Mohammad Qutub – Gaza under attack, Al-Aqsa flood, and more

Mohammad Qutub
AI: Summary © The ongoing conflict between the Israeli and the Iranian operation is causing concern among Israeli analysts and the Muslim umagne. The conflict is causing pride in the Israeli-led operation, but it is also causing protests in Israel. The speakers discuss the religious dimension of the conflict, including the belief that humans are not equal to Muslims, the use of language and language policy, and the importance of protecting against terrorist crimes. The conflict is seen as a crisis with cultural and political dimensions, and language is used to portray the realities of the situation.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. So today we are here to talk about one of the most important topics that has been in the media for the past few days. A today with me is Dr. Mohamed Pratap.

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He is an international speaker and he has been like speaking about this matters and so long time and we wanted actually to dig deeper on the key messages. And what are the the development and progress of these events nowadays? Sure. How do you see the events from your side?

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of the aisle? I mean, I've got a solid to lean on sad. No. environnementaux Have you been a bit passive, Mohammed didn't Abdullah while early he was suffering. Even woman sent me home via CERN in Isla de

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Thank you very much for that introduction.

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What we are witnessing today is an unprecedented development in the Palestinian issue.

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This is something that many analysts have been forced to confess many of them Israeli analysts that these developments are unprecedented, and that this was a surprise to them, like no other. And thus, it has been frequently compared to

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the 1973. war in Arabic, we call it handle October, they call it the Yom Kippur War. Because it was a shock. It was a surprise to them. Surprisingly, it wasn't the same time almost six, exactly the almost the exact same.

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Yeah, this is October 7, was that on the minds of Hamas when they did it, maybe I don't know that for a fact. But

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that was a shock to them, and they weren't prepared for it. But even then, they said this shock was even bigger. And the as we can see the casualties in the results of it are even larger and more serious for Israel.

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Of course, I think the basics of operation and axial flood, to find it outside.

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If you are following the situation, the developments are fairly clear. On the morning of October 7, on Saturday, hummus, started this operation where the workers able to infiltrate

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into what you what people call Israel proper, of course, we consider all of it the land of Palestine that has been usurped by the Zionist criminal entity. But ultimately, they were able to infiltrate into what they call Israel proper from Russia. They did so all at the same time from the north and from the south. And

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the question was, how would they be able to do so when you have all of this advanced technology and surveillance? Maybe before? Maybe before talking about the events itself? I want to know and understand how this whole conflict happened and why this is different this time?

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Well, I mean, the resistance is ongoing, and has to be ongoing, because

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Israel is a military occupation. And in fact, one of the worst military occupations that the world has seen in the last few centuries, and one of the few that remain. So the

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resistance to this military occupation is something that is accepted and permitted.

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By all we're talking about, from a religious standpoint, from a legal standpoint, even according to international law. This is a military occupier and armed resistance to this military occupier is something that is sanctioned. So

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this is just another example of resistance to the military occupation and their unspeakable crimes especially recently and smile me actually mentioned this in his speech, the reasons for

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this latest attack. He mentioned, among other things, the desecration of a Masjid Al Aqsa, the continued desecration of atmosphere Lhasa which continues

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unabated under you

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know our noses, even though you know people forget. And maybe people think that it's not happening anymore, but it continues they continue to bring in these religious extremists into Missouri the upside. I also recall, this is the sole reason for all the prices that happened before to sell them things even to sell them. And the things that are happening all the provisions that happen before all the the anger that we've seen for all the Islamic world started from these kinds of practices. Suddenly the desecration of a massive Lochside is something that

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no Palestinian, no Arab and definitely no Muslim can accept.

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They do these things as litmus tests

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to in order to see what is the situation of the Palestinians and Arabs and the Muslims at large, okay, so they sent they allow these religious extremists to do what they're doing in a masjid

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to attack worshippers to

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hassle the journalists. We saw how they were handling this journalist Avengers zero as well. This is what they love to do. They do these things to see are the Muslims still awake? Or are they sleeping? Why? Because they continue their demolitions under al Masjid Al Aqsa with the purpose of building the purported

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Temple of Solomon. Right. So the demolitions continue. And the desecration continues and, God forbid, they are just waiting to see that the Muslim ummah is asleep so that they can finally demolish and Masjid Al Aqsa and work on building their temple. But do you see the desecration is one thing that Yeah, the other thing that is very important is the continued occupation. The crimes of this is really terrorists.

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The continued killing of men, women and children, the continuous evaluation of land and expansion of what they call the settlements that are described as colonies. And, of course, the very important point about the prisoners, the Palestinian prisoners,

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Binet V.

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Accursed minik. Vir mentioned that they are going to continue to clamp down on the freedoms of the Palestinian prisoners. So this is another very important point that was mentioned as a reason for the latest attack. Yeah, I want to talk about what is significant about this move thing that we have been witnessing since Saturday until today. So what's significant about this world and you mentioned that this is a test for the Arab and the whole Muslim Ummah, if they're asleep, or they're still awake. So how do you see this this synchronicity, the test, the testing is done by Israel, Israel is testing us. So this is why they send these quote unquote settlers into al Masjid Al Aqsa to do the

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crazy things that they do in order to see if you know, Muslims are going to protest this, or they're just going to be fine with it. As far as the the timing of the event, I think the timing is rather interesting. Now, we might say that, Oh, the timing is just so happened, that this was the right time to do this. We know that this has been in the works and being planned for years now. But

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I think it's interesting that this comes at a time

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where normalization of ties between Arabs and Israel is at a peak, isn't it?

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And we heard recently that there are no negotiations going on between Saudi Arabia, Israel, Israel as well. And maybe they were ready to announce some kind of a deal or some kind of normalization of ties. I believe that

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the current events now will make further normalization much more difficult. It because what it does, actually, is it breathes new life into the issue.

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The Israelis want

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Arabs, Muslims and Palestinians to forget about the issue.

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Everything is okay. These few Palestinian terrorists now they're quiet, nothing is going on. Israel is treating them well. And

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They are opening an axon off to everyone. And there's freedom of worship. This is what they would like everyone to believe, right? So that more and more countries normalize ties with them. This can only happen if nothing is going on, or it seems like the resistance is dead. And the Palestinians seem to be complacent or somewhat, you know, accepting the status quo. So when this happens, it breathes new life into the issue for the Palestinians, for the Arabs, and for the Muslims at large. That no, this is a stolen land. This is one of the most heinous military occupations, they they continue to terrorize the Palestinians with impunity, and with the help of major superpowers, as we

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know, and

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as long as they do, and no one is talking about it. This is what will furnish the ground for further normalization. Now. I think this is going to put a stop to any further normalization of ties, especially as we see things unfold. And we see the kind of crimes they are committing In retaliation, like it bombing,

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just destroying civilian infrastructure and buildings and mass killing. Yeah, there are some opinions. So let me give you the other opinions, because some people would say Okay, now we have provoked the beast and now he's bombing Reza 24 hours a day, many people so hundreds of people now are killed more to come in the few days. Hamas and the resistance are very resistant, they will not do this. And they would say okay, come on some few few hostages, few 100 of hostages, we killed some people here and there. But you know, who's gonna win in the at the end? So how do you see this this these kinds of reactions? And you mean, the reaction that all of us take, why do we do this? What's

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a few hostages? Know, people are being killed by the bombs every day and keep something in mind, this is quite unfortunate, the Jews especially shouldn't be the first people to know what it means to be oppressed and persecuted. Because as Muslims, we also acknowledge that they were persecuted for centuries, they shouldn't be the first people to know the

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price of persecution, and not therefore mete out such persecution to innocent Palestinians, who by the way, were not their persecutors in the centuries of history.

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It was rather the Christians and the Christian nations that were persecuting the Jews, not the Muslims. So

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the reason I mentioned this is because you're talking, you're saying, okay,

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you know, what's a few,

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you know, a little bit of destruction here and some hostages there? No, unfortunately, the only language Israel understands is the language of power.

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That's the only language they understand.

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As soon as you you know, lift up the white flag, you know, for peace, they eat you alive, okay. If it was up to them, they would leave nothing of Palestine. What you have now is Palestinians living on 22% of the land, not even a continuous or contiguous 22%. It's there. It's more like than two stands right there. They're separated by by wall and by fences, and by checkpoints and all kinds of things. So even the 22% has been separated. bantustan like so.

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the goal of Israel is all of Palestine.

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If you know they could not have a single Palestinian left, this is what they're after we hear them in their

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protests, we hear the Jews, not even adults, the children, you know, shouting out the slogans a good Arab is a dead Arab, this is what they want. This is what they're after. They'd like to live no one over there for different reasons that maybe we can discuss a little bit later if we talk about the religious dimension of the conflict as well. So what I'm trying to say is, this is the only language they understand, do not underestimate the importance of this development. These types of things shock them, and we'll place fear in their hearts, in fact,

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is really analysts even from the earlier

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wars, we're talking about how Israelis are more and more now getting foreign passports, they're sick of it. They don't want to live there anymore. They want to they don't want to live under that fear. So some of them eventually might say, Forget Zionism and forget Israel, I'm going somewhere else.

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Is and in what, In what world? And in, under what law? Do they get to live their lives

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in complete peace and freedom, and celebrating in this music festival that we saw them celebrating 12 Palestinians on a daily basis are living a life of difficulty of fear of bombing of crimes,

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which which international law sanction something like this? So, no, these this resistance

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really changes things for them and the way they see it? Yes, of course, they will retaliate in the way they're retaliating in the most insane way. Because to them, Arab and Muslim blood does not equal Israeli and Jewish blood, right? They're not equal. Yeah. So, you know, if one Israeli dies, 100 of the Palestinians have to die, right? Yeah, yesterday, actually their

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Minister of War. So he described because of people being an animal, human animals, human animals, this does not apply.

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This is not new. This is the way they think we have to understand, unfortunately, these people, you know, Benjamin Netanyahu

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gives his speech to the whole world telling the whole world that, you know, Hamas is an angel to civilization, the whole human civilization has to stand up to them. are Arabs and Palestinians talking about Israel is this way? Or is this the way the Israelis are talking about Arabs and Palestinians? So he just said human animal? That's very interesting, by the way, because we don't hear this that much anymore, because this is very important for the media, right? They try to hide such characterization so that they can continue to deceive people into thinking that Israel is some kind of dove working for peace. But this is the way they think this, this is what brings out what is

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deep inside their their psyche in their hearts. So he called us human animals. A former Israeli

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Army Chief of Staff, Rafael Eaton, he said it very clearly. He said, When all the land when we have settled in all of the land, all the Arabs and Palestinians that are left, all they can do is to go around like drunk cockroaches notice the term drugged cockroaches. This is how they view us. This is this is the civilized the democratized

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Jews and Israelis, this is how they look at the Arabs in the Palestinians. Right. So similarly, go back. Also, when they first came and wanted to steal the land, what did they do? They said, We came and there was no one. Right? goldhamer said we came and it was like, there was nobody there were there were no Palestinians. It says if they didn't exist, Ben Gurion said something similar. Right? So and that's why the slogan, a people a land without a people for people without a land. So from the very beginning, they convinced themselves No, we didn't take anyone's land. There was no one here. The hundreds of 1000s of Palestinians Oh, there was no one there. And you know, something

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This is actually remarkably similar to the position of the

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pilgrims that went to the United States back in 1621. So those people they call the Pilgrim Fathers that migrated from Europe, running away from persecution to find new land, and they found it in America. Those Pilgrim Fathers, you know what they said, again, there were Native people in the United States. So similarly, I think it was Couchman who said it? He said,

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there was nobody in the land we came to, it's like they all went away. These Native

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Americans, native Indians, they called them all of a sudden, disappeared. Subhan Allah, look how similar it is to their position. But by the way, the parallels don't end there. The Pilgrim Fathers used to regard themselves as Neo Israelites

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meaning you

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It's almost as if they are now

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doing the similar migration to the migration of the Israelites as if they are Israelites, these Pilgrim Fathers, okay, these Christians that are migrating to America. Similarly, the Israelis that performed the quote unquote Alia they call it the Alia the migration to Israel, right. In the early 20th century, they used to call them also Pilgrim Fathers, as if so you can see that relationship between those early pilgrims to America and the Israelis that migrated to steal Palestinian land. Oh, that's interesting. I'm actually wondering, and before going to this point, I want to understand, so we've seen a lot of responses all across the world, from countries from him and the

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people some reactions in the media. So some of the people are supporting some others against them. So how do you read the news? I mean, in

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very typical,

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I would say, hypocrisy and political double standards, we saw many of the countries immediately siding with Israel, and going as far as lighting their national monument and putting the Israeli flag on it in white and blue. You referring to the normalization or this something? No, no, no, no. Just I mean, the response. Yeah, the latest development was that many of these countries actually lit up their national monuments. So the Empire State Building in New York, they put an Israeli flag, right?

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Because they're, they're standing in support of the Israelis. France, the Eiffel Tower in Paris also, is big Israeli flag 10 Downing Street in London. They put the Israeli flag, the Brandenburg Gate in Germany, big Israeli flag, the EU Commission, commission permission, which sometimes actually the, you know, some of these EU countries do criticize Israel, big Israeli flag in support of Israel. All of this the next time they they lecture us about human rights and democracy. Right. So it's unbelievable that they continue to support the terrorist crimes of the Zionist. What about Ukraine? Ukraine, oh, my God, I've been resisting the war, right. It's, again, it's, I mean, if you

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if you were told, if you were asked, What would Zelinsky his position be? You might think to yourself, well, he's suffering and bearing the brunt of a brutal Russian military occupation. Definitely, he is going to start with the Palestinians because they are facing this brutal

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Zionist occupation. No, he stood with Israel.

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It does make sense to a certain extent, because ultimately,

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his main support comes from the Western countries, okay, and comes from the US and possibly Israel as well. So he has no choice but to stand with Israel. But again, it is deeply hypocritical.

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Especially since the situation is practically identical. This is a military occupation. And this is a worse and a much older military occupation. And then you go and you start with a military occupation.

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So I heard you talking about the West US, even when we talked about the Europe and Ukraine, but I didn't notice anything about the Arab world. Well, the Arab world,

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you know,

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as usual, there were some official statements.

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The best of them would say something like,

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the responsibility is on the Israelis. Right, because of the occupation because of their crimes. Which is correct. Of course, the worst of them would say something like, oh, we just urge both to exercise restraint and go back to normal relations as if things were normal before.

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So we saw that as well. Of course, some of the countries that that normalize relations, this is going to be their position. What else do you expect? Right.

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But like you said, Now, I think the the map

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normalizing ties is going to look very different. I don't think those who have normalized are going to somehow, you know, maybe

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change the

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The agreements that they had or something along those lines, but I think further normalization now has been hit hard. And like we said before it, it revives the importance of the the issue for the Muslim ummah, this is, this is the mother of causes of just causes for the Muslim ummah, that cannot be forgotten, because this is what the enemies want. They want everything to be forgotten, so that they can continue their crimes. This is the way that people now remember again, that there's a place called Palestine, and our Palestinian brothers and sisters who are terrorized day in and day out. So I understand this is happening nowadays, because now the resistance is having some progression, and

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they're making some victories and then so but knowing their capabilities, even the type of weapons that they are using some basic equipments, and so and so and they could could achieve some progress for sure. But the question now is where this is going to hit again, rather, we have to remember something important, which is

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the Israeli terrorists are propped up by the strongest nations in the world, and especially the US, right. And we from what some of the history that I was telling you about, we can see that there seems to be some historical symbiotic relationship in this way. But, of course, not only the US, other countries as well, and it goes back to the time of the establishment of the state as well. And how all of those countries felt that placing Israel in the middle of the Middle East that way in order to represent and defend their own interests would be the best way to go. So we know that this is the case, unfortunately, like we said, it's deeply hypocritical. But

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the point is that

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they have such incredible military capabilities. Okay, because they are being propped up by these different countries. The US has given Israel trillions, trillions of US dollars in military aid to Israel since World War Two. So

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you, there's a

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difference in military capability between the two sides, that's for sure. But when you understand that, well, you therefore can fathom

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importance of the developments and the Congress, that the resistance is made in this operation. If they can do all this with fairly primitive weapons,

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a lot of which has been manufactured in because that's it, okay. blockaded Gaza itself, right.

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They're not getting trillions of dollars. They don't have the latest airplanes and rockets and iron golems and things of that nature. They're paragliding. I mean, you saw that they're very grinding in, right. They're using very light weapons if that, if, you know, that kind of military capability can inflict that kind of damage against practically a superpower in terms of military capability that, can you imagine if the Palestinians were properly supported by others, just like, Israel is supported by others, it kind of reminds me also of, of the Syrian situation. Okay. We, you know, for the longest time we called the Syrian revolution, an orphan revolution, because nobody supported it.

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Okay, even though the Syrian people came out and did everything they could, and at times, were close to bringing down the regime of that tyrant. But again,

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he is propped up by the others by Iran, and eventually, Russia entered in the end of 2015. Militarily, so

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things went south, okay for for the Syrian people and for the Syrian resistance. But this is part of the problem, who is supporting

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the Palestinians? Who is allowing any support to go to them? If anything, you might be able to send humanitarian aid can you send military aid can you send them planes? This is just, you know, basic things, but again,

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It's important because it has a major effect, even a psychological effect on the Israelis the fear that it puts into their hearts, even the, some of the, you know, the people in the military, the commanders, it's like, what happened there's there's a regiment called the the the causes of regiment. It's like it evaporated, you know, the first one just completely removed. So what did all of your military capability do to you? And this is why analysts even from before, military analysts, Israeli military analysts, they started saying, I fear for Israel.

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Even before this one, even from 2014, they started saying I fear for Israel, because things are not going the way they are supposed to. And of course, the people are saying, you know, where is our government? Right?

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Yeah, so speaking about the media, many messages, every flood of messages, flood of news, flood of

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actions here and there retweet reshare. So, it's confusing, first of all, secondly, what, how to deal with this kind of media, I mean, from from an individual perspective, so as Muslims, how should we treat the media, it's, again, it's unfortunate, but it's just a reality that the media is completely biased towards the scientists, despite all of their crimes. And

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they and the media is very important, whether we have to concentrate on the the issue of the media do not underestimate the importance of the media. In fact, in this time of social media, there is everything. Honestly, it's a war in itself. It's a battle in itself illusions over, you know, you can call them internet warriors, whatever you want. But the media is very important, because public opinion is important. Right? So Benjamin Netanyahu cannot call them human animals, you know, and I don't know, maybe he'll even hold his

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Minister of War, you know, so called defense minister accountable. Why did you do that? Because what happens, it ruins their image, the image they're trying to portray of civilized people of freedom, loving people, oh, they just want the nation for the persecuted Jews, and so on and so forth. So things like this, destroy their reputation. That's why you don't hear it as much. Right. But if you go back to history, you know, used to hear it all the time, you know, and they used to say it, and they're smiling, and they're laughing. Okay. Similarly, in Syria, you know, in the beginning of the revolution, you know, and you know, we have to see this because the end, this is a sham, right? This

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is the issue of a show of weather, the weather in Palestine, or in Syria, the beginning, used to see a lot of these kinds of videos, torture videos, things that they're doing to the to the resistance, and then eventually, you stop seeing stuff like this, does that mean it's not going on anymore? Of course, it's going on. But they realize the importance of the image portraying a certain image, they're fighting terrorists, they're not actually doing terrorism. This is what designers want to do. We are fighting the terrorists, we are not terrorizing people. So they want to maintain this this peaceful image, right? So the media is very important.

00:33:34 --> 00:33:45

Yes, some of what we as Muslims can do is to continue to expose the Israeli crimes. Okay, the

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what designers seek to achieve, and what their grand plans and grand strategies are, this is very important. So do not underestimate this at all. These are battles and wars that are being fought. So immediately, you look at the media, if you watch CNN or BBC or any of these other media outlets, it's like, it's like one eye is closed and the other eyes open. They're only seeing what you know, quote, unquote, crimes are being committed by the resistance, they'll, you know, take a certain incident and they'll inflate it and escalate it and make it seem like it was something it might have been a mistake. Mistakes happen. Okay, maybe it might be an individual's mistake from one of the

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resistance, and it becomes everything Oh, look at these terrorists and look at what they've done. They'll never do that with the Zionists right. So in the face of such discriminating and biased media, we have a very important role in continuing to expose the scientist, their crimes, their continuous crimes, they don't stop rather, they do not stop

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You and I might have forgotten it because, oh, it wasn't in the media that Palestinians are living this day in day out because it has been blockaded for the last 18 years or so.

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So the crimes will continue the demolition under Aleksa continues, we don't see it is not being covered in the media. So the continued effort to expose Zionist crimes to to expose them for what they are to

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call a spade a spade, call call called the these terrorist crimes, what they are they are terrorist crimes. Use the correct language. Okay. Language is very important, by the way. And some people might think that doesn't make much of a difference. It makes a huge difference. The Israelis until now, what do they call their forces? Brother? They should the

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defense force, IDF, the FBI, Israeli Defense Forces, yes, he keeps saying it. He said it 100 times in an interview the Israeli Defense Forces, you think this does not affect people, especially people who may be do not follow this issue day in day out? Maybe they want something you know, once every few few months, the Israeli Defense Forces Israeli Defense Forces starts to become entrenched in their minds. They are defending themselves. That's all against these terrorists, Palestinians. So when we come now, and we show the truth of what is happening, and we call them the Israeli terrorist forces, not the Israeli Defense Forces, and you know, interesting anecdote concerning this.

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We had a, like an activity from Palestine, years ago, when the flotilla when Turkey sent the flotilla to Gaza in order to help lift the blockade to send aid to the residence, if you remember that, and then the Israel.

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So I think it was,

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yeah, it was around that time or possibly just after that.

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So the the moderator actually, when he was giving his introduction,

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he was talking about, you know, what recently happened? Guess how he described? The Israeli forces? He called them the Israeli Defense Forces IDF. Believe it or not, he might have even spelled it out the Israeli Defense Forces, this is an activity where we are exposing the the crimes of Israel economies, religious forces. So immediately, the first thing I said in my speech was brother, right, the media has done an excellent job. And the first thing that came out of your mouth was is really defense forces, call them these really terrorist forces it if not the idea, right? The language that they constantly use defending, right against the Palestinian terrorists. So we we need to define

00:38:11 --> 00:38:29

things as they are the Israeli terrorists, the Zionist crimes, okay. Not, you know, all the settlements, and, you know, the peace negotiations and all of this stuff. They use this language, these euphemisms in order to continue to deceive people.

00:38:31 --> 00:39:05

So speaking about the roles, so at the end, what do you think the role of every Muslim nowadays where everyone was can can feel that his hands are tied? And what can I do? We don't have any connections, even the internet, the calls, the donations, all the things? Everything's watched, yeah. monitored. People are even afraid to send humanitarian aid now, even though it might be misconstrued, they would say just call them give them a call support, like the more support psychological support nowadays, you cannot even call them in so

00:39:06 --> 00:39:23

this is this is again, this is the crimes of the biased media. Okay. Again, the media, more importance of the media wars, it's that people feel that their hands are tied them they can do anything, they can speak up, and they have to just accept these crimes.

00:39:24 --> 00:39:34

And companies just, you know, cower and completely succumb to the realities of this brutal military occupation. This is again, this is what

00:39:36 --> 00:39:59

the resistance does. It re invigorates and really encourages people to speak up, to say the word of truth, to speak truth to power to resist these crimes in every way that they can. Hamas is resisting militarily. Others can

00:40:00 --> 00:40:09

Practice resistance in other ways, again, exposing their crimes in the media is so remarkably important in our age,

00:40:11 --> 00:40:15

sending humanitarian aid, send it through, you know,

00:40:16 --> 00:40:24

like official channels, right. So that they don't, you know, try to accuse you of this and that, of course,

00:40:26 --> 00:40:30

accusing the innocence of sending simple humanitarian aid.

00:40:32 --> 00:40:53

There, there's quite a bit that we can do, whether we can continue to remind ourselves, our families, our communities, our Alma, that this is the mother course. And that we will continue until inshallah we liberate and measure the oxygen from this brutal military occupation, that this cannot.

00:40:54 --> 00:41:07

The there's no end to this, through, you know, these negotiations, where Israelis continue to just swallow up land, this is not the way you liberate the land. So

00:41:09 --> 00:41:17

reminding ourselves, the OMA about also the religious nature

00:41:18 --> 00:41:25

and the civilizational nature of this crisis, something that again,

00:41:26 --> 00:41:33

there's a lot of deception about a lot of people would like to portray it as a

00:41:35 --> 00:41:50

just a political problem. Okay, has no religious dimension. It's just between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Why are you Arabs? And why are you Muslims getting involved has nothing to do with you. This is the way they'd like to portray it.

00:41:51 --> 00:42:16

Concentrating on the importance of the religious dimension is another very important thing. This is part of creating awareness. When you say what can we do we create this awareness learn about the history of this problem? How did it get to where it got to? What is actually happening? Is there a religious dimension or not? Absolutely, there is a religious and civilizational dimension.

00:42:18 --> 00:42:24

But not only for Muslims, of course, for Muslims, this is a masjid in Oxford. This is the third holiest site in Islam as we know.

00:42:25 --> 00:42:28

It, we know that

00:42:29 --> 00:42:52

it is our job to protect our holy site. No, look at the religious dimension for the Jews themselves. This is what they'd like to conceal. Is it religious for them? Or is it just political? It is very much a religious issue. Why does Benjamin Netanyahu and so many prime ministers before keep talking about the Jewish state?

00:42:53 --> 00:43:26

Have you heard of a Muslim state rather than the one today? A Muslim state them those them state? Have you heard of those limbs? They they keep calling it the Jewish state? And then they claim it is merely a political issue, it is very much a religious issue, because they look at it as the Jewish state. Okay, this is the national home. For the Jews, by the way, when the many of the European countries were working for a national home.

00:43:29 --> 00:43:29

They were

00:43:31 --> 00:43:51

looking for a national home for the Jews. And ultimately, it had to be in Palestine forget about the fact that they first talked about Uruguay and I don't know Argentina and other places. It was always Israel because of that religious dimension. They have to establish the Jewish state in Israel. Right? Of course.

00:43:53 --> 00:44:08

Some people will say, Oh, but no, Zionism is only a political movement. No, it's not only a secular and a political movement. It is also a religious movement. Yes, some of the Zionists

00:44:09 --> 00:44:42

were secular and had a secular mindset. But a lot of them also were religious. And a lot of people who talked about repatriating the Jews in Israel are the Christian Zionist, and it is based on the biblical narrative. It's deeply entrenched in this type of biblical ideology repatriating the Jews bringing them back to their home to Israel proper. So there's a deep religious dimension there as well.

00:44:45 --> 00:44:59

They talk about biblical Israel, right. They talk about expanding their borders. It's not just about Palestine. It's about biblical Israel. What is biblical Israel? Well, biblically,

00:45:00 --> 00:45:11

Israel goes down south to the side Sinai and part of Egypt will go very far east, into Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and even

00:45:13 --> 00:45:14

Can you believe it?

00:45:15 --> 00:45:19

Go north, right to Syria, right,

00:45:21 --> 00:45:31

of course, through Jordan and Syria, and it will even go west to Cyprus. They want biblical Israel. And, in fact,

00:45:32 --> 00:45:46

I believe it was Ariel Sharon, who actually sought to make biblical Israel official foreign policy, that this is what we are going after. They don't care. They have built the sea and just like it is, right.

00:45:49 --> 00:46:05

So the idea is that this is what they're after even an objective Israeli historian like Israel Schuck. He says that you cannot understand what's happening. Without looking at the Grand strategies

00:46:07 --> 00:46:25

that Israel is implementing, there are grand, religious civilizational strategies that after this is not just a political issue. So this awareness, building the awareness about the issue, and what it's about and what's happening and why it's happening, right.

00:46:26 --> 00:47:11

And continuing to make dua, and trying to help our Palestinian brothers and sisters in every way that we can, in every way that we can, different people will have different access to different things. Different people will be able to help in different ways. Some people will, right, some people will speak, some people will be able to mobilize, mobilize people, right mobilize aid, anything that you can do, because ultimately, this touches us all. And actually, I like what Benjamin Netanyahu said when he spoke to the whole world. And he said, because this is important for civilization, he says, We have to destroy Hamas. For the sake of civilization, I say, we have to

00:47:11 --> 00:47:24

stop this Israeli terrorist in the tracks for civilization and for the sake of all of humanity, not just Arabs and Muslims. Okay, so I've been Thank you very much. Dr. Sheikh Mohammed.

00:47:25 --> 00:47:33

It's really insightful, talking about a lot of perspectives for the conflict, the religious portrait, the political

00:47:35 --> 00:47:48

map, and how things are going the media how to deal with the media, and most of all our role towards this kind of conflict and how we're going to support our brothers in Palestine is a qualifier and thank you very much

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