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Hola Hola. shaytaan rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala shuffleboard city and Sadie now Mohammed in Wailea here was like Benchmade. I said Mr. Ali come up with a low but I go to Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen always forever we'll begin by praising Allah and eyeshadow Allah Allah Allah Allah will testify that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and we send our love our greetings salutations, so beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to all the Gambia and to all of their family members and all those who follow them until the end of time. May Allah bless us to be amongst them. Amin well

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it's been difficult. Two months now, almost the conflict and the crisis in Palestine. Now for many people, it might be a sense of fatigue, a sense of

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seeing these images constantly and waiting for an outcome

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waiting for something positive. You'll find in the Quran where Allah subhanaw taala mentions to the believers that do not think when something bad happens to you, it is necessarily bad. Without a doubt, the death of children, the death of people, the bombing of people is bad. But Allah subhanho wa Taala has view of things a lot bigger than poverty, sickness, life and death almost view is the akhira Allah's objective is the Jana Allah's objective is eternal happiness. And so Allah subhanaw taala says to Aisha, in the time of the

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salon, do not think this is bad for you, it's good for you in the long run. And can we take something positive from this crisis? Is there something that we can benefit from and inshallah we talk about how Allah subhanaw taala brings about calamities catastrophes so that a good outcome may be achieved.

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The Battle of water bottle of water is with the Muslims for the first time for a superpower the Sahaba they were sent to fight a Arab tribe were killed a Muslim Ambassador than me some sent they sent him with a letter. And this tribe killed us ambassador. So there might be some Simian Army, a small army, a battalion to discipline this tribe. When they got there, this tribe was allied with Rome, were the superpower of the time. And so the Sahaba not intending to fight the superpower found themselves in a situation where they faced for the Romans. And the Sahaba were without them to be Salam. He did not attain the campaign, because it wasn't expected to be so severe. And so the Sahaba

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decided, what should we do? Should we return should we fight should we wait for instructions and Abdullah ibn Nottawasaga, Alana one of the great companions of the unthought, he recites I give the speech, and he says in the midst of this crisis, this calamity, he says, oh people, by Allah, what do you not want to what what you what you do not want is martyrdom, but it's actually what you should be wanting. Your objective should not be life or death. It should be Jana and to be a Shaheed everybody makes it dua, Manana. Begin we're Siddiqui and we're Shuhada. We will make to our I want to be with the Shahada. Allah has presented this thing before you now we do not fight. So he says to

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the Ummah and he says to all of us, in war, we know this will not fight because we are more in number. Allah does not do we don't get victory and defeat because of our numbers, or our weapons, or our horses or cavalry's or the of the enemy, but because of the religious power with Allah has granted us our fight is a model and adjustment.

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So go and fight and you will have Allah promises you will have one of two things whenever you stand up for something which is good, whether you're in Palestine fighting Israel, whether you're a year speaking out against oppression, whether you are boycotting a certain company, whether you're speaking up in your corporate Allah

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100 data promises you have one of two successes, but you will be successful. Either you would win, a lot will give you victory, or you die and you get martyrdom, you get even the bigger victory. So then he reminds the Sahaba remember the battle a battle, we only had two horses, and we want in the Battle of boyhood, when one horse and if it is written in the color of Allah that will beat the enemy. That is as Allah promised, it's gonna happen. Allah's plan will come to pass, and Allah will not break his promise. And if martyrdom is certain in your taqdeer, then Alhamdulillah, Allah has given you a great reward to get to join. Ultimately, we see things as calamity Allah sees it as an

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opportunity. So let's see five benefits or five instances where Palestine is actually winning in spite of law make it easy. It's easy for us to say that when he said our children being dug out of rubble, but five things which show that Palestine is winning the first point, and this is pretty clear, the complete utter failure of a country which believed to be invincible, as we said, September, not too long ago, they were bold enough to say that the Palestinian cause is dead. We don't even worry about the Palestinians. We don't even come were concerned about the minimum. And never before did the Israelis look so powerful, but look at them now. And Allah says in the Quran,

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what is abundant within a CAFO and they're not the those who disbelieve everything, that because we extended the time we allowed them, it was better for them it was Leon who seemed as a good thing, Allah says I did not give them victory and success, because it was good for them in Mr. Lunalilo, whom we only extended it for them. So they may increase in the destruction in the sin. And for them is humiliation, a humiliating punishment in the dunya and akhira. So Allah subhanho wa Taala promises and if you need the Quran, you read the Bible, you read the Old Testament, the Torah, a common theme throughout is that the bad guy always loses. And the bad guy is always stronger. And

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it's always David and Goliath, Goliath always loses. So I don't know why any country thinks that if I am unjust, I will succeed, eventually, you will fail. And it's just a matter of time, whether it is now whether it is in the future, but ultimately, Israel will fall, it will fall, we don't have to even like chant, it's gonna happen, because unless it changes, but this is this is the promise from Allah. And so Allah mentions that, and again, is to think about this. The fourth most powerful army in the world is not fighting another army. It's not even fighting another country, it's fighting a group of civilians, and it cannot win for one month, with the most advanced technology, planes,

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tanks, and it can't win. All those people that it's killed, how many of actually Hamas fighters, how much of the objectives of the achieved, and so it shows when every passing day, the humiliation and the failure becomes clear. And so Allah is defeating them. And they have lost so much of the support that they had before. And the world is condemning them. And subhanAllah. We are happy that even in South Africa this weekend, and if you fall in the news, that it was voted in Parliament, that South Africa will cut ties and close the embassy with Israel, it was something which our parliament, whether it's going to be action by the government allow them, but it was a statement made by our

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parliament, one of them and we all walk like a non Muslim country, we've stood up on moral grounds and said that this is we are against what's happening in Israel. And there are many, many more countries. If you look at the list of countries every day, more and more people, more and more governments are turning against Israel. So whatever happens at the end of this conflict, and we make the other piece comes, the damage that it's done to the oppressor, and the tyrant in the eyes of the world is irreversible, irreversible, they have lost so much credibility, that they are now known as an apartheid state, not by us globally, they are known words like genocide, crimes against humanity,

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these things are they're being taken to court. So this is the beginning. This is the beginning of Allah unraveling the power bit by bit.

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The second victory Alhamdulillah for the first time in 7578 years, it's genuinely seen that the tide is turning on the ground towards Palestine. For the first time now that people are not being indoctrinated by fake news and propaganda they get to see now on the phones live what is really happening. Humanity is making the decision, and they are standing with the oppressed against the oppressor. This graph is very interesting, that since October, if you look at the number of pro Palestinian versus pro Israeli support in social media, it's more than double pro Palestinian. It's not just Muslims, this is globally. The amount of social media

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propaganda and billions being funded against Israel is completely overrun, overshadowed by the amount of change that you and I are doing. Not coordinated not far.

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In the purchase people sharing the views sharing the story, sharing the pictures, it is changing narrative. Never before has Palestine received this. So while we again see the trauma, on the other hand, Allah is giving victory in a way which we can't understand. And we see on the streets, hundreds of 1000s of people in the biggest capitals of the world marching, didn't see that before. And this is something which people the governments are taking note of. It is shows. And this leads to the next point. We also the strength that Palestine has given all of us

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shows who really has power in this world, because of the people marching on the streets. Governments who are signing treaties with Israel, are canceling those treaties, not because they care about the palace. Let's be frank, not those governments who didn't care about Palestine. They care about staying in power. But they have realized I made the answer to my people in Cairo, I better answer to my people in Tehran, or in Istanbul. And if I don't do what the people's I'm not going to put myself on the line. Governments are changing the stance because they realize the strength is in the people. Corporations are forcing to change their stance, because as mighty as they are they billions mean

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nothing without customers.

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They don't want to this week Subhanallah you know, I look at a certain organization, a major corporation basically came capping hand what he did about the certification, tiny certification, but if

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Muslims boycott a certain company,

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and I asked this executive directly, what is the certification mean to you? How much is it worth because in terms of rands, you'll be very shocked what Halal certificates go for, you will be shocked, you will actually cry. How is it so yummy only CA certificate probably cost you more. And I. And he said, you know, if I lose my certificate, if we lose a certificate, we don't just lose the ticket, we lose an entire community, a whole segment, whether it's the granting baking a cake, whether it is the kids eating chocolate, we lose an entire demographic, millions and millions. Now what I realized at that moment is the power is in the hands of the people, not corporations. Without

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the people there are no political rulers, without the people, you will have customers, you don't have companies that think that they are invincible without your followers, your influences mean nothing. And so really, the Palestinians are teaching us that it is the people on the ground that will dictate what happens at the end if the people are given a certain way. Victory isn't that side. And that's why this look at this beautiful Hadith that Islam says that Allah Himself says, Allah says seek My pleasure.

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Allah says make me happy through the week amongst you how you treat the weak amongst you. For vainly you are granted risk provisions and you're granted victory through them.

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Allah gives you victory through the weak. Allah gives you strength through the weak how you treat the weak amongst you in your side. And then it says Indeed, Allah supports this OMA through the week members by the supplication by the PRI and by the sincerity. And so this entire Ummah is in a weak state, this entire Ummah is in a broken state. And Allah took the most broken the weakest in terms of financial or opera in terms of dunya perspective, and they are building the entire Ummah they strengthen the entire Ummah, the entire world.

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It was the Jumpstart that we needed. And it's not just to us, something for those of you who are online, you would seen a strange phenomenon, how many non Muslims are embracing Islam.

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Just as here our Blue cup hub, the Burano hub, we've got a few Palestinian flags. I was informed by the office that they're getting unprecedented amount of calls by non Muslims asking more about Islam, they have literature about Islam, we want to learn more.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is opening hearts that would never have thought about Islam through this. Yes, people are dying, it said, but Allah is giving life to people who are completely dead to Islam. And Allah Subhana Allah says that while they are fighting you need to undo to undo what Allah that they are fighting hard spending billions to extinguish the light of Allah. Well yeah, Allah, Allah and your team and neuro neuropil But Allah refuses that he's like will be extinguished, except that he will perfect his light, although the disbelievers dislike it, but no matter how much you're how many armies you have, how much how much propaganda you have, you can answer Hello, they're holding

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all the cards on the Davidic but they can't when

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they've bombed and, you know, done everything that humans possibly could do. But this woman will not go away and Islam who continue to spread and become stronger Subhanallah and that is what Allah subhanaw taala is showing

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that if you follow again, if you look at tick tock how many non Muslims and you know what they do, they will watch a video of a Palestinian. The man is kissing. His is

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The the body of his of his of his child that has died

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and he won't be screaming and using Allahu Akbar he will be praising Allah. His Eman is ro Eman will come through. And you're watching this wherever you are in the world. And you think, how is this possible? How can a person lose his house, his whole family, everything in a split second, but he's still praising Allah subhanaw taala he still has the composure to go and make salah.

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Any with his grief and his tears, you will not say my daughter, my son, they said they have been a cheerleader in Jannah. So for a person who doesn't know the desert, no religion, he lived a life just going to work coming home planning my next holiday, he looks at this and he thinks, what two strings does this man have? If I lose my job tomorrow, my life falls over this man lost everything. But he's got a bit of contentment. And I have How is this possible? So then it forces them to open up the Quran? What is this book? What is this religion that these people have? And for the first time, people are experiencing, seeing the sweetness of Islam, which Allah has given us for free,

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basically, they are seeing it for the first time 1000s and 1000s of people are embracing Islam. So I was shocked to think that year cukup basically the middle of nowhere, that non Muslims are asking, don't you have classes for people wanting to understand more about Islam want to know more? We're interested,

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as Allah says, hold of the other Salah Rasulullah will be Houda within that He sent His messenger with a true religion liyu the hero who Aladeen equally so that it may become apparent. We don't have to fight about it. By itself, it will become apparent to be the truth of all other ways. Well, okay, and we shouldn't call him that even though the enemies will hate it. Allah subhanaw taala will make sure that this religion prevails.

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So he said number one,

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it is clear the enemy is failing. And if I was in Tel Aviv, with all the money and all the power, I said my army in I bombed from the sky, and I still can't win. I'm assaulted anything. What do I need to do to extinguish these people?

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We've seen the global narrative changing in favor, the human sort of Muslim narrative, the Muslims have been saying this for 75 years, the Muslim world has always been behind Palestine. But now what we're seeing is people whether whatever religion, they are on the side of the truth, so we see that this is a model fight. Number three, we seeing how people are embracing Islam. And we see how this how people are turning towards Islam turning towards this religion, and that the strength of the man and the road, that you have the power to topple governments, you and I have the power to topple corporations, and we should realize that they serve us. They serve us we serve Allah but they serve

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us. And if they don't do what is in the interest of society, we will replace them. They can't control the masses. That's another thing we've learned. But the most important one, I think Alhamdulillah

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as we said, this ummah is in a coma, it's in a paralysis, it's in an ICU.

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The OMA is not going to die. We know that from that IV Salam, he made a DUA, er Allah, let never an enemy destroy this ummah completely and Allah accepted the DUA. And he said, Yeah, Allah I make dua for this coma is not destroyed by natural disaster, one earthquake, we all gone, I'll accept that do others FEMA will not aim through one massive natural disaster and he may die yet Allah will not be divisions and fighting between us nor did not accept that door

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will not accept the DUA that is going to happen and it is happening. So this OMA is in a low place. We are with all not as I say so many times it's not because we lack the numbers. We lack the wealth, or we lack the expertise. Some of the smartest, brightest, strongest people in the world is in this OMA is in this community. But there's something missing it's like as I said, we are coming in a coma. And sometimes we need a jumpstart, you know, you need that shock to wake you up and it says that it needs a guy to take like 5000 Dead Palestinian children, for us to wake up as Oma.

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And Allah says in the Battle of the Trench when the Muslims were completely surrounded and looked like things were over us in times like that. When Allah takes away all your your sense of security, your sense of what's a new call, you're only of Allah left to Allah says look at a triangular config Rasulullah Hasina that in Rasul Allah is a good example for you. Lehmann, Kenyatta. joola, William will ask Allah will akhira that if you want Allah and the Astra he's a good example. And those who remember Allah, what Amara minuman Allah says, This is a true believer, when you see the enemy stacked up against you, when the world has surrounded you, when you have no way to go, you only have

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Allah. God, what do you say? Her the word Allah or Rasulullah? Who rasuluh who was either color or soda Cola or Zulu, versus exactly as Allah had promised? This, Allah told us, This dunya is just a temporary thing.

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But your money, your job, your kids, those are distractions of what is really important. And sometimes you need that wake up in terms of where are we going? What are we doing what's happening? That wake up is not nice.

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And when we see it we say this is the truth. This is the reality was Adam Illa Illa Imana with us Lima, y Masada home Illa Eman this Lima. M in this calamity actually, what did you do it increase them in the Eman and the submission to Allah. All of us will Hamdulillah I hope that this increase everyone, maybe 1%. In our iman, we did a little bit more. So it took, unfortunately, sadly, the death of 5000 Palestinian children for our Eman to increase. The sacrifice wasn't just for mercy Luxa or for land or for our country, it is for the entire Ummah, to wake up and think you know, I need to do better. I need to be better. This a bigger fight in my day to day life. And that's what

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Allah subhanaw taala wants from us that in sha Allah, this episode will debate. People already becoming tired. Now it's time to change the footpath. And perhaps it is time to talk about other things.

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But these things are reminders for us that I can't just keep going and doing the same thing for the next 3040 50 years until I die. I'm part of a bigger issue a bigger purpose a bigger challenge my life has meaning my time on the dunya must count for something. When I leave the dunya I can't come in, in a certain way I will leave in the same way. But what did I leave behind? What did I fix of this? Oma? What good did I do? That's the purpose of being a Muslim? That's ultimately what Allah wants? What can I show to Allah that ft hammer

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can only show that I've spent day in day out at the office day in day out accumulating money day in they are planning my next holiday day in they're just trying to pay the bills? Is that all that I can offer along with FTM? Or is there something of goodness that I've offered? And that is what this does. These times these calamities, they take away all the unnecessary things in your life. And so we ask Allah to grant us to be part of this be a revival, not just a momentary wake up and we go back into the coma? May this be a genuine revival of the ummah? May this be the generation that we will tell. And our kids and grandkids will ask, how do you liberate much like we talked about

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Salahuddin? How did you do it? They'll talk about this generation, how did you guys do it? Hamdulillah. Hopefully this is that spark because it's not just a flash and will disappear. But it's a genuine spark that will change make the change but it requires all of us to be part of it. And at the very least we make the offer to Allah grant a strength grant of success. May Allah make easy for the people in Palestine throughout the world. May Allah make Gruchy far too sick, Allah grant those who are injured Shiva and those who have died May Allah grant them genital FreeDOS I mean, just a few announcements at home there. We've got guests from overseas, we welcome them to the masjid and

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we welcome them to Cape Town. And then there's quite a few members of the congregation they like to remain anonymous but quite sick. You never know the people that you shake hands with and you smile with what's happening behind the scenes at home. And sometimes even I you get a message it's I didn't know someone is going through such difficult difficulty and sickness We ask Allah to grant them Shiva we grant Allah strangle make easy whatever difficulty everybody has the challenges may Allah make it easy for you, whatever challenges you're going through family, financial sickness melograno Make ease and grant us all a bit late tomorrow be better than today. And our best days

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letterhead mean I mean, just another few announcements, the BK PG cukup. PG. Right there. Today they're having a a march or a protest at five o'clock at the corner of Baden Cranwell state in support of Palestine hamdullah we call it morale. I mean, it's alhamdulilah it's December time which is Amara and Nica season. So, either you go formula you get married one of the two must decide right so the for those who are going formula was cheaper to go formula trust me.

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Formula inshallah O'Meara class will having over a class next week, Sunday, the third of December for anyone who's interested and then afterwards we'll have our

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think of marriage in Java or later so don't want to forget