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The shayaries were known for their bravery and ability to be true to their beliefs, and their use of cutting and cutting in behavior. The shayaries were also known for their ability to be true to their beliefs and their ability to be a true god. The importance of finding the truth and finding the truthful people to avoid confusion and embarrassment is emphasized. The speakers stress the need for common sense and being an informed layperson to avoid mistakes, and seek advice from professional experts and people in certain areas to avoid scams. It is advised against giving up advice from advisers and being cautious when sharing information. The importance of being engaged with experts and avoiding giving up your opinion is emphasized.

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Hello I'm Anna shaytaan rajim Bismillah manga Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala should have been one city and Satan them Hamid Milani. He also remain beloved brothers, Sudan when it comes to La Habra cattle.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen always we will begin with the praise and thanks of Allah subhanaw taala and sure to Allah, Allah and Allah will testify that there is none worthy of worship, besides Allah subhanaw taala always saying I love creating sanitation. So beloved Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam, who is pious and his pure family, his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah subhanaw taala bless us to be amongst them to be steadfast in the Sunnah of Nabina Muhammad SAW Salam in this life and to be in the 20s companionship in general for those meanwhile, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah

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It is a story as old as time itself, where one person scams and other person one person cheats and deceives another person way Subhanallah right from the beginning of time, we have this and it repeats itself over and over. And I see the eyes smiling at the topic, influencers and swindlers and Subhanallah we live in an age just to give you some context, we we live in an age of deception. The name that Jal digelar is actually to deceive. The gel is called the deceiver the swindler right and he will also be the greatest influencer and the Grammys and talks about a time but as you get closer to Kiama, you would not know what is truth from falsehood, you would not know what is the right from

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wrong. And even the smartest of people, the most guided of people can be duped can be deceived. In fact, when it comes to the gel, no one is safe from his deception. And as we get closer to that point, it will become harder and more difficult to ascertain truth from falsehood. And today Inshallah, we're going to talk about some advice. Some guidance says, How do we protect ourselves from deception? How can we sift through the truth from the falsehood? As I said, this, this problem goes all the way back to the very beginning even is the original swindler, the original deceiver. We know the story of NaVi Adam Alayhis Salam and if you're following our series on Thursday evenings of

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start from scratch, we began the story of NaVi Adam, we know all of us, you know, from nanny from Granny's lab, that maybe Adam and how well they were placed in Jana, they were allowed to live freely in Jannah. But they were forbidden from eating from a specific tree. Allah Subhan Allah said, everything you have in Jana is for you, you can do and come as you please. But this tree, don't go near to it, avoid it. At the same time, shaitan was still around. Allah had not caught him out yet. And so shaytaan could interact with Adam and Hawa. And so Allah says in surah Allah are off for what's what's Allahumma so she thought and began speaking to them whispering to them.

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Liuba Dlo Houma ma Huria and Houma mean so RT Hema you first began to and this the nakedness. And it's amazing that Subhanallah inna shaytaan is a PR genius, a marketing genius. He understands that whenever you want to sell something, six is a very good way of getting you the you want to sell a toothpaste, you put a naked woman next to it And subhanAllah that's that piece of gum bubblegum. And so shaytaan slowly, gradually got him to become aware of the differences, the nakedness and he continuously whispered to them in a very sweet, soft ways soft voice, what color and then he came with him with a proposition the deal of the century that the once in a lifetime opportunity, what

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color man or how coma or Abu coma and have the schedule? He said to them,

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don't you? Why do you think Allah doesn't want you to eat from this tree? I'm going to tell you something that Allah has been keeping from you. I'm going to tell you something that you video and the angels don't want you to know. I am your advisor. I know what you don't know and I'm going to tell you a secret. Allah has forbidden you from this Illa except and takuna Malika Molokini that out that if you eat from this, you will become an angel. You will be like Gibreel

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Oh takuna Manohar Levine or you can and it's going to give you immortality you will live forever. So, Adam and how are they realized very early on that they're not angels. And they realized that we're not immortal, we're gonna die. We are different. There's nothing like us. And so she thought and said to them, I can save you from your mortality. I can give you life eternal and I can make you an angel. If you eat from that tree.

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What Corsa Houma Illa Kuma Lemina Nasir Hain and he saw wala he saw a Leica Sam, I am indeed your sincere advisor. I am the only one that is giving you this advice. No one is being truthful. And eventually, out of desperation, out of fear. We don't know the details, but it might be that maybe it is and how they became a way that eventually we're going to leave this place. We're going to die and in the panic in the desperation, They latched on to the Sweet advice which is

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He wanted it to be true for the law firm that law Houma behavioral analysis. And so he made them to fall through his deception. He deceived them. He duped them. And of course, when they ate, they didn't find immortality. They didn't find that they became angels. In fact, they got expelled from Jana. And actually now, death they tasted death for the first time, they tasted hardship for the first time, they tasted pain. Seidel, hunger first for the first time, they had none of that in Jannah. And so they were deceived. And from that Subhanallah as we said, the rest is history. And so this is the original, the original swindle, the original

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Ponzi scheme, the original scam, and shaitan did it the same way it is being done today.

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With sweet talk, with great marketing, with really really

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sound sincere seeming advice. I'm doing it for you not for me. This is for you. Not I'm not getting benefits panela. Using telling you what you want to hear,

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and psychology of being scammed is unique it you won't get scammed to do something that you don't want. You're gonna get scammed doing something you wishes through, you want this to be true, you want this to be the bargain of the century, you want this to be once in a million opportunity. And so because you want it so much, you lose all sense of, of skeptism. And you jump into it. And as I said, as we go closer and closer to piano, unfortunately one of the hallmarks and absences, a time will come where those who have knowledge, those who are truthful will be sidelined. And those without knowledge and those who are not truthful, they will be the ones who will have all the

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platforms and responses, they shall come upon the people close to Kiama years of deception. Those Those with the age will be the age of deception, in which the liar will be believed. And the truthful one will be disbelieved where the treacherous one will be trusted and trustworthy, and considered and the trustworthy, one will be a treacherous and the real way be the the way out. None of you your name is in wavy block Gnosis the app that I'm using says the little wavy, that will be the one that will speak the most. They will have the platform's they will have millions and millions of views and subscribers. So Sahaba said, What is your way people who've never heard this term

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before? What is the ROI? So that means is these are low, ignorant, useless people, people with no substance worthless basically means worthless people, but they will have public platforms, they'll be the ones that will be influencing. There'll be the ones that will be giving the speeches, they'll be the ones that will be on the news, they will be the advisors, the people that have no credentials, no knowledge, no certification, they will be the ones that are driving public opinions behind Allah.

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We know what the Sahaba couldn't understand that the man gets the platform in the time was the most learned amongst us the best amongst us. He's the one that gives the speech to talk, even amongst even even in je s SubhanAllah. The people that gave or given the platforms were the ones who are known to be knowledgeable and poetic. Today.

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You look at the people that are in positions of power on platforms panela

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they are like the worst of us have been, really, they're way bigger than our responses. Also, before the hour comes, there'll be years of deception, in which the truthful will be disbelieved and the lie will be lived and the insignificant the useless. One will have the most say,

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and the one who has the most knowledge, and the most education and the most to give, there'll be silenced. Today Subhanallah we are taking our deen advice Mau fatawa, from way, way bigger. We are taking our medical advice, not from our doctors, not from our Alana, from the way villa, where this we are living our lives, what to what to wear, what to dress based on people that have no qualifications. We have people that are running our governments, without any substance without any qualifications without any knowledge, or even metric. In many of these cases Allah has done. So we live in this age of deception and will lie if one thing you can take from this lecture Sadaqa

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Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam that nobody saw Salam when he spoke was the truth. What he told us, the Sahaba didn't get to see it, we get to see it. And so in this age of misinformation, and disinformation sidenote, what's the difference between misinformation and disinformation? This information is deliberately giving false information to mislead if someone gave a made a mistake. Okay, you know, maybe we can forgive you for making a mistake. But today you are living in a time where people deliberately give this information they deliberately want to deceive the objective is deception, propaganda, fake news. We're entertainers and flat out liars and con artists are

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We know the names. We have them we follow them on Facebook and Instagram, and Tiktok and Twitter and whatever it is. How many of us follow Allah ma scholars, doctors, scientists

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As professionals, how many of them do we have on our Do we like to we listen to the lectures. So we are a symptom of the problem. Who are the people that we listen to? Who are the people that we take advice from? Who are the people that influences our opinion, or Allah ma move these scientists, scholars, PhD professors, although the way we look.

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And as we said, this paves the way for the German. We ask how is it possible that the German women visa speaks about when He comes, He will speak to the entire world, and people will be mesmerized by Him, and He will dupe and deceive the whole world. What he shows you will appear to be Jana, but it's Johanna. What he shows you will be life eternal, but it's deaf, and people will follow him. except a few except a very, very few, how will we do it? We are paving the way for him, we are paving the way with in the way we we the way we live our life, the way we consume information, the way the things we follow. So how do you keep yourself safe? In this information overload? You know,

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Becky, the answer of back in the day we want one answer is you stopped paying your internet bills and you cut yourself off and you live in a cave. And suppose maybe Surah Kahf is that's why then the provinces decide to rock off to protect you. And I know we're in the cave, can we can't do that. The best thing we can do is we have to engage with the global world with the big bad world out there. And we have to we have certain guidelines and rules, how we consume information, how we protect ourselves and our kids. And you know, it's not something a lot of this is common sense that if your your your teenager, wants to do a business online, your teenager wants to you know, you get to get a

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deal gets an amazing opportunity. You would say hold on, have a bit of skepticism. You need to be street smart in how these things work.

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The first thing that every

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you know, both from the Islamic perspective in terms of how do you ascertain false information and also in the secular world? How do you know the difference with fake news is to know your own limitations. Know yourself know your own blind spots, and Islamically whether it's a fatwa that you want to ask whether it's a medical advice, you want to ask whether you want to fix your car, anything we all need advice on Ask yourself these questions. Am I a layperson? Meaning Am I professionally qualified on? Am I not professionally qualified? Have I studied mechanics? Have I studied how to fix a car professionally? Even if I know a little bit this and that I'm not a

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professional. So I'm a layperson. a layperson. If you're a layperson in the dean, you haven't studied in that room. You're a layperson when it comes to medicine, you haven't studied medicine at the University. Then you need to find Allah says for consult a professional, you should not be diagnosing yourself. It doesn't matter how many YouTube videos you watched on how beetroot kills cancer, you need to go and speak to a doctor. It doesn't matter how many factoids you've read and how many YouTube videos of the shaker that check. You cannot choose a fatwa you cannot diagnose yourself, you need to go to a qualified and him present your case and let him prescribe a factor for

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I know we in a do it yourself age and maybe certain things you can do it yourself in the house, you know, fix your car and set up things. But you can't do it yourself when it comes to the deen when it comes to your finances. When it comes to your your your medical advice, even your taxes, for example, speak to professional unless you're going to be major, major problems. So if you're a layperson, and as I said what is the layperson, it is someone who has not professionally studied in that field and we are all laypeople in some arena. In fact, we are only professional in one thing, most of us were only professional one thing and there is we need to take advice. So your job before

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you make a decision is to consult a professional, if you are a professional doesn't mean an expert, but you are a professional, you've studied medicine, you're a doctor, you've studied your name, your scholar, you went professionally, your job, you now are at the level where you can actually discern between information. You can look at different different types of medicine and say, Look, this one is better than that one.

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And Arlene can say I have now very different fatawa different math hubs. I can judge which evidence is stronger. The layperson can do that.

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And so it is for the professional person to then look at the different evidences and to make a professional judgment doesn't mean they'll get it right all the time. But you are now in a position to have an opinion. And then of course above the professional is of course the expert. They are not only prescribing treatments for diseases, they are looking for new kills. They're looking for new fatawa so the allium the chef, your local Imam, he can't come up with a fatwa himself. He's not a mufti, but he can listen to the five six movies around the world, the different councils of movies, and he can say this fatwa makes the most sense. And I can choose based on the evidence as the

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arguments, I can choose which treatment which medication, I can do a prescribe it to the layperson. And so if you are, as I said on the scale if you're the expert will hamdulillah your opinion counselor

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slope. If you are the professional, then you need to defer to the expert. And if you are a layperson, then you need to link up with a professional in that field. And they will advise and you take your advice. So know your limitations. You have no right to give an opinion if you're a layperson. Also, just Subhanallah it should give you today Alhamdulillah we grow up with, you know, anyone can be everything and dream big. And, you know, your opinion counts. That's the messaging and hamdulillah it's good. But do you really think that Subhan Allah, that all the council's of dilemma, all the medical fraternity, all the financial advisors got it wrong, but you somehow looking at the

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facts watching a YouTube video? You got it right? You found out the cure to cancer, you found out the deal of the century? Without any formal training, it should actually give you some skepticism. Surely can't be that they are all the experts got it wrong, but I got it right. So you need to you alone understand this issue. You alone found hedaya. Allah had given you the guidance. Pamela, when you go against the majority, it should actually give you pause, maybe I am, you know, as they say, if you're driving down the in one and all the cars are going the other direction, chances are you going the wrong way and not the right, you're going the wrong way. Number two, the second really

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important thing is you need to have a sense a bit of common sense. And a bit of baseline knowledge.

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That it is, you know, a person that has an IQ, try to be an informed layperson in any arena or any field, right if you want to Subhan Allah if you know absolutely nothing about cause. And you know that this is famous advert where the lady comes and maybe it's been six years, the lady comes and it's got a puncture. And then the mechanic looks inside is oh, this puncture, we need to change the radiator, we need to change the you know, because you have no idea what we're talking about. So you just go with it, because you have no common sense or no baseline knowledge. Now in certain arenas, we will never have much knowledge and that's where we go to we defer to the expert, but in other

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areas, you must have some baseline knowledge in your deen, you must have some baseline knowledge or you see a hadith and say, Look, this doesn't make sense. This really is out of step with what I know of the Dean with some basic knowledge of you know, of human biology, basic knowledge of finances, and these things are very, very important to get to to really keep out some really crazy scams. So have a baseline knowledge and be an informed layperson. And the only way to do that is to read to understand and to certain classes and consult the experts.

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With a very famous psychological concept you know, when it comes to when you are an a huge I don't mean any offense but if a Janila generally I can be a J when it comes to sports, a giant when it comes to Islam, a gigantic, ignorant and uninformed

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and uninformed person would jump at sensationalization you would jump you don't want to you know what the minute the doctor is giving you a proper Bejan about medical treatments and symptoms and you switch off. But when some swindler comes and talks about how onions can cure AIDS, you're going to listen to that, because he's speaking to your sadly on your level. He's because he's bringing about useless information, and you don't have any substance in this field. It will capture your imagination, when you have no clue about money. And someone talks to you about something fantastical sensational, you will latch on to that and so understand your limitation. And so, in especially in

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this age, we our sense of right and wrong and good and bad has been so warped by the news by the information that we have you we must really doubt our barometer or compass when it comes to things and that is why Subhan Allah Surah Kahf which is the sort of the the cure the vaccine for the time of the gel. It begins by saying that this book will always be your compass, you're going to live in a time those who will mela protect lives in the time of the gel, we will not know it will be so dark you won't see ways left or right you won't be able to see your hand your Quran will be your guiding star your guiding light this thing if the Quran says this is the right thing, even though either

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that is your GPS to get you out of out of out of hardship. And you know again common sense if a deal is too good to be true. Even though you really really want this to be true that you really give you pause panela that if you go and speak to different builders to construct your house, everyone tells you to earn 10,020 1000 or whatever and someone says I can do the job 4000 rent

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you need to ask yourself why is this guy so cheap? You know there has to be a reason there's something missing doesn't sit right and so be careful. Buy one get one free. If Something's fishy about that have a trusted adviser in your in the key areas have a shift or move to a new one comes to Islam. This Imam I trust him doesn't mean I follow whatever he says but I can always check with him Jeff, I read this can you give me advice ever trusted finance guy ever a dean guy have

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finance guy a call guy has a guy that you can defer to you trust him he's got the right qualifications. And Allah says this decree income to platinum and ask the people of knowledge if you don't know check, how do I know if someone is illegitimate tickets credentials, you must have formal training, you must have gone to some university and got some paperwork behind his name. Ask others people in the field or the mechanics or the electricians what you say if I would say nice, all right, he's a good guy.

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What do other other professionals say about him? Especially in when it comes to Islam? Not only must you have all the degrees and qualifications, look at his o'clock, Dean is an extra level that must be a loved a loved knowledge. Consult broadly than a resource alum says deliberation is from Allah, the more you consult is from Allah and to act without without deliberating is from Shaytaan shaytaan wants you to act impulsively to sign up now.

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However, as we say, trusted advisor be a way of popular speech. People choose the Dean based on the most entertaining football based on the the person who has the most likes, based on the one who has the sweetest Kalam In fact, in our businesses.

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Allah Hanabusa says that some of speech is like see her like magic, like it can be with you. That sweet speech can be with you. Because you so much one two year this thing is telling you what you want to hear. And that's the art of scamming shaitan. He wants his telling Adam and however they want to hear, and then he gives them an answer which agrees with him. And so they give into the Hawa. So be very, very careful, especially with the dean, that you do not get influenced by the liars and the way before because of how many likes they have. Because of how many how entertaining they hook bizarre. It should be based on knowledge and facts.

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Right at times of uncertainty, if you really don't know, remember, as I said, rule, rule number two, have your trusted advisor. That's why if you don't know stick to your madhhab we know the madhhab 99% is going to be right. You know your doctor that you've been with for the last 20 years, he's been giving you good advice all your life. If you're unsure, go to your advisor. Don't give up the advice of your trusted Imam Doctor through because on some Facebook, or some YouTube video. Where are you getting your information from? Ask yourself if you get a hadith if you get some via and where does it come from? Where you're getting your medical advice, you should not be getting your

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medical advice from Facebook guys. You shouldn't be getting your financial advice from tick tock shouldn't be getting your dean advice from social media. The real way is to interact and engage with the expert to get if someone is giving you information. Someone tells you this mechanic is amazing. Ask him Do you have experience with that mechanic? Did you go on that holiday? Did you go through that process? Is it No, no. I heard then you realize oh, oh, this is where it's coming from. If you don't have personal experience with that. Don't Don't do marketing. And other say I heard that this buta is a good electrician. But he didn't do my electrical work. But if you say he did my electrical

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work, did a good job paid him honestly, then I can say from my experience, at least as a primary source, not a secondary is not hearsay,

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in every arena know who the authorities are. So in the dean, for example, at hamdullah, we have a MJC. You can always go to your authority and say, Look, I got this fatwa I got what do you say give me advice. Make sure you're not out to stick with your authorities. In Islam, like in any other arena, if there's a majority view, stick to the majority view versus the minority view. Go to Alama councils go to doctors, counsels rather than loan doctors loan alums again. It's very unlikely that one doctor got it right. And the 100 doctors on the council got it wrong, or that all of them are corrupt. All of them are being paid by the gel. Unlikely unlikely it's most likely this one scholar

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made a mistake.

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What is the UN always asked the agenda of these people? What do they want? Why are they giving me this deal of the century? Where is it coming from? Fact Check whenever you get information today Subhan Allah check the facts, check the stats, you get a video. Look what's happening in this country. Allah you don't even know what it is you just forward and send it Allah says in the Quran. Oh, you people have Eman? Yeah everything that I'm going to include into injure accom if a farsi comes to you, whenever you have any news with any deal with any Hadith, whatever, but RBU then check those in that information. list you harm a person yourself or others out of your ignorance. You need

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to check the facts and that is why hamdulillah one of the things we do here at Bronto we release this these footpaths on paper. So if I give you a hadith and many people have let you do that you said this hadith is no reference we can I find that you need to check the finer detail. This is your deen this is your your soul is at stake. That medical advice many people say the experts say which experts give me the details. The stat says that this country the vaccination is so good. Well I want to see the numbers for myself are so bad. I want to see the numbers from

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Myself, check the facts check where this video comes from the news, you have to have the check the facts being checked and SubhanAllah. You know we develop this concept. We had this concept of an snad, a chain of narrators, when people said when we saw some said X, Y and Zed scholars, Imam Bukhari and them said, We are your chain of narrators. Give me your evidence. I'm not saying you're a liar. I'm not saying but you need to give me evidence, give me the facts. And we Subhanallah when Ummah, the champion, this cause of fact checking information. As I see, as we've said, So many times we we have forward as received, if you don't know, and you just seen it on you did it, you didn't

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consult your expert, you're not an expert in the field, you didn't fact check. You don't know where this comes from, then you should not be sending it forward. Because you will be held accountable for that. Allah says, when you passed on with your tongues to others, and said with your mouse, what you had no knowledge of Allah says this is something or the image is great. Look at the wording Allah says you did with your mouth, it just came to you and you you relate it you can even think about the new info is to ask the question.

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You are accountable with Allah subhanaw taala for the harm that is caused by inflammation, which you just forwarded as received.

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So many of us we listen to this football thing. How do I protect myself from being scammed? Protect yourself from being the scammer, protect yourself from harming others. And lastly, we and this shows you why the one thing we ask every day Surah Fatiha Idina Serato stuck in yeah Allah guide us, keep us steadfast in on guidance in this world of confusion. You are the one that is the truth guide us the truth Maliki has hosted for us I mean, Allah protect us, we make dua for with a smile, Sucre was very ill from Allah guarantee him and all the six Shiva May Allah make it easy for them and make it grant him sober in these difficult times. I mean, our reward program later to this fisherman it on

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Friday next week, Friday is the 15th of Shaban. So Thursday night inshallah will be our reward program. Then, of course, our usual Thursday night class will continue before Margaret and the city slum from scratch, and then the row Tunica continues for those two married couples especially communication skills, personality profiles, how to speak to your spouse, how to speak to your husband, how to speak to your mother in law Subhanallah this is a good class for you Inshallah, let us know and we will arrange it beautifully like Zach or someone say no Mohammed Yusuf Islam mystery handler anatomy