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The history of Islam is discussed, including the loss of animals and the use of animals in war, as well as the conflict between Islam and the United States. The upcoming war is emphasized as a war to protect upcoming events, including protecting the upcoming war and the future. The speakers stress the importance of showing support and educating children on the topic. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a postcard program and a discussion of language and cultural changes in the region.

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In a similar manner in

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the mean, was so that was Sarah,

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Sarah Molly,

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my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam or Princeton for lost behind Osada. But once again versus the house of Allah know that each and every moment that you are here must plan Asada is creating a sense and raising you up one level and intimately with mercy, the angels attend, to listen and to participate in that is my last final tada bless us. And this time, we sit down, we continue with our CDs and DVDs of exam during the days when it was something of quality to be a Muslim, that the reality that we find ourselves in as oma is not where we belong, we don't belong at the bottom of the pile. This is not wait to be a Muslim. at a time, there was a time with the Muslim to the most

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advanced, the most developed, the rest of the world looked at the Muslim lands for guidance, not just not just Islamic knowledge, but civilization, technology. governance, people looked at Muslim as the standard as the benchmark, the Muslim lands, what we the kings of Europe would send the children to learn and to be educated. The Muslim scholars were the greatest scholars in the world. It was a time when they gave out Nobel prizes for 1000 years to go to Western scientists.

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We do not belong where we are today. And for us, one of the steps to go back to the days of instant glory is to remind ourselves how we achieved it. And we've been discussing the series over a couple of months now, let's talk about the Battle of budget. We've talked about the establishment of the first Islamic State. And then we spoke about the Battle of budget, we now jump to the days when the tide will turn. But in the time of who said them 10 years, 13 years, he was much under operational for 13 years that is also lumped under operation muster. When Allah opens the doors and Medina the first state is established, but the state is weak. It is one beacon of light in the ocean of

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darkness, and the Quran, and the enemies of the Muslim and they have enemies all around them constantly try to destroy Islam and the Muslim and become three battles, but the battle, the Battle of offer, they come with a massive army in the Battle of the train to destroy Medina, by the grace of Allah subhanho wa Taala Islam prevails.

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So we asked the question, how is it that Islam changed? How maybe socialism and we asked ourselves today, how did we go from a position of weakness, simply in a weak position, they will be attacked continuously by the enemies and all they could do in between. All they could do was to say even in the Battle of the train, they weren't able to fight back. They both asleep and said we can't fight them openly with news is too strong for us. The difference between our cow and take him to the moon is we don't just sit back and say, you know Allah will provide for us no reason for them to step in. You realize this is a battle we can't win you can fight openly, even though I'm

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so how did the Muslims change and change with the media? Today be here and that is our discussion in sha Allah. So it begins a loss of animals are the main things in the Quran and reveals an entire Surah Surah. Allah says enough attack Malik and Medina. Indeed we have given you a Mohammed he accomplished this does not refer to the conquest of Messiah. This is refers to the conclusion of the Treaty of Arabia once the treaty was signed between the Muslims and the people of natya. Allah revealed this is after this briefing this since the great victory has given you and it begins with the dream lobby. So as I mentioned, he's at war with Messiah Messiah is trying to kill him

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assessment I think and destroy the Muslim episode season a dream I'm going to perform Amara

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and the Croatia policy as we said that anyone who comes to Makkah for the purpose of the burdah for Amara they are free even the enemy so nothing super not sure will be later in Mexico will not let us see let's put our friends in online You see, when a veto Salim announced new performance formula 1400 Sahaba joined up to perform the opera and they leave not knowing what to expect. They don't know if the price is going to affect them. The pressure then allow them into market and the resource Allah makes it clear. He announces he leaves in the sacred month really is no fighting allowed. If not come with an army operation. I'm coming on. Maura, we don't have Whitman's with us. We've coming

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with the animals to be sacrificed in Makkah for the benefit of the people of NACA latest perform the Amara. The Quraysh not sure what to do. They decide we will not allow them to come to Makkah and if they come to Moscow, we're going to kill them and we think we have nothing so seldom and before our design will continue on to master but we are going to fight the product every time we send an army will go a different way. We don't want to fight even when the effects they

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To the bracing soldiers and they in turn them back to the people of Messiah telling them we have full drums once you perform Amara, we don't want to fight you even though we overpower with you. We're not going to execute you. We're not here to fight. Let us perform Amara and let us go back to Medina in peace. So the Muslims camped out at the town so before they enter Makkah, they stationed at this place outside of microphones for they be obviously they can't enter Moscow, because before the price wants to kill them wants to fight them. So they camped outside a place and this place, they be here, it's this location. So they be yes, that gets the name of a teepee to Sweden was

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concluded outside of Moscow. The Muslims are not allowed to enter Moscow so they wasted 1000 points sitting outside Moscow waiting what to do the Quran they send the Allies one by one they send me the invoice they send the the ministers the ambassador's to try and negotiate with the Muslims. And we spoke about this in previous weeks, where they come to the Muslims and they tell the Muslims, you people, what makes you know, why don't you just go back home to Medina, we warn you that the minister Qureshi becomes upset and they send an army, you this group of people is what's your Amazon seller, they like scum, the minute before he comes, they're gonna run away. And when they saw the

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Sahaba, and they saw the determination of the Sahaba, they saw the attitude of busaba they realize that these people, they don't want to fight. But if they if we give them a fight, and they respond, they're not going to make it easy. And one by one every every invoice every Ambassador that goes on the kurush he comes back and says I changed my mind. You should not fight with these people, please how they so mostly the 1400 30,000 50,000 we have weapons they have no weapons. No these people is a different kind of determination. They made that beautiful statement. I have seen the kings of Persia and the kings of of Rome and the kings have ever seen. Yeah. And I have not seen people more devoted

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to the leader in the companions of Muhammad Salah they will defend him and defend a religion to the very last drop of blood. If you want to fight them. They're not going to make it easy on you and I feel for you so make them perform around they can go home what's the big deal? For he fuses and one by one the allies of the Qureshi leave them he said we're not going to participate in this. It is impermissible for you to leave these programs not come to Moscow. So one by one the Kurdish allies desert and the pradesh are left alone what to do.

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But the situation is not moving forward.

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There's gonna be so Salamis waiting for the Qureshi. Just to have a discussion, let us come to an agreement. So he seems fine immigration are able to send me an ambassador, I will send an ambassador myself we spoke about this weeks ago, we're gonna be so seldom appoints his own invoice his own invested a euro to the kurush on my behalf, and you speak to them. And what do we select? Say No, man rhodiola. And first, let's acknowledge the number. No, not that you've escaped. You see that no. Man is a better man for this job than me. That's the beauty of Sahaba they didn't look for their own, you know own advancement and their own privilege and status. Because they need in this regard,

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I'm good at other things which might be coming in this same manner as the along with minority interest much they're not knowing whether they're going to kill him or not. If man alone, he has a death warrant on his head like all the other Muslims,

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as much as just as a messenger, not knowing what to expect from the Quran. And you see that man hits to Makkah, and he's initially attacked, but some of his family members protect him and they keep him and hours go by and trying to negotiate with the people of Muskoka lakes, the profits of Solomon, Amara, we're not here to fight anybody. We're not here to cause mischief in Makkah, we just want to perform and grow and we can show to the animals which will feed the poor people of Russia. What more do you want? They can say North man and they refuse to allow this man they refuse to listen to us man. hours go by.

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And the camp of the Muslims are wasting wings of man wings of man. And now they've put the rumor spreads in the camp that with minus compute, and if they kill time, this is a declaration of war. Now, we will fight. We didn't come to fight but because you killed one of us. And he was a messenger he came just to deliver a message to kill him. Now there must be war. We didn't come prepared for battle before some announces if we must fight. Are you willing Oh Sahaba to stand with even though you didn't come prepared. You came for Amara no weapons but it's the best will be used Will you would you stand with me and one by one 1400 is in line a mistake the end of nothing so suddenly I'm

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in the fleet that will fight to the best. If this is what is required of us. Then you have our word. We are ready to die in the school. 1400 of them when they did this now vessels

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Democracy diversity, and the three and one by one, they line up the sector and have nothing for fun. I'm taking the place I give my pledge of allegiance to Allah subhanaw taala was so pleased with us. If you see, Allah says indeed those who pledge allegiance to Mohammed, they are actually pledging allegiance to Allah. Right? The hand of a lot over the hands. Alessi in a manner with the foot almost majesty. Or if I put my hand up and they took my hand My hand was above that thing leads to a loss of analytic data. And then the last thing certainly was a lovelies with the believers, when they pledged allegiance to you under the tree when they preach to you under the rug. And I said this

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two weeks ago, why do we say when a person passes away?

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When a hobby passes away, they say radi Allahu Allah was pleased with the melody. Why? Because Allah says, I am pleased with him, no one can almost be fitted with the chassis body

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of bucardo gene and no one knows what he's with, except What's his normal sense of the Sahaba. For these people, these 1400 days, the place would be soulless, I'm pleased with him and he knew what was in the house I was I know what's in the house. So you sit down tranquility, abundance, and rewarded them with an human and conquest. And Allah says, you will have a very soon.

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So this captivity of Sahaba, those needs at the plate of red one, those 1400 that were the these are the cream of the crop up so far, but amongst the indie labels also are the same worker of the Alliance, the highest of the high, the other, so how that will remind us, at least in general, is useful information so that the greatest Sahaba or the two were promised and the Acura Bashara, the top team from agenda, they are the base, abubaker, and Apollo, Russian, all four of them are from this top 10 category of the harbor, then you have the people of budget 300 other participants in budget, Allah revealed, yeah, the people have budget and they have a special place in Islam. But

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these also love it, that the people have budget, it always sends off the budget automatically forgiven. So Derek was the evaluator they did a budget that recently ever will be forgiven. The next category off the budget are those who participated in the place of one decade replace our US versus about them. That also says that a lot of promise that none of them will ever ever

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guarantee Ghana. And again, if you look at the names, who was in the boxer was the owner was the man was the it was the name appear all the rest. That is why they are the team. And this is a side note here, because for those of you who know the history, you would no longer be alarmed. And remember, he's not

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and the fleet is being given. And he's not being at the plate, right?

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What's the thinking? And many people later on, and those who actually assassinated not mine, not knowing one of the accusations they use against him is he was not at the age of 18. One, Allah didn't say almost he was he wasn't they didn't give his hand.

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So one of these groups, the people of

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Hawaii, firstly, the people sick Islam, and they don't want to find links on many, many years later, they come to Satan oversight, even even Admiralty law, they find the middle east scholar, and they had a bad way of thinking or is it

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the law? Right? No, no, I dealt with this with this hobby. They said, We are unhappy with this man and we are ready to revolt against him. I just want to ask you three questions regarding none. And if you tell me the truth, and we know where this man is not

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going to lie.

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When the things became tough, he turned his back and he ran away.

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And the man to say by will line by Allah I wanted to talk to you asked about a loving

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ran away.

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Then he says by Allah was not an accident on the day of budget. He wasn't dead but but but

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the number sent to you by Allah man was not bad but and by Allah was mine absent at the place of this one. He was not basically displayed under the tree and say number 79 was not did not be displayed.

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It's clear

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he was up to the Butler and he ran away if it wasn't a good one. We can kill him. The man will come back here. Listen to what I want to tell you

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about the Battle of Beaufort. They will remember how many other Sahaba also in the confusion ran away and then a lot of us versus saying Allah so given all of them, save all our city life were given a tag in them the one from the sin and people the city

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gave them free food even what do you have?

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To ask for the Battle of budget, the North man was invaded by he was ready to go to budget by the commander of medical science

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behind why

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his wife was dying. So we know that she wants to come with the budget, but your family first take care of your wife on her deathbed. And when the Beatles returned to Medina, we brought frontman Shay, you are wrestling with the people of butter, this is your sea of booty, because you are with us, counted as the people are bothered by The Beatles album. And as for the pleasure of read one, he is number one on the list. It's because of him that the police occurred and act like we said, off the ancient every one of the Sahaba gave the hand so in order to give date there has to be some Salah there'll be some stood up and he said this fourth man, I pledge on behalf of workman, once a

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hobby marriage and look at the understanding of Sahabi is one light with man's nature is basically an athlete. Why? Because my right hand is worse than the left hand. But mine had the left hand of Santa

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Ana and the man Roger need for in today's time, whether you know we don't know that those curse for aventa ticular See, not mine. Look at the love that may be so subtle, make us ready to go to war to go to war because they killed us man. How are you when you're a man and Sahaba rhodiola and marine.

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And other side note interesting to note that many of these ones so Allah mentions this in the Quran, Allah says, certainly was pleased with the believers when they pledge allegiance to Muhammad, and to the fact that culture under the three and years later, the time of Satan or the Alon

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venerate this. This video was spoke about another species in the middle of the desert right in the middle of nowhere. And if this is the three mentioned in the Quran, we're almost ready blondies pleasure came down. And Allah was pleased with Sabah and NaVi so some settling for how long 1400 people shaking your hand will take some hours. And I was sitting here for our This must be Obara three. And we started to build a shrine and emerged over this place. And we started to rub this tea will ever be passed by you need to rub it to attain the Baraka and they will put the clothes on it. Say Norman was the Felipe at that time when you heard about this chopped down? He had the three

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chopped down Don't you understand that whining so how we did this? Not a single level Sahaba Eva Eva Winky whiskey. Baraka Baraka, right to receive and this is when you say nominal villains understanding and the aroma, that people can pull into, they can fall into proper without understanding correctly. Regards to receiving Baraka from certain objects. Only certain objects were alive shown us as Baraka, like Zamzam, like the Kaaba, like certain certain places and time certain times as well. To walk them Juma is Nevada, you can see Baraka from those things. But you can only see Baraka from things which is reciprocated by a line if you're looking for something we cannot say

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Mashallah, how many hundreds of imams student limber Mubarak in the burrata. If we take a piece of wood, I don't know how many people forgive it, like take some of the sand. Well, I think a stone of the Kaaba, the nominal deal on points to the Kaaba and says, I know your stone, you cannot benefit or harm me, I only use the black stone, because

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that stone is no benefit or harm in you. So anyone who puts verifying an object that isn't be a certain area, a certain bits of sand a certain time to this, this one, or this day is a homerun day, a big day, and there's nothing.

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Nothing's been added something and anyone who believes that this thing protects me, even if it's terrible, you believe the Kaaba protects you. You have a stone from the cabin, your house is perfect.

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with conviction comes from Los Angeles, Allah zum zum has been affected. But the minute you believe is Amgen itself as Baraka and you forget the one who gives the Baraka, who are you putting your faith in the object, being full of the wisdom of cinema, and saw that this thing was becoming an idol? This theme was becoming worship, people were starting to worship was pretty

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funny, have the three down trim. The Baraka is not rubbing against the three, but it's following the tsunami, the electric Sahabi then you would read one of them love, love to see robbing the seasons gonna give you the pleasure of Allah. But if you would like to Sahabi you're going to get the pleasure of Allah. So when the flourish sees the Sahaba during the split of the year, the new spirits and the year the determination, we are ready to die.

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Now, finally they come to the senses. That is we really fight these people, or our allies are going to be very angry with us because we are fighting them and they oppose them. It would be bad for us and we might lose this battle. We might lose badly here.

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And I don't love this awkwardness we might be seated. So we have to come to terms.

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So now the Lakers have a cc data incentive agreement that both of us agree and lobby for so long before the season begins. This is I make it clear. I am willing to accept any term and condition you want, so long as it does not include you the Sharia, you asked me anything you want, whatever you want, asked me of me, so long as it doesn't involve disobeying Allah subhanaw taala I've already agreed. So they sent a man to him even under permits, you remember him in the Battle of butter, he was one of the leadership of the parade was captured. And he because he was the most senior man that was alive. And he saw some personally how his

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way has been taking the prisoner and firstly fit him including him. But suhaila was the senior leader for I was known as the katiba the one who trains the CUDA before I read the MP of the Quraysh right senior guy and he was the one that he saw sadhana personally as capital and look after him after that nobody senior guy and into with regards to this mentoring program, it becomes a hobby in very late on it becomes a Muslim. His son wants to was a Muslim. It's an Abu jandal remember the name for discussion today. Abu jandal Suhail sun, Abu Janda was became a Muslim, but his father Makkah and he was changed and tortured and abused in Makkah, and they refused to go to Medina.

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Medina, he wants to go but he's fallen into hate is one of the duties of mustards a disgrace that your son is a Muslim, they keep him locked up, and he's chained up in Moscow. So so he comes, and now they see, oil says I have the authority to negotiate with you, and so much wisdom for our time in the streets. And I want to ask you, when you look at the terms of the CT, if they needed to date, a Muslim, etc, they made these terms for the Zionists, and pray for Western scientists today. And why Muslim is based off forcing any of us any one of our leaders made agreements like this, we would have decreed conferred on an emotional look at the terms but and shows you again to our non Muslim

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friends as well, how serious nahi Salam was about

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he's willing to bend over backwards for the sake of So now, we are about to start the TP and of course that before sundown, you will immediately read or write on your on your lawn, you find in every story, there is the numerous features of a man who does it they all think that Oh, by the grace of Sabbath, they always they will upfront say now you got your lawn you can eat in the rice and Ephesus is up my scribe you will I will dictate the terms of the treaty and you write is going to be chosen begins in Iraq manual

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labor law. Rahim says whoa hold on hold on. We don't know of an Iraq man. I know Allah knows Rahim but this is a new Allah we don't know him. Say it in the name of Allah. Leave it at the finale don't

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scratch out. Man Rocky.

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Right no problem. That's what you want to heal. Okay. Maybe something continues that this is a cc between Mohammed the Messenger of Allah and before I start, if I recognize you as prohibitions of Allah, then we wouldn't be in the situation. The police don't see you as a messenger. So remove this messenger business is in the center of the box. Let me sow some seeds. I am the messenger of Allah just because you don't believe doesn't mean I'm not the Messenger of Allah all of a sudden. But if this is what you want, then do remove it and tell Sonali remove Rasulullah from the meeting and this is one of the strangest incidences before they be so harbor as you've never seen so Haha, this over

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Ethernet ethos on them like they doing for the year because of the love for an open source and now they'll say no remove Rasulullah molay this hand cannot do

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that I will die but I will not allow someone to insult me or I gave my fleet and wanting to die. But I love you more than my life and I can bring myself to stretch out Rasulullah

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fine, show me races that are suitable. I will stretch

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for the interest of moving things forward and a piece of impersonally scratches out Rasulullah Mohammed the son of Abdullah and the price

00:24:35--> 00:24:43

rubbing so silence is my first condition. Allow us to perform Umrah is the only one to do let us into Makkah let's perform Ramadan go home.

00:24:44--> 00:24:46

We don't want anything else from you. The Quran

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what will the people say if we let you in too much that we gave in to you. We agree that you can perform Homura next year or go home to Medina and come back next

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Yes, we give you three days next year.

00:25:03--> 00:25:15

For two weeks, they've been walking the dream that nothing's ever going to perform. The purpose of this journey was for the Amara. They said, No, you can't. Let me tell Salaam, if that's what you want, we

00:25:16--> 00:25:42

appointed the French, they get what they want, we don't get what they want. So maybe we will perform or next year, we'll go back to material no problem. Point number two is that war should, the activities of war shall be suspended for 10 years, during which both parties will live in security, and those thoughts will be raised. So now has the opportunity to say what you want. I want

00:25:43--> 00:25:55

this to be 10 years of Muslims and Christ and whoever wants to whichever tries to force the Muslims, they won't fight the price. And whichever tribe supports the Quran, they won't bite them with the

00:25:56--> 00:26:03

five fingers of the reason why he was because the Muslims were continuously cutting off the train blind.

00:26:04--> 00:26:28

So they agreed fine. Now to hailstone to make a look at the conditions that the person put down, I want to pull them off and I want to senior to him. Now my sensitive condition, he says in the one from the flourish, becomes a Muslim and those who Medina you must return that person matcha but if only one from Medina wants to become Buddhist and come to mustard is going to come.

00:26:30--> 00:26:32

How is the state so now

00:26:36--> 00:26:42

that we should send the Muslim back that any Muslim from Christ comes to Medina, he would turn him back.

00:26:44--> 00:27:00

And he agrees and so now he's about to write the term down. When a man is change arrival to see a man change the show, he flows into the camp of a Muslim and Muslim saved me attended the signups we had to be on

00:27:02--> 00:27:16

and camped outside for the year and towards the CCD, we dismantle and he ran to the Muslim whiskey to Medina, they cphs the msrb lunaris the identity when you

00:27:17--> 00:27:24

see the effects of the torture, he was beaten and burned and substance he will solve. And

00:27:25--> 00:27:26

let me start with this man

00:27:28--> 00:27:45

who says no, this will be the first man that this contract that this treaty is going to apply this man will be the first man who will return to us no he would not be so seldom says but we didn't sign the contract isn't written in it writes the term down

00:27:48--> 00:27:48

what is nothing

00:27:52--> 00:28:02

I've been waiting for years to a year listen to this thing takes me back to Moscow and cause me to go back into suffer because they capture me they're going to talk to me and they're going to make me

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waiting for you pick me with my penis.

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Literally busy with this the next man be the first to give this man to us. We haven't yet completed the TC.

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We want to have a threesome with the flourish begins now you decide what you're going to do. Yes or no war or the kinky this will be the first man on the internet and agenda is leaving with a Muslim.

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undecided what to do the Muslims around the other than him they can't believe

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that this unfinished

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walking around and you don't swap agenda. You know you can't do the food itself in

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the food

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yourself, your father to

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adapt our waste What?

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Are you going to apply this law on me and pay me back?

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Or are you going to save me to take with us to Medina. So he's wasting whatever you decide now will determine the treaty?

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Shall we continue listening to what may differ from them in the situation. These are just a few few announcements.

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A few announcements in Java that

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tell us all of your freaking joumana

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has to do with like that.

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You can always attend my class on Tuesday, the Euro, you get your own truck. And you can always leave the seat on the side you're

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faced with a shift to the party. You have two parties one of the leading Islamic mixers in

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three years. He released a video on YouTube every year for three years entire biography of looking for some Android episodes. And

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if you listen to those mysteries and episodes online, you will know each of the keys and out of Minnesota. No basic company

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Listening the English language on the life of the people from the time that the Father biographies

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we have not witnesses. But if you want to make up some

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announcements Tell me on Tuesday my clock on your autobiography at seven o'clock at night, from 7am to eight o'clock we also come to the now we cannot confirm our overclock, we have an interrupt clock of the brothers on the upcoming Easter break with something one day, I'm going to sleep over CCD, one day, three hours, etc. What to do, how to prevent abuse and also branch out a lot the data 22nd of March, we will confirm the the new standard reports from license.

00:30:46--> 00:31:07

So the 26th of March I know some people inquired, I couldn't give you information, what we found from you want to sign up, you can use your name, you can see some of the demand will put your name down toward the center as well as the email me No problem. When insha Allah, I want to announce and I hope to see one of the tomorrow morning, for the afternoon tomorrow.

00:31:09--> 00:31:47

We have an international conference coming up. And fossa is one of the leading organizations in the world. With regard to pharmacy education, some of the best scholars in the world in the English language, are positive organization, and they come to South Africa tomorrow. And they are going to give over a conference to the twins of faith, family matters of faith, meaning knowledge with action and regard family message, your nine topics, nonprofits have discussed and looked at different aspects of the family, from parenting, to choosing a spouse. For those of you who are not married at the last October conference, we had people sign up and the list many

00:31:48--> 00:32:06

people People always ask Where do I find good girls and boys with a medical material good Muslim, they come to all sorts of conferences to come to their social functions. You might find this or maybe you're a parent, if you want to know how do I raise young kids different times in Moscow with regards to parenting?

00:32:07--> 00:32:50

lab, young people that have to be in the hands of law in the heart, the perfect young person will come to the conference which are a lot you find with nine different topics. No speeches, qualified doctors in psychology or law from overseas, local and abroad, please, inshallah, God, etc. etc. At the Oakland High School of Santa Rosa, sha Allah. And please don't worry about the price at the price of 200. If you can afford one to come to the booth if you can't donate the issue back. Also, I would like to know that the money that's being used to support to cover the cost of supplies because I'm expensive, but every single profit and

00:32:51--> 00:32:56

maybe even a positive demand development project. You have decided

00:32:57--> 00:33:02

in many areas with a community college student mom looking for handouts, which we don't

00:33:04--> 00:33:05

know if the mom is

00:33:06--> 00:33:11

entirely sure we had a client we added liquidity in harm's way to people buying electricity to

00:33:13--> 00:33:29

the moms in this job. So this is a program that supplement the income within a trifle given access to medical care to education for the kids. And this is what the conference is doing. Whatever proceeds come to the conference won't

00:33:31--> 00:33:58

change and by the time the law learned some knowledge and you will help you if you can't afford to attend and learn the knowledge. And if you want to feel free to donate and sponsor, someone else will find them and all sorts of different support and they will ask you to put them learning on your behalf. Right? But it benefits you it benefits our community. So Ctrl C would have the day tomorrow. inshallah we hope it doesn't affect

00:33:59--> 00:34:00

our efforts for some of our

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