Mirza Yawar Baig – Tazkiyah 12 – Hardness of the Heart

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The heart is the most exposed to the gods and is the one most vulnerable to the virus. The importance of reading the seer and reflecting on actions essential for survival is emphasized. The heart is also crucial for survival, as it reacts to events and helps soften one's immune system. The negative impact of actions on society is discussed, including a woman who refuses to admit to any wrongdoing and expresses frustration with the lack of knowledge of Islam. The importance of hardship and accepting negative impacts of people spending money on wedding ceremony is also emphasized.
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Nelson Mandela salatu salam, ala, Colombia

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where it was happy

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about Chela to

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talk about another one of the ailments of the hearts and that is the hardness of the heart.

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And the hardness of the heart is expressed and diagnosed by the dryness of the eyes.

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And this is wrong the head is merited verbal hora de la mano

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mentioned that

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there are two kinds of eyes that Allah subhanaw taala will protect from the hellfire. One is the eye that stays awake,

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in protection of the Muslims stays awake for the protection of the Muslims.

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And the other one is the AI that weeps for the glory and majesty of Allah subhanaw taala when nobody's watching,

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in the dead of the night alone by themselves,

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the eye tears in the eye are sign of the softness of the heart.

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And softness of the heart is a essential element for Hidayat

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hardness of the heart is a is a disease of the heart.

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The heart is where the

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the glory and majesty of Allah subhanaw taala the promises of Allah subhanaw taala dimension of the benefits and the rewards that Allah will give or the benefits of the

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possibility of punishment of Allah subhanaw taala

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hardness of the heart is where none of this has any effect on the person

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and the person listens to it without any anything happening to

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hardness of the heart is also where there is no movement in the heart and move on to the heart. For the glory of Allah is something that Allah subhanaw taala himself mentioned as one of the signs of the believers.

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Or Allah sorry, number. Allah Xena is a zookeeper Allahu Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah said that meaning are the people who when the vicar of Allah subhanaw taala comes before them their hearts, sure, with the fear and majesty and glory of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And the Heart Heart is the one which does not have any effect. Allah subhanaw taala mentioned the hardness of the heart

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in another place, where is it? that some people their hearts are hard as stone as rocks, and he said that no, they are actually harder than rocks, because rocks split and springs of water come out of the rocks.

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But the heart does not split the same way.

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Allah subhanaw taala mentioned the effect of his column on the mountain in the famous isotopes.

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And he said that if this column had been sent down on a mountain, the mountain would have

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disintegrated individually with the majesty of Allah subhanaw taala. And that reference also is towards the heart to say that what happens to your heart because a column of Allah subhanaw taala was sent on your heart.

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The column of Allah has been sent on the heart of every single Muslim in the world

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we shall SLM is the one who received the calamity gala was meant for the heart of every single Muslim in the world. And so we need to ask ourselves, what is the effect of the Kalam of Allah subhanaw taala on my heart, is there any effect at all? If the effect is there is it enough

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and the sign of that is tears in the eyes? Yours India is not to show the world tears in the eyes not when you are leading salah and then you start weeping. Now if that happens spontaneously inshallah This is hamdulillah from Allah subhanho wa Taala so this is a Shara. But if somebody may Allah protect us from such actions, if somebody deliberately tries to cry, then this is real. This is sick.

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This is absolute shit. Somebody deliberately tries to cry to embarrass the people Oh Mashallah, you've got so much Cujo is crying in Salah.

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That is the worst and worst of the worst. But if it happens spontaneously when you were talking about the glory advisors devala eyes fill up with yours I have

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no problem with that. This is from the records of

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the eye the the

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tendency of the eyes to cry is a sign of the washed off.

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And dry eyes that don't cry is a very great danger and that's the reason why we have to watch

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do the rigor of Allah subhanaw taala constantly mentioned the greatness of Allah subhanaw taala constantly read the Koran, reflect on what we are reading. So we understand that it's not just a ritual, you know, chanting of something, but we actually understand what we are reading and allow that to have an effect on the heart. And that's why that's the reason also for the importance of flicker of

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sitting and in contemplation and reflection. And that's why the Ferrara said in many places, they said, the signs for people who are

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people who have physical people who reflect people who think they contemplate, not just live routinely and live, you know, mechanically. So therefore thinking about the glory of Allah, making sugar of Allah subhanaw taala, thanking Allah subhanaw taala, for all that He has given us, all the nanos of Allah subhanaw taala, especially those that are essential for our survival Allah has given us without asking.

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Without asking,

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Allah May Allah give it to us, all of those, plus more, plus more. And we need to therefore tanglers tala for that. And that's the way of softening of the heart. Another way of softening of the heart is to read the seer offer. So like to read the seer of the Sahaba, to read this era of the great people of this Deen and see what they did and what kind of sacrifices they did and what sort of investment they made in their lives, and how they chose to please Allah subhanaw taala, no matter what happened to them,

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no matter what happened to them, that's very important to reflect because there are people and these people made made active choices, they didn't just do this mechanically, they made active choices, where they chose to follow the path of Mohammed, Salah, even though it angered the powers that be the powers that were at that time. And they suffered as a result of that. They suffered. Many of them were in Brazil, and many of them were tortured. Many of them were killed. But they did not leave the patch. They said, Whatever happens, we will stand firm on the faith that was

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brought. And we stand firm on the faith that we accepted all of these kinds of things. The Corolla, gala, reading the biographies of great people, reading the biographies and the and seeing what they have done in their lives. Reflecting on the column of Allah subhanaw, taala, all of these things help to soften the heart. And then of course, one must make that why this

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quote from one of the stuff, he said, I always know when my wife is accepted. So as to how do you know when your daughter is accepted, he said, when my daughter is accepted, I start with

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tears coming to my eyes spontaneously. So I know that my daughter is accepted when I'm making some work, but tears go into my eyes I know.

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So each one has his own thing. This is not what he was something like this, but at the same time saying that it's important to have a heart which is a life, not what did you know piece of meat, have a heart which is alive, which reacts, which has an effect. Another thing which is a sign of the softness of the heart is to see what is the effect of what is happening in the world.

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The effect of Muslims are falling into sin, Muslims are dying without Eman. Muslims are dying without the kalama. You know on the attendance, what is the effect of that is a famous story from the biography of

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john levy that he used to in the masjid in Islam within that time was a little modular house to make Voodoo. And he had one room in that machine by the side where he used to live. And he would be walking in the sand of the machines in the courtyard of the masjid the whole night walking up and down, up and down. And weeping and weeping and weeping, weeping and making drought Allah subhanaw taala walking up and up his wife what they called out to him, he said, Daddy, will you kill yourself? What is wrong with you? So why do you cry so much? What is the problem with you? You know what, whatever is happening is happening. Why do you guys want? What's the problem with you? Will

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you kill yourself? or What is this whole like you're walking up and down you weeping and weeping? For what? Why are you doing all this? So he said to his wife, he said, Why should I not weep? Or should I not weep? When I know and I can see that Muslims are dying without the caliber

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of Muslims in the world who are dying without developer. I mean somebody else who has not entered Islam he dies without the caliber that is a calamity in itself.

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But Muslims themselves Muslims have don't have any idea they don't know Allah is they don't worship they don't pray. They have no they are not on TV. People are voluntary.

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To all of this happening, you want me to sleep peacefully, how can I sleep peacefully

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and see the result of that crime? Allah subhanaw taala showed the word

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unless your dog, the result of that

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thing is to have a heart We just have to have a heart which feels the pain, that does feel physical pain, to feed the spiritual pain of the fact that a Muslim is dying without that Muslim has fallen into sin, that a Muslim is deliberately committing Haram, that Allah has given wealth, and that wealth is being spent not to please Allah, but to deliberately by the anger of Allah.

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Really, none of this affects us.

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Somebody is doing nonsense in terms in the in the name of weddings, in the name of funerals, and this is that people are spending money there. Allah give them wealth, that well they are actually using to buy the bag, the anger of Allah,

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lack of sorry, like

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the buying the fire of the * of the objection to paying for it and buying the fire of Ghana. What else do we have? We have ceremonies that are associated with our weddings, which are clearly Haram, there is no doubt about this, there is no

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difference of opinion.

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should somebody should or should other Muslims not be concerned about this? That is why I'm saying hardness of the heart is such a big evil.

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Such a big concern.

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We don't get

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I'm not saying you're doing it, you're all doing it. But you also are not concerned. You don't care somebody else is doing it.

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You don't even fear that the actions of that person will bring other on the community which in which I will also be affected. Because this again is from Nebuchadnezzar had this where he served

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on a community

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destroy everybody. And I shall delana Zarzuela, even the good people. He said yes, even the good people.

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On the day of judgment, Allah subhanaw taala will separate the good from the from the bad but when that love of Allah comes in on the community, it will destroy everyone.

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And what is the way of saving that is to cry before Allah subhanaw taala is to ask the forgiveness of Allah for the community is to warn those people and that again, I mentioned that as long as such people are there, the Azov of Allah subhanaw taala will be halted. As long as such people are there who are wanting who are saying, don't worry about the fact that if you stand and one people for their own good, they will malign you, they will slander you they will back bite you know this is this is supposed to happen if that is happening to you Alhamdulillah you are following the Sunnah of Zambia

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Allah Subhana Allah has given you the Sunnah of the MBR because there is no Nabil who was not denied.

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There's no NaVi was not united

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said very clearly that these errors

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are bad. My

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is no Navy was not denied was not, you know belied was not maligned. So hamdulillah if you are doing the work of Jean, and if you are inviting people towards good, and those people instead of appreciating that if those people malign you and backbite you and slander you or Hamdulillah, no problem

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lies open the doors of

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happiness for you for free. You're going to you're getting a lot of, you know, deposits into your bank account, why

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did it happen? But do the work, do the work.

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Because that work is what changes hearts. Don't worry for every single person who by virtue there will be 10 who will be changed because of what you're doing.

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That always happens. Both are both are equally to be able to stand we talk about this and

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we talk about the importance of following the tsunami, sir. But the biggest sin of Salah was what to stand in the night and to weep before Allah subhanho wa Taala for Zuma.

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Not for himself. Not for himself not for his wives or his children or for the oma

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to weave in the night for the

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ladies. He said that the Amal of the Omar shown to me

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the amount of the Omar shown to me and if they are good, I thank Allah subhanaw taala for them and if they are not good, then I

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which one of us is tearing and crying in the night for the for the Bahamas? Listen, I'm not saying nobody's doing it I'm saying each one of us has to ask himself or herself did I do this today? When I was praying first of all did i do secondly if I'd read that you did I make dua for the Amato Mohammed Salah dies

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it is do it let us make this into a habit to say that at least I will pray to God and I will make draft for the mother masala we will go for Hajj the MiG tau if they go to alpha and they cry.

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I'm not saying again nobody's doing drama drama but how many are doing the opposite?

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What are we talking about ourselves?

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Nothing wrong obviously we have absolutely no problem with that making draw for yourself. But who will make drama?

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Why does that matter? again because of hardness of heart We don't care.

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The bottom line is we do not care.

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We have to start caring unless Roger sin does for the people who reject leanness unless it is for the people we are a people who are supposed to care.

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We are a people are supposed to care.

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Allah did not send us to live for ourselves. Allah sent us to live other people. For the whole of mankind, everybody. We were sent to make dua for people who are the worst enemies of Islam.

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We'll go for the whole last save them all. Change the hearts. This duty I will finish that worst enemy of Islam I think he is a great guy he will finish but when he finds when he sees molekule mouth, then he will realize what he was doing.

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Imagine imagine his plight imagine what will be his state at that time.

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We are supposed to feel for the subsea lobby or whatever it is change his heart, bring him into Islam.

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Do not let him die in this state. Because then what will he say? Yeah, late any con to drama, he will say well, I wish I was just

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say he was he will say he will oh I wish I was just

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we don't wish anybody we were not said to we will not send to curse the world was sent to save the world.

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That is comes again from the softness of the heart. So the softness of the heart is a very major benefit of the heart. And the hardness of the heart is a very major evil in a very major illness of the heart. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to soften our hearts, you ask Allah subhanaw taala to make our hearts responsive to his word to his collab and to the teachings of his of his Navy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam we ask our hearts to be to make We ask Allah to make our heart sensitive to the plight of the soma of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and to make our hearts such that we made and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept that why would you make in favor of the motto Muhammad

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Mustafa sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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he was happy is me.

Sign of this, is dry eyes

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