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AI: Summary © The upcoming month ofattila is a fruitful time for everyone, with the holy month being the 10th and the fruitful fruit of the upcoming month. The history of the halifa and kingship in the coming years includes the appointment of a new king, the fall of the city of Kar opinion, and the election of a new king. The speakers also discuss the history of the region and the upcoming war, including the fall of Assura, the loss of the city of Kar opinion, and the appointment of a new king. The speakers emphasize the importance of showing love and protecting oneself in order to avoid facing consequences and avoid future negative consequences.
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Other reliable regimes filler man Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala COVID mursaleen syedna Mohammed, Allah Allah He was

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a beloved brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Oprah is meant to Allah subhanho wa Taala the Most Merciful, the most kind of Allah Allahu Allah, we bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah subhanho wa Taala and we send our greetings and salutations, I would love to interview Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious and pure family, to his companions and all those who follow him soon until the end of time. Allah grant is to be amongst those who upon the son of Navy Mohammed salam, to ask Allah to bless us in this walk of Juma to bless us in this new year this new egeria May this be a better year for us? May the best of our years lie ahead and may the worst of those years may have gone by Allah forgive

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us for our shortcomings and guidance. Amin Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah as you know we are in Muharram. And as we said last week, Muharram is one of the four sacred months of the the year as mentioned by Allah subhanho wa Taala. In the Quran, four months of the 12 Allah made sacred and holy and Allah subhanho wa Taala for blood fighting and killing in these months, even jihad, we should watch if we fighting jihad in these amounts, we shouldn't be fighting the Jihad of Allah, let alone pity fighting and quarrels. We should never be doing that. But even more so in the month of Ramadan, you're in like in the state of Iran, how long to fight in these months. And we know that the month

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of Muharram month number one, in fact, it's named moharram also refers to the sanctity of the sacred month haram being forbidden sacred the harem of Mecca sacred meaning, these limitations and restrictions on you. We know that in the month of Muharram, the holiest day of Muharram and one of the holiest days of the year is Shura, Shura. minashi rockin the 10th of Muharram. Which if I'm not mistaken is the Sunday Yes, this coming Sunday. And it is of the Sunnah of Neville Salaam. In fact, before we even speak about the sooner understand that the 10th of Muharram was compulsory followed to forced before Ramadan, before Ramadan became compulsory, the Sahaba the prophets of Solomon

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Sahaba were compelled by Allah, you have to force the 10th of Muharram right so this is a big deal. And then when Ramadan became compulsory, as Allah is merciful, he said, if you're fasting Ramadan, they no other fasting is compulsory anymore. Everything else is optional, no punishment if you don't, but a great reward. And what is the reward for fasting on the 10th of Muharram? one whole year sins forgiven.

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So think about all the things that you did last year, all the things you looked at and listen to and sit and smoke, all the Haram things that we've done, one year of sinful given just in one day of fasting, so that's Sunday, inshallah, all of us should be fasting, and to be different and follow the suit of Nabina salam, he said, fast the day before it, or the day after it insha Allah to be different to the yahood, who used to force Ashura, even in this day was so sacred, that even the Jews and the pagans used to force on nothing from Harlem. It was holy for a number of reasons, and many things happened on the day of Ashura. And what's the greatest thing that happened on Ashura?

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What's the greatest thing that happened on assura?

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Not the martyrdom of St. odilon, which is our topic today. But the greatest thing that happened on our shubhra and this must be changed in your minds, was the defeat of your own and the victory of NaVi Moosa that he opened up and said almost drowned and NaVi Musandam peninsula he will save Peninsula in Nabi Musa, they belong to us, we they are part of our lineage, our history, and we are proud and we are happy for the bonito that Allah save them on assura and we fast with them as Levison says, Moosa is more to us than to them. Moosa is closer to us than them because we follow the Sharia of Naboo. Sadly, salat wa salam. So we fast on that day, and that's the reason why it is

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part of the sooner but yes, other events occurred on Ashura and it has become the most

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important event or the most painful event or the most commonly and famous event that occurred within Muharram was the what occurred in terms of the martyrdom of Imam Hussain or the alarm and this has become an issue as become a focal point till today. The aim of this occurred 41,400 years ago, we talking about something that happened 1400 years ago, you told today this is an issue and I split and it's two different groups and six with international drama outside of general Gemma and we need to understand what occurred on assura what happened at Karbala, and what's our view, we have a view other groups have the views and Alhamdulillah we have our view based on delille based on evidence

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and we focus on

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That and and they commemorate this day as is permissible in the Sharia. So what occurred and what happened by Karbala I'm sure if I mentioned the word Karbala, and the multiple man, Hussein, all of you, all of you have an idea. You've heard this word before. Yes, that Hussein, the grandson of the prophets of Salaam, was murdered and killed Karbala. Why did it happen? Who was at fault? Who do we blame? What do we do? We're not so sure. We just know that something happened at Karbala with Imam Hussain. Yes. So what happened? Who do we blame and how do we affect that?

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And I'll summarize this quickly because it's a long discussion in sha Allah.

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The province of Selma passed away and after him came the age of a rightly guided caliphs, Abu Bakr, who ruled for about two and a half years say normal 14 years say North man for 12 years, and then say Natalie's rule problems for five years and it and it was Civil War Within these five years off the Satan alleys rule had ended. Imam Hasson let's proceed. The elder brother has a grandson of Nabisco cylinders, great man, he brought unity and ended the Civil War. And he allowed Maja Robbie Alonso hobby brother in law of Nabisco Santa Maria lon to become the halifa and the end of the Civil War. So after the age of the rightly guided caliphs Mao era de Alon became the halifa. And for 20

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years he ruled and for 20 years he wrote, perhaps and we can be we looking at this in history, not in the same caliber of Satan or morons in Abu Bakar is a North American say nalli. He's not regarded as one of the rightly guided caliphs, without a doubt he's a Sahabi the prophets of Salaam promised him Jenna multiple times. In his rule, the oma expanded it became strong once again. The fighting ended the A's of the deen grew, Islam was the most powerful nation on Earth under him, and for 20 years there was peace Alhamdulillah. But yes, there was a degree of monarchy in that, going from a time of Satan or when there was no king there was no difference between the slave and the halifa it

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became a kingship in the time of Satan Am I aware of the alarm, but he was ruled peacefully. And as he neared his death, as it came closer to his death. 60 years of the era meaning this is 50 years often passed away 50 years after the officemate passed away. Now, Satan, Amalia, not wanting to have another civil war, he made it he had he made a ruling he made a decision, which we can disagree with. With respect. We can say respectfully, yeah, I mean, you are halifa you are Sahabi. The Prophet promised you agenda. We don't know where we going. But in our HDR, we can say in hindsight, if you saw what would happen afterwards, perhaps you wouldn't have made that decision. What did he

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do? He appointed his son as a successor. Say no buckle didn't do that. Say normally didn't do that. Say North man didn't do that, say nalli. didn't do that. The prophets of Salaam didn't do that. appoint a successor. You will follow me afterwards. My son Maldonado did this first man to do this. Now it's a kingship. My son and the son will appoint his son. So now we have a kingship in the halifa. And this was not the case before. And when he did this, this was obviously very controversial.

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Majority of the oma were not happy with us. Because not only was he not only was this method not known in the Sharia, are not known in practice amongst the hollyford not that it is haram. Not that this is haram. But the man he appointed his son was not the base of caliber to be the halifa there were many greater people without a doubt greater people who should have been the halifa many great scholars great Sahaba was still alive, great competitors, like like Hussein rodya Lannister life, like say almost an oblivion almost to the life. Great Sahaba, who meet in Ibiza Salaam and now we appoint his son who never met an abyssal Salaam, who was by all accounts grew up as a young prince

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in the kingdom of Mario de la, when he was appointed as the a

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the majority of the Sahaba and people that were alive. We're not happy with this, but they accepted it. Why? Because they didn't want a civil war. They already went through one civil war in the Cairo of St. nalli. They didn't want another Civil War. So the Sahaba said, let him be the halifa we won't fight and two people, two Sahaba, two prominent men who were eligible to be the halifa. And you can think about it today. We look at the government that we have today we have a number of candidates. You know, if you look at the country, and in South Africa, for example, you have a number of candidates all vying to be the president. We're not sure who it's going to be. So there were other

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candidates who did not accept the pledge of yazeed. And the two most important ones of them is for saying the rodeo line, and up the live and this will be the live winners debate on the line. grandson of Cena boubakeur, the son of

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one of the 10 promised genda read his biography. In fact, he will become the halifa for 10 years. He's not our focus discussion. But Hussein in the live and debate these are the two important men who had

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prominence in oma. They fought

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many battles and they laid many campaigns, they had the caliber they had the they had all the qualities to be halifa and they will be chilling yazeed 100 million times better than him and they did not accept the as either as the halifa. So this is the background to what would happen to Karbala off the Mao era, the Alon passes away. And now, so while we also have a gift might give you a place to visit, my son, he has eat the Sahaba CDs of the lions away and her son said we don't want to and we lift him. We didn't touch him didn't do anything. When he passed away. He has he now wants to confirm. Now he declared I'm the halifa all of you need to give the pledge. The people gave the

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pledge, unwillingly. They didn't really want to apart from the people of Syria. They gave the pledge to yazeed. And then Hussein and of the Libyans obeyed, they escaped. They didn't want to give the pledge to the governor of Medina. So they went to Makkah because maca wasn't very much under the control. The halifa wasn't so in control of NACA, like he was in control of Medina. So they said, Look, we don't want to give the pledge. But we also don't, we will not cause a fitna will run away and live basically in Mecca.

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While in Mecca, the people of Iraq, and this is again, you need to understand there's a much bigger discussion. There's the people of Syria, the people of Iraq, the people of Iraq,

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well against yazeed, more than the people of Syria, people of Syria supported the people of Iraq didn't. So they started singing latest to Hussein or the lancom to Iraq, we will support you, we will assist you, we will declare you, our leader, and we will oppose yazeed. And they mentioned all the crimes being done against them. And they were placed in abuse and there are many caliphs who are abused, abused, the people of Iraq in particular. And this occurred now look at the dates this occurred in the al Qaeda, Al Qaeda, the 11th month of the year, meaning two months or so before Karbala, Karbala happened in Iraq in tomorrow, right? And letters were being sent 1000s and 1000s of

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letters, people of Iraq promising, promising or saying if you come to Iraq, we can't support you in Medina. But Iraq is a big country. Can we support you? And then maybe we can negotiate something with yazeed. So Hussein was not sure. And he did not trust the people of Iraq. Why? Because they proved that they were untrustworthy. We say nalli went to them a few years ago to support them, they let him down. So he was not sure Should I leave maca? Or should I go to these people? And they've called me to support them. So he sent his cousin by the name of Muslim, they said the name of the cousin is Muslim, go to Iraq and assess the situation for me. When Muslim comes to Iraq

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40 and 40,000 people look to him as a massive number of people. 40,000 people like a petition, they put their names down, come to Iraq sign Mohammed with sign Ahmed sign, sorry, come to Iraq, we will support you when he got to Iraq. And he said we use the 40,000. They told us to come only 12,000 of them came out only 12,000. But still 12,000 is a lot. So he wrote back to her saying this is all in the data. He writes back to her saying in Macedonia and how much mean that the people of Iraq is 12,000 of them. If you were to come to Iraq, they will support you. And Hussein must decide do I go to Iraq? Oh, no, he's not sure. Eventually he makes up his mind. And obviously, he makes an Etihad

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as well. Now, this is the difference between us and other groups. We look at the decision. And we can say now 1000 years later, maybe that wasn't the right decision. But without a doubt, we see the Nia was sincere. We can say Omar we are on the line. You shouldn't have maybe appointed your son but we understand your reason was sincere. You didn't want to civil Hussein, you did not intend to go and martyr yourself and diet Karbala you intended to solve a problem to fix a problem to resolve a civil war. You didn't want to cause a civil war. So you left with a right knee sincere Nia, this is what we say about the Sahaba that the inside was sincere. What happens afterwards is in the hands of

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Allah subhanaw taala. So for saying that the LM makes a decision, I'm going to go and I'm going to go to to Iraq, and I'm going to assist the situation. Meanwhile, what's happening in Kufa, what's happening in Iraq is very different. When Yazidi years that a man that Muslim, the cousin of Hussein has gone to Iraq to get support, he sends his own governor. It's just one man with about 17 other people, not an army. He thinks he's governor and a very this man is a horrible person. And maybe the name is not important. Lady livens yet, so this is the governor of your seat. He goes to Iraq to go and resolve the situation and make sure that the people don't fight and using not an army using

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bribes, using threats using simple pressure. The people of Iraq really collapse. And when Muslim actually calls the people of Iraq outcome lets you

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You see new stuff with support, as you said, you're gonna support for saying, Come out and let's challenge the government. Let's challenge this governor of the 40,000 only 4000 respond.

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So Muslim are these 4000 men go to the palace or go to the center with a governor was like a protest. They went there to protest to say we don't approve of this yazeed being legitimate. We should have a discussion. This is not the right they didn't come with guns and weapons and stuff like that. They came we should the owner will Matura the Sahaba could speak back to the prophets of Salaam they could tell the prophets of Salaam Yasuda Lhasa Salah, we don't agree with you on this, should we do that? But if you if you declare something we accept, but it's an issue of debate, Who should we choose? They open So who are you is it that we cannot debate and discuss this issue openly

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with Quran and Sunnah. So these 4000 men go to the governor remember there were 14 now the 4000 and they stand outside the palace of the governor literal time. By the time he gets to market if there aren't any not not even 30 of them lift. Yes, he eats governor bribes takes a few of them. So context the family members, tell your son to leave tell you, your uncle to leave. I'm going to give you so much money. If you don't, I'm going to erase this one. So out of the 4000 men of Kufa, not even 50 of them are left time of marriage. And now, the government the police is looking for Muslim. This man that came at the because of the people of Kufa and they will sit there we're gonna support

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him. He's left alone, and he's on the run that evening he's on the run. The police is looking for him and the people of Kufa, whose names he had laters he said, Yeah, you wrote me the letter Hide me now said no, don't come into our house. They lift him outside. No one wants to protect him and the men and this is his family. The prophets of Salaam family of Hussein was left without any support. Only an old lady to come in. She felt sad for him. And then her son betrayed her his mother. The boy of the house, told the police My mother has taken Muslim Infinity Ward obviously for price and they took Muslim and they took him and arrested him. Hussein doesn't know any of this stuff. Last he

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heard 40,000 people called me 12,000 people came out Iraq is waiting for me and he decides to leave Medina he has no idea that Muslim has been arrested and that's why I'm saying that it Alon and against we don't you know from other groups and they can say as they please Rasulullah saw Salam did not walk into a herd knowing is going to be a defeat. You wanting to bother not knowing if it's gonna be a victory or loss. How would any other person if Rasulullah saw Salam did not know which way a battle would go, whether he lives or dies? How would any other person know if Russell Wilson didn't know Hussein had no clue? No idea why because he's human. Nothing wrong, nothing insult to

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say, saying that. Ilan didn't know whether he would live or die. Other groups will say he knew he was going to die and he knew he was gonna die at Karbala. Allah. This is not something which Allah Allah says, In the Quran, you do not know in which land you will die is one of the one of the hidden things Allah says in the Quran. No person knows when and where he's going to die, belongs to Allah alone. The knowledge belongs to Allah, saying that the Alon didn't go on a suicide mission. He went to genuinely believe the people of Kufa are going to support him. Anyway, Hussein is on his way to Kufa Meanwhile, in Kufa, Muslim has been arrested for saying that anyone's cousin and naturally

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sentence is this, the governor that we said this guy, the mayor, the governor was a horrible person. He didn't want to have any dialogue and a lot of what we have today is on his head, because he arrested this man and he said, we're gonna execute, you know, discussion. And as they're about to execute him. This is the ninth of the ledger. So for one month he was in Kufa. A month later his wrist is about to be basically on the day of alpha, the ninth of the ages, the day of alpha, they execute Muslim. So it's a month before Karbala. Hussein is still on his way to Iraq, a month before the events of Karbala. They put Muslim on the tower. And how did they execute him they threw him off

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the highest tower in Kufa. And while he was standing there, they're all you know, like, naturally any last words? And his last words were basically before the Kalam obviously was to say, the people of Kufa, I blame you. You told me to come, you convince me to come and angry and this is all on your head. And he said, Tell Hussein not to come. I asked you I beseech you tell Hussein not to come to you people.

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And then he was executed.

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As we're saying, Alon is on his way leaving towards Kufa and it must also remain true with a number of his closest family members and closest friends and colleagues and other Sahaba did not join him. And they told him again understand this. These are not

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Even ambia make HD head. They don't know which decisions to make. They make a judgement based on the base near and make, like in every battle, the provinces will take a strategy. Sometimes it would work. Sometimes they would be traps, even the prophets of Salaam and the Sahaba that left when they walk into a trap they didn't know. So some Sahaba said to in fact the majority of them said to her saying, we don't think you should go to Kufa. We don't think that this is the correct opinion. We know you're sincere. We know we thought about money and power. You are going to Kufa to fix the oma. But we don't think this is the right choice. amongst the people that told him to stay was Abdullah

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even a bus now who's up to live in our bus liberate?

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the uncle of an abyssal salams son is great, so happy I believe in a bus. I have a cousin of Hussein. amongst the people that told her say not to go was Muhammad Al Hannah Thea Hussein's brother, his own brother Hassan had passed away. This is his other brother segnale son. He told him my brother, don't go, I'm not going to go with you. Don't go to Kufa the people of Kufa, you contrast him, the people of Kufa are corrupt, don't go to them. But Hussein felt that this is the best thing I could do. And he continues to go save normally the son of the librarian when it comes to him and also tells him it's probably the last man to speak to her saying before he leaves, he

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goes all the way from Medina to market to meet him. And Omar is one of the at this point in time is probably the most learned Sahaba all of them is the most senior Sahaba all of them. And he sees your grandfather, Mohammed salsa lamb had already chosen that his family will not be kings hellebuyck will never be kings, the prophets of Salaam. Why? Because then avviso salam was given the choice of Allah before he died. You can be a king and then die, and then go to Jenna. So the Prophet said, No, he doesn't want kingship. And this choice he didn't make only for himself. He made it on behalf of his entire family. The family of Mohammed Salah will never be kings. So Abdullah bin is of the life

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and Armand said to her saying this, just understand your grandfather already chose for you that this is not you will never be kings, not that he wanted kingship, but the leadership, he will not the family of the prophet SAW Salem will not be tainted with the force of leadership.

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So, assign still felt the best thing for me to do is the people of Kufa have invited me I'm going as a guest. I'm not going with an army. He took his family, his daughters, his wives, his sister. He took them all with the sisters Xena is the sister between Fatima Sonali and Fatima he didn't have only has a nursing they had two other daughters. Zainab is the daughter, meaning mother and father Ali and Fatima. And then another daughter uncle soon was married to say knowledge Anima Xena was with and Hussein with 100 people, all of them are debate, blood of Rasulullah saw Salah go towards Iraq, not expecting what would unfold only as the reach closer to Iraq only when they get close to

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Iraq, does the news reach limb that Muslim has been executed and the people of Kufa has now

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turn treacherous that they're not going to support you go back to Makkah. But before he can go back to Makkah, Hussein wants to go back to Makkah, the halifa yazeed already sent a group, an army, a group of soldiers mean for jihad, to beseech them to block them off. So now the family of Hussein and 100 people that came with amongst them is the sons of Muslim sons of Muslims or the father just got executed. They want to know, let's you know, let's continue going on. And so we believe the people of Iraq will stand up. So we believe the people of Iraq will support us yet. This group of soldiers beseech Hussein, and for basically a week, they don't allow for sine and his family and

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debate to drink any water to have any food. And Hussein writes a letter to the governor and since to the governor, look, give me three choices. three choices, either allow me to go back to Makkah, I will take my family, and we'll go back to Mac and we'll leave this issue. All let me go to yazeed. Personally, did me go speak to the halifa personally, and I'll discuss this matter with him. Or if none of that is fine with you, then take me and put me on the frontier. Let me fight Jihad with me die in jihad. Right? These are three very reasonable things he's asking. But this young governor who was arrogant, he said, No, you will come basically on your knees, and you will take my hand and

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humble yourself before me. Now this is the grandson of the prophets of Salaam, no way. Is he going to do that? No way is he going to sell his Iza and his honor for this corrupt governor. So he said that I can't do that. I can't do an rpp to do that. So the governor said if you're not going to do that, then it's then it's the sword. You only have those two choices. Come on your knees. Basically kiss my hand, baby.

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For you and it in front of the people, all the sword you choose for censored I can't do the first so whatever must be must be, but it's up to you to do and the soldiers. The main who add besieged Hussein and his family, they did not want to fight. They even when Salah time came, and it was Muslims, we were talking Muslim Muslim, and Salam came, they would make Hussein the Imam and they would stand behind him in Salah because they knew who this man was the grandson of the prophets of Salaam. And they even said to the governor, we came to fight jihad against enemies of Islam. Now you want us to kill the grants of the province of Salaam, this we're not going to do. So the governor

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found a thug, a man who only cared about money, his name shouldn't be remembered. But anyway, if you want to know he's Amy Schumer, even the Schumer got the stock and said you go and do basically what no other man would do and kill the grandson of Professor solemn and so on the events of the 10th of Muharram. As we said, after a week in the in the heat in the desert in the middle of the desert, no food. They were babies in the camper for saying women and babies who couldn't bring a sign ask them your problem is with me. But what is this infant six month old baby do? What did he do? Why can't he drink and the women Why can't they drink? So Hannah law against the pagans of Jamelia, the

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Rasulullah saw solemn cave the honor and is it the prisoners of war? This is family of Nabisco Salim and he said to them, you know, you know you preventing me from drinking? I hope you have an answer for my grandfather on piano. When you must drink from the well of the prophets of Solomon piano.

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Nonetheless, the soldiers eventually after, after the people of Hussein tried to get to the river tried to drink was about to die of thirst. One by one, they got killed. The main the main focus of alibi, the sons of Hussein, the sons of Hassan, the uncles, the grandsons, one by one, this is the blood of rasuwa Sallam being killed, only the women being spayed. And no one installed it no one wanted to fight, per se, is that that we can't do until this guy she made himself. He did the blow and viola killed Hussein on the 10th of Muharram. And that wound cause the muscular we have today fighting in Syria, in Yemen, in Iraq. From that point in time, this almost split at the base of the

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sign on the line. Only one of the entire all the males, about 60 of them died and elevate. Only one male survived he was sick. And this has become the son of Satan or seen as evil Abilene or the lion. Great, great, great man. So in Aberdeen, the son of proceeding down the line. He was the only person that survived that the only male that survived the day of Karbala

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when they died, and they were killed. Not even the dignity, the soldiers. These thugs they didn't bury the dead. Even the prophets of Salaam buried Abuja, unbothered. They didn't bury the bodies of the debate of the grandson of the prophets of Salaam and they mutilated the body of Hussein, and they took his head and they sent it to Kufa and paraded in front of the people. And as the aide stood, the governor starts smacking the face of the face of or saying that the lawn is smacking the face and you look at him, like Panama. And once a hobby was an old man stood up and he said, well, like you're hitting a place that I saw countless times the lips of Rasulullah Salah kiss those lips,

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how many times in the middle, those lips.

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And this basic as governor was about to execute this old sahabas and throw him out of the mansion. And this event, you know, after this event, this is what happened. Eventually a tribe of Arabs came and they buried the people of Karbala. So forsaken is buried in Karbala. Now, you know why Karbala is literally the body of procedure of the lawn is situated along with the members of Hussein's family. And this of course, hurt the whole motto Today we speak about it weird because this is the man that the property loved his cancer and he loved him so much. The professor says I'm leaving two things. There's a very important look after them. When I go look after the Quran. And look after my

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family, they will always be together up until the day of judgment. And the professor said that Hussein is a piece of me.

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Like the killing gonna be Saddam Hussein is a piece of me and I love the one Allah loves. May Allah loves the Prophet. Allah loves the one who loves Racine, and Hussein is my grandson's panel after this event, what happened afterwards and who do we blame and how do we analyze this and what do we do? after this event, the people of Kufa who told him to come and we didn't come out. They were only a few 100 soldiers. We were the 40,000. That's it to come. And if they just spent on him, they could have drowned them, but they will cowardly. They didn't do anything.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:11

They watched as this happened. So they take the biggest blame. And a few years off this event, the guilt stayed with him. A few of them going to the grave of Racine two, three years later, and they started

00:30:13 --> 00:30:58

hitting themselves and smacking themselves. Why out of punishment for letting Hussain down and they call themselves the terroir being the painters those who make Toba and from that event, Shiism emerged a religion with a theology based on the events of Karbala, and making the love for Hussein became exaggerated. The same way the love of Nabhi Isa became exaggerated into a new belief, the same way exists of emotion can take you off the track, that you don't show your love by beating yourself. We don't show our love in neurobiological processes. by beating ourselves how do we show our love by following the Sunnah by living like him? This is not the way of the family, even the son

00:30:58 --> 00:31:38

of Hussein didn't beat himself on the anniversary of the death of his father if his son didn't do that. And he says he didn't do that. Why are you doing that? So after this event, and we can look at 1400 years later, who do we blame? Without a doubt we blame yazeed because after Hussein would die, it wouldn't end Hussein would die, then Medina would be attacked, and the people of Medina would be killed and the Messiah would be attacked and the Kaaba itself would be destroyed. The Kaaba itself will be demolished, obviously got rebuilt Alhamdulillah but this would this one even cool so many other other other bad events. And just because time is running out, what lessons do we learn? And

00:31:38 --> 00:31:48

what do how do we go forward in the 21st century, 1400 years later? Number one, the story of oppression and corrupt leaders is here today.

00:31:49 --> 00:32:29

And we need to be very, very careful how we deal with him. Because an action could actually make a worse reaction. But we could go out and replace a bad leader with something worse, and it can cause even bigger threat. And that's why it's called fitna fitna means confusion means a taste. We don't know what's the right thing to do. This issue of yazeed being the new halifa we don't know what to do, should we support should we fight? Should we keep quiet? What do we do? We don't know. Sahaba didn't know each Sahaba took a different approach. So we live in times of fitna, and your one action can cause a huge, huge problem. So don't be very quick and hasty. Don't be young and rush and say,

00:32:29 --> 00:33:11

well, we just shoot them because we don't like them. We just attack them or Facebook, bash them. Don't do that. Understand, think about it very, very carefully. And again, the dangers of corrupt leadership is one of the tests and signs of gamma that in a time one bad leader did all this Miss. We have hundreds of bad leaders 1000s of bad leaders final worse than that. And we see the splitting of the metal today. And And sadly, you'll find that people have taken this issue and have gone to extremes and sadly, the biggest hedge in the Muslim Ummah is going to be now the 10th of Muharram to the grave of more people will go to the grave of Hussein to make sure jute and toe have been subdued

00:33:11 --> 00:33:48

and tawaf around the Kaaba. Now we say you love for saying, This is not love. This is against the Sharia of Allah subhanho wa Taala this goes against our VEDA. Similarly, as we said, the lafoon Ibiza is not what NaVi Isa wanted. What we see happening in Christianity is not love for NaVi Isa, but rather it has been changed and corrupted. And we find even massages here they will build a little box that looks like Karbala, and they will carry it and they'll put money in it no mcdouall towards it. This is without a doubt against the Sharia. We can't be diplomatic and nice Haram. And it might even be sure

00:33:49 --> 00:34:32

that this thing angers Allah subhanaw taala doesn't please Allah. And we asked a simple question. The son of Hussein, the sister of Racine, the wife of Hussein, did she beat herself? Did she go to his grave and make her laugh? Did she make a box like his cupboard and look at it every time? Did they do that? No, they were at Karbala. They were they they were at Karbala. They love him more than we love him. They didn't do these things. So these things really come from within come from them. Where did it come from? And the last point I want to make the biggest blame is on the people of Kufa who saw something wrong and they had the power to fix it and they did nothing. We see things wrong.

00:34:33 --> 00:34:59

And we have the power to fix it. But when we sit back, all of us we are the biller accountable and punishable by law protects us and our leader by law protect us and our sin our loved our prophets are solemn, and grant us to love him and his family. It's an Amana test for us. We have to look after the Quran and his family and the sooner as the professor's have instructed us, I mean, so be safe inshallah. And don't avoid avoid sectarianism. Don't Facebook, bash and chat and all

00:35:00 --> 00:35:13

This incredible don't go speak on those things educate yourself listen to a lecture she acid quality and don't involve yourself in these kind of debates but protect yourself and your family. I mean what sort of last name Mohammed Ali Osama Selena handler, blood amin Assalamu alaikum.

A historic retelling of the tragic events that lead to the martyrdom of Husain ibn Ali (RA) grandson of the Prophet (SAW)

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