Abdullah Oduro – Invocations of God #10 The Wings of Humility

Abdullah Oduro
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a statement made by Islam's statement about forgiveness from Allah, which includes witnessing the blessings and negativity of his actions. The speaker also discusses the importance of forgiveness in achieving a complete understanding of one's actions and the use of words like "has been" and "has been" to describe their actions.
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Now Sheikh Islam team shareholder Islam a voicemail and how are we he says, imminent pain relates a statement from him still on the third portion of the DUA that he makes in the beginning, when when I've never stopped for he says, you know if the individual was to perform a sin and they seek forgiveness from Allah, he mentions the statement by Sheffield Islam and he is referring to a voicemail and how do we who has the book called them and as it is set it in and that is the book that I am

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explained, which is his famous book titled Madame adage a Sadie King. So here he says, are himolla if we acetyl it Allah He Bina Masha had a 10 minute tea when we thought that it would be enough seat while Amany he says that the knowledgeable person travels are journeys to Allah between two things, witnessing his blessings, witnessing the blessings and always holding to account the deficiency deficiencies of his self and his action look Bala is to always review Okay, a big enough see when I'm in and then he says here, why are they even not paying mentioned here? Why they might not only he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said hadith is sahih Hadith say you don't it's still far away. Yeah,

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cool Abdul Allahumma Antara de la ilaha illa and Calacatta anyone Abdul Guanella Antigua Gamester what Ruby coming shortly masonite I bought what I can be net mythicality will be the me photo theater leave in the hood layer cred with an Uber Illa. And even okay, you mentioned the DUA which is called seydel is still far. And this is a Hadith so Hey, and it is on the authority of Ducati

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number 6323. Where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, say you still afar and your call out let's first stop here say it means the leader. So this is the lead form of seeking forgiveness from Allah meaning that it is going to be fairly comprehensive. And when one says that it is sham and it is comprehensive it is do we say complete when wanting to seek forgiveness from Allah because it contains two particular very important portions or even okay and is going to talk about so he says, say that it's still far the leader of so far is to say, these are the servants who say Oh Allah, You are my Lord, there is no one worthy of worship except you. You created me and I am your

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servant, and I am upon your agreement or bond and promise as long as I am able to I seek refuge

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in You from the evil that I have done. Ebola cabbie net medical Alia I admit to you the blessings that you have given me will be them be and I admit and acknowledge my sins for so forgive me for it Forgive me verily no one forgives the sins except you have been okay and continues on or he mentioned an explanation of this. For Gemma I feel holy Salah and it was what I can be net medica Alia what will be them be wish added to the minimum metadata AB Nuptse what he says So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam joined between the two things that shaker slammed mentioned earlier, which is witnessing the blessings and coming upon upon reviewing and monitoring the deficiencies of

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the self and of the actions and then he says here, from what shall determine the 2g Bucha 2g Bucha. Who al muhabba while he was sure they will you need me When SN this has failed.

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He says So firstly, witnessing the blessings necessitates love

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and praise and gratitude. For the the owner, a giver of the blessings and excellence are the one that controls the affairs of the blessings and excellence, which is Allah. So in other words, when you recognize what Allah has bestowed upon you, or what's been given to you, or what you've been granted that which is beyond your own control, when you recognize that, that shouldn't necessitate your love of Allah.

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I see my children, I see the knowledge that I have. I see, you know, the intellect district that I have, I realized that is not it is beyond me to be given. I'm not the giver of it. So that increases my love of Allah. And then he says, when we call out to a bit enough, see, well, I'm a to jaboulet who are willing Kisara Well, if Dakar would Tober equally worked. Well Allah your honor. So Illa mu Felisa Allahu Akbar, and then he says, the second portion, and coming upon arriving at the deficiencies of the self and the actions necessitates or should read, that should result in debasement and brokenness and depravity and also seeking forgiveness at every moment.

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and not to see himself except someone that is poor. That is that is without anything and that is one of the signs of true humility. You know humility and even in English means homeless, which means to be low to the earth, you are not meant to Kabira you are not thinking that you are high or above everyone to where you will be little everyone else. You know, the beautiful statement is that Kabir the arrogant person is like the man standing on a mountain he sees everyone else is small, but little does he realize that everyone else that he is looking at as small from the top of the mountain thinking that he's higher than everyone, everyone else is looking at him as small. So when

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looking at this beautiful filled criminal claim Rahima Hola. When he says this beautiful do I have been able to get Alia I acknowledge and recognize the blessings that you have upon me and I acknowledge my sins. When you recognize the blessings of Allah, that increases your love that should result in increasing your love and closeness and connection to him. And when you recognize your deficiencies, you recognize that you don't have it all figured out. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one that is alcohol. He is the overpowering one. He is an expert. He is the great one. He is a GUI he is the most strong, and that should make you debase yourself and lower yourself and feel

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that you are nothing without him for Verily Allah subhanho wa Taala is a harlot to the creator, the provider in the sustainer vertical off he said I want a camera up until I hear what a cat

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