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The "identical crisis" of Islam is a lack of clarity and fear of one's identity, leading to fear of consequences and negative consequences. The "monster" of Islam is used in a manner that is not recognized, and the conversation shifts to the topic of women's and their bodies. The speakers emphasize the need to be convinced of one's success and to speak about one's values, while also acknowledging the negative impact of slave language and the loss of diversity in their country.

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Muslims, Muslims or

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Muslims and why this is why this is my, this is my, this is my channel, this is

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establishing that

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we're gonna size variables.

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And I'm going to be not rude but because I didn't travel for 40 hours so we can play games.

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My brothers the reality of our identity crisis.

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The reality of the identity crisis

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is the fact that

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is the fact that we know very little of our Deen

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we're not completely convinced.

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And we're not proud of it.

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This constitutes a massive factor towards our lack of identity.

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My brothers and sisters, there's something that we have to understand as Muslims, our identity crisis for now let's just worry about ourselves and not worry about what's happening outside. My brothers and sisters you will live a total distance of Allah subhanho wa Taala doesn't mean you

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don't think for a second that leads us in any way shape.

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Allah is the Creator was the Sustainer is the creator of the Seven Habits of allies and medic is the king before you use the king while you're here, it's gonna be the king. Trust he will truly after your love

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of your life unless he leaving the Muslim people

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unless Trump is perfect perfection is perfect.

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Something that we all fail to understand. The Deen of Islam is not a deal. It's not a deal of a man.

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all the time that Islam leads the formation. I mean, we're not talking about the religion that belongs to my father. You know, look, I have the manuscript in my pocket, they find the change, what do I want? And where do I want that? How do I want the denormalized picture.

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And all that has to fit that Elgin is completely at your level.

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No matter what.

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Allah, Allah is not the leader of anyone to be allowed to be awesome alized perfection.

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We need to understand this. And if you choose to be awesome, but also part of Atlanta wants to be that if you become a Muslim than you, except you except you slept late, pick and choose what you want from the

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there's not a positive religion. It's not forcing anyone to be able to do that even though there is the Counter Strike also have been

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very clear to the Prophet of Allah. You can go if you want, we go I do. My job and your job is to is to convey the message they accepted or not accepted. I pray that you will make up a business or job and your job is to convey the message.

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This is our job and this is our responsibility. Now what am I saying? Sometimes these words they seem a bit harsh, but we need to get basics. These are principles you need to understand

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or choose to be awesome. I'm not forced to be

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there's no promotion religion doesn't work you need if you've been asked by foster interest

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What does benefit wildlife like foster pray

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you know, I choose to be whatever it is that because it's kindness perfection. It came from the metric its completeness perfection. It wasn't completed perfect for the magic nice guy and now it's all over that everything. No, no, no it was perfection then it's perfection now and it will be perfection unto itself.

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He was also the fixture his selection was perfection. He Suma was also perfection.

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The problem was our identities the fact that we're not convinced

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you're still not convinced that history makes the best. That is always the ultimate. That is something that is the only thing that I will accept.

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But still not convinced.

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Because if we were truly convinced we will be having this conversation

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Think telling our hearts we can you know, this this ambiguity

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because we're still not

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influenced by this data and the other

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is perfection. And when you understand this why you become proud of you they have you What do you have that's better than Islam.

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Muslims today falling all over themselves, trying to make the game trying to justify them having to justify why.

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I don't have to justify what the prophet does and when he doesn't have he doesn't.

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He's the Prophet of Allah He does what he wants when he wants me once

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someone comes to me though he

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doesn't mean they finished from the

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question me.

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Muslims today will live Muslims with big sisters in

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the office of Allah.

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We asked

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us what have you learned from almost human abuse? Of course, they got me confused.

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You know, there's nothing in my own looking at this nothing that non Muslims love more than someone who stands up for principles for people that stand up for what they believe that we don't

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need to justify why

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people have to replace this and Muslims. Well, why Muslims share? Why

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standing? Do you have

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to be wrong? You know, it's not like we can't ask questions.

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He asked the last panel,

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show me how to get by for the day.

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That is understand what I'm saying. So we can ask. But we don't ask because we

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teaching us

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that you believe

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that you believe I

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have a license? No, I believe

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that to strengthen my heart. I want to see

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if that's the case, if that's the case, I'm going to show you

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that me You and I were sitting down for about LD, but still, we are still doubtful that the borders of our last panel of violent

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Muslims now, how many honestly How many times have you heard this brother that Islam means peace?

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Speaker say by this country, Muslims everywhere, plastering now below Islam means peace, Islam ecospace. Where did you get this from?

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Islam doesn't mean this. speak Arabic doesn't mean this. Islam means submission.

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Islam means submission, and those that submit their proposals, and others submit to Allah, the more peace they will have in their lives.

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is a religion of peace, yes. But it's also a religion of war.

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Why can I say this?

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When the time is for this, then LVDS This is the beauty of slam slam about killing people.

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But when the time arises whether the time you succeed, the right call call applies. Yes, it's known as a dominantly peaceful religion. It's about spreading love, and peace and this that yes. But when push comes to the shelf,

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then there are other you know, there are other openings on the last panel time today. We're not proud of this. We're shy.

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We painted the slide in so many different colors. Even Muslims are confused now what's out in about

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Muslims, maybe forget why Muslims

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were scared and were terrified

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if they raise their Muslims why

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don't we

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don't want to show you that

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it was deep in my heart

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problem is

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far more than what it is outside.

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Because, you know, you see among Muslims deal with sort of things that they believe in, but why it's amazing. It's amazing. And forgive me an idea. It's really unfortunate that I'm going to use this example. But for the sake of understanding, you know, 2030 years ago to be our sexual was such a,

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it was such a frown upon thing.

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But there is to celebrate I don't know, if we haven't, we haven't seen it. I have these feelings for the Mardi Gras,

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decelerating and singing and dancing and wearing all sorts of clouds. Because it's something he believes

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that we used to laugh at them before. Now he meant to be heroes. Why? Because he was persistent on what he believed in.

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They didn't sacrifice what they believed you were likely to want to sacrifice, we want to compromise. We want to learn other you know, we need to apply wisdom.

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This is my this is my, this is my, this is my this is what I live for. This is what I live for.

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What do you want me to compromise?

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For? Wow. And the question is really for while

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establishing the dealer.

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The truth is something that's better.

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There was another solution, if there was another way that was actually doing better than Islam.

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But what is their?

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What is their

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look around the wall, put your finger in any direction in and out today. People think that if we got rid of a slave and we got rid of Muslims, that everything will be fine wouldn't really

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give me a country when the pressure is not on the rise. Anxiety is not on the rise. Sexual Abuse towards children is not on the rise. Suicide is not on the right, shall

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we just point the fingers in which direction

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we have solution, we have the cure, we have the deal of a law that came to solve the problems of all of humanity.

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One thing is for

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Muslims, Muslims are shy.

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Now of course, I never speak like this in public. I'll never speak the homes now please understand, we shall

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show wisdom because that's also the sooner that's also the this is also from the identity.

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perspective. It has evolved when I say a Muslim person

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or say someone that doesn't

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it doesn't faze

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me. But I

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do sometimes is that is that is forcing the Lord for

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to talk with us.

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Give me something that's better.

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For you women, that this is a question that

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we come around with and this this is the big deal. Do you come up with

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a face and I you know like it's amazing. It's amazing. You know, they used to be upon when the men had shot of

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the Muslim millennial African. They used to be a terminal.

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Imagine the ruling came down from the Isle of Man.

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But we didn't sit right with Him. That half of us who lost the mothers of the believers, the women who do remain permanently on home anyway.

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It didn't sit right with you. How can our mothers be exposed to me

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Which made the most the best of men. So he came to the

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brother has a nice car with his wife.

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It's his profile.

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He knows every person that looks at he's looking at your wife.

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What do you have to cover? Now? It's funny.

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You don't have any man, any person on earth. Anything that's valuable is covered anything. It's very much covered your money when you put it on the front window.

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Your jewelry when you put it on the front window for everyone outside to see when you put it.

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it's, it's in a black box. Anyway.

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It's precious.

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Women are more precious to us than your jewelry and

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women love because the most precious thing we have. That's why we covered it.

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had people

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close down? Why? Why am I Why are you showing him? Of course. I will never speak

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publicly about this stuff. Understand? We're not convinced. That's

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why have you been given me the nation on Earth that doesn't have a Defense League?

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Give me a nation.

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Forget when an invading army, refugees, Syrian refugees, people that were running for their lives when they came, people attacked

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red Syrian refugees who were attacked for trying to seek asylum.

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What does that say about that nation that when an army comes to invade you that you're gonna throw rose petals at them, you

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know, every nation has a defense force, why? When the time comes, if it happens to be with

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Muslims, the

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resources and this Wi Fi to establish the deal of Allah will not fight for anything else. You will

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bring your she hadn't compared to

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maybe if we spoke a little bit more about

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publishing, the CNN wants to show me

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on youtube with a little bit and his opinion.

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Maybe we will have some decency.

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When you go out and fight them, imprison them, you treat the prisoners like you treat your army. You feed them for what you feed your army but don't touch the moms don't touch the priests. Don't go the trees don't count the wives. Don't touch the schools don't touch the hospitals.

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Let's talk let's compare

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one of the companions he killed the man that

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he killed the prisoner of war that said

00:18:47--> 00:19:01

he killed him. He said no, that is the problem. He killed him and he said the Shahada. He said it to save his life. the Province of Canada, you kill them or you kill them. The Sahaba said I had wished I had not embraced Islam.

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But it was made a mistake and

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they will need to see with a suit and tie. They walked in many, many years ago. They ran the nation they brought it down to the ground

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to try to restore it so it will take 100 years to get back on its feet. That what the nation down to the ground convincing us that it was weapons of mass destruction after 10 years What did they turn around and say?

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Well, we thought they were there but we were wrong. Forgive us and then they walked away. But another problem with that.

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Long we need to understand

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if you and I are convinced of the Dean of the hospital, Tyler

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ourselves we need to be convinced. Your childhood belief whatever you believe

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your child believe whatever you believe. I myself am not convinced is the greatest, I have

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the ultimate What is my sister?

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So I saw first one needs to be trained eyes by myself, I need to know the secret I need to know his life. I've asked him to be proud.

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By my sister, you know, what I do sometimes with my children is sometimes just before they go to bed stories.

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As I go the extra mile whenever I speak, I speak.

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I speak with all I speak with well, because he's deserving of the children.

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Who is this man?

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So you instill this,

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but the reality is

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just in any aspect,

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the way he loved the way he forgave the way he taught the way he claimed the way he went to the wedding, Everything about it is off. So when you speak about him, so for the sisters, and especially for the fathers, we need to shape the reality is even most of us most of us, let's be honest, what do you know of your perfect by myself? others if I was to tell you what is solid?

00:21:49--> 00:21:54

To die, what is profit? And sometimes your profit? What's his name? What's his

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Like? He's like, I don't understand. What's his father's name? I don't know. What's his mother's name? We don't know the business person you love.

00:22:11--> 00:22:13

We don't know how happy we don't know him.

00:22:14--> 00:22:17

I don't know his life. I don't know what.

00:22:20--> 00:22:28

So we first of all we need to know, and we need to share it with your children. Leave the past the stories of our kids.

00:22:29--> 00:22:34

The child will love what you have. Why do our children love to hear why? Because we know

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how many families

00:22:39--> 00:22:43

they take the kids, the stunning private schools, they spend 1000.

00:22:44--> 00:22:54

And his kid comes out and is loving. What? Because the kid grew up watching his father working 24 hours a day, he comes up to me.

00:22:57--> 00:22:59

Our children are reflection of us.

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Definitely some advice to talk about you speak about your future children and understand the Scylla just not what he went through for you to be Muslim. How can you know

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your people now people you know, maybe maybe you I don't know. But in the face of Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson was at his peak. How many young children were wearing the leather jacket? The other children had the taste of children. And everyone understood every question that we were in the leather jacket we know the man's in love with Michael Jackson. We we know he's in love

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with coffee these days with with the way we walk, even the way he

00:23:45--> 00:23:45

was justifying

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00:23:58--> 00:24:05

and it's not for me or anyone else to justify the deal. Oh, yes, we can talk about the wisdom.

00:24:16--> 00:24:20

Islam is what changed the world. Islam is what changed the rapier.

00:24:21--> 00:24:28

Islam is what made the Sahaba is what made the Sahaba that was true success.

00:24:29--> 00:24:31

When we come back to our Trudy

00:24:33--> 00:24:38

when we come back to the identity of the Muslim proud of the way I'm proud of your

00:24:40--> 00:24:41

mistakes, yes, I'm not the best.

00:24:43--> 00:24:46

But my identity is the identity loss loss.