Paradise #4 – The Last Person to Enter Paradise

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Did you ever hear the Hadith about the last man to enter Jannah the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam told us about this last individual who is brought out of the hellfire and entered into paradise and there's a beautiful conversation. One of the most captivating conversations that takes place between this man and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So as mentioned by a number of companions, a number of scholars have commented on this beautiful Hadith. And here's specifically the narration of Abdullah bin Massoud while the long run, he reported that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us about this man. So the profanity salatu salam said the following, so pay attention to this beautiful

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story. The last person to enter Jannah will be a man who will walk a little, staggered a little and then be touched by the fire once meaning the man is leaving the Hellfire he was punished or purified for something. We don't know what it was, but he's the last person to leave the hellfire and enter Jannah once he's passed the fire, meaning he's beyond it, he's going to turn to it. And then he's going to say to Baraka, leadin Adjani mink, bless it be he who saved me from you, the man is really happy. And then he says this, Allah subhanaw taala has given me something that he did not give to anyone of the earlier and later generations. The man thinks he's the luckiest person alive. Why?

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Because he loves the hellfire. And then a tree will be raised up for this man he will see it and he will say, Oh Allah, my Lord, bring me closer to this tree, so that I may enjoy it shade and drink of its water. Allah subhanaw taala will say to him or son of Adam, perhaps if I grant you this, you will ask me for something else. The man will say no, Oh Allah, I promise that I will not ask for anything else. Allah subhanaw taala excuses the man because he is seeing something that he has no patience to resist. So Allah will bring him closer to it. The man will enjoy shade and drink from the water that is nearby, and then another tree better than the first will be raised up for him. And

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the same conversation Oh Allah bring me closer to this tree so that I can drink from its water, enjoy its shade, and then I will not ask you for anything else. Allah subhanaw taala say, Oh, son of Adam, did you not promise me that you would not ask me for anything else. Perhaps if I bring you closer to this tree, you're going to ask for more. So the man will promise not to ask for anything else. And Allah will excuse the man, because he's seeing something that he has no patience to resist. So he'll bring him closer, he'll enjoy the shade and drink its water. And then a third tree will be raised up. This one is further down and it's closer to the gate of Jana. And it will be

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better than the first to the man will say Oh my Lord, bring me closer to this so that it may enjoy chain and drink its water and I will not ask for anything else. Allah will say, Oh, son of Adam, did you not promise me that you would not ask me for anything else? And he'll say yes. Oh my Lord, I will not ask you for anything else. Allah subhanaw taala will excuse the man because he is seeing something which he has no patience to resist meaning asking for it. So Allah will bring him closer to it. Now, when he's brought close to it, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam tells us He will hear the voices of the people of Jana. And then the man will say, Oh my lord, admit to admit me to paradise.

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admit me to Jana. Allah will say Oh, son of Adam, what do you want so that you will never ask me for anything else? Will it please you if I give you a dunya the world and as much again many twice over? The man will say Oh Allah, are you making fun of me when you're the Lord of the worlds you are rumble Alameen even my throat smiled and he said, Why don't you ask me? Well, I'm smiling. They asked him, he said, Because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam smiled, they asked Why are you smiling ya rasool Allah. He said, Because Allah subhanaw taala The Lord of the worlds will smile in his own way, when he is asked by the man, are you making fun of me when you're the Lord of the worlds and

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Allah will respond. I'm not making fun of you, but rather I'm able to do whatever I will. In another report. The Prophet salallahu alayhi salam said, I know the last of the people of the Hellfire who will be brought forth from it, and the loss of the people of Judah to be to be admitted to it. It is a man who will emerge from hellfire crawling, and it will be set to him eventually go and enter Jannah so remember, he is next to it already. He'll come to it and it will be made to appear to this man as if it's full. Allah subhanaw taala will say going into paradise, the man will come to it once again, it will appear to be full. So he'll turn around he'll basically say Oh Allah, Oh Lord, I

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found it full. Allah subhanaw taala will say go and enter Jannah he'll come to it, and it will be made to appear as if it's full. So finally he says oh Lord, I found it to be full. When he finally enters Jannah Allah subhanaw taala will say to this man, state your wishes. Ask for whatever you want. The man will begin to express all his wishes. Imagine you're in his position asking asking asking Allah for everything you want. Until the man runs out of things to ask for he forgets he runs out. And Allah reminds him of even more meaning the desire of such things the man has lost track he's asked for so many things already. And then the Hadith says when he gets completely exhausted of

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asking for whatever he wishes and desires, Allah subhanaw taala will then say to this man, you will have everything you asked for and in one Hadith 10 times what you have

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asked for 10 times a dunya. The narrative said and I saw the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam smiling so broadly that his molar teeth could be seen. And he used to say this is the lowest of the people of Jana in status, I want you to imagine right now you have an opportunity to make dua for just three minutes, asking Allah for everything that you want. Imagine, after the three minutes you start to think and you realize very quickly, that you're going to be asking for specific types of things. And the reality is with Allah subhanaw taala. And in that realm, in the realm of paradise, the reality is very different. You're asking and you're asking, and you're asking, there's the tangible

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and there's the intangible, there are the physical rewards and the things you cannot describe the happiness that is eternal, no pain, no sadness ever again, an opportunity to meet Allah subhanaw taala the opportunity to meet the righteous in a home that is eternal, Your youth will never fade, you will never experience pain or anxiety or sickness, you will never experience any kind of sadness or depression in Jannah. You will never be worried about future uncertainties or anxieties or the unknown. The reality is if this is the lowest of the people of Jannah in status, what about everyone who comes before him in this life, make a lot of dua, you're asking of Allah. So keep asking and

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raise the status of your DUA by being sincere, humble, consistent, and assuming good of Allah subhanho wa Taala and do not give up on your dua for every dua makes a difference. So long as you're not asking for anything prohibited. Make as much dua as you can. And may Allah grant us all the highest levels of Jannah