The wisdom of Trials and Tribulations for Believers Friday Khutba

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The history and implications of Islam have been discussed, emphasizing the importance of acceptance and practice the Mahdi act. The use of words like "has" and "has not" to describe emotions and actions, as well as the use of technology to improve health and wellbeing. The importance of practicing the act is emphasized, along with the use of drugs and alcohol to treat conditions and work for wellbeing.

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And hamdulillah internationally Lahaina Komodo and a stain on a Sofitel one or two who really want to hold the villa in issue Rudy and fusina Amin see TR Molina Mejia de lo Philomel Villa La Hua Yulin fellow herdy Allah, why should you Allah Allah in Allah who the WHO la sharika? Why should you know Mohammed Abu Rasool? Yeah, you will Adina taco la Hapa Ducati Willa to tune in to Muslim moon. You have nurse with taco Bakula the Holika coming nursing Wahida wahala come in Huzzah. Jehovahs me thymine Hua Zhang and cathedra when he said What up hola hola the to ser Luna b He will or hum in Allahu Khanna, Alikum or Akiva. They are brothers and sisters. One of the heart and ultimate truths

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of life that many people are not willing to admit, or don't like to admit, is a fact about life itself.

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That life is not perfect, and it will never be.

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This life is full of trials and tribulations and we need to accept the whole package. Whether you like it or we don't like it.

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Our life on earth will not be an easy ride.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala said in sort Tabarak sorta till milk or milk, Allah the Halacha motor will hire Atelier Blue Welcome, or you can ask and Ramona will who will Azizullah for the one who created death and life in order to test which of you which one of you is best in deeds, and he's the Almighty.

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The old forgiving this combination between an unseasonal afore is a beautiful combination, and it has many beautiful meanings that are connected to it. And these names are of course they have to do with our deeds as humans whether whether we are movements or we are Kaffir but this is a different story.

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Now Allah subhanaw taala is talking about life and death.

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When you baby born, a new baby is born. We celebrate life life

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and everyone in his or her family is happy.

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When we lose a loved one, we grieve

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and we feel the pain.

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And between the two events

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between the two events humanity is being is being tested. And at the end Allah subhanahu wata Allah will distinguish between the winners and the losers.

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In surah, till Ambia Allah subhanaw taala said when a blue Combi Sheree will highly fitna, what Elena towards your own in the TJ omal, Kiana

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and Natasha, your left hand Nasional piano when a blue Combi Chevy will Haley fitment were Elena to our own. In Surah Al Anbiya, Allah Subhana Allah said, and we test you with evil and with good

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by way of trial, and then to us you will be returned. That the ultimate destination is to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala on the Day of Judgment. I had the ruler of Syria code man had the eye and a blue will be a boon worthy may Accra Hall

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room bizarrely Clea Nomura K Fisher chrome female Hibou will confer sub Ruven, female Accra home one of the scholars of Tafseer he said about this. He said we test you with what you like and what you dislike as well.

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To see how thankful you are with what you like, and how patient you are, when facing what you what what, when facing what what you dislike.

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So when you face a hardship, and you face something difficult, how patient you are, are you going to leave Islam from day one?

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disconnect yourself from the guidance of Allah Subhana Allah from day one, or you endure that hardship for the sake of Allah subhana wa Taala this is a general wisdom, general wisdom behind trials and tribulations in this life when it comes to the personal level. And here this this quote

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is actually related to the first the first or the last hotbar I spoke here about the divine protection that Allah subhanaw taala

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Allah has promised to protect the believers and to protect the rights in Allahu DAFI Ernie Lavina Ermanno so some people might ask, why then Allah Allah is suffering or allow these bad things to happen to the believers.

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He promised that he will protect them in Allahu wa Rani livina Avenue. So we need some understanding here.

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There is a whole package then with that we need to take and we need to understand the look into it. Is Allah right and he definitely didn't what mean in Lima the Takahashi Masha Can you raise your hand Muslim Oba whom your mood of other one yet holy Sousou wobba Who

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so Manuel job on a personal level, the believer, the mudman could be tested for for different reasons.

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And all of them are meant to work to purify his or her souls to purify his or her soul, and to prepare him to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala it's all good to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala without the burden of sins and shortcomings.

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So unbeliever who is not perfect could be falling behind. Due to his his heedlessness and love for this worldly life. At times we forget and we are humans, and this is a reality we cannot ignore it. At times we forget about the true purpose of life. And we forget about our ultimate goal which is Jana.

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So during this state of heedlessness, Allah subhanho wa Taala might send a reminder to the believer and this reminder could be in the form of a calamity or hardship.

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And that's why Allah subhanaw taala said methane Surah Telara will Bellona who will has energy USC at law law we are sure

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there are maybe six or seven eights in the Quran that ended with this Lana whom yours your own low level only allow me

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to goon fee tax sale fees will know.

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Philosophy Anttila you read it and tells you when to land the home yours your own ruler is called them and Allah subhanaw taala and Benny surah in Houma can be a Muslim in Khuda Lavina terbaru jacobellis Salaam Musa Himalayan and be a cannibal slummy Philostratus Bella Luna home Bill hasenhuttl Huseynov Halley's it lamella sobre la Sonata and in higher so how allow fear will risk will we say at my you see at elliptica at a lot of alpha occur and mode will add him in elliptica at

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what will

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bill Hassan it was say at Lana homier if your own Allah subhanaw taala said in this area in Surah, three and Squirtle RF and we tested them

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with blessings and misfortunes, blessings and misfortunes that the May the may return to us, we may repent, we may return to Allah subhanho wa Taala with repentance with Toba and obedience.

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And yet one believe me I know some brothers. I know them personally I know their personal stories, because they told me about their personal stories. They had money, they had business, they had everything they wish in this life. But he told me, we forgot about Allah subhanaw taala we will not praying on time we neglected the religion. And Allah Subhana Allah sent us some reminders.

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And we went through some trials, someone who Allah He told me I lost everything.

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I have now a small income, small source of income, but I am happy

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because I came back to Allah. I'm praying on time.

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Of course, don't take me wrong. We don't have to invite hardship and calamities into our life so we can become better Muslims. There is another way to become a better Muslim without going through trials and tribulations. I'll talk about this misconception at the end of the hotbar. But the point is, Allah Subhana Allah might send some reminders to some people and it is for their own benefit. Because they remember it

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V make Toba? They make a positive change in their life and they become happy. Yes, they lost everything. They lost money, they lost their business, but they are happy because they are satisfied

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with the end result. They came back to Allah they are able to come to the masjid and pray in time with Muslims. That's Allah subhanaw taala and you will feel canaliculi Fayer Akula Cody had our suffering Allah you will come for stuff we will know before right?

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Mean are salatu salam ala Shafi Moosonee CDM Hamad, while he was so happy he made

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the brothers and sisters at times a believer could be that's another type of bacteria another type of testing and trial mean could be fulfilling his duties and following the right path. Rasulullah Salam told us about this case.

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But Allah Subhana Allah Allah knows

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that his deeds and his actions and not enough to take him Allah spent Allah has decreed for him a higher ranking Jana, he has decreed method and so on. So we'll be in genetic for dose.

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But he knows that his deeds this person, this specific person, particular person, his deeds, his actions are not enough to take him to that man Zillah to take him to that rank in genetic photos, for example. So ALLAH SubhanA, Allah will actually test him with some trials and tribulations and he will enable him to be patient to endure those trials and tribulations so we can erase all his sins and grant him higher degrees, and then at the end, he will be deserving well deserving of that rank in Jana, in that regard. Oh Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a famous Hadith that is found in sunnah and epidote. And some other sources, he said in the lab, either Saba Katla

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whom in Allah Haman Zilla

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So back at lumen Allah humans Ila lemmya blue hair b I'm le

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Yanni I'm an O concasseur salatu salam sadaqa to little fellow who erotical men Zilla ality cater the hula hula whimsy to it has it done it's often good

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for if Chela Hula, hula rasool Allah Salah Salem Taylor who Loafie bed and he ofI Malley ofI well Edie

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you have Teddy Allah through, you subdue Allah, Allah has a lip Tila had a blue Holman Z Lety Ketubot Allahu Allah.

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So Allah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in this famous Hadith, when Allah subhanaw taala has previously decreed a higher rank for his servant and his actions

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are not enough to take him to this higher rank.

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His actions and not enough he had some shortcomings. So what will happen Allah Subhana Allah will test him, try him with in his body, or his wealth or his children, and He enables him to endure that He enables him to be patient.

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So then he will deserve the rank that was previously decreed he will be well deserving of the rank that that was previously decreed for him by Allah subhanho wa taala.

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So this, these are the HECM the wisdom behind behind allowing these bad things to happen to the believers. When we understand the ACHEMA we will be we should be thankful we should be satisfied with the color of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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But of course in the last part where we said, we need to also to do our part, we need to tie our camels. We need to tie our camels. Now Matheran. Two days ago, there was another attack against two sisters in the city of Edmonton.

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And it is it was a hate crime classified as a hate crime. The person attacked these two Muslim sisters. I think they were sisters from the same family because of who they are. They will work a job

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with a knife Hamdulillah you know there were no casualties. One of them was taken to the hospital with none

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Uh, you know, with some injuries, non threatening life, non life threatening injuries and the other one has sustained some minor injuries. But still it is a hate crime. And we have to be careful about, you know, we have to take care of our sisters now our daughters, our wives, if you're if you're if your daughter is going walking to school, maybe you should consider giving her a ride now, maybe you shouldn't, you shouldn't allow your daughter to walk in the park by herself. These days, they should be in a group with a family. We have to exercise some extra caution we have to pay attention to our surroundings. And also do as I always emphasize the importance and the power of the

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app in the last hotwire, we'd like to remind you there are some beautiful powerful applications that are meant is what I'm here to pay attention to this. They are meant for protection. We're not talking about general to us. We're not talking about general supplications.

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We're talking about duets that are meant for protection, right? You need to memorize them. Teach them to your kids, say them that are DWIs that we need to see supposed to say recite every day. Whenever you leave your house. You say to

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whenever you go to any place there is a door that you say

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right and nothing will happen to you as promised by rasool Allah Azza wa sallam until you leave that place. We believe in the promise of our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, if I don't memorize this to us, I don't memorize them. I don't check them. I don't cook for them. And something happened to me then I have to blame myself right? But I do this I do my part. Then whatever happens. Then it is it was decreed by Allah subhanho wa taala. Now, as I said, Do we have are we supposed to invite hardship and calamities into our life? To be better Muslims? No, this was not the methodology of our Prophet Muhammad SAW Allah Allah. Rasool Allah wa sallam used to encourage Muslims to Ask and pray

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for well being all the time. In a famous Hadith, he said that at a magnolia, Allah do they not wish to meet do not wish to meet your enemy. We're selling Allahu Allah here. Pray for wellbeing. ask Allah to grant your well being for either lucky to move us below. But as he will meet your enemy, if you face your enemy, then stand your ground and be patient and stay firm. But do not wish do not wish to meet your enemy. This is what Rasulillah Salam said

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one time there was one man once a hobby who was extremely sick, he lost weight. And he was extremely sick at home, couldn't walk he couldn't go out. And as Allah says, tell him what to visit him. Look at this. This

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you know philosophy. So he asked him you didn't have you are not making any

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effort just switch off your cell phone switch it off.

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And there is an option we should have an option in our phone to switch it off completely.

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So Rasul Allah says him asked him,

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you didn't have any do I didn't use any do you will not making dua to Allah subhanaw taala. To you know, to give you to bless you with good health and to grant you will be look at what this man said. He said I had to ask, what was your DUA? He was saying, Yeah, Allah, whatever punishment you have saved for me on the day of judgment, then give it to me in this dunya His intention was good.

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His intention is good, but the understanding is wrong.

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Intention is good. This man wants to be saved on the day of judgment. He wants to meet Allah subhanaw taala without the burden of sins or shortcomings, whatever punishment is there. Just give it to you in this dunya I'm happy with

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guarantee well being on the day on

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the hereafter. So Rasul Allah as I sell him what what Rasul Allah wa sallam said, he said, Subhana Allah, in Nicolau to the Gu, he says, subhanAllah you cannot handle that. You should have said Robin attina for dunya Hassan will accurately has worked in other Banagher who Allah

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grant is good in this world and good in the hereafter and save us from the punishment of hellfire. There is a famous story in the books of history and remember Luca he narrated the story in his book I'm not making up the story but it's a very interesting story it is found in it'd be day wouldn't be higher that was offered by Imam Luca and it was mentioned by some other scholars. There was a habit a habit, someone who was heavily involved in Ibadah in Barcelona they said in the books of history that he used to pray offer 500 records every 24 hours day and night. I thought about it I said maybe it's possible they didn't have Internet didn't have Instagram didn't have Facebook, no Twitter no TV

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I mean yeah, maybe it's possible 500 Rock as if he had this an income it was able to secure an income other people working for him maybe that free time maybe 500 accounts right. And this man

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used to make a statement.

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Carrier cool Rob IP telephony be my * fillet Sally fee fi, si worker have one. Oh Allah, test me with whatever test you want. Whatever trial trial you want. I have no attachment towards anyone beside you. And this is a big statement. The second part is good. I have no attachment towards anyone beside you, right? To anyone besides my morality, which means my heart is completely attached to you. You're Allah subhanaw taala. And he used to be known for this. He used to love Allah subhanaw taala used to make poetry about loving Allah subhanaw taala and so on and so forth. But the first part of the statement, test me with whatever you want. It's a big statement. So Allah Subhana

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Allah has tested him. I believe it's a small test. He didn't go to jail. He was not detained for 20 years. He was not tortured in jail. He didn't know he didn't live in Syria or in Egypt nowadays. No, it's it was a small test. Allah subhanaw taala tested him with this disease, acute urinary retention he was not able to pee in a normal way. He was not able to relieve himself and it was very painful for two weeks. Then he realized that he made a mistake you shouldn't have made that statement. And he used to go to the kids and Quranic schools in the city of Baghdad and give them food and give them candy and he used to say early I'm making will make dua for your uncle the liar because he he

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realized that it was not a good statement you shouldn't ask you shouldn't you know show this attitude no ask Allah subhanaw taala for well being so now lol is what our best our best used to come to his body Allahu Allah to our Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim it was he he was his uncle. You're a Salah, tell me about a good two. I wanted beautiful to give me a two app that they can use every day. And he said Salah hill if you ask Allah pray to Allah to grant you wellbeing at best was not healthy Allah unsatisfied with this to the next day he came he also Lulu I want some special to

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especially to hire us or Allah. What was his response? Yeah, at best. Yeah, I'm Mara Sula, who does all the income of the Messenger of Allah. Listen, ask Allah pray to Allah for wellbeing to grant your well being. So there is nothing that is better than elaphe here because if you are tested, you don't know if you will be patient or not. You don't know how you're going to react. So the best policy is to ask Allah Subhana Allah for wellbeing, work for wellbeing, use these two areas and supplications that are meant for protection and for well being this Allah subhanaw taala and he will fit canaliculi de la morpholino to Ballina in the cancer to work with Rahim Allah Mohammed often

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Irish broadcaster and I said I'm gonna work diligently I need active because sunitinib Vika Ali Salatu was Salam bene hablan as well as you know the reality now proletarian which I'm learning with Tokina Imam

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dunya Hassan, Hassan and Joaquina other than na Allah mananas Anika Illuminati I want to say Luca Calvin Harsha and Vanessa Luca is conversion. Allah in earnest Luca la for Lafayette V de Nino dunya Anna Allahumma Inanna seleukid Alpha one Alpha two for dunya will Allah Houma in earnest local Afro Lafayette dunya Allahumma Frobisher Leah 10am equally su for the banana Tina was Oceania Tina wife of the reality

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of hammer Rockne Allahumma indica hydro half of Aloma Nico Hafez Allahumma in Mecca haha. Allah Muhammad as he did in philosophy as well as in

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Have a rocky noon in the hybrid half as in what hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen