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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala should have been unbeliever mousseline. Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Almighty He lived it he was he was seldom does live on cathedra because you know for my brother,

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my brother and sisters

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we talked yesterday about

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the importance of believing in our hearts

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that only Allah subhanho wa Taala can do anything La Villa hotel

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and simultaneously that the mock look alike Rula cannot do anything.

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Now, as I said yesterday, the our caliber Teva

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La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, the caliber Eva begins with Nephi was begins with denier la isla.

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There is no one worthy of worship,

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Ill Allah

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except Allah.

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So sir, for the same way, Lion via while I adore a llama noble nobody can harm nobody can benefit nobody can have except Allah.

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Nobody can give anything, nobody can take anything except Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala mentioned this, but Allahumma Malakal molk to tell will come on the show.

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Let's not say you get the mole with your cousin with your effort with your strategy who's your military, you know, to tell Moodle come on Tasha what on the old world coming Monday Russia. And Allah takes it away from who we once

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Allah did not see we lose it for this reason that is no

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one to Arizona, Tasha

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you cannot get is because of your poly political position. Or because you are CEO of this big company, or because you are president of this or prime minister of that or nothing.

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Tourism and Tasha. What does illumine Tasha and Allah will

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humiliate who he wants,

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including and Hamdulillah we can see this in our own lives, including there are people who Allah subhanaw taala will hide and shield

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even though they may do wrong, but Allah will hide them and shield and Allah will give them tofield for to make so far in Toba.

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You have an imam if not okay, my job is to say that the one who Allah subhanaw taala favors he reminds him again and again about his sins.

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So that he can make make us suffer again and again.

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So it is very important for us to remind ourselves that only Allah can do and cannot do. Now,

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the problem is most of us is Allah can do we agree hamdulillah there is nobody there is no Muslim who will say or who feels that Allah cannot do this is not possible if you are a Muslim then Allah can.

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Our problem is that we feel Allah can do but Berola also this is the problem

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and that issue

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so yes, Allah has power but

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politicians also have power.

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Billionaires also have power.

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Allah can do like and cure illness, but the doctor

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is also important.

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Which hospital I go to is also important.

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Many times you would have heard is so and so had a car crash he broke his leg or whatnot, he died in the car crash or you know if he was he was driving a Kia if he was driving a Mercedes

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he would have been saved.

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So what are we saying? We are saying that is not in the hands of alights handle Mercedes.

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I think about that, that Dinah Spencer, Princess Diana. She was sitting in the back of the Mercedes

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and it was an armored Mercedes, not an ordinary Mercedes,

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bulletproof armored Mercedes and when they crashed, the one sitting in front in the front seat did not die.

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But she died and though the via was sitting next to her he also right.

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So, where does the Mercedes

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very important, it is very important to do the Nafi of Viola

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very important. Now obvious question. If the if this is the case, if

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First of all, I cannot do anything then why should I take medicine? Why should I go to the doctor? Why should I have a job? Why should I do business people because

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frankly between you and me, it makes no difference.

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If Allah wants to feed you Allah with video, job or no job that's up to Allah subhanaw taala whether you go to the hospital room or the hospital your lifespan is the same. Why do you still do it because Allah subhanaw taala also gave us this permission. Allah subhanaw taala provided us with these means and options and Allah subhanaw taala then permitted us to use them

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so we don't go there because we believe in that we go there because our hamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala gave us this option

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but what happens to all of us is that and this is very natural human tendency, the thing that you keep on saying over and over again the thing that you keep on hearing over and over again the thing that you are exposed to over and over again, this takes precedence this colors you so the whole time when you talk about success what are we thinking money today unfortunately success is reduced to one single word which is money

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we don't care how the person gets the money we don't get people say Elon Musk most successful man in the world he has 11 children from multiple women none of whom he married

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right so right you say well, you know my sons are my daughter's idol and his and his

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role model Elon Musk Okay. Tomorrow your daughter has a child without from somebody who is there Okay.

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Should be okay, because since you say that Elon Musk is the you know, is your is your role model. So, then you should be happy no problem. I don't have

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no problem. No, who's the father? I don't know. He's okay.

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Jeff Bezos,

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the bad is unfaithful to his wife and ends up losing half his fortune. So that is not even a wise financial decision.

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So is it okay? If you are unfaithful to your wife is the why is your wife okay with that? Or if your wife is unfaithful to you okay with that?

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You should be okay. Because if that is if Jeff Bezos is your role model, they should be fine with this

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this is the point is that we don't think so the thing we are being told over and over and over again, oh, you know, successful people in the world. I mean, I remember this thing. I've said it so many times in this budget. With the youth here. I asked them this question. What is it named for me three role models.

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And this is practicing Muslim boys in the masjid.

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All of them have beards. They all pray they come from practicing Muslim families. Three or four bottles sitting in the masjid. What do they say? Jeff Bezos,

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Elon Musk and Warren Buffett.

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No one even said also Salem

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because this is the dominant thing in the mind the whole time, you're talking about that

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success is success. So where is the position for image?

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Where does the position for the love of Allah where is the position for you know, Muslim value and I think that all of that is

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if anything lip service, we say we say Oh of course we will.

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See that the analysis is we have to ask ourselves this question is very, very important.

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Do your work and do it well.

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Do work do it well, because you're Muslim, because you are accountable to Allah.

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Not for any other reason.

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When we have this mindset, which is only Allah can benefit only Allah can harm then there is no stress in life.

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Then obeying Allah subhanaw taala is a priority. Then you will not be fatwa shopping you will not try to make haram into halal and wizard Oh no, but you know, unless we deal in interest, how can we succeed?

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Allah Subhana Allah declared war on the one who deals in interest and you are telling me that unless you are, you are at war with Allah you cannot succeed doesn't make sense.

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How can it make sense you want to have war with Allah and you will succeed?

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So what you are seeing as success is not success. This is this is Zilla, this is humiliation.

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This is failure.

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Now one of the truths in either the ayat of the Quran is wrong nose biller or you are one of the two, you can't have two opposite things and both are right no can be No, either this or this.

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So you are saying without interest based dealing, I cannot succeed Allah said the one who deals in interest. He is at war with me and the sources said the one who learns the money the one who borrows the money, the one who will record the transaction and the two people who are witness to that all four of them are cursed.

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And they are all equal.

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now, you said this is success? Does that look like success?

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Because our goal is our goal is I was making money.

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Now, funny thing is hamdulillah Islamically speaking, it is possible to make money and hallelujah, who told you that we have to get a loan, you can have venture capital, you can go do a job you can do you know you're going to work for good organization, you can invent something you can start a you have a startup new company.

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Today, there are so many so many options

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Shopify, one of the Canadian company one of the great success stories

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how did it happen? This guy comes to Canada, his girlfriend is there, he's not getting citizenship. So, he starts a company just like that.

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Because one of the most successful companies in the world

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no law no nothing from anybody who starts online buying selling company.

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So if somebody says that I cannot succeed unless I get an injury, unless I get a loan and pay interest, then I'm saying they look you don't even know business.

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You will not even understand business.

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So by myself and you please let us not fall into this trap.

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When we say La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah,

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we mean there is no one worthy of worship except Allah. There is no one who can do anything except Allah there is no one who can harm or benefit except Allah.

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And this something, this is something that we need to continuously remind ourselves over and over and over just like we are being reminded of the opposite.

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The world the environment, the shaitan and the agents of shaitan are reminding us of the opposite. They are saying no, no forget Allah this is dunya dunya dunya dunya dunya. So unless you are countering that this dunya will become big in our minds and hearts.

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But that will not change the reality that one day we will meet Allah

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and we will start before Allah alone.

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No helpers.

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And that is the day that we need to prepare for. Was Allah Allah Allah, Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was an avid member how to go