The Role of the Ummah in a Rapidly Changing World

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Please go come out with a sound effect

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Masha Allah

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Salam Alikum

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How about Salam Alikum

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hamdulillah Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah who ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Manuela la maluna Mayan fauna on fire now Bhima and limb tena indica Simeon would you would dua

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Allahumma Nia, will you become an enemy? lionpaw or Colby Ayesha? When I've seen lotta Shaohua do I enlarge SMA or Bonilla to Zulu banaba is Hadith Anna? Well Hamblin, Urmila Donkor, Rama inika internal hub, or be strictly Saudi us Sully Omri? Well, hello, lock that Emily Sani of Cali. I just made a DUA. For those of you who don't know our OB that Allah subhanaw taala teaches us a beneficial knowledge but more importantly, is actually make us benefit from the knowledge, the beneficial knowledge that inshallah we are going to be all learning and I always ask Allah subhanaw taala a refuge in Allah to protect me and protect us all. From a knowledge that is not beneficial from a

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heart that does not set Unto Allah subhanaw taala from enough's us, that never has enough. And may Allah Subhana Allah make me speak what pleases him. I didn't come to Lagos not because I don't want to come to Lagos.

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It's actually we had a woman conference last week. And this was planned about six months ago. So it was very hard not to go on with the program. And humbler blind I mean, a lot made me arrive here. i It's actually 24 hours exactly. I landed yesterday morning. And it's pleasure to be here. One of the first things I noticed the people of Nigeria that always they smile.

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And this is really nice, and they don't make it, they don't fake it. It's natural. And this is something really good May Allah subhanaw taala keep it because that's a sign that you are pleased with Allah subhanaw taala

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regardless of whatever Allah subhanaw taala test us, and I'm sure there is tests here, like there is test everywhere in the world, you still keep your smile, and keep it. And may Allah subhanaw taala give you more. Before I start my talk, I want everyone, let us not forget our brothers and sisters, because

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as you all know, yesterday was the first day they slept without bombings, without death, without suffering.

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And this is not something easy. Unless you've lived such experience, you will not really feel what they are going through or went through. And I've spoken about it many times, but it's a good idea. And remind reminder always benefited the believers. We actually did what we can do to help them but I would say and I don't know who is hearing me from them. I personally learned from them a lot. I learned from the woman of Gaza, what does it mean to be a faithful person, a woman of faith? I learned from the men of Gaza. What does it mean to be grateful to Allah, it is extremely

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mind blowing. To see again and again and again and again. Different pupil ages, woman, men, children, in the middle of the rubbles lost the loved ones lost everything they have, and nothing comes out of their mouth other than

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What a faith they have.

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What did Allah gave them that he didn't give me or us? It's something really for years, if not generations, we'll be speaking about that.

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As they taught us, the least we can do is remember them yes into any other way we can help. But more importantly two things. Let's go back to Allah and become the servants he wants us to be. And let us don't forget them of course in your DUA and may Allah subhanaw taala make this truth that it is supposed to be for four days forever, your OB Amin

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so the question behind

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Mi is what I was asked to talk about.

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And I'm going to ask you, I know it's a big crowd, but maybe I can hear some of you. And the question to everybody, do we really have a role in this changing world? Yes or no?

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I want to hear it. I hear only the woman side.

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So you all agree

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Alhamdulillah? Then the next question is gonna be, what is this?

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What role I, and we're talking about individual, each one of us, and then we become collectively as a nation,

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what role we have? Or let me put it another way, what role Allah wants from me,

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is not what you want from me, or you want from me? What does my Creator and yours wants from us?

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And I'll take you through the journey off of course, the book of Allah pantalla and the words of ALLAH Swati Serrato Sinha. So basically, unless pantalla said the NF, a verse that I have no doubt, most of you are aware of it so Surah to Ali Imran Chapter three and the verse is 110.

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Allah said the following, I'll say it in Arabic for the baraka of the Quran, and then I'll translate it quantum higher or Metin or reject leanness top Morona will mount roofie what's an honer Anil Moon curry what taught me no nebula well Amana anarchy tabula kind of higher on Johan, when humulene Winona works our own faster. This is what Allah is saying. I want you all to give me your heart before your brain.

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Because there is verses in the Quran, I really have to feel it.

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And I need to see and say to myself, what Allah wants from me. The Quran is talking to you and me is not something just to read and have the baraka and the reward. It's a manuscript for me and you to change the role. And he said, Subhana quantum hygroma you weren't the best nation that has been send

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the NASA to people.

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Question for everybody. And I want to hear an answer. Are we the best Oma?

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Yes or no?

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All the time.

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Don't we sound arrogant?

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Alhamdulillah. Everyone is thinking. That's why we need this. How Uriah as they say, this description of being the best is not because I'm a Muslim.

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Is not because because I am a believer. Otherwise, he would have said it. Subhana.

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He said the three conditions. And I'll translate in a second. He requires Subhana three things from all of us to qualify for this higher ear to be the best people. So quantum higher on matino rejecting us, you are the best people

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sent to humanity. Why y'all Hola. Because I was born in Africa. Because I am from Nigeria, or because I come from the United States. No.

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Has nothing to do with this

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Telmo maroon every model of you enjoying good,

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what and how not. And in Moncure, and you prevent or avoid evil.

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What to me no Nebula, and you believe in Allah.

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And I am going to focus on the first two, because it's related to this to the question

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what does it mean? That I enjoin, good, and I forbid evil and I kept saying I

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or you.

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I am not talking about the collective one. The collective one is not my duty and yours.

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Here is me as one person.

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The most important thing

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or let me ask you this, who's the most important person

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that I need to apply this verse to change them?

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Enjoy good and prevent evil? Who's that person

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is one person

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all of you are thinking

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who's that person?

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if I do not

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apply this on me, I am not going to be able to do it.

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Neither inside my family, in my own extended family, in my neighborhood at work

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What does that mean?

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Allah Subhana Allah says in surah, two soft at the end of the Quran, you have Lavina Amanu, Lima Toluna Mala to follow. Cobra, McDonough and Allah He and to own Humana to follow. Hey believers or you believers, this applies to everybody in this room.

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Why do you say

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what you don't do?

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Cabal or mochten? And Allah, it is very hated one of the biggest thing that is hated to Allah there to say things and you don't do it. Give you an example. How many of you tell your children? Did you pray?

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Very common question. All over the world. I've heard that more than once. The child, especially if he or she seen agers, they look back and says, Did you?

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Did you?

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So the first step to change for changing to have a role on this earth? Off changing? Did I change?

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Am I a person who tell myself do this good thing that Allah wants you to do? Although I don't want to do it. I don't like it. It's too hard. It's too complicated. Nobody else is doing it. Why should I?

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Am I a person who when I want to do something, and I know for sure is not pleasing to Allah, I am going to control myself. I'm going to say don't do it. That's not pleasing to Allah. Or I am going to say, just this time, it's okay. Tomorrow, I'll change.

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So the first step in the role, and we all agreed we have a role

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is me, changing me.

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Meaning, I want to see hands.

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How many of you in this room?

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Again, brothers and sisters, say I am the servant that Allah put on this earth. And when he is looking at you and looking at you, and looking at me, he will say, This is My servant, how many of you can raise their hand her or his hand confidently and say, This is me.

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You are an honest audience.

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And I didn't raise my hand to

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Alhamdulillah, then I can change.

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Once I change, I'm changing the other, I will be able to change the other. So the first thing we agreed all of us, we do have a role.

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We should have a role.

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We have to play that role and practice that role. Otherwise, he's going to ask me when I am going to have this private interview with him, and he's going to say to me, I put you on this earth? What did you do with it? I made you live 4050 6070 whatever Allah wills.

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What did you do with it?

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How did you serve me? Him? SubhanAllah. So that's the first thing I want everyone

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to remember.

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There is obstacles, why I am not doing it.

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And the first and the biggest one,

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especially in this day and age of the globalization.

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Now I'm talking here, there is a good possibility somebody in the United States is hearing me

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And when I give a talk in the States, many of you, here's me, so there is no borders anymore.

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And that's why we have a lot of obstacles to change, to be the Muslim. Allah wants me to be.

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There's a verse of Surah to remind you that I love it. It keeps me going. That's how I say, keeps me going in this day and age. Allah Subhan

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Tyler says yeah you're Latina Amman yah yah yah yah yah 100 Nina and Manu it come on for a second nailed Oh c'mon Bala that a day to Allah sing this to you in me.

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Yeah you're Latina Amman or you're believer

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take care of yourself

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Worry about yourself

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you lie of the rock among

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the people who are going astray, they will not harm you if you stay

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and you keep going as guided people. What does that mean?

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In my role to change the narratives, I'm going to have a lot of obstacles. You all agree with me? One obstacle is me. And one obstacle is you, meaning the people around me. And one big obstacle is what we are being fed day and night, on the media, on the movies and everything else. How do I stay going? How do I stay strong? This verse, worry about yourself.

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Work on yourself.

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Don't worry about the others. That doesn't mean leave them. But don't let them change you.

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My role is to change people.

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Not them changing me. If anyone asked you or if I asked you or you asked me, What was the most important role or rasool Allah He saw to Sudan did. And because of what he did you and me sitting today

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in Nigeria, talking about Islam.

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He changed people.

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And he changed individuals one by one.

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And you all know the story. You all know the Sierra, one by one he changed them with patient, persistent, never gave up and never let obstacles. Stop him. That's what we need to do.

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That's what we need to do my sisters and my brothers.

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You know your role.

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You need to know who you are. And what are you doing on this earth? Don't worry about the others. I don't want to hear it. Look what other Muslims are doing. He's not going to ask me about that. He's going to ask me what what I did.

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The fact you don't change

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the fact you continue to be the wisdom. Allah wants you to be you will affect others. It's contagious.

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Evil is contagious. But also goodness is contagious.

00:17:57--> 00:17:58

So don't change.

00:17:59--> 00:18:08

Stay who you are my beautiful sisters. I love the dress code I have seen so far in Nigeria. It's beautiful. Don't change it.

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It's beautiful. It's Allah pleasing. Keep doing it. I don't care if the rest of the world will look at you.

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If I'll take you with me to the states and I'll take you to a shopping mall where you are with me we will be the only two people

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dressed the way we are dressed.

00:18:29--> 00:18:44

You know what? Be happy. I remember this hadith of rasool Allah salatu salam and for the brothers on the time of Sadat comes in and you are in the mall or you're at work and you're the only Muslim and there's so many stories I can share it with you all.

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Get up and go for Salah you will be the only one but remember this hadith

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by the Al Islam what iba will say oh don't worry about Kumar Jha Patil bottled water, but

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he said the following are a salatu salam. He said that Islam came as a stranger and is going to come back

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as a stranger as it started.

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At work in my hospital, I'm the only one.

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I'm sure many of you have lived this.

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So when I walk in the walkways in the hospital, and everyone is looking at me, and I say little by little waterbar Toba is a police in Ghana.

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Do you want to place in Ghana?

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Yes or no?

00:19:39--> 00:19:40

Yes or no?

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And do you think you will get to Jana? By easy way.

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I'm hospital Montana total Jana.

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That's what Allah said. Again in Ali Imran Do you think you'll enter Jin?

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What am I Allah Milla he mudra. He didn't even come or saw

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When you think you will enter Jannah and Allah will not know who really struggled for his sake, and those who practice patient