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The Makiter language uses surahs and the Day of Judgment to convey a message about the upcoming death of the Earth. The transcript describes various symbols and phrases that convey a message about the death of the Earth, including "will" and "will" that indicate a violent end, "will" and "will" that indicate a severe or severe event, "will" and "will" that indicate a loss of something, "will" and "will" that indicate a loss of something, and "will" and "will" that indicate a loss of something." The segment discusses the weight of one's deeds and the importance of weighing them in one's life, emphasizing the importance of learning from one's mother and learning from one's father.

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He means shame on your wangi.

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This mean, here

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he is

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to have this

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salatu salam

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we've reached the final juice, just on the 13th.

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We'll begin by speaking a little bit about the types of chapters

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that are found inside is Jones. And then I'm going to select one surah to try and explain in some detail that sword has to be solid. And since it has

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so in terms of the number of chapters it contains is the most we have 36 chapters, beginning from solid another and ending with us.

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Why interesting things about these 36 chapters is that most of them are rebuilt in Makkah, yes, or they are mucky. And what that helps us to appreciate is the type of audience it is speaking to you as the type of audience it is speaking to you. Are those fish, the polytheists who are denying the promise of onset and who are calling him a liar, who are being stubborn, or being aggressive or being obnoxious, etc, etc. So, because you now understand the audience, it can help you to kind of navigate the verses and understand them even deeper. Oh, this verse seems very harsh, ah, but to speak into who those type of people. Another benefit to knowing that most of them are mucky is that

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sometimes if you need to share a surah of the Quran with someone who may be extremely arrogant, or very stubborn, when denial, you know where to select a chapter from, yes, we'll go straight to choose and select one. The only two that I've come across that are clearly muddy, are sort of zensah not what I'm going to share today. And so,

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you know,

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obviously, that is speaking about the victory, or the conquest of Makkah, which happens in the mother here.

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However, most of them are not only lucky, but many of them also are a direct reference to your PR thereafter. For example, sort of another means the great news, I need the news or the hiromasa sort of the queen, a taquile this chapter of winding up, yes, during the shampoo who we are. And that means that of your piano alone, take this son and roll it up, you know, like you have a carpet and you roll it up like that. But when you see the rolling of the sun, that is something that will leave you dumbfounded what is happening, also sort of an insert off. Yes, the tearing apart of the sky as sort of an issue upon the splitting of the sky. And sort of the last year the overwhelming event and

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Sora zillah the violence

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circle party are the catastrophe and sort of alcocer Yes, the abundance that is obviously different to all the others though the all the others are designed to strike fear in your heart about that day. So of course it is meant to reassure you and uplift you about the rewards that are often drinking from the front of the front so long as they'll give us

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The enjoyment of doing that process.

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So this is these are some of the chapters in so in the juice, and I'm going to share with you one chapter so zanza so this is the 99th chapter.

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And some of the scholars say that this chapter, it is part of a group 9900 100 103. So you can tell me what's the next rule after sort of sencilla?

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An idea? Yes, and then after are the outcomes?

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No, no.

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And often the product comes you so you've arrived

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at the castle, so he sends it up. And sounds are speaking about the Day of Judgment. And then you have an idea, an idea, Allah says, In the who have been highly Rashid, that this person has his fierce love of wealth, not like you say somebody who's crazy about money, or crazy or making money. So the idea is all about greed. Then alaria Faria speaks about Yokoyama, Allah says Yamato nasil can fellowship and the truth. On that day, mankind will be scattered like moths, no moths, that when they flock to the fire, Allah says mankind will be like that. And then the last chapter is Surah Al Faria, Surah kathrada, which is a helicopter castle, people are so obsessed with getting more and

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more, which is distracting them. So look at the pattern here. Xena, you're yo Pia, Adia greed, Aria yoga.

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At the castle greed.

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There's a link, and someone's gonna save the link is a person who is very greedy, very stingy.

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What he needs is to learn more about the Day of Judgment. When a person thinks more about the beauty of Allah, the great events that will happen on that day and the frightening nature of them, it will help him deal with his sense of greed. Yes.

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In terms of the logical flow of the surah, there are three paths.

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In the beginning, Allah will tell us about the earth that it will quake in the most violent way.

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And it will begin to unleash some of its contents will speak about that. And then the second part, it will begin to testify against humanity, about the good they did, and also the evil that they perpetrated this law. And the last part is about human beings then seeing the consequences of Egypt.

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So let's begin with the first case. Either zone's the rotten apples in Zara. Allah says when the earth is shaken when its ultimate quaking.

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When is this going to happen? It's gonna say this is going to happen after the second blowing of the trumpet. Yes, Salafi will blow the first trumpet, and many scholars say all of humanity will soon be the full unconscious, those who are left alive. And then the second blowing of the trumpets will be when resurrection begins. And when people are coming out of the grapes, one of the things they will see is either zero optimism that the earth is Zelda. Zen Zilla literally means to slip up. Yes, they say zanza to evil, that when the rider beat the Capitol so hard that she's about to trip over, that is Zelda to the castle, but also Zen Zen convened to fall out of its place. So now Sue said what it

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means that the earth will wait so violently, that people will think it is about to fall out to be schoolbooks. And another Saturday said that all the trees, the mountains and the building, they will tumble down like Lego. Imagine seeing that either. Otto Zara, the last word, Zuzanna. In art they call this double top and the meaning of it is supposed to give a climatic note to the ending of the verse as if to say when the earth will quake with an ultimate quake. But in Arabic The way you would say that is either Zuzia Otto zap them. This is my robot lock is deserted. It ends with a Muslim. However Allah says he doesn't think za la Ha. So the difference of translation would be normal

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translation and when the

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Earth will quake in an ultimate way versus when the earth will quake with its ultimate quake. Do you see the difference? And the score is what they say that refers to is that it is as if Allah said, you know this earth, it was always meant to quake in that violent way it was his destiny, Allah has decreed that one day will come that the earth will quake in the way that was always meant to quit. Yes, he does. Otto zinsser.

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Now, the next verse says,

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as color, and when the earth will throw out all of its content. First of all, the content here is referred to as a Thawne. And a style comes from root when super simple can be something that is heavy, stuff feels heavy, or something that is very extreme and severe, like a local call your piano, Yeoman subpoena. Yes, a day that is heavy, not literally heavy, but heavy in terms of psychologically, that it will be something difficult to bear for people. So what does it mean that the earth will cast out? It's loads? Yes, someone's gonna say it means that you know, all the dead buried inside the earth, it will begin to release them, they will come out of it, and also deposit

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the treasures that are lost in this world, that when the second trumpet is blown, or they'll start to emerge out of it is taking them out. But the other meaning is that it won't just let them out. But it will, when it does that it is very severe and extreme. And you will become shocked at how the earth is behaving and reacting.

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One of the other arbic meanings of the word simple are to say authority

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that the woman who's pregnant as color means when she's about to give birth, and the baby is about to be delivered. That is a moment of apart from the same root words. So it is as if the earth it couldn't bear to hold the contents any longer. It wanted to release them and give them out. Yes, you think about these things. You're like this is just unbelievable, is this really going to happen?

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And then Allah says we're calling himself mother

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and humanity will say what is the matter with it? What is wrong with us?

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And the scholars say this can refer to the disbelieves that they will look in shock and horror that what is going on with the earth and they would see through it the fate that they are going to meet that they realize that man this is the thing that we used to be told about by those religious guys that when we die there's a life to cover we were like no no it's just this life. It's all about enjoying this life. And they were right. This is exactly what we were told that we used to deny it.

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But others say no it can include the believers they will always say what Pauline said Amanda What is the matter with this? Because they even though they know they are safe, they will still be frightened with what they will see. And they will see through it the oh and the power loss of Canada This is a loss doing allies the one who's doing this

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now the thing is European is described in many cases before I want to share with you all I say is a silver hedge

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yeah and you

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to shame on

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all mankind. Failure master indeed the quaking of the hour is extremely severe. Yamato

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they are out in

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the box. What else are

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you handling

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the sukkah

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law you should be

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the day in which you will see that every mother that is clinging on to a child will drop its chart and every woman that was carrying a baby will miscarriage what an analysis will carry you will see people drunk will not be sukar but they are not drunk. The problem is that the game is so severe that people will behave as though they are

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yes and in another place a Mercedes

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Okay for that Dakota Inka photo Yeoman job, we will done a Shiva. How can you protect yourself if you disbelieve against the day in which the hair on the head of a baby will turn gray? Yes. These are the frightening scenes that Allah tells us about on Yeoman piano. And this is what people will say, we'll call him salmela. What is the matter with it? And then it becomes even scarier, because a lot of essays, you're not even to have the to alpha on that day, it will tell all. Now here the process tell him he said to his companions, after reciting this verse, that of that day, it will tell all at the Luna Baba, do you know what information it will release on that day? And they said a

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long one.

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They said, Allah and His Messenger know best. And then the process of self

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destruction data.

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Da da da da da da da Bahia. He said it's news that you will give is that it will be a testimony against every slave, male and female about what it did on the face of this earth. And the pool and it will say Amina color what color Yeoman cutter cutter for Harley barber. And it will say this one, it did this this on this day. And this one, he did this this on that day. And so that is why

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him to Massoud would say, look at this quote, he said

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that the way of the world used to work will end and the way of the hereafter world will then begin.

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And this is why the professor would also say, the half a minute of defending the book on guard yourself against the earth for it is the thing you will return to why now ladies, I mean, I had in our little gallery Hi, your sharp one in LA he hooked me up. Because he said that there is no one who does any good or evil on this earth except that he will testify against this person. Think about that. Brothers and sisters, what we are learning is that when you're all alone in your room, and you are doing things you know you shouldn't be the ground that you are standing on, is observing that only is observing you it is reporting what you are doing. And then when the day comes, it will speak

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to Allah and say, do you know what he did this thing? Do you know what she did on this day? These are things that come up for us to think about. You're going to have to ask about the scholar saying that the earth will speak about the good and the bad. The good in terms of massacres, genocides, murders, cheating, defrauding all of these things, will begin to speak about them, but also about the good that was done in this world. The charity that was given knowledge that was taught, and also worship that was performed on this earth. This was as good as they say that if you ever traveling somewhere, and you come across a place where you think no one has ever prayed, stop and offer salon.

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Because if you pray there, you'll be able to have this last bow, the earth will say Allah He prayed here in a place that nobody knows print. Remember, agents panel, one of my teachers said he was traveling somewhere through a desert, and him and his teacher.

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They looked at each other when they went through a very remote place. And one said to the other, do you know what I'm thinking?

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He said, I think that I am thinking the same thing you are thinking, yo man, you need to have this app about the same verse, you were thinking about it. The day in which the earth will testify. They said let us get out of the car and they both offered Salah a lot of

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them it doesn't mean we didn't pray behind us as well we don't have a lower they Okay.

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The next verse, Allah says Be unaka ohada because your load has inspired What does this mean? It means that the earth is talking about things that have happened in its history which go back how many 1000s of years

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and this is detailing them one by one one by one and people like why are you telling a lot about us? And then Allah says the unknown Boko Haram because a live master is killing it. Allah is inspiring it is not doing it on his own account it doesn't have power to do it. Allies one giving it its power to do that. Now the interesting thing Arabic here is that usually when the word oh how is used in the Koran, it is followed by ILA. For example, I will say, well, Oh Ha either be Moosa that we inspired the mother of Moses. Usually what either but here Allah says the unaka Oh Ha Illa know, Vietnam, Africa. Oh ha la. The lamb is used.

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Killer. And this call as they say in Arabic that quick creates what they call Tell me where they say that the verb and the preposition, they are combined together. It's very complicated. But the effect of that is to say that this thing happens immediately that Allah knows soon as aligned spire it took about this person, then it does, and it says it straightaway. And also what that shows is that not only does it immediately, but it is doing it upon the request of a loss of power.

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Now, how should that affect us? You see, think about the worst earthquake that has ever happened on this earth. So I was researching something, I think to myself, what is the worst, worst, perfect, and that happened in history? So I came across some information I'm going to share with you.

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They say that the most powerful earthquake in recorded history is Valdivia, which is in Chile, also known as a great Chilean earthquake.

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Now, do you know how devastating it was? They said it measured 9.6 on the Richter scale. 9.6. Yes. And it was so devastating that it caused multiple tsunamis to occur, which reach from Chile all the way to Japan, that is more than 500 miles away, and Hawaii. And the ways that it created rose up to more than 25 meters high.

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This is an earthquake in our lifetime. Allah is saying that the earthquake of Yama, Yama is going to outdo anything that has ever happened before. Yes. Now the thing is, experiencing an earthquake is something truly shocking. Experiencing just a tremor is key, right? Alive saying that that's not only the worst earthquake, people are going to experience. But when are they going to experience it? After waking up for being debt. Imagine you're asleep, and then you woke up to an earthquake. You've lost your bearings, you're completely disorientated. And now the ground is shaking beneath you.

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But that sleep in the grave is going to be 100,000 years long. And you're going to awake and then feel the earth quaking in a way that you think is going to spin out of its movement. All of these things are not the boggle the mind. Barlow wants us to think about the unknown. Bukka hella.

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Some of the scholars they say, a lot wanted to tell us that the Earth has been inspired by him. Because when you're thinking about the earth quaking, you're thinking about its power. Yes. And you're scared of the earth by saying, don't be scared to the earth be scared of me. I'm the one making it do that. I'm the one making a quake. I'm the one informing it about your deeds. So through the earthquake, we learn about all the power of the earth, but rather the power loss of

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the unknown Baka O'Hara. Then Allah says, yo Ma, Ed, just a little nurse who understand the Neo Armada, the day people will emerge segregated to see the results of the actions.

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A lie saying that the earthquake and your resurrection is not purposeless, it is for a reckoning. And that is what might save your usefulness. That day, which people Southern Armenian McCann Arabs who say is when a man leaves a building and then walks away from it.

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And that is interesting, because not only are we being told that people will come out of the graves, but also that will begin to walk away from them to where to the place in which they will be questioned by a margin. So by telling us that they will Yes, though, it is telling us that people will have to go forward and they will not be able to go back. The life of this world has come to an end. You can't come back here ever again. Not even for a moment to have a one stop, this world has finished. Now the hereafter has begun there is no going back and there will be a stamped a start means in groups and groups that are scattered about the scholars they explained that what this means

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that people even though they were buried in the same grade locked together, what they are resurrected, they will begin to move and coalesce into groups depending on the nature and the religion they used to follow. So a person that followed a particular false religion, they will find themselves with everyone else, humanity that also followed that false religion. Also also scholars say that people that committed similar crimes like murderers, from all across the world from all different times they will begin to gather together and who will be amongst them are below the man who committed the first bird

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different crimes.

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models with different crimes, they will come together and they will all realize that they are going to be legal murder be made to see the gifts, that doesn't mean that they will relive what they did. It means they are going to see the consequence of that date. What does Allah have in store for you for your crime, that is what it means, yes. But also it means that good people will come together.

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People for example, that used to worship Allah and Allah, they will all come together from different time different places. What does that mean? It means that us living in the 21st century, we will get to see a banker and we will get to see more, we will get to see our profits that allow the seller because we will be in our own shaft, which means our own group and amongst us, people will come together depending on their deeds. Some people for example, were very kind hearted towards others. They never used to hold grudges, they used to forgive, who will be amongst them shall be a man who forgives people who are close to him, even though they tried to kill him.

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Use of an SLR

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imagine you will be in the company of use. If you are a person who used to forgive others for the wrongs that they did against you. May Allah subhanaw taala give us the best company on that date.

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And this is why this is one of the ends may Yeah, and then this follow up for me. Yeah, well, we follow that lot in how you run your when we get Yeah, my name is Paula Donati, Shockwave translation. So whoever does it fall, I'm not going to translate that just yet. Whoever does a missed call. All of them

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will see it in terms of good, as well as in terms of evil. Now, what is the word Miss? Pardon me. Very important to understand this. Miss calm is the weight of something. If I said to you, this phone is the Miss call of a feather. It means it weighs as much as a feather. So I must say is whoever does a weight of Zahra worth of good. We'll see it. Now though, how is it often translated, whoever does that act of yours an atom by an Arabic That doesn't mean?

00:27:18--> 00:27:34

That law means a spec, the spec that you see in a beam of light, have you ever sat near a window where the sun is shining through and there's a beam of light and you can see all these specs flying about? One of them is available.

00:27:35--> 00:27:44

Allies saying that you know if and if you did that much, I will bring it and I will place it on a scale I will weigh it and you will get the reward from it's

00:27:46--> 00:28:31

the other thing about our way is that a lot of us said we are going to count your deeds. He said we are going to weigh them. You see a person may not have performed a lot of their life. It may not have fasted much of Ramadan, for whatever reason. However, when he did prayed, he prayed and poured his heart. When he did fast He fasted with all of his heart. When he did such good deeds, he struggled to do that. Allah is saying that we will not just count your deeds, we will weigh them because each deed has a quality. Sometimes you pray Your mind is wanted. But then you pray again and your heart is present. So Allah is saying that we will weigh your deeds, meaning you will see what

00:28:31--> 00:28:46

was the substance behind it? What was the quality behind it? It's not just the quantity, it is a quality. And this is why prophets Allah said of mercy in them and our morale with the earth. That games they are judged based on what intention.

00:28:47--> 00:29:26

And this is very inspiring because sapan Allah, sometimes in life, you don't do much. But the good you do, do you struggle to get more than others? Allah is saying we know that we will play some of the scale we'll wait. This reminds me about the story of that lady from Belize Rahim. You all know the story, that she was an indecent lady. But one day, she did a good deed. What was that good deed she saw a dog panting out of thirst. And she took off another sock, fill it with water and quench the thirst of this dog. What is the promise of awesome safe? How do you say Muslim? He said because of that. I love the game all in a sense.

00:29:27--> 00:29:48

So that's gonna say how is it that she did one piece and all of the sins are wiped out? They said because in her heart, she was thinking about a lot, a lot A lot. The quality of the deed weighed heavily. And that is what Allah subhanaw taala will judge you based on Yes, the sacrifice the quality behind it.

00:29:50--> 00:29:52

A lot. Another thing about

00:29:53--> 00:29:59

our intentions being the priority on judgment day is that people don't know

00:30:00--> 00:30:25

your intentions, people may not see your intentions, people may doubt your intentions, but lots of pantalla he knows your intention. And if nobody saw your good deed, you will still get the reward for it. And this is very important. If I if I, for example, mentioned to you, the great imams who are the fabric of mumps, remind me, Mr. hanifa, Imam Malik, Sheffield.

00:30:28--> 00:30:30

You all know them? Can you tell me the names of one of the mothers?

00:30:33--> 00:30:33

Can you

00:30:37--> 00:30:54

struggle to name one of the mothers names shown on the books of by reading a full of details about these great new moms? No doubt they were. But tell me something. What about the struggle of the mothers? Do you think he became who he was? Without the love care and struggle of his mother?

00:30:55--> 00:30:56


00:30:57--> 00:31:38

In fact, brothers and sisters, that though the mothers of these colors may be given a higher place in general, you know why? Because they created and nurture those children that became the leaders of this home, but no one knows about them. Allah knows about them. And every speck of good day did Allah will bring it and wait. And he will weigh not only what you did, but its effect. You raised him up by halifa 75%, of the owner of mahabis awesome, follow his flock. Can you imagine 75% of his own box from his time, maybe the opium is worshipping Allah based on his knowledge.

00:31:40--> 00:32:23

He is getting the reward of all of those people. But you know, who is also getting that reward his mother. This one is getting the root cause she is the one who taught him who sent him to study. Yes, they said by Mr. balik, that when he was a young boy, five years old, something she used to bring in investors for the purposes and tell him sit and listen to them. I don't want you to learn the knowledge. I want you to learn the behavior, the character, look at the shape, how he sits, how he speaks how he addresses. This is how I want you to be an email Malik they said he used to get up and run around his mother used to bring a stick with him sit back down again. Now listen to this. Later

00:32:23--> 00:32:44

on Mr. Malik would become the great email of Medina, the city or the processor. And do you know when he used to teach hobbies to people used to sit beside him, each of them holding a whip in their hand? If any student fell out of line anyone spoke, they would get whipped. Wow, support and love safeguarding issues.

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So there's a story about a man who comes from far away to study with him and medic.

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And he doesn't know anything about the formalities of studying with him or money. So what happens is he comes in late to the doors, he's comes in the machine he sees and he asked people what is he my mother, they sent us over there sit. So he sits down. And he says, by the huzi mama teaches him over there. As soon as they say that the student stands up on the right hand side of America. He says come here. lashes 17 times. How dare you speak in the gallery my money

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afterwards, system. So what happened? I got lash 17,000 I came from faraway to study my money. So he said I must complain to my buddy. That night you find him America the mission? He says yeah, even my father sent me from this this village to learn from you. And all I got was 70 grips on my back. He said no problem. I'll give you something he's in his place. Hello. Yes. So who created that personality? It was his mother.

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For me, yeah, but with Allah de Botton higher, right? Yeah. And Allah is saying none of that has been lost in the scale of young PA. Yes. But also I love it chose us for me, woman yam and Miss Carla, Sha one Yo, whoever does a speck of evil.

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Allah allow us to bring it and wait and people will have to answer to that. May Allah forgive us? When you think about that, you think to yourself, I have done so many bad things I forgotten about. Some things I've done. I didn't realize they were wrong. And now being told that even a speck of

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Yes, if you don't make tober today,

00:34:37--> 00:34:53

yes, you will have to answer them unless you ask a lot of give you now and that is why the province of Saddam Hussein Allah, forgive me for my sins, the ones that I did openly and privately, knowingly and unknowingly.

00:34:54--> 00:35:00

The things that you have forgotten about you need to ask a lot to forgive me for those things because no, May Allah forgive us for

00:35:00--> 00:35:31

The things we have done openly and in secret and the things that we have done knowingly and that we have done unknowingly. I mean, some of the scholars they also say you know what you memorize the Torah you sometimes get confused Is it for me? Yeah man this fall under oath in shovelin Ohio. They say look, I brought the good first because I wanted to give you hope. I'm going to reward you for your good first and then I'm going to look at your images. Oh, yes. So now you will never forget that man. Yeah, I miss Bala that nothing.

00:35:33--> 00:35:46

Good comes first because a loss of powder is clean. May Allah give us Sophia may also make that Day of Gathering easy for us to make the day that we meet a lot of our lives. I mean, desert kunafa you