up the laws as we want. There's a middle ground called the Shura. Allah subhana wa, tada has ordained consultation in Islam. That Yes, there are like we have a constitution and are very similar. You have the Quran whose laws are binding, but Allah has left the framework for you open so long as you don't contravene the Constitution of Islam. So Allah subhanho wa Taala, for example, in marriage does not give you the entire details how you run your household, you decide with your wife who must

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cook the food, who must buy the groceries, whatever that's up to you. But there are certain rules you don't break.

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consultation Shura is part of Islam Shura, what is it? It is to ask knowledgeable people for the opinions on matters which are open for us to discuss. And one of the areas which Shura is permitted is in selecting a leader.

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Like elections, you can vote for a leader. This is permissible in Islam. This is how a worker became a leader. It was a consultation. The knowledgeable people of Medina got together and they said we should be the next leader. And they said Abu Bakar Why? Because he was the man which laid the who laid the Salah when Nevelson could not leave the Salah. When abyssal Salam was too sick, he said tell aboubaker to read the Salah the people said in other people I share the daughter of a banker said no not not Abu Bakar he cries too much and it annoys the people maybe we don't Allah and visa Salaam does not accept from anyone except abubaker to be the Salah wildebeest who was sick he heard

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say normal giving the Salah is it tell Omar to stop tell him to stop making Salah bring abubaker So on this, this is clear evidence who nobody so Salaam implicitly appointed as the leader and it was ratified the people of Medina and assura. Appointed they had a vote. They had about two should be a miserable Baka Baka. So yes, electing a leader democratically is Islamic part of Sure. You can do so. But more complicated than that. Can you have Shura in decision making? does Allah allow a panel of people to get together and to pass a law?

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Is this permitted, or is that too close to a law? He's the he's the law giver ally in the Russell's asylum.

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Are they the only ones who can pass laws? No. As I said so long as you don't oppose the laws which have been given. Allah has opened the doors of Shura look at this a lots of answers whether the minister Jabu lira Bhima como sada amaru Shura, Morocco mucuna was talking about the believers, they are those who have responded to the Lord and they establish sada and in determining the affairs they consult one another when they make decisions, they do it based on Shura

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if the next ayah which is even more clear, a lot of hands is going to be so solemn, how what kind of leader you should be, what kind of manager what kind of husband, what kind of halifa Amit you should be Alesis genovesa lamb, so be so by the mercy of Allah, Mohammed, you will lenient with them you are a merciful leader. But if you had been rude and harsh in your heart, when you follow those who have left you supporting them, make more for them and ask forgiveness and you ask them for math make him forgive you follow them and consult them in the matter if an abyssal solemn needs to also have a What do you think Allah hasn't given us guidance from this? What do you think how can we still have

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one man shows? I'm the chairman I give all the commands. This is not not the case yet.

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Right But if it was like that for the visa Salaam to you ask the Sahaba overstaying their visa salam, you ask them for the opinions. This is how it should be done, semi democratically

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Life's talking about this is how men how we should elect our leaders and how we should manage our governments on a system of Shura, not the democracy we have today with a criminal in jail and the valley and the professor they vote is equal, no, those who have knowledge and those who have been given authority, the elders, the seniors, the allameh, consult them, you don't make decisions one man show this is how, how Islam wants us to go, how Allah once the visa select the government is government, and how you find the Grateful of the government based on Sure. So yes, we can elect our leaders, democratically, and we can have an elected government, which makes new laws, so long as it

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does not contradict the Quran. So can we vote for a party, which is not Islamic, and has laws and legislation which is not in accordance with Islam? This is a modern contemporary issue. And this is way, what did the allameh today say? the council's your use of kabale. The fact that scholars of Saudi Arabia, what do they say? I'm not answering the question. They're saying and so that and we'll end up with this, the Islamic Council in its 19th session, which is held at the headquarters of the Muslim World League in mechanical drama between the 22nd and the 27th of June 114 28. So a number of years ago 2007, as examine the issue of participation of Muslims in elections with non Muslims in

00:31:25--> 00:32:03

non Muslim countries. So the question was posed to the highest Council in the world. This is one of the topics on which discussion was deferred, right. So they couldn't answer the question in the previous session. They said it will answer this next year. And the answer was, it is permissible for a Muslim who enjoys the rights of citizenship in a non Muslim country to take part in elections, and the like, because it is more likely that this participation will bring benefits, such as representing a true picture of Islam, defending Muslim issues in that country, supporting the rights of religious and other minorities, strengthening the role in circles of influence and cooperating

00:32:03--> 00:32:46

with reasonable fair minded people on the basis of truth and justice. Some scholars check with a mean, said it's actually watch on every Muslim in a non Muslim country to vote. And how do you vote on what labels? Or how do I choose which party to tick? We do so for a non Muslim, and we just jump the slides quickly. For the framework for selecting a non Muslim ruler. You choose the lesser of the two evils when you're presented with two options. Both of them are not ideal. You choose the one which is the least damaging the better of the two, the lesser evil one, you choose those two options. So it is your responsibility. If you went to tick a box, COMM The third of August, know why

00:32:46--> 00:33:16

you are selecting this party over the other end, it should be in the interest of the oma and for the betterment of the dean. That is what that's your responsibility. You need to know what does this party stand for? What is it going to bring? We don't know what it will bring. But on the face of it, what will it bring? So we know for example, if we lived in America, quite clear, there are two candidates, which one is better for Islam. We all know that there'll be a very clear, easy cut election for us. And every Muslim should be voting and voting. Blue, right?

00:33:17--> 00:33:21

That's quite clear. But in South Africa, it's a bit more difficult because we have

00:33:23--> 00:33:58

local a party that is good for us locally, maybe and internationally. But this corruption is some issues another party which appears to be better managed, but they have taken a stance which appears to be anti Islamic, especially on the international front. Which one is better for Islam, when you have the Muslim party, a number of them which one is best. So you need to make the decision what is best for Islam, what is best for the Ummah, what is best for the deen and on the basis of those two things, you choose what is in the best interest of the Muslims. And this is just a short term fix and inshallah we'll continue with the series in coming weeks and discuss what's the long term

00:33:58--> 00:34:13

process so that we can get the perfect ideal candidate inshallah Allah subhanaw taala bless us and keep us safe in this country, and all the Muslims across the world and all the people of the world where they live. And Allah bless us with leadership leadership that is just and free and quick. I mean, just two announcements.

00:34:14--> 00:34:18

That Firstly, the course tomorrow at UCT.

00:34:19--> 00:34:58

Saturday and Sunday, sorry, eight o'clock our power is getting a lot of attention is on the radio 786 Cape talk. There was a movement to block this man from actually lecturing at UCT. But hamdulillah is still so on. A man that is very, very prominent in international circles uses philosophy and Islamic knowledge to discuss issues like atheism and how to give Dawa to non Muslims. So it's our power if you'd like to find more information there as opposed to the back of the masjid. And then also next weekend and hamdulillah we are Hajaj on the way for Hajj Allah bless them And grant them a safe journey and grant them that Allah accepts they do ours and the by that we will be

00:34:58--> 00:34:59

having a ruling

00:35:00--> 00:35:31

Inclusive course so that 18 month high schools, you will have just a two day high schools four hours, all about Hajj, how to make Hajj Why should we make Hajj what do you do on Hajj if you have intentions of going on Hajj we all go on Hajj inshallah please attend this course. It's it's going to be held next week at the dope Street, our brand new house at one dope seat. You can either register by speaking to the attorney or you can go on you can come next week as well to the venue eight o'clock and you can register there as well. Just like the height or solar signum hamadryad

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salaam alaikum forget to

00:35:37--> 00:35:51

check, there's just one announcement tomorrow evening. The massage buka will be at the annual Hydra belgorod which will start at 730 and it will be here at bronto and that will be for all those who passed away

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since Ramadan and inshallah always welcome this and ladies also welcome