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Are the blindness within the law James Miller Monroe HeMan Hungary Lyra Alameen wa salatu salam ala sherfield Mursaleen Syedna Muhammad Ali he was a huge marine my beloved brothers and sisters Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and hamdulillah Rahman Al Amin always and forever we begin with the praise Allah subhanaw taala Anna shadow Allah Allahu Allah, with a witness that is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala was in love and greetings salutations so beloved Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam to spice up your family it is companions and all those who follow the Sunnah until the end of time. May Allah subhanaw taala bless as to be upon the Sunnah of loving

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hermits also living this life and his companionship in the accurate meaning when hamdulillah Yama and Temecula May Allah Subhana Allah bless all of us with a placid New Year. Today is Friday the 13th of August but it's actually the the fifth of of Muharram, the first Jumuah of the new Islamic year, year, 1443 1443 years since the hijab, and Subhan Allah before we begin talking about the new year and a new year that we sit for the new year, we have to think about the year that has just passed, we ask Allah first and foremost to forgive us any shortcomings that we have done. May Allah subhanaw taala accept all the good that we have done in this past year. It has been a very, very

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difficult year for the Ummah at large for humanity at large. We're still in this global pandemic. Many people are sick, Mr. Gordon Schieffer, and many people have passed away and I'll look at them a month later. If we think of all the people that have passed away in this last Hegira year, just in my personal capacity, two very, very close relatives have passed away my look on them Jana and your relatives as well Jennifer, for those. So every single family has been touched by difficulty in some way has been touched by some kind of loss. And we we know that Allah subhanaw taala has placed this upon us and it is a very special kind of test. And we ask Allah to grant us the strength to

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persevere through this difficult times and not just not just in terms of the virus. We know that beyond the what's happening in our country and the Ummah and so many difficulties that the Ummah is going through. And as part of that all of these artists from Allah, and we ask Allah for the strength in the suburb, through these hard times, but we remain optimistic. So no matter how difficult things get, it is part of the makeup of the believer that we are always optimistic, and we're always looking to build. And we know in some way that what gives us hope is that as Allah subhanaw taala tests a people with difficulty and the more difficulty, and the more severe the test

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is, the more special is that group of people. And so we ask that we are here in this year, at this time for a reason. He's not there by accident, that you and I are here to face these challenges and ask Allah to grant us the same. And when we look at a new Hijiri year, some might say, the concept of a new year and New Year's resolutions these are on Islamic but in fact, if we look at haram being the first month of the Heejun year, why is haram the first month of the year, we know that's all on the time, we're going to be so solemn, there was no such thing as a calendar, there wasn't a calendar. So no matter the alarm when we came the Khalifa, and the OMA became developed and it had

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spread all over the world. It was time to have a calendar. And so the Sahaba got together the senior Sahaba and they had two questions they wanted to know they had to decide when is the first month of the year and which is going to be the first month on the calendar. When does the calendar begin and they chose Muharram as the beginning of the year he could have chosen Ramadan. And that would make sense Ramadan is the most special month for us as Muslims or the hijab the month of March, but instead they chose Muharram as the the beginning of the calendar and why so one of the reasons and this is what's mentioned is that Muharram is the month after the ledger of the month of hajj so has

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just has been completed. And the idea the concept is that after Hajj everything begins new that whatever happened in the past is in the past but ever since Allah forgave whatever hardships and difficulties we put that behind us all the negativity stops. And we begin the new year a new a fresh It's a new beginning. And we look forward optimistically to that new beginning. And also they chose why did they choose which date they choose to be the beginning of the calendar, they could have chosen the birth of nebulous random as the Christians had done with the birth of Nerissa. They could have chosen the beginning of Revelation when the Quran was revealed. But instead, the Sahaba chose

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the Hijra. The moment the Muslims from Makkah, migrated the left Makkah and they came to Medina and there was now a city, the city of Medina was established. This was the beginning of of a new chapter for all of us as Muslims, and so Subhan Allah, it was optimistic and Sahaba remember that time that they were the only little tiny little state in the entire world that was against their enemies inside Medina enemies outside of Medina, they had so many problems in Medina, there wasn't enough food and water and shelter for all the people of Medina. But instead of looking at all the negatives, all the things that could go wrong. They looked at it as a new beginning and

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optimistically a new start and as I said before that as an ummah, part of the belief of OMA is we have this optimism as an abyss and said even if Kiana was to be upon you now and you had a plant in your hand and put that plant in the ground, plant that and we hope Insha Allah, Allah will take care of it we leave the results to Allah. And so we take inspiration from the era of the Nabil Salah and Sahaba with

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The Sahaba they were persecuted and had to flee their homes than to run away from Makkah and start all over from scratch in the beginning in Medina, new city, and you know, you can imagine the scene and just one part of the hijab, we can there's so many things, you know, happened during the the hijab, but just this one moment really sums up the mindset of the Sahaba that this is a new beginning and how are we going to start building a fish? So that to start from scratch, and you know, once a hobby Abdullah bin Salam, sidenote, Abdullah bin Salam or the Allah on this hobby, before Islam, he was not only a Jew, he was the chief rabbi of Medina. He was the head rabbi of all

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the rabbis in Medina. And so he said he remembers the day that a piece of Salam came to Medina when the reason came to Medina, obviously the people the Jews came to him and said, Look, shareholder Anna, you're the Mufti, you need to go and see this man that says, he's a prophet, he claims to be a prophet, you need to go in and speak to him. As Abdullah bin Salam says, When the Prophet peace be upon him, into Medina, all the people are actually to meet him. And they will chanting the Messenger of Allah has come, the Messenger of Allah has come, the Messenger of Allah has come. So there's a big crowd, and everyone was around him. And Abdullah Salam said, I couldn't really get to him, I

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couldn't reach him. But when I came close to him, and I looked at him, I saw his face clearly. And I knew I knew immediately when I looked at his face, this is not the face of a liar. So the man of the lighting setup, recognize that this man is not alive. And this is this must be a prophet just by looking at the numbers of Salam. And then he said, Now this is the most one of those beautiful Hadith. So this is the first time of the logon Salah heard there be some sort of speak. And now I can imagine this Nabisco Salamis coming to a new city. He is now in charge of the New City. There are many, many problems, huge problems, you know, enemies inside outside, there's not enough

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resources, we need to do so many things. He begins and this is his statement. He says, Are you a nurse, oh my people, he's giving a statement. He says up to Salem, spirit Salam spreed peace, wherever you are, no matter how difficult things are, no matter what's going on around you. Be a people of peace, always be peaceful. Without a bomb, and feed people feed the hungry, will signal or harm and keep your family ties close or solid will be lelee will naturally yawn and make Salah at night when people are sleeping through the whole agenda to be Salam, you will enter Jannah very, very easily do these things. Spread Salaam and peace, feed the hungry, keep your family ties close

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and make Salah at night when people are sleeping, you will enter Jannah very, very easy. And so Subhanallah what is amazing about this, the results are numb. You know, this is one of his inauguration speech. This is you know, he's going to make a speech in front of the whole city. He's the new leader. And he begins by very, very simple stuff. And you know, we look at this. And it reminds us of what's happened a few weeks ago in Durban Milan, you know, granted easily there was upheaval in Durban. And some people, you know, went to the Rampage, some people became despondent, some people became angry. Some people, you know, went on, you know, the path of racism, another

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group of people, they went out of their homes peacefully, and they said, you know, we have a crisis, what can we do, we can't fix the big problems, but we can feed the hungry. And so they made the masjid, a place of feeding. And so Subhanallah these are the things that count. And so in this new year, in the backdrop of so much loss, and so much hardship and so much difficulty in our personal capacities, in our, you know, businesses, whatever it might be our country, all these big things that we can't change, we still begin the new year optimistic this Muharram in our hearts will make dua Allah led this Muharram in the year to come in the years to come, be better than the years that

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have passed. And so we make this near and as an official Salah mentioned in our Atma Lavinia that Allah is ultimately going to reward us based on our near misses the beauty of Allah's Palace judgment, and His mercy upon us is that he does not reward only the results, he rewards the near. And if we start today, I'm going to make the near this is the first Friday of this year, that we are Allah, our Nia is that we will be the best we can be in the whatever position situation we're in, and we're going to be better we as people are going to be better in the PVCs that is our knee up and whatever good we wish to do this year that we didn't do last year, we're going to be better with

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Mila. And so Allah rewards and he accepts that near that near unknown, that feeling in our heart is enough of a reward with Allah subhanaw taala. And so too if inshallah we leave you with these two is that Allah Subhana Allah says to us, especially for us now in very difficult times. Allah says, well, they're coming from

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their own lives, they always be a group of people. They always be a good group of people that are calling to goodness to righteousness lately always be a people inviting to that which is good. We all know we might have roofie why and how not even carry that they should encourage goodness and they should forbid that we just evil. So Allah says, Allah is telling us there should always be such a people and also by extension, they will always be a people. No matter how bad the situation is. There will be a group of people that will be doing good in spite of what's happening around them. But economically when Allah says this group of people will always be successful

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So make it in our hearts are Nia at a time when we really need good people, Yet Allah grant me grant you to be of those people that has be of this group that will rise up for goodness that will command good for good evil and will be of those who are successful. I mean, and if you do that, then Allah promises, what does he give you in return? If we do our part, then Allah will fix the big things then Allah subhanaw taala will take care of the disease and He will take care of the political issues Allah will take care of Paul he will take care of the big things Allah says what are the Allah Allah promises and letting the AMA know those will be the evening come while I'm even slightly

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higher and they do good deeds? Like yes definitely phantom fill out that he will surely establish you grant you strength in the land can often lead in an incompetent him as he had given authority for those before you will you MacKinnon Allahu Dena will love you.

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And so if we do our part, if we are those people, that group of people that have commands which is good and for good, which is evil, and we live according to do the basics that Allah commands us, then what do we get in return? Allah promises in this dunya not the Allah promises, what Allah will live in, I'm assuming that Allah promises to those amongst you will work in AI, while I'm in Sony, how can you do good deeds in this life? Lester, if unknown, fill out, that Allah will surely grant you authority in this land, come unstuck and often living amicably him as he had given authority to the previous nations, that the good people will always be successful, that no matter how bad things

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are, if we do our part, Allah promises the end will always be with the good people and then Allah says, Will you Mackinnon and Dena who lovely ilta lagom that Allah will allow them to establish and to live according to the deen which is pleasing to Allah, Allah will grant that life you will be able to live your life in a manner which Allah wanted, while you but didn't know when by the whole theme Amana so then almost practices and then he will remove that feeling of fear, the insecurity that you were in, you will remove that and replace it with securities panel. So all these problems Allah says, you will remove with your promises it will go away, he will take it away. So we are as I

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said, we begin this year, yes, we are scared, we are going through difficulty we are going through a hardship we are going through loss. It was a very, very difficulty. But I was going to promises that He will take away our fear, our sadness, our difficulties, if we turn to him and put our faith in Him, and then he will give us this security in the dunya. And of course if Allah subhanaw taala is giving us security in the dunya and success in the dunya then of course the Accra will be even better in the lab. So we asked once again is when do I Allah bless us in this beginning of this year, and let the goodness to return and the comfort and security of the Almighty to be returned

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Allah made easy for those who are going through difficulty and hardship and those who are sick, Allah God Shiva, and those who have passed away and Allah grant them genital for those, just to remind you that of course, in Assura, the 10th of Muharram, the 10th of Muharram is of course a very blessed day, the Sahaba so it was no day. But then we saw Salam was more soon too fast, then the 10th of Muharram. So he made sure even before Ramadan was established on Allah, even before the Prophet Salam, and fast Ramadan before it became compulsory, he always fasted on the theme of Muharram and so we know that the Hadith the Prophet says, We will fast the 10th of Muharram in Allah

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forgives all the sons of the Sinaloa what better way to start the than having your PVC essence forgiven. And we know the idea of the way of fasting is that you fast the 10th of Muharram and you should fast either the day before or the day after. So you fast the ninth and the 10th or the 10th Amelia and this is the Sunnah, and what better ways to start than having all our sins forgiven, you know in concluding Muharram is also a very special time here in Cape Town at Bromley Islam in particular, we have the the bootcamp we have this tradition where we will commemorate the 350 plus years at the Muslim community has been established here in Cape Town, we usually had a march with

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our, with our kids, unfortunately, you know, due to COVID the Mahara mod is cancelled, but we want our kids to still participate, we have a cause we shame some material. And interestingly, this is about the smallpox pandemic. So not too long ago, there was a pandemic in Cape Town, the smallpox pandemic, and there was a vaccine that also came at that time, it was a lot of controversy for the Muslim community. And it actually happened. It so happened that at that time, the only Muslim cemetery, the first cemetery for Muslims, which is in the book up on a bottle with one guru, and many of the old imams are buried, it was then forbidden for Muslims to be buried in that area. So

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very interesting time that we can learn a lot from. And so we encourage you to read we shake the material from that time and to participate in the quiz. We also ask that you participate in terms of listening tabs of sweets for the kids. So you can join in that and buy for your own kids and sponsor for the underprivileged kids as well. I mean, interestingly, we are encouraging everyone to sign up and find out the family tree. So many of our forefathers are buried in the turnabout of many of the families that have been here for

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Many hundreds of years. The family members are very they we might not know because it's been so long ago. But these are a research group that gets you to look at your family tree. And so read up the information that we are going to share with you and get to know your family tree and your history. You're in Cape Town. And we continue this legacy that we've been here for, you know, almost 400 years and Allah soprano believes it to be many, many more centuries in the slum indebtedness and safety. I mean, just like last night it was allotted early or sacrifice almost any other Minister don't want to walk away but it got to