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salam ala Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala should have will obey when will silly Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa he was I will send them to sleep on cathedral

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for my battle over the sisters.

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The second most important lesson in life

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is to

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make Rasulullah sallallahu salah,

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your model,

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your role model to emulate.

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Socrates said 2000 years ago plus 2000 plus years ago that there is nothing new that happens. Everything that happens is a repetition. It's you're copying somebody, were you emulating somebody you're doing something like somebody else did? It's not original, you might think it's original, it's not.

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Now, if you want to copy somebody, who would you want to copy? Obviously, you will want to copy somebody who's successful, who is powerful, who is intelligent, who is influential, and so on, because that's what you want to become yourself.

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Now, who is the person

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whose way has the

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official certification of

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A confirmation that this is the right way.

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Today we live in a world with lots of gurus teaching this and teaching that, you know, James clear sends me

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I want his mailing list to send me an email every day with two or three

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useful things to think about.

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Stephen Covey has been there a long time and many people, but who has a guarantee of success about whom can you say that if I follow this person, there is no way that I can go wrong.

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There's only one and that one is Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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because only about

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the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him Salah Salem did Allah subhanaw taala say la carte Cara Lacan Phaedra su De La he was what on Hassan

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that truly in the for you it truly good example, the best example is the life of Muhammad Sallallahu Anusara whose whole life

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everywhere his political actions is domestic actions, his actions as a teacher, his actions, actions as

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an individual worshipper of Allah subhanho terreni, and individual act of Allah subhanaw taala. His actions as a father as a husband, his actions in business as a businessman, his actions, as a head of state as the head of the armed forces, his actions in charity, you name it, every single action Allah's word that I made a blanket statement, Lacan, Canada ko fi rasool Allah, He who's worked on Asana, and then Allah said, for who is this the best example liwan Cara, your doula. Well, Jamila Farah was the Kerala cathedra for the one who believes in Allah subhanaw taala who yearns to meet Allah subhanaw taala yet Angela, who has this desire to return to the world Yama, Lafayette and the

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one who loves to go for the FLT is waiting for the day of judgment to happen.

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Was that gonna laka Sierra and remember Allah subhanaw taala a great deal. Think about this. Why would anyone want the day of judgment to happen quickly? Why would somebody be somebody waiting for the day of Judgment? Just read the Koran, especially the last June 3 June 3 Usama and you will find something about the day of judgment you find lots of things about the development and not one of them is something that you would read and say, oh my god, fantastic. I'd love to be there. No way. No way. All of those things are frightening. They're terrifying the things which literally, you know, they blow out the lights from your mind. Right, which will keep you awake at night. If you

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really read the Quran Al Karim, with understanding and with a clean and pure heart. Those ayat of Quran Quran Karim Quran with respect to the Day of Judgment, Aloha Kia, do social worker for example.

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Rule read

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the news ama is the last us is full of them. They are descriptions of a day which will be a very very difficult day to put it politely a day which will definitely not a day that you say I look forward to that day, no way. Now

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way, but why is Allah saying this? Lehmann can a doula, your doula, well, Yahweh Allah.

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Because Allah Martha is saying this because the one who will look forward to the day of judgment is the one who expects to be rewarded on the one who looks forward to the day of judgment is the one who

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who wants to

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who expects that he or she will be spared the difficulties of the Day of Judgment night they don't explain the for them, they hope that the day of judgment will be a beautiful day, a day when they will meet their beloved Allah subhanaw taala. The day they will meet the beloved Mohamed Salah Salem, they will see Him He will smile at them he will look at them he will, he would love to be with them. They will say a salary will be ours will Allah and he was while he was salam. And he will give DUA and he will give the water of coaster. This is what we expect. Now who can expect that it's not a matter of simply expecting because we feel like expected in Islam expectations have to be

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combined with action. A there is no value in knowledge by itself knowledge which is acted upon. And that is somebody who lived his or her life according to the beautiful sunnah of Rasulullah he's also this person can expect to get

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to be rewarded on that day, to be welcomed on that day to be honored on that day. We ask Allah to make us on the this is the benefit of the Sunnah. So, make the Sunnah your way you know in business business school in business management. And the same thing principle applies in many areas or many other areas of science.

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There is a theory so you read a theory to read say marketing theory or something.

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And then there is a field book what is called a field book. field book is, for example, one of the

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one of the one of the Peter sangee is one of the my very important authors to read I believe in in business. He used to teach at MIT Mr. Witter by now. He wrote a book called the learning organization.

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wonderful book. It's called The Fifth Discipline, Fifth Discipline. And it's about what he calls a learning organization. And then there is a field book to Fifth Discipline field book The Fifth Discipline, I have both of them. So, vital books.

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Fifth field book The Fifth Discipline shows you with actual examples, exercises, games, case studies and so on of how to apply and how to create a learning organization an organization in which people are learning on a daily basis this learning is pooled and it is recorded in a database which is searchable and which is a huge source of

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further learning for new people and so on. Fifth Discipline and the law and the field book. Now, we have the book of Allah subhanaw taala Al Quran will carry the field book of the Quran Al Karim is the Sierra and Sunnah of Muhammad Rasul Allah.

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So if somebody says Why should I read the Sunnah? Why should I read the Sierra? Well for the same reason why you would do the fieldwork in any theory? The Quran Al Karim gives us the akhom gives us the orders the commands of Allah subhanaw taala, how should I fulfill this hokum how much like obey this command? What is the way that is what is in the field book, which is the Sierra, the Bible the life the be the path the way and the Sunnah, the way again, of Mohamed Salah he Salah Salem to give you a very simple example Allah Subhana Allah said okay, Musa he said establish the Salah. So you as a Muslim Muslim Biller, I'm ready

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What is Allah? How must I do it? What do I need to do anything before the salah show I try to do something after Salah What do I read in the Salah? Are there any? Is it just you know one one body position or do I need to jump above a million questions

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those questions have been answered in the Sierra and so now for salsa Salah in his teachings and in his practice.

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So he's a solo camara Tony, who's Elisa pray, as you have seen me pray is a beautiful Hadees of how he invited these young people to come and stay with him and they came and stayed with him for two or three weeks and he taught them how to pray. And then he said

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To them, let the oldest one of you or the one who knows the most Quran, let Him lead the salah. And he said pray as you have seen me pray Solu Kamara, Tonio, Sally

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the field book so make Rasulullah Salem your model, because as I said, you will follow someone or the other no matter what you're doing, you're doing something according to the way somebody else did it. Why not do it the way that was for us or seldom did it because he's the only way he's the only one with a guarantee of success as colossal amount of data to help us to live our lives according to the Sunnah of Rasulullah Salam, and do obey his orders, because knowing that he loves us more than anything else than anybody else, and his orders are only and only for our benefit, or Salalah. Allah will carry while Allah He was a member of the army