Mohammed Hijab – Islam Terrified of Atheism!

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the issue of counterfeasibility in the western liberalist movement and the need for people to be aware of the reality of their movement. They also mention the polytheic and Christian sectors of the movement and the need for people to be aware of their movement's ideology. The speaker concludes that acceptance of different Christian Secession is not a reflection of one's political views, but rather a reflection of individual's values.
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Islam is terrified of, of a people professing atheism. Right. Again, I think that's I don't know what experience you've had maybe with from reading European history books. But I suppose you should read books from about Mesopotamia and an Islamic civilization experience the Prophet Muhammad.

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If I may just finish I'll let you respond. So the Prophet Mohammed had a famous debate with a Bedouin atheist, right? There was no intolerance there. But But he when he became Muslim, but there was no intolerance just because the guy initially professed to be atheist, Abu hanifa, famous classical scholar in medieval Iraq, Baghdad actually had public open air debates with atheists. Presumably, there's atheists were living in Baghdad all the time to actually be invited to open their debates, and no one killed them or was intolerant to them at all whatsoever.

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And when you say, oh, Islam is terrified of atheists, I just want to say something. You're not special. We encounter polytheists we encounter Christian trinitarians. We encounter Zoroastrians for our history. And from our perspective, you're all doing exactly the same thing, which is somehow the the finite thing is also infinite, eternal. And we don't really, we don't really see you as different actually, you're just just another.

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Yeah, just not a flavor of ice cream that we are basically encountering. So don't don't make yourself out to be more special than you are, from our perspective. And as for the issue of tolerance of atheists, I think you should question your founders of your very ideology which pervades the western liberalism. JOHN Locke, in his letter on toleration, argued that you should tolerate different Christian sects, Protestants,

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but not atheists, because you can't trust what they say they don't believe in any higher moral value other than merely what is expedient. Rousseau made also the same argument. And some people say that under the current you could say, atheistic idea, as opposed to the natural rights arguments of john Locke, but depends on my arguments of utilitarianism. Really, morality is only based on expediency. And then people's rights are based on whether it's expedient to the state to even tolerate your right so that is not related to the bait itself, but the guy brought it up and it's really disingenuous to bring up in that kind of debate.

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