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How do we learn from the shutdown? rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Ali he was mine my beloved brothers and sisters Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen was if we will begin with the praise of Allah Masha Allah Allah Allah Allah will testify that this then worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and we send our love greetings salutations. So beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam despise his pure family, his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah subhanaw taala bless us to be amongst them in the dunya in the after. Meanwhile, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah

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we can we put our series on pause. And last week we're talking about the campaign's of harder than the leader of the Alliance and the battles against the Persians. But we putting that series on pause and inshallah next week, we'll continue because we have our own battles and our own fight that we need to deal with now. And subhanAllah. Today's topic is about South Africa, that all of us are in the midst of a wall. And we are on the front lines, where our lives are at stake. And this is, of course, the lowest state that we living in the lawlessness and the crime pandemic that we live in, in this country. We all heard last week of the sad slaying of the holiday Rahimullah grantees my

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place in Jannah. And that is just one saga. One incident of an ongoing cycle of crime violence, and a targeting now, of Muslim people. Why this crime is a little bit more heinous is that it was premeditated, in the middle of daylight in the work of Juma in the front of six, seven eyewitness on camera, no mosque, targeting a Muslim person.

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Now there are some of our community that goes daily through gunshots and violence. Sometimes we might even say this collateral damage and every death is unnecessary. Every death is a crime against humanity. But what makes this a little bit more heinous is that it is targeted against a specific community, our community and what I wanted what I almost imagined. Now, every week we find a new Muslim business person, a new Muslim person being targeted, Mullah protect is a spreadsheet of names of targets, because it's weekly that this is happening. There's a spreadsheet of names of Muslim people who is going to be next targeted and Allah Allah, whose name is on these our names on the

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list, must we need to stand up and speak out against this? Just looking at the statistics for 2022 Can you believe that will in six days in oil in September, from the fifth to the 11th of September 83 murders in Cape Town 83 murders, as more like 15 murders a day in Cape Town? That is unheard of in other parts of the world. If you look at every statistic, murder rate, hijacking home invasions, up 20% from last year, crime is escalating to a level that is you know, unheard of. The only thing growing faster than crime is the petrol price smells from predictors. And if you look at, if you Alhamdulillah have not been directly harmed by crime, and I think everyone sitting here has been a

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victim of crime. You know, you're lucky if nothing, no one is hurt to something was taken from you. But if you're very, very lucky that you weren't harmed or your property wasn't taken, then just the lack of security, the fear that you live in, makes every single one of us a victim. And when they did, when they did a census

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75% of this country does not feel safe to walk out that night. Only 17% have any confidence that our legal system and our police have efficient are able to solve the problem. So we have lost hope in our government. We have lost hope in our police services, we have lost hope in our courts. And the very basic job of any government, the first thing you do as a government is you need to provide security for your people. That's the first job if you can't do that, then you really should not be there. And so our country, if you look globally, we are the third most lawless country in the world. There are more killings and murder and rape in this country, that there are countries that are in

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civil wars panela countries that are

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in the midst of a war, like Ukraine, for example, this country tops those countries in terms of murder and killing Subhan Allah, Allah protect us. That's what we living in. And so we are in the midst of a war. We are in the midst of a serious, serious problem. And what makes it even, as I said worse on all of these things, the the attitude and the nature of the criminality as I said these crimes are done in broad daylight. We have video footage. Last week we saw our our brother, Bangladeshi brother being forced into a vehicle put on camera, no mosques nowadays.

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We saw this murder last week on camera eyewitnesses. No mosques. Nobody's so if you as a criminal No, I can kill someone in the middle of the street. 11 o'clock the morning. I can have six people that see me. I can have it on my face on camera all over social media, and nothing's gonna happen to me. What stops me from do

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without any, any kind of what is to determine them, either either our police services are in on it, or they are they are complicit, or they are hopelessly, hopelessly useless panela.

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We know in our areas where the gangsters are, who the drug dealers are, you can ask the schoolchildren, where's the merchant? They'll point it out, but a policeman can't find them. spamela What is going on? What is the problem in our country? And we find the same when you look at the people that are sitting on trial, they have been the done that so many times repeat offenders, how many times was your murder, and right before you get taken out from society,

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we are reaping the the harms of an ideology that goes against Allah subhanaw taala. There is a philosophy and there's a group of enlightened academic people who speak about the rights of criminals and the rights of of everybody. And they think they are more enlightened. And they talk when they read about the Quran. They read about the laws of disaster, the Quranic law of an iPhone icecool the laws of SOS, they famously say like Mothma, Gandhi said that the law of an iPhone I leave all of us blind, we must leave this barbaric backward way. Is this really the enlightened society that they thought? Were children are stolen out of school out of their homes? We none of us

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would they allow a woman to walk from here to the shop, because she might be molested, and people must worry if they go into work, they might be shot, every house must have burglar bars, electric fences, alarm systems, the amount of money we're spending Subhanallah to protect ourselves, the billions and billions that all of us are spending, you know, it is enough to serve as an entire army Subhan Allah, we look at the guidance from Allah. And Allah subhanaw taala mentions the first killing of hobbylink kabhi lui the son of Adam killed his brother, and then Allah said, mean actually Malik because of that, because of this murder, and Allah wants to he he wants you to

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understand by killing one of the first people you killed from his lineage, how many children how many generations would have come from him all of that has come to an end mean actually Dalek. Allah says Khattab now we wrote an ebony Alaba nice Raji upon the children of Israel and of course unto mankind and no human kata and a person who ever killed a single person person beheading I've seen without the just goes oh facade and fill out any cause mischief in the land for Canada NEMA Katara NASA Jamia then he says if though he has killed every single person, every murder is a crime against not just that family or against the victim. It's a crime against humanity. Every time innocent blood

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is shed, whether it's Muslim non Muslim blood, it is a crime as if though that murderer has killed us. And Allah subhanaw taala will hold them to account we know that off the sheikh. The most severe crime in the sight of Allah used to shed the blood of a person. It says even though he has killed all of humanity, and women and whoever saves their life, but God nama ins Jamia whoever saves their life helps people it's as if though you have saved all of humanity. Well, then Allah subhanaw taala mentions But mankind continues to transgress. And then Allah says in the machismo, Latina, Johari boon, Allah, this is important if Allah says that any person who terrorize us who wants to wage war

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and this is not in fighting in terms of just fighting, it's like the people who come in, you know, heists and hijacking gangs, or whatever waging war against Allah and His Rasool warriors, I want to fill out of the facade and you cause mischief in the land, you cause harm to people. Then what is the what should we do to them? What should we do to the gangs? So let's find out I'm not speaking Allah is saying, what should we do to the gangsters? The criminals the syndicates, what should we do to them? Allah says and yeah to do they should be killed. Oh, you saw liberal or crucified? Oh, Dakota. Oh, ad.

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laughing Oh, we cut their hands and the feet are from one side or the other. Oh, you unfulfilled. Oh, and we kicked them out of our country. This Allah so that's how you treat criminals. This is the justice with Allah subhanaw taala there Nicola homezone dunya and that is the penalty in the dunya what Oh, Phil after him and in the Akira, they will get the real punishment. That Allah saying small what they're going to get? Yeah, small, what we're going to give them in the Africa is severe.

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And we know that Allah subhanaw taala this law of kisses, what you do to someone must be done to you. If you Subhan Allah we say if you know we talk about the rights of the murderer, what about the rights of the murdered?

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If I still tend to read I must pay back the victim at least in when you take a life you must pay her for life. And so Allah says yeah, you wonder Lina I'm an overview of Eman quotevalet Human Resource. Allah says I have made compulsory on you the law of retribution Philip Kotler in murder, and horrible Hadith whether you are a free man Well, Abdullah, oh, you're a slave. Well, the audio lady for Lady kills today doesn't matter. There's no gender discrimination. Yeah, everyone. This law applies to everybody, the president or the slave, everyone is going to pay the same price. But from an off era whom in occasion, Allah also makes an allowance that you can the victims can forgive you

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that there is an allowance in the Sharia for the victims to forgive when marijuana and lie if son and they pay blood Monica, they play money that he could be from in robic Omarama and Allah says I've allowed an element of forgiveness in the from Allah subhanaw taala.

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In the next ayah Allah says now this is a severe either in terms of cutting of hands and taking out eyes and crucifying Bob, he gets a bit severe. And Allah understands that and so he says to you and me what a conflict is horsey higher and in this day is like for you. This is not to kill people. This is not to execute people. This is so that you may or live a safe life. Allah says look at the IRS primer, one are confused. He says hi yah, yah, Alibaba, people of understanding La La Quinta Techwin. For you people who have internet, if you really had a brain, you will see that this is for the betterment of humanity. Allah subhanaw taala takes no joy in bringing retribution, but he

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prescribes the lowest because he knows. And we in some way, in some way, in a way even the Sahaba could not have seen. We see the truthfulness of the Quran. We live in a country where they think they're smarter than Allah, where they abolish the laws of Allah to put their own laws because they're more advanced. And then we see the repercussions. You can't even walk out in the road. And as Allah said, if you listen to me, it will be life for you. There might be a few that will be executed, and they deserve to be executed, but the millions of lives that will be saved the children and that will be spayed. The freedom that all of us would would enjoy. How do you compare the two?

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And so

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in this, one of the benefits in this whole calamity, is once again we see the HAC and the truthfulness of the Sharia, that Allah subhanaw taala has given us a way in which we should live our life that Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us a recipe for success and whenever we deviate whenever we think we know better, we will just have misery in this dunya and let alone the misery in the akhira. And also, if we imagine the severe if these laws are so severe, in the Quran, say to anyone who's doing these things, can you imagine the punishment that is waiting in the afternoon Hannula you cannot escape you can escape the justice you in the dunya. But you will only pay with interest

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on the day of piano, you'll only pay with so much more severity on the day of Kiama and the sight of Allah. The first thing that the salam spoke about on Hajj after he spoke about not committing ship with Allah was what, do not shed blood. Do not kill anyone every drop of blood is more sacred, he said, then this place Maccha more sacred than the Kaaba, more sacred than the hijab more sacred than Arafa is one drop of blood in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala another Hadith and Sunnah said, it is easier, it is less of a sin to destroy the Kaaba brick by brick into shed innocent blood SubhanAllah. We can we imagine that? If we saw someone demolishing the Kaaba, what would we do? How

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would we react, but we see people being killed and murdered. This is a greater tragedy in the in the state of Allah.

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All of this Subhanallah is something which is not new to us. We know this. We know this. And we know that we living under constant crime. But as I mentioned in the beginning, why this is a bit more serious. Why this this specific spate of murders and kidnapping is more severe, is because it is targeted against a Muslim community that is targeted against us.

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There is something comforting of crime that happens that is not premeditated. And you find even in the in the in the courts. A murder that happens without premeditation is not as severe as someone who worked out a plan a strategy, how we're going to murder this person kidnapped this person. And the criteria. One of it is that he's Muslim.

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He's Muslim.

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And that means all of us Subhanallah have a target on our backs. And we see this week after week. Every week. It's somebody new. I was a director when when we as a community are being attacked. It is our Dean as being attacked. And specifically we know it is our business people that are being attacked, it is our business people that are being attacked. Now.

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You need to understand that if you look at the tin Sahaba that will promise Jana, the national budget the best of the best. One of the things that had in common occurred at the onset northmen set up a fund and one of them they were of the business people of the time, because Allah subhanaw taala uses the people that he has given wealth and given a certain feabhra Obviously they acquired the wealth because they have some kind of

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organizational skills to further his Deen. In many it is part of our deen that, like you take Malaysian Indonesia, no Mujahid no army came to conquer that land Islam spread through those countries through business and trade. And there is a link between honest business people who pay these aka who contribute to the machine, the betterment of the deen and the forwarding of Islam. And similarly when you attack that community and that community

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He becomes under threat and that community either leaves or is removed, you'd find that Islam also disappears. And you have many, many African countries. If you go through the African continent, you'd find many kinds of Malawi, for example, Malawi, was a Muslim majority country not too long ago. And with over a few decades, it has become a minority. One of the reasons for that, why, because our buys our,

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you know, brothers at work, they have the shops, they packed up, and they left Malawi. And when the business people pick up,

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not only do they pack up, and they leave the businesses, but the message that we're supporting, isn't able to run anymore. The mattresses that they were paying the salaries of the teachers, not anymore, so the kids don't get to learn Islam. And so you find infrastructure just wasting away. That is why this is so serious. That is why it is so serious, and attack on our business community. Our Muslim business community is an indirect attack on the masjid, on the orphanage on the madrasa. And if this continues, Allah protect If this continues, it's not just the loss of life that he said, and the hurt to the family. May Allah make it easy for them. But it is a an attack on our existence

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as Muslims here as a minority. And remember, we are minority. We are a minority, a small community. And if we don't take care of each other, if we don't take care of each other, no one's going to look after us. No one's going to fight for us. And many, many of our, you know, humbly love, you know, many people, they have skills and they have talents, and they have so much to offer. And when they hear these things, whether they say I'm looking to immigrate, I'm looking to leave this country. And when that with with good people leaving, that is how our legacy here, guys, we've we inherited each month, the 50 years, 50 years, and this community stood up against a lot of brutality. The Dutch

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imperialist were brought here as slaves to one guru fought against the British colonial powers fought against apartheid. It's not gonna be the drug dealers and gangsters whose is committed to these panela. We can't allow that to happen. We can't allow good people do good men and women that can contribute to the deen and forwarding Islam in this community to be pushed out of their homes, because of criminals that we cannot allow Subhanallah that we cannot allow. And so, as we said, We must do something, and we must respond. How do we respond? Now obviously, we cannot become violent and become vigilantism permissible in Islam. We can't just go out and I'm going to harm anybody.

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Obviously, you have the full right to protect yourself. It goes without saying to recklessly mean that if someone wants to harm you or your family, and in that tussle, you kill that person. This was also going to be so now what happens if someone wants to harm me? Not for the dean. He wants to harm me for my money. And you fight him to defend yourself. So how is it Now what if I kill him said he's Finnair, he's gonna go to jahannam nothing on you. Or if he kills me or Sula, then you're Shaheed you go to Jana, then you Shaheed you go to Jana. So don't ever think that we as you know we're not a pacifist, religion, religion of peace, but we believe in defending yourself. And that if And

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subhanAllah. That message must go out that if you take on this community, they're going to hit back, they're going to retaliate. They must be repercussions. There is one of the things that Allah subhanaw taala is encouraged in the Quran that you need to show your strength. You don't have to use it. But it must be known there's going to be repercussions. The criminals are cowards, but they will take advantage of easy targets. And that must that is what you hear this narrative many of the people are talking way too much a soft target. And that must change. So how do we change this? And how do we remind ourselves and everyone about Raisa one of the stories that we find in the Sierra is

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the story of the helfen football or the League of the perfumer being the League of the righteous men, and this is a beautiful, beautiful story. Before then of Islam became a nubby this incident happened the Prophet Salam was about 1819 years old young men. It was only going to be in a Viet 40 And as we know, he lived in Makkah. And people from all over Arabia came to perform hajj and umrah and so one of the people from Yemen came to to Makkah to perform Umrah and while he was there, he bought some was sold some goods to a Moroccan businessman. And the Moroccan guy said don't worry, I will pay you in hajis done, you give me the stock and I'll pay you back at the end of Hajj. So the

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guy said, Okay, no problem. I'll come and collect my money before I go back to Yemen. When the time came for him to return home. He said, you know, okay, where's my money? Last? I don't know you. Where's your paperwork? I don't know you. And I'm not gonna pay you back. So this outside of foreign a Yemeni was, you know, his heart was taken. And so what he did was he stood in the middle of the Haram by the Kaaba, and he called the people around and he said, You Quraysh you think that you are the Allah's favorite people? You are a bunch of criminals. You're a bunch of gangsters.

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You can't even pay you you abuse the court judge. And this man statement became so it upset the sane minded people in Makkah, the good people that they formed together to form this league called the Healthy fool. So all the good Buddhists, the Buddhists, and everyone, that's an honest man, that's a clever guy, that guy is someone we can trust, they came together and said, We can't allow this kind of thing in our community. And so this League was formed. And then at least Islam as a young man, he wanted to be part of that. He said, I signed me up, we are going to stand together, and we're going to call out the injustice in our community. If there's someone that cheats people, we're going to

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name and shame that person. If someone is causing harm selling, we're going to point the finger at him, we don't want you part of our community. So then at least Salem joined this, this group, this league

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50 years later, 40 years later, the enemies of conquest, Islam, and by that and all the wars happen, when he comes back to Makkah, he says, I still consider myself part of this organization, that if they had to call a meeting, now this is off these Rasulillah, I will be part of now with responded, they said, guys, we're calling a league together, who is going to support he said, I will still be part of that. And that's what we need to do. First thing, just call a meeting, every Masjid every community call a meeting, who are the people we know, in our community, the people that can offer some value. So guys, we can't allow this to continue. We can't depend on our

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structures. And just in cobbling together writing a letter, we apply some kind of pressure. Now we look take the take a book out of the Zionist lobby, for over two you can say about them, that small group has so much influence why because they organize, and they speak with one voice and they put pressure where it needs to be applied. The people on in public office, all they care about is being re elected. And all they care about is the salary and the position, you put that under threat, you will see things move, you'll see things move. So we are a powerful minority, but a powerful minority. There are some very smart people in our ranks. Some of the most educated people,

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professors, doctors, lawyers, people know the law inside out amongst us, judges, we have people Alhamdulillah with a lot of wealth, Allah has blessed him, people with a lot of energy and skills, we need to put this together and mobilize and the wishes of the message must go out that you can't harm the Muslim community. And we will sit back and allow it to remain and answered, We will stand up, we will at least at the very least Subhanallah speak out against Hadith if you see something wrong, speak out against it. And a time might come when you will take action against it. And so Subhanallah that is the first step mobilize in every single community in every single area. Whether

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it is through the masjid, whether it is through your Whatsapp group of guys. What can we do? What can we do what Hamdulillah we saw yesterday, I think it was the MTC called the Minister of policing to the MDC and the mayor of Cape Town. And just by calling them and demanding them and giving them a piece of our mind, we hope it's more than just words. That least they know how we feel. At least they know that this community has had it had enough. And if this continues in Subhanallah, things need to be escalated. And So alhamdulillah in heritage month, I remind ourselves that we've been here as I sit for 350 years, many, many people try to remove this community, they are gone. But this

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community is still here.

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Empires try to remove this community. We are still Yeah, those empires are gone. So I don't think in sha Allah, that criminals, drug dealers, gangsters kidnappers are going to, to move against this community. And if they push, yes, we may be asleep. But when this community wakes up and pushes back Subhanallah see the repercussions. So my last one to protect us, keep us safe. We offer words of condolences to all victims of crime. And I love to keep us safe. And for those who have gone through

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this kind of thing, you know, we can only make dua for them in the family. One of the sad tragedies is there was a girl that was shocked, you know, in the crossfire 17 year old brother hardest passed away.

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What's what's besides a father, dying? A parent losing a child is perhaps the most difficult thing, the most difficult, most difficulty, and just to any parent who's lost a child and especially in a violent nature, we are we take comfort in the the guy the one who was killed decision heat Alhamdulillah. So the worst thing you can experience is to bury your child. But perhaps the best thing you can experience as a parent is to know in sha Allah, my child is in Ghana, that's perhaps the best thing. And then for you who has to remain in this difficulty of the dunya we know this is your test. And this is your you know, this is what you need to do to get to Jana, because in a

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hadith could see where Allah subhanaw taala speaks to the angel of death, when the angel of death takes the child's the soul of a child and the parents still alive. And Allah asks the Angel of Death, what did you do? And then you notice it and Allah knows of course what he did to Allah knows everything. He followed the Command of Allah. Allah will ask have you taken the child of my

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slave you've taken this the soul of one of my slaves the children, and the malevolent will say yes I did. And then Allah will say to Angel the Angel of Death Have you really taken Allah emphasize it? Have you taken the apple of his eye? You know how much this is gonna hurt this man, this mother, how much you took the most beloved thing to this parent? You took it? Did you really do that allows things you know that you have this is yes, that's what I did. Yeah Allah. Then Allah says that. So what did my slave say? What did this parent then say? What did he do? And the angel of death says

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that parent was patient and they praised you. They praise you Allah. And then and they sit in la la una de la June, then Allah will say, so make it known build this person guarantee this person in Jana. This person's house is guaranteed in Jana. So out of this tragedy, we know the criminal will get the justice in the Accra 10 times more severe than the dunya 1000 times more severe, the victim inshallah is in Jannah and those who suffer and struggle through the dunya it is the and our means to enter Jannah Bismillah. Allah grant all of our safety in this dunya and Jana and the Afra and hamdulillah a few announcements. The 24th of September is as we know, heritage day, it's Friday, so

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inshallah but besides the bridegroom,

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we have such a wonderful culture and community in Cape Town. As I said, three and 50 years of so much to experience. All our friends and neighbors were non Muslims. And I must also mentioned this, that Alhamdulillah, we have the most fortunate communities in the relationship we have with our non Muslim community, our non Muslim community, we've always lived with them side by side in peace and harmony. And it's an opportunity that we are having, we want to expose them to the culture and of course, the deen of Islam. And so if you have any non Muslim friends or colleagues, we will have a program in the masjid where we will talk about Islam with the budget is a bit more too serious. Then

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we've got the exhibition centre where it's all about more the cultural side of how we got here. And of course, the tobacco as well, the cemetery. And so anyone who's interested can the slots in your register, and you can select a time slot, then, as I understand that, October would be in line with the beginning of October will be close to Molad. And of course the one of the cultural things that I'm personally for our for ladies, not for the men that I'm personally for those sisters who would like to be part of it. And then Alhambra for them in there is of course the meet and greet at the end of in the middle of October, marriage in sha Allah so we're still having spots open. If you're

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single in sha Allah, you sign up for us and you either sign up we're going to fight the gangsters or you sign up you get married you there's only that one of those two choices. There's only one of those two choices. May Allah grant you safety and either of them Amin was ALLAH, Satan and Muhammad and Islam was said in handloader blood I mean, I said Assalamu alaikum