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As we learn Mina, she told me rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam, Ala Moana city and Sadie now Muhammad not only your spirit your mind, I would love it brothers and sisters I said Mr. Kumar, why would I go to

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Opie Allah?

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Allah, night number 26 I 25 for one night number 25 And subhanAllah, as we know, one of the odd nights, and we heard the Surah In answer. Now theological is the only the only night or day or hour that comes once a year, and Allah dedicate an entire chapter for this special night. And we all know and it's good for us to remind ourselves because then at least I'm reminded himself on the Sahaba when the last 10 nights come in that you exert yourself that especially the autumn nights, especially the odd nights, and only three odd nights lift, 2527 and 29. Any one of those nights could be the Night of Decree the Night of Power, and what happens on labor to color. It begins with

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Allah saying that the whole Quran was revealed on the night of medical product from himself, he made it known to his creation, and it's on that night that the video began bring it down. It is that night, when Subhan Allah, Allah makes me all the matters Allah besides the events of the year to come, and whatever catches that make. So in the summer, there's a major event occurring with a major event where all the angels are being informed about the duties for the year to come. Can you imagine this, like this amazing project is happening, where the angels are coming and getting the orders and the commands from Allah subhanaw taala for the next year to come, the Angel of Death is getting his

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list of all the peoples who are working on the angel will bring the role of people that will be safe, the angel of risk all of it is occurring on the micro medical cover. And once that decree is done, once the angels have gotten the instructions, they then descend to the dunya. And the angels never does come to the dunya without a reason. In fact, God is Islam, he only comes to the dunya very very important tasks, whatever it is to deliver value to the Elisa Lam bear of course has ended. Yet He comes every single year on Lola to cover the medicine in Morocco OB angels, what who am Gibreel comes down and local color they are coming to deliver a receipt so are they coming to be

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in the company of people worshipping on this night, the only night in the year it is holy to be on the dunya in the company of the people worshipping then in the smartwatch panela and ever catches the lightning.

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And we get the full reward. We know that 1000 months a lifetime of reward is given. And we'll have resources all your sins are forgiven, both So imagine we spoke about the scales, the one side will be completely forgiven zero sin absolutely no sin. And on the other side, an entire lifetime of Salah an entire life of charity and entire life of of goodness, three lights, just three nights, I know it's difficult, we have work, the best you can do is to stay up as much as you can to make salah the very least you need to sleep sleep a little, but they should be not watching of anything. They shouldn't be any time wasting really focus everything and imagine that this is the last you

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never know if we'll get the next one is the basal level. And these are the rewards what remains of Ramadan. I mean, we have questions about how do we know what are the signs of recovery and I mentioned that you know if we can't even though release eight LeBron don't try to wonder when it's late we'll just do your best and inshallah you will get the but yes, there are certain signs, you'll find the knight in some relations will be tranquil Sudan we had them apply for Jerusalem could mean that there will be peace tranquility, also meaning that night is a general embassy. Whoever wants to be saved from Jana happens in that night. And so it's a bit too much the visual decapsulated to

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cover is to make sure that you're making salah, give it to charity on the night, Mexico make dua, and that was part of the exit promise.

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I'll come to that we move on to our series on piano. And last night we concluded the pot of Jana, and just before we enter the next pot, some questions around who are the people that will enter Jannah. And we said that if you look if you read the ayat of the Quran, the number one reason why people enter Jannah is because of this belief that Allah subhanaw taala will ask that man when he was in Ghana, that would you give up everything that you had? What you saw was your parents give all the wealth in the world to be to be exited from Germany also. Yes. And also I didn't ask you for that. I only asked you for one thing really, really to achieve Jana, there is only one thing that is

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that he asks, Which is not to commit not to disbelieve in him to believe in him to believe in is to believe in his Nabhi and to worship Allah alone and exclusively. If you do that, you are guaranteed Bismillah you will go to Jannah and then of course to meet to avoid certain certain major sins. One of the things to avoid if you look at the Quran, were those two integer Hana the mobile the Allah Subhan says woman Katella McMullen Damodar that he will go to jahannam forever

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nada, so I'm the one who commits major sins. But if we do less than that in sha Allah, then there's a lot of hope that will intergender there's a lot of hope that to avoid Jahannam in fact, Allah subhanaw says in the last hour of the fifth year is a beautiful RM, may Allah be either become Allah does not and Allah will not punish you in Shackleton, what Amen to that if you give thanks to Him, and you believe in what kind of Russia or the math that whoever is a believer and we are grateful to him, he will not punish you. This is a promise from Allah subhanaw taala. And you find Allah's pharmacist or Italeri. You can we will be Dean, do you know the ones who disbelieve in Allah for

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that he can be on your team, they don't take care of the orphans while I'm in the skin and they don't care about the hungry, but when you listen to somebody and the one who makes salah, but he's negligent in the Salah, so these are the qualities of the people of Jannah they don't feed the hungry person, and they don't care about the orphan and the Salah is even non existent, very, very negligent. So these are things that we work on. We also mentioned the Hadith yesterday, when Jana was asked who were the people inside of you, it was the with the Cadbury the power of the arrogant, the ones that are vulgar, and they'll hurt other people. So in sha Allah of lead these qualities,

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and then insha Allah Jana will be haram for us and Allah protect us. I mean, I mean, as we said, Ramadan, the doors of Johanna Melotte. The symbolism here is everyone has an opportunity to avoid Jahannam and the doors of Jannah open meaning everybody can secure your plot your policy in Jannah. It can be secured.

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We don't move on. On piano, he said that there are two outcomes, if the person's skill is is deficient, or they cannot achieve then they will be cost into jahannam. Or they would fall into Jahannam via the Surat and we spoke about the people of Johanna and then those who cross over the rock and the cross over the computer. Now they're working towards Jana. So we need to talk about the people agenda inshallah tomorrow, but there is a third category of people that Allah mentions in the Quran, the people of the art off, and they are a type of sewer, the sewer, or off the seventh surah is dedicated about them. And it's not any Hadith about them. So there's a very unique group of

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people. So we recite the alphabet and we'll talk a little bit more these people. Allah Subhana Allah first begins with the believers. Once they cross the Surat and ministered they cross the conqueror, when Allah says when Mr. Murthy should already him, when Allah says before they enter Jannah, we will then basically will enter a when imagine this, we're talking about martial law. Once you are about to you see the dates of Jana, before you get the visa River, and everyone will be made to have a hustle will have some kind of hustle, and you will break and then you will be finally purified for Jana, you will be now ready for Jana. And this is one of them if you should already he will remove

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from the chest revealing

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bitterness, any animosity, any negative feeling will be removed from them completely.

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getting harder now we're going to get the Gardens under which whatever suppose walk on hamdulillah and also Alhamdulillah. Can you imagine that moment Subhanallah you're about to enter Jannah no more worries, no concerns normal stays normal how to handle him that he had no you had a thank you yet Allah for guiding us to do this or not win the lottery a little bit and then Allah and we would not have reached this place. If it wasn't for the guidance of Allah. Like what

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the heck was that our mission just came up with whatever was said that we discussing the merging all of this through a series that we spoke about. It's true, whatever it is real when I do that, and then it will be called to them. This is this is Jana. So now the welcoming committee will say to them, so don't worry, this is just off the wall that you have gotten been able to tell me because of all the hard work that you've done all that

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all that long, those long, boring ones you sat through, and hamdulillah now you've made it to intergender with one or the other. Now there's going to be conversations between the people of Jana and Jana and Uncle Salim he asked, you know, in the one Hadith mentions that Allah was talking to people agenda and look for people that you recognize to take them out. So we want people in Bern, you know, the believers in polling to jahannam and they will take out the phrase doesn't think they're gonna get burned by jahannam. Now, we seem to be some kind of viewing it's quite a lot the screens of the we can imagine a lower IQ the people of gender seeking to jahannam and vice versa. So

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now what are the janitors how the the people of Jenga will be able to speak to the people of Jahannam and they will say to them

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we found that either an alternative agenda to be true all the things that are missing is to

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do you find John them to be true? So we didn't see inside the but this is as bad as we were told by the people of general so yesterday's

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announcement below between the two alarm that while avoiding that the curse upon Allah is on those who were evil. Those who did trances should do an answer. We love to hire him be careful, that made a curse versus the curse. And when you line up that line, that means is the word line that actually means a curse, but now not actually is someone cut off from the mouth

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see that they all be part of the Mercy of Allah. So, the one thing that I enjoy the same that Allah has removed his mercy from the people who they wounded others, they turn people away from, from worshipping Allah, whatever when I minister of art to make to pick to make people commit sin and make me disbelieve in the afternoon.

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And then a barrier will be erected between Jana and Jana. So a real high mountain will be placed between Jana and Jana,

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and on this mountain on this elevation, and there will be people who will be on this mountain men and women people before

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they will be able to recognize both Jana and Johanna. So there will be between Jana and Jana, and they will see inside and they will be able to look at both parties. So they will see the people of Jana having fun and the parties and enjoying themselves. And they will be hoping to enter it. And they will see Johanna and you'll see the people being punished in there and they will be fearful that there will be once again. So now the people have imagined this gentleman gentleman, and there's a mountain in between and these people on top of the mountain and other people on the mountain are saying they call out to the people of Jannah Salaam Alaikum salaam salaam Salaam.

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Greeting the people of Ghana, and they said We hope we wish so much we can join you we are waiting to join you. Well, we'll get my own. We are hoping but we don't know. Well sorry for the other side of them. And they may turn the view on the other side to cause havoc. They look and we see inside Johanna.

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Message I'm not going to be amongst these people. When I go as hard we are off. And now that people will speak to other people in jahannam. They will call up to reach out and

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jump open we're not wanting to step in, they will see some people are often looking to Jehovah and we will see the mighty and the powerful people to do this people will committed the most waste of sins, but they will want to arrogant, they will also lose your money and your power. Did it benefit you at all? Was there any benefit to you your titles and your bank accounts and your armies? Was there any benefit to you? And what happened to the stability and the

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elegance that you had? I mean Allah this is Allah will say

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some tomorrow and I will no

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matter what happens when Allah Allah says this group, other people are at us they were waiting so long to intergender. Allah has mercy on them, or the fuchun, Allah will say to the intergender, that hopefully they can don't be scared anymore. What are altimeters and you won't feel sad anymore. So the people that are off

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on a mass war these groups of people who are the people that off what do they do to get in the middle of Jana, Jana Samson, the scales were equal with the balancing it was equal, neither too much on the same unit watch on the good. So the least amount off and is as as Christianity could Podiatry in between heaven and hell, others had said that these are people who committed sins, and they will need to go to gentlemen, so And accordingly. But before they could enter Jannah, they have to pay a little bit by waiting outside agenda. That was the punishment that they will be waiting outside agenda. And we'll make the last panel. But if this is, if that is the case, this is the most of you

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will experience not including Jana, but just waiting outside of Jana, and that will be the award for the believer. Some have seen it is also a person who had believed that he committed so many sins against people. So the two always good deeds. And so if you didn't commit sins, that would put him in jail, but didn't have any good deeds left to enter Jannah. So now he doesn't have enough to enter Jannah so he does wait until Allah allows him to enter Jannah so these are the habits of continuous one other as hobbies are out when I was hard enough. And now the people of Ghana are going to speak to the people of Ghana, and a fee to Elena and so when that window opens, they'll say please send us

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some water. Just pour some water to us. I imagined you and Jana, burning, roasting, starving and you see people lounging around the rivers flowing, you see all the bounties of Denver This is like an added punishment for them. And also just send us some water, give us a little bit of water.

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A little bit of what Allah has for you call him Allah Allah Maha Cathy, this is haram for you now, it will be announcing that unfortunately for you people of Ghana, this is haram for you, as the left window will close with this the side of jaaneman the very, very beautiful Hadith and something which gives us a lot of hope. So we know that in general people will enter Jannah and they will pay a price for the sins of their done. And as time goes by some people will be forgiven and they will be exhibited from Jana. We spoke about how certain believers will intercede with Allah on the lathe piano and then there will be removed and during as time goes on. People will remember who will

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remember him at least I think so who we haven't seen ladies and gentlemen, please remove him so that people will be removed out of Allah's mercy for those people that have no

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Oh, good good deeds, but it didn't come to check whether we'd be removed from Jana.

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And so the one, the one, the one, the hope that the people of Jana would have is they will still see the doors opening up.

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Right now.

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The one hope that people of Ghana would have is they would see the doors of Janome agenda opening up every now and then, and a grouping, they use it free. I mean, who speaks about the last man to be excellent from Ghana. So this is the worst of the worst. You know, if he's the last person to come out of Ghana, he really, really was down. He didn't he was bad, because before him, the old people that did no good deeds, but they only had an atom's weight of Eman in their heart and they got out. So this man is even listening to him. He's the last of them to come out. The last person to enter Jannah will be a man than me so So now imagine he's being punished in the fire. And then the doors

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open consists was prisoner 300, whatever, the doors you're allowed to leave, and he stands out to the fire, and he can't even walk, he stumbles and falls back in the fire and he basically burns and then he crawls outside of Jannah. And once he gets past it, you will turn around and face it saying, you will now look at Janna when he says, Glory be to Allah who saved me from you, who saved me from you. Oh, Johanna, Allah has given me something that he has not given to the first of the last he's gonna say, Yeah, Allah after such a life that I've loved, and Allah still forgave me, you will feel so much sugar, but he has no good deed. So according to Jana, but he's out of Ghana. So now he will

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stand outside Ghana is a hamdulillah I'm just happy to be outside of it, and he will stand by Jana, then Allah stained with time would go a long, long period of time ago, and he would go and he would ask Allah, I will love you make dua Allah, please can I stand under the tree so I can get from the shade and shelter it. Now remember who this guy is, this was someone that didn't make. We didn't do any good deeds, we might have hurt people might have been a murderer, they might have been a mass murderer, whatever he was for him to be on the last people to leave Jamna and he still has the audacity to make dua. So he says Yama, please let me just stand under the tiara under the shape. So

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Allah will respond to him, it is also Nevada. Perhaps if I give you this, then you will not going to ask me for anything afterwards. I don't want to get anything from you anymore. I will give you this. But don't ask me anything any smaller, I promise you, you know, this is what I want. I just want to stand under the tree so that I can avoid the heat of Jannah. And you will promise that he will not ask Allah for anything else. And he's Lord will excuse him, Allah will say, Okay, you are impatient, you saw something that you like, and you can't resist it. So you saw it and you wanted to, I'm going to give it to you. So it will be brought near to it. And you will sit under the shade of a tree and

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there'll be water there and he will drink for hamdulillah for him. They will time will go long go by and the further to a better one will sprout and grow with the distance. And you will wait and you're waiting. You can't resist anymore. And then he says yeah, Allah, it's me again.

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Yeah, Allah, can I please just move me to that tree. And I will say, you'll say oh, my Lord, bring me closer to this tree so that I can think from its water and shelter which shade and I promise you and you really anticipated I will ask you for anything else after this. So Allah will say, Well, Senator Adam, did you not promise me that you're not going to ask me for anything else? You You didn't deserve to exit Jana, but I teach you. Now you would move in this, perhaps if I give you this now. Now, when you do this three, you're going to ask me to Allah. Yeah, I promise, I swear, I swear, I'm never going to ask you anything again. And so Allah will say, Okay, you saw something you

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can't resist, I will give you that. And so you will stand by that tree, and you'll enjoy himself, and so on another three and healthy, and each time he was sweet. This is the last one the last one until he reaches a tree, just outside Ghana. You will now stand just outside Ghana, in under a tree and we will get to hear what's inside. And now he's standing outside Ghana and he's hearing the laughter he's hearing the play. He's hearing the parties. He's younger join and he's stepping outside and the history. You know, he's he doesn't have any invitation to gender. So he says, oh, Allah, please give me those gender. Oh, Lucky's I know, I did no good deeds, I have nothing to go

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for me. Except that I'm asking you I'm asking. And Allah will say I also have other what will make you stop asking? When are you going to stop? So when Allah says, Will you only be happy when you finally be satisfied? If I gave you the only universe that you lived, and more than that? So the man says now and this is where it's similar to love. The man now says Oh Allah, You are the Lord of the universe. Why are you making fun of me? I want you to just sit No, you know, why are you why are you being like sarcastic with me? Like do you want the universe what you want? So then Allah subhanaw taala will love and Sunnah of the Prophet someone said it he loves because Allah loves this man. And

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also I'm not actually being sarcastic. It's not a rhetorical question. I'm genuinely saying to you, if I were to give you a Jana 10 times bigger than the universe that you lived with that make you finally happy and it is part of our journey. And then Allah will open the doors of Jana and he will intercede and also whenever you see in the US, and it will be great

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In this universe by 10 times, and that's behind Allah is what the least the least personal agenda what's the worst of the worst? The man who spent eons in Jannah, the man who didn't have any good deeds. Now what about the man who fostered the system leads the person who feed the poor? Who made the action to cry before Allah made the tartans What do you think is for them? I love God has to be amongst them. And so inshallah we'll talk about we'll talk about them tomorrow and show up in the Allah Allah Spanner save us from Jana interchangeable videos, I mean, reminder that it's the latest set up late 10 o'clock this evening, or specific reminder of the gap. So we'll come to that we'll

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have a message on Saturday or Sunday, whichever day it might be, and we invite all of everyone to join sooner for us to have a messenger meeting we'll see. And we're proud to be part of it and travel more details to follow. And then of course, anyone who still need to pay the federal you have to pay your federal child but before that time, so the fedora 73 type of person and the Maharajah for anyone who like to cook about the food what a wonderful way of beginning the day for eat by feeding hungry people. We have our questions.

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So we asked what are the angels of Jahannam the elite angels the 19 of Jana, the squat of Ghana, what is the name for the this urbania there's a binding so the article mentions it. So in other words, the value we'll call this a Vanya for for the

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Mohammed site if

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you're wondering okay

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yes, he just said

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with assistance, so,

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whatever system

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somebody belongs to story at the back of this

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latest elements.

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And today's question, what is the elevation so the place that these people will stand on what is it called between Jana and Jana? Visit the CLR is it a PR is it the company with the are off, when is the elevation inshallah Yes, my tribal Number

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45 Number 45 Because

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we go

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out of minutes and I want to