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AI: Summary © The history and context of the Islam culture have been discussed, including the global campaign against violence against women and children, the use of oppression to protect women, and the use of feminism to promote women and children. The discussion also touches on the history and implementation of Islam in various countries, including the United States and the UK. The speakers emphasize the importance of finding peace and balance in relationships, finding happiness at home, and finding one's own happiness in relationships. They also mention the use of "the" in Islam, meaning "the" means "the", meaning "the", meaning "the", meaning "the", meaning "the", meaning "the", meaning "the", meaning patreon," meaning "there's", meaning "there's", and finding one's own happiness in relationships.
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out of alignment Ashitaka rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala should have been more serene Sadie. Now Mohammed not only he or SOFIA Jemaine beloved brothers and sisters I said Mr. Ajay Kumar Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen all foods and forever we begin with the praise and thanks for the last panel died no shade of Allah Allah, Allah, we will witness and testify that there is none worthy of worship because Allah subhanaw taala will send our love greetings salutations so beloved Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam his pious and pure family whose companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time, may Allah subhanho wa Taala keep us safe upon the Sunnah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and to be genital Theodosian is companionship I mean when hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah.

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Whether you you should know that we are going through a period known as the 16 days of activism, which is a global campaign, that is talks out against gender based violence, violence against women and women and children And subhanAllah it is something which is very dear to us as Muslims, it is very, very important to us, that we speak out against all kinds of oppression, whether it is happening in Palestine, whether it is the wiggers whether it is any person that is oppressing another person, we speak out against it, and Allah subhanho wa Taala had dedicated a large portions of the Quran in speaking about speaking out against oppression to women. And so, today in sha Allah,

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we will dedicate this goodbye in talking about gender based violence and Islam. And many times, unfortunately, people have this incorrect assumption perhaps even Muslims, non Muslims, many non Muslims, but but Muslims in particular, that Islam is anti progressive, it's not progressive, it's backwards. Islam actually harms the rights of women. And if you were to be asked by a colleague or friend, that is your religion, good for Islam? is Islam good for women? is Islam good for women? How would you answer this question? Is Islam? Does Islam promote the rights of women? Or does it put women back in the Middle Ages in the dark ages, where she is nothing more than a commodity? So let's

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talk about if Islam is good for our women folk, it is important to remember what life was like for a woman before Islam.

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We talk about the days of Janelia before the advent of the Quran, what does it like to be a woman? We know that the Arabs bury thy daughters alive? Subhanallah you don't get lower than that? Where you could take your daughter she was so meaningless to society, and she had no value that you could kill your daughter and Hollis. That's it? No problem. No one bothered with it. That you could sell your daughter's you could sell your sister's a man could two men could make a trade. You like my daughter. I like your daughter. We take a swap Hollis. Have you going now to that person's house whose wife there was no such thing as owning property. Women are like camels, camels don't own

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anything. Women are like that. They are owned. And that is why the Quran says Oh men don't inherit women. We talk about the inheritance of women. In the time before Islam, women were inherited. I mean, that makes you understand how far in darkness that society was. we fast forward 23 years after the coming of Nabil Salam. Women were running governments. Aisha is giving fatawa the same people the same Sahaba before Islam were killing the daughters. They are sitting and asking Aisha and Hafsa Roddy Alana for fatawa. Aisha is leading an army, the only copy of the Quran the first must have, who do we trust it with our mother? Hafsa you keep it Subhan Allah, how quickly did that society

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transform through Islam. And we've done this before we spoke about the many, many rights that Islam had given women that were non existent not only in the Arab society, but throughout the world.

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It is only a modern phenomenon only 150 years in the in the West, that women could vote that women could own property. Women could not own property in their own name. In the Western world, 100 200 years ago, they couldn't go to universities and in 50 years ago, all of these things Islam had given our sisters our mothers 1500 years ago, we forgot this. Today we look at Muslim lands. And some countries women can't even drive. Women can't move out of their homes. This is not Islam.

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Some countries are more backwards than it was 1500 years ago in Janelia. And this is not Islam. This is the society problems.

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Islam was what if you want to use the word feminism or feminist? Is this a loaded term? But if we take the term feminist meaning, the promotion and the protection of women's rights, Islam is perhaps one of the most powerful feminist movements in the history of mankind, to take women from a position where they didn't have the right to love to life

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To give them the rights which Allah subhanaw taala had enshrined. And it's not a secret that if you look at the

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the kings of Europe, when they would travel to Muslim lands, this is now two 300 years ago, and the queen of one country would meet the Queen of another country, they would be amazed that the European women would be amazed at the amount of power that the ladies in the Muslim courts held. Her money was her Subhanallah husband can't take it, even if you the Khalifa, that money which belongs to the woman is hers, but she may take your money without permission. spamela Quran says the woman may even take a salary for breastfeeding. This is not even unheard of, even in our laws today. Now, these kinds of things that Islam brought forward, many of the Western countries and many countries in the

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world still are catching up to the laws that Islam had enshrined and given our mothers, our sisters, and that's why we've done this before. There's a whole list of

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of the rights and the, you know, the modern feminist movement in the West, what are the things they fought for many of those things we're already in. From an Islamic perspective. The one point I always like to shave, that the first time a woman was able to attend a university in England, Cambridge University, the first time a lady could go to University in Cambridge 1860, right. That's about 150 years ago, just more than 150 years ago. That's when a woman was allowed to go to University in England, the first university in Islam or the world was set up by a woman 861,000 years, literally 1000 years before women could go to universities in Europe. Muslim women's were

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sitting up establishing universities, they were the deans, the Chancellor's the vice chancellors of university.

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They were running fatwa committees they were all on.

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Islam doesn't look at gender, knowledge is knowledge, whether it comes from man or woman. This was what it was like. And so one lady said that we've gone back that many Muslim countries, women, girls can go to schools. If you look at the literacy rate of our women, it is below 50%. Not an issue of Islam, or other it's an issue with Muslims not implementing what Allah subhanaw taala had given.

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Now, when we talk about we spoke about this beautiful framework, Islam is beautiful, and we can talk about this till the cows come home, how amazing Islam is on paper, how amazing is the Quran and the Hadith, and I share with you a booklet, the 4040 ayat and Hadith, which speak about the rights of women. Now I know if you look at it, you'll see about 45 things. Yeah, we've miscounted now when we say 14 Arabic, it's more or less 40 ish. So this 1415 ayat and Hadith about the honor of women, there is no doubt that Islam from a framework from a policy position is lightyears ahead of anything when it comes to women's rights. But yet,

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yet we know, Muslim communities are not immune from gender based violence. We know that within our own community, we will recite the Quran, who love the Navi salaam, who want to follow the Sunnah. We still have men beating their wives, men physically, verbally sexually abusing the women folk in their family or children. We so find that so someone might and we find it even maybe worse in Western countries than in non Muslim countries. And someone might say, You are from the member saying how amazing Islam is. I don't see it. I don't see it when it comes to the Muslims. I don't see it when I stand at the MDC, and there's a queue of women desperate to get out of a marriage,

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which is horrible for them. We do things are waiting to go wrong. Why is there a disconnect between Islam on paper and the Muslims on the ground? And that is the problem that we can say undoubtedly, Allah does not judge based on gender, spiritually, these no discrimination from a gender perspective and sight of Allah on the deaf. Kiama is no cure for men and women. That it's not going to be a cure for men and women is going to be the pious. Go to Jana, and those who don't have Iman Bucha whether you're a man or a woman, you will have no say the Sharia is blind to gender. The Sharia does not discriminate when it comes to gender. The Quran does not discriminate. So here's the problem. Muslim

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men are Muslims, we are the problem. We are the problem. And that is why when an ISA Salam passed away

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his final advice to the UMA was a sada. Sada What am I look at a man who can look Oh men are Muslims. Look after your Salah and look after your Salah and look after the people in your custody meaning your wives and your children last advice to the visa to the men of the Ummah, to the men of the ummah.

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When we talk about gender based violence when we talk about oppression, if you look at the Quran, Allah begins the discussion with the men. We need to get things right. The problem starts with

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Allah says himself, Allah Almighty said, Oh My servants, oh my creation. I have made forbidden injustice on myself. Allah says I've made injustice haram. Allah can do what he wants, he can destroy and he can punish if he wants. No one can stop him. But he says, I've made

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oppression haram on me. So it is haram on you. Every single one of us have within the capacity to oppress our workers, our family, our customers, our neighbors, our children. Every single person has the positive potential to be afraid our own in his own house. And the sad many, many people are like that.

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And so when we talk about oppression, we don't have to look for to Israel. May Allah make it easy for the Muslims in Palestine or in India, the Muslim suffering they are the weakest wherever it is, you only need to look next door down the road to find operation happening.

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When we talk about following the Sunnah Aisha was very clear this is not coming from a man this is coming from the wife of Nabil Salam, which he said then Avital Salam, never in his life in his entire life hit anyone, not a child, not a woman, not a servant, not an animal, except in jihad. The only time he raised his hand was in jihad. Now, again, I want to link up our concept of the Sunnah. Yes, sunnah is about eating halal. It's about dressing in a certain way. It's about having a beard and your pants pants above your ankles.

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But sunnah is also how you treat your wife and how you live with her. And in fact, when it talks about priorities, it is the o'clock the character of the visa Salam, which is what he wants to teach us how to treat each other.

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A very famous saying, that is a tribute to the abuse of solemn and honorable men a man of decency, if you want to be a man that is honorable and honorable man treats a woman with respect. And a dishonorable man, a despicable man is a man that disrespects or harms a woman that such a person is not as no masculinity in him when you talk about being a man. What men what strength is the when you pick on someone, lesser than you weaker than you.

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There'll be some asks the sahaba. Now remember, the Sahaba were coming out of extreme Jaya Ilya, the Sahaba were killing their women. So they had to transform at some point they will not killing the women anymore, but they were still hitting them. And there'll be some sit to them. What is wrong with you people? You want to hit your women like you hit a camel. And then later tonight, you want to embrace her and have *? What is wrong with you, your psyche?

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There is something broken inside you to think like that. And many people if you listen, Cynthia, if you've ever done the Subhanallah there is a problem with your iman, there's a problem with you. If you resort to violence, you raise your hand to anybody, your employees, your children, then Subhanallah out of anger out of to cause harm, then Subhanallah there is a problem with you. In the time of an abuse of Salem.

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There was

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a woman came from Masjid in the morning, and the interesting story. She came from Masjid Fajr time she went to the masjid performance Salah and then she walked home on the on the way home, she was attacked and she was raped by Sahabi by another Muslim. And when a man came to save her, she got confused in the darkness. And she blamed the one who came to save her as being the *. And so both so the case was brought to my business. I love this lady saying that this man raped me. This man says no, but I came to save her. It's a yeast he said and many many times, this is the problem that we have a woman comes forward and she says she either knocks on the door of the Imam. She tells

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the police she tells this man hit me the man says no, it didn't happen like that. What do we do was only the two of them and Allah that has seen what happened. What is the enemy's gonna say? Did he tell her? You know TT? This is a bit awkward for Osman. rather keep quiet, cover up the faults make mouth and go on? Did he say that?

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He didn't even ask, what evidence do you have bring me DNA sample. He took her word because he could see that she was right. She was molested. And this man was there. And he found the man The Innocent Man guilty to be executed. And we seldom found the innocent man guilty to be executed. Side note. Now visa Salam doesn't know the unseen. He's a judge. He looks at the evidences. And he ruled accordingly. He looked at the evidences because there were other people that came up and said we found this man alone with her he was water. And so that IV Salam ruled against him and sentenced him to death penalty for * in Islam is when the man was about to be executed there.

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A person came forward and said jasola I made a mistake. I attacked this woman. I can't also have someone being killed on my account. You know now it's even worse for me. So I'm going to confess rather.

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So none of us have seen them of course, exonerated the man that was innocent. The * for him, we should look there's a chance for Toba. You can make Toba with Allah but you must pay for your crime and he was executed he was executed. But he's forgiveness and Toba. Insha Allah is with Allah. As for the man who told the truth, honesty, well, the innocent man than me so spoke to him said, Look, this is a mistake. And they didn't go and the lady. There was no consequences for her. We didn't find the next agribusinesses. Guys look, because it's dangerous. Women don't come to the masjid anymore. And ladies, if you walk in the road, you must look what you're wearing. All those things

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were not part of the discussion.

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And sometimes we confuse the discussion of violence with women to say, Well, what did she do? She this and that. There is no comparison in the conversation. We are very clear in Islam,

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that a person who harms another person violently, there is a penalty in the Sharia and a person that kills another person or rapes another person abuses malice penalties did Subhanallah the penalties execution to make you imagine the seriousness of this, a question that comes up very often, spousal *, can a husband * his wife can eyes when ripe his wife has a very famous Hadith, which is controversial. We know that the next one says that when a husband calls his wife to his wife, the one husband wants to be intimate with his wife, hello for him. He has a hangover. In fact, it is a rite of both parties to get access to each other if needed, if the wife wife, if the wife calls the

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husband, and he says, Look, I'm not in the mood he's sending because that's a hack. There's no other person in the world. And so if she refuses and causes him to go to sleep in anger is very upset. Then we know the angels the Hadith says the angels curse her. Many sisters don't like this hadith. But what if I'm not in the mood? Before I do, my party must romance me and bring me flowers and all that. A couple of things to discuss your firstly, what's important to note. Then abetone says he goes to sleep angry. Did he say you take your Huck take what belongs to you? No. He said if you if the lady you wanted that you want the wife? She says no, go to sleep Palace sleep it off.

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issue is with Allah subhanaw taala

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Yes, you have the HAC, you have the right. And if she's denying you that which is rightfully yours, legally, I mean, if she really is sick, then it's a different story, then that's a sin on her part and leave it at that. Then I was saying you don't force yourself even on your wife. You don't force yourself, even on your wife Subhanallah without her permission, what then so much of someone outside of marriage. And we therefore understand, the most serious penalty in Islam is stoning to death. stoning to death is the most serious penalty. This is not for more that this is not for a murder. This is for illegal *, illegal type of Zina outside of marriage. Now that is consensual

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between two parties that consent, whatever it's done without consent, Subhan Allah. So we're very clear on the severity of these issues within the Sharia.

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And the dialogue, Allah subhanho wa Taala we take it from the harsh discussion to a much softer, Allah subhanho wa Taala intended for us to be to live in kindness with each other. He could have made it maybe it would have been easier to live one gender, we're all just one gender. There were no males or females were all one type. But Allah intended that there are going to be men and women and will be different. We will disagree, we will argue, we won't see eye to eye but in that there is going to be something which complements each other when Allah says warming it and of the signs of these existence that he's the Lord that He created from yourselves as well as you created you in

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pairs in partners. The test school in here. This is such an important word. Allah says He created us in as husbands and wives and partners to find peace and tranquility with each other. Marriage should bring peace to both parties. And if you can't find happiness, that's okay. It's okay that you don't see eye to eye you either try and fix it. Or you get divorced nicely when the Imam takes does man's hands what is the Imam say? him sir can encircle him a roofer to stay together fairly equitably, nicely, oh, to see homebase son or get divorced nicely. There is no sin in divorce. But it's certainly when you start swearing. It's sin when you raise your hand it's sin when you deny each

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other their rights then it becomes sin, then it's better to be divorced. So Allah says He created during partners that you may live nicely with each other, that you may remove the the difficult life is difficult already.

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Outside you have Coronavirus, you have your job you have bills to pay your month in your sports team is losing every week Subhanallah the last thing you want to do is fight with your wife. Fight with your husband.

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Ask yourself husbands those of us who are married first, before we ask, what did she do? Do we bring Sakina to the wife to our wives so we bring tranquility in their hearts because the dialogue has always been first to the main first to the main lobby some first omein omein omein Before we talk about ladies, first of all go to the mean to you bring your pot and as Muslims our philosophies, if I bring my pot in sha Allah, Allah will give me my hug, I do my my duties, then my rights will come. So Allah says Lita, schooner, Ilya, that you may find peace and tranquility in each other, while Jana vena cava Dawa Rama made the steps seem as if so many times worth to remind ourselves, Allah

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says that he places in your marriage my word that the good times the holiday times or the good memories, we all experienced that when hamdullah the honeymoon is good, hunky dory, on the honeymoon, you can't everything here Hola. I will not even look at my wife in a bad way. She's so perfect. But after the honeymoon,

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after the honeymoon, what happens? reality kicks in. You see things you don't like you disagree. You argue you fight. Allah says in those days, at the very least if you don't have love, deep, passionate love, you should always be Rama. Always they should be respect K concern kindness. You don't have to be in love to be decent with one another. But if you lost respect for each other, now is the time for divorce. If you can't give each other the basic decency, then you are now sitting against Allah. Allah says well actually it wouldn't be the model and love with him nicely. In fact that is is that is something that you don't like in your wife. me so many things that we don't like

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in our partners, maybe you don't like in your husband? Allah says it might be the thing that you don't like Allah cooks a lot of good innit? Wha she wouldn't have been modeled love nicely with each other. Live kindly with one another Hootenanny Barcelona, c'mon to Melissa Salah Hoon, that they are your garment, your clothing and you are the clothing, meaning you protect each other. You look after each other. You take pride in one another of the worst kind of oppression you could do. If you could oppress anyone we can all what's worse, the perhaps the worst person you could oppress is your wife. Why? Because you stood in the masjid, in the sight of Allah in front of the Imam with the Father the

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saying I swear by Allah, I'm going to take this woman and I'm going to peek I'm going to look after her and care for her. We asked you Brother, are you sure you should comment? No one forced you. You can say Oh Allah, I didn't ask for these kids. Yeah, Allah, my boss, you know, my employees, this is out of my control. But you went to go find Aisha proposed to her. And then we ask you are you sure a new set coming to that's why that is the most serious contract that you have in your life, not your bond with a bank, not your work contract is your Nikka contract. That is the most serious contract of your life. On piano. That's where the worst kind of oppression you could do is to harm that

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person that you took in. That's why there is someone on the final sermon hudge he said the same thing. You took her with the permission of Allah, remember that you took her with the permission of Allah. So don't break that covenant that you have with Allah, then at least reminds us that we don't have to fight and argue we can try and find happiness. Then he says the world is filled with precious things, so many lovely things in the world. But the thing that is the most precious, the things that will bring you the most happiness is a virtuous woman, a virtuous wife, if you really want to find happiness, your wife work on that work on your marriage, you don't have to travel all

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over the world. And look, you can't travel. Now, in any case, you don't have to go all over the world and buy fancy things to find happiness. You can find that happiness at home, this is the best thing. The best. That is the best property a man can have the best attributes Allah can give you how many of us make dua for us. The best man is the man who has the most is a tongue that we should remember is Allah, our heart which is grateful for what little he has, and a believing wife who helps him if you have those three things and you are each man, then you are richer than the billionaires of the world.

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Then everyone says the believer and we end up with this hadith, the believer who has the most perfect Eman, don't you think about this. We are all striving to get to Jana. You are here in the masjid you for you gave up your work to come to the masjid because you want to get to Jana.

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And he sees the resources. The believer with the best Iman is not the man who makes the most gadget, or the man who gives the most charity. The man who recites the most Quran there's all good things for hamdulillah but the man was the best human. The the most perfect truth is the one who has the best of luck and the best of the best the best of them. So we have people the best of them are those who have good luck.

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While they treat everyone nicely, the friends, the workers, the co workers, the neighbors, this man is a good man. Right? That's the base of all the believers of that group. The base of the beast is the one who's best to his wife. Because we all know the person who's heard us we're the most he's our wife. We never swore to the boss right? Never did that. You never saw your co workers, your neighbors, but your wife has seen it. If you can still have that excellent a HELOC with your wife 24/7. That is true Iman. And conversely, a man who is terrible in his HELOC and terrible with his wife. What is the level of his Eman? If your iman is linked to how you treat your wife, we should

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think about that.

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If your wife is the one who's going to stamp if you have a man go to Jana or not. Where does that put many of us? Where does that put many of us? We ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us happiness and success in our marriages to keep us safe from causing harm to anyone which Allah will bring about Allah's dissatisfaction. Just a reminder, we are handing out this booklet 40 nations about honoring women in Islam, something we can share it may be good to give a non Muslim also if this question comes up something that we don't only read nice to publicize but nice to live by. Also in sha Allah next week we remind us we're going to have a nightmare on on Elm Street.

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Outside outside event I don't know if the post is up yet. It's going to be about messiahs false messiah is that Giles the end of time, that kind of thing. There's going to be at the Burano house or at the at the center inshallah of the mother half past eight insha Allah and we also have a youth program the weekend we're getting underprivileged kids to come sleep over the weekend. If any would like to contribute to the event you can speak to each a little bit at the back to Zack Lakeisha can so much sit down while they can live together.


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