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I will be leaving it on rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam. O Allah should have mercy and say now Mohammed in early he was a big man. My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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How y'all doing this evening? hamdulillah so insha Allah, from tomorrow the last 10 nights of the last 10 nights of Ramadan will happen and it will be also the first odd night and inshallah these are the holiest nights of the year. And it's believed that in these 10 nights, they will be the night of logical order. They are decrees and our destiny we put out for the year to come. And if we get that 19 a vida, Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Hadith mentions that all our sins will be forgiven when karma later the other Eman and YT seven, whatever stands that night was a man and hope for Allah that He would have lost planet Allah will forgive all those sins that we've done big or

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small, a lifetime of sins. So one of these 10 nights in sha Allah between us and complete forgiveness, Allah grant us not to waste any moment of these next few nights. I mean,

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we continued our series, the heroes of Islam, and hanging over the past couple of days, we spoke about the great scientists of Islam and hope in sha Allah, there was some

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some interesting facts and interesting things that we learned. But we again shift gears back to a different side of the history. We talk about, of course, the history of the crusades, the battle between Islam, and the Crusaders who conquered Palestine and Alhamdulillah was re conquered by the muslimeen. And we talk about not only one hero, and usually Salahuddin stuff shines out the most in this period of history, but there were many heroes in this period, and inshallah so tonight we'll talk about the really the architects of Salahuddin his mentor, nurudeen, zingy. And then of course we'll mention Salahuddin as well. So let's do a bit of background and we do a little bit of about a

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bit of history in sha Allah. So some background, the crusades, we hear the word Crusade, it is like a Christian jihad. Basically, it is a war fought on behalf of Christianity, and it refers to a series of battles that occurred between the Christian empire of Europe against the Islamic empire during the 11th to about the 13th 14th century. But of course, the crusade against Islam continues because before that, and continues after that, and Allah subhana wa tada always will send people to defend his Deen the Visa Center made this door let this oma not perish through one enemy overcoming completely and Allah accepted that door no enemy will completely annihilate this Deen. No enemy or

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natural disaster will do that. But Allah did not accept the diviner resource alone when he said this oma not succumb to internal infighting. Allah did not accept the DA and this is always our problem, and also the problem that the Muslims face 1000 years ago. So Islam we know emerged in the time of Esau Salaam when Islam I'm going back to an abyssal salams time 1400 years ago, when Nagisa Salam came with the dean. He was in a time when the world was ruled by two empires to the east, you had the Persian Empire and to the west, and when you talk about the West, we talking about Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Turkey, North Africa, Europe was all ruled by the Christian, best Byzantine or

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Byzantine Empire. With its capital, Constantinople. what's what's Constantinople today? It's Istanbul, in Turkey. Right? So this, this was the the different the new version of the Roman Empire, the ancient Roman Empire, it became a Christian Empire with Constantinople as the as its capital. And it was basically the most powerful empire in the world on par with Persia, and they ruled the western part of the world. And from the beginning, from the vehcile. Sometimes even in his day, there was war between the Muslim Sahaba fought against the Romans, the Byzantines, the Christians. So when we talk about the room, when Islam talks about the Romans, were talking about the Christian

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European Byzantine Empire, and they will battles between the resource alum and the Sahaba. And the Romans who tried to stop Islam from spreading, but in the time of the whole affair, oroshi Dean Tyler Walker and Omar and of Manali rhodiola, and they were able to push the Romans and the Persians the same time out of the Middle East completely, and even out of North Africa. So Egypt was ruled by the Romans. Palestine was ruled by the Roman city. It was ruled by the Romans, time of Satan armor, Hollywood, he thought there was a great time in history when they these people were pushed out and when I say what did they do, they were colonizers. They went, they ruled the other people in that

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area. They ruled the Egyptians and the Syrians. And one of the reasons why Islam was able to to win was that the local population supported this new religion because they were severely oppressed by the Roman by the European masters. And we know that beautiful story that when Palestine, Jerusalem Israel AXA, came under the rule of Islam. It didn't happen through fighting the time of St. Norman. The the ruler of

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Jerusalem, the mayor, the head priest of Jerusalem. He said I will give the city over peacefully. We don't want fighting here in this holy land. But we want your leader yo halifa Omar in Osaka to come here personally, we only give the key of the city over to him. So Norman was in Medina. And he said no problem. And he came walking with just him and his slave on a camel on a donkey. They went through the desert and they entered Palestine like that. And they said, this is the armor that that is basically ruling the world. All these armies are fighting for him this man alone with his servant, oh, in any took turns a number took turns one, one hour or two hours I walk and you ride

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the camel and then we alternate. So we're not I'm not gonna say normal wasn't riding the whole time the slave also needs to ride. And when he entered Palestine, it was the turn of the slave to ride the camel. So he said to me Do you ride the camel and I'll walk. So he said no face fee. And this is how the man is Jerusalem. He's walking and his servant is riding on the camel Pinilla. And he made a treaty with the the the the guy in charge of Jerusalem and he said From this day on all the holy places of the Christians and the Jews and the Muslims is sacred. Your pogroms are sacred. No one's religion will be harmed. If you come here to worship in Palestine, whatever you want to worship, you

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are free. At that time, it was bad. The Jews were banned from coming to Jerusalem. The Romans abolished Judaism, they weren't allowed to come to Jerusalem, he lifted that band Jews were allowed to return to masterlock saw because of a number of many years later, many rulers would overtake Palestine again and again. And they would bring the people of Palestine and bring that contract of say number. And they would say wherever you are, if you agree to the terms of Omar, then we're happy so long as you enforce the original terms, so wonderful time of history. So Islam continued to expand. And we sit in the Romanians came in, and they further expanded the rule of the Muslims in

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North Africa, completely pushing the Romans out of North Africa. We spoke about Musab inside, reaching the Atlantic Ocean, and then even going into into Europe itself through Spain. So the whole Mediterranean became under Islamic rule and control. And for 300 years, Islam was basically unmatched in this area. There were no challenges to its power, and it developed through technology and science. And the Turkish tribes of the seljuk tribes of Turkey Turkey, they push the Empire up basically until the borders of Constantinople in in the Byzantine Empire. So Islam was dominant. And we look at the map

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300 years later, though, 300 years later, and the sun the same time that we suffer the same disease that we suffer from today, in fighting the Muslim Ummah fractured, the Muslim Ummah, became small little kingdoms. We see here in North Africa to Spain, there was an empire or a kingdom of its own, and they had their own halifa. Egypt tear down to the bottom was ruled by the ultimate Kingdom who called themselves halifa. And they were a sect of Islam, broken away from the halifa, in Baghdad, and so on and so forth. We had different kingdoms at that time. This is now the 11th century, 1000 years ago, 10 150 if you every area was ruled by its own governor, so you had an Emir of Damascus,

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and he didn't answer to the halifa. And an Amir of Palestine who didn't answer to the halifa each one rule their own territory, like a tiny kingdom, they did what they want, as they wanted, and there was a halifa in Baghdad, there was an official halifa they would mention his name at the hood, bas mela, help our meet and ameerul momineen halifa. XYZ, but he had no say he was like, like the Queen of England, just they've to look smile for the pictures. And that's it. He had no, no say no authority and no control. In Europe, on the other hand, things were becoming better for the Europeans, there was fighting still between the kingdoms, but the church, the church of Europe, the

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western Church of Rome, became began to become stronger and had influence amongst its people. And it thought that the best way for us to stop our people fighting is if we have a common enemy. Let's put the target on someone else. And then all the soldiers fighting one another year in Europe, we will send them and they will fight, fight with us target and we won't have civil war in Europe. But at the same time, there was a split between the church of Constantinople and the church of Rome, east and west. And the Eastern Church was about to collapse, because the Muslims were pushing them hard. So they asked we make a treaty with the Western church, send us an army and help us. So the pope at

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that time. He's called Pope, Pope Urban the second he passed like a fatwa. And he said, Today, we are going to declare a crusade like a jihad against the infidels, Muslims, we will go to Palestine and reclaim the land of Jesus Christ. And whatever goes in that jihad. The church writes your certificate called that

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indulgence. It should get out of jail free card, you can't go to janam. Because we will, right. That's the Pope said that. And this was an open invitation to all Christians. So Muslims in Spain, they will also be attacked severely. So we talked about the crusades, we all just think about Palestine. But things were a lot worse for the Muslims in Spain. Every time there was war in Palestine, the repercussions were even worse in Spain, and it and it was actually, at this time 1058, that half of Muslim Andalusia was reconquered by the Reconquista with the Spanish he took Spain. So Pope Urban called this, this crusade. And the Europeans accepted the call in the 1000s, in

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the hundreds of 1000s. Many, many Europeans, who had since many people who were slaves, many people who are just peasants, this was an opportunity to rise up and go on an adventure that will go to heaven. And that also gives you online status, if you will, maybe the third fourth brother of some Baron, you're never going to become the the prince of this area. If you go there, whatever you concrete for you. That was the agreement. That's the open world the the rich east. All you heard all the stories of the money and the wealth, the technology waiting, the Muslim Empire has struck as fragmented. They don't even have a halifa go they it's easy pickings, so many people signed up. And

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the First Crusade began in 1997. For armies lift Europe, for major armies, and the combined force of this armies was well over 100,000 men, and they cross through Europe, going through Italy, through Turkey, they come to the Byzantine King, remember the Byzantine Empire in Constantinople, they had to pass through him. And there wasn't great cooperation between them. But they agreed that we will stand together against the Muslims. And now they inter Muslim lands. This Crusader army of 100,000 men, and each city, they come pass they attack it, and they conquer it. And they enslave the people if they did not kill them.

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One city after the next they marched through nicea in Turkey, modern day Turkey, and they took over that that city, then they went to another city called adesa. And this is an important term you remember the city adesa because the Crusaders who would have an agreement with the Turkish or the bison, tine, King, whatever we conquer of old Byzantine territory goes back to the bison tanking. But any new cities that we conquer is for us. So this is the first kingdom that the Crusaders conquer, and it becomes a crusader kingdom. So Europeans from the waist of Europe, who the city adesa has become going to become a very important city in our discussion. They move further south,

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further south along the coast of the Mediterranean through Syria, the famous city of Antioch. And they besieged the city in 1098. So within one year, they've reached basically deep into Muslim territory, and the historians, Christian historians and Muslim so to speak about how they besieged the city. There was no one to defend the city. No, Holly was in an army. And after a siege, they conquered the army. And they basically, they made an agreement with with the people if you let us in, we won't harm you. And after a long and heavy siege, it was difficult. The Crusaders were tired, they were marching, they broke the treaty and they killed every person in that city. To the end,

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things were so bad for them because they had marched and they didn't have goods that they it's they own books, not Muslim students mentioned that they resorted to cannibalism. The act of hunger out of the watch was so long, they didn't find much in the city that they wanted. And they even resorted to cannibalism. And the historians right of how bad the sacking of Antioch was, but Antioch was captured by the Byzantine or the Crusaders. And this would become the second Crusader kingdom. And so the first now Antioch, and then of course, the march towards Jerusalem. This is the real key, this is what they came to do. And in 1899 they reach the city of Jerusalem. No halifa sending an

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army. No, I mean, they were three hollyford at a time, the halifa of Spain, the halifa of Egypt, the halifa of Baghdad, but not one of them could send an army. They were so busy fighting with one another and Jerusalem, Masood Azhar was besieged by this by this Crusader army and they saw what they did in Antioch and a desert. And they and the Christian historian said, there's a quote in the Bible that when kiama comes, the blood that will be shed on the Kiana would be like walk, the horse would walk knee high in blood. And they said this happened in Jerusalem. As if though this biblical prophecy came through because when they conquered Jerusalem, they killed every Muslim and Jewish and

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Christian who didn't agree with any type of Christianity. They destroyed every church. They didn't agree with any mosque in the synagogue.

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completely destroyed. desecrated, Muslim, Aqsa was one of the worst one of the worst examples of a genocide in history. And this is from the books of the Christians. They said, This is what our people did.

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That blood went up to the knees of the horses. And they destroyed this, this these holy places, and they made this the third kingdom of the Crusaders. So this is the third Crusader kingdom. And they continue to push South conquering, deeper and deeper in and they had a fourth Crusader city, or Kingdom of Tripoli. So this is, these four Crusader kingdoms would now stand for over 100 years adesa, Tripoli, Antioch and the Kingdom of Jerusalem and they control the entire eastern coast of the Mediterranean. And how did they continue to do this? Why no one stand up. Same reason no one stands up today.

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The governor of Damascus doesn't want to send his army because if he sends his army in the governor of Baghdad is going to conquer Damascus. If the Egypt sends an army, the city attacks Egypt. And what happened was Muslim rulers sided with Crusaders against other Muslim rulers. They would pay a treaty a tribute to the Crusaders and say, you can we will let you come through our land and you can attack my Muslim brother in that city. Just leave us alone and we will pay you and you can go through our city for free. Also, there was this big split between the Sunni and Shia in Egypt. This was a Sunni the fatimid Caliphate was a Sheehy Caliphate was, of course the rest of the Omar Sunni.

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And there was this friction and the Crusaders once again useless. Does this sound familiar? Do we have we seen this before this is what's happening today. A small group when after they conquered Jerusalem, the bulk of the Crusaders went back to Europe, there's only a few 1000 left surrounded by millions of Muslims. And these four or five kingdoms could not be taken back by the Muslims. No one raised the finger. As they said, if the oma just spat on them that all drown, but there wasn't enough, we'll honor courage in the room in the room at that time to do anything, just as we have today. So how did things change? How did things change? That the Muslim people started protesting?

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How can music be out of our hands? The people stood up to the leaders and said, What are you doing? halifa? Oh, I mean, what are you doing? And there was some good scholars and good leaders that actually stood up and tried to start and they wrote back the concept of jihad. We should be fighting Jihad we're not fighting for for any other reason, but it's for the purpose of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And these people were assassinated and we put them on a side note here, the term assassin, do you know where it comes from? We know assassin is someone that you pay to kill somebody. The assassins were a group an extreme sick of Shiism, called the harsh machine. And they were the they

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were they were trained to kill anyone that they leader that they need to point that out. You could be the king you could be they killed Crusaders and caliphs and Amir's, whoever you were, they were the best thing assassins in the world. This is where the term comes from. And the Crusaders, anyone who they didn't like they paid them. And they got rid of those leaders, so many of the llama, and the Imams had called for a for a jihad. These people were assassinated, and they were gotten rid of, and for one, almost 100 years, this was the status quo until the first Counter Punch came

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about 50 years after Jerusalem was conquered. So for 50 years, no one did anything really.

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One man he was the ruler of now you we need to maybe jump to the maps, right? If we jump to the maps, Mo,

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Mo maps, no maps.

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All right. Okay. So he was the ruler of he was a ruler in Syria of the city, the province of Aleppo, and the province of of Mosul. His name is amantadine Ziggy, and imagine things in he was a very interesting character. He was more like a warlord. Initially, he fought other Muslim states. He tried to expand his empire. He tried to expand his influence. And he, you know, he got rid of anyone he didn't like he had a famous saying, let's say, I fight because there should be no other tyrant besides me. Right? He said, only one tyrant should exist, that should be me. And he was strict on discipline. And his people, his followers, he's army he built a very strong army, and not really so

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much for the reasons of jihad. But most of the reasons of political gain and all Ireland is Nia is between him and Allah. He actually he's, he's, he's Empire or he's territory boarded, where the kingdom of Odessa that the Crusader Kingdom of Odessa, boarded he's, he's region of Aleppo. So he attacked a desert and he did this in a very clever way you manage to be made as if he attacked one area. So the garrison the people, the army of Odessa exited to stop him, and then he attacked the city properly and he was able to conquer. So this is the first

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Time a crusader kingdom was retaken after 50 years, the first time a kingdom from the Crusaders collapsed. And this sparked panic in Europe. They felt that now, there we go, if we can enlarge this map again, right go up higher. Not so big little one, up

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to the north.

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Right. That's the right top one. right to the top. To the right. Right, that's the province of Odessa. And they you see Aleppo in the middle between Antioch, the kingdom of Antioch and the Kingdom of Aleppo, of a desert, you have the city of Aleppo, so he ruled the city. And he sent his army into a desert, and he was able to conquer that area. This was the first first major defeat for the Crusaders. And as a result, the pope at that time declared a Second Crusade. So the First Crusade was successful. they conquered Jerusalem, and they declared a Second Crusade. And this time, instead of just normal people standing up, Kings wanted to join this Crusade, the king of Germany,

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and the King of France signed up, and they send a huge army, each one having massive armies, to to the Middle East to reconquer a desert and also to further push the Crusader victories, the King of France they and the king of Germany, and they marched once again through Europe. But what this also did was it gave the Muslim some courage. There was one victory after 50 years of shame, 50 years of being offended and oppressed. And you can imagine if they killed people, what did they do to the women? There many, many accounts of what they did to the Quran, they even sent an army to Medina, so they could exude the body of the prophet SAW Salah wanted to do this, to show that you know, who are

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your people. And this was the first sign of something good, a glimmer of hope, a show of strength. So the Crusaders sent the Second Army this The Second Crusade into Syria, and Ziggy, the Emir of xinyi, the guy who conquered Odessa, he was also assassinated, he was on he was assassinated. And he left these two areas. So he wrote Aleppo and Mosul. And he left his two sons, the governors of each, and his youngest son, new dean zingg. This is the man really who is the beginning of the change. his youngest son, new Dean zingg, he was a pious man. He was a God fearing man. He wasn't a warlord like his father. And he was given as they would say, in the evenings to tahajjud. And in the days

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fasting, and he tried his best to make alliances with his neighbors, his father wasn't so such a good neighbor, his father would attack the neighbors, like the other, like the other people, but the other governance at the time, he wouldn't send his army into a region, even if you had to cross to a different region. And it bothered them. He tried to make peace, he tried to use diplomacy to bring the people together. He as I said, he would fast and he looked at war as jihad. And he spoke about jihad is not conquest. And he said, we have a common enemy in the Crusaders, that the mission is not just Jerusalem, but if they had the opportunity, they would want to conquer all all of of Islam.

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The Crusader army the second Crusader army goes through Antioch, they get to Jerusalem, and they get to Jerusalem now, and they have to decide which which area we're going to attack. So they came because they said was conquered. And they said completely collapsed. There was nothing to do. So the natural decision was attack Aleppo, Aleppo is the city way that the tech the day sir.

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But instead, they decided to attack Damascus. Damascus was in a treaty with the Crusaders. Damascus worked with the Crusaders against other Muslim states. Why Damascus because they said, if we can't get Damascus, the rest of Europe is a famous city. No one knows about Aleppo. But the mosque is the famous city. If we conquered the massacres, then all of Europe will see that we are winning and more troops will come. So the King of France and the king of Germany and the King of Jerusalem. They send their army against the Li, the Emir of Damascus, and he was an enemy to noodle Dean. He had attacked nurudeen. He had worked against Notre Dame, Zynga, and now he found his own his own Alliance

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attacking him and besieging Damascus. nurudeen did what any good Muslim would do. And he sent his army to support his enemy. And he liberated the siege he broke the siege of Damascus he managed to surround so while the Crusaders were besieging Damascus, his army beseech them and they had no other choice but to flee. They couldn't they couldn't sustain this. And he basically, he allowed Damascus to rule as once again, he didn't take over or out in and take over the city. It will be another year or two, when the people of Damascus would demand that he becomes the leader. So he now rules basically all of Surya new routine xinyi rules all of Syria. And he The question is When are you

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going to

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Attack Jerusalem, when are you going to liberate Jerusalem from the Crusaders

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to conquer Jerusalem was a very difficult thing to do. You couldn't go directly and fight Jerusalem. And the Crusaders couldn't attack further in Syria. So you had the stalemate. Now, you had the Crusaders on the one side, unable to intercede here anymore because nurudeen had conquered all of Syria. And he was ruling it and he was governing it well. At the same time, you had noodle Dean, who couldn't really go into the Crusader kingdoms, because they were also well fortified. But there was a weak link, there was a land that whoever conquered that land land was the next step to conquer to win. And this was Egypt. This was Egypt. So Egypt at that time, the fatimids, we said, they were in

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a state of decline themselves. So I want you to imagine this, you've got Syria, and you've got Palestine or the Crusader kingdom, and you've got Egypt and the Crusaders are basically in between Egypt and Syria.

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If you're able, the one who conquered Egypt, Egypt is weak, Egypt, armies and and the rulers, they will impotent. They had no no authority, they governors were ruling them, the armies will not have any effect. Egypt was ready to be conquered. And if you conquered Egypt, if the Crusaders conquered Egypt, this would secure them a place in the Middle East, they would have easy supply to resources, they would be able to

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get more supporters and then invade Syria. On the other hand, if the Muslims could get Egypt, then from all corners, they would be at surrounding the Crusader kingdoms. And this would be the next step to get to Jerusalem. So it wasn't an easy step to get to Jerusalem. So the ultimate ruler in Egypt, they were crumbling. And the last, the last kingdom of the 40 minutes in Syria in Palestine had collapsed and the Crusaders conquered. So both noodle Dean and the King of Jerusalem wanted to conquer Egypt. And Egypt, we had to there were two governors that were in competition with one another and just think about this two governors who are competing with one another in Egypt, trying

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to outdo one another time to beat one another. So the one asks the Crusaders for help. So the other one actually goes, Okay, I'll ask noodle Dean for help. This is how the politics of the time was. And these two arrival governors in Cairo, won both the Crusader army the other one brought new routines army. So new routine since his his army and he's representative to Egypt, and the man that he sent his name ushiku. You might not know his name is not important so much. But he brought with him his nephew, a young General, a man who was in his 20s by the name of Salahuddin. So Ludo Dean wanted to keep the fatimid Kingdom going. He didn't want the Crusaders to compete. And this shows

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you once again, the 40 minutes with Shia and they were extremely Shia. And they were against and they supported the Crusaders against Notre Dame all the time. But when they were on the verge of collapsing, and the Crusaders were going to take them. He came in he sent his army to support them. And he said, Sarah, Dina up, one of his junior lieutenants go to Egypt help the halifa support the ultimate halifa Don't let the Crusaders conquer Egypt. And with the help of Salah Dean and his uncle, shih tzu, they were able to support and keep the ultimate Kingdom going, they were able to push the Crusaders out of Egypt. And then when his uncle passed away, Salahuddin became the chief

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adviser of the Caliph of the ultimate Caliph of, of Egypt. And when he died, he was the last king kind of when the when that kind of passed away. Effectively, Salahuddin became the ruler of Egypt. So he ruled Egypt, nurudeen rule Syria, and now you had the Islamic State from Egypt. And this was the dream of new routine, he had a dream that we should have an an empire, we should have an Islamic State from the Nile to the Euphrates. And once we do that, there'll be nothing to stop us to push the Crusaders back out of Jerusalem. And he achieved this in his life. So you had Egypt on the one side and city on the lakes on the other side. And the only thing left now was to reconquer

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Jerusalem, the road ahead to Jerusalem and to push the Crusaders out. But that would not be so easy. It'd be a lot more difficult, harder times because the Crusaders in Europe would come again. So we will continue tomorrow in sha Allah to describe how Salahuddin becomes a Salahuddin that we know from being this young young man that helps and supports the governor of Egypt and becomes an advisor and from the he basically unites the Muslim cities and is able to push the Crusaders out of, of Egypt out of Palestine. Any questions?

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No questions inshallah, then we'll do the quiz. We go through the questions of last night.

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I know we go through the cause very quickly, we will take a bit slower this time. So which of those creations are by Allah perfectly without committing any sin? Of course as the angels

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They do not come with anything with the angel in charge of Jenna rayyan. So how do you vet mentioned the angel of Genesis called rayyan?

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Number three, who is the angel of mercy and Ray? We can then ask for tonight's questions. And for those who are some new faces here, there's a card fill out the card there questions is coming on the screen. Even if you don't know the answer, fill it out because we do a lucky draw a prize draw tomorrow on Monday, you can win a shell prize, we don't know what the prize is, it could be a big price or it could be a

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maybe a comma. If you make the law you make enough to you never know what people donate in the machine box you know sometimes you find

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you find something interesting in that box.

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So inshallah follow the code and you will never know. Number one, after which profit is the 14th surah of the Quran named so difficult one with the 14 suit of the Quran after which Navy Navy Isa Ebrahim Navy should not be used through elimination, you only have two options here.

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And yeah,

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Okay, think about it. Lady.

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Question number two, which Prophet was sent to the people of Medina.

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And to be sure I know Isa and Avi jacobina. The people of meridian which Nabi was sent to them, or ala Medina home

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insha, Allah

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number three,

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to two which to whom to whom the prophet to whom the Prophet Ibrahim was was Abraham married to so it was the wife of an OB Rahim. Was it Madame la Salatu, salam, Khadija Raja Oh, or Maria.

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Right? To whom was Prophet Ibrahim was he married to?

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Okay, so easy one should be able to get it. So follow the code. And then you put it in the box. Also, there's a noticeboard, they please fill out your name and your email address, and your your cell phone number. As I said yesterday, we're not going to bombard you with reminders, Hadith of the day. And if you want that, but we want to bombard you with that. It's just for our lectures and our you will get a copy of the audio of tomorrow lectures and evening lectures and reminder for any notices of solid times. And we won't give you a number out to vodacom anyone else so you don't have to worry about that. But if you'd like to please fill out your form. So we have your details in

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Sharla. And we continue Salahuddin tomorrow and the liberation of Mosul luxa Salafi Salah syedna Mohammed Ali, salaam salon de la mina, Santa Monica, Florida.

Salahdeen part 1

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