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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various topics related to Islam, including belief, actions, and the heart. They also touch on diseases and struggles with the heart, such as fever, heart inflammation, and angry behavior. The speakers emphasize the importance of not being worshiped by the same person and the need for licks to the heart. The potential danger of becoming sad and angry is also discussed, along with upcoming events and announcements. The segment ends with a mention of a news program and a social media campaign promoting Islam.
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shaytani rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah ashrafi mursaleen Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germain, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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operation to Allah subhanho wa Taala our Lord our Creator sustainer most merciful most kind We ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive us for the sins of this previous week, and to forgive us for the sins of the week to come. Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us on this walk of Juma May Allah subhanho wa Taala accept from us this hour of a vida we have lived the world their love for your sake Allah we've lived our businesses, our work all for your pleasure Allah, please Allah put Baraka in our lives in our health in our family, and grant His goodness in this life and in the mean, and we send our greetings, our love our salutations to a beloved Nabina Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, his family,

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his Sahaba and all those who follow his tsunami will be amongst them until the end of time. I mean, well, hamdulillah Alhamdulillah, we completed our series, our three month series on Shiism, this past three months, four months now, and for anybody who would like a copy of this audio, you may gladly, you know, bring a USB and you can get a copy of the audio from from the office. inshallah, while we still busy getting our website up to date Alhamdulillah. We begin with the new CDs today. And it is a very critical series. It is one that affects all of us. Each and every one of us, the only person who's not affected by this is someone without a heart and behind Allah. Each and every

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one of you here has a heart, and we discuss in child matters of the heart, diseases of the heart and its cues. And if we look at this very well known, a Hadith, which we all should know, a hadith which we should all understand, Hades on which our Deen is based on the hadith of gibreel. We understand that Islam or our Deen has several branches or sciences. What is the hadith of gibreel? One day there'll be some celebrities reporting Buhari a Muslim narrated by many, many Sahaba one day the prophets of Salaam was sitting in the masjid, mostly surrounded by his companions. And in walks the stranger say normally the line I believe in the race, this hadith. And he says in walks this man

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with extremely black hair, and beautiful white clothes. Stranger, no one knew who this man was. Medina was a small town, and therefore everybody knew everybody. So when a new person walks in, he's a stranger. People immediately say this guy's new. But they say there was no sign of travel on his clothing. If he was new, you'd have come from the desert, but there's not a speck of dust or dirt on his clothing, beautiful men, he walks into the masjid. And unlike the custom Now obviously, the Sahaba each sitting very close enough is also lamb. If you come late, you need to sit in the back. This man doesn't sit at the back. He comes in and he walks straight through the booth and he sits

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right in front of Nabeel Salaam to the point where his knees are touching the knees of Nabeel Salaam and now this man all the Sahaba looking was this guy. And this man Austin abyssal Salaam very important questions on which our Deen is based on this man, the stranger says, Mohammed Salim, tell me what is Islam. And we saw some response that Islam of the five pillars to declare that none has the right to be worshipped La Ilaha Illa, Allah then has the right to be worshipped except Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah Silla, to establish the salah, to pay the Zakah to force the month of Ramadan and to perform Hajj once in your life. And the man says, so that you have told the

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truth, obviously, the Sahaba were shocked what person asks a question and then tells in a veto seldom you'd spoken the truth. Then the man says, tell me Mohammed Salah, what is it? What is a man who says he man, and we, this is the six pillars of EMA and the six pillars of a man took me to be a man to be a mother he got he will be He will surely to believe in Allah and His angels and his books and his messengers while you're in a hurry. And in the final day, and because of Allah, the Divine Decree of Allah, the good of the and the evil of that, and he says seductive tell the truth, when he asks nobody so

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badly, and it's what is yes, and I say this always not Who is your son? What is his son, and resources if son is perfection, it is the highest level of EMA and his son is to believe that

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Allah to worship Allah rather, as you can see him to make Sunnah as if the Allah is in front of you, how would you sort of be? If Allah Subhana Allah stood before you and say this is your last two records? I'm waiting for you to complete, then I'll pull you. How would you make that sorta? What kind of state of mind would we be in service is our son is to believe in Allah to worship him to the point where you can see him? And obviously none can see him. So we should always remember that Allah sees us when he asks a fourth question, when is clear, Mama, tell me, tell me when is the Sabbath the hour? And abbyson doesn't say 2012 when the Mayan calendar ends, right? He says no.

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What does he say? Neither the questioner nor the one being question has any knowledge with regards to the hour, this belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And he says, sir, you've told the truth, but tell me of the signs of synesthesia sentences, when the hufa turn rotten, the Beethoven's of Arabia or the Adams stock guitar when una elbonian they start to compete in building tall buildings, tallest building in the world this way. Dubai, the whole fortune or all the atoms are starting to build these tall buildings along Stan and he says when the slave becomes the master of the slave master, the slave or the slave gives birth to her master.

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And he says so that and then he gets up and he leaves and the resultant says so this harbor said, Who is that man? Now this was his that was gibreel. He came in human form to teach you your deen. And they got up and they rushed outside to look for him. And he was he disappeared, not a sign of him. So when we look at this, Heidi, when we look at this Hadith, yes, it's the foundation. It is the foundation of our religion. It explains each and every one of us each and every one of you. This is basic knowledge, you should understand this hadith in and out if you've heard this heading for the first time, Google it, look for the Tafseer the shell of this Hadith, understand each component

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of this Hadith, this is the Hadith, the gate intergender insha Allah but when we look at this hadith we find that there are three sciences in fact we can say there are four sciences the first science Islam deals with the external actions how to perform sada how to fast how to give saga things that you can see, this is your, your format. I will hanifa Imam Shafi all of them later discuss this was the main objective. How do I get married? How do I make solder? Give me a list A to Z. What do I do external actions? What transactions are Sharia compliant? Not Sharia compliant? is drinking wine haram ohada. It deals with external things. Is this food halal or haram? This is what we call. This

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is the external when we have EMA, and this is our theology, our doctrine and our acleda. What do we believe internally? What do we say about a lot easier Trinity is the one What do we say about tiama? Do we believe in an afterlife or reincarnation? Do we believe in angels or don't we believe in angels? This is our theology. So you need to understand and sometimes we focus so much on the external, we forget the basis is the internal the theology, the belief, the mind must be right. But there's a third level, what is a sun and this is spirituality that is about the heart. So a person can stand in sada and he can perform the rituals of Salah perfectly, and in his mind he can have his

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making Salah to Allah, but he has no clue or fear or taqwa in his heart, no tears. Compare that Salah to the man who makes his identical sorta but he's in tears before Allah, these two solids are not the same why that man has more sun than the other one. So spirituality is an aspect of our Deen the soul is part. So just as there are laws governing the hands, there are laws governing the mind that there are laws governing the hearts. And when we need lick to the heart, like any other organ, it becomes sick and it can die. Then I would say there's a fourth area of knowledge. What is the the knowledge of the unknown which belongs to Allah exclusively. We've said this so many times, there

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are some areas of knowledge. Only Allah has that knowledge, none has that knowledge even maybe salsa lab does not know everything, even gibreel this is an abyssal Solomon jabril. And both of them say we don't know when tiama is that time when it will come? Only Allah knows when that time will come and there are many things in this universe whose knowledge is exclusively to Allah and therefore we don't worry ourselves with that which belongs to Allah, what are the what are yourselves with these three areas of knowledge. So inshallah in the series, we'll be discussing the aspect of the sun, the diseases of the spirit of the heart, and those things that each and every none of us are free of

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those diseases except those who Allah really has mercy upon. And like any other organ, we train it and we treat it now visa Salaam says taqwa, Hakuna taco

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is here and he pointed to his chest. This is a taco is this is where we need to look after our taqwa and maybe salsa lumps isn't a beautiful Hadees Verily Allah does not look at your external appearance or your wealth, but rather he looks at your hearts and your actions that are higher which we mentioned every week in the hood, in a Chroma come in the lie at Costco what is that is that is speaks about that he Allah has divided new insurance urban Kava, into different times in different nations. And I asked this to my class on Tuesday, which tribe is the best? If you had a choice? Allah says, Where do you want to be doing to be American, Chinese, black, white, Turkish, which type

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you want to be? Who is the base, the Arabs, the non Arabs? Allah tells you here that I've divided you into all these different tribes. But the base is the people of

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taqwa across the line at corkum. The beast in the sight of Allah is taqwa, what is on the inside is what Allah subhanho wa Taala looks at how many of us if we focus as much on the inside, as we focus on looking good on the external, this world would be a better place, and Allah subhanho wa Taala will only look at the internal, not external. In fact, we know on piano, we will be restricted to resemble the internal the person who is beautiful internally on piano will be beautiful externally, the person who is repulsive internally on pm you'll be restricted in that form Allah subhanaw taala beautify us internally and externally,

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the hearts which Allah has given each and every one of us

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Allah mentions is beautifully inserted to do her worship she will do ha

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ha ha so the chumps a lot of anatella speaks with Shamsi What do haha what caught well comedy that Allah Allah speaks about the sun and the moon? What summer will end the sky and the earth will lay the night, the evening and the day? These are opposites? Yes, Allah speaks about opposites a duality. On the one side you have the sun on the one side you have the moon. Then Allah concludes losses when I've seen webmaster, and also by the soul, and he who proportion it for Alabama fujimura watashi wa, and inspired Allah saying, Allah put the inspiration in every heart, its wickedness, and its righteousness. So Allah begins this beautiful surah by talking about to do a duality, a positive

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and a negative, an extreme. And Allah says so to win every art is that extreme. In every heart of every person, there is the potential to be a Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and in every heart in every person, there is a potential to be anybody swear the builder.

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No person is born a pharaoh. He becomes a pheromone, no person is born and Mohammed sallam, he becomes Mohammed Salah.

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slowly and slowly Allah subhanho wa Taala leads us to goodness or if we turn away we lead ourselves to destruction. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says your heart has this potential each and every one of you has the Wali in you and the shavon in new for the Hammonds. so successful is He Who purifies his heart

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record whenever you could apply manchaca look at the harbor man, this is a mistake, and he has fallen into ruin the one who corrupts it. The one who forgets his heart, he has ruined himself. The Heart Chakra muslimin is the battleground as we said so many times it's not the sign of the battlefield, or what's happening in this country or that country. This is a battle of hearts. The one with the purest of hearts will win this battle. Now VESA Salaam says in Al Bukhari and Muslim truly in the body there is a morsel of flesh a muscle, which if it is sound, if it is correct, the entire body will be correct. And if it is diseased, if it's sick, the entire body will be sick and

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why the villa is dead, the entire body will be dead. Truly nobody says that organ, that piece of meat that muscle is the heart. Everything depends on that heart. The importance of purifying this heart. Now vsas Allah Subhana says in the Quran, yo mala and formado whatever noon on the day of pm.

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wealth and children will not benefit you in an Atala be called being Saleem. The only one will be saved on piano is the one who comes to Allah with a heart that is Salim that is that is free and clean of any disease, a heart that is sound and correct art that doesn't have any sicknesses in it. Allah subhanaw taala mentioned that this is the caliber of the art that will be that will service

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saved on piano shefali slobin Tamia he wrote an essay on the heart. And he says there are three types of hearts and if you look at Surah Baqarah, if you open Surah Baqarah This confirms when you read the first the introduction to the Quran, where Allah describes the types of people. Allah begins by talking about 13 le Fleming Delhi, Calcutta.

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In that our first category of people are the people of taqwa. Bella Swan speaks about Elina cafaro chawan Allah under emblem to the room Malala khudobin Wallace and

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so on solid begins by saying that there are people who are mucked up the left taqwa that this could and will guide them. Then these are the extreme opposite of the mocked up in the people whose hearts are sealed have completely sour on him under some unknown to him. It doesn't matter. You're Mohammed Salim. Whether you preach to them or don't preach to them, their hearts are shut off. They don't last speaks about the middle category.

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And levena ficolo b Murat pasado, Milan matobo. Those who are in between the two. So they are hearts. So even to me, I mentioned that are pure and clean and Salim. And they are hearts that are opposite. They're dead and closed off. No matter how much guidance you give them. Nothing opens their heart smell law protect us from this. No one is born like this. No one's heart is born like this. We know that. Nobody says everyone is born on the fitrah everyone's heart is born. pointing to the truth. But it becomes corrupted slowly. Allah protect us. No one is saved from this. At the same time, we have those who are in between. And most of us we fall in this category.

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We talk to us about the heart that is alive. How do you know your heart is alive? How do you know that you are in? one ayah describes the people of taqwa Allah Subhana Allah Vanessa Arsenal Heidi Skeeter been with a shabby and Messner. duction rumen. Would you rather live in a funeral home from Italy metalia Lulu Baku, Allah, Allah has sent down the big statement, a book, parts of it resembling other parts in goodness and in truth, often being repeated. So if that repeats itself, the skin of those who fear the Lord shiver when the year it, the skin and the heart soften in the remembrance of Allah. How many of us have that feeling? It mentions that you know that goose pimples

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that goosebumps that you get people of taqwa when the year the Ayat of Allah, they feel that goosebumps that the eye is the feedom in a dumb way, I stopped crying, and the heart starts to palpate. This is the feeling of the people of taqwa. Most of us, I speak to myself first we are this is and we just move on. Our hearts are not in tune to Allah, we have not reached that level of concern. And it's not to feel despondent and to feel negative. There are only amongst us and all of us can be earlier, we said this so many times to be a worldly sort of genetic thing. You're not born with a wealthy journey with a wealthy gene, you become a bully. Just as you train your physical

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body, you train your mind through learning, you train your body through action, you train your heart with certain remedies, and the series in sha Allah, we hope that all of us move to a pure state of art. So the series is to say that none of us are on the label of sun. None of its sun isn't a journey. We don't get to a sun and we stop there. In fact, none of us will reach the level of exam because none of us will see Allah except on that day. We know that they on Friday, the first Juma we said this, Heidi, the first Juma in Ghana, we spoke about that. We spoke about that, and it's good for us to mention it again. We see that when we intergender insha Allah all of us will be the we

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know cameras on a Friday, right here will be on a Friday will intergender and there'll be a party on Saturday and Sunday and their days in general. We know that. And then we said on Friday, everybody will get ready for Joomla swannanoa Joomla in general isn't Joomla just for the dunya like the most difficult parts of my week right coming to Juma. Like, why would we have Giamatti and who's gonna give the gibreel visa Salaam we said no. Now visa Sonam gives and this is the inspiration. This is one of the things that purifies your heart when you think why should I do this? Why should I wake up? I think I want to get that Juma in Jenna on Jenna on Fridays, who will beautify ourselves better

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than we are in the rest of the week even more beautiful, and will be the best clothing in the base of places. Then we'll get to a valley under the sea of Allah subhanho wa Taala like the highest point in general, it's a valley and we'll find a Masjid constructed of light on the highest levels will be the MBR and the Shahada and the rest of us will be in the cheap seats sitting on the ground.

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And will feel no animosity, waiting for what? For Allah subhana wa tada to give the lecture and Allah subhanho wa Taala will address the people of gender and he will say, my people have Jenna How have you found my agenda? any complaints? Anyone who is misbehaving, anyone stuck not working? spinal, obviously people, generals Alhamdulillah Allah, we have found Jenna better than we could have even imagined that Allah subhanaw taala will say to each and one of the people of gender, what else do you want to engender? And they will say Allah, we have asked and we received everything we want, that was asked me more this month to be had. And there'll be things which we never knew we

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never thought of Allah will say, what about this? What about that? What about this? And we'll ask and until we said, we have nothing more to ask that Allah subhanaw taala say, will say I will give you something even better than this. What can be better? Yeah, a lot in general, what can be better than everything? The moseyed as it says in the Quran, Allah Subhana says I will remove the barrier between me and you and you can see me directly.

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Then once that happens, the people of Jenna will forgets everything of the gentleman forget everything of gender, because nothing can compete with the Holic. Nothing of the McClure can complete with a Holic, the creator.

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That is the danger Allah we aspire, if we can't see align the dunya and we can't, we work to see for Allah in the agenda. That's what we want. And only a pure hearts will see Allah on piano. So Allah subhanaw taala describes the heart that is sincere and believing that when he hears the Ayat of Allah, he becomes fearful.

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As for the one that is dead, Allah describes him as being closed off, we'll talk about him. But the heart we most of us, unfortunately falls into, and Surah Baqarah will tell us his wamena, nassima, yaku and Nebula he will be living with a theory. They say we believe in Allah and in the last day, and they might even think they mean it's Alesis or Mao meaning but they are not true believers. They say and they think, yeah, although we truly are believers, but also they're not true believers. Make the ayah Allah that you have to in what we say that count us as believers, we might feel that we are believers, but are in our heart is not enough. You heard the una la Valentina Manu, Amaya, the owner

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illa fusa. Home, Mama Sharon, they deceive Allah and those who believe, but they only deceive themselves and they don't realize it. How many people who are spiritually dead, they actually don't realize how sick they are. It's like someone who's living with a terminal sickness and doesn't get tested. And it doesn't realize the things that I'm doing, I'm fine. I'm good with Allah, but he doesn't know where he's with Allah subhanho wa Taala. All of us must fear when we read these acts. Am I in this category? Like we said, the hadith of Satan armor of the lion. When he heard that Hosea knew who the hypocrites were, he went to Khalifa and they first said, I can't tell you who the

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hypocrites were. Because it's a promise between me and the vehcile. Salaam. I can't tell you who they were. So he says I don't want to know which of the Sahaba hypocrites just telling me is my name the cinema, wasn't sure if he was a monastic or a true believer. None of us can truly say Allah, we are good Alhamdulillah we already we should always fear. So Allah says Fie. kulu be modeled that in the heart is a disease for that a woman law Moreover, that because they lifted untreated, Allah allowed the disease to increase what a mother wouldn't even be McCann we have people and for them is of course a severe punishment for what they have lied. Nobody so seldom describes how a heart gets

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sick and ultimately dies. What is this process like? Now visa asylum says when a slave commits a sin,

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a black spot appears on his heart,

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on his soul, on his on himself, a black spot appears on his heart, but if he gives it up, and you make so when repaints Allah will remove that black spot and clean it. And if he repeats, it will, it will leave it will disappear. But if he does not repeat, and he continues to do it, that Blacksburg will form and another and another and will increase until his heart is overwhelmed. Then it becomes covered in a blackness a darkness. And obviously this is the wrong color Bell Iran Allah kulu beam that is Iran on the heart. serrana is rust that this is a rust, which Allah mentions has formed around the arts. So they don't realize anymore what they do. They become when the heart reaches that

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level, no matter how many speaks about janam doesn't enter anymore. It's blocked off. This is the heart that has died.

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upon Allah, Allah protect us, the motions, we do this

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Slowly we kill our heart to the point where it dies. And the more good we do, the better our heart becomes the healthier heart becomes

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the story of benissa Allah speaks about a people who Allah says from kosaku boom. Suma kosaku then Allah seal the hearts of mean mean body Delica yeah Kyle Hey Jarrod so it became like a stone. Oh, I shall do cassava. Oh even more firmer or more closed off than a stone for in nominal hrlm a phenomenal and you find some stones will break because of rivers. We're in them in allama Shaka through Temecula, and some stones split open and water flows through. Well in the meantime lemma bitumen has Shatila and some stones will crumble over the fear of Allah. But these people Allah says he made the art so closed off that nothing will make it open up.

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Who's also speaking about the bunnies are eaten. Why? Because all of a sudden the sign of the sign the reminder of the reminder, until eventually those reminders stop. Allah Subhana save me from around, show them that he being opened. Then they worship the idle call analysis I forgave you for that. When Allah raised over the mountain over the head, they still believe this belief. So I will say I forgive you for that when they were in the desert. And Allah Subhana Allah says, They is a city for you go and fight in that city. So they said, You are Moosa you and your up go and fight. So Allah cursed him. Then he forgave him. Then they said we need water, Nabi Musa hit the stone 12

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Springs game, they still disbelieved. Maybe Allah subhanaw taala, even that is addicted the date in front of them. When they disbelieve in that the story of the cough. So Allah says, Now I see your heart. So what Allah subhanho wa Taala they are limited invitations. One person who embraced Islam he says, It was as if though, Allah was knocking on my door. I didn't accept Islam, and I feared the day will come when he stops knocking on my door. We no longer do the reminders come when they don't affect me anymore. When I've heard the Hadith so many times and it doesn't affect me and I think to myself first how many ahaadeeth have I heard by my teachers and I cry? Now I speak those headings to

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you and I don't care anymore. Something wrong with my heart. But Allah protect us and Allah save us. None of us can diagnose our hearts except the taste. When we stand alone when own sees us. Do we cry before Allah? Is that true Eman?

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Only Allah can cure the sicart so Allah Subhana Allah says don't lose hope.

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And Allahu lubaina matter evil.

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Allah says Allah intervenes between a man and his hearts. Allah subhanho wa Taala promises you that he will intervene between you and his heart. If you want Allah subhanaw taala to make your heart right he will do it. ask Allah He will do it. Allah does not withhold that which you asked for. A lot of I know data does not force you and misguidance if you want guidance, if you want guidance on this panel data will guide you. Allah subhanaw taala even says, I give you the cure, one zero mineral could any man who she fell in many, many, and we revealed of the Quran, that which is a healing and a mercy for the believers. So there's always hope for us, there's always a chance to

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return back and we think of that beautiful Ayah which really sight at the end of usually at the janazah Yeah, a year two and a half. In Arabic Iranian Maria Federico de badie, wonderfully jannetty Allah Subhan says, oh, righteous soul, oh, so that is what my inner is now at peace, energy in Arabic, come back to your Lord. well pleased and pleased with you. Come back Oh, so that is pleased with Allah and Allah is pleased with you. Further, fully fee by the into into my righteousness and into into my agenda will ask Allah subhanho wa Taala for that when we die, our souls are good with Allah subhanho wa Taala so in this series insha Allah will discuss a number of diseases of the heart

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like what like when we see the man next to us? Mashallah. He's got a new car, and instead of feeling good, we feel sad. Why not me disease in the hearts in V. Why is that the how do we save that of the disease? We'll discuss somebody who sees a man of a darker complexion, and he automatically feels I'm baito superior pride, first son of a police racism. I made a fire he's made of clay and better than him a disease that destroys the police.

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When a person becomes we all get into arguments but instead of arguing with wisdom, he becomes angry and abusive anger. One of the disease Americans

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vehcile sanlam give me advice.

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Don't become angry.

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I was looking for something great. hirasawa mckhann Giugiaro something, Okay, what else you wanna be salsa, don't become angry. What else your social don't become angry. Because this man had anger in his heart, a disease, a person who has hundreds of 1000s and millions in his bank, but he fears those since he doesn't go to sleep feeling wealthy or rich. He feels constantly I'm a poor person, ungrateful to the mercy of a lot of the blessings of Allah, a disease in the heart, someone who doesn't fear the sins that he's doing. Disease doesn't fear Allah subhanaw taala on the other side, you have somebody who has no hope in Allah even worse. When he thinks of Allah He only pictures

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janam and punishment, he has lost the hope in Allah even worse than the one who has no fear in Allah. So we'll discuss these and more inshallah, diseases of the heart and we make this to our daily robina let the Hulu burner Allah do not mislead or deviate our heart, BARDA, it had the internet, after You have guided it will have Elena and ground for us, Milan kurama. and grant us your in.

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You are the one who bestows and gifts without limit, or have been added to our law, don't deviate and mislead our hearts. We've come to Allah and we submit ourselves to institute except that from Allah and partners for our shortcomings. So inshallah, these short words introduction to the series will continue for the next two, three months or so it will be a few few weeks to do. I will not be here for the next three weeks in sha Allah, but we'll get guest speakers and they will continue with the series. Next week in sha Allah will talk about in V, one of the diseases that span a lot. If not all of us to some degree or the other, we feel of this visa Salaam says about envy, once a man will

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pass any seat that is a man of gender. So Harvard didn't know what this guy does. They looked at him he doesn't make Salah late at night. He doesn't fast extra fasting, he doesn't make long because of cartoons and anything. So the last thing what do you do that has made you a man of gender. He says well lie when one of my brothers succeed in life, I feel happy for him. I say Allah increasing, giving more. This is the quality of someone of gender, his heart was clean. So inshallah next week shows the use of hasip we'll come and we'll talk about some announcements to be made in sha Allah. You can email me with [email protected]. You can any if you'd like the slides or you'd like any

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comments or questions, please email me as well as well. hamdulillah our Tuesday class is back on Tuesday, as we see the top six now until Margaret and Margaret coming earlier. So shall we break for Margaret and then continue after that Tuesday. I'll see Douglas also the nice announcement.

00:32:54 --> 00:33:32

respected the share has Salam aleikum wa, to the massager of the blue cup hopes that this communique teaches you in invasive health hamdulillah the massager buka would like to encourage everybody to register to vote to register to vote on the fifth and sixth of March. That's the model and Sunday for the municipal elections, which is happening later this year, I believe right. So and hamdulillah it would be wrong for me not to mention the status elections are coming up and to register for the elections is tomorrow and should we register shouldn't religious the should we vote Shouldn't we vote? I know there are some who feel how can I vote? All of them are you know, it's bad. It's like

00:33:32 --> 00:33:45

choosing not from bad to worse, Dumb and Dumber. Right? Right? Who do I choose? This one promotes that one, promote abortion that one promotes inserted in that will promote this. All of them are evil. What do I do? We choose

00:33:46 --> 00:34:26

the one that is the least harmful if we don't have a good and a bad choice. So we choose the good choice, then we choose the least harmful, the one that is least harmful to the Muslims. We don't want to have a situation like our brothers have in America, we choose between one hobby, right? And so we don't want that here in South Africa. Register, vote for the group the party that is best for them. as Muslims, we don't sit back and let things happen, you know, decided for us. We take matters in our own hands in the best of ways with wisdom, and also parts of wild hamdulillah. We can walk freely, we can build massage it is we are a community that has always been part of our society. We

00:34:26 --> 00:35:00

live in a non Muslim country, we are a drop in the ocean. But we've made that we've actually changed that ocean. We've added a little bit of sweetness to the ocean. Well hamdulillah we don't want that to change. We are part of this community and hamdulillah we keep our models and our EMA and we don't compromise on our Deen at the same time we brush up on our community and we brush up on them. So even in politics, vote it's in the best interest of the oma and if there isn't a valid Muslim party when one of you brothers make it your duty to stand up. I will represent Islam correctly. And that's an option.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:37

Not one of us. So one of us should stand up and say, I will represent Islam correctly so we can vote for you and I will vote for you in sha Allah. Lastly, just to comment on the, if you've read the Muslim views, there's an issue they on an IDP, Imams, as well as in a way of me speaking about Giacometti to give me an increase, right if you want to give me an increase of hamdulillah no problem. But this was speaking about imams that are in difficult times in the Western Cape that are really being abused by the committee's you can read if you haven't read the article, please read the article they if you'd like to assist in this regard. Remember you giving money to an Imam that among

00:35:37 --> 00:36:14

teachers 100 Kids Alif data, every time that person makes Salah. It goes to you what grade sacajawea is that for you? This Imam is teaching people how to make Salah how to read Quran. The imams teach blind people to read on Braille. If you want to be part of that circle to jatiya then you can read the article you visit the website, Imam dpmm development program in where you can listen to voice of the cape at seven o'clock on Monday inshallah for more details. Allah subhanaw taala bless us, forgive us and guide us with some of the law say Mohammed Ali. Salaam Celine haven't let up let me sit down Salam aleikum wa

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