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The loss of family members and the potential for depression fill gaps in one's heart are discussed. The importance of finding a partner to support them is emphasized. The transcript describes the meaning of "crossing the line" and how it is impossible to achieve. The speakers emphasize the need to practice good behavior and avoid giving up on one's heart and life, and stress the importance of not giving up on one's family members and spiritual health.

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I guess this is an invitation that if we have wronged anyone

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to ask them for forgiveness,

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because it was a panel diala being the one who is so merciful, so forgiving promises to forgive us. Only after one year sparkle, let them forgive let them partner and I don't

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do they not wish that Allah subhana wa tada may forgive them. Today is an opportunity to say sorry, whether it's to your mom, or your father, or your sisters, or your friends or your neighbor, it's an opportunity to cleanse your heart from all the evils and turn back to Allah subhanho wa Taala the most forgiving, inshallah we will move now, to our final,

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beautiful attribute of a loss of Hannah voir dire.

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I want you for a moment in this Adama family that we've been talking about.

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And after hearing our beloved mushiya,

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using all those examples of really large people, and how it was a panel with Iowa is relevant to them. Think about a mother, whether it's your mom or yourself,

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or it's your sister.

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Imagine going into her lounge room, realizing that her husband just lost his job. And he's stressing so much and he's on the verge of divorcing him. Imagine how stressed this woman would be.

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Not only that, she had found out that her daughter had also had an injury to her brain and needs surgery.

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She starts stressing.

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She starts thinking what hope is there for me.

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What could potentially and possibly fill that void in my heart, from the loss of my husband and the potential loss of my daughter.

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She turns to any means possible just to let go. She starts smoking, she starts taking antidepressant pills. She's stressed.

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She's about to lose her husband.

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She's about to lose her daughter.

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She's not doing too well physically herself.

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You think about her situation? And what could potentially fill that void? And then of course, you think about that brother or sister there is a new Muslim

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who went announcing this lamb to the parents is kicked out of the home and left with no house living in a garage

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living in their friend's home

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who will mend their relationship with their parents?

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Who will fill that fill that void in their hands?

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And how about

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the system is joining only to realize that because she's wearing a scarf she's being told both is better and so told go back to your own country who fill that gap, that sort of that hole in her hands.

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Who will help her get back onto that hopeful path that will lead her not into depression, but into the hope towards Jenna.

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How can our brothers and sisters

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in Syria

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who have lost their parents or their children

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or their sisters or brothers

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who will mend those relationships that they've had to cut off? Who will fill that void in their heart? Allah subhanho wa Taala promises us that if we remember him and his attributes, we will never be stressed. We will never be depressed. There's no space for depression in our hearts. If we remember a loss of Hannah who had died being eligible, the Mendham the compeller. So Kanagawa died. I'd like to call upon Jeff Bella, to finalize our presentation for today by describing who exactly a loss of panela data is when we mentioned eligible

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brothers and sisters

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My brothers and sisters in law says he is alone.

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He is the king, he controls everything.

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He is the holy

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he is the one and who everyone can put their trust in.

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He is the one who is also the overseer of all things.

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He is the honorable,

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he is

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the compeller, the menda,

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the healer,

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the one who puts things back together,

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the one who after something is broken, in your hearts, in your body and your mind. Allah subhanaw taala He is the one

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who solidifies it, who brings it back together? Who mentions it again. He is the one who brings things back to righteousness after they're corrupt. He is the one who fixes and to him, everything ends. How does it end? by fixing everything falls into place until everyone

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receives what is rightfully this.

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And with a copy of the superior subpoena supreme

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glory meeting in help is far away from what people associate partners with video turn to other than Allah subhanho wa Taala algebra, brothers and sisters in Islam. establish a relationship with every name of allah subhana wa Taala after this night in a way you have never established before. whatever situation you're in whatever feeling that you fall into, there is always a name of Allah subhanho wa Taala that you can fall back on.

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Allah has not left us like that. When Allah Spano Tata sent on Adam alayhis salaam onto this earth, it wasn't angry at him. When Adam and Eve ate from the tree, Allah wasn't angry at them. We don't see the verses talking in anger, the context of the verses is more than Allah only what's best for you, you have wronged yourself, like what ignited method and added to a lot of among the best examples, like a father and mother how they feel towards their children, when they see their children going the wrong way. They just don't understand. And now heart leads for them. Allah subhanaw taala only wants the best for us. So he put us on earth. He said, I will watch over you and

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I will be with you. And I'll continue to send my guidance to you all the way. I'm not going to leave you alone.

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You're going to mend your broken heart, you're going to mend what you have broken for yourself. I'm going to help you in doing this.

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You're going to do it. When you mend your own breakage with a last dollar being your guide. You become stronger, happier, you become more important, don't you?

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brothers and sisters in Islam,

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the name ninja bow appeared only once in Nepal and sort of the passion.

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A lot of people don't understand this name very well. In fact, a lot of us hardly use it in our

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in Arabic When you say Japan, the first thing that comes to our mind is a negative sense or one of a strong, overpowering sense that compeller

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this is not the only meaning

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of the law here that gave it three meanings. In the Arabic term or Jabbar means

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the one

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who overpowers the oppressors,

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the one who is stronger than the oppressors, the one who gives the oppressors what they deserve, in defense of the oppressed. So Allah subhanaw taala is the one who comes to save those who are less fortunate those who are oppressed and broken by their oppressive leaders or whoever is on top of them in oppression. The second meaning

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alarm is about meaning the highest no one can reach him yet he is closer to you than you and Jackie living.

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Allah says in the Quran or in the hearse, Allah

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Oh gee Buddha,

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felonious dejima when he was new,

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which means my servants asked you about me, tell them that I am really near I am with them all the way on me and I'm close. They don't have to reach very far. I'm near.

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You know, like a mother when she, her daughter or son wakes up in the middle of the night afraid of a nightmare. mother or father come running to the bed, baby What's wrong? I saw a nightmare. This. You know, behind the door, I saw things under the bed. I'm afraid I'm scared and I hugged him and the mother system and I'm near. I'm right here, don't worry, I'm here. Doesn't matter where you go. Just remember me. I'm here. I'm here. Baby. This is him. Allah created the mercy inside of a mother and a father. What about them is mystical in Japan.

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And the third meaning to words about which I want to focus on today is the Mendham.

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The Merciful mender, the one after you have been broken in whichever way there is a lot who will bring back your pieces together, he will connect you and He will bring back the person that you were once before

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my brothers and sisters in Islam. And in Japan, all the names of Allah are all good. They are all the best, and we should turn to them in positive is every time. Allah tells us in the Quran, when he legging as

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Rubina to Allah belong to this beautiful names. So when you call to him, call to him with them. Why? Because when you remember our last names, they provide comfort to your heart, whichever state you are in my brothers and sisters in Islam, I'm sure every one of us here, including myself, we have gone through hardships in our life. And in fact, we are probably right now the most difficult of hardships, no one else knows our hardships, I can hear but Allah He is human. Yes, Allah is hearing your cry. You are trying to express your pain from the inside, but you don't know what words to describe it. So you call upon father, your mother, your husband, your wife, your children, you call

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upon someone to help you.

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But no one is hearing really, really what you are feeling. No one is empathetic enough to really know what you're going through. So you cry and suffering silence. But those of us even online in the neighborhood of law to understand

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the law in the night when you're alone. It's as though you have the whole world in the palm of your hands because you know,

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the mentor, the fixer, and you wait, because you know, whatever almost pantalla is doing right now. Even if you are in pain.

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Allah is going through the process of healing you and mending things together.

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And when something is broken, you can't mend it straight away. It needs time. When Allah subhanho wa Taala meant something he called himself adage about and that which means he is the best mentor. He is the ultimate mentor. When he involved himself in mending things after they have been broken. The end result is the best. And in fact, there will be no more sadness after them.

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Do you suffer a sickness

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as someone hurt you? As someone who pursued you

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as someone pulled into a school as someone bullied you at work? You know what's worse of all bullying? When you're bullied by your own family? You know why?

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We all go through it. Because it's love which you have invested in this person. When they bully you and they harm you. Suddenly all this love which was invested transforms into the worst and bitterness and hatred.

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There's no need to do that. If you know

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because all of this, Allah is mending. All you have to turn to is a lot to say about

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this is the daughter of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he used to say yeah, Job done was Cassie Oh the mender min my broken heart mend my broken

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in the year 10

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of prophethood.

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And the octopus hasn't received the revelation 10 years later.

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The prophet SAW the law while he was serving as a trusted uncle who protected him by standing up against the leaders of courage because of him almost my dad sent him the ladies of Croatia would not attack the province of Allah Allah He was sending because it was one of the leaders of Qureshi respected in the 10th year of the Prophet was

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Allah subhanho wa Taala took the life of this protector of the process and his DNA

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and achievements later, Allah took the life of his dear beloved wife, Khadija are the last one.

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Let me take 30 seconds, just say one thing about conditional the law on a few things. These are the law man who was also the protector of the process of his hunt. When the processor felt that something had gone wrong with him when he received the revelation, she was the one that encompassed him and clothed him with a blanket saying to him, Allah will never

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let you down.

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You are the one who does this and then you are the one who suffer the orphan and you are the one who tends to the poor and the weak You are the one who useless being a nurse, you are meant to lead affairs or relationships between people a lot later, they will not let you down.

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She is the one who when I should have a loved one. He is latest processor that married her. She saw him sitting with an old woman. And the processor was exchanging nice talk. She was saying things then you were saying things done. They were laughing or smiling. So I should have done on the weekend jumps. When she when he finished it asked her. She asked him who is that old woman emphasizing that she's old and that she's young.

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So the process and I said Oh, she was

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a DJ. She was one of the pastor friends of traditional villa. If it wasn't enough that she saw him talk to him enjoying that company, it had dimension that she was one of the friends of mine who had died long time ago. Because of his love for her these read a lot and has a reference over they still kept the tie with these old women who used to be her friends, then the line was centered on her sister in

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law, they will not give you someone better than

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the process settle and then said level learning Let me deal and

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Allah did not give me someone better than her. She is the one who mended my heart when everyone else broke up. She is the one who protected on everyone else lifted me when everyone else attacked me. She is the one that was there for me when everyone else left me and she is the one who believed when everyone said that I was Alliant Allah gave me children from I shall have the loved one and then realize that she said, please ask a lot to forgive me.

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A lot took her away from him.

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If that was not enough, in that same year, he went to a people in a bar if trying to seek help from them hoping that they will attend or accept Islam. He had heard good things about them. So he went to a bar to call them to Islam. And there were three sons of a leader that he approached them first hoping that they will have a strong say, what did they do to him? They have used him They call him terrible names. One of them said to him out of all men of all of mankind Quran Allah choose to send down a poor animal, someone more important than you.

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The second one said, if you're a prophet, let me know I'm not going to listen to you because if I say something that hurts you, I'll be you know, terrible in a terrible state. And if you are not the prophet of God, then I'm not believing you anyway, I haven't lost anything. So from Santa realizing this said, Please, if you have nothing good to say just at least don't make things worse for me. I said, Yeah, sure, sarcastically. He went back to try and pull the people of like, no one accepted Him. And these three men went and gathered the women and the children and the men and they said gather around and get some rocks and stones and throw it up. Get him out of him.

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So the women and children first in front, spitting at the price of a lot while he was setting himself up for throwing stones at his body and his feet children

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who used to love to send him whenever he entered Medina. It make them climb on his camera and he would smile to them give out gifts to them. All the children love the muscles as they wish there was a dad and these children's throwing stones at him. And behind them, the women throwing stones at him, abusing him and behind them the men laughing and leaning towards each other's shoulders, lying on pantries laughing at the bison. You know how

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unexplainable no one could understand this but his body bled and his feet were bleeding. his sandals were filled red blood.

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And they were guiding him towards direction he couldn't even go anywhere, although all around him until he reached the grapevine. God he entered it and said underneath the great tree.

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He cried. He cried. He cried tears. His heart was broken.

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His beloved wife is gone. And now this also sauce and lifted his arms with all his heart. And he said to a loss of animal with

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a long while.

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I turn my heart towards you.

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Who are you leaving me to a friend who will attack me

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being mean to people who will abuse me.

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I'm afraid. If you are angry with me, this is my problem. But if you are pleased with me and not angry with me, then all of this doesn't matter to me. Just someone's angry with me my load in a start thinking these things is my node displeased with me. Have you left me my load? I turned to you crying too, and he wasn't crying about the pain. It wasn't crying about the loss of authority when his dear wife had the law on him crying about these things. He was crying, thinking maybe Allah is lifted.

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Suddenly, the owner of the grapevine he sent us a Christian man to give him some grapes. That was the first sign from apostle pineapple with the island that Allah had not lifted. He said Bismillah and you know the story, I just fell upon his feet when he found that he was a prophet of God. And they dragged him away thinking the process is done, and we'll turn him around an assassin and Allah had sent to him, he started the healing process the mending process,

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and also saw something exited. And when he said, I put my head to the ground, you know, when you're so distressed, it happened to me once when I failed an exam. at uni. I walked all the way home from the examination room. It was about five kilometers, it felt like it was only 200 meters. I was at home suddenly. I was so distressed. He said he walked kilometers and kilometers. Instead, I found myself at a certain place close to

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cross this distance because it was so distressed. And then the angel trivialized and came down giving him another

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good tiding he said I have with me the angel of the mountains if you want say one word and a lower it will crush them between the mountains for her and also send them he knew that Ahmad was there for him he was mending. He said maybe from their project and there will be people who will worship a lot alone and believe in this message. And he used to say a lot of medical me find

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our love guide when people that just do because he had his heart cling to

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the mender after he after hardship or companies in fact, there is a verse in the Quran which a lot of us don't really understand what it means, you know sort of an admission of lack of sorrow,

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or about America wisdom and Lady Gaga, UK or Canada. Then he says, For in

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the US in

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the US

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with every hardship is ease with every hardship there is ease, hardship, and also is singular Yusra is plural many. abundant also means hardship use that means ease which means whenever you are in pain, when you are in hurt, whenever you have lost something, remember that when that hardship, don't forget, there are lots of eases there is lots of pleasure which Allah is giving you meaning if you lost your arm, you have another arm, you have legs to walk up you can still see it is still here. So when you remember the fevers Allah has given you it is a form of healing your heart. Look at what you still have

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not what you have lost. And Allah heals you through that process. For Azusa and after that, a people from Medina from Medina yesterday they came to him saying to him We pledge allegiance to you. He had his heart with a thought if it was people from Medina, after that he migrate that what happened? What happened? The whole world is that rich the world.

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A lot of the my brothers and sisters in Islam

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if you have been oppressed or bullied, if you have hurt, you have lost something, turn to a loss of water and know that he will mend you after you have been broken. Don't give up what law he even the disbeliever if they are oppressed, Allah will mend them they are broken hearts if they turn to you, did you not hear and look around what was the other says what was she

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When a manager in an

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event manager move in.

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And when you see them in the sea upon an arc and they find the waves as high as mountains, they are certain that they will die. What do they do they call upon a loss and see our Lord if you were to save us from this we will be back

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And then when Allah saves them in onto the show, when their insecurity,

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you find that some of them what do they do? They start to break their promise, and no one

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no one disbelieves in a loss famous except the ones who have betrayed as they promised the neighbor trail, go fool, they hide and forget a loss and pleasure upon them.

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My brothers and sisters in Islam

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on the Day of Judgment, if your rights haven't been met in this world, then don't worry. On the day of judgment, a loss of planet what the island meant everything. Do you know who will be the ones who will call upon a lot to mend a broken hearts the most.

00:25:48--> 00:25:49

They are the parents,

00:25:50--> 00:25:57

the parents, we forgotten how much they sacrificed for us. And when you're a parent, how much you sacrifice for your children, they don't understand.

00:26:00--> 00:26:06

On the day of judgment, the parents will call up and say oh, my Lord, meant my heart, I am broken

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the way if you are not beautiful to them, the way for the dog is accepted. Be wary, beware of the oppressed for Allah subhanho wa Taala does not return it there's a hadith in the process and then sent to a Buddha. When he sent him to the people of Yemen, the kuffaar of Yemen, he said and the way of the of the oppressed one for in,

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it will never be rejected. Or in the laser vein a hell of a lot. If you jump between it and a law there is no cover, even from a disbeliever so the when the parents mend their hearts, my brothers and sisters cry and seek forgiveness from them. Brothers and sisters, your relatives, seek forgiveness from them and men. Don't sit there and say to yourself, what are my rights? Why should I go to them? They didn't come to me. Look at the husband and wife. Stop thinking about your own rights. Think about what your duty is, and whatever is not alone. Don't worry. If you seek expectations from people from your good one lucky you will be more broken, you will be miserable.

00:27:16--> 00:27:24

If you do good towards others and then do good in return to you and you expect it from them. You will be miserable because you're never going to get it.

00:27:25--> 00:28:05

The husband and wife focus on your duty rather than your rights and leave it up to her boss pantalla you'll be a happier person. If someone doesn't visit you among your family. You go and connect to the ties because Allah is going to mend you, but they have broken themselves. If you have done wrong towards anyone on the face of the earth brothers and sisters now before you died mended because Allah wants us to know his name. The mender the Capella Mini, the one who compelled us the oppressors. One who compels the wrongdoers, one who men's, the oppressed ones, he wants you to take this thing and to live it in your life. We are not perfect.

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But Allah is perfect. And Allah introduces these names to us. When you practice these names in your life, suddenly you find the connection with a law and one law. Only a person's house connected to him at the time of this sickness at the time of their poverty at the time of their pain. They understand what it means to be connected to a last time you want to be happy. Ask a lot of men do heart and everything else in shed a lot will fall in place. My brothers and sisters in Islam call upon the Lord with his name and Japan and say

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oh the compiler the mentor mend my broken issues, mend my broken heart and mend the broken hearts of all the believers and the oppressed ones in the world. I ask Allah subhana wa Taala to mend our hearts and to break and to mend our broken affairs or the loss of a loved one and happiness.