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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The upcoming 10-night of Jannah will bring light to the importance of individuals and their success in achieving their goals. Islam gives gifts to the people and offers rewards for their actions. The importance of staying true to laws of work and forgiveness is emphasized. The speakers stress the need to stay up late to avoid embarrassment and confusion, and to manage one's life and not lose focus on past experiences.
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We live in a shed on the regime spinner Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. Also that was cinema shopping was an insane and I'm having my early he also remain My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam in Santa Monica Morocco, why he over here to oppress me and to Allah subhanho wa Taala just like la hide or joining us on night number 20. Once upon Allah, we've reached the last 10 nights of the month of Ramadan. We thank Allah for bringing us here and well it is a blessing it is a honor to have the opportunity to get the Baraka of these teen nights is a gift from Allah subhanho wa Taala May Allah accept from us what we've done. And as we know, these are the holiest nights of the year.

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These are also within these 10 nights the most holiest of holy, which is the night of Laila two other a night unlike any other night or night on which Allah subhanaw taala has gifted and blessed us with a reward, that you cannot find a parallel in the entire religion of Islam. And if you look at Subhan Allah and obese whole Salaam would exist himself in so much effort to seek out this night of destiny. And so for all of us that are here, Allah has given us the opportunity. And one way to think about it is like, you know, if you are in a in a competition or in the World Cup, we are now in those finals, you know, you've made it through the group stages, you are now in the in the next

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level, and this is where the big prizes are up for grabs and every single one of us Alhamdulillah as we are here, Allah has honored us with this opportunity, the easy chance of us of getting, you know, a lifetime of rewarding getting a lifetime of sin forgiven, absolutely everything our place in Jannah will can be secured in these 10 nights and one of these nights behind Allah unlike any other night, as we said, in fact, this night is so holy, that entire Surah Surah can father has been revealed just about this evening, this, this this coming night of little color. And of course these a second reference in Surah Surah Surah 44 also speaks about the two places in the Quran, Allah

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speaks about later color, and we'll talk about the seed of those in a minute inshallah, to begin with, as always, it is a powerful way of understanding something, as I said, is by looking at his name, and the meanings of its names, so this night that Allah that we are seeking out and why we go into work very hard these 10 nights in sha Allah is to get left to call it in Nevada. So what is later called the lemons, the night of other has a number of meanings, the one meaning of other, it means destiny, the night of destiny or decree. Why what do we what are we talking about you we know that everything is planned but Allah subhanaw taala everything is happens with Allah's permission,

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you know, smile, Allah, whatever step you take Allah subhanaw taala has multiple possible scenarios that can be for you, your risk can increase, it can decrease, your health can increase with with the decrease, people will love people die, all of these things are in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala. And Allah knows what is going to happen in every possible scenario. When Allah every year, Allah makes these decrees known to the angels. And one of the analogies like that of a budget, Allah puts forward who will be born, who will die, who will get rain, we will earthquakes, we will get risk. All of these things are determined and made known by Allah to the angels, and they receive it on one

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of these nights during the year. And so we need to reflect at Swan Allah, My future is my health, my wealth, everything my success, my failure will be made known on this evening, and we have the opportunity like any budget, you have the opportunity to give your input by making guava making this TFR, Allah subhanaw taala can facilitate for us, you know those things which are good for us. So we also while we believe in destiny, we also believe in free will. And we know that da as the heading says you are has the potential to actually alter destiny. And so this is the chance for us now to plan our year ahead. It is also as our destiny for the year is coming forward. Last year's budget is

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coming to a close. And so we want to close that budget on the most beautiful way in fasting on solar. So that's the meaning of other another meaning of color also means power, because this is the most powerful light of the year. And in terms of reward, there is nobody would like it 1000 months is 83 years panela that this man was given a gift unlike any other nation so we could not compete with the nations of old in terms of their hundreds of years of solar hundreds of years of of charity, how do we compete, Allah had given us a chance to even beat the previous nations by worshiping one night while he was a full 24 hour day just from sunset to sunrise to worship Allah

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sincerely, and you capture this mic level and it will set everything right in your life. Your entire sins will be forgiven by the law, you will have a scale of a lifetime in terms of good deeds, your place in Jannah inshallah can be secured in these 10 nights. You know, you can be saved from janome Eastern nights. This is what's up for grabs. Another beautiful meaning of Qatar is lack of restriction of density of being congested. Now how does that link up to the night of cover? It is as we know, the holiness on this night and the blessings of Allah will seem to the dunya to us will be so immense that the angels will leave their positions in the summer jabril who Allah says in the

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original making that gibreel is close to the throne of Allah, He will leave he will vacate his position to come to the dunya why to visit the people that are worshipping Allah on the night of other year

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On the earth, and because of so many angels descending to the earth, the roads, the pathways, the places of Vicar, the places of Salah will be congested with angels that it has this imagery of it being restricted to analog. So that is happening between now this evening the 21st night up until we see the moon for for aid and some time in this thing it's only 10 nights here one only teammates brothers and sisters to get this reward. And so how I know it's been a long month so far, it is for us to really exert ourselves unlike any other time. So let us go through the if that also speaks about as I said twice, two times in the Quran, Allah speaks about this really amazing evening. The

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first one is sort of the Hon. Allah says hi meanwhile kita will be Allah squeezed by the clear book we need the Quran in the now who that really revealed it the Quran v Laila T Mobile aka t on a very blessed and special night we send the Quran down, we gifted humanity, the Quran, and so Allah gives on this night, the biggest of his blessings. In Aquila Mondrian indeed we would send out a water to mankind. P hi you frog cuckoo amarin Hakeem, on this night, every distinct or precise a matter of wisdom is going to be made known meaning every metre of destiny will be decreed by Allah. I'm Ron Ming and Dina every metre proceeding from Allah subhanho wa Taala, in akuna, mousseline and we will

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to sing a messenger or to send messengers, Ramadan in Arabic as a mercy from your Lord in noho, a semi odium he is the old hearing and the all knowing so this these if mentioned this Blissett night in which the whole Quran was revealed, and it also mentions that it's on this night on this night when the entire Quran was revealed. It is the night when the matters of destiny will be made known but Allah subhana wa Tada. Then if we look at the second Surah, which we're all familiar with, of course, the entire chapter and again, it shows you the honor and the power of the surah when Allah has revealed a surah exclusively, all the verses of the surah is about this night of the city this

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night that is about to come upon us. It could be tonight, it could be tomorrow night, it could be any of these nights until until the day of eat Allah Subhana Allah says all the electrical knowledge in between mannerheim in Anza. Now houfy later the other Allah says that indeed we revealed if the Quran on the night of Laila recorded on this very special holy night the entire Quran was sent down. And what's important for us to remember, the greatest gift Allah has given us is that of the Quran, you know, the things which we get in terms of our physical needs, our food, our health, our parents, our family, these are all wonderful things but more than that is of course our spiritual needs our

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arciero and Allah subhanho wa Taala by giving us the Quran shows that on this night, the gifts Allah gives on a little closer, there is no comparison. So when Allah gives on this night, the bonuses on offer of the best of the bonuses are the most amazing of gifts that Allah is is bestowing upon mankind and therefore it is for us to attain this inshallah, on this night, in the NaVi late quarter, Rama Rama Laila will cause analysis on what will make you understand like, how do I assign to you How can I, how can I make you realize how amazing this night is les little Quadri Hiraman official laser cutter is better than 1000 months. So meaning that the reward that you receive by

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worshipping Allah is equal to 1000 months of worship. So if you think about it, if 1000 months means 83 years, if I told someone you need to fast for at three years, you need to make solar nonstop, no sleeping, no eating for at three years, we will say it's impossible, you can get the equivalent reward just on this night. Now I always use an analogy because panela even this example, Allah gives us not enough. Allah subhanaw taala explains that, you know, it is more than 1000 months. And the best way I can make you understand is like take your salary, what do you expect at the end of the month, so if you expect to earn 10,000, at the end of the month, add 1000 or multiplied by 1000,

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meaning add three zeros at the end. So if you're going to earn 10,000, then you add three zeros, it's 10 million Rand, if your boss told you, there is a night in these 10 nights, from sunset to sunrise, if you work hard enough, on this night, you will get a paycheck times 1000 months of pay, which means you will get a lifetime of pay. How would we work if we know we would get 1000 times our salary? By worshiping Allah in these 10 months we would work I mean, I know if I multiplied my salad by 1000. And that's what I'm going to get at the end of the day, at least 10 nights, I would make sure I don't even go to the toilets for Allah not to miss out on the blessings. And of course this

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is not we're not talking about the dunya things here. We're talking about 1000 months of ARCA rewards, there is nothing like it. Then Allah subhanaw taala says that it is also this night on little corner is of course the night of destiny it is the night in which the angel will receive the decrees and all that which is going to be put forward is made known and our do us have that ability to impact it. And so while we are looking for the rewards of 1000 miles, we also for our duty, our perspective, this is the night to make dua and to beseech Allah for the beast that is Allah then continues on madaraka my life because the level of quality, freedom and future

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Tennyson will melodica to Vanessa lumada to a roofie happy even it'll be him in Cali amor. Allah says the angels descend the angels and through the roof meaning video was one of the names of the videos that he comes down with the permission of the Lord with all the decrees that matters. So, we can imagine here the angels had a gathering with Allah and Allah subhanho wa Taala there was this massive assembly with all the angels, the angel of death, the Angel of rain, the Angel of rescue the angel of children, you know, Allah had given all of them the commands the instructions for the year. And so now they leave the summer and they all come down to the dunya in search of Vicar in search of

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Salah in search of people seeking out the holiness on this night. And so they leave the positions in the summer, and they come down to the dunya and they visit the believers Salaam when he had time of life, peace and tranquility until the dawn of fudger. On that night, there is no evil, there is no harm, there is no animosity coming from the summer down. And it is also Salah, meaning anyone that had committed sin and anyone who had done something wrong, it is an IT is complete amnesty is complete forgiveness now who ever wants to be forgiven, the doors of mercy has never been wider than on this night. And so in these 10 nights, we don't know exactly when this knife is coming and is for

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us. Therefore, to make the most of it. The prophets also lamb says, Who ever stands on the night of labor full color, insula meaning standing in Salah with Eman and hopeful that he would have Allah He stands sincerely when all of his sins will be forgiven. Now again, I didn't say it was stands 100 records or stands the whole night. You just have to stand one moment on that night with email, you might just take one second. We are personally insincere Ybarra to Allah and Allah so loves that he Bada, all of his sins are forgiven, but it isn't solid. And so that is why we will think that we can apply an increase in these 10 likes is to make sure as much time as we can we spend it in inshallah,

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if we're able to do so we'll talk about the sisters who are unable to do so because of height and whatever it might be. Don't feel that you will be impact children anyway. So you have an opportunity to have all your sins forgiven. So think about your life, the things that you looked at the things that you spoke at the things that the harder money you use, the time that you've wasted, all the things that we've done that were hard on one night can wipe it out completely, we don't have to go all the way to Makkah and arafa to get that forgiveness that night is coming near in your house for every single person. One time a new he says finally How shameful it would be if jr were to visit my

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house and he finds me sleeping or even wasn't allowed to take this watching TV or you know doing something around wasting our time being on social media. This is the time that imagine that you get this leads these guests from the summer including our homes, of course we honor them with salah and we do it for the sake of Allah. So now, when is the night of laser cutter as we said it is now within one of these 10 nights we know it's going to come. People want to know also easily like when you study for an exam. If you study these 10 nights if you work these 10 nights you will capture it definitely there are the one of the reasons why Allah did not stipulate exactly which might so that

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we can exert ourselves more we can search for it. But of course out of these mercy. And so some advices also further that you need to look for it in the odd nights, the 21st night, the 23rd night, the 25th the 27th and the 29th. The 21st night is tonight's panel also tonight could be like other, you find different Sahaba mentioning different things. So one year that obeso salam witnessed a full quarter on the 21st night, there was another year we happened to be on the 23rd night wave and God wants hobby you so sweet about a lot of sweet ladies will call that a foul on the 27th night. And so what we know about it is that little cause it moves it shifts, it is a large majority of the time

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maybe 90% of the time it is in the last 10 nights, but possibly, you know almost every year comes in the last night, maybe very rarely it will pop out of the last 10 nights but take it as if though it's in these last 10 nights. And then most of the time it will fall on an odd night. But not always. And this is the key thing it might not always fall on an odd night and it will shift one year it might be on the 29th one year it might be on the 22nd and so on and so forth. So every night treated with the maximum amount of of sincerity and if you had to if you like you know you really had no other option, then increase yourself on the odd nights. And then of course the 27th as it

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appears it appears more commonly on the 27th night but again, don't focus put all your eggs in the in the 27th night basket. It could happen on any on every other night are these specific signs that we can look out for the libido Sallam in his lifetime he mentioned that certain signs appeared and this does not mean that every year the site will appear. For some years it might appear for some nights it will not appear the prophets of Salaam is reputed to have said that the Knights of Labor quarter of its signs is that it is a pure and glowing as if though there was a tranquility and the moon looks calm. We just feel a sense of peace outside the wind isn't blowing video hard. It's not

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very cold, something hot. There's no storms. You wouldn't see any shooting stars until morning and the sun when the sun rises in the next day.

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The sun will not be as radiant, you could almost look at it, it does not hurt your eyes by looking at it, and he doesn't have those rays like it normally has. Now, this could be that it happens some years. And sometimes it does not happen. There was one time that'll be so solemn. He had a dream that led to COVID, who happens when he makes Salah in mud. And it so happened that he was making sujood and some water came down and it was a short slide, there is a spot on the floor of the magazine, of course was sent. And then I was actually making sujood in a bit in muddy water. And that was the sign for that year. So for different years, they may be different signs. These signs

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appear to be these this feeling of peace and calm and tranquility. And the sun does not rise in a very bright way. Without many rays. This is something to look out for. If you didn't see those signs, it doesn't mean you didn't get laid to cause it. And if you did see the signs it also doesn't mean that you got labeled either. It is just something that we experience. And don't be fooled. Tomorrow you might see it in the later quarter payment it's over when later in the month you might see it again and you feel proud Allah I became tired, there is no benefit really in trying to predict when left corner is this is something which Allah deliberately kept hidden. While it is for

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us to do is to search it in these 10 nights and to work as hard as we can. And so then Abby's also showed us how to capture a little color. He increased in Nevada, unlike any other time. So there are a number of Hadith. It's reported that the Prophet is alone with Spain these 10 nights, almost completely in worship, and he would strive harder than he ever did. Throughout the Canaanites. Ayesha says when the last few nights of Ramadan came in the prophets, Allah would stay up the entire night he didn't go sleep, and he would wake his family up, he will encourage them come get up, make Salah make you better, and you will tighten the belt meaning one tough series that he would avoid in

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the course. The other interpretation is you will tighten the belt means like we roll up the sleeves you become very very serious about his worship. And both those meanings are correct meaning that you know it's not haram to have * in these 10 nights. The point is, there is no time now for anything besides worshipping Allah, you can't afford a second of this of these 10 nights to disappear without making as much as you can. I shall also says I never saw an abyssal Salaam recite the entire Quran in one night, or spend the whole night in sada until morning. I mean in these 10 nights even I happen sometimes that he would recite the entire Quran in one evening. That's how

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serious that Ibiza Salam was during during the nights of the last 10 nights of Ramadan searching for political color. So for all of us, we might not be able to do that. And he was also a lot also let me was on another level for us. We need to just increase as much as we can and spend as much time as we can in in Nevada. I should also not be so solemn if it happens to be these last night or the night of Lego color. What should I say what do i is the beast to automate. And so the resource alum encouraged her to say this very famous to others we should all memorized now, and we should say Aloma in like our 1451 Allah, you are the fool the one who pardons who erases you love to erase sin

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so erase all my sons are all our sins. So this is the do other you need to decide as much as you can allow my neck are forbidden to hate will offer for one so as you're going through the evening, if you might be made sold out and now you're sitting even inside out you can make this door outside of so now you're setting your maybe as you're falling asleep is a sight as to as much as you can over and over. You know push yourself can I say 1000 times can I say 10,000 times? How many times can I say it? This is how we push ourselves to increase and it's a beautiful blessing. Yeah Allah remove all my sons because you love to remove the sons. I just on this point of dua, people we need to

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understand how to make dua there is a way there's a format. The prophets of Allah mentioned there was a man that he came and he may do Allah and the prophet or Sallam said to him that he was being hasty or is being stingy. He wasn't making the art correctly. Why? Because he had not thanked Allah he had not praised Allah he had not seen sort of Watanabe so Salaam, he just came in he said Allah, I want this I need this help me Forgive me. And that is not the etiquette is an etiquette and a way to make dua. And when we did the Tafseer of Surah Fatiha, we said that is the way of making you begin by a hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen you praise Allah, you glorify Allah, it becomes Allah you

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first and you mentioned Allah His Majesty and His ganja and you send greetings and salutations on an abyssal Salaam. And then you mentioned Allah names specifically. So when you want, knowledge is Aleem al Hakim, when you want merci Rahman Allah for Allah how far you mentioned those names that are applicable for that that da you also mention your servitude, your devotion to him he I can I will do it I can assign Ya Allah, you are the only one I can turn to these no power but your power who can assist me other than you, I submit myself to you I bow before you I worship you and you alone I don't ask anyone besides you. So if you turn away Allah who's going to help me and you I put

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my dependency and then you say now Allah, Allah help me and you ask first for priority. What is the priority, your own salvation? You know, forgive my sins and intervene to Jenna. guide me, put me on the straight path show mercy to me and your family, your parents, your children, your spouse, your siblings, and in the whole oma and then you talk about the dunya issues. Yeah, Allah, my wealth, my

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My Risk my job, my house these things you also experience your situations if you enter a specific problem beseech Allah what will that you know say to Allah you know your Allah My job is at the rescue Allah you know I am sick there is no one that can help me now there is a pandemic going around no one can save me so mentioned to Allah your dependency on him. And then of course as we see the remember others make to offer the whole muscle many people going through hardship, especially this year, together collectively if we make two things income right remember as we make to our when we make to ourselves, it's just us when I make to our for my brother for my sister, when the angels

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make dua for me, like might be that my dad wasn't accepted, but they do are is more holy. And so then they do for me is the one that gets that goes through to Allah subhanaw taala and then you end again with Salah life and praise and thanks to Allah subhanaw taala again, in terms of Laila to Qatar, remember that these nights are the holiest nights but even within these nights of the holiest hours or the last third of the night. So if you are planning on, when should you focus your two hours as much as you can, it is the last third of the night. So basically from two half past two until fudger. This is the most holiest of hours in these last 10 nights every evening, and we know

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Subhanallah tonight the 21st night is actually the night of riobel Juma so we have a combination of Juma Ramadan, last in nights the last third of the night, all of these things are converging this evening. And so it's a very, very powerful night we take the opportunity we know every every evening, the last third of the night Allah descends and he accepts to do as this is the most well studied time and we know on Joomla these especially our mini mini some scholars have said it could be this last third of the night these an hour we're all except all the hours and so this is the time to really exert yourself and myself. So in terms of a plan of action, and putting all this together

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What can I do. The first thing is of course to understand not to waste any moment, whatever you can defer, if you can take leave put leaving now you know don't spend time in the in the house or in the kitchen wasting time with groceries and these things if you can avoid it, avoid it and focus exclusively on ibadah plan your sleep of course is very important now we have to sleep so if you can stay up the whole night well hamdulillah and sleep during the day if you're lucky to do that then do so but if you can sleep some of the day and spin some of the night Alhamdulillah This is best make as much Salah as possible. So after you make your thought and your gadget and try to spend the last

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third of the night inshallah and in that Salah, make dua especially in sujood remember you can you can speak to Allah in our own languages and make to our devotees that you need have a dualist so think of all the people, whatever it is, this one is going through a hardship, make dua and be specific for the ones that you need for yourself. And also for the whole, almost panela the people of Burma, the people of China, the Muslims, the wiggers, the people of Syria, of Yemen, all of these people, we can't help them, at least we can make to offer them. Another trick to try and do is try and give charity every evening. So you may be you have your fitrah you're going to give on behalf of

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your family 550 or maybe give each night 59. So 59 over 10 nights is 500 and so you get free throw every single night so it counted on the night of Locatelli Allah I gave charity so try to give your charity throughout the nights increasing recitation of Quran if you have any free time, two things you do if you're not making Salah, recite Quran or make those two out of Aloma in the car phone cable off of f1 spend your time in these two things avoid Salas or F car that are not prescribed The sooner these people spend so maybe sometimes the Sadako serratos be I'm not trying to be controversial here. But so that's to speak is not something authentic. So there's some controversy

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around it. rather avoid the controversial and stick to what we know is going to win. What is going to succeed is you standing making Salah reciting Quran and making the this is the best thing for the sister in her menses. Remember she cannot make Salah, but she can do everything besides Allah, she can make her car she can recite Quran without touching the massage she can recite Quran, she can make do so use that time maybe the last third of the night, praising Allah reciting Quran making the to try and increase in that. And then of course very importantly for all of us do not lose focus on the 27th night or afterwards so many times we put all our energy in the 27th and Masha Allah Once

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done, it's like he has already begun. We already in the EAD mode the next night 2829 30 all of these nights could be late lukather. So don't lose out those evenings. For those of us who have small children and jobs, his life continues with our life doesn't be put on hold, try our best to manage it. Those things are obligations we need to fulfill our obligations we still haven't amounted to our job, we still have to see to our kids. This these things are important when hamdulillah and at the end of the day, remember Allah will never deprive us of a reward, he judges us on our intention and our sincerity, if we are Allah to the best of my ability and so on this happens to me, I just

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stopped performing sorta I mean, someone wakes up one of the kids wake up and I have to finish my solo very quickly. There'll be some even did that it was sooner when a child would cry. He would finish Salah quickly and see to the child. And so this happens and it's

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Part of life and in that is beauty. In that is the sincerity Allah. If I could, I would worship you exclusively and just focus on my Ebola but life continues and so I do my best to get every moment of Ebola and there's some beauty in that and Allah subhanho wa Taala we will never get to Jenna through our deeds our deeds are not enough it is His mercy and His mercy comes through our sincerity. So be sincere with Allah cry if you can be seen Allah that He accepts us and He grants us the strength of Allah make it easy and will grant us all the goodness and the blessings of local color. When we achieve with the law. We needed so much this year. And except from us, I mean, just like I said, I

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want to come up with low but I got to

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