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The Meaning of Al-Arabiyyah

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. Welcome to the Arabic course. And as we said last week in the orientation, due to this course being part time in early learning at once a week, it's not possible for me to teach you all of the Arabic language. And we said, any language consists of four skill components, what are they

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listening, good.

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reading, and speaking, good, those are the four. And then from those four, depending on how good you are, you will receive understanding.

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I want to focus on your understanding, I want to give you tangible results that you can see straight away in your solar when you read a Hadith, or you recite the Quran. So we're gonna focus mostly on listening, and a bit of reading. So when you hear it, or you read the ayat, and you read a word that similar to or exactly the same, you're going to understand it's going to give you a short, that's the best point. So instead of putting them all right, all four in one subject, one hour, cram it in, and make you lose focus, it's not really practical, we don't want that. So I'd rather hone in on your energy levels while you have them in the morning, especially take advantage of that, and focus

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mainly on your understanding. When you listen to the crown or you read particular area, that's really the main point, understanding and understanding is always easier than producing language. For those who have kids, you find the first six 912 months, they just understanding you that have produced language, even though they can't speak, you say to them, it has a lot Baba, right, they understand they understand. So they're not speaking, but they understand. So understanding comes first via listening. That's what Allah said, What jaleco Mysamma, Allah gave you listening, he mentioned that first, listening first. So I don't want people to come with false hopes. And I'm not

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going to lie to you and give you this false hope by saying, When you finish this course, you're going to understand all of us how you were able to give a hotbed for so you could be able to read the books, even what they may even have claimed. So understanding it's a part time course, one, two hours a week, depending on how many subjects you're doing, then we're just going to go for that minimal aspect of the language. And that's why many Arabic colleges or many Arabic courses fail in Sydney and in the West, in general, because students enter, they get all pumped, they're thinking they're going to learn the whole language. And then after three, four months, they realize you know

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what, I'm not doing anything I'm not speaking. Well, it's not possible to do speaking if you're just learning Arabic once a week. And it's part time, really, if you want to learn how to speak and encompass the whole language, we mentioned last week, two ways, overseas number one, or over here with a one on one or even online with a shake or a teacher via Skype. So for this particular subject, universal principles, all you need is a notebook. And you can use a pen, no problem. So let's start off with the first subject. And that is universal principles of Arabic.

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Now before we start, as I said, to ensure everyone understands, I'm going to use Arabic and English. And when I write an Arabic word, I'll put the transliteration on the board for you as well. So the first universal principle and the way this is going to work is every lesson I'll do one maximum two principles, right, two concepts, each lesson not more than that. And the whole lesson will be based on those principles. And I'll give you examples. And then, depending on the lesson, you also have a go, you also have a go. So the universal principle, if you're going to number them, number one, is a very easy one. big words in Arabic, come from having

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small words correct.

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big words come from small words.

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You find this all the time in Latvia.

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90% of words in the whole Arabic language, they come from a three letter G, a three letter root, right 90% of the time. And then 9% of the time before letter and 1% of time a five letter root word, but 90% of the time you find

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all big words come from a three letter

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root word, which is called ginger.

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Ginger is the root.

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And to make this concept clearer, I'm going to give you an example. And as I said, I'm going to teach you more concepts as opposed to terminologies, a lot of people into Arabic colleges of courses, they learned about four months old Maduro a small fare, smallmouth road smoked off Dale ism ism ism. So I don't even know if me in Arabic or what is I can't even say my own name in Arabic all these terms, instead of overloading you with terms and terminologies and we'll start a heart. I'm just going to give you the concept you understand the concept Alhamdulillah the terms come later. Really this course is more of an introduction to you know

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get you to push you along your way in your Arabic studies, courses and journeys in the future. So the first word we're going to look at is Albania.

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Since we're learning the Arabic language, which is called Latvia, it's important that we understand what does albia actually mean? And this is something as we said, it's unique to Arabic where you find words come from small words, and there's a great connection. It's not like words are just made up. Right? Someone said them, let's call this language, a lot of you know, you're gonna see every single word in Arabic. There's a great meaning behind it. And it actually teaches you many things that teaches you etiquettes conduct and values you're going to see shortly. So the first word or the example we're going to give you is allowed to be here.

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And it's allowed to be not out of here. Okay.

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And neither is Adobe. Someone asks you, what did you study today? I learned how to be no wrong. That's the slang. You didn't learn Adobe, you learned a lot over here.

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And the first meaning of albia is abundance. abundance.

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Someone asked you what does Adobe I mean, number one, abundance.

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It came from the Arabic word arriba.

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arriba literally means abundance. If I were to say arriba will be through Yani castle. Oh, man.

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The better the will arriba but the well became arriba meaning the water in it became plentiful abundance a lot. If I said audible man what's men? Money, audible Mel? A lot of wealth. family. I got paid big today, right? So arriba you can use that to indicate cupola. arriba means castle.

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And I've started with that. Why? To show you a little albia is an abundant language serve many words. I saw this photo on Facebook recently it was comparing dictionaries of particular languages, right had English dictionary, one volume,

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the Spanish dictionary three or four? French around seven Arabic 20 volumes is approximately 12 million words. A lot a lot to be what's unique about Arabic. Over time, languages change, right? The English of today is not like the English of yesterday. Look at 100 200 years ago Shakespearean English Where Art Thou going? People don't talk like that it changes. Arabic has stayed consistent. The way that we speak for Saturday is exactly how the Prophet sallallahu wasallam spoke. If you were to read a hadith exactly as it is, then you'll read exactly as it is today in terms of the fossa doesn't change you can learn the facade of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Now up until your monthly

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ama the Day of Judgment Alhamdulillah whereas over time you find language they get worse. worse. You become less eloquent over time right look at Shakespearean English compared to today. Today's shocking guy

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yes slang it's like it gets worse in fact today so bad we don't even speak in words anymore. We speak in letters lol

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aro FL right. We speak in letters OMG yeah what's his so we're getting worse over time but a lot RBS upon a lot. You know you see when you learn it and actually correct you become makes you more eloquent. In fact.

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The second meaning of Alberto RB is eloquence. Arabic allowed to be a means eloquence

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and that came from Alba Alba.

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Otto that means to be eloquent. If I said our robot Mohammed Mohammed became eloquent. Our robot ha deja deja became eloquent. Our robot Jani Sadat fussy Hatton, she became eloquent

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auto baby manifesto Ha.

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So what's the first meaning of a lot of

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abundance? Good second meaning? eloquence Mashallah. alamat already? Alhamdulillah.

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That's right. The third meaning is clarity.

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To become clear,

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to become clear in speech,

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and that came from our rubber. They say all those words arriba our robot our rubber, that's where our ob came from. So our rubber

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means to be clean. To clarify. Oh Ha. Rubber means older how to make your speech while they're clean. If I said our Rebecca lemma who that man made his speech out of rubber meaning he clarified he made it clear

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That's how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was when he used to speak to people, he would mumble. The way he would speak and if cielo Kula kalama and Baba Baba, he would separate the words. He wouldn't like that right speak in one sentence where you can't even understand what's going on. or speak too slow that you become what is insulting my intelligence or too fast where he insults you in marks, you know, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he would speak, you can make out each word, each word. He was extremely clear. He said, I'll tell you to judge me. I'll tell him. I've been given concise speech, clean speech. So that's from the virtues of the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wasallam.

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The fourth meaning of Allah obeah is purity.

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NET came from Arab.

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If I were to say, This water is Arab Yani this water is a bit pure. It's not contaminated with any impurities. So my own Arab Jani melon pothead Olive mainstore hit you. If you want to compliment a sister. You say Auntie horiba meaning you are pa hero. You are pure your pure sister. Right? You are a fantastic janitorial.

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So RM,

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means purity.

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To panelo rG

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because the Arabic is a pure language. It's not like other languages, you know? English. There's a term for that language. You know, when a something doesn't have a father, it starts with B in English. I don't want to say it. But that's actually a dictionary term. So it's not really a rude word unless you insulting someone

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that you go to bastardize right? Technically, in English, that's a word which means no. No father, right? No real father in other words born out of wedlock, etc. So our English you find is actually one of those languages. It's been bastardized, you could say Why? Because let us lilla there's no real origin for it. It's actually a mixture of many languages such as greek latin, a bit of German, a bit of French a bit of this and that writes a some shotgun, shotgun. But Arabic is pure, its original. Right? You know you when you go to the shops, you want original wallet, right? Guess original writing. The Imitation isn't like the original, but this is original. Arabic is 101,

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original hamdulillah. And there's two more.

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Five we've taken abundance.

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clarity, eloquence, purity, five, affection and love. Arabic means affection and love.

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Yes. And really, they're just synonyms affection, love. So

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you want to be affectionate and loving to your spouse to your kids in an Arabic learn Arabic. In fact, that's why a lot of the poets write a four time diabetic Hello when it came to poetry a lot of the times a lot about love.

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Right, talking about this woman and that woman and their spouse and this is about love. It's very affectionate their poetry. So I forget Romeo and Juliet, the true romancey. Right. The true romantic one is the one that Arabic poets have oats upon. And that came from Alibaba also. Alibaba same with Alibaba to Jani habit, Eliza Jia, said the woman arriba meaning she showed love and affection to her spouse arriba again,

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means to show love Alibaba, or Alibaba, Jani habit, Elizabeth Jia, and this proof for this in the Quran. Was the proof so to where they are. Allah is describing the women of paradise for Jana when avocado Allah said we've made them up girl, pure women, pure virgins. Next era odoban throbber. All of these women are

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not assembler. These things are auto from adobea. They're going to speak Arabic. I can't speak Arabic. I'm going to communicate with my wife. No, no. odoban Jani, Mabu Bhatt. They are women who are affectionate loving. So they're going to show you affection. And you're going to show them affection, right? It's a dual relationship in general, you and your spouse, you're going to love each other you're going to show affection. But you see those words in Arabic they have such deep meaning as opposed to going to the translation now. So that is sort of after all been at raba. Right. And as Rob comes from tilde, and your tip is your companion of equal age, or someone who

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you're compatible with, if I told my son in law at Robic a throb seated at rub their play with your piece right your friends

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So in general, you and your spouse are going to be compatible. You're going to click, you know, in this world, if you're nine years old, you don't want to hang out someone who's 90. And if you're 90, you don't want to hang out someone who's nine. But in general, right, you're going to click you're going to be compatible what you want your husband wants, or your husband want you want, right? You're like, God, let's do something and he wants to fully right. And he will comes to you. Let's, let's do something. Now. I'm doing my nails tonight. Sorry. That's what happens now, but it doesn't know if you're into something because we didn't we have you compatible, same likes, same interests,

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same hobbies upon you're going to click, you're going to click this agenda, agendas panel. So we've asked a lot of debt to interest all with our families in general without hasaan without punishment, or reckoning me.

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So alibi means to show love audibel mama Jani to habit, Eliza Jia. And finally, although there are many more, and I'll show you how many there are, just to humble you a little bit and to amaze you are rather

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as we said, Our means to clarify. But out of that also means to educate

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our other means to educate. And it also means to teach Arabic. If I said Arab to come I taught you Arabic Well, there's other meanings. We're not going to go too deep. But our hopes

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means to educate, but it also means

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to correct someone right to correct and also to teach manners.

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You're going to be you'll be amazed at how this happens in Arabic It teaches you values morals, manners, words yes well just a word you will see shortly. Okay from Alibaba.

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If I said are up to kick I corrected you are up to care Yeah, he corrected you or you said your child are up to care meaning I educated you or I taught you medicine. So our robot and Hyderabad both sound the same, but depending on what you mean. Yes. So if I said exactly the the sentence gives you the context of the meaning. The context gives you and defines the meaning. So you say are rubber shape. Tell me the shape educated the student.

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So in Arabic that would say Allah by montecalvo Gianni has de bajo Milan. He educated his month his logic Yani he corrected him from mistakes he corrected his mistakes. So it means to correct educate and teach you so how does it teach you manners? For example, how do you say toilet in Arabic?

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Not hi ma'am. Hi ma'am.

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Yeah, is a bathroom.

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Why it came from hammer, hammer hammer to heat up to warm up because the water is heated up in the bathroom especially in the Arab land. Their hot water system is in the bathroom, the salon even here in the men's right you see it's actually in there. So when I first went to Egypt, and I went to my apartment, I saw the big you know, the hot water system in the bathroom like Whoa, what's this? Okay, and so if you're in the bathroom it beforehand your head if it's not screwed improperly. lahoma Stan, but here in Sydney right there outside usually they're outside, but it's called ham man from hammer and hammer. Hammer means to boil and or to heat up and that's why one of the drinks of

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the Hellfire is cold what he mean the Gruffalo drink boiling water. Hammer him. So hammer means too big to boil right hammer. Right boil it up or heat up right and sucking hammer is to mean sahana same thing.

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Correct Asante

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toilet is holla

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it came from halwa what's hollow? Correct. seclusion alone is teaching you manners, morals, when you go to the toilet, you're alone. You don't go with your mates and you have a conversation you're on the phone you go in and you do what you need to do and exit that's the that's the Heidi the gardens of the profit Supply Center. So it teaches you firstly to be alone color comes from halwa and that's one of the Hadith there shouldn't be hollow between you and opposite gender. Because here's the third shaitan Hawa means seclusion

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or vacant empty. So if I said halal Masjid meaning the masjid became empty, everyone left Hala al Masjid or Hala elbaite or Hala or that's a verb you say hello

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so you also learning a bit of vocab with these your understanding but you only you can even write those extra terms on the side if you need me to repeat something let me know. So it teaches you manners so Pamela not like how it is in the West with the Clifford. They have the urinals that are disgusting. They go and they're all they're watching only along Stan

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Give you another example.

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And of course as Muslims we already understand this but it just shows you how, how we'll manage it ritually and how the values you find in the Arabic language.

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How do you say house in Arabic? Yeah, Manziel Bates good. These are all different terms as a panela each word has a different meaning. So bait bait are the same in slang bat, right actually bait

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means house or home. Where are you going? lol bait right I'm going to the house at my house. He for me, right. So bait is a house Beatty my house. So where did that word came from? It came from batter.

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means to spend the night somewhere.

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So those young Shabaab are spending their nights in the pubs in the clubs are so heavy but you have no house. Your house is outside there. So when you understand bait or my my house is what I should spend the night in. That's my bait. Not going out clubbing and partying. So it teaches you morals there your bait is at home. Your bait is with your parents, your bait is with your family. Not going out late at night. No, that is your bait. In other words, if you're going to spend your late nights with the Shelton Well, that is your home. See how it teaches you That's why you should spend the night to Panama.

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Yeah, so bait came from better. Yeah, better means to spend the night somewhere. So if I said better, Mohammed Phil Masjid he spent the night in the masjid. Better, Phil mahaya. He spent the night at the camp. battlefield haba he spent the night in the forest. So that means to spend the night somewhere.

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and nine times out of 10 you spend it on? Yes.

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This upon how it teaches you and there's other words for house. Right? There's bat bait, and the second and last one.

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Second also means house.

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Second means a house or a dwelling even. It's probably another translation.

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So there's various names just like you have dwelling residents house in English. You have all of these other terms also.

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But what does it mean for you in Arabic? Second, it came from second.

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Sir, can

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any word that has those three letters, we said big words come from small word. That's what I'm teaching you here. Right? Any word comes from most of the time a three letter word right?

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Second comes from second. Right.

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Holla comes from holla three said most times I come from a three letter word. So what does second mean?

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Second, a means to settle. To settle.

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It's the opposite of moving around. Okay.

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opposed to unsettled.

00:23:14--> 00:23:15

Or movement?

00:23:16--> 00:23:17

A lot of movement.

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Now, what are some words in Arabic that have second? Sakina? What second I mean, tranquility. You ask Allah for Sakina because when you get it you are at rest at ease peace. Right settled to settle, to be at ease, to find peace.

00:23:38--> 00:23:53

To be still second to be still settled. For a second and map. The water was still as opposed to the waves crashing right. sakeena right. Sakina came from second. Another word. What's this in Arabic?

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Yeah, it's a bad drawing. But you get the idea. It's a knife. Yes. What's that called? anerobic? 16.

00:24:09--> 00:24:12

Yes, 16 and 16.

00:24:14--> 00:24:16

See, the scene, the calf and the known

00:24:19--> 00:24:35

16 second Sakina similar is why because when you slaughter an animal, what have you done to it? You've literally made it still. Right. You've made it still it doesn't move. We said opposite to Ansel movement. The opposite of second is Haruka.

00:24:36--> 00:24:59

hierarchized move around. So the Sakina to second settle that puts it down and puts it dead, right literally, it makes it okay. Maybe you even give a piece perhaps if it's in pain, depending on what's happened to it. Right But to second it silences it settles that that's it's no longer running around. So once you kill it, it's dead. That's it. And that's what the opposite we said was movement in Arabic that had aka

00:25:01--> 00:25:30

Ha, ha, yeah. And that's why in Arabic see the Fatah dama cassava called harakat? Because it makes you move the mouth. Ah, ooh, he was opposed. What's the opposite of that when you're not moving it? sukoon serious akun came from second because when you reach it, what do you do? Stop, stop still, you settled? right to be still. That's why the support in Arabic, which is like a circle. It's called sukoon.

00:25:36--> 00:25:39

Seen gaff noon, second,

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Correct, etc.

00:25:48--> 00:26:18

So it's the come to a to come to a place where you're settled. Right? You don't continue don't give it another extra movement as opposed to the Fatah dama Castro in Arabic, they say all those words don't think so corn was a consequence because someone felt like calling a sick good. Because it has the attribute of to settle, to pause to stop, to be still really right to be still To summarize, stillness. So so your second going back all that why all those words came from second. Why? Because your home

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is settled stillness. If I were to if you were to go home and your husband's throwing cups at you and plates at you, that's not a second. That's world war three. So as you can see, your home should be settled. Still. That's the purpose because usually you find you got working you're out in the streets or in the city you outside. There's a lot of movement, right? There's a lot of Holocaust opposite. So when you go home, it's peaceful settled. That's what's called second. That's what's called baits. And that's why words have particular You know, this one I mean, given those words, I think it's just let's just call it second today. Let's just like English. That's how Hello I'm

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English and other languages.

00:26:58--> 00:27:38

And that In summary, we conclude with the first session, have a 10 minute break. So we said a lot will be a big word came from arriba arriba Alibaba small words, right? So give me a meaning of our Arabic What does it mean? summary? One of the meanings. Abundance next. eloquence, clarity. Yep. And fiction to educate and correct the second law hidden for your attentive listening. You done very well Mashallah you kept up and I hope I explained it in a way that's that's easy for you. Amy mallozzi increases all the beneficial knowledge and righteous actions. panic alarm will be measured when

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you look at one or two words.