Muhammad West – Izzah – Episode 26 – Battle Of The Trench

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The three Jewish tribes in Afghanistan have broken the peace agreement with the new president and have been approached by the new president to negotiate a peace deal. They have been approached by the president to negotiate a peace deal, but the president refuses and they have been approached by the president to negotiate a peace deal. The conflict is now at war, and the goal is to unite the political parties and strengthen the political parties. The speaker discusses the history of Islam in Arabia, including the rise of the main army and the formation of a new nationalist party. The conflict is now at war, and the goal is to unite the United States, Europe, and Africa. The speaker describes the actions of the Prophet operation, including the use of deadly weapons and the use of animals as carriers, and talks about the history of the Middle East and the use of animals as carriers. The speaker also mentions the upcoming events of the upcoming Islamist movement.
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salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad nor an early he also have he married my beloved brothers in Islam. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Or praise me unto Allah subhana wa tada the Most Merciful the most kindness should have Allah Allah Allah Allah. I'm a witness that no one has the right to be worshipped except Allah. We send our greetings our love our salutations to beloved Mohammed Salah to send them his pious and pure family, his companions and all those who follow me soon until the end of time, where Allah bless us to be in the son of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam May Allah bless us in this walk of Juma ALLAH forgive our shortcomings of the past week and guide us in this week to come a lot of listeners in our families crunchy fat or those who are ill, mela crunchy fire to all those who are ill and the

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ramen mercy to those who have passed away amin well hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah as you know as the sooner at Masjid Ronald Islam we like to do things in series. And it's been a while since we did our series on the days of Iza and glory, the season, which last season we stopped, we starting the new season to discuss some of the high moments in the history of Islam, to remind us about our rich legacy 1500 years filled with moments of Islam means honor, and glory, the days in which the oma shun Alhamdulillah. Currently, we know that the oma is in a decline. We know that we are at a point in history, we across the world, the oma is in a bit of a low point. And at the very least we should

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remind ourselves about the good old days not so that we can be nostalgic and think about the past. But to encourage us to move forward. As we know this oma will stand until the end of time. No enemy no catastrophe. No problem hit the oma except that the oma survived the boomer rode that wave and came out some generations took the oma food, other generations held it. And so behind Allah we make to either be part of the revival of this oma we love to see this armor coming out of the difficulty, that before we leave this dunya we'll see an end to the war and the poverty, the illiteracy, the plagues, the hardships that's going through the oma May Allah grant, this is another sama to return.

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Well hamdulillah so in sha Allah, we remind ourselves as Allah subhanaw taala mention to the Quran that you all Muslims are believers are the best nation ever. It is up for mankind, you enjoying what is right and you feel bad, what is wrong, and you believe in Allah, we see that we know that would allow made the angels prostrate before either malissa to Salaam, that insulin is the pinnacle of creation of Allah, the highest of creation, the only living creature that Allah created with his own hands be easy to Gera in a manner which reflects his majesty and of all the nations of mankind of all the generations from Adam until the end of time, this oma is the best. And of course, the base

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of the beast is the generation of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So we need to reclaim our position of, of where we should be in the studio, we should be in the forefront of good in the forefront not for power not to be number one in terms of wealth and power dominating the world. Allah saying what makes you number one is that who you are people that encourage good, you bring goodness to this dunya and you fight against that which is evil in all its forms May Allah grant us to return to that mean? So inshallah, this season of the days of reason, glory, we'll discuss the Battle of the trench. We've discussed a number of battles before we discussed the Battle of Bunker and the Battle

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of offroader. We've discussed some some battles after that. But so behind all of this battle, the Battle of the train show the Battle of hudec, or the Battle of Allah Zeb, as is mentioned in Surah, number 33 of the Quran

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is really one of the In my opinion, perhaps the most exciting of all the battles and so behind Allah, it is a battle that when you study it, it is a miracle that you will find a better with very, very little fighting. But so behind Allah, you will see a laws impact. And you will find that this battle, just to be just as a as a thriller as a sneak peek, that this battle really brought the Muslims to the brink, to the very edge Allah push them right to the limit. How far are you going to follow the prophets of Allah? How far are you going to trust in Allah? Allah is going to throw everything at the Sahaba Allah is going to make it look like these absolutely no way out. Their

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minds will tell him No way. The whole world will be against him. Allah subhana wa tada will change this in one moment. without fighting without killing. Allah will conquer that's why you know Subhan Allah in on IED morning, when you make the tech better we say Well, hello,

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Baba, right. Right. What is that? Has he Allah defeated that hazard. The hazard means the Confederation, the Alliance the armies of the enemies, the massive army of the enemy has has arboleda that he alone a lot defeated. The old

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by himself without anyone getting involved. So how did this battle come about? How did this battle turn out to be a victory from the darkest of moments it became a victory. So let's start in sha Allah background to the battle leading mind ourselves a little bit about the the background before the battle. The Muslims of course Islam began in Mecca or not Islam began with the soma, the Quran revelation began in Makkah, Islam began before our creation before anything was created. Islam is the religion of the universe. gibreel is a Muslim, she's a Muslim, the sun and the moon are Muslims. But this oma began Of course in Mecca, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and for 13 years the Prophet

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peace be upon him his preaching and teaching until eventually the people of Mecca rejected by enlarge the miss the message. So Allah permitted the Muslims to make hegira to Medina. This is 622 in terms of hijiri this is number 100. All right, the key God calendar began with the turn of the hegemon. But for us for our purposes to make us understand a little better. It was the year 622. Right. So what 1400 years ago, that the Muslims the prophet SAW Selim left Mecca, and he came to Medina, very important point to understand in the context of the story, that when the Prophet comes to Medina, salatu salam, he finds in Medina, three Jewish tribes, three Jewish tribes, who did not

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accept Islam. They questioned Him, they quizzed him, the leader of them of the rabbi's, like the, the the chairman of the MJC have to live in Sam rhodiola. And he was the number one Rabbi of Medina. He spoke to the prophets of Allah, and he embraced Islam, but his people did not follow him. Right. So the main Rabbi became Muslim Abdullah and Salah Ravi Alon. The three Jewish tribes remained on the faith, and they basically rejected the prophets of Solomon's enemy. Nonetheless, the Prophet peace upon him, entered into a constitution of Medina, where Muslims and non Muslims are allowed to live that the Jews were allowed to live freely, peacefully. And in fact, the agreement was, the

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Muslims will be governed by the Sharia, and the laws and they will be governed by the Sharia by the Torah. And they will live side by side peacefully, and that they will be a mutual

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excuse my chest, that it will be a mutual understanding a mutual protection of rights and they will live in harmony. And the one thing that no one should do is that no one should help external people against each other. So the Muslims will not support anyone that attacks the Jews. If anyone wants to attack the yahood of Medina, the Muslims will stand with them. And if the Muslims are being attacked, the Yahoo doesn't have to fight with the Muslims, but they just not should not support the kurush. This was the agreement and ever agreed to that. One by one, the Jewish tribes broke the agreement, the first Jewish tribe,

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the Banu pine, aka the Banu Kanaka, this is the first Jewish tribe around the Battle of butter. They broke the agreement they attacked a Muslim woman, and they killed the Muslim man and there was tension. So the Prophet peace upon him said to them, if you can't abide by this constitution, we leave Medina so they decided to leave Medina, and they settled in a city called labor.

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A few years later, the bamboo now leader, and is very important, this tribe is very important to understand that by no now the year the Balu another year,

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they also broke the agreement with the Muslims. And they did this even worse, they like someone have them killed a Muslim. So the Prophet peace be upon him swing to them and they said we'll negotiate a blood money. And while he was the negotiating, they tried to assassinate him, they try to drop a boulder on his head, or an mg video came in for me. So when the Prophet peace of mind was informed about this plot, and actually said to him now obviously try to assassinate the leader. You know, by rights you should all be executed, but you may lead the penalty as well for you just leave Medina leave. So the vanilla here as well lift Medina and they settle as well in the city called haber

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understand this.

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So two of the three Jewish tribes broke the agreement and they were expelled. There was one the new camera and they the vinyl camera remained in Medina names don't have to worry about the names. So while all this is happening twice, there was a war between the Muslims and the coalition. Remember, the Muslims migrated from Mecca, the people of Mecca didn't leave it like that. They Once there was a battle of whether we spoke about that a few years ago, and then another battle ensued the Battle of hood way Makkah, tried to invade Medina, and they won the battle but they weren't able to obviously succeed in conquering Medina. So as things stand so now before this battle, understand we

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must stand five years in Medina now five years we've been in Medina, we have an Islamic State. We have just beaten we beat the people of Macau in one battle, and they beat us in one battle. They try to innovate

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Once and there is better blood between Mecca and Medina. So technically we are at war with maca and maca is waiting for revenge. Similarly, we are two Jewish tribes that were expelled from Medina because they broke the treaty. So therefore, it was the idea of the Banu NaVi the leader of the balloony Navarre, his name was,

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he would actually become the father in law of the prophets of Allah prophecies would marry his daughter, Sophia, this is far in the future. For the chief of the bunu NaVi, it was his idea to form an A zap. Now Surah 33 of the Quran is called surah. to zap, Allah has ARB is the configuration, or so a configuration is like an Axis of Evil, that all the enemies of Islam will gang up under one banner. So it was the idea of the leader of the menorah, vaidehi, even atop, and he took a delegation with him with our rabbis. And the leaders of the Jews have haber. And he went to Makkah, and he spoke to the leadership of the kurush, Abu sufian. And he said, let us ally together and

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together we invade Medina, you guys went and you invaded the Medina you want but you weren't successful. Let us together gang up against Medina. And together we will wipe Islam off the face of the earth.

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The kurush was surprised. They said, you know, we are idle pious pagan idol worshipers? You are Yeah, who would you speak about prophets and revelations and one Allah and you don't worship idols, we assumed you are closer to the Muslims than we are that you would find this is the reality, our Sharia, and the Sharia of the Jews are the closest to each other. You find that work, for example, a Jewish person will say is this * and it was food salad and I can eat it kosher and hello very close together. You find in the rituals in the theater in the theology in the ideas of Pilates, very, very similar between Islam and the old and of course, because the source was one that which

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remained unchanged of the Jewish religion is coming from Allah subhanho wa Taala. It's one of the evidences of the of the the new Booyah of an OB Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. So when the Quran said why is it strange that you would lie with us because we so far from you? And they said, No, you people are closer to the truth than Mohammed. And Allah revealed is about this meeting in Surah Nisa, Allah Swansea's, Have you not seen these people who I've given them a book, I've given him the Scripture, and they say to the disbelievers that you are closer to the truth in the believers. It's vanilla, that the out of your hatred for Islam, that you're willing to basically sell your own

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religion out of your hatred. So

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the Jew, the Quran said, We agree, we will fight we will support you. We've got the main but we don't have the finances. The Jew said don't worry, the Buddha said we don't Don't worry, we've got the finances. We will finance this battle this army if you provide the main and the weaponry. And then they also went on a campaign around Arabia to all the tribes around Medina, anyone who wants to join, we don't worry about what religion you follow. We don't worry who you are, we put all our differences aside, and we are going to gang up against Medina. And the the tribe that answered the school school the tribe of auto fan, again the names of a foreign to us, but in the context of our

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of our understanding of this battle. So understand the Confederation is made up of three major groups of three armies get together, the army of kurush of Mecca, the armies of the Jews of labor, and the armies of the thrive Hata fan so what I find is in the north of Medina, so you got Mecca from the south, and hotter fan from the north and haber on the on the on the western side. So from all corners, you find now this army being raised, and never in the history of Arabia has the people, the tribal people put the personal differences aside, but the tribal differences aside under one banner is the very first time that you found this, meaning Allah subhanho wa Taala is now already

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dividing the world up between believers on the one side and this believers on the other side, the believers and Subhanallah something that we should understand today. Ultimately this will remain until the day of piano. Now when it comes to alliances, when it comes to alliances, there's only really two parties is the Hezbollah the party of Allah of the Hizbollah, I'm talking about Lebanon, but these are the party of Allah, and there's the history shavonne and there's those who support the the agenda of shaitaan and Subhan. Allah, the fact that today

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you have the United Nations, you have European Union, you have the United States. We don't have a united oma, no two Muslim countries, you can say are really allies, one of the other small countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, nothing in the scope of they can't even work together. Same culture, same religion, same ethnicity, same language, everything but they can't stand

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Side by side, Swan Allah. This is one of the the two problems about oma today, while the rest of the world are uniting we as a Muslim Ummah, find more and more ways of dividing our room a small percentage of Muslims here in South Africa yet so we don't have the unity that we need. But we still haven't thought beyond individual objectives and goals. The individual objective of my image of my family, we need to think as an oma, we need to begin to think as a bigger, much bigger than us. The challenges are bigger than me and you and my Gemma and your Gemma challenges as an oma because the war is against Islam. It's against the Muslim Ummah, whether we come for the Rohingya today and the

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Palestinians today, understand we're coming for you tomorrow, one by one will take you out, unless you stand together, you're not going to survive. So now you find Arabia a new phenomenon is forming. We you have an azova coalition under the battle under the banner of, of this belief, while the Muslim Omar was the only city the only place on earth and Islam is Medina, the last light of hope. And we remember in better when the Prophet sees that the Battle of better Allah. If we lose this battle, you will never be worshipped on earth again, understand what this battle means if Medina is invaded, and the Muslims are killed and the prophets of Salaam were to be like killed as prophets

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were killed before him. They were many ampere that were killed by the people. This is not beyond is not something that is impossible. The Prophet says if we lose helaas, your deen of Islam dies, Islam becomes extinct. This is the last line of defense before shaitan wins.

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So, news now reaches the prophets of Salaam was very strategic. And even though he was something we can learn as leaders, he had a network of, of scouts throughout Arabia. And he keeps up to date with the news. Right? So he had like a CIA or an FBI agency. So harbor would go to different tribes. They would come in as fast as travelers, they would listen to the news and they would report back to Medina. So behind all the prophets was, even though he was an abbey, he didn't just make dua and expect tomorrow things will come right. He was there was a constant strategy. There was a plan in place. He kept in touch, what's happening, what are the movements who's speaking to whom, so the

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news reaches the Prophet sallallahu Sallam bad news

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that the rumors of an alliance between all these tribes is true. And an army of at least 10,000 plus more than 10,000 is on its way to Medina, they have now convened and from all corners of Arabia, they are gathering around Medina. And in fact, we only have a week to lift one week, we've got one week to prepare, that's going to arrive. So the prophet SAW Salem, they count the fighters of Medina, maximum, even if we give every old man, every young boy a sword, we have less than 3000 people. And these are being you know, generous. So 10,000 to 3000. It's a big smile a lot. It's a it's a big difference. Three times the number for every one person, you're going to find three

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Now think of a first fight.

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Think of a first fight, we put you against the people, you have to fight three people, you have to find three people, you know, hand to hand combat is not something easy. And you have to think about it. We just lost or heard that just because we believe us I wasn't going to guarantee you victory if you make mistakes and you don't prepare properly. Allah subhanho wa Taala is not going to give you that victory across the line. You need to give 110% and then Allah will give that extra bit to crush you to give you victory. So Allah mentions when them believers hear about this, this panic, these are shocked. You know, you can imagine this is like a cat. This news is devastating news and Allah

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says in the Quran is jell o comb infotech woman as well. I mean come that when they came, your enemies came to you from on top and from below. And when your eyes shifted in fear, your eyes began to shake, and the hearts reach the halacha your hearts were in your throat. This is this is this is the harbor of great emotion. Their hearts began to shake they began in the throat and you assumed about assumptions you began to have thoughts in your mind shaytan began to give you doubts. Is this the end of the road? Have we followed a profit into disaster is this way it's all going to end? Allah says when I look up to let me know that this the the believers were tested and shaken with a

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severe shaking a law assisting them with a severe test a lot with everything against them.

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Bad news, devastating news. Remember this army is not only interested about winning a battle, this is to exterminate men, women, children, they coming for your wives, they coming for your kids, they coming to destroy everything after this. They're going to invade Medina, they're going to kill you. They will take your wives as well.

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prisoners to be used and your children as slaves. This is the message. You're not only going to lose your life, you're going to lose everything. That's the message this army is coming to commit a genocide. How do you respond? So the prophet SAW Solomon again the beauty of his leadership. As always, you would find in this even though he's Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, even though he is guided by Allah, even though he's the man that raises his hands in da and he receives answers from Allah,

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He convenes a meeting with the people of Medina, the leadership, and in fact, you'd find this Surely, it wasn't only the leadership, only the senior put us to the senior Sahaba everyone was the so the Prophet PC permit Informix. Medina, in one week's time, was armies coming to kill all of us. What are we going to do? I'm open to suggestions to leadership. He, you know, Allah, sometimes we think we on top, and no one else knows better than us. I'm the Imam, I am the Chairman. I am the CEO. I know and no one else knows. So behind all this is the man that Allah speaks to. And he says, maybe one of you knows better than me. Maybe one of you has a beta suggestion than me. What do you

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think? And usually, in other battles, when the Prophet open source and I'm open the forum to discussion, people put up their hands and they were free to speak. And they disagreed, and they argued with one another. When he gives them a scenario, this is where we are silence. The books of history doesn't even say armor was used to give who used to give suggestions. No one can give a suggestion. No one can even stand up and say something positive, you know, you have rasulillah like in battle, they said, if you were to lead us into the ocean, we will follow you not like the people of Moosa that said, you and you Allah go and fight diversity, we will, if you lead us into the

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ocean, we'll follow you into the ocean, no one is even standing up to give something positive. Everyone is shocked into silence. No one can say anything. No one has any suggestions. We can't fight them, like we did in better open battle, because we're going to lose. We can't we don't want them to come into Medina. Because if they come into Medina, and it's, you know, hand to hand combat in the streets, how many of our wives are going to be killed? How many of our kids are going to be killed? So no one can offer a good suggestion. And they and again, as I said, this man said, Man will fire etc. So man, the person was not of the senior Sahaba he was not of those who were the ones

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the leadership, it was a slave. He was a slave. And he raises his hand and he says, I have a suggestion. I've got something. I've got an idea how we can fight this battle. Now who is selling man on fire is He who is Sandman and fantasy, sell man, the Persian, like not understanding the time of the province with a lump there were two massive empires, two civilizations you had in the east, the Persian Iranian Empire, and they used to worship fire. And in the West, you had the Christian Byzantine Empire. They were in the western part of the world. And Arabia was sort of in the middle, and Arabia was the Wild West. No one, no one cared about them. They had no civilization. So these

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are the two civilized people. Now, if you go, it's like you go to the middle of the Kuru little door. And in the middle of the Kuru, you find like a scientists from the UK, highly qualified, specialized person, you know, living here in the middle of the Kuru, you know, putting petrol in the in your tank. How did you get here? You came from the land of civil right from Persia, from Iran from a land of knowledge and thinking, you're in the middle of the desert. What are you doing here? How did salmaan get to be here in Medina, Who was he? He's an outsider from Persia. So let's talk a little bit about his story. He took a, you know, a side note side story, a segment about the

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Alliance and man, the Persian. As we said, he grew up in Persia, and he came from a very noble family. His father was like a governor. And they were very staunch Medusa fire worshippers. This was the religion. And he says, and I'm telling the story from his perspective, because naturally the Sahaba asked him, What are you doing here in Medina? Why is the Persian men living here with us? So he said, I was like, you know, I was like, the only son of my family. My, my father loved me very, very much. And we were very close to the the temple. And it was my job to keep the fire so they worship fire. So there was a fire, you'd come into the temple and there would be a fire that it

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would worship. It was my job to keep the fire burning. So he's like what we could say an altar boy where Bilal right he's not the priest, but he's with the police all the time. And he grew up as a very devout fire worshiper, as he became a teenager, he went on a journey. And he went into the, into a Christian country, in Iraq where they were Christians. And he thought his curiosity, I want to know what these people worship. So he goes into a church, and he listens to the sermon of the priest. And he says, well, ah, he obey God.

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their religion is better than our religion. You know, he's convinced Christianity is better than the religion of fire worship. So he goes to his father and he says, You know what, Dad, I've listened. And I've learned about Christianity. I think this makes more sense. I'd like to become a Christian. So his dad was worried to him, and he locked him up. His dad said, I'm not gonna let you go until you come to your senses. You're not leaving the house, and he was locked up for a period of time until he said, I was able to escape. And I left my home and I ran away. Again, this is a wealthy young man, educated young man comes from a good family comes from he leaves everything behind. And

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he runs to the church. So he escaped suppose Yep. And he goes into the Christian lands, and he joins the church. And he says, He loves a rough life in a smile Are you living, imagine a person comes and he loves in the masjid, I have no way to go live in the masjid. So he lives in the church, washing the church cleaning the church, and he gets to become the student of the priest. And he says, swallow and look at how Allah will teach you for guidance. He says, I made this priest, and this was a bad priest, why he used to steal from the charity. So people obviously put their money in the towel in the box. And the police used to steal the charity. But still,

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it didn't break his email. Instead, he felt even though my teacher is a bad guy, even though my teacher is not the best, the Imam is not the best. I still believe in Allah subhanaw taala. Sometimes we tested by our teachers, our Allah will make mistakes, how much I for people, and salmonella remain. So I was asking him, will you go back to your family? He says, No, he stays. And when the police dies, he informs the congregation of what the priest had done, and they find all this treasure. And so now he's been living a few years in this monastery. He's pleased these days in Asia is dead. So where does he go? He leaves this church and he continues to travel around the

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Christian world. And he finds a different priest. And he said, this priest, I found was a good pious man, a real Wali of Allah. And this priest was worshipping Allah alone didn't believe in the Trinity. They didn't believe as the other Christians believe. But he was an old man. And not too long after Solomon had become a student, the priest was about to die. And he asked the chef, listen, Chef molana you're about to die? I have no way to go. Where do you advise me to go to find another teacher? So the priest said, I have a colleague that lives in that city far away, in the middle of, you know, Syria, go and find him is the only one I trust. So salmaan travel so that priest, and the

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same story, the same story, so he travels from church to church, living, I mean, smile again, look at where you started, it could have been a governor, he could have lived in luxury. He's traveling from church to church, Allah is making him search for truth, y'all, I just want to worship you correctly. So he goes to all these different churches, different pieces, one by one. And then finally, one of the priests tells him listen, my son, there is no more priests like us lift. I'm the last of those who worship Allah correctly. The rest. I can't You can't follow them. So the only hope for you once I go, is Wait, we believe soon a prophet is going to appear in Arabia, in a B is going

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to appear. And so Solomon says, Give me some advice. How will I know him? How would I understand what he says go to Arabia as well it is a big place, go to Arabia, look for a city that is between two extinct volcanoes that has the trees in it, when you go there, and you find a man who claims to be a prophet system, for he will not eat from charity. If you give him a soccer or saga, he will not eat from it. But he will take a gift and between the shoulder blades these a strange kind of birthmark. So So man gathers whatever positions he has, he goes to a group of travel, caravan, Arabs, he says, guys, listen, I'm looking for a city like this in Arabia. Can you take me? So they

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said no problem. Fees are tender and whatever it might be yours your money, okay. And then some answers as we lift Syria, as we hit the desert. They wronged me, what did they do? They stole all my positions, that would change on me. They made me a slave. Now, how many of us would be tested are you man, you've given up everything for Allah. And Allah even takes your freedom away, swallow, but by now we'd have seen you know, maybe my dad was right. I should have been a fire worshiper. This is the punishment of Allah. We'd have seen that maybe now. I realized my lesson. I would have given up my Eman by this point. So someone says they made me a slave. And they sold me and bought him and

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sold him back and forth. And finally, a Jew of Medina buys him and he enters Medina and he looks and he says, This city is between two volcanoes. And we know Medina is filled with victory. So he says maybe this is the place. So he comes to Medina. And he asks around, is there anyone who claims to be a prophet? What are you talking about? There's no prophet here. He comes to Medina before and they'll be Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam

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It comes to Medina before the prophets also lamola symptoms before the Prophet commitees era. So someone says I was sold to a Jewish landlord, and I was working on the date threes. Obviously the sophisticated educated man was a valuable slave. So this is you made him like the manager of the day plantations and he would pick the dates and stuff like that. So he says, He tells the Prophet you know, I remember the day you came to Medina, obviously the old town was about a prophet has come to Medina, he says, I was in the tree picking dates. When I heard the news, I almost fell out of the tree. So I climbed down and I lost my my boss by many, my owner, is the guy who claims to be a

00:30:36 --> 00:31:11

prophet. So the man basically strikes a man, this is what this is got to do with you your jobs is dates. The only profit you must worry about is a profit in my pocket. Don't worry about any other profit, right? As the only profit you must worry about. Go back to picking dates. So someone says, You know, I waited until I had an opportunity to visit you. So now I want you to meet this guy who claims to be an OB. Sir man comes to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And he says to the Prophet peace be upon him, they meet for the first time. He says, I see you come from a city you and your followers are poor. I've brought you some charity, and some answers I watched. And the Prophet also

00:31:11 --> 00:31:48

distributed the dates, but didn't take one for himself. So he said, this is one time, some time went by, he comes again and he said, I've brought you now a gift. And now again, he watches and the prophets of Salaam shares the dates and he also eats from it, too. There's two signs when there was a janazah and the prophets of Salaam was performing a Genesis Allah and the Prophet used to wait if you ask what clothing he wore, very similar to the harem, a loose top and as the prophets also known was performing salah and you know often either janessa or sooner Salah salmaan was trying to sneak a peek on the shirt and the prophets of Salaam notices. What's our man wants to see? So the Prophet

00:31:48 --> 00:32:29

peace upon him takes his shirt off and says you want to see the birthmark? These the birthmark, the sign of Nobu by the Hartman unabomber. So someone breaks basically into tears. He says you know I've been looking for you. For like 30 years I've been looking for you. I was told about you and now I've met you. And he tells us amazing story. How he comes to Medina. So when he tells the story, obviously he's a slave. He's from Persia is nothing. The people of Medina stood up and they said, We adopt you Sandman. You're not salmaan the Persian you this use Amanda Ansari. So the margerine said no, he's like I see major. He's Sandman, the mohajir. So the prophecy is no I adopted him. He said

00:32:29 --> 00:33:07

man from the elevate. So he's an honorary member of the family of the Prophet himself, man. So then he says, I'm a slave. I'd like to be free so I can participate with the Muslims. So he asks his boss, we enough soon he asks his boss how much to purchase my freedom for the boss says no problem. You want to be free. You're a good worker. You quite pricey? So the deal is you give me like, you know a few grams of gold and plant 300 a day trees and when they mature and they grow to the full maturity and Bay dates, then you can go free now that's like 10 years. How long is the date? It takes two people at a ridiculous price. Someone says to the prophets of Salaam, this is what the

00:33:07 --> 00:33:46

price is. promises. Don't worry. He asked the Sahaba give me some of the gold and this people donate gold said here's the gold. When you plant the trees call me. I will plant them for you. So the day comes and the prophecies I and II himself would plant the trees, all 300 with his own hands that he's also put them in the ground and he makes a special dua. Within one season. All 300 trees grew and they bow fruit. So the master had no choice but to freestyle man. So now someone is free. He wasn't free in bother. He wasn't free and open. But remember, we get back to our battle. So this is who salmaan was he's sitting in the masjid. He's just a slave. You could say he's not one of the

00:33:46 --> 00:34:24

senior leaders are Obama and Omar and Ali and man. He's one of the chiefs of course of the answer. Now he stands up and says, Look, guys, I have an idea. In my country, when we are about to be invaded by a big army. What we do is we dig a trench so that they can enter a ditch a big hole between us and the enemy, and they can't come in. So this is my suggestion. And the man who is probably would say the lowest person doesn't have a family. He's like the refugee like some hotline. This is no disrespect, brother all the way from, you know, Somalia, Bangladesh, he just comes to our community. Masjid committee meeting What should we do? He says I have a suggestion how many of us

00:34:24 --> 00:34:59

will take his suggestion? Yeah, the prophet Listen son, man and this is this is the best suggestion we have. So let's dig a trench. We've got one week we need to dig a trench around the hole of Medina. inshallah we continue next week, the digging of the trench inshallah, just a few announcements. Some classes happening, very busy. So we continue with our Tuesday classes off the mothership at the Rashid emoji in Mowbray. It's discussing different sects and groups Shiism, in particular in Islam. So we'll talk about we're talking about Jews, myself and Monica civic so you can attend it's free then

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On Tuesdays although I must change the slide we've shifted this to Wednesdays on Wednesday six to seven o'clock. So I'm a sixth mothership. We are for continuing the history of the hola Rashid in Abu Bakr on the line. We're discussing how the Quran was compiled, and we're going to talk about how the expansion into Persia. Why did the Muslims go into Somalia? When the Muslims went into Persia? That's where we are inshallah again free of charge six to seven on a Wednesday evening you can join us then after mothership. We are beginning a six or seven week Hajj course anyone going on Hajj who would like to go and how'd you like to learn about Hajj may attend in sha Allah after mockery on a

00:35:39 --> 00:36:18

Wednesday evening Muslim to ishai year at the masjid as well. We will begin a short Hajj course in sha Allah. The next week, Friday the 13th Friday the 13th is our little Miraj program and Aftermath Aftermath live on next week Friday we're going to do our our topic which is a tour through heaven and *. So a tour through Jana and Jana, if you'd like to attend inshallah, of the Muslim next week, and just a reminder, inshallah, to use water conservatively for comments or suggestions or concerns with Mohammed or visit our website Burano that opens at sokola Hi, Santa Monica Myrtle abraca to ala Sayidina Muhammad wa Yusuf Islam, Sunni Arab anatomy

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