Experience of a well-known Mujahid from Afganistan

Haitham al-Haddad


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I was joined the jihad in Afghanistan in the early 80s. In the 80s. And that person who is any our normal guy he's living now and so that area he wrote in the Twitter, okay. He said that I'm writing this to warn the sisters from going to Jihad to Syria by themselves.

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He said when we were in Afghanistan doing jihad, many of the women of the Mujahideen when Srimati, Masaru, cha, and others took over. He said, many of the women of them with a Deen were raped, and took as slaves by the war Lords in Afghanistan.

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And he said, he remembered a story that you will never forget. In his life, he said, when we went in the hall, and the the Americans were bombarding us case, throwing bombs, etc.

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And then we were attacked by some of the

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allies against the Mujahideen. He said there was a major hit with his famous family, big family, within children, and everyone left. And this person he liked, of course, to run from here and there.

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A group of people came to those women and they captured them. They hijack them. And they distributed them in front of our eyes to that word loads, and the word loads, took them in their car and left.

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It was a word we could not do anything. The brother, the husband came back. And he was asking, What is my family? What is my family, all of us knew that their family, their, his daughters and his wife, were kidnapped by those people and were given as the slaves to the warlords. No one could tell him the reality. Because we could not see he was looking at them between the killed people. He did not find them. And he said, where they hijacked where they hijack where they kidnap where they kidnap, no one could tell him the reality. He mentioned so many stories, sad stories, really. He said, After some time, in Kandahar, when they the Americans and their allies were

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bombarding us. And it was chaos. There were a group of Mujahideen out of Mujahideen who were killed, and their wives and the children remain there. He said, I contacted Hekmatyar and I told him that listen, those of us came to defend you, and now their wives and daughters will be taken and raped in front of your eyes. Shame on you of wanting people to allow those women, the women of the Mujahideen to beat it in front of you. And you know what happened to so and so.

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And he said I contacted at that time, Pandora was under the leadership of Malema. So he said, when he knew this, before Hekmatyar, he said, By Allah, I will not let in my body a single drop of blood until I secure those women to live on the heart, even if all the Mujahideen were killed.

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So he said he stopped all the Mujahideen from leaving

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under Ha. And then Hekmatyar and some other people came to help the people in Kandahar. And then they manage to find a secure path for those women that are women to leave under heart and many people were killed.

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That's why many scholars in the past said that it is much