Mohamad Baajour – Surat Yusuf lessons and Exhortations #02 The Dream

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The history and use of the Arabic language in Islam is discussed, including a video about a gathering in transcription and a title "ham" in daily life. The importance of the Sharia guidance and sharia guidance in shaping dreams and experiences is also emphasized. Visits to "immaterial dream" are discussed, and the use of "monster" in conversations between children and parents is also discussed. The negative impact of dreams on people is also highlighted, including the loss of communication and social connections, and the use of "monster" in video and conversation between mother and father.
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So I come from LA here are gonna get

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hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda when found on finally my alum Tana was an ailment harass me. Ask Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit us benefit as from what he told us and increase us knowledge. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to put Baraka in this beautiful gathering in sha Allah and the Allah make us from the people at the end of the gathering, they will be told to look forward I'm not gonna get up all your sins are forgiven me.

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So hamdulillah Bellamy and we are continuing with

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the Tafseer of Surah Yusuf and getting the gems from the surah and applying it in sha Allah to Allah in our daily life. So last week, we

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we discussed that

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Allah subhanaw taala said in nanzan, no Quran and RB Allah, Allah contact, you know, we said that Allah mentioned that this could end has been revealed in the Arabic language. And I asked my Arab brothers to team up with an Arab and teach them the Arabic one of one of the ways to thank Allah subhanho wa taala. That he blessed you to know the Arabic language, one of the ways to thank him by teaching somebody else, this beautiful language of the Quran.

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Allah Kentucky alone, Allah said this book has been revealed in the Arabic language so you can understand and he left it open when you see the when you see the area at the end left open. Lala KentuckyOne Tachyon what is nothing specific that means from every aspect of the Quran, you might show CHM with the help of Allah, you will be able to understand it. So it covers everything not only to afternoon, one thing that I'm talking point blank that means everything about the Quran, it came into the Arabic language so you can understand every aspect of the Quran.

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Now we start today in sha Allah Tala with the next area, which is known as CO sign a sin and cos being hyena either you can have an then call

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me call really, what do you

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call really heal and in and off healing. So we narrate to you yeah, Mohammed, the best of stories in this Quran and the stories that we are narrating to you, you were not aware.

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You are not aware of them before we tell them to you. What does this mean? Let's start from the beginning. We said that Allah starts here with the term nano plural, and we said when we speak or Allah speaks and plural, that means, this is from other veneration of ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala now can you imagine

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Allah Himself

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is telling a story?

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No nakasu Allah you can

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it happens in the Quran twice here and

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many stories what law Allah him never have them, tell them tell them or he mentioned the story with Carla. And then you mentioned the story, but nakasu twice and use of N.

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Cap Excellent. Saki Naka, soiree Canada home Bill hack in on Fifth Avenue. There have been so here nakasu Allah Himself. Look at the honor, Allah Himself is telling you the story to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam what's the difference between causes and places?

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The calf, the fat cow and the calf. And this is where the Khasra on the calf. Okay? Because in the Quran we don't see faces, we see costs, right? So that'll cost us the difference is that

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when it's with the Fatah cos is about the stories in the Quran

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cases the customer is the stories that we tell each other.

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But when you say casa,

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castles that means the stories of the Quran cases stories and the stories that we hear all the time now

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when Allah subhanaw taala Tada Salah sigh seldom when contaminate cuddly here let me know how you're feeling. Before we tell you these stories you were not aware of them.

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That means that the people who are accusing you that you are sitting with some Jews or some Christians

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or sorcerers or magicians, this is all fake. This is all true. And Why did Allah subhanho wa Taala say when Kuntum in cuddly he let me know graphene he did not say when contaminant cuddly. He had a feeling because he's talking to one. Why he's making it plural.

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Allah subhanaw taala is making in the plural because not only Rasulillah Salam is not aware of this story. Everyone in Makkah does not know and the story everyone in Makkah does not know the story. No one knows the stories.

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So you have Muhammad you're not the only one who does not know everybody around you does not know about this story. So don't disclaim that you have learned from here because now up to this date. They tell you that Muhammad Allah is sending your Prophet have sat down with people from the book before and this is where he got his stories from? No, this is the story that we are telling you nobody nobody knows about. Before

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then Allah subhanaw taala the story started after that.

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But before I start with the story, look at the look at the introduction.

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I'm going to tell you a story. This story is an amazing story, the best of stories and the story nobody had ever heard of before. How do you feel?

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You get very good at the style of the Quran.

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certain costs

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nobody everybody can feel about it before. So how do you feel? You know that excitement okay, what is the story about telling me?

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What if called a useful if called a useful the IB and then the story started Subhanallah look at the state of the Quran how he got too excited to know about the story. Then the story started. If coroner uses only every other team Nero a to a head I shoulda woulda, coulda, woulda, Shem, several carnal or a tomb Lisa GD in all my father, I have seen

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11 planets, 11 stars, and the sun and the moon. I've seen them frustrating for me.

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Again, look at the excitement of the story. Allah told us like imagine I tell you brothers, yesterday, I saw a beautiful dream. Okay, and I tell you what the dream is.

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And then it takes me 70 years to tell you the result of the dream. Now, US Okay, all I have to do is go five, six pages, and I know what is the interpretation of this dream, right? But the Sahaba know, they have to wait for the horn way to come down to know what does the 11 stars mean? Who is the son who is the moon Subhanallah he lifted all the way to the last thing as we will see inshallah. So look at the style of telling the story. Usually, when you say you are is, is or is in the beginning of an of an idea. It's the beginning of a story in general.

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We've called it is Julie Adams telling us the story of Adam and bliss. And the frustration of the ages is called the use of is a journey. If you recall, or this is what I'm about to tell you. Subhanallah So the story starts with the letter F.

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So the word occurs is occurs in the hole and usually right before a story begins as if allah says remember when recall when this is usually how the stories begin in the Quran. Now use of his telling his father who is his father.

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Yeah, Kubelik Alayhi Salam.

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Like he said he's the son of

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son of his heart. His heart is the son of Ibrahim I

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Islam. So the lineage of use of Islam is like we said before the best lineage ever, the best lineage ever SubhanAllah. So

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we all know that

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Ibrahim alayhis salam had his heart and this man, from his heart came all the prophets except

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Except Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and from his smile, his lineage. the only prophet that came is the best prophet. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, so all the prophets came from Yaqoob from his heart, and he he Salam Yaqoob is

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Israel. Right? When we say Bani Israel are the sons of Yaqoob. And everybody, they're the people of Yaqoob. So that's why, you know,

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when someone start cursing, they start costing us right he'll be carefully

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they mean Israel, the country, you know, no, Israel is the acaba de Sala Be very careful.

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There's a huge difference between the real Israel and the occupied Israel. Okay. So

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Jacoba is Salam. It was said that

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nothing in the Sunnah tells us how many wives he had. But there are some narrations in

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from the hood and then a surah. And somebody might say, why are we referring to the Huda Massara? Quran is enough? We answer them by the answer of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, which is the Hadith isn't Buhari? He said, Take from Danny Israel.

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As long as does not contradict with our Sharia, you could take from it whatever you want. You believe it or do not believe it's not a problem. Okay, if it is

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coherent with our Sharia Bismillah. If it's contradicts our Sharia, we don't, we don't take anything from from Australia yet. So here it was said that he had four wives.

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Two of them were real wives and to die. The two wives, one of the wives, he got use of Ali Salaam and Binya Nene, and the other children came from the other wife. So one wife had use of mini me and the other wife had the rest of, of the children. Now, here, Yusuf alayhi salam is telling.

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He saw a dream, and he's telling his father a dream, before we go into the dream that he saw. Let me explain to you what is wrong here from Sheree prospective, wrote your dream comes under three different kinds. There are three different kinds of dreams. There is a dream, like we call it,

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Hadith and nefs. But I will Arabi it's called Hadith endeavours that need just an imagination. And I will give an example. And then there is the second kind, which is what we call now in our days nightmare. Nightmare.

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This is from the St. Thomas. And then there is the third kind, which is why Allah vision from Allah subhanho wa taala. And this is the one that comes to the,

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to the prophets. Now let's go for the first one had even neffs for example.

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You want

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to buy a new phone? iPhone eight is coming soon. No, no, the seven is first, right.

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So the new phone is coming out. So you start all day long talking about it. So you want to close your eyes and you started to

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look at this.

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This is fake.

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You were dreaming of that new Tesla that's coming out. You're dreaming about the car and you see yourself driving it and your hair is flying in the air and you're changing and boom or the night you're dreaming you wake up in the morning Where's Tesla at the dealer?

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So these are imagination these are happens all the time. The minute you wake up you forget about them. Nothing happens. This is the most common dream that we have you do you think about something all the time you dream about it. Then we got the nightmares, nightmares. You'll see some really bad dream that you get up shaken.

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something evil something really bad happened to you. So this there are certain etiquettes about this dream. Number one.

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Don't tell anyone. Don't share it. Number two.

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Split split you're left but like we said before, not

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And then your wife would wake up with no, just without any liquids

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three times. Okay. And

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I also belay min ash shaytaan. Rajiv, this is for my young brother sometimes Oh, I saw a nightmare, I was the first thing I would have been lamina shaitana regime. And then last one.

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Switch the site, excellent. Switch the site, you're sleeping on the left, turn to the right, you know you're in the right sleep on your back, switch your sides, if you see a nightmare.

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Don't mention it to anyone. Then the last one The third type, which is sometimes people call it Roboshot. MOBA Shirat, mobile Shri Ram, this is called

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ruya in Arabic, which is a vision from ALLAH SubhanA wa taala. And he it is a positive dream, something good, something really good. You saw on your dream, that one is divided into two. Either you see yourself in the dream doing something good, like somebody tells you, I saw myself making firewall for something you see yourself or you see something. For example, like in, in the story of use of a salon, for example, the

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what do you call it? The corn turned out to be yours. So the you see things were brother I saw a snake what does the snake mean? You see symbols, okay, that need to be interpreted. You didn't see yourself doing something, you saw a black snake, you saw ants, you saw yourself or you saw a camel, something happened, you see something that you need someone to interpret what does that mean? Okay, so these were rodeo could be one of those two, two kinds. Now, since we're talking about this,

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many people come to me and they go to show up and they ask them, I saw the stream here Chef, what does it mean? What does it you know, happens a lot. Now,

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there is nothing if you go to any Islamic University, College, whether it's Medina, or Pakistan or as herb, you will never see a section or a course that is called Dream Interpretation.

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No, no masters and dreamer interpretation no be a no PhD. Never, never. No matter how long you go and study Sharia, you will not find something about dream interpretation. So how can we find out

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this is strictly a one a blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala

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you know, Allah just had an insane, Allah subhanaw taala bless the person that he could be able to interpret the dreams. If anybody Subhan Allah in the past, they used to be like maybe in the whole word, four or five people that interpret dreams now in every village that six

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because they made it the business Oh, you saw this give me $50 I'll tell you what happens. And he will tell you what you want to hear. And then another 50 to continue you know so you will be broken for you know what the dream is about. And then because you that the dream is gonna you're gonna be rich. So keep giving me chama Don't worry, that money that you gave me you will get it back according to the dream that you saw.

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So it's all fake.

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So that people Yeah, when that interpret the dreams are people that have been blessed by Allah subhanaw taala it's not anybody can interpret dreams. Rather like somebody. And you know what, when you when somebody comes to me and tell him brother, I'm sorry, I don't interpret dreams. They look at you. What kind of Chef Are you?

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You don't interpret dreams in my village 15 People

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have you got your

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what you're doing here? No, we don't interpret dreams. This is something if you see this, this is what it means. Especially in our country or you saw your head he you're gonna get a lot of money.

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You know other stuff, when you get that stuff from you know, and so how, now, if something goes wrong, as I said, I'm told us like, when we come to the dreams because in sort of use of use of saw a dream, and the king saw a dream, right? And we dreams are dimensioned in solitude. So we will hear about the dreams that's why I'm giving some attention, what are the types of dreams and what is the form of dream interpretation?

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Now, let me take this point because I don't want to take long and then we will finish in short.

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My beloved fathers

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when is the last time your son sat down with you and told you history

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look at the relationship

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of use of and his father

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he was

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was, like we said before this this time, he was seven years old. So the majority of the Anima They said he was seven, seven year old boy, putting trust with his father. Some people now, they will only find out what their sons are doing from Facebook.

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This technology and all this social media have destroyed our communication have destroyed our relationship. I'm trying to fix problems of people that I do not know. And 15 feet away, my daughter is crying inside, she has so many problems and I do not know about it.

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And trying to find out news of what's going on all over the world. And in 20 feet radius, I have no clue what's going on in my son's room.

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Look at this year when he sat down with his father and tell them about his dream. Look at me for your son to come and tell you what his dream is about that needs. The relationship is so strong, very strong. He is able to confide he's able to put his trust in you. He knows that you know what, he's not going to make fun of me. Because sometimes when our son or our daughter, our child comes to us and tell us something. God this is stupid. You're idiot. You start screaming and yelling, right? The old style. This is wrong. Yeah, when this doesn't work anymore. You know, just like we update our phones. We gotta update our thinking and our communication with our children. If you bring to G

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doesn't work anymore, you need 4g or 3g. 3g works. 5g is coming up.

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So similarly, our two g mentality doesn't work anymore.

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And some of us have even zero G they wanted to make it work in 2017 and it's not working they wonder why why is not working it worked to my father when he has minus seven G How come it's not working now?

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Subhanallah there are things that are basics foundation that you do not change but there are certain things you have to keep up

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open up your son comes and tells you something that you cannot 20 years ago you would have killed someone see they told you that although my my father, I want to tell you something. I made a mistake and the kids were smoking and I took a took a puff of

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smoke. How are you going to act?

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It's luck,

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Zach Aloka for coming and telling me I'm very proud of you. And I'm very proud of you that you know that this was wrong. And coming to me it was the best thing you have ever done. You know that this is wrong. Don't ever do it again.

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And if you need anything, I want you to always come to me and put your trust in me. These friends stay away from them. Obviously they are not good company in a very nice kind way. Now our children think 100 times before they come and talk to us because they saw our reaction

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via when they will speak to someone lead that someone be you or your mother or their mother. They have to speak to someone but if they see you always harsh and frowning and you'll come to the house and we have this this idea that if I frown and I go inside the house I'm the man

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this is not what are Salah Salem used to be smiling in and out and Subhanallah beautiful face beautiful smile. When when the Sahaba were asked

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to describe the salah Salem, they said do you see the moon in the middle of the month? He just they compared them to the moon Subhanallah This is the beauty of Rasulullah Salah. So you want to imitate the salah Salem just imitate him with as many things as you can especially with with his o'clock. So he came and he told him this story.

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And the way might now the speech we spoke to your father's now I'm speaking to you. Look at the way the son is talking to his father. Hey, what's up, dad? No, no, what's up dad? Or I saw a brother the other day. A son calling his father his father's name is Mustafa. He said the son to his father Mustafa.

00:24:23 --> 00:24:28

So who are you talking to? So my father. So you call them just like this. Mustafa?

00:24:30 --> 00:24:42

What is he your buddy? Alia? We're buddies. And he's like the father said. I like it. You know to be friends with my son habibi. Being friends with your son is amazing. Excellent. But there is a red line.

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Show Mustafa.

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Just like this.

00:24:47 --> 00:24:58

Baba, look at this. Yeah, Betsy Brahim on Instagram, even though he was the manufacturer, the wholesaler the distributor of shirts

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Right. Yeah.

00:25:03 --> 00:25:14

Lotta booty. shaytaan Yeah, but yeah, but because he kept on telling his father Yeah evety Allah blessed him with a smile that when he was slaughtering, he said, Yeah.

00:25:15 --> 00:26:02

Right. So the way you speak to your parents, Allah will send you children that will respect you and honor you. Yeah. This is one of the most beautiful forms of speech between the children and the parents. Yeah, but yeah, Allah. I wish now even though I'm Arabic, but has not raised my children to say yeah, abiti Baba and Mama, but I wish that especially the Amity has so much weight and so much respect and so much love in it. Or Yeah. Oh my beloved mother. Yeah, that is so beautiful. Allah used it. The Prophets the best of people use it when they speaking to your to the parents Subhanallah so chama Tala from now on when to call your father yet evety How beautiful it is. You go

00:26:02 --> 00:26:05

home and you say yeah Subhanallah

00:26:09 --> 00:27:04

I will finish with this. Repeat the word right to home twice why? He said it's kind of useful for the IB use of told his father Oh my father. I've seen 11 stars and the sun and the moon. I've seen them. prostrating he repeats the word writer twice. Even though he could have said I've seen the say 11 stars and the sun and the moon all making suit for me why? And the man said because the sentence was long. I saw Hamid coming and I saw mood coming, you know. So just to put more emphasis that I also saw the sun and the moon. Okay, so that's why your item is mentioned twice. Another reason? Another interpretation Dynamat said when he said I have seen 11 stars and the sun and the moon as if

00:27:04 --> 00:27:38

someone is as a hidden question. How did you see them? Or at home Lee said he did. I've seen them portraying for me as if there was a question that was hidden before the second Righto okay, I've seen them. How did you see them? I've saw I've seen them all making sujood for me, okay. What does that mean? We will see at the end we will stop here inshallah Tada. And we will mention, what did the Prophet Yahoo or Instagram told the prophet use of what to do when you see

00:27:39 --> 00:28:07

what you should do? This is why next area of Allah kept us alive till next week, my beloved brothers tomorrow, Zuma come to measure measures at 530 in sha Allah, the Most Beloved Salah to the sight of Allah is a Latin feature of Joomla in Jannah in Joomla please come tomorrow and measure Zachman locket and Kate make a lot of salatu salam tonight and all day tomorrow, la masala Allah Mohammed Subhan Allah, masha the NEDA he missed a few Luca

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