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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The importance of happiness and healthy body health is emphasized in the spiritual teachings of Islam. Personal needs and needs are a core part of Subhanab priorities, and individuals can achieve their goals through meeting physical needs and being miserable. The physical activity of the human body, including physical activity and exercise, is crucial for health and well-being, and treatments for conditions like HIV are also discussed. The success of finding healthy sex and washing hands is also highlighted, along with the potential for treatments for COVID-19. The class for people thinking about returning to Islam is limited and will be held on Tuesdays before an after market event.
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All right on the regime smilla manga Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala

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Sayyidina Muhammad Ali. He also has married my beloved brothers in Santa Monica, Mark Mottola, he will work at

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Al Hamdulillah. I mean, always in forever we begin the praise of Allah Subhana data. And we bear witness and testify that none has died of worship besides the last panel data. And we send our greetings Salutations, beloved, the V Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to spice up your family because companions and all those who follow you soon until the end of time, now let's pan into places to be steadfast and soon I've never been Mohamed Salah when he was sending them and to me in his companionship in the era, I mean, when hamdulillah but hamdulillah we continue in our series on happiness and happiness, guidance, vanilla, it's been a tough week for for, for for many people in

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Las panatela make it easy for all those who are going through hardship for those who are, have lost something of the dunya mela you know, panela replace it with something better meaning my Allah grant you sobre Allah grant you, mercy. And Allah subhanho wa Taala grant that was taken be a means by which you attain Jenna through that. May Allah subhanaw taala heal those who are sick, and it's difficult to talk about happiness when Subhanallah things are becoming tougher, and we see restrictions increasing and people are getting sick once again. But we realize that he's a believer, that no matter what situation we are in, no matter how difficult things are, we remain optimistic,

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and we remain steadfast on the tawakkol that we believe that everything that occurs and befalls us is what the decree of Allah subhanaw taala and Allah does not do anything out of malice. He does not do anything to harm, but it is done with mercy especially for the believer, it is done with mercy and with kindness. And that which he takes Allah subhana wa Tada. If you take as a loss the angels, especially when life is taken, and he knows, you have taken this person's mother, father, this person's health, this person's a loved one. And the angels will say yes, we do Allah, Allah will awesome Angel and what did my servants See, when you did that? What did they do after you've taken

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that which they love so much? Then they will say, yeah, Allah, they will patient and they praise you, and they continue to worship you. And so Allah subhanaw taala will then sin preys upon that person, and no one had even says guarantees that person agenda. And so may we, no matter how difficult this life is, remember, we look forward to the life of the author for the agenda, the ultimate agenda. And so in the series, we spoke about how to be happy it's not some happiness is not a destination that you must find all that is something that you need to create on the inside, and how you can think positively even in difficult times. And we spoke about some difficult emotional

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situations people have in terms of sadness and mental issues, even to the point of suicide. How can we get through that, and last week, we spoke about can money buy happiness, and of course, as we realized, money can buy many things and money can make your life convenient, but really the things that matter. And when you look back at your life, you things that count the most are the things which are priceless, those things that cannot be replaced with money, your health, your family, your Eman Subhanallah, if any of these things were taken from you, but even if the world of wealth was given to you, in exchange, it cannot fulfill that and many of these things which are priceless to

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us, that which will spend everything to get, Allah has given it to us for free. Our family, we did not pay for it, our health, we do not pay for it, our emotions behind Allah, it was given to us most of us at birth. So Allah has given us so much. And remember whatever he takes, we only took it because it was on loan to begin with. And Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one who gives and Allah takes all praise me to him. Today in sha Allah, we want to look at how you can live a fulfilled life and what you can do externally certain habits because happy people Subhanallah and successful people have habits and you'd find in the sooner that was a very optimistic person, a very happy person in

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spite of much difficulty and loss, but he practiced many of these habits and you find these things in the Sunnah. And what we need to understand from the human from from ourselves, we are made up of components in the Quranic mentions different parts, and each component of us requires attention and you cannot satisfy one part of your your your your your body one part of yourself by seeing the need of the something else. So for example, and to maybe dissect this different scholars and different psychologies and dissect it in different ways for our purpose, we will say the person is made up of four components, you and I are made up of four components, we have the physical component the body,

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and that body has physical needs that needs to be met. And if those physical needs are not met, you will not be happy.

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inside your body, there is a heart there is an emotional side. And this emotional side you have emotional needs, these emotional needs needs to be met. And so no matter how much of the physical you have, how many stuff you have, how strong your body is emotionally or broken down, you're not going to be a happy person. Above the emotion There is also an intellectual

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inside your mind, your mind has certain needs your nine your mind has certain objectives and certain stimulus that it requires. We'll talk about the things of your mind. Because you find people, they have everything on the outside, and they have good, really, they're married, and they have everything, but they have no drive and ambition in life, and they have no purpose. And without those things behind Allah, you will not be happy, then of course for us as believers, and we know this, and we just neglected in modern psychology, that deeper than that these are, these are soul, and at the root requires, it's an IT HAS nourishment, like the body, and if that the role is neglected,

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then you will be a miserable person. And so behind Allah, just to point on to this thing, in Ramadan, we deprive the body of its sustenance, and its food, and we deprive the body and our relationships, we can't be intimate with our wives. So emotionally, we're not getting what we want. mindfully, we're not watching the entertainment that we usually have. So all these things we neglect, but yet we find happiness at the end of Ramadan because we nourish that through and every Muslim that has gone through Ramadan Mo, not that we are so happy at the end of Ramadan, we said when we were 29 days Ramadan, and that just shows you the spiritual side the taste of that emotion.

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And this is confirmed in the sooner than obese also lump. He made a bond between Sandman and Pharisees among the Persian and Abu Dhabi to Sahaba. He made the two of you You are brothers, you look after one another, you visit each other, you take care of each other. And so one day, a Buddha was the wealthier one of the Tuco Suleiman was a slave. And so the sudden man visits a Buddha his house visits his brother. And when the lady the wife of Abu Dhabi, that opens the door, she's in a very shabby looking state, not dressed properly, like you know, a clothes is worn out and in the house, there's nothing going the house is very neglected. And two sermons is yellow, what's going

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on? What's happening in your in the house? Why is it in the state? And so the wife of Buddha said, Your brother, a Buddha has no concern for the dunya he's only focused, he's fasting in the day in touch with at night. He doesn't worry about the family and the wife because my focus is Allah my focus is the archaea. You think Masha Allah wonderful. So Sandman says okay, and then he tells us, he goes to speak the upper dollar and he says, Can I spend the night here with you? This is no problem. You can spend the night in my house. And so but someone says I'm hungry, and somebody says I can give you food but I'm fasting today. I'm fasting today but you can eat someone says I'm not

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gonna eat until you eat. So if you have to honor my guests, okay, he broke his fasani at nighttime came and said, Yeah, you can sleep here but I'm going to make dadgad all night I don't sleep. And so someone says no, I want to sleep but I won't. I won't feel comfortable unless you sleep also. So shall not forced to also sleep. And every time a Buddha does waking up, I want to make dodges I want to make dadgad Samantha's now still mostly still mostly, and then just before budget, maybe an hour or so people budget, Samantha tell us Let's wake up make some gadget. And then we made a budget after they made a budget. And this is the point for the Hadeeth some answers to up with

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our with

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your Rob is owed something you owe something to Allah and your body, you owe something to your body. And you owe some things to your family you owe to Allah to your body, to your family. So give everyone that you should have they don't take what belongs to the family and give it to Allah and don't give what belongs to Allah to your family, you give everyone each jushi. And this is what is a perfect a middle believer. And so a Buddha was not so sure about this, you're telling me I need to spend less time with Allah and with my family, my body doesn't make sense. And so he went to the abyssal Salaam, and he told me the story. And then he said sadaqa Salma, someone spoke quickly, that

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that is how we live our life, you give whatever is needed to different components. See to it. Now some of us, most of us, we maybe give more to the body or more to the emotional side list of the spiritual or whatever it might be. This is for each and every one of us to to look at. Now today we're going to speak about your body. And this is the easiest one to fulfill. And also the most basic one to fulfill psychologists tells you to reach happiness, if it's a ladder, the first step on the ladder is you need to meet your physical needs. Because Subhanallah if a man is starving, and he comes to the masjid, I can't give them an hour and say I'm going to talk to you about a man and he's

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still hungry at the end of the day, I can't eat, I can't eat a man. So first thing we do is we feed him behind Allah, if someone doesn't have a house to stay, then Islam Subhana Allah, he can't really commit because he has a basic need that he needs to be fulfilled now, and if these needs are missing, you have a deficiency in these basic needs. In Subhanallah, you will be miserable. Let us look at some of the needs and this is basic things that you all know a course if I take your a away from you, you will be very miserable after a few minutes, right? In fact, three minutes without a you die and point to note. And we have people in the months you'd recovered from COVID they can tell

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you panela what it's like to struggle to believe something we take for granted. Every day every time we breathe in and breathe out. SubhanAllah How many times have we given sugar

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Have we ever once in our years said to Allah, praise me to you for the year that I have Subhan Allah was never given until it's taken from us or held back from us. Subhan Allah Allah grant Shiva to those who are sick mala grant those who struggled and had passed away with this disease granting the death of a Shaheed And grant them apply placing Jenna threema minutes without a and you won't survive food and water, you need three days with water if you don't three days without water, you will die SubhanAllah. And again, we are so lucky, we just opened the tap and it is in three weeks, there is a rule of three, three minutes without a three minutes of water and three weeks without

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food and Subhanallah you will not survive. And we know there are many, many people on this earth that are dying because of lack of water and lack of food. shelter and clothing is a basic thing that you need. Without this, you will be miserable. You can't cover yourself from the elements of the rain and we see the people lying on the sea we see the people that don't have it. Then every time you look at these things, and you realize I can take off I have this I have this I have it Allah has given us he has put us up on that ladder. So sometimes we look at the top lead part of the ladder which we haven't gotten. I don't have this and I don't have that. But if you look down you see how

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many steps Allah has already given you. Having a healthy body and being physically safe and secure. No one is coming to break into your house and harm you and mate and we Subhanallah maybe we struggle with this a little bit in our country. People that don't live in South Africa don't realize how nice it is that you don't have to worry that someone's gonna break into your house. But you don't have to feel scared if you leave your family for a weekend that are they safe. You know if your kids out of the market or something, then only safe you need to phone them this basic security is a great format and neuroma health and look at this wonderful Hadith that I found. The prophets of Salaam says

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there's nothing wrong with being wealthy. It's good to be wealthy you can be a rich man nothing wrong. For a one for someone who has taqwa of Allah but you must have Taqwa of Allah. Yet it is bitter, it is more precious to have good health. For the one who has taqwa when wealth, health is better than wealth and resources. We all look at the rich man and how lucky he is. But Subhan Allah, Allah has given all of us something better than that, in terms of our bodies are healthy, no money on earth can pay that body that health that you have. And in the process of this also being cheerful, being happy and optimistic, is also a blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So you need a

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healthy body to be happy. And of course, you need sleep, at least seven to nine hours of sleep span a lot, you know, we sleep almost 1/3 of our life away. And it's how Allah had made it almost, you know, 2025 years of your life, he slept. And of course, as you know, when you begin that sleep, if you make that da, that sleep becomes eight hours of Nevada becomes eight hours of worship, how easy Allah has made for us, and Allah grant us to remember something also to know about how your body works. Your body is a very, very interesting machine. Allah is designed that, that when you do something which is good for your body, it gives you like a boost, it gives you a a reward. Inside

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your brain, there are hormones that goes out, called different names, dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, endorphins. These are different hormones, these are happy hormones. When you do something you eat, for example, your body rewards you That was good, we want you to eat, when you sleep, It rewards you, when you do something that you know you you stay at pain, and you take some relief for that pain, your body rewards you because it wants you to survive. And so you need to do things to be happy to convince your body to let your brain to let go of these endorphins and these hormones to make you happy. So what habits can you do? What can I do in my life, to release these hormones

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naturally, and these will make you happy. And you'd find for many of you who do these things, you might not even realize you're doing it. But for someone that is unhappy, and someone that is going through depression, they will know that many of these things are not what they do, that these are lacking in their lives. So happy people and I said you'd find him as soon as well. The problem is I don't practice these things. So nine habits that you should try to practice in your life, if you will, especially in a downer, you're depressed, you're going through some kind of sadness, force yourself to do some of these nine things. And you would find in sha Allah some happiness. Number

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one, of course, is the most important thing is how you eat and how you drink, what you eat, what you drink, this will make you happy, which will make you sad, so why not so much of the Quran is based on eating and eating properly and correctly and avoiding certain things which are haram everything which Allah has made haraam sought for him is for us, hammer, intoxicants. These things will make you happy for a moment, but they will make you miserable in the long term. There is not a single drug addict, or a single alcoholic that will tell you it's a good idea to think the people that love it the most will tell you don't ever do we don't ever get involved with us. And so Allah, you know,

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Allah has commanded us to avoid certain things that we eat is harmful for us. And then but more specific for us, Subhan Allah and actually

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myself first and foremost, the early in this one. We know we overindulge. We are a people known for our cuisine, our wives, our mothers can cook very, very well, you know, it's a it's all Alhamdulillah blessed us with who I was with that. And it sometimes we over indulge, you know, they say with a Muslim, almost impossible way and you look at his organs, His heart is not so good, his pancreas isn't working anymore, but it's lovely, it's pure vanilla ice level is 100% you know, no alcohol, no inner love is pure, but the other organs are but not so good. And so we should try our best not to be excessive. Because Allah subhanaw taala says to us, you have any item, take your

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adornments they very much dress nicely, even to the masjid to where your good clothes stone. Allah doesn't want you to look shabby. If Allah has given you a blessing. Use that blessing. And Allah says and eat and drink, but do not be excessive, don't eat and drink too much. Don't let eating and drinking become a cause that you become sick. And then I'll be told Sam says, No man folds a container worse than his stomach, meaning it is my crew to eat to the point where you can't anymore, you should always eat to just say, I could eat more, but I stopped. And maybe that's a practice we should all try to do Subhanallah and we like to eat to the point where you have to unbuckle on to

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the belt. Open the top button. And that's where you know, say Look, let me get out of my my jeans and put on the top so I can expand. And that's how I eat now there's another way to do it. SubhanAllah eat to a point way. Yes, you could eat some more but then abstain. And this is better for us. It is better for us. And I should somehow look at this anatomy. But the Sahaba came through a lot of hardship when they were in the time going to be so solemn. For those of us in our sera class. Know how the oma opened up so quickly after the death of Mr. Solomon, the money came in ISIS is really the first fitna that occurred to this oma, after the passing of the Nagisa Salaam was that

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people began to get the full Shi they could eat to be full. This was the first fitna for and because when they fold their stomachs, the body became infected and weakened, and the hearts became hardened, and the desires became out of control. And there's a link between the more you eat, and the more you desire. And that's why the reason I'm saying is if you want to reduce your desire you fast. And so with eating comes other desires and your body, your body also does not know when to stop. So Subhanallah perhaps for some people, they're not eating enough. That's why they're unhappy. And for others, maybe a week ever, when you are back to eating too much of those good things. And so

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you should limit those things, but Neela, and this will make you happy, I don't want to be happy for the first week or two. But afterwards, from the law. Number two fasting SubhanAllah. We know that this habit was too fast with the Arabic proverb, it says the stomach is the home of disease. And the remedy the queue of that is abstinence, meaning fasting to cure that disease is too fast to keep it a little empty. And so there'll be some of course, they're not fast every single day, at least twice a week, but most of us at most would force twice a week, he wouldn't cost much more than that, and maybe the middle three days of the month, but then abyssal Salah had fasting part of his of his

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routine. And that is why he was a high functioning individual, very strong individual could do so many things and remain optimistic because his body was always healthy. Number three, physical activity is important and Subhanallah is again I speak to myself first and and I must say from the law, since I don't know if we ever spoke about physical activity. I don't look it but I'm trying myself, I'll have no one good thing about this lockdown is you spin up sitting to three hours in traffic in town, you can do some things for yourself. And there is much goodness in that. And the enjoyment in it. Yes, I know you don't feel good after, you know, while you're in it and running and

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exercising you don't your body's not happy. But over the few weeks and months, you begin to feel better. And it is better. It improves your life. It improves your sleep. And so there's so much goodness in physical activity is the same that we don't become. We don't stop playing because we can get old we get old because we stop playing. Think about it again. You stopped used to we don't become we don't stop playing games because we get old rather we become old because we stop playing games we stop playing in the road. We stop having fun. Sometimes some of the best memories that many of you have is on the rugby field or the cricket field or whatever it might be. So behind Allah when

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you continue playing those things now visa Salaam, encouraged archery and horse riding and a swimming so Subhanallah continue this enjoyment in it and is a physical activity. The prophets of Salaam says the strong believer is better and more beloved in the sight of Allah than the weak believer. It also means physically as well. And yet Allah says that these good in both Allah loves both of them the strong one and the weak one, but it's basically to be a strong believer. And so it is good to have some physical activity in your life. And if you're not someone that does that, look for something that stimulates you physically. Number four Swan was an amazing thing. Spending time

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in nature has been proven psychology.

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It's like they have lots of tests being done that to spend some time in nature, it will naturally make you happy. And it's what happens when you're depressed. you close the curtains you lay in your bed and you stuck with it and you get like a bowl of box of ice cream. And you just eat and you just lay in your bed you do everything opposite to what you should be doing. And even then I also love when he was when he was said Allah revealed sort of what the what to her by the light by the morning Daybreak it's as if the Allah is saying come out into the light. And it is proven that spending time out in nature, whether by the beach whether taking a drive with or taking a walk, or in the forest,

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whatever it is, it increases your your happiness, those happy hormones get released, why Allah Allah, but we were created in the garden.

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And our ultimate objective is to return to the garden. And if you look at you know, property 24 the most expensive homes are what the ones close to the beach with some scenery around when you look at Jana house, Jana describe gardens with rivers flowing underneath, there is something in our DNA that this is beautiful, that in the piece that this is where we belong. And so spending time in nature in those beautiful

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places a very big one of the most beautiful cities in the world. That's why every Sunday, maybe some antique, you know, there's the habit take me for a drive around the coast, this was for her to be at peace, and it's good for the husband as well. He also gets some peace in that

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Sunlight, sunlight releases being in the sun, releases some of those happy, happy hormones, of course, within limits, you know. And so, this is these are things which are good. And we live at the now with, you know, COVID know that we are outside, we are inside a lot more and our kids are all on the tablets and the screens The only games they play on the tablet. And so this is bad, it creates a generation that is constantly living in a toxic environment. Number five and this is so important in spine lamella Graceffa one of the worst diseases is having insomnia not being able to sleep and such a miserable thing to do to have and those who struggle with sleep will always struggle for out what

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their life was with, you know imbalances your brain needs its sleep at least seven hours so heinola at least seven hours sleep. I don't know how many hours usually, but at least seven hours. And sleeping helps you increase your your it takes increase it boosts your immune system. And today with this virus, you need to have your immune system strong. So you need to have enough sleep. It also removes depression. And people that are depressed naturally spend a lot of time in bed, but they're not sleeping. They are awake thinking and you know all these negative thoughts, but they can't sleep Subhanallah and I think maybe the cure for insomnia is maybe the Imams Jamal because we're so good

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at putting you guys to sleep. I think we should really treat this as a insomnia cure people that really Juma is the one time that people struggle to stay awake. And I thought we should put all the depressed people here for Juma and they will sleep Alhamdulillah weight gains vandala sometimes it's not because you're eating too much, or you're not going to trade more enough, not sleeping enough. That's why you can't get rid of those, those kilos. That's my problems panel. I hope I hope that Subhanallah But anyway, and then sleep as we said at least sleep seven hours. Now. The next one,

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the bedroom. The scientists say psychologists say you should find happiness, you're happy that your happiest room is your bedroom, either you sleeping, or if you're married, if you're married, if you're married, you should be having * You shouldn't have like a TV or anything in your bedroom, your bedroom is the place for you to be happy. And we know having a healthy * life. If you're married again, I say this is one of the greatest blessings from Allah. And it's of the greatest enjoyment that you can do. And this is not only halaal it is reward it's better than abbyson says that if you are intimate with your wife, you will be rewarded. Allah is giving you

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rewards. It's an act of evader, you're doing something spiritual, as well, as any mom's behind Allah, so many people that come we know someone who come to me and they speak about the marriages, and they speak about their life, and they are miserable. And once we get to a point in how is your intimate life based dysfunction in that we haven't been intimate for months, we are here Subhan Allah and we are young still. And so if there is a problem in your intimate relations with your wife, or your husband, then this is something which you need to go and look at and find ways to cure it. Because there is certain happiness that you cannot get except through that kind of connection

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with your husband or with your wife. And that is what Allah has given to us. And as we say so many times, the only thing of the dunya you'll find with you in the era is your husband, your wife, your spouse, nothing of this dunya will go with you like your food, not your car, nothing but it's completely new things in the agenda. But the one thing you will take and the one happiness of the dunya that you'll find in the akhira is the happiness of the husband and the spouse. And as we sit in the Adam. He was not fulfilled in Jannah until our mother was killed.

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Good to be alongside him. And so there are so many health, there's like dozens of medical benefits of having a healthy, productive * life. And so look into that. And this is something for each and every one of you to diagnose, you know, internally and if you have Subhanallah people say, Well, I've never been married now you don't have to get married of course. But it is some enjoyment that Allah has made for you that you're incomplete until you find that that partner that spouse to enjoy it with. Number seven, health and good hygiene goes hand in hand and our Sharia law, we are only seeing the benefits now. People now telling you washing your hands before you eat before you see you

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know, before you after you eat when you when you shake hands, wash your hands all these things from analog 1400 years in the days that we seldom mentioned these things covering his before you if you would sneeze or cough he would cover his mouth and his nose. He would brush his teeth multiple times a day before every Allah Subhana Allah in the morning when he woke up and before going to sleep like six seven times when he was brushing his teeth, but bathing daily, or at least as a minimum, you must be on a Friday. If you know every single person must have a hustle on a Friday, or more regularly the net circumcision. We know the government here in South Africa is encouraging men to

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circumcise themselves because it's a protection against HIV Subhanallah and trimming the nails and shaving the unwanted heat removing impurities niassa from your clothing and stingier for example, stingily and spa I know in a few years time, some psychologist is going to come up with all the benefits of washing your private parts of the using the toilet, and you'll probably win a prize for it. And also then I've even said this 1500 years ago, but only when some PhD puts it down and give some medical reasons then it becomes it becomes you know something that we follow once panela This is why Alhamdulillah Allah has made that if you follow these things, it will give you a healthy

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body. Remember that the resources half of Iman is in cleaning this half your Eman is dependent on how much cleanliness you practice how clean you keep. And then linked to this is when you are sick, your body is sick for any reason seek a cure. And we find some harmony in the Muslim community there a lot of people that are adverse to seeking kills, going to doctors looking for remedies and that obviously thoughtco was actually Haram. But if you are sick and you just make dua Allah has given you the cure. It is for example you are hungry you make dua Allah Kuma hunger, and then Allah sends you Mr. delivery and the pizza is they and you still make dua Allah kill my hunger that's that's on

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you now, you're hungry that's on you. So Allah wants you to kill yourself. And I know we're gonna have a big debate, when a vaccine gets released. This is permissible, impermissible, we'll talk about that. Not now, but in that time, but we know from a Sharia perspective than abbyson says, make use of medical treatment for Allah has not made any disease, except that there is a cure for it except old age, there's no reversing old age for every single disease, cancer, AIDS. COVID whatever it is, Allah would not make the disease without the cure. And so look for the kill, and get medical treatment and don't persevere. If you have any psychological, physical, mental, whatever sickness

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you have in your life, any problems in your sleeping in your sixth life. Look for the Cure Subhana Allah do not suffer. It's not what Allah once and lastly Subhan Allah, this is something which then abyssal Salaam did so much. And then recommended so much was if you can't if you if you're not happy, if you act happy, you will feel happy, meaning smile, make a point to smile, make a point to smile, the Sahaba as they said I never saw him except that he was smiling. And we know the very last thing was harbor so when he opened the curtain before he looked at the making fudge it was him smiling. And so I was with the scientists tell us by smiling automatically your brain releases

00:28:59 --> 00:29:36

dopamine, which is this happy hormone, it makes you feel happy. And your body your brain actually changes its structure just by smiling even the angry smile so now monokuma you you know make fake it and eventually you'll feel it. And then IBM says this will be your charity. This is your setup. You're getting set up for greeting and smiling at your brother so my last hunger grant is to be happy people I'm Allah be contented with the decree of whatever Allah has decreed for us and Allah victory for us only goodness in this dunya the afterlife just a few announcements. Now can you this week I see spotlight and next week inshallah there will be this acne not linked to the talk about

00:29:36 --> 00:29:39

eating and all that but inshallah it's next week and then

00:29:40 --> 00:29:59

I just announcement file classes Oh, so a few programs who were mean for the for the holidays, but these are all put on hold because of the increase in COVID. And with the four ask everyone to get back into you know, be be cautious. Wear your masks. Use your and sanitizers. Don't go out if you don't need to go out but inshallah

00:30:00 --> 00:30:28

classes will continue on Tuesdays before my three hours our history class and an after market events is really only by requests you need to phone me directly. There is a river class that we are starting off the mothership, but it's a very limited class and if you have anyone that is just become a Muslim, who is thinking about about Islam, 5050 or someone looking to leave Islam, you know, these marginal people, you can contact me and I'll invite them to the class inshallah. It'll be in the masjid as well. Exactly. Santa Monica wonderful Aquatica


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