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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the spirituality of the future, including belief, religion, and the future. The use of figures like bus or horse as symbols of political ambition is discussed, as well as the discovery of sexual desire and the misunderstandings surrounding the Bible. The importance of transcribing and rejecting the revelation is emphasized, along with the bias towards the Bible and the creation of culture of fear and hesitation among Christian people.
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Assalamu alaikum peace,

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focus on your host machine. Today we have 55th

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last lessons

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in our topic of discussion

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of a period of revelations

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a battery University.

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Today's topic Can I help you very quickly

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before the call to profit, particularly the meditation in the

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vision that

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we described also the first encounters we had with the agent of revolution.

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And we discussed also some of the variations in the ports, which are very significant variation basically,

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about that Christian

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described again can be returned

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at each

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like to assure him

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significance of such a reaction

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to deja

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vu come the words that she mentioned in the

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description, but you are a person

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that will be susceptible

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signifies, number one, a testimony

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from someone who's the closest to him, as we know the future,

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say that if someone

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And, of course, this

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seems to indicate that this character,

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that spirituality, she obviously concluded that sitting

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on this

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and that as she

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and other scholars adequately answered this response on the part of Khadija, she's also to signify

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your past life.

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From the very beginning, she took the role of soothing encouragement is

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aiming for the feeling

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of being the first to accept Islam. In fact, the first one to accept this, as the Prophet the Prophet, revelation was not an illusion. So it has this touching

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than happy to.

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He says that she will.

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Because he was a cousin of Khadija, because he was an Arab who embraced Christianity to become Christian

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enough to see because later on we became

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the gospel

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and the thing

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that civilization

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was already very advanced in and he was blind at the time. But he said that since he is a religious person, explain what happened to her husband.

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As soon as I told him of what happened, he responded

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my dad, my

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dad has come to him. That is the great engine of revolution.

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manuals, revelation to Moses, indeed, he is the prophet of this

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dispute and at this time, tell him to rest assured

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and shooting from, from the profits, About what?

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To shoot and return back to the club, because as we mentioned before, he used to consecrate a certain number of days

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for meditations and just because of that experience, so he was assured that you should not feel should be back to complete the

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it was discussed, and also that, Upon finishing this consecrated days of worship and meditation in the cave,

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he comes back,

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back to

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to the Prophet, he said

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to me, what did you see? And he

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repeated again,

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what happened? So what

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is my soul, you are the perfect and this people have time, there has continued, the great agent of revelation who came to Moses will be delighted, will be seated. And you will be forced to

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defend against me if I live to see that

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support is the cause of God or not in a way that he or God knows best. And then we

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have his head. And then the Prophet turns home. This very similar generation in Buhari, so that adds that.

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He said,

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that's my people

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that you came with that is with this revelation of teaching, religious teaching, except that

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was shown to him.

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Also to the simulation, if you said that very shortly after that casual, quick meeting between the Prophet America

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evolution seized for a certain period of time before we can come to the perfect

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respect to the social revolution

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period lasted.

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There have been a wide range of estimates about that period. various reports have to be given

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a few days, and the maximum was three years.

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And that estimate of three years sounds quite unreasonable. That's why

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he gives more credence to the notion

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that it was only for six months. Other scholars have called could be estimated actually to be a few weeks, maybe a couple of weeks.

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I would say that it seems to be more reasonable to assume that it was perhaps in the weeks or at most

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number of years. In fact, when I checked the narration and authentic preference, I found that while it does not specify the period, but the context as interpreted does not seem to indicate that this period of secession of revelation was a very long period of time, perhaps a few weeks or a few months, would have been an estimate, as far as how the revolution resumed again, after the spirit of secession.

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This has also been mentioned in the news. But basically,

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it says that,

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according to the Hadees, narrated by

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the prophet was describing the period of suspicion, he said, when I was working, I heard a voice from heavens. So I raised my hands to see

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the angel who came to me

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sitting on a throne of church, in the horizon between heavens and as I ran away from being out of

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I said to my family, cover me up. They did. They

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mentioned revelation.

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And let me find the

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government free from Steam and abomination. In fact, this is part of the crime today, which is chapter number 74, verses one through five. This passage according to the signifiers, the purification inside the government in Arabic is used actually as a symbol of the person, which refers to purification inside out for someone who's about to play an important role model

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of secession.

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This issue also has been discussed. Some scholars, for example,

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says that this period, where revelation stopped after the mission, for sexual

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acts, is the most eloquent response to anyone who tries to explain the phenomenon of revelation to the Prophet as a source of psychological phenomena

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that took place after the Prophet is something that could have just resulted from meditation, meditation, chose that it wasn't, because of course, is the source of that revelation was internal, within from within the Prophet himself, there will be no reason

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for second period, and the prophet will be eager for the assumption, that revelation, there's no reason for that disease. So that seems to indicate

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that the profit just feels from outside of himself. Another possible wisdom, as a presenter, for example, explains is that this period of cessation

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should have saved also by preparing the profits

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for further revelation to make you eager, and looking forward for the return on that engine of Revelation, and as such, it will give you perseverance and perseverance when

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he was supposed

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just just talk to the Prophet without being sued by the prophet,

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communicate message, okay.

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If the Prophet

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he'd have the reason for uncertainty, because it would be rather difficult to tell whether that voice that he had was indeed, an agent,

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of an evil spirit of Gemini or some other creature. So the dependence on voice or sound, could have led to this kind of questions in the mind of the Prophet. And to prove that this could be a third use that in the first encounter that he described, even though the Prophet said,

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physically, he was still

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terrorized is very afraid, he was wondering if what happened to him was just a touch of evil spirits or whatnot. Obviously, the situation could have been much worse, if it was on sound that you've heard the voice without danger of evolution. In addition to this, also, the fact that he heard a voice or if he had heard voice, for example, individually, or something,

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also with us as to whether these voices are from outside an imagination, something from himself,

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maybe from subconscious. So this could be another problem that may have a

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festival and this is indeed, a divine revelation, and just in a reflection.

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The fact also that God

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does not simply appear to the Prophet but also came to him

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or herself, in itself. It texts that we believe

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that what the prophet heard was imagination, because you can't imagine and

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it's an outside force

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on the side, so that would preclude any notion of imagination.

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And other hand you could also say that, from that initial encounter, it may get the Prophet used to

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The voice of Gabrielle, and as such,

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as close to campus over here to him indicates, after that keeps emphasizing the fact that that dimension is not within the private option dictated to him

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is chosen to be the message of the prophet of God.

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As opposed to being afraid that this is a very good question. And in fact, it serves as one of the most important responses to some of the series, at least by some retests.

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Assume that password was a sort of plan, or just a feeling or desire or aspiration,

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over the period of time. And the question actually isn't a simple response to that. Because if it was true, that

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it wasn't just hoped or thought

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that you'd be a perfect

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outcome from the kid.

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Afraid and,

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in fact, you should come down jubilant and happy that after all, you know, his hopes, aspirations and desires became true, revelation came to us can be happy. But that is not the case.

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We cannot assume by any means

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that you might have faked

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a sense of terror and information about him, shows that he was not a person who speaks his mind very clearly he did not have an attitude of pretense, yes. On the other hand,

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him for 15 years before that first revelation came to Scotland, as to whether we will be taking

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a person who can be accused of faking

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such then we can only conclude that the revelation that the Prophet received

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a sort of gradual enlightenment, or Maxim,

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that it's a source of ideas that were cooking

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in his mind,

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because this seems to be inconsistent with the action that was shown upon receipt and the vision. And this is just a method of magic behind that scripture. And speaking of this kind of understanding is consistent

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with several passages in the Quran, that clearly indicates the deliberation was not something

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that you could share with us.

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Okay, so if you

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see a big gaps that you can

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just read the verses to get the context to be understood, because the references to chapter 42

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especially versus 52

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and a

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half, by eloquent speakers got

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inspiration to you, let's assume

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that is before that revelation, what was revelation, and not was faith, but we have made it

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regarded such of our servants, as we will

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guide mankind to the street with the will of God to whom the nuns whatsoever or whatever is in heaven,

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is on has devoted her own efforts

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towards God. That's an adequate

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citation again, that what was revealed to the public was not from within himself, it was something that

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the second difference is in

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chapters 28 special from versus 85 to 88 in

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will bring you back to the place of return

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on my lord knows who it is that these two guidance is in manifest error

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expected with the Christian verse

00:20:20--> 00:20:23

had not expected that the book would be saved,

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except as English, for

00:20:29--> 00:20:34

therefore much more support to those who reject God's message

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back from the signs of a month, after they have been revealed to you, and invite mankind that is, to divert and be lots of the company of this vision Gods with God,

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beside God or Allah,

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another god, there is no god that everything that exists will perish, except his own face or presence. To him, the command and to Him will all be brought back. Another one

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in chapter 29, also verses 47 through 15.

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It says, and thus, it is that we

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have seen them the book to do or to

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see the title of the book. The title of the book is a term that's used in the counter fetishism Christians. So the people of the book

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as also do some of those Arabs, that's the pagan Arabs, and we

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reject our signs. And he is not able to recite the book before this book, he This is

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the process you have to do in Scripture before the revelation of the Quran actually.

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Okay. And he was not able to recite it before this, that's what keeps you real? Are you able to transcribe it

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with your right hand, in that case, indeed, with the focus of

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self evident in the hearts of this invaluable knowledge, and then just reject our signs?

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Why not sign symptom to him from his node. So

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the signs are indeed with God. And, indeed,

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it is not enough for them, that we have seen down on the book, which is rehearsed to them.

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It is mercy. And a reminder to those who believe

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these are only three examples of meaning in the Quran, which leads me down.

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actual product of the thinking, and ideas of the profit

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of today's program is touching the question of Muhammad surpassingly.

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First of all,

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traditionally hesitant to accept the

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origin of the revelation that he or she received.

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On this one, it's

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very strange. For example, if a writer

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rejects the whole notion of divine revelation, if he, for example, is an atheist, or someone who believes

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for those people that anything

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which is outside the analysis

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of traditional tools of science, is something that must be dismissed as existent.

00:24:10--> 00:24:17

If this are consistent, we would expect them to reject all kinds of revelation so they reject revelation to

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Jesus, Abraham, all the prophets, Moses, and Revelation, which

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is when atheists like that many have not found it very strange given them.

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But the strange thing is that you have drivers that you mentioned, who are hesitant or

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rejects the

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legitimacy of

00:24:45--> 00:24:47

the divine origin of the revelation that you will

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include among themselves people who add on interests or missions and some are at least professed believers in Judaism or Christianity.

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to accept the biblical notion that God spoke to the prophets, Abraham and others, before it accepted to

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believe that Moses received the revelation from God and

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some of them are Christians, for example, find it acceptable to say that God spoke through Jesus, peace be upon him. And if this nations are accepted as supernatural or metaphysical, religious truths, which I have no dispute with that, that's fine. But the problem is that when it comes to Islam, and when it comes to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, we find that the opposite is true, we feel that there is no effort that is spirit by some of the shapers to delay and reject that

00:25:50--> 00:26:03

was also the evolution of similar nature emanating from the same source that God revealed the same books to the previous prophets or spoke to the various prophets in the past.

00:26:04--> 00:26:20

That appears to be a rather strange, inconsistency, inconsistency that reflects the long standing bias, directed at the rejection of any legitimacy of the prophethood of Muhammad. And as such

00:26:22--> 00:26:34

as the scene and fundament of all of the prophets, the prophets in history, whose message has been explicitly and repeatedly indicated that it is directed to the entire mankind not to particular

00:26:35--> 00:26:37

people, period.

00:26:39--> 00:26:48

This is also a source of bias, which is aimed at the denial of the importance of the Quran as the only revealed scripture in the history of mankind,

00:26:49--> 00:27:26

which was preserved fully intact. And we have it today exactly as it was given by the prophet and as such, it combines the elements of authority and authenticity. Unfortunately, this long standing biases have been enhanced history, the history of military and political conflicts between different members of the human family. And that means each other difficult to examine the claim that it was indeed a prophet, preceding divine revelation, to examine that in a more rational, and objectively and to see what

00:27:27--> 00:27:57

happened to other prophets in the past. The average Western view the news about Islam, basically, the writings of outsiders, most of whom are critics, and very few readers have direct access to the Quran to examine it for themselves. The translations in English are available but not as accessible as other differences. And so I think the issue is very significant. Perhaps it's an issue that has to be more critical.

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Assalamu alaikum peace