The Difference between Islam and Imaan

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It's not many men are the same thing if they are mentioned separately, and when they are mentioned together they are different. But basically the Prophet sallallahu sallam, you know if you want to say that the man is the acts of the interior and Islam would be the acts of the exterior. That is correct, if the art to be mentioned together, but when they are mentioned separately, then it's not like this, because the preface will sometimes it was asked after Islam color, amen Billa what's the best of Islam He said, The Man billet belief in Allah, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam also said, an email, Sabrina shaba Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah, wa Edna, you must

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read will have sharper and sharper image this report is available for a Muslim

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man is 70, some branches, the highest of which is the testimony of faith in the law, and the lowest is to remove harm from the way or out of the way, having higher modesty is one of those branches. modesty is one of those branches. And it is the signal it's like the signature characteristic of Islam the hallmark of a stub province or some sort of a liquidity pool open.

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For every vendor is a signature characteristic. And that for a signature characteristic of Islam is modesty. And modesty does not only mean you know modesty between the genders, this this is modesty in your attitude with Allah subhanaw taala with the creation with your family, it is a it is more than just limited to gender interaction. It's much wider than this. But anyway, the Islamic men are used interchangeably unless they are mentioned together then they would mean different things. They would mean different things if they are mentioned together in the same location in the same hobbies or in the same area.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam was once asked about math total Islam which is not which of the is that which of Islam is best? And he said, I'm totally mad at Tom when tetra ceram Allah Maharashtra woman tarrif. This was reported by Bukhari and Muslim Rahim Allah. So this agreed upon have the prophets in this agreed upon Hadith the prophet of Saddam was asked about my after Islam which of Islam is best, he said unto him upon to feed,

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to give food out to feed the people, when Takara, Salaam Alaikum and hereafter military and to spread the greeting peace or to extend the greeting of peace, to those whom you know, and those who don't.

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And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in a hadith also said, players needs any in any moment. What is it episodically an asterick wahala moment that the fornicator does not commit his his act of fornication while he is a believer and the thief does not commit the act of stealing while he is a believer. So are those things? What are those things? Are those things the Pillars of Islam and Eman are the manifestations are what we have to understand that you know, Islam is an Islamic Eman is a huge structure. This structure has doors and windows and bases and foundations and you know, different doors and you know, different manifestations. So, some of these Hadith when we read them,

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they are talking about the is the foundations of Islam and foundations of email without which you don't have Islam and you don't have email. Some of those Hadith are talking about the basic structure of the building, aside from the foundation, above the foundation, now the basic structure of the big building, the first floor where you have the main gate and so on and so forth. Some of the hobbies talk about the fulfillment of the structure, the fulfillment of the structure. So when it How can reports from our beloved are vested the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, ladies and gentlemen, Olivia. Yes, Bella Dara, who is not a believer, He who is his full quarter he will eat

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his fill while his neighbor is hungry. He is he does not mean that he's kept.

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He means that he did not really fulfill fulfill the criteria characteristics of Billy. He does have the basis he does have the foundation, but he has not really fulfilled because now

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It should manifest on you know, having laid down the foundation and built the first floor, and so on and so forth. Now it's manifest on you, having this faith inside you should filter out should manifest radiate from you radiate in the form of total cholesterol

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to feed people and it should radiate on you in the form of kindness to the weekend oppressed and orphan and so on and so forth. If it doesn't treat eight, then there is a problem that there is a problem with the foundation that you need to examine that you need to go back and work on the foundation. So that you work from the bottom up and so that the fulfillments of this structure are completed, you know, the fulfillment you fulfill the the structure of Islamic Eman in your heart and in your practice.

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So, in this Hadith, the prophet Sawsan and he's talking about the very foundation that he will build on the very foundation that you will need to build on