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Nobody wants to worry about

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celebrity promotions to working with our country.

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That's how many of

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these are blessings, we are all less

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than 100. It was not it was set up it can also be done by them. And he was like the only

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place to reach almost kind of data, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger all the messengers.

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Today we've gathered here for a very important witness a very

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significant purpose. And I must be honored and privileged to be invited by the two charities that are involved and all others

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for the appeal in

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the debate and less land of a sham Syria.

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I pray that Allah Most High except the efforts of all those who put in the effort to bring us here together. And I do pray that about how you're gonna

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bring about some sort of positive result in some way or shape or form by this gathering. While some Sharla assisting and helping.

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In the few minutes that I have before me,

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I just would like to mention a few points.

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Syria is from the hands of what we know in Arabic as a shone, a shadow matter

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refers to a few areas Greece few countries now, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, but a sham Syria is a very significant part of a shell, the capital being Damascus, for me, I'm not from Syria, like the speaker before me this from house. But I, in a way, consider Syria to be a second home. I lived there for about three years, where I studied in Damascus traveled to many different cities. And when I returned, when people asked me, what did you learn in Syria, what what books you studied all of the different was a different scholars issue. And rather than those who studied by on when they were asking me about all of that, I said, one simple lesson that I learn from the people of Syria

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and Sudan we all need to inculcate within us just the amazing humbleness, humility and good mannerism and good character that I saw within that such amazing and beautiful people in this world. And I was really serious, and I'm so serious about this, very rarely, I've seen that sort of warmth and love shown by the people that have been shown by the people of Syria. And why wouldn't it be because the land is blessed? That land is a whole area of sharing. When we look at our sacred texts of Allah and the Sunnah of the messenger is overwhelmed by numerous text indicates that the land is blessed.

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And numerous verses actually hit the moon and point to the dark coffee and the blessings in the land of shelf many.

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In one of the verses Allah Subhanallah, Derrida when he when he was talking about the Lusardi, he said, Whatever Coco and nobody saw, either mobile or sip, we have given the new Sami and authority which is an upvote of truth.

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And if you want to, and many other commentaries, I say this is referring to the beloved show. And if you look at the Hadith of the messenger, peace and blessings be upon him, actually, there are actually Hadith or prophetic narrations and statements

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that encourage Muslims to migrate and make he up to a show before the final hour. There's actually a books written on this topic. There is a book that either the same individual writing is shown by a great email and we're happy to reply to inform people that before the final outcomes people should migrate in Sona to migrate in the president of the Sherm in the Muslim world of Fatima healthcare, a very famous renowned collection of Hadith. This is a rigorous and authenticated Hadith, the messenger of peace and blessings be appointed to set a show software to logging we see a show that is the chosen land over the last

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year so it has support

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Allah takes to those lands, those will be choosers, the chosen hat and the people who are taking them on the chosen people of God, man homogenic sheltering, from the sun or cleaning, the ones who leave a shell and go elsewhere. This does not mean it's sinful, but it's in a context,

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then they do with the

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displeasure of God, woman.

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That the metric, and the ones who entered the show, they enter with the Mercy of Allah in the Muslim or female language last year for world peace and blessings be upon him, he said,

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this show

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Glad Tidings be on a show. And then when he was asked to sort of go away, why he said a number that because of Russian money, that was super cool that you may have,

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because the angels of the old merciful, they are spreading their wings in protecting the people have shown

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up over the show, the mother didn't marry his son. And he says, the message he hopes that he made the Messenger of Allah peace and blessings be upon him is either first, Lucia, been a hater of people. When there's when there's corruption in the people of Russia, there is no good in you as an oma in our first edition. And it starts from the documents. It starts from the government corruption comes by the people who are in charge and for authority, we know the mesh, and that's this which has been occurring to the Muslims for

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in when we had nothing other than it was one of the capitals of the Muslims at a central city in Serbia. We know and we believe at the IB that because we have a lot less intensity upon him, he said.

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And this is the belief of the Muslims that are reasonably lolium, Jesus, peace be upon him again, zidoo are used up no more whenever I'm

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talking about shall be a diversion. Reasonably material will descend, follow the whites and minimums on the eastern side of Damascus, whichever we don't know which mosque but it's on the eastern side. And there's many many, you know, unless we have a lot of peace and blessings be upon him. He mentioned to one companion or our we up in Canada. He said to him, yes. Can I want to move somewhere? Where should where should I move? He said he pointed out with his hands. He said Hallelujah. And he pointed one of one happiness, be happy that OSHA is pointing towards a shovel is at this point go there. That's what you shouldn't do. And even the companions or their loved one who

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nobody agrees with them, many of them they said, move to a shop, some move themselves many companions. They spoken to a show they made a show and Damascus, specifically their hometown, so you didn't wait for their loved ones, to rush to the benefits of a loved one you send them, the one who used to give the alarm and the call to prayer for the rest of Europe about peace and blessings be upon him and for the Muslim after the messengers of Allah already. So that is one of my greeting to the show. He's married in Russia and in Serbia in Damascus specifically, and I would love you to live up to and Damien is going to be one of the great companions. When do you believe he will join

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in peace and blessings be upon him would descend he would come in the form of the heaven tentative. He was saying clipping and missing there from a place called VESA right now on the outskirts of Damascus for that time, it was a different city altogether for now as you all know those from Syria it's together and it's very dated regular. So it's an amazing place the messenger bots are what are used to meet your Allah He also spent a lot more learning efficiency from the benefit of the human in our presence in our show listening. And this is the reason why as I will say many companions database greeting they made the show Damascus their own holiday into the body cycling into Villa he

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was the one who's conflict hence his method there's a masjid if you see a genre called inability to enhance when I visited I stayed in Pensacola retains Howard, an amazing, unique place. And it's a place where many Queen scholars of the Muslim ummah live to shower if you just read the history of Usher, many greeting countries in the Sahara, but besides the Companions, many pious righteous Muslims, they shower to the Shema, and they get great historians did not assert him. The whole history of Damascus in about 18 volumes. That is not a good technique. He will teach them a necessity and agree to love and know me.

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He was on number 11 As you know, is the country that I was on he started but about an hour's drive from Damascus.

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Searching for Nava. There's a German for Germany and no big deal. He's one of the great scholars of this Homer. And these people taught people

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to be teachers. It was a blessing that he stood up present. And Muslims have been there. And this is not just one Muslim that we Christians that as well. It's always been a place of tranquility, of peace of righteousness. And you see the people living there. Remember when I was getting the iced tea live for those of you who are from certain metaphysical Rooker de Chien, a few I can't remember.

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But it was delivered over the team. And the whole I traveled,

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hence, the people of Hans parla, amazing people had. And I went to other places that one of those places just want to visit, how one of the most unique and one of the most righteous people you can find places hammock, such beautiful people like amazing Muslims. That means over the last two years, they just generally the character that attributes the hospitality, the warmth, the love that people show, as soon as the relevance is this, the people simply do not deserve what they are. They don't deserve it.

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It's very sad that we have to, you know, stay up to date with what I was there for eight years ago, I could not have imagined that these things would have happened. But we all knew at that time, everybody knew nobody could speak. You speak to anybody about the government, you know, everybody runs away from you, because

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all they want.

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And everybody's scared. How can people talk to you? I mean, we it's right now, we think that a fortune that no one is being tortured. The old has been tortured for the past week. The speaker before me just mentioned for the past 4050 years in 1980s 1000s, and hundreds and 1000s of people were slaughtered a massacre that killed, enhances specifically hammock killed, many scholars were killed 1000s of them, and just genuinely Muslims will be killed in 1980s, as you know, so it's been going on since this very brutal

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regime that has come with

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a girl with this, this blessing. And we have to choose the brothers or sisters and frankly, we really have to do something about this. Whatever we can do. As Muslims, we have a responsibility. We have a responsibility. It's part of the faith, the Messenger of Allah peace and blessings be upon him said that you may know how to handle your ship that nothing is going to happen in our city. You can one of you cannot even be a complete monopoly believer until you do not like for your fellow Muslim brother or sister we don't like so. And in this heading, he said no slim. But this is not specific to Muslims in another Hadith of Muslim, anger, the messenger or while peace and blessings

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be upon the reset. So Allah it was I know you said a head leanness

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let him know what article for people to even have to refute but livingness you will you have been in a city one cannot achieve and acquire the reality of email and you can't be a complete Muslim unbeliever until you don't like what you manage to clean. Let's see what you like the answer. If someone thinks that they are believer and they have no concern, no concern for humanity and for the Muslim ummah, then this person you learn is not complete. He's not a complete believer isn't what is it to say a Muslim cannot be a believer just by praying or fasting and just worrying about his own self for that. So in order to be it shows that is deficient. If someone is a Muslim and does not

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have concerning the heart for humanity, this shows that there is deficiency in the Imam Imam is not complete. And we have been ordered and encouraging numerous texts of the Quran and Sunnah

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that we have to have this concerned have mercy in the heart, the Messenger of Allah peace and blessings upon you What did you say he said, Men Faraja and Muslim guru may be caught up in dunya robot authority of one on one who for better before a human Liana Do you alleviate you remove one hardship, one difficulty from one medieval Allah will remove the difficulty and hardship of the next one will Loafie only an accidental and abdulfatah On your feet. Allah is in assistance of his slave as long as that slave is in assistance and help his fellow Muslim Brothers or sister or anyone of humanity

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and numerous Hadees that points to this fact. So we have with us

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She says, this is just a reminder of references that we know, we know we've seen. It's very sad that one of the meat that is covering the media, we all have this heavy one and zero, we want to do something. When the media is quiet right now the media is quiet. They made a bit of hospital noise, because they have to was media but we don't hear anything about Syria anymore.

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We don't hear as much as we used to.

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And this, this is where we need constant reminders.

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Like speaker before we said he just reached out and

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just returned from Syria.

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And the graphic nature that the details, the graphic details of things are happening on the ground. Women, men, children, people are exposed to literally cut some of the images. I'm sure many of you must have seen it so myself.

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It's just unbearable. You can't even view it, there was only one image. So

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after 10 seconds, or so it's just you can't imagine a human being whoever the human may be, even if it's the Great tip of bombing an oppressor on planet Earth. But if he's a human, you can't imagine any human doing this. It's just inconceivable How could a human being human animals don't do some of the things which is tied in with the rules of doing?

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We've gone beyond the level of animal suffering the images, usually you just think to yourself, how can I be in the right frame? You must be crazy, or you must be something live with a brain or something that if you do this to fellow human beings, how can you even have a heart to oppress them in this way, regardless of whatever differences people have, because this seriously, and that's not what I'm saying that we need constant reminders, constant reminders, the media will stop coverage, we need reminders, we need to keep on talking to the system, assisting the economy started to out, we need to make a lot of God. And then we need to help assist our fellow son brothers and sisters

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and even the normal students who are living in Syria by the people of Syria. We have everywhere else in the world, but we are focusing on Syria we need to help assist them we can envision medicines, food craving, accommodation, and this is our duty as Muslims we get settled and beyond we need to be settled. The Messenger of Allah is a Hadith were actually two angels mainly for Ireland. They said Hola, hola. Hola. Hello color Allahumma apathy Munna Cinco de telefone. Oh Allah the one who gives a charity donates.

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compensate for his work.

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And the one who will host take away from my Nagasaki southern auto we love Southern proper charity never decreases wealth brother and sisters. You know what that means? It may decrease. Apparently it may seem to us that is decreasing. Yes, you get 10 pounds 10 pounds? Yes, you have 20 It's 10. But what does this mean? This means the product can blessings Allah subhanho wa Taala it will give us so much blessings in the remaining 10 that we will actually benefit in the 10 as we would have benefited with the 20 That's the meaning of most numbers. Now number seven, to be less. It never decreases.

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We are able to benefit in the same way I know what increases your hospital level. Remember what you said about Allah increases charity and it's not our world as it is. Well Neela was up to level up is what we've given you you're spending overseas. We're not we don't focus the human doesn't know his money is what Allah has given us. While Allah has given us what God has given us when you go to other people and people are in need we are relaxing in this country right now. So kind of while we are enjoying our time period for a lot of people I enjoy we have food we have drink we need to seriously pick up on these people make

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amazing places and amazing landmines. And someone must have heard about the stories or guesses that's taking place but it's very sad, very sad. It's it's a place that with those higher like the Hadith the Messenger of Allah said in our first set the UnderSheriff with a team of people if there's corruption in the people of a shaman, there's no good you can think you can do the opposite meaning if there's good in there and let's put it everyone else on in the world. And then it's good that I seriously that there's so much power there's so much blessing so much of righteousness, so much piety. You see people men and women children, you know

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The Amazing righteousness and piety that you find which are you ready? So the world's, the elderly people, the righteousness and piety and the families that bring off the way they bring on their children. Amazing summary of our good character we put mannerism in hospitality and greet scholars Neverland pushing one of my teachers was there which he didn't mention ship, for some are referring

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who I started with, and I spent a lot of time with him. He was unfortunately sadly he was injured in one of the one of the links in his last year of the army or, you know, the people in the regime. They

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went text messages that Assad was doing more harm to people

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making peaceful demonstrations after so after Juma he

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desecrated the Mosque, the Masjid the house of Allah. Again, anyone whether the Muslim Donaldson's or anyone have faith, intentionally they say, well, Muslims, intentionally deliberately doing that to our to our Lord is inconceivable. And the sheriff has ended up in hospital.

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And there are many other scholars who are targeted one by one. And anyone who, you know, just believes in Allah wants to be a good righteousness and wants freedom wants his or her rights. That is our job, the religious system of our fellow slaves. And people have certainly shown that we need to have this right by us if this would only happen, brothers and sisters, we have this quality of learners. It's an amazing quality or we have to bring that the greatest individual quality was the mercy of a walk. So I wonder why he was undermining grammatically it may

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mean that we have to bring that quality of our hanging there have been there hanging out there have been lucky summer. Have you changed how policy on the people of the earth allow me to have mercy on you. So this is very important, we need to have resolution but if we do have to bring that quality in our hearts beneficial, but we do whatever we can do in any way, shape, or form, even a small amount makes a difference. Even a small amount of people may feel this difficult but even a small amount a small amount or more looks like the normal quantity, quantity is going to be much needed if you haven't handled it, but the quality is very important. The media the intention, the sincerity,

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the genuineness and the real concern in the heart that's what a lot of sense and we pray that Allah subhanaw taala bring peace to the dance on the show. And moving into our local information I'm just wondering if he didn't show the ability change the wording I think that is shown along with some of the other means of offering so along with

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our immediate value Yazidis made to our goal now we we ask that you bring peace and tranquility remove the hardship and difficulties from the lens of a show of our brothers and sisters of our home or family Jonathan was offered a journey along the foundation of wanting to leave a

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loved one It feels lonely being alone in the body we don't have enough of the body mean I'm gonna allow machete children, Mr. Shipley to show them a welcome message but jumping right into the video

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alone having

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more than happy to return the show alone on having Michigan three and a half million alone 100 and will never leave alone. And so we don't have that either. We have all three members.

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And three major one will enter into it via like either government or company corporation you can distribute ideally what you're trying

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to do or he opened up the corporate window and distribute already what's already been done and talk to some of Nostradamus even 100 What he was trying to say. If you want to handle it that way. Nice