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Happiness and Wealth – Can money buy happiness?

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Villa Rajim Swiller manga Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala COVID mursaleen satana Mohammed Malala he was my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam and cinema Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen we begin always with the praise and thanks a lot for Hannah Medina and

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Allah we'll be looking witness that none has the right of worship besides the last panel data, we send our love and greetings salutations beloved me Mohammed Salah Salem, who is pious of your family to his companions and all those who follow me soon until the end of time. Well let's find out other places to be upon the Sunnah of Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam in this life and his companionship in the mean 100 Allah hamdulillah

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how's your black friday going? Anyone got some good deals a good specials Please tell me of the of the Juma

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you know, it's beautiful. That to see an iron being implemented, you know it to the tee. While the whole world is outside searching for a deal. Allah says to you and me Yeah, you will have in common with an odd Salah cameo and Giamatti oh you believe when Allah cool when you're called to the masjid and the walk of Juma Fest, Oh, honey, leave everything of for the remembrance of Allah, whether they are and leave of all kinds of buying and selling The only complaint or lack of income that is better for you. If only you knew that this is the best deal that you can get there. Whatever you're getting now is the real special, there is no deals behind a law that is going to beat the deal that you're

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getting while you're sitting in this room right now. So behind Allah as associates, if you knew what was in the front sauce of what Allah is giving these brothers here in the front stop, you would have fought with each other with swords, like you will see today, people will kill one another different stores fighting. If we knew the rewards the Baraka, the life, the risk, Allah is giving to the different people in this Masjid, we would compete with one another with fists to get them. That is the real deal. So mabrouk to all of you for having the success on this day. Well, hamdulillah we're talking this last few weeks about the pursuit of happiness. We spoke about happiness being an

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internal thing, firstly, and having to fix yourself. And the way you think and the way you reflect on life is the root and the secret to finding happiness. And then we said of course, it's not so simple as I will, I will myself into thinking happiness. There are people that have serious,

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sadnesses anxieties, depression, trauma, and we spoke about negativity this last two weeks, but of a downer the last two weeks even speaking about suicide last week, and some clarification on last week, especially as we sit we know suicide is a major major sin, it is murder, it is murder. And these are severe punishment. At the same time, we do also say that we have those off to the facts, we do not judge anyone and we pray for forgiveness for the one who has fallen into this mistake. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant the strength in these difficult, difficult times. And we said that there's no problem bigger than Allah subhana wa tada no matter what dark place you are in Allah

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subhanho wa Taala is the for you. And today we are going to move forward. And we said from an Islamic perspective, Islam says his happiness is on the inside. First, you first fix the inside, but the outside also affects your happiness. And we'll go through the next couple of weeks in sha Allah, looking at how you can fix your external world to make you happy to make you happy. So today's topic, inshallah, on this very

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day of capitalism is day of buying and selling transactions. The question is, can you buy happiness? If you got enough specials today on Black Friday? Will you be a happy person? Can you buy yourself into happiness? If you have enough stuff? Will you be a happy person? So does money make you happy? Now, I'm sure if we did a survey, and we asked what are the ingredients for happiness on everyone's top 10 they would be money on the we know that having money does make you happy to a certain degree. Right? We all know that if we if we didn't believe that none of you be coming to work here in town. If money didn't make you happy, then why would we work? Why would we do anything we doing it because

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we pursuing money. Because we believe that money insha Allah will help us to make our lives more, make us better. At the same time, we also know that come Monday, there'll be a lot of people who bought a lot of stuff today, and they're not going to be happy. They're going to be very unhappy. come Monday, and we've all been there. We've bought things and we actually irrigated it immediately afterwards. There are many people that have a lot of things, you know, and after a while, they start losing the joy of money and the pleasure of it. And so this is a bit of a conundrum. Money is a conundrum. And some we all know on some level, it does buy you happiness, but at the same time, it

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cannot make you happy fully. And this is what the veto Salaam says Subhan Allah, He says part and even the words that I'm gonna use, he says part of happiness, not all of it, but

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Some things related to happiness, some things that you can get is having a nice house and a nice vehicle. And I smell obviously that that was vehicles, a nice camel, whatever it might be. So that resistance is part of making you happy is to have a comfortable spacious home, and a nice car. But that's only part of the story. And we also know that if you don't have sufficient enough money, it can definitely make you unhappy. Not having enough money will definitely make you unhappy that we can guarantee

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number one reasons why marriages fail. My number one reason why people argue and fight in marriages don't work and they break. It's because of financial reasons. Everyone knows that if you're in debt, you're not a happy person. If you have bills to pay, and you see the numbers you in the middle of the month, and you don't have enough money anymore in the account, and you know those bills are coming, you're miserable persons behind Allah, you are in a very dark place financial constraints. And that's why then abyssal Selim says, Whoever amongst you wakes up in the morning, and you're securing your property, you are safe and secure, you will have a healthy body, you have your health,

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and you have enough food at least for that day. When it's as though Allah has given you the entire world. What this means is, those are your basic essentials. A person who doesn't have that, if he doesn't have health, he's a sick person, not luxury, fat, all those are sick, or he doesn't have a safe place to live, he doesn't have a roof over his head, oh, he doesn't have enough food for himself and his family, then you are a miserable person. And anyone who's gone beyond those essentials, Alhamdulillah gonna resources, it's as if the Allah has given you the world, everything you need, Allah has given you everything above that. Everything beyond that, or just once, and an

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essential things that's behind Allah, I look at the congregation here, and I assume that most of us, all of us Bismillah have those things, we have helped most of the time, we have a safe place to live, we don't feel that we you know, we have a place to go to after Juma we have a place to sleep, and we have food for the day SubhanAllah. And if you have that, then abbyson says Allah has really favored you and honored you. Because we're like you There are many people, there are billions of people, that these things that we take for granted, there are people that are sitting in hospital wards, they are refugees without homes, there are people starving Subhanallah and we see them in

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their own Subhanallah sleeping on the road. So if Allah has made you go beyond that point, he needs us if not Allah has made you the billini, multi multi billionaire, what hamdulillah Allah grant is to be grateful.

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So with regards back to money, there is a certain limit, you know, the graph the happiness graph, I should have done this, look something like this.

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Your happiness graphs look something like this way, the more money you get, you get happier and happier. But you need to certain points with more money is not gonna make you any more happier. Once you reach your basic essential needs, and you move almost to a comfortable living. You know, you don't have to, you don't have to wait, money does not become a major problem. But if I'm sick, I can go to the hospital, if I need something, I need something I can buy, it doesn't mean I can buy whatever I want. What I need is always food in the house with enough even I spend on entertainment, I can go and come as I please. That is you know, the car breaks down and humbly like and pay for it.

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I don't I'm not I'm not stuck. Those are the ones who reach that level. then beyond that, if you were to add more 1000s to your bank account, it won't make you much happier. This is the shady I think that's behind Allah 1500 years ago, and psychologists now are saying the same thing. And this is done on survey for survey. When they test these surveys across the world. They look at different suburbs, and they will say okay, people living in a certain area may be living in a squatter camp. Yes, money is a big deal for you. But as your standard of living increases, you get to a certain point where money isn't your primary driver of happiness. And so they say for those who have gone

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beyond that basic essential need of life, where your finances put you in a middle income bracket, that spending more money on things will not make you happier. And that is why you need to ask yourself where am I on the scale and even Islam looks at it like that with a line Kobani SOP

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above that line, you are comfortable and you place below that line you receive zakka Allah subhana wa Taala wants to push everyone about that basic line of essentials, everyone should have the essentials of life because there is enough risk for the whole world. That's what Allah has done. And if there are people that are starving, it is not because Allah has made any shortages. It's because we have not distributed it correctly. And that is the wisdom of Allah. He gives enough 14 people but he will give it to two and it's that the obligation of those two to make sure the other eight have enough. That is the way Allah subhanaw taala tests. Both the rich

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The poor and why they psychologists say that it is not, you can't buy yourself into happiness two reasons why you can never ever buy yourself into happiness. It's because we have this thing called the hedonic treadmill, you all experience it. Basically what it means alive is both within us, and amazing ability to adapt, we would have thought that if our lives came under lockdown, we have to wear masks, we thought we could never survive like that. Now, it's the new normal. Businesses couldn't survive. If you didn't come into town and drive into traffic. Now, it's fine. Humans are amazing at adapting, yes to adversity, we can live through it. But at the same time, once your

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standard of living increases, you become used to it and accustomed to it. So today, it was a novelty vinyl, I got something I got a special something. Once you get it a second time, it just becomes part of your daily life. And if that thing was to be taken away, now you feel unhappy. But getting it doesn't make you any more happier. And that's the nature of Insan. Allah has built us that way that we begin to forget our blessings, we take it for granted. So that's the one reason why buying things will never, ever make you fully happy. And secondly, when you buy things, especially to compete and compete, it's an endless game. Because you're comparing your happiness to someone else's

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life. And there's always someone living on the outside a better life than you comparisons are the worst things you do. So as they say in the psychology say sarcastically, that if you want to be happy, you want to be the happiest person your family, just make sure you earn more than your other brother in laws and you will be you will be happy. They found that two people who earn the same amount of money

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they earn the same amount of money they the same income bracket. The one living in a posh area, tends to be unhappier, no one living in the less affluent area. Why? Because you are the top dog in the

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lower income area. But you are the struggling person in the bishop's court. So you look at you know, now your Mercedes Benz doesn't look so great next to the guy's Ferrari next door. And that is the nature of insanity. We compare our happiness to the lifestyles of others. And once you do that you will never ever find true happiness.

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Not only does McCann money not if you're not satisfied with money, in fact, money as we know from an Islamic perspective than abyssal Salaam. This is good. I want to get something correct. Yeah. People almost believe that as a Muslim you need to be poor. Then abyssal sub never encouraged poverty. He never encouraged that. He never said make dua Allah take away my paycheck. Yeah, Allah 25th another paycheck. Yeah, Allah has saved me. No, never said that. He wants you How many do ask are they for is for sustenance, then a piece of salami encouraged you to pursue your risk. But he warned you of the dangers that comes in with money. Because as we said, so many times, money and poverty are two

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sides of the same coin in terms of a test, both of them in the same in the public having nothing but let's distinguish the different way. And the taste of money is the more dangerous one having money is a dangerous one. And so there is a beautiful Hadith.

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One of the Sahaba he came from Bahrain, Bahrain, accepted Islam in a time and they pay the tax is that does occur Now think about Subhanallah Medina was the was the capital but it was the silver quarter city is something that grows in Medina. And so many of the other countries Yemen and Bahrain were rich countries, and they would give soccer to the Sahaba in Medina. And so when the soccer collectors would come back to Medina, we will be happy, we're going to get something to eat. And so then abyssal Sallam was giving us a lecture. And the news came that Abu Zubaydah was coming from Bahrain and he could see the Sahaba. Now they want to get out to the masjid. It's a deal. It's Black

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Friday, they want to go out now. So there might be some looks at him and he smiles and he says to them, Be of good shape, be happy, it's fine, no problem, be happy, and hopeful that will make you happy and have good hopes that you know, when I go outside, I'm going to get something done. I look forward to it. But then he says but Allah, I'm not afraid that you will be poor poverty doesn't scare me. But what I ski when I'm when I'm scared full, he said, the worldly wealth will be given to you all is going to open the dunya for you, as it was given to the people before you, then once you start having it, you will start competing with one another. And this competition will destroy you as

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it destroyed them. You will fight and kill and harm one another cheat one another. As you get a little bit, you start going into this drive of wanting more and more and it's not about having the money. It's just about having more than the man next to you. And so then a Beatles song says he fears that we get into the cycle of greed and capitalism. And you find this Viola when 1% of this country owns the wealth equal to the other 99 Something is wrong and something is broken.

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And so happiness than ivysaur solemn with regards to money. It's about the man who is happiest with

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The secret is not the man who has the most to cover the most once. Because your wants will always exceed your money only agenda will your once release only agenda when you want to be exhausted in the dunya. There is not enough in this dunya to satisfy a single person's once. So the only solution to that is to make your needs lists. So that resources, happiness is for him who is guided to Islam, he has a man, and he possesses provisions that is sufficient for him. And he remains

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contented. He's happy with what he has that little bit, a lot, whatever it might be, whatever it is, 10,000, whatever it might be, is enough and makes him happy. And he says hamdulillah if you get to that mindset, when you've achieved happiness, more, then the Jeff Bezos Bill Gates of this world, because you'd say, no matter how much he buys, he can only be get contentment, and I already have contentment.

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Well, for us at another level, beyond just buying your happiness in the dunya, it can also buy your Jana, and this is that Muslim that thinks the long term investment. As you're looking for specials and deals in the dunya, which is fine and good. Alhamdulillah and making your life comfortable, it's fine. The real wise investor is the one who realizes the long term goal is the janome. This Hadeeth Subhana login and resources. And this is Allah Himself speaking Allah will say on the deaf kiama to each to everyone, there's not just a rich person, to everyone, Allah will say, Have I not given you hearing and seeing? And will say yes, yeah, Allah you did. And then Allah will say, Have I not given

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you wealth and children, but you don't have sufficient to love and your children don't give you risk? We will say yes, then Allah will say, so what have you put forward for yourself today? What provisions Have you made for the architect, and the man will look on his left things right, and you will find nothing. And in the absence of them says, protect your co face from the fire of jahannam. Even if it's part of a date for the date, part of the meaning. Even if we're not even someone like I said one that end, you'll get more than five, six days for wondering listed a few since at least at sweet that you give a child protect your face from Jana with that. And even if you don't have that,

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then at least a good statement. Say something makes to someone give someone a Salaam smile at someone, this is your your purchase to protect you from an FTM from the day the fire of Jana. So just as we spend to make our life more comfortable spin to make our hero more comfortable. And that is why the philosophy of Islam is you earn as much money as you can not to enjoy it in the dunya. But so that you can multiply it in terms of rewards in the afternoon, there are good ways of money can be good or can can be bad. If you earn in the Holloway, when every hour, every minute you sitting at your job is infeasibility law, you're getting rewarded for it. It's an act of worship.

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And if you're earning more money in every minute, you're sitting in an office eight hours a day, plus overtime, plus holiday time, all of it is how long and you will be punished for the multiprotect. That's how we spend our money. That if we spend unnecessarily and this is the time we need to think about it going into debt unnecessarily. And yes, from an accountant and a retailer, the idea is we want to make you spend money you don't have on things you don't need. That is the goal. That is the trick of marketing. You never Subhanallah

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I tell you something, and then we'll talk about your running in a minute. I don't run much. But then I asked my friends what deals you get no one guy got deals on deck is nothing, I don't wait. But now I'm thinking to myself, do I need a pair of techies, once you start talking, you realize I need that I need that you don't really need it. Don't spend in this time for the sake of spending. Because even if you got the best deal in the world, something which is 100 grand, you got 14 grand, if you're not gonna sell it, you just tend to run short of something that you did not need. So don't spend on me on once spin on the things that you need and make provisions for annaleigh we see what

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is COVID we don't know tomorrow what tomorrow's hardships will bring. So remember to prepay and make provisions buying and spine a lot of people psychologists say that if you want to buy things, buy things that will give you time, but take your time. What do I mean? There are people that take an extra job or something extra in exchange for more money, they give up more of the time or the family time more their health Subhanallah this will not make you happier. Use things buy things that will make your life more, make it easier. So for the sisters, maybe 100 A by that which will make your life more convenient. And spend more time with your family, with your kids with your husband. That

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is what will bring you happiness in the law. The last Hadeeth and this is our philosophy in money. It's a beautiful Hadith after one battle, and this is perhaps the one of the battles we the Muslims have gotten a lot of spoils of war and then maybe someone was giving

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It was like Black Friday on steroids. Then it was giving so much people couldn't they were shocked at what they were getting hundreds of camels and he was giving and giving and giving. And so Hakimi his money just became a new Muslim. And he said, I want to try this out. So he goes Televisa, celemony, Sierra Sula, give me something of the spoils of war. And then everything gave him a dragon. He also gave me some Android game again. And it came a third time. And so then that sort of gave him but then he said to the CIO, had to hack him. He said to Hakeem, oh, Hakeem, this wealth that you're taking is like green and sweet. It's beautiful. It's nice. this dunya is very nice. And

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we will take it without being greedy. Allah will bless it for him. And Allahu Baraka in it for him, you'll get happiness from it, but who ever takes it with greed more than he needs and just takes for the sake of taking when Allah will not put Baraka in it, and he will be like the one who eats and eats and eats and is never full, Allah will never fulfill your needs, because there is no Baraka in it. And then he sees an abusive system and remember, the upper hand the one that is giving is a card that is giving charity that is giving sadaqa is always better than the one who's receiving it is receiving so your wealth aspire to be the richest man in the world to be the most giving man in the

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world. aspire to change the world with your money for the sake of a day of tiama when Allah asked that question, yeah, Muhammad What did you put forward today and you have mountains of good deeds to say this is between me and Jana mela bless us in our money now money bring us happiness. mela good money brings contentment in this dunya and then the after so few announcements, our youth Mashallah a couple of initiatives we said that today they are selling the acne they still some lift

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sorry. I don't know what you okay with acne outside not much left but it's outside for those who want we can buy a candy this money is of course going to buy stationery for in need students. And then also the youth are having on Monday, Tuesday Wednesdays between us and mothership The magazine is open for a study group if any of you kids are in high school that want to study of velocity. There'll be tutors to assist and study help them study. We also have our classes on Tuesdays at half past six here. Then at nine I mentioned at Nana hamdulillah he's part of a wonderful campaign they're gonna run 100 kilometres so that deck is really I should have told him about it right

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tonight not under kilometres just today 100 kilometres final 24 hours in him and a few other people and this is in support of breast cancer. So if you want to contribute to something as well, cancer is one of those diseases of spreading so please contribute to get speak to Adnan as well. To get a further sessions about the de Mogi details the as well. jackal was Allah Satan and Mohammed Ali. Salaam Salaam

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Salaam Alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh