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Muhammad Alshareef
AI: Summary © The transcript is difficult to discern and mentions a "ty na" and " honestly" in a statement. The transcript is difficult to discern and mentions a "ty na" and " honestly" in a statement. The transcript is difficult to discern and mentions a "tyna" and " honestly" in a statement.
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truck rolls

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Everywhere you look there are illogical beliefs being pushed upon you that try to take you away from Allah subhanaw taala take you away from the straight path. Now those illogical beliefs, they come online they come on Billboard's they come in books everywhere you look, there's somebody somewhere out there trying to push some illogical beliefs on you. Now these beliefs don't make sense. Okay, we understand that they don't make sense. However, the packaging of these beliefs looks really pretty in from their website graphics look really nice, and the book cover is really good and the ink and paper is so soft to the touch. Now in today's title, we're truffles. We're going to be looking at

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the story of Ibrahim Ali Salam, and Sudha till MBM verse 67. Allah subhanaw taala tells us on Alpha Darboux noona noona

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Farrakhan che

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rochen Oh Orfila como Alima Darboux Doonan dune

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Ibrahim alayhis salam was surrounded by people who worshipped idols. And then one day when they went all out to a party in their picnic, Ibrahim on Instagram smashed all their idols, except the biggest of them. Now when they came back and they got angry, and they were like, who's to match our idols? And they said, we'll go ask this boy Ibrahim, Ibrahim on Instagram came and he said to them, can beautiful him have that? You know, the biggest of the idols is the one that smashed them. Why don't you go and ask this idol? And then and then the people responded back to you, but I am on a set and they said, and they're basically telling you about a malaise to them. Don't be illogical, you know,

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the idol doesn't speak doesn't talk brings no harm brings no benefit. How could it smash the other idols? And so Ibrahim Ali Sam respond to them, then how can you worship something so illogical? And then everyone Mrs. Graham said this verse of finlaggan, walima taboo doing them and doing it Allah, He said off to you and everything that you worship other than Allah Flf Tapi loon have, you know, intelligence, Have you no sense. One of the key arguments or one of the key beliefs that people start going around telling others is that this whole world and everything in existence, and you and I, and everything came by accident, came by accident. And then so if it came by accident, therefore,

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there's no God and therefore, we don't have to worship Allah, we can do whatever we want, and live like animals and everything would be great. And we'd have a big party until we die. Right? That's the argument, this whole thing that everything came by accident, there's no God, it's an illogical belief. And let me show you why it's illogical. The example that I like to give is 911. Okay, on 911, an airplane went into this building, went into World Trade Center tower number one. And then you know, somebody could have stepped back and looked at the plane going into the building and said, that was an accident. Right? It was an act of terrorism. That was an accident. However, a few

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minutes later, another airplane came went into the other tower. And as soon as the other airplane came in, then immediately everybody knew okay, this was a terrorist attack. This was not accident. This was not a coincidence. This could only have been planned. Why was it planned? Or why did they say this could only have been planned, because it was too perfect. Now you look at the world and everything in in everybody in in all our creations, and all our blood and our breathing and in Tesla, all these human beings that have lived and died and so on. This is like 7 billion humans, 7 billion aeroplanes going into trace and but yet the illogical belief is people telling us that our

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whole life and everything existence is one big accident. I say to them in response ofI lecan walima taboo doing them in doing Allah

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