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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The COVID-19 pandemic has caused confusion and distrust among various speakers, with some believing that Jesus is a prerogative person and others not. The title of Islam is centered around one person, Jesus, who claims to have killed a woman and claimed to have been killed by him. The video also highlights the importance of avoiding worst types of interests and not reciting the Quran. The segment ends with a mention of a beauty salon and a beauty contest.
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He bought late dinner this evening. I should have been earlier because I was coming from town. But anyway it's under estimated even the traffic from the foreshore dia

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I'm just going to share slides

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Okay, so we are hearing from datamine. He'll be ready as well. Everybody have a good week. Apologies for the late start and

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Hara Mubarak. Welcome to implicit 1444 New egeria. And most probably got all of us failing. Baraga.

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A lot has happened for me in this past week already.

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And for the organization is only at Bronto we hosted our first meeting treat some singles meeting, which is a resounding success. Alhamdulilah. Well, we hope that it will lead to a few new cars, ultimately. But that was a very good event that we had over the lot over the weekend. And

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yeah, so from that has been a very busy week for me. That token, the LGBTQ

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discussion in Durban and 100 I started a new job as well. And you guys appreciate it?

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Is anyone does anybody have a question or comment to share before we go into

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this week's lecture? Anybody?

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Just someone asked a question on WhatsApp in terms of what do I do with interest monies that I've received. So as we know, one of the major sins and mela protectors is is is interest. In fact, one of the seven destructive sins that our businesses avoid the seven movie caught the seven sins that will destroy you. And on that list, you won't find Xena Subhanallah you won't find drinking alcohol, but yet you find consuming earning interest. So obviously the worst type of the worst part of interest is the one who takes it paying it is haram. signing the contract is haram, the one who initiates it all of it is haram. But the worst of the worst is the one who consumes it who takes it

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to unzip. And sometimes we might earn interest unknowingly. For example, you have money in a bank account, or an investment or in a savings account and it earns interest. And of course that is not permissible. And we need to be very, very careful how we invest our money, our pensions, for example, dangerous a lot of people another way of where they eat with a pension is going to and it could be that it accrues interest and of course, it's very, very, very dangerous. So this is this is look I've earned this interest by mistake in terms of you know, my bank has given it to me, what do I do with it, you know, what would I do with this interest money? I don't need it. And you know,

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many scholars have

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you know, the scholars have some very strict on this issue. Some have said that

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you should not

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use it for any benefit any any purpose that is of a beneficial nature

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or very

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alchemy is a sacred project shouldn't use it to build machines, you shouldn't use it to print Quran, you shouldn't give it to someone to go on Hajj.

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But it can be used to alleviate poverty, do anything that is in the interest of the public. And so there are certain organizations that collect and the except interest money and they use it in a beneficial manner. Some charities do. And so for example, I put in work on one organization, which does accept interest money. And also just, you know, if someone says, Look, I put the money unknowingly in a magic bank account, that machine doesn't know where that money comes from, is it fine? That's fine, no problem the most you can use it and what is it what is the reward for you if you donate your haram earnings? Well, firstly, you hope that you the stays no sin on you because you

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getting rid of it. So to avoid the sin is the most important but we do know that there is no reward in giving a charity of something which wasn't used to begin with, you know, so someone you know, you find some stolen money, and you return it to some you know, you know, how to say, you know, the funds that was saying you go to the you buy something from a shop and the cashier gives you too much change. And when you return it there's not a charity, but the honesty in it is of course rewarded and so the honesty in you returning interest, money or haram investments, because no one forced you to do it, you did it out of your own, of course in sha Allah the Israel would the is rewarding that

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inshallah so you can give it to any charity, and those who accepts the will use it for their purposes. We continue using continue the our series the miracles of the Quran, we're talking about the prophecies, the Quran speaks about certain events of the future. And last week, we I think, we ended with this one. We almost Pilate Allah mentions that the Romans of the having a severe defeated the Persians, they would read, they would

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basically get

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regroup and they would eventually defeat the Persians within, within bdrc. Nene, Allah says in a few years, and this will be the A, this is very different to be the BDR that we know innovation.

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Like this term is similar to saying doesn't, you know, means 12, you know, a couple, if someone says I, you know, I saw a couple of

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I spoke to a couple of friends, you know, you sort of have an indication, it's not like 100 people it's, you know, three or four, in technically couple is two, but it could be used meaning three or four. So the word be that a CNAME is between three and nine. This is what the Arabic definition is within 10 years less than 10. And so Allah says within 10 years, the Romans will win and on that day, the Muslims will celebrate a great victory. And of course, we know the Battle of either occurred on the same day that had actually as the Emperor of Rome, defeated Khusro, the emperor of Persia, and and had reestablished the power of Rome, in the Middle East. So this was a prophecy that

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was unparalleled at that time.

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Another of the prophecies that the Quran mentions

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in Surah Fatiha, the surah of conquest, Allah, Lakota Sadhak, Allahu Rasulillah, who are Rukia will have to enter the hood Nell Masjid Al haram. Insha Allah Amina Latina ro circle and waka Serena Letta, who led to her food for animal and the animal for German during the Danika time arriba. Allah, Allah mentioned to the Muslims, and if we know I will see our

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lessons or the algorithm going to be solid, we know that the visa Salam and the Companions, they went to Mecca to perform an Omaha, a pilgrimage to Omaha and they will predict it. And they were told to go back home and eventually are off to one of negotiations. This is called the Treaty of who they beat up. The Nabisco Sanlam accepted the terms and he went back to me

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was the hobbit he said and they said to them to be Salam. You saw in your dream that we are going to perform Umrah. And that will be in we will we're going to into Mecca. And now we are leaving without performing. And so the Sahaba couldn't understand how this was possible. And so then we saw Salam said, Allah did promise me that we will make Omar he didn't stipulate which here. Let us say in the Quran, that you will go this year formula. And so that abuses I believe, Allah showed me that we will intimate God and we will intimate God and indeed Allah then confirmed it, that you will intimate and you will perform and you will

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without any fear and after that you will have a great victory. And so the following year, we know that Muslims entered Makkah, and they performed the Umrah

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without any issue, the Croatia forced to allow the Muslims to intermedia and within a year after that, we know that the Muslims actually conquered Makkah as Allah had predicted and again remember, just

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Six, seven years before that there'll be salameh to flee Makkah alone, running for his life for the on the hijab when we think of the new year. It's of course in commemoration of the era that Ibiza Salam was expelled from Makkah. And within six years, he returns and with the permission of Allah, well, eight years he conquers a mecca. This miracle is something which we witnessed today. And it was not witnessed in the time when it was revealed. And this of course, was given to me Ibrahim, this is a medical which Allah said to me, Ibrahim, Ibrahim is told by Allah subhanaw taala.

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Ibrahim, you need to leave your son in the middle of nowhere in the middle of a desert, right? So then we brought him Ali Salam lived in Palestine and Allah system of Ibrahim, you take your son you take your wife, and just go south. And when he reaches Makkah, there is nothing there. There isn't, you know a person that isn't a a tree there isn't even a Canada it is just literally open desert. And Allah says stop. This is where you need to leave your son and your wife, and of course the Libra him very heartbroken. He accepts and he leaves is right and urgently. And Allah subhanaw taala provides them with water from the well of zamzam. And then we brought him returns and Allah says to

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me, Brahim, you must build a car. Now imagine even Ultron takes you in the middle of the Kuru. When the middle of the Sahara Desert days, no one for hundreds and hundreds of kilometres, not a single person and Allah and you're instructed, you need to build something I mentioned the day and make a dad and tell the people to come. I shouldn't be where I am is thinking to yourself, you know Allah who's gonna come here. This if you're going to bolt if you're going to establish a masjid, you put it in the middle of a city where people can come. This is in the middle of nowhere, no one loves the solar system that people have been fineness. See Bill Hodge build the Kaaba and call them that they

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must come here to make Hajj and Touka regionalen And Allah says, they will come to you walking where Allah could lead vomiting and on every type of mode of transportation on every possible type, whether it is cars,

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trains, boats, planes, walking camels, they will come in Khalifa genomics they will come from every distant part of the world from every you know, fajita meat is like with every crack with every little village, they will come to this place. You just do your job. You will you establish the Kaaba, and you call them for Hutch and they will do it. And handleless Pamela we can see that effect today. We can see on Hi John Pamela was just a few weeks ago, if you look at the the census, every single country on Earth, participates in Hajj. There's a Muslim from every country in the world from every little derpy from every little village, whether it's deep in the villages of India, or deep in

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the villages of Africa, South America, Australia, or judge are coming as Allah Seaton, Ebrahim, you just build it and call them, they will come. And this is a miracle that we are having that I get to witness, we get to witness it.

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One of the great

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prophecies of the Quran, but one of the things to think about,

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just slightly

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is the this also shows you the miraculous nature of, of the revelation of the Quran. We know that Abu Lahab, the uncle of the Navajo Salem was unfortunately one of his worst enemies. And of the first people that the Salem gave dower to was his uncle, and this was his family's uncles. And I would have would have been of the first people to receive the message of Islam. And he of course severely opposed Islam. And then we're gonna be sending them propagated the

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live, or the first time in public on Mon Safa. He called the people and he said come, I called the people by name, he said, you know, bundle this bundle that he called the people now imagine you stand in the middle of you know, think of it in the middle of Canal food court, you stand on a table and you say oh, so and so so and so you people want to know what's going on. And obviously when you speak like that in public, people are going to congregate and to hear what is happening. And so that I have a message to tell you I have a warning to tell you and so he was like what's going on? And so he says I'm cool I'm calling you of course to Islam and when the reason was said that his uncle

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Ebola have obviously heard the message before said Muhammad Have you called us for this nonsense? May your hands be perished or you may be cursed? And so then Allah immediately responded to but Yeah, happy whatever. Oh, I'm gonna have my your two hands be ruined.

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And may it be ruined and he ended on is he and he's ruined. I will say I will have you would have you are completely ruined. None of

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your money and your wealth and your children will not avail you. So yes learner on the tab that you will enter Jana, I will have you going to integer num and I will continue and your wife will integer num as well because she was of those who put

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Islam. Now, what is amazing is that we'll have of course with love for another 1012 years after the surah. And

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it never occurred to Abu Lahab that if he embraced Islam, even as a lie was a sham, you would have destroyed Islam. Because you could simply say, I became a Muslim. And the Quran says, I will die and I'm Muslim. So this Quran is around to something to think about, that Abdullah have had within his grasp the opportunity to to fulfill the to sort of defeat the Quran. And Allah says He will never embrace Islam and he will die a non Muslim and so indeed, he died. And I missed him and his wife as well. And Allah protect us when he said for that to be Santa, but and he's had a lot of all the criminals in the Quran.

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You know, Abu Lahab is the only one mentioned by name. You know, Abuja * isn't mentioned by name.

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Omega 102, which should be that easy mentioned by name, they are reference they are referred to in the Quran, but not by name. Abu Lahab is the only one that is mentioned by name specifically. And so the Quran to make this prediction about an enemy. I mean, it's amazing. You know, if you were to think about it again, you write a book. And you said, Nick, one of your disciples would do XYZ and they do it as Oh, amazing, fantastic, but to write and say Your enemy is going to do this for the next 10 years. And it comes through Subhanallah it is it is

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an amazing miracle.

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Allah says in the Quran, as well, we're in quantum theory magazine and Aberdeen to be sued, Mr. He, whether OSHA had come in in July in contempt, so the pain for

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the fellow co neurology, who had NASA, who entered the caffeine of the early on the very first few verses in Surah, Baccarat, the beginning of the crab,

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Allah begins and he says that,

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that the indeed, the Quran was sent down to our servant to the to the promise of truth. And He, Allah says then to any, any one of you has any doubt about the Quran, if you feel that this is manmade. So obviously those who don't believe in the Quran, believe it's manmade, it's written by the enemies. So the Quran then says in fine, you can assemble all the authors in the world and all the people in the world and all the gene in the world and ISIS, bring all the men and all the gene and all your technology, and bring one sutra, like the Quran, and try to replicate it. And if you can't do it to this challenge is been there for 1500 years, if you can't do it, and also, and you

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will never do it, you will never be able to replicate the Quran, fit the canal, then fear and beware of the fire, who is fuel the things that it consumes it eats our men and stones, and it's for the disbelievers. And of course, as we know, we get to see this miracle that we were

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1500 years later, there is no

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replica to the Quran, there is now

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no book in the Arabic language or any language has made this challenge this challenge still stands. And I want you again to think that has any author said this in succeeded? Is there any book that you've read like a book of science or book of law or book of literature, that if any of you can write a book equal to this, come and show me. And of course many poets try to do it, many of the enemies of Islam tried to write them the types of books are the type of genre of books that are supposed to be like Quran or revelations. And it's, you know, completely jumbled and completely obscure, no one reads it except to, to maybe a study of insanity. Where as the Quran is Pamela it

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has remained and stood the test of time. So those are with regards to the prophecies of the Quran. We spoke about a number of issues, the literature, the scientific miracles, the prophecies of the Quran. It's also

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important to mention there are many, many more many prophecies that that Jesus Allah made as well. We're not talking about the miracles of Jesus, just the miracles that are mentioned in the Quran. Is there anyone that has a question specific question?

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Is there any ones I don't know if I've missed something?

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Nope. So the next section that we will discuss all miracles of the Quran that the if we were to say there's a very interesting section we're going to discuss now, if we see that the Quran is not from Allah, then of course that'd be authored by someone Someone had to write the Quran and naturally the those who are non Muslim they would say well Muhammad, Muhammad Salah

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He wrote it because no one else could have written it besides him if either Allah revealed it, or the Nabil Salam wrote it. So the next section is going to prove that it is impossible. And then a resource alum, note the Quran. So let's look at some of these verses from the Quran. There are certain verses that clearly show the Quran is not from the ABI Salam, Allah's panss Bal who hadn't been at V. So during Latina Italy, or MA he had to be and

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because of that the Arabic reference is not aligned. Allah Subhana Allah says to the enemy Salam, and you did not recite before it any scripture, nor did you inscribe one with your hand. Otherwise, those were the falsifies who would have had doubts about the Quran. So Allah mentions in the Quran, that an abyssal Salam.

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It is known and it was known amongst his people, I mean, amongst his peers, his friends, his family, that he never wrote any scripture before. He never wrote anything. And he never even recited anything, right? You never read a book now to ask how is it possible that someone who never wrote a book that never read a book, the first opportunity he gets in authorship, the first thing he writes, is the greatest book in the Arabic language. So what's his How is? How is that possible? And this was something known, you know, the fact that the Quran says in many if Nabil May the newbie who never learned to read what I, obviously the enemies of Islam would say, But Muhammad is then a poet.

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Muhammad is a an author. They all know that he was me, they all know that he never went to learn, like many other people, very few people, in those days, could read or write, and the resource of those who couldn't read or write, yet he is producing a scripture. And so Allah is asking us, where does this come from?

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In the next verse,

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Allah subhanaw taala. If you look at the Quran, for example,

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Allah says, if the resources are limited to Quran, he would have made himself the central character of the Quran, right, so obviously then AMISOM, if you wrote it, then the entire religion of Islam is a Sherman its ally. And naturally, like many and there are many cults in one of the panel are very easy ways. Not easy you will in the dunya very difficult the alpha is to be a false messiah or false kind of Prophet, many of these characters throughout the world. And as part of our protectors, as time goes, more of these characters will appear. And usually, if you look at a cult, it's all built around a single personality. It's about him that he is a special person, and his followers should

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revere him and idolize him. It's his pictures that they hang up in the in the walls, all these kinds of things, it's around that personality. If you read the Quran, it's hard to even see even a visa Salam becomes a central figure in the Quran. Nabi Musa is the most mentioned personality, maybe Moses, the most mentioned person in the Quran is to be Musa 130 times his name is mentioned, Jesus to be ISA is mentioned 25 times. That's a nearly just by his name, Isa. And if you add the titles,

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even the Maryam, the Messiah, the mercy, you add all those titles, then he is mentioned over 100 times that he brought him 70 times. Mary Mary, I'm the mother I'm gonna be Isa 34 times her name is mentioned, they'll be Mohammed only four times as Mohammed and one is Ahmed. So the mother of Jesus is mentioned 10 times basically more than me so Salem, the reasons own family, his mother is not mentioned his wives are not mentioned. So it's amazing

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how the Quran the story is the Quran is not centered around

00:23:52 --> 00:24:09

the abyssal salaam, really not in any personality. It's centered around Allah subhanaw taala. And so you would have if he authored it, it would have been about him and him and his importance. There also I add way Allah criticizes or chastises that of Islam.

00:24:10 --> 00:24:57

Now how is it possible that that I'm using would alter the Quran even criticize himself or reprimand himself? So Allah mentions in Surah Abba, we know the very story about the surah meaning the frowning, what happened and Ibiza Salam was talking to some senior leaders about Islam, giving them Dawa, pitching them to become Muslim. And they were at at some point, logically, they said, We understand your message. It makes sense. It's better than worshipping idols. We agreed, and they were about to consider being a Muslim. When one of the blind Sahaba one of the companions who applied and was poor, he came and he wanted to ask that a bit of a question. And when he came, and

00:24:57 --> 00:25:00

he spoke to the visa lab during this meeting,

00:25:00 --> 00:25:37

As the leaders of the equation, so if we become Muslim, will we be equal like this man? And of course Islam doesn't the study we don't if you are the king or the slave, you are all servants of Allah, you stand shoulder to shoulder in the Salah, your Golan Heights together. And so they said, Thanks, but no thanks. If you want us to be if you want us to embrace religion, we us and Bilal and the slaves of the women are all the same, that we don't want that religion. And so that at least Allah was a little annoyed with his hobby, he frown. Look, the man is blind. This hobby was blind. It's obviously he didn't see that. I mean, he wasn't offended. But then I'd be so proud like you

00:25:37 --> 00:26:19

could have waited until I was done with my meeting. And then Allah reveals versus Abba, Audrey, you frowned and you turned away because they came to you the blinds a hobby because the sahabi came to talk to you, as for you thinks himself without but as for the the big shots who think that they have no need of Allah, you give them your attention, but as for the one who comes to you striving for knowledge and he feels Allah from him you turn away you're distracted from you, you give all your give your attention to these non believers, these arrogant people whereas this sincere blind Sahabi coming to you for guidance, you turned away from him so Allah says this was not the right this was

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00:26:21 --> 00:26:26

this was not what Allah would have wanted you should have you should have prioritized

00:26:27 --> 00:26:31

OBE I'm delighted to have his name is Abdullah the son of

00:26:32 --> 00:27:06

Ibn Al Maktoum. Right so so Allah says you should have given him your priority because he's valued his value in Allah's eyes is so much more than these big shots. So against Pamela Why would I it's a beautiful story, he just wants to think about Allah subhanaw taala and how Allah views inside our doesn't look at the exterior or your bank account, he looks at what's in the heart, and also to the visa lab. That's where you should value in terms of your time. So this the reason why I've written this in the Quran, and we recited the hero day in day and out date out, Abba, if I already turned away, it's Reeperbahn to the social lab.

00:27:08 --> 00:27:10

Another idea is way the

00:27:11 --> 00:27:46

hypocrites of Medina they did not go out and they did not support the Muslims and they caused a lot of chaos and every time they did something wrong, and they will do to be punished. There'll be some love except whatever excuse that I miss will ask them the Why did you flee from the battlefield? Why didn't you come with us on the battle? Where were you you're supposed to join? There was oh, I was really sick. Oh, someone this and that. They will give some lame excuse. And then except if that's your reason, okay, no problem. It's okay. So Allah says, there'll be Salam of Allah Allah may Allah have parted your Muhammad liberating Tara who Why did you give them permission? Why did you grant

00:27:46 --> 00:28:07

them permission to stay at home? Had to intubate? They're not gonna do that. So Dakota 11 Kennedy mean, why did you not look at who's telling the truth and who was lying? You just gave into the excuses. So Allah says it's irreparable for Allah. Allah says, But I have mercy upon you. You just gave into them without really testing them.

00:28:09 --> 00:28:49

This is a very serious one. So height Allah in the Battle of Uhud that Ibiza Salah was struck in the face. And when he got stuck in the faces Pinilla, you know, he's only human. And this shows you the difference between the, the inside a person and the Lord of all of creation. The basis of love is the mercy to mankind or to the mercy to creation, where Allah is Arhavi, the Most Merciful of all, and so in the Battle of or whether the Salah was hitting the face and he almost died. He said to the Quraysh How will Allah ever forgive you after this? You are now live like you, you are cursed after this? Are you stuck the face of your own Nabhi I'm calling you to gender and you hit me in the face

00:28:49 --> 00:29:28

You almost killed me. So when he said that, Allah is always saying how can ALLAH forgive you? Allah said lay silica will appreciate Oh Muhammad, you have no right to talk about who agreed to forgive me to punish. Sidenote, you will find so many people, they will say you're going to judge them. Are you such a bad person? He's such a bad Muslim. Allah is looking to Allah says happy with you. If if the database was under policies, you have no right to say to idle, worshipping machinery keep coming to kill you hitting you in the face. You can't say they're going to Jana. You can't say Allah is not going to forgive them. That's not your prerogative. The Mercy of Allah belongs to Allah so Allah

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says everything they said I can only say You have no right to say that. Oh, we are toolbar Allah him. Oh, you're unable whether Allah forgives them or he punishes them. That is Allah's prerogative for it. Nobody would. And Allah says anybody in fact, they are the only one that yes, I know that they are transgressed. I know they're evil, but you still have no right to talk about who will be punished and who will have forgiven us so be very, very careful when you make a statement. They Madison for flip them and that person is you know, this is Allah is not happy with him. That's why his wife is in such a busy Oh ALLAH is very pleased with him. That's why he has so much Barak.

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You know, these things are not for us to say, Allah subhanaw taala knows who are the ones he forgives, and who are the ones he punishes who he blesses and who he curses. Those are the ambit of Allah that is between Allah and His creation. And there'll be sort of ones after this, Allah He prayed about him and put it in the Quran. And what can even say Subhan Allah Allah, you could have liquid a border than a visa without putting it into Quran. Yet Allah put it in the Quran. So that is recited a donkey ever, this little Reeperbahn. And there are many peoples who have a look at this.

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We know that when the uncle of the beasts of Salah passed away Abu Talib, and he died sadly as a non Muslim, and Abu Talib raised that to be sunnova Batali was the most beloved person to going to be Salam we could say, throughout his life, basically, utterly bad idea. And when he died, a non Muslim Weatherbys will continue to make dua for him. And Allah say to the rubbish in the karate, but you don't give guidance to whom you want. You don't have the right to say who becomes Muslim, Muslim, who's going to gender agenda that Allah Allah decides, well, I can Allah Dima Yasha, Allah guides will be once you are just a messenger, you just give the message. I am the one who decides who

00:31:13 --> 00:31:32

becomes Muslim or not. Well, who studied it I will say that I know who are those who deserve to be guided, Allah says, I know who is righteous and who's not righteous, those who will die as Muslims out of Allah's mercy and those who reject it out of their own decisions. So Allah says even your habit, you have no power to give guidance or best guidance. And so Allah also says,

00:31:33 --> 00:31:59

The next if there is not Allah says further to the webisodes for the next if it is not befitting that you make dua for someone that has died and understand you cannot make even though I'm telling you stop making dua and so Subhanallah it just shows you again, the level of the load and the slave and this you read the Quran, you see that this cannot this is not possible that that would be worth of the Quran for himself.

00:32:01 --> 00:32:15

Allah, if Muhammad Allah if Allah says that and if we haven't had made up about a sample, so if he had made up anything false in the Quran, have there been who believe it would have taken him by his right head to

00:32:16 --> 00:32:48

18 and then we will cut off his aorta for robbing hydrogen and nobody could prevent us from harming you. Allah threatens then to be solid, that if you were to say anything in the Quran, which was a lie upon Allah, then we would destroy you now, Allah, it shows you again the the might of Allah subhanaw taala. And the reasons I love as He is the greatest of all slaves, the greatest of the creation of Allah, but he's still subservient to his Rob like all of us and he only conveys what Allah tells him to convey.

00:32:51 --> 00:33:30

So in other parts of the Quran, Allah comforts to the visa Salam you know, think about it if you were you are looking for comfort if you were to author the Quran, you would not be saying about yourself merb Intermediate rhombic can be more general than me so let me say they calling me a madman Yet Allah I feel bad I'm sad I'm depressed Allah system don't worry you're not mad. And there are times when the masala was very depressed things were not going right. People weren't following him. It basically after Batali passed away Hadiya passed away. There will be some felt maybe I maybe I'm a failure. And I'll smell with dakara Bukoba cola don't feel so bad. I didn't go anywhere. I did

00:33:30 --> 00:33:37

not leave your habit. And I don't hate you. i Everything is happening as I had decreed. You just continue on.

00:33:39 --> 00:33:47

It's we've had a lot of the all few other verses. And so how would we update the slides? There is a verse in Surah to the hurry. Sorry. Surah

00:33:48 --> 00:34:06

Aisha Rajon says that if ever you were to doubt whether there'll be Salah broke the Quran, if ever, there was a verse that if there'll be some could have hidden if there was ever a verse that was awkward, difficult for them to convey. It was the verse in surah.

00:34:08 --> 00:34:46

Way, Allah showed that to be Salam, you will buried zeta. And obviously this was going to become a long story. Xena was the wife of the adopted son of the visa. It's like his daughter in law at the event in LA Times, it was like, I don't know, you're not allowed to marry your daughter in law. And so Allah showed that every salaam Zaid will get divorced from Xena and you will marry Xena when that happens. So there'll be sulla said to himself, okay, if Zaid is going to stay married, then I don't have to marry her. So they're all every time. They don't want to get divorced. They would come to the museum said I don't like Zainab. She's such a. She's, you know, we fought blah, blah, blah. Both

00:34:46 --> 00:34:59

of them are harmless palisade and so in a pious people, but even the most pious of people, husbands and wives fights, and every time is he wanted to divorce data that he said, No, you're not allowed to stay married, stay married, and eventually Zaid could not handle it anymore.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:37

And he just divorced her. And when he divorced her, Allah said, You are now married to Xena. And then Allah says there'll be some, and you hit what Allah had showed would happen. And you were shy of what the people are going to say, you were more concerned about what people are going to say about you. Whereas you should have been shy about Allah, you should have been more conscious about Allah. Now these again, very, very stern words from Allah to them. Very, very stern words from Allah. And that's why I should say, if, if the name isn't good or hidden, or withheld any portion of the Quran, it would have been this thing, but Allah, you know, lays it out there and we're excited

00:35:37 --> 00:35:45

today. And so we asked, also, if the visa lover of the Quran, what was his motivation? Why would he do this?

00:35:47 --> 00:36:28

He's happiest and most successful time in his life was before he became Adobe, in by the time he was 14, he was married to Hadiya he was extremely happy with her, he was close with his family, because he was loved in his society, he had become financially well off, and the military became an enemy he lost basically, all of that is life became very, very difficult. He received no financial benefit from the Quran, or from Islam. And even often when he was offered to him, you know, later on, it was offered to him, Look, stop reciting the Quran and you'll become our King, stop reciting the Quran, and you will become our, the wealthiest one and you can have any woman that you want, and you can

00:36:28 --> 00:37:12

have any slave that you want. And then the Museum of course, famously said, even if you offered me the sun in my one hand, and the morning that my left hand will protect me against Allah. It says the Quran even if I wanted to, if I wanted to take the opportunity, you offering me who is going to save me from Allah subhanaw taala. And so he lost everything on account of conveying the message. And he was a little abused because of this. So there was really no benefit to him in falsifying the Quran. And so this section really clearly shows that any logical person any person who an unbiased person who reads the Quran, you cannot conclude that the debate is merited. So if the reason did not write

00:37:12 --> 00:37:22

it, where did it come from? Who is the author of the of the Quran, and inshallah with that we conclude this evening's lecture, and we will continue

00:37:24 --> 00:37:27

next week biller in the last section

00:37:28 --> 00:37:30

before we conclude have any questions

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because I'm

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also got the flu bug. Now it's my allergies, unfortunately, with a bit of allergies.

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You know, once once my sinuses can either think that it's like, it just doesn't stop at Malaga.

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I mean, some of these people was bigger, bigger ailments. Yeah.

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I just posted something in the in the in the chat group

00:38:05 --> 00:38:19

that we hit, you know, with the authenticity of it with a tweet or something. Because as I logged on quite late, I just heard you stating something about along the lines of, you know, when you

00:38:20 --> 00:38:38

earn whatever you receive unlawful income, but you spend, unknowingly. And I think the emphasis might be on unknowingly, and you spend it in the path of Allah or sadaqa that you will get rewarded for that. That is either just joining.

00:38:39 --> 00:38:44

But then today, we'll see this daily, hubby's Let us place it in the chat group.

00:38:45 --> 00:39:03

And it says, you know, there's no reward whatsoever. Now I'm just trying to put the two together to see you know, where it comes from. And the only thing that I can pick up is knowingly and unknowingly. Exactly. Exactly that deliberately. Yeah.

00:39:04 --> 00:39:42

Acquiring so, you know, so I want us to read into that Mr. Writing in analyzing it like that? Yes, yes, yes, that is the that is the crux of the matter deliberately and unknowingly. And unintentionally. So, say, if you, for example, you find a particular drug dealer and you say like, how can you sell drugs and kill the story lives, and you know, the minions will justify Well, this is to help my family and I do it for my kids and all of that. Many times you'll find these guys that say, but I give to the mosque of the church and all of that. All of those things are, in fact, you're getting, you're getting punished for that, you know, there is no good in that kind of, of

00:39:42 --> 00:39:58

lesser charity, that's actually you're doing evil and spreading evil ways. Of course, someone that doesn't mean to in an interest. It's if it was up to him, he would not have gotten into it into his account to begin with. It was basically put into his account.

00:39:59 --> 00:39:59


00:40:00 --> 00:40:18

say they are suddenly negligence we you know sometimes we but we didn't mean it and of course we know Allah subhanaw taala we hope for sins like that, as Allah says that he does not eat pardons that which is that unintentionally that's out of His mercy that he doesn't punish us if it's unintentional. So now you've received this fight that will haram

00:40:19 --> 00:40:42

inshallah loosen on you. Now you want to get rid of it. So yes, it won't count as a sadaqa jariya you can use that money this I'm going to Khubani and give the meat away don't count as a good or bad but the honesty of the person and the taqwa of the person in sha Allah that is meritorious that is chocolate to be rewarded. But you call deliberately and haram to give charity there is no that is Wilson

00:40:43 --> 00:40:44

out that makes sense.

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any other questions?

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Any other questions?

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So inshallah

00:41:02 --> 00:41:36

thank you for the for the time together, and we will I hope that we all have a blessed week again, the first year out of 1444 we made the other its simplicity here in sha Allah and that it is better than the previous year that Allah makes easy for those going through difficulty all those who are struggling all the priests people in the world mela grant goodness in this year for us and for them for our families Landkreis us in our risk Karachi fighters are sick. And for those who didn't make it to the CS Pamela there are some people who didn't you know they passed away last year. Well don't get on them and all the motorhomes for giving us a gentle dose

00:41:39 --> 00:41:49

to show and inshallah we will discuss we'll meet again next week even locals like Muhammad was Allah say no, Mohammad, Islam Sunni. Alameen shukran so much so I want to get

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some things

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