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You know in Surah Baqarah

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when Allah subhanho wa Taala is addressing those who have misplaced love the infor unfortunate class of people that live their lives, loving what is unworthy of being loved the way that God is.

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Then he goes to say what I meant Lavina Amma no

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one Latina am and who I should have been Lilla. As for those who believe as for the faithful, that's a different class of people, a fortunate, blessed guided class of people why? He says, I shed the hook vanilla, because they have the most intense love for God. So loving God to them over everything over anything, it eclipses it all. And so that is a summary of the believer. But the direction that I wanted to take this, actually, is that there was a question that I've often wondered, you know, in my youth, where does that leave room we all know that loving God being most paramount is, you know, the definition of Islam, the definition of faith, you know, in Islam, but where does that leave room

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for loving others? For the sake of Allah? That's a very big concept loving for the sake of God, right? But if loving God is everything,

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then how do we figure out that there's so much emphatic, you know, focus so much emphasis on loving for the sake of God seems to be like, there's no room. But then you read the statement of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. You will never enter paradise until you fully believe and you will never fully believe until you love each other, not just God now each other, or you have the other Hadith that says, You will never find you will never experience the sweetness of faith, without three qualities for Allah and His messenger to be more beloved to you than anything else. But then he says to love a person, not loving them for any reason, but for God and you hate

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Belmar law you hate boo Illa.

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And just for the sake of completing the Hadith, the tradition, he said in the 31 is for you to hate and fear to fall back into rejecting faith fall back into disbelief, the same way you would hate to be thrown into a bonfire.

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And so how do you reconcile between loving God, which is supposed to be everything, but then loving people being so central?

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the way to sort of put this all together is that we should recognize that when you love someone, you're supposed to love what they love, just linear progression, you're supposed to love not just what they love, love who they love as well, or else you could quit you should question your love.

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And that is why it fits perfectly now that in our deen you, we should love the Prophet peace be upon him and the prophets and messengers, above all, because they stand closest to God in terms of love, they are loved by God more than anyone, so they should be loved by us more than anyone. And then it makes perfect sense now that the believer who has better standing with God as far as we presume, right, the righteous shall the scholars the the generous them, we love them more than we love the believers, who seem to be less committed or less devoted or less loved by God, right.

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And likewise, it should naturally follow that a person who believes in general has a certain special share of our love over someone who rejects faith and rejects God.

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You see, you know, even if I am one of the scholars, he does a really good job of sort of separating this for you. Because sometimes you say, wait a minute, but I don't I can't honestly say that I love every last believer

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more than I love some random person that lives close to me or we have a warm relationship or otherwise. So even the claim says you actually don't have to worry about that. That's not contrary at all. He's saying love can be seen as like four different types. The first type loving Allah Himself, loving God, he says, and that is the core that is the nucleus that is the heart to faith. If you don't love God, above all, then you're not of the faithful right? He says then there is loving for the sake of God and hope fulfill right? That love is not separate. It doesn't crowd it completes your faith now

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It completes it. Loving for Allah is a completion of your faith.

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He says the third category is loving at the expense of your love for God and that doesn't complete your faith. It's the opposite. it detracts from your faith. If you love someone to the point that you reject God, right think of a tribalistic mentality looks true to me. But I'm not going to disown the religion of my forefathers, right? To love at the expense of God

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detracts from your faith and could result in disqualifying your faith altogether. He says, but there's a fourth category. That fourth category is called that hook. buildability natural love. Naturally you love someone that's nice to you, you you feel allegiance and love and indebtedness to those that are closer to you family, right? Doesn't matter what faith they belong to. You know, even just compassion compassion is a whole nother story because compassion truly, you're not just allowed to have compassion towards everyone, that one you're obligated Islamically Allah will not extend His mercy except to those who are merciful. That's what the Prophet told us. And then the Dean says, not

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even just merciful with Muslims, not even just with non Muslims, you have to be merciful with the environment with which you live in. You have to be merciful with the animals you interact with. You need to know that a woman entered the Hellfire because she trapped a cat and didn't let her have food till she died of starvation. You need to know that this woman who had an indecent job her entire life was shown mercy by Allah because she showed mercy to a parched dog and gave up that's separate subject, right? separate subject compassion, you're obligated to have that. But when it comes to love, you can love it will be expected to love anyone that you're close to anyone that

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you're familiar with anyone who's kind to you, and you're expected also to sort of find this lack of love with someone who's nasty with you, which is normal, human, instinctual, even animal. They have that as well. So if no claim Rahim Allah says but that is fine and natural, but it's not loving for God. And that's what you're required to pursue having. That means that is how you complete your faith. And they ask the I have no more either. Razia Rahim Allah may Allah have mercy on him one of the great early scholars of Islam, how do you know your love is for God? Like, maybe it is a believer, maybe it is righteous, but it's just coincidental that I like them not necessarily for

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God, right? Maybe I want to be around them to sort of feed off of, I don't know, their reputation, their famous righteous person and so I'm just you know, that little fish next to the big shark. So you know, for free right taking a free right. He says, I learned that will help be filler he and lazy the whole baru wala young puzzle who will Jeffer one of the signs you love someone for God is that that love is not increased by kindness to you. And that love is not decreased by them being aloof or cold or unpleasant with you. Because if it's for God, it has nothing to do with how they treat you how they are with you what they do for you, because the love is not a selfish love. It is

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a selfless love. It's loving for the sake of Allah. So it's not about your worldly gains. In fact, it could actually sometimes happen and force you to do things that are at the expense of your world, at the expense of your worldly possessions, your worldly assets. You know, you think of the early Muslims the Sahaba they had the purest of this love that our faith generates. You know.

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Today for an adult he says I arrived, you know at the battle plains of of Yarmouk, which was one of the most intense battles in early Islamic history. And martyrs everywhere. He says that I was looking for my cousin is my cousin alive or not. And as soon as I get to him, I told him, You want water? I had water with him. He said he was covered in dirt and blood. And then as I'm lifting he couldn't even tell me yes, he nodded his head. I'm lifting the water to his lips. We hear someone moaning. And so he just gestures No, no, no, him first. So you go.

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And you find the second person, the same situation can't even ask for the water verbally. And yet he's saying no, no, no, there's someone right there go to him. He says so I go to the third person, Hashem the last and he's I find him that he had died by the time I reached him. And I come back to the second that I find that he had died by the time I reached him. So I come back to my cousin and I find that he had died

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by the time I reached him, and what like this shows you that the, the,

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the, the potency or the purity really, of the love that faith generates is very special. You know, you think about what is celebrated love in like modern culture, you think of romantic love, love that you know you do anything for love that cause

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To the lovers their lives sometimes. But I want you to dig a little bit deeper. Like you think of a lover, right? Iconic stories are these archetypes, right? That wasn't allowed to have they died or they were separated, they weren't allowed to have their lover. And so they give up on life. But they gave up on life. Why? Why did they give up on life? Because they it's actually a little bit self motivated. They can't have their lover anymore. Romeo and Juliet the most extreme examples, right? The suicidal May Allah protect us, right? Why did they kill themselves because they thought the party I forgot which one died first, my partner is gone. So I'm giving up on life. So it was really

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for you that love, I no longer have that fulfillment I get by the presence of my lover. Yes.

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Or anything less extreme, like someone that loses their mind and goes insane or even less extremely, someone loses their appetite for life, they get depressed and sad, because they don't get it anymore. But here you find that faith generated a love that was selfless, that I'm going willing to give up my sip of water that will cost me my life, so that my brother can live. That's different, right? That's what they had, that's what is inculcated in them and generated within them.

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You know, a man once tried to be like the Sahaba be like the companions of the Prophet SAW Salem, his firsthand students from the second generation. And so he approached the major so happy companionable, hoorah era. And he said to him, I want to be your brother, brother. Like he essentially said to him, I want to be your brother, the way you also have our brothers. He said to him, what that has a cost, you know what that means?

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So what does that mean? He said that you no longer are more entitled to the money in your pocket than I am entitled to the money in your pocket.

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So the man, of course, we would probably say, Yeah, sure, of course when we're brothers and all the times cut time comes for it different beast comes out, right? Hands off. This man at least was on he said, No, I'm not ready for that. I'm not ready for that level.

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And so he said to him, then don't make a request you can't handle of course keep in mind Islamically the Brotherhood doesn't mean socialism doesn't mean like you know, this whole communist issue of nope, private ownership. That's not the idea. He's saying but with us we felt like we could not keep back anything we could extend and sacrifice for the sake of how much we loved our brothers for the sake of those we love because we'd love it for God so everything was on the table to please God

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and you think about that like

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cannot can we not get past the few dollars some of us get stuck on a few dollars a few words of disrespect we can get past those someone took away a little bit of my reputation for a moment right? The Brotherhood is dead. Is that for God? The love for God is the purest and the strongest if it's in the right place if it's generated in the right way may we be of those people Allahumma Amin a whole Colorado stuff Allah Allah MIDI welcome

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and hamdu Lillahi wa salatu salam ala Milena via Raja shadow Allah La Bajada Hola Hola, sharika lahu eyeshadow and Mohammed Abu whenever you who are solo

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Abu Muslim and who learning or how Allah Annie was another one of the tabular in the successor generation after the companions of the Prophet after his disciples.

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He says I reached after the prophets Deathrite, the only met the Companions I reached the lands of Damascus and Syria. And I entered the central mosque and general Kabir in Damascus. And I saw everyone surrounding a man that was not senior. He wasn't a senior scholar, he was rather young. And he had a very like white smile and bright smile. And so every time they would disagree on something, everyone just walk over to him and they'd bring him their discussions and whatever he would say they would act on it, no hesitation. So I asked everyone like who is this guy? They said this is the great companion of the Prophet SAW Selim or either bingeable He said for Waka Mahabharata who for

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your kalbi immediately the love for him sort of activated in my heart. I love the Companions, but I never met him. Now that identified, you know, face to name. Immediately that love got activated. Oh, man.

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And so I wanted to spend time with him. I wanted to meet him. So I came the next morning, early before the dawn prayer, you know, catch the first roll, he's probably going to be in the first row. So I came extra early before then, and I found that he was already there.

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He said, So I waited till he finished praying, I think he said, and then he said, I sat with him. And I said to him why the Mujibur? He said, Yes, he said, Wallahi I love you for the sake of Allah. So more I had said to him, Allah you sure it's for the sake of

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Allah. He said it's for the sake of Allah. He said You sure for the sake of Allah, this is the important part, right? That's the point of reference here is it for Allah? He said, Yeah, it's for Allah. He says, so he leaned forward, and he grabbed me by like, this part of my shoulder overthrow

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my cloak and he said to me, ABSHER congratulations. I heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say that Allah the Most High said were jivatma had Betty my love God loving now my love is guaranteed for those elements or have been a fee who love each other for my sake. While Morteza we rien Fe and those who visit each other for my sake, while motor jealousy in a fee and those who wind up in the same places get together, sit together for my sake, may this gathering be of those gatherings say I mean, those who sit together for my sake, because it pleases me while Muhtar bethey, Lina fee. The fourth one he said was and those who sacrifice extend for each other or to

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each other for my sake, that's what I mean. It's a choice. I choose to love that person for Allah. You know, the famous Hadith Allah and with it, people often wonder like that hadith of Rama, Rama Rama culpa, the great companion one time he heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say, you don't truly believe until I am more beloved to you than your parents, your children, everybody.

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And you know, this wasn't easy for the Prophet SAW sent him to say, you know, his humility, but Allah had him say it because we wouldn't know it. We wouldn't know what the mountain looks like, unless he identifies it for us. So he said, I have to be

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so he Omar honest again, saying I love you more than anyone and everything except myself. Like everybody loves themselves. We need to recognize that it's natural. It's normal, it's fine. But you need to know where the red lines are. He said more than my but not more than myself. He said, well, not until you do that or Omar. So Omar said now, right now, I love you more than I love my even myself. He said that now you've completed your faith. You think How did I'm gonna do that? Is it a button? No, it's a choice. That's what I mean. That's why some scholars in English they call it rational love, natural love we discussed but Rationally speaking Wait a minute, what do I need more

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myself on the Day of Judgment? Or my love for the Prophet SAW said on the Day of Judgment, you rationalize it, you choose to give him precedence over yourself, because you see that it's more worthwhile for me, not worldly gains after worldly gates, to please Allah, I'm going to love you even more than I love myself because there's going to be a day the Prophet SAW Selim told me when Allah is going to call out an authentic hadith that says Allah will call out al Musa Habu Nephi Jalali where are those who love each other for My glory?

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Today I will grant them shade when there will be no shade but mine. Today I will erect them on pulpits altars of light I will have them distinguished because they did that they were able to conquer love for self and put ahead of it love for God. So I hope this clarifies the concept and maybe in sha Allah and future talks will speak about components we were given are factors that further that love and grow it for each other. May Allah azza wa jal grant us the faith that generates the purest love for Allah and for His creation. May we be of those who love for God correctly, and love for God completely love for God selflessly. May Allah forgive our sins and cute

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are sick and clear the debts of those in debt and remove the stress of those in stress and have mercy on our deceased will Salallahu Salam Baraka Nabina Muhammad wa early he was labia Germain