The Prophet’s (PBUH) Death

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The day of his death

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though the love and

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the brother of I shall have the love and he came in, and he had a suwa

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and the Prophet of Allah Sai cell and you know how he used to, like using the server, can I shadow the alarm? knew her husband and she took this sidewalk or she asked the professor said, um, would you like to see what he said? He nodded. So she took the sidewalk from her brother and she bits off then to soften it.

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And then she gave it to the prophet SAW Selim, she said by Allah, I never saw him. He always used to clean his teeth in an amazing manner. But this time, it was as if he was preparing to me.

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And then he's cleaning his teeth in that way, and she used to boast about it afterwards. She said, Allah subhanho wa Taala combines between my saliva and his saliva, so Allahu alayhi wa sallam, just at the time of death.

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And then the prophets lie Selim later on she says that she here heard him say other people will companionship.

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And then she said at that time, she remembered the Hadith of the prophets. I said, earlier on, he had said that no prophet

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was sick, except that he's given the choice between this world and the Hereafter, or sorry, between the companionship of the low people in this world and the companionship of the high ones. He knew that he had no choice.

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He said he, he felt some pain and he said, Indeed, death has its pains.

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And Medina felons panic, Medina, philanthropically, you can imagine Okay, imagine the very son whose lives came up, and he threw all laws will guide them from the darkness is

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from the worship of idle wood and stone, to the worship of Allah. Allah, from the servitude of other human beings, from the servitude, of idyllic idolatry, to the servitude of Allah subhanaw taala. from darkness is of injustice and corporate check to the light of Islam and justice.

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This person whom they sacrificed, they were willing to sacrifice their lives. Indeed, many people from among them have sacrificed their lives,

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was beaten and beaten and beaten, until he was unconscious.

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When he regained consciousness, what is the first

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this is the kind of people we are talking about. This is the kind of people whom the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was placed among.

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They loved him so dearly. There was a woman who's walking back from the battlefield. She is told that your husband has died. She says, How is

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she continues walking, she is told your father has died. She says How?

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She continues walking, she is then told her son has died.

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She said, How is the message?

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This is the paper that we're talking about. We're talking about a people that could not imagine life without this person solo and he was

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a person who came to them from Makkah to Medina, a person who went through the trials and tribulations that they also faced a person who was the undisputed head of the Arabian Peninsula at the time of his life. But when people came, they couldn't tell the difference between him and anybody else in

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the way he dressed.

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same person who went up

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to Thailand who walked into his room, and he saw nothing but a jug of water, and he costs Matt, nothing else.

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And he began to cry. The Prophet cisilion turned over he saw the marks of this course, not on the shoulder.

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He began to cry, he said Yara saw the prophesized.

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What makes you cry Allah, He said Yara soon Allah, the emperor of Rome and Persia, even though the ship that they commit, look what they have, and you're the Messenger of Allah, and look what you

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got angry and said, you're not satisfied that for them is this world and for us.

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This was the person, the love that they have for the Prophet cisilion. They used to say,

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me, my parents be sacrificed

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for their families, for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala alongside the Messenger of Allah.

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So you can imagine the state of Medina at this time, imagine you've lived through this. You've lived through this whole escapade from worshiping.

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And then you come through you what you're witnessing the golden era

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that history has ever seen.

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Right in front of your very eyes,

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who was outside of Medina at the time.

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And he had gone to visit some of his family. He came back.

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He had the news, he came back, he went straight to his daughter's house, I showed up.

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And he saw Ayesha, he lifted her veil, and he saw her.

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And then he went to the side and he saw the perfect

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body. He lifted the shroud from the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam space, and he kissed the blessing.

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He kissed the face of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And he said, How beautiful you are, both when you were alive.

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And then he went to the masjid. And he saw on more of the Allahu anhu Can you imagine?

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The Allahu taala I knew he caused a commotion. He couldn't believe that this person had passed away from among them.

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His best friend, his companion, the Messenger of Allah.

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And so he said, he said that, whoever says Mohammed sly seldom has died.

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How can you say, he's gonna come back is going to come back. He went to like musala a salon went and he will come back. He could not believe

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he could not believe it.

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So when he did this,

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the soft one man who was so gentle, he said to

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calm down, calm down.

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A lot

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of workers stood up.

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And he said those words.

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He said those wives that really made it

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when they saw a worker they left

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and he said men can

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men can earn income Yabu Mohammedan Mohammed bin

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Salman Khan.

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He said,

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a moment you used to worship Mohammed.

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And whoever among you used to watch him a lot, then let him know that Ally's ever living and he never dies. And this My dear brothers and sisters, and this honor of the Allahu anhu he fell down. And later on he commented, he said that it as if it was as if my feet had been swept from below me. In other words, the truth of what our worker had said, at that point had hidden and then a worker of the lavon who inherited he resigned to this higher one.

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Soon, God has been cabela Rasul.

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Allah, Allah, Allah aka become, then Mohammed is a messenger and messengers have passed away before him. If he dies or is killed, will you then turn about on your heels?