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shaytani rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi mehreen respected elders, guests, brothers and sisters, I greet you with the Islamic greeting of peace Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh with the peace blessings and mercy of Allah be upon you and upon your family and of all of humanity I mean

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similar manner he Mashallah you know, in the law, we praise and thank Allah and we be witnessed that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah, we thank him for all His mercies and his kindness or the goodness, all our great all our gratitude is to him he is one and only, and we send our love our greetings and salutations to beloved Nabil Mohammed Salah wa sallam, and to all the MBR before him to his family and his companions and all those who follow you soon until the end of time, we ask Allah to forgive us in this walk of Juma, this time, this holy hour Friday with all our mistakes or Sins of last week before given me the week to come be a better week, may our lives in this world in

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the next be prosperous, be good. In a way we be united like this in general Philadelphia, I mean, welcome to the law.

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We continue today, part two of our series correcting mistakes are the prophetic the way the prophet SAW Selim corrected errors, how was he as a teacher in correcting errors? Because we said that we will all make mistakes, and we'll all encounter people that make mistakes, how do we go about fixing it? Whether it is personally husband and wife, kids, in your work your employees? How should you go about correcting those mistakes? And we spoke? Yes, last week was about you as the one doing the correction. You are the manager, you are the Father, you doing the correction? How do you deal with the sinner from your perspective, and today we'll talk about you as the sun how you should, how you

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should respond. So to summarize and recap some points of last week, we said that before you do the correction before you jump on, and hammer, the sinner or the one who made the mistake, understand that not all mistakes require correction. There are certain eras forgetfulness, you don't have to go on a crusade on everything, it should be part of your, your, your your etiquette, that way you can put them where you can overlook where you can let go, then do so. Why, because tomorrow is your turn to make the mistake. Tomorrow, you're gonna forget

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to do something unintentionally. And basically, we set the rule in our Sharia in our religion, that Allah says any thing that you do forget fully, unintentionally, something you didn't deliberately do, then is no accountability on you. Now that is the law of Allah, then for us here on the earth, we should be we should implement that when it comes to those around us. And we can cover up the mistake of somebody because it doesn't have an implication they do. So if the sun is not harming anyone else, someone did a mistake many years ago, it's finished and done over No need to expose it, then cover it up and hide it says whoever covers up a fault of someone in this world, then Allah

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takes it upon himself that he will cover up for you on the Day of Judgment, then if you cannot cover up the mistake, and you have to address it, we said that the correction correction, sometimes we have to do it. But even so, we look from the profits sooner from his methodology. At times he even Litmus Simple, It Is go without harping on them. So for example, a very great example. And as we'll note ns ns was this young boy six years old, the prophet comes to Medina solo Salaam, and the people bring gifts to him, right, they give you some give him food, some give him whatever it might be gifts, a lady comes and says, here's my son, six years old. And as I want him to be your your

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servant, not your slave, your servant, send him here, and the boy basically, as we call it, so unless at six, he became the servant of the lava lamp, and he stayed with him for 10 years up until 16. Person passed away 10 years later, and NSA to lie. I sway that in those 10 years, I was a young child, and I was simply important tasks. But I would forget to be playful. Not once did he say to me and us? Why didn't you do that so that he never reprimanded me. If I made a mistake, he would say to me, and as remember, you have something to do. And that's the talk I gave you just reminding you like that. It's a gentle reminder, that was all never reprimand. Just a reminder, sometimes when the

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Prophet sallallaahu teach someone, instead of highlighting your mistake, he would say it's better if you did it like this. He showed you a better way and made you aspire for something better, rather than to put you down. Rather than put you down. He would praise someone who would make a mistake, like we said, the son of say normal. He said you're a good guy, if only you made a little more tattooed at night. So instead of saying what's wrong with you, you don't make that you would say it's better for you if you did it like that. So praising that which was good and praising the good that you do and mentioning If only you fixed these two things.

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Many times we see the problem is not with the center, or the employee or with the children. It's with us as teachers, as managers that we forget to do the education first. They excuses they didn't know. And many a time if you look at the prophetic way of fixing sins, it was to teach them the seriousness of it. The person doesn't know how serious this sin is, like the young man that said, allow me to commit Zina, I want to sleep with women make it allowed for me to profit the promises and explained to him, you understand my boy, what you're asking, understand how it will harm this lady and that lady, you wouldn't want that. So then he understood the implications of that sin. And

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it was enough as a correction. And always reminding the person going back to Allah going back to the Creator, that this what you do here on the earth has an implication in the era. So just to put that person back in the frame of mind, and we said correction is done with love and respect, done with key done with concern for the person like opinion and correcting a child. It is not done to humiliate, it is not done to curse or to condemn, we are not here to judge people. We are not here to put people down. And if that is your method of correction, belittling people and giving names and abusing rain unit correction, then you need to be corrected. We said after the correction is done.

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So the person was informed, explained, maybe they even got punished. Maybe they even did something severe. Like we said, the man who was habitually drunk Sahabi disciple companion, he was drunk very often. And he got the punishment of lashes for drinking. But after the punishment was given some companion Stoker steam and prophesied, no, don't speak bad about this man. He's done his time. He's got his punishment, that's it finished and we move forward. We don't bring up the sins of the past. We don't bring up what was done in the past. It's over. It's done. It's done. And we don't treat the sinner for the mistake he did in the past. If he's done his time, maybe someone comes out of prison,

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he made a, you know, crime. If he comes out, he's done his time, we we, we should not continue to treat him as a sinner. Many times people commit, you know, big things in this in the past lives as younger people at great, the stigma of that sin does not continue to remain with that person of the design of the Toba of the grace of God, most of these being reformed. That's it. As we know it, our principal in the Sharia attack a woman Adam, the one who repents from the sun, it says inflow the sun does not exist at all. It's wiped out slate is clean. And you interact with that person like that. You don't hold him to account sisters, the mother in law did this 10 years ago, she said that

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husband did this to you 10 years ago, let that go to 10 years, don't let that sour today and the future. those arguments that we had in the past, don't bring those things in over and over and over again. Don't even Subhanallah we are told don't even have a negative perception. So now you think, but I know, when you were younger, you did all these naughty things and stuff in your mind. No, you have a problem. Now, forget those things and let it be. And it should not diminish as we see your opinion of the center after the sun, he might have been a better person than he was before the sun. Like we said, The lady who committed adultery, the lady who committed adultery and she was executed

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for that the person didn't want to execute it. But she insisted I want the punishment on me. Even after that he performed as a solid on her and he said if you knew the mercy Allah has for this lady, you could only understand how much she's loved Bella. So this is our theology from the earliest point maybe Adam, he came up with a sin ate from the tree you're supposed to. That wasn't the problem. The issue is we come back in repentance Toba, we come back in repentance. Our nature is we will always send will always make mistakes. But the two tests of your faith is being able to reform yourself and be able to fix those things. A beautiful verse and advice from Allah.

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Long story we know that the wife of the prophets of Allah Masha she was accused of adultery slander was fake fake news. Of course, imagine the feeling of being accused of that and it's rampant spread wide.

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of the people that was accusing her of this was feeding this gossip was a man that Abu Bakar was supporting Abu Bakr is ISIS father, right?

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So imagine your daughter, you find out this this person that you are sponsoring with money, and he's gossiping about your daughter accusing her of adultery falsely.

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Now it comes out that he was lying. Are you still gonna support him? financially, you're still gonna give him a monthly allowance? Of course not. So a bucket seat for you from now on, I will never ever give you anything. And Allah responds in this analysis and let not those of you have virtue, you good people among you. And well, those of you who have money sway, not to give help to relatives and those in need and the immigrants those who immigrated to Medina for the course of Allah

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Let them pardon overlook, yes, this man, this man accused your daughter and insulted you and your family. But you continue being good to him, forgive important and overlooked as a difficult thing to do. You know, as sometimes the other people will say, I forgive but I don't forget, no, no forget, also, forgive and forget. Imagine this is what Allah is asking of you. You've been harmed personally by that guy, you still give him the good, you still support him financially if you've done so. It's a high level of emotion. That's why Baba Baba, because that's what he did. That's what he did. As he smiles in the Mosaic, that's something I will work to that inshallah, at the very least, don't curse

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and abuse that man, if you can't give him the man that harmed you, if you can't be, if you can't, you know, be better than him, at least don't be on his level. And this is something that we learn. For those of us who are doing that information. For those of us who are teachers, managers, parents, the big difference between Adam anybody's Adam made the mistake, but he repented, he believes made the mistake, but he had this he of superiority, I am better than you. And therefore who was worse, who was condemned, not the sinner, not the one who made the sin, it was the one who refused to humble himself. And therefore this correction can lead you to a great lesson, you're the one doing

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the correction. Your sin of arrogance might be worse than that man's adultery might be worse than that man's corruption stealing your superiority complex might be in even worse and greater thing. And it's the quality of that group. As we said, the extremist group, the first group that broke away from the JAMA from the community, where they had this puritanical view that we are superior, spiritually than anyone else, all of your inferior, and that is of the worst of sins. I give the classic example about this fence below the ankles Hadees, that in the past context of the Hadees. In the past, people were so poor, they couldn't afford enough clothing. And then you find the rich as a

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form of status. This was in the past today, you have different for today, we have brand names, for example. So as a way of humiliating the poor, they would buy extra large clothing to make it drag on the floor to show I'm so rich, I can actually have extra clothing, it drags in the dirt. So they used to do this out of pride out of pride. So the process of silences who ever does this, uses his clothes hangs below his ankles out of pride, then that portion is in the jahannam that arrogance will take you to help.

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And the other man will say there's something worse than that to the one who weighs his clothing out of pride to belittle others. He's in janam. But what about the guy who held these keeps his pants above the ankles out of pride meaning Look how I am following the sooner my clothing as soon as Sharia compliant all of you people in general all your pencils below your ankles, your own agenda, but I am the only pure clean one. This arrogance is even worse than that guy. This religious arrogance is even worse in the guy who's out of arrogance for Well, he's the worst of the worst. So be careful with this kind of thing of superiority complex, especially the we find this very, very

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it's a problem. But on our on our method of trying to reform communities, those of us who teach and preach, we should not assume an air of superiority, because you don't know who is beloved in the sight of a lion who's not. You don't know that center might have done one good thing in his life a truly truly endeared you to Allah. He might have just given a five rent to someone in a time of need. And Allah loved the deed so much we know that this Hadith, the lady, the prostitute, she earned Jana. Why? Because she saw a dog dying of starvation. And she said I'm thirsty like this dog. So she went to get water in a well in a shoe. She gave water to a dog the prophecy she earned

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paradise on that. You don't know what good deeds the worst of the worst of us have done that actually endear that person to Allah. But at the same time we now talk to the center. Those of us who make mistakes, we also need to change our mindset. We also when we get the correction when we we've done the error, how should we respond? Remember that when someone reminds you, sometimes the reprimand might not be in the way that you like it. No one likes to be reprimanded. No one likes to be told that you are wrong. No one likes to be see that you made a mistake here. Understand you're not perfect. I'm not perfect. You all of us need correction. All of us needs to remind us it's not a

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personal attack on you. It's not a personal attack on you as a person and your ability. It's an utterly mind out of love and concern. So take it as that. Take it as that today. We in a time we everyone says you can't tell me who are you to tell me even swana like that is your father your mother people you want you to tell me? No, that is not the way the attitude of a person. If someone is reprimanding you legitimately take it, you might not like it. It's the medicine. You might not like the taste of the medicine, but it's for you for your own good. If that person is out of line, don't respond. Take the good and flush the bed.

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So accepted as a person

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No reminder out of concern and love and Don't make excuses. today. You people get taught. They asked you the question and you teach them. And then they say, but only Allah can judge me. I think I don't dress appropriately. I don't make sada But who are you to judge me? I'm not judging you, brother. I'm explaining to you what is right and wrong, no one's gonna judge you. But I mean, but take what is correct. And don't make it as an excuse. One other very classic excuse, you don't know what's in my heart, my heart is clean, outside is dirty, but inside is clean. The scholars respond. It's like the man who says, I don't brush my teeth, but my belief is fine. No.

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The outside is a reflection of what's on the inside. And if your outside is not correct, we're not here to judge you'll be little as it No one's, that's the job of the Almighty, the judge is Allah, He will judge inside and outside. But when someone comes to you and say, Look, this is wrong, it's not appropriate. The way you spoke here, the way you said that the way you are, this, take that as a correction, for your own benefit and your own goodness.

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Also, people like to point out the word about his faults and that faults, he remember, you're not going to be asked about the faults of the Imam, and that person and this one, your own faults you will be asked about. So when the prophets is such a beautiful Hadith, that we are a mirror, we are a mirror to each other. You see we reflect each other. So take that reflection. And if you don't like what you see, and you don't like what you hear about yourself, then take that and think about doing internal introspection, maybe I need to change certain things in my life. I need to change certain things in my life, and nothing at all. And it takes a great person to say I'm sorry, I was wrong to

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own up. And that's all that is needed. You know, that's all that is needed really, to get that sin forgiven is remorse. And to show that I made a mistake to say I'm sorry. And when the person apologizes, we accept that apology when that person comes to you and says Ma,

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I was wrong, I hurt you. I did this. You give that math because as Allah says to abubaker in an ayah, Allah says that abubaker

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Do you not want a lot to forgive you? Just think about that next time you are crossed. someone does something wrong to you. And they ask you for forgiveness. Let this ayah go in your mind. Next time your wife, your mother, you know your employee, your boss, whoever it might be, they said I did something wrong, and you in the pound seat. remember Allah says to you one day, you're gonna want me to forgive you one day you're gonna cry, please Allah forgive me for my sins, then you remember now let go this the cow let go the claims you have here so that no claims will be held against you on a day when you need those claims.

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Now I want to talk I said Today's topic is a story of a sinner is a beautiful story in the Quran about a man who three men who made a big mistake, major, major mistake, and he tells you what went through his mind and we learn how to go about and how to respond to sin. The story of kagbeni Malik many of you might not even know him, Yolanda Sahabi. Basically,

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there was an enemy the people of Hassan he was an enemy about to invade Medina, or they were amassing the Romans, they were aligned to the Romans and it was the son of the Prophet Salam. Whenever a battle with the with the with the city would be under threat, you'd prefer to meet the enemy outside, so they don't fight in the city and you have civilian casualties. So he meets the enemy on the own land. So he said, so now the battle is about to be in the battle is about to getting ready. And this was a because it's a major battle every able person financially or physically had to join. And if you didn't join the battle, and you had no legitimate excuse, you're

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in big trouble. So now cap, Mr. battle, and now he's gonna tell us your story. Because he's mentioned, he's referred to in the Quran in surah Toba because of this mistake that he did. So God is now an old man, he's blind, and he's telling his son about what happened. So capsis He begins and he says,

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I never missed a battle ever besides for this battle of the book, except for better. Now number one, what I like about this is Caleb oldman is explaining to his son his mistake. Many years later, after the incident, he's not telling him Look, I missed that battle. But I start off he started by saying I just in context, I was at every single battle before that, I only must bother. But but it didn't count. But it was not a compulsory one. It happened by accident, the first battle, no one is held accountable for missing that one. But every other battle I was there, then this battle of the book I missed. And then he goes on further and he says and also I was at the I was at the pledge of Aqaba.

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Meaning when the prophets of Salaam came to Medina before he got the he made an agreement with a very select group of people. So he says, You know, I must bother and bother is the famous one. Everyone knows what by the elite word, but I wasn't that bothered. But I was at Aqaba. And I wouldn't want to swap acaba for bother. What's the point of this? Before he talks about the mistake. He's also giving his resume. He's saying you know what? Yes. I

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I made a mistake, and I'm gonna tell you about it, but also understand who I am. I also played my part, I also did some good things, but some a lot of good things. I was a member of the community, I did a lot of good. I'm not here to praise myself or to bolster myself, but take me as a complete person, the good and the bad. So every battle, and I wasn't that bothered, but I was at something which I regard as beta was at Aqaba, the very first agreement. The early days, I was the

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witnesses. But as for my news, as for the issue where Mr. Battle of the book, let me tell you what happened. He says, You know, I was never, I had never been in a stronger or wealthier position, when just before the battle. So he's, I'm not gonna make any excuse. I was foot, I was able, in fact, I was wealthier than ever in my life. I was ready. And I but I missed the battle, and why. And he said, in my whole life, I never had two camels in my life. Now camel is like a call in the time. So it said I didn't only have one camel only use one to go into battle, I had to live in my life that I have two vehicles, two camels. This time I had to, I was really in a prime position to go. But then

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as time came close to the battle, and the prophets of Salaam, before the battle, he announced it like a month before the time, which wasn't his normal, his normal habits. a side note here. When we talk about the prophets of Salaam, we speak about him usually as the spiritual side, you know, he makes to Allah and things come right, we forget to talk about him as a leader as a strategist. So God says whenever there was a battle, he was very strategic, he wouldn't let his plans be known. until right before he wouldn't let anyone know which way he was going, he would march in one direction, and then make a U turn and then go to it. And he intended. So he was always strategic

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like that. But as for this battle, he did something unique. He made announcements right before the time, he said, Look, in a month's time, we're gonna March I'm giving you guys notice, prepare yourself. Why did he do that? Because the enemy was huge. And you had to take preparation. And the distance was like over, over like 2000 kilometres March. So it's a big distance. And it was in the heart of summer in Arabia was very hot. So people had to prepay. And also it was compulsory on everyone. So captives, everyone had to sign up. And there were so many men that signed up that you felt in your mind. You know, if I missed out, no one's gonna see me. I won't be missing from the

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lot. There's so many people that have signed up. I can't even record the names. So I can slip under the radar. So cap is also explaining mitigating nothing wrong for the Senate to say, look, it was very hot. Yes, I see that was wealthy. Yes, I don't make an excuse. But understand it was very, very hot. There were lots of people and the distance was very far. And so I intended to go, my intention was always I was going to join the battle. And I will tell myself, I'm going to get ready by my provisions and I will go and I used this I would go out in the morning, I would go and look for what I needed. And I came home and I did absolutely nothing. I procrastinated.

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Many times people come to me personally, and you don't have to come. There's no such thing as confession in Islam, of course, but they speak about mistakes that they've done.

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No one intends to do the mistakes that they do. It always starts off innocently, an innocent conversation and innocent transaction and innocent agreement, and it became something much bigger. No one ever intends for the big mistake. And this is shaitan. He doesn't get you to jump into Zina. Immediately, he says just have a cup of coffee. Just like a Facebook profile. That's all I'm asking. What's the harm in that? What's the harm in accepting that friend request? Nothing wrong. I'm not saying Commissioner. But then things both God is saying the same thing. I never intended not to attend to join the battle. All I did was I procrastinated I went out and I delayed and I said I've

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got an I got a man. I got two weeks Okay, got a week. Okay, tomorrow I got tomorrow I can still and these are Hadith about procrastination. The Prophet Solomon says procrastination is one of the tools of shavon one of the things to keep you unproductive to waste your time is that you continuously procrastinate. This is perhaps for every one of us for the Imam, the chef, the king, the mummy, the Auntie visa visa, Mr. Shaytan is tried and tested how he's going to deceive us. Maybe your associaton is procrastination. Maybe you feel like days and hours go by, and I've done nothing. And this is what he used against. He just procrastinated. So perhaps is the tape the day came when the

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army left. And I realized I wasn't ready. And I still said to myself, you know what?

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I will I will buy the stuff. The army takes long and the slow to march was a big number. I'll catch up with him. I can still catch up and behind but I can still catch up. Sometimes we lie to ourselves to do those kind of things. And so he said I went out. I intended to buy the stuff and every day I came back having done nothing until I realized

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I've missed an opportunity. It's too late now. Now, both the ship has sailed. And I must have I can't catch up with him anymore. They're too far away.

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And he sees that when I now when I now the seriousness of what what has now I don't even realize I missed the battle and it's a serious thing. There's a major, major sin. And he said, What hurt me the most was when I stood in the city and the city is empty, all the men had lifted all the people that lift them in and and looked, all he could see of the men that left behind were those who had a genuine concern about disability, the blind, the old, the sick, and the only able bodied people that were around with people we knew were hypocrites or cowards. People that we knew had a disease like in the hearts, they will never at any battle, they will always work outside. Now, just a side note

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here on hypocrites. We know in Medina, they were a group there was like a column, a group on the outside, were Muslims on the inside, they work against the prophets of Salaam. And what God is saying we knew who they were. But we we never need to label them. And I want to make this point clear. And again, in the context of where we are, we find this word of when African hypocrites being swayed easily to label nice enough, whatever God says we knew who they were, no one even listed them even in this heading. He doesn't say we knew we just knew them. But we judge them on what was the outside on the inside. But we knew whenever they sought out anybody, whenever it's for charity, they

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never they whenever it is building the masculine or the whenever these a Jihad they never they, and now I realize I'm in this lot of people, I'm with him. And he felt guilty. He felt so bad, and she disappears. Now, we need to make no mistake, he disappears.

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So cops is also during the battle while they were marching the province alum

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and shows you his leadership style. They were more than 10,000 men. And carbs are one of the big shots the senior people, the prophecies waist cap. I don't think Boise and carbs is one of the people of my tribe, since he responds to them. No Yasser Allah kabhi. So he's become impressed with his comforts, and intellectually he's too busy enjoying life to join us. And then while even enjoyable, we spoke with Martin a few days, early in the scholar, he says how bad you see what you just said about Kirby so bad. All I know of me Ursula is a good man. And he loves the line is Russell. Now I post this important point.

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The Prophet number one, he knows his people, and he knows there's someone missing in the last 10,000 people and he knows which face is missing. It's kind of leadership that he was number two, God is telling us someone from my friend, what's that someone's name. He doesn't say God knows who it was. But even to protect this man's honor. He doesn't mention his name here that so and so said this about me. Now he just someone from the family criticized me saying that I was too uncomfortable. That's why I didn't come into God's rescue someone not from my family. And he said, Why are you speaking bad about calf? Why are you speaking bad about this brother, man. All I know of females is

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he's a good guy. He's a good guy. And that's all that's needed. Many times, you will be told and brought into a gossip conversation about this one and that one, all you need to do is say don't don't involve me or all I can comment on this discussion. I don't know if it's true or false. What I know from my perspective, he's a good guy. She's a good person. That's it. That's enough. That's all I'm going to contribute is that, why can't we do this? Why can't we do this? So and look out carb remembers this 40 years later, that more adds up for me was that one sentence he made, he actually stood up for me in the absence, Hadith, another Hadith, the Prophet Moses, whoever defends the honor

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of a person in his absence, when it's not the cause, easy to defend your honor when you leave, but when the guy is not the end is talking bad about you. And you can defend that person's honor that Allah guarantees us defend your face on the Day of Judgment, that he will defend you on the Day of Judgment. Take this as part of when you see someone being harmed or spoken ill in the absence, make a point to speak positively about that person. So now curb Cz, he missed the battle. And they were on the way back when he is now going through about a month in Medina alone. And he looks around and he sees he's with these leftover people. And he's beginning to panic. And he's consulting his wife,

00:29:26--> 00:29:59

what am I going to do when the Prophet comes back? I need to answer and when he hears the armies on the way back, he now tries to make an excuse. I'm making an excuse. Now what the hypocrites would do. They would immediately when the problem would come back, he would but each one has to give an excuse. Why would you not be those who obviously were able to give an excuse and the hypocrites they would always make up some lame excuse and the problem would accept from them and make dua for them and let them go. So now his wife says to him and his family says Look, just make up some reason. Even though he doesn't have a legitimate reason just make up a reason.

00:30:00--> 00:30:36

And the province of Salamis nature you will accept it from you and you'll make the offer you and that's it scot free just do that. So God and he says I'm a person that had good as an eloquent guy, I can make up a story. And he now the the Prophet comes back salsa lamb. He says he soon I would be immediately before he even goes home. He goes to the Mosque, the Masjid, he prays to the cause to thank Allah for returning him. And then the queue of leave behind the key the the naughty line now lines up, what's the reason and capitalizes I mean, this line, right? And calf has his story. But then he sees

00:30:37--> 00:31:17

that the Oona fix the hypocrites they would give the worse than the lamest of excuse and the Prophet would accept the camel ate my sword whatever stupid excuse the Prophet knows they are lying but his nature as I said last week we don't investigate if the man says this is the reason we judge on the outside even we don't say no I want to investigate further the Prophet except okay and even may do it ALLAH forgive this man. And they felt okay he may do it for me that do is accepted. So I'm off scot free and we no problem. In fact, this reprimand, Allah deeply moans the Prophet Solomon the Quran in Surah Tauba. After lunga Allah says, may Allah have mercy on you? Why did you accept the

00:31:17--> 00:31:34

excuses so easily? Why were you so lenient with him? You have to be a bit more firm. Allah says this is gonna be so solemn, because you just accepted these excuses. So now God comes nice Eastern. And I love the phrase, Gabby's saying, the Prophet smiled at me, the smiling of an angry person.

00:31:36--> 00:32:13

The smiling of an angry person, he's angry, the spiritual look, even in his anger, he smiled at me. Sahaba when they said they, when they asked when they asked them, tell us about that it'd be such a big thing they would say first, he was always smiling. Even in his anger. He's given kind of a smile, but God says, I can see he's angry. And he wasn't like angry with the monastics but for God, I'm disappointed in you. You shouldn't be in this queue. You must not be so the profitsystem cop why, what was the excuse? And he gives them excuses. And he says, didn't you have two camels? Now again, not only Didn't he know car wasn't a new car, but a new car.

00:32:14--> 00:32:22

A new car? That second camel, didn't you have two camels? What's the reason why? And look at Cobbs words copses jasola

00:32:24--> 00:33:06

I'm an eloquent person, I can make up a story and and earn your pleasure. But I know Allah knows the truth and Allah will be angry with me so I can get away from your anger today. But alas, anger will catch up with me tomorrow. So rather than what I'm going to do is I'm going to tell the truth today. You're going to be angry with me, but I hope for Allah's pleasure. And he understands Allah is the one that we depend on Allah is there up the Lord Mohamed Salah is the servant the slave teacher. So I will rather upset you, but to please Allah. So I tell you, truthfully, I have no excuse. No, I confess, I have no excuse. I missed the battle, for no reason. So the prophets of Salaam now says

00:33:06--> 00:33:45

this man year is telling the truth. by implication, he's saying those other men that came here they were lying, but this man is telling the truth. And now he confessed. We leave the meta to Allah to decide what to do with him. So cops, so I left and when I leave my family ganged up on me, you brought a shame? Why don't you just make an excuse you putting us in the eyes, as they say, go back and he says I was on the verge of going back and retracting my confession. When I asked him Are there any others like me, that confessed for missing the battle? So this is two other men, the Sahaba one by the name of Mirada and one of them he ran. So he says those are two good guys. Those

00:33:45--> 00:34:22

are two good brothers, they went better I will rather be with the two of them than with a lot of cowards I'm not going to be with him I would rather be with these two. So he said I was about to change and swallow sometimes we want to do good but we get the pressure to not to compromise to take the easy way out. But he said I told the truth. So now what was the punishment the punishment prophesied for now? These three we're going to boycott the three of them. We will not no one is allowed to speak to them. No one is allowed to greet them even look at them you need to avoid them shun them. This is the the punishment side no people ask me is allowed to beat your children. So

00:34:22--> 00:35:00

never in the Sharia have I seen the Prophet Solomon reprimand a child or even a companion by beating it just educate them from seven to make sure to attend If you still don't make Sala then likely likely give him a hiding, but think about the stats three years, times 365 times five. There's like over 5000 times you say can make sure that no comics are the only thing you can eat 5000 times that's when you can but yeah, he puts in the naughty corner. No one talks to you. So silence and isolation is a type of correction. So cap says we would like this. No one would speak to us. No

00:35:00--> 00:35:32

would greet us, no one would respond to us. And he says the other two Timothy three, the other two were older men. And this became so difficult that they basically stayed in the house, they didn't want to go outside, they couldn't deal with being shunned. God says I was a bit stronger. So I would go out in the market, and I would have a conversation and people just ignore me. And he would even come to the masjid without so come to the mosque to pray. And no one would look at me, and I would greet and obviously, no one will respond. But what I love about this Hadith, he says, I would greet the prophet SAW Selim again eternally, obviously, I'll be completely back. But it's as if though his

00:35:32--> 00:35:33

lips moved.

00:35:34--> 00:36:07

He wants to greet me back. But he just, and he would say, the professor would not look at me. But when when the Prophet thought I wasn't looking, I could see he is looking at me. So the Prophet is like, yearning to have mercy with God wants to reach out, but I can't show him that mercy must go through this, this thing. So I could see out of the corner of my eyes looking at me, and when I look at him, he looks away. Right? This is the prophet SAW Selim. So capsis for 40 days, things went like this. And it became so difficult on me. I went to my best friend,

00:36:08--> 00:36:34

my best friend, and I said, he said, I jumped over the wall. Maybe you knocked on the door, and I didn't open the doors, and we grew up together. We're best friends. And this is our guitar lesson. Um, I, I, you know who I am. We grew up together. You know, I'm one of I have a personal belief. I love Alanis Russell. And he says, I don't abracadabra ignores him. And he says three times you have to say something to me. And he says, Allah knows best. And carb is like devastated.

00:36:35--> 00:37:00

Calvin says, After 40 days had gone like this, a command came that even our wives have to separate from us. And cub asks, Is the command I have to divorce my wife? So the commander is no, don't divorce them. But they can't be intimacy between you This must be no intimacy between you. So cops in his wife to her parents, and the other two men. They've all been the wives come to them. Isa lemonis. Look, our husbands are old.

00:37:02--> 00:37:34

And they're not eating, can we at least stay to serve them? Because we worried they're going to get they actually Oh, they're going to get sick. So the Prophet says, yes, you can serve them, but there's no intimacy. So the lady said, you know, we had a sort of law. They are so he is so depressed. All he does is crying that intimacy is the last thing on his mind. All he's thinking about is crying non stop. I'm just I want to stay with him because I'm worried about him. So calves family says, Why don't you ask for your wife to also stay so that I'm not going to accidentally Susannah for any conditions, I'm in trouble. I'm not going to ask for any conditions rather let my

00:37:34--> 00:38:22

wife go away. So copses I was on the roof of my house of the 50 days. And I was in such a state of difficulty, as Allah had described in the Quran, as Allah as described in the Quran. So Allah mentions the sculptures I made on the roof. And I was feeling so constricted, so empty, so lost, that I lost 100 revealed verses. So Allah says in the Quran, and as for the three who live behind me, or and the three of them were left behind, to the point where the earth felt like it was closing in upon them, in spite of its vastness, and the souls felt constricted to galaxies, Allah explained exactly how I felt. And then Allah sees these beautiful words. And they realize that there is no

00:38:22--> 00:39:01

refuge there is no safety from Allah, except to Allah. The only way to save yourself from Allah is to go to him. So copses when Allah described I was in this bad state, even stopped going to the masjid now. He's just in his house making solar. And then Allah revealed the verses that he had forgiven him. So capsis I was performing federal solar. And in the distance, I see a man on the mountains and God, good news. And a person is running, rushing a person like he didn't even know rushing towards him to his house, to give him the good news that you've been forgiven. The verses have been revealed. So they were in the masjid for fudger cavesson in the masjid. And the prophecies

00:39:01--> 00:39:42

of the verse have come tell the three of them that they are forgiven. 50 days had passed, and collapses. Now again, side note, look how happy these guys are to convey good news. Sometimes we're so happy to convey bad news. Sometimes we hear this person that when accident this person lost the job this medic has ended we almost too happy to convey that news. That's a disease in our heart. But it's something very very sick in our when we enjoy to see someone else we put down to get fired or demoted or made a mistake. We enjoy it. Then you have something very problematic inside the Sahaba it was genuine love that when they found this person is now off the hook. They competed I want to be

00:39:42--> 00:40:00

the one to give the good news so copses when the Sahaba came to tell me in person that you are forgiven. cop said I felt so good. I took mine off University Louie and gave it to him as a gift that I gave my clothes as a gift and I gave this clothes as a

00:40:00--> 00:40:28

Now again, think how poor they were, you know, if I gave you my use soap as a gift, you'd feel insulted. It feels humiliated. They actually this is how poor they were. And he goes to his house and he says, I realized I didn't have any clothes lift. I only had this lumion and I need to go meet the Prophet Salim. So I had to borrow my neighbor's clothes. So I go to the mosque. Also, when copies are telling you remember the beginning of the story? What did he say? He says, I was wealthier.

00:40:30--> 00:41:05

Those 40 days, but now I had nothing. Why? Because when you make the sin, one of the ways of being saved, is to giving charity, you realize I made a mistake, giving charity to the point where he had nothing in his house left his clothes were gone. So now he puts on his neighbor's stove. And he goes to the professor. And he says, Yeah, rasulillah you know, you know, it goes to him. And he says, When I got to the masjid, people greeted me and shook hands. And one of the elite team promised generating leads to habit action question, one of them, stood up and took my hand. And he says, For the rest of my life, I won't forget the top half of all of the elite leaders, he did that. You don't

00:41:05--> 00:41:44

know how a word of comfort to a difficult person will stay with him for the rest of their life. 40 years later, God says, I remember told her took my hand, he congratulated me. And he says the bottom two in the story. He says jasola do you forgive me? Allah forgive me the prophecy? No, Allah forgave you. And collapses, because he's telling his son now is the seasonings. And the reason why I was saved was I could have told a lie that have gotten me off the hook at that moment, but I could have been the one. We took the hard road, I told the truth. And it saved me in the long run. And he said at that day, I made a Nia I will never ever lie in my life. And he says, I am now a man of 80

00:41:44--> 00:42:25

basically, and I've seen the success in that, that whenever things are tough, tell the truth, own up to your mistake. And this in the long run. Allah subhanho wa Taala will do well for you. We conclude with that inshallah. We'll continue the series in weeks to come. Just two quick announcements that tomorrow we have a lecture at Islamic auditorium free of charge risk management, how to purify your money, it's Alhamdulillah tgis Thank God it's February right January is done everyone's risk you will need an increase in your risk. So how to increase your risk in Holloway Islamic off to the world inshallah auditorium and we will starting this Wednesday 830 inshallah, the companions of the

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Prophet SAW Selim directly

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Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh