Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari – Dhikr Whilst Cooking Food

Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari
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He even to the point that cooking food at the house has an important role and has an impact. Who cooks the food how the cooked food is cooked seriously we don't think about is halal food. Allah says in the Quran Colombian novel out of the halal by Eva is that which is low fuel and pure, wholesome food. The one who cooks not just Hala you know, the one who cooks if someone cooks the food if your mother if my mother if our mothers, our wives are cooking. Well our daughters are cooking the food with, you know, remembrance of Allah, the vicar of Allah, she's a half of the Quran she has memorized the Quran, imagine cooking, cooking food for the family, and she's making hattons

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of the Quran. Imagine, you know how much Baraka a new will there be in that food, you need food, you can never get that type of food. And there's another type of food you go to a restaurant and you don't know who's cooked and how it's cooked, when he's been swearing once it's cooking, or what Allah knows best. That's why you know, try to avoid as much as possible

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food in restaurants because it has a big impact the food cooked by the person, individual and then stories, you know, there's incidents,

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but he's cooking the food and she's got a TV on Bollywood. That said again, you eat that food and you become a Bollywood actor.

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If she's got a massive 32 inch HD high definition, you know game between Liverpool Manchester United and she's watching it she's got interest in football, she's cooking for gold and she's just cooking away or she's watching the apprentice or whatever reality show celebs celebrity What is it Joe log me out of here and all that visit then you will probably end up in a jungle what after eating the food.

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You understand the point it has an impact. There's a story I don't have time to go into it. There's a story between Imam chef Are you an imam. I haven't been humbled another great Imam. Imam. Humble. He was amazing as well and the stories about his mother, how he inculcated how the mother inculcated others in his life. But there's an incident about Imam Schaeffer, he was a teacher of Imam. And there are different variations of who visited who but then one of the versions of the story is that Imam Schaeffer when he became old Imam Ahmed, who was a student became a huge scholar himself. Imam Shafi once sent a message that look now you become a huge scholar. I haven't seen you for a long

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time. And you for a long time, it would be nice to see you say Imam Ahmed took time out despite being extremely busy, said chef, you know, Inshallah, I know it's been a long time you're my chef. Of course, I need to come and see you or visit you and then they fix the time. So he came to visit Imam Schaeffer Imam Shafi actually left his village and went to the outskirts with all his students and companions to go and receive his amazing student who has become the great chef of the time. Anyway, Mr. Mohammed lived and stay that Imam Schaeffer his household. A couple of days as a guest, his Imam chef is due to cook the food. Okay, anyway, cook the food he ate, after eating. What

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happened was, they gave him the room. This is where you sleep. And him I'm sure, at home had always been praising him. Mr. Herman, I have a student, unique student has become the greatest mom of the time, you will never I am so proud of the student. He told his daughter about all of this. Anyway, after they were professional salon, he came back home. And his daughter said, Dad, you've been praising your straight student, but I think I don't really rate him. I think you're mistaken. So why said I have three objections. Number one, he eats too much. I cook food. I've never seen someone eat that much. Great. People don't eat that much. Number two, I did his bed and I put some water there

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for him to wake up a Dodger. So I went in the morning when you guys went for Fudger in the masjid. And the water still, Didn't anyone pray 200 Salah and number three he needed to do for future. What kind of student you're saying he's a great human. So I'm Shelfari after fajr he said,

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You know, I trust you. But what's happened? Have you changed or what's happened? You know, my daughter's complaining he said, Look, number one, the food that I ate. I have never felt the baraka and blessings of the food ever. In my life ever. It seems that someone who was cooking was reciting the book of Allah there is so much * in the floor. And that's why I just ate you know, I normally eat very less, but it was just the blessings of the food. And number two, because of the baraka the blessings in the food, I did not sleep all night. I never needed to use the water I never slept all night. I did not pray to her just Salah because in my mind about some say 20 or some say 30

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rules of Islam are derived from the Quran and Sunnah through the bulk of the food they will just choose just coming to my mind and it was just an opening of the heart in the mind the bulk of the food and number three idea and do who do because for Fajr because I prayed Fajr with the same will do of Aisha Imam Shafi don't say that he told his daughter this is the reason and the food was cooked by the daughter. This daughter was the one who cooked the food Imam Shafter is daughter with a lot of this he has an impact impact on the child

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