A Simple Question Changed an Atheist

Suleiman Hani


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how a person committed an exoplanist lifestyle became upset and started expressing their opinion on Islam. They emphasize that everyone is supposed to act and that actions are not something that can be blocked by others. The speaker also emphasizes that actions are not something that can be blocked by others and that everyone is supposed to act.
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There's an example of an ex atheist, meaning he had converted to Islam. Many of the logical arguments did not matter to him. He was given every proof every evidence. And then one day he was asked if you died right now, what would you say to Allah subhanaw taala. If you died right now with all the proofs and evidences you are given, what would you say to God? What would you say to the Creator?

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And that made him pause that made him think, said I don't like talking about death. I don't like thinking about what happens when I die.

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Because in the event that I am possibly wrong, I know I'm going to be punished. I know that it is severe. That led him to start another conversation to explore the evidence once again, that perhaps you ignored something perhaps you rejected something out of pride not to because it wasn't convincing to you and of him that later on he ended up becoming Muslim. But when we see these examples and many of the stories, people forget, you have agency you have choice Do not to give your agency to anyone else. Do not blame anyone else for your religiosity or lack thereof. Don't blame your parents or your society or the world that we are in today. For not being practicing enough.

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This is a reflection of the reality that we are responsible. We are responsible for actions. The devil tries but you are protected if you are sincere.